The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 30, 1959 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1959
Page 9
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&?. •; v ' Sv-S^ STf M -u /" f ^g *-S5 , £' ^ A' youtl§ I&dy was Driving her tiettf eaf when' Wem:ifrr6f»t tftih iht The iraff le lighl.fchlrtge green id fed ftfld back id green again, : hut ne maiifet how desptefftieiy she Mried, the ear/, %atild aoi • Budge* Finally the if af fie cop sauntered over. "What's the ttiaf ler, Miss?" he inquired- "HaVert'i we got a cold*'' »' • Wftti " ' i*itf«gh!i» - mm Slafidlftg ^tfftf leaders in tfic wast th« April, 2t ; In the Stale Contest, M!s» was a rxttmeisttp rot hj| Upper Dea Motecs, .......Jrjr, i. ,-.•; -«•-"ii'irinimnii'iT" - •>:o.>wwiti,., •.':-'i*;?>.\%^ T&Vrt ** 'A ' " . • ' ' -fc. ' ' 'j^^ 7. The Friendly Sto're * litie Gas utilities ' are reflulafed by federal, state,-arid local, laws.,The Natural Gas,Act o! 1938, administered, by the federal' Power Commission, regulates all natural gas companies and other companies in interstate commerce.. For ' instance, Before the FPC will , * • permit a transmission company to build ~&7 new line, ii . must approVe of the applicant's long-term" ga£ reserves, •' market demand, 'proposed rates, construction plans, financing, and delivery allocations. ' ',.- - • * , * < * *,; • • The father-of twins was in & predicament. He couldn't tell the babies apart. He thought of var- io'us ways to identify, them; he couldn't cut their half differently because they didnJ-t have enough, hair to, use. Their eyes were the same shade; .their chubby noses Ihe same; he Was 'just 'out of luck. Finally, he had an inspir- atibn and had thGir names'latooed on ' their backs, . "Mary" J and "Jim." . • ' . V ' *'' "Dad, what-is a traitor in, politics?" ' \ , , ' ,, "A traitor, ^my son* is'-a man who leaves,, our partly J and goss over ,to- : the piher "side." , "Then what is, a man -who leaves the other side and comes over to our party?" "A convert, my boy." , *, - * -K t -K, • A local gas utility is regulated by state and/or local commis sions, which in most states" mus approve rates, expansion'or elim ination of facilities, financing anc accounting practices, allpcation o deliveries to customers, and other operations pfvtjjg. utility.' Local ordinances govel'n" the installation arid operation. o£> gasUines.. Public health Y ctim'missioners, t ", fire' an.oL safety* authorities, as well as trade union "rules, police the installation •''a'nd j operation of appliances. V ' '•"•'' Sitting at a niess table with a bunch of carets at a military school,"a new.officer at the institution was taken aback at the noisiness and generally Undisciplined and uninhibited ways of the youngsters. Striking his fist on the table, the officer grumbled: "You're going to learn manners if it takes me the rest of my natural life! From now on, if there's something you-" want, ask for it ,as vif you were , home." From the other end of L the table someone piped up: "Pass the tomato juice, moth- , LAWN SPRINKLER Compare at 2.95 Low-pric»d "Hobbflfd" r»« volves to give even water coverage, two aluminum arm* are brass tipped. Rustproof. BM-HMI1 Vi it * HOSE NOZZLE 8 mRS A once a Year ° ffer! D ^' verS ^« gats, of water, per hour. 9 • handle-won't „.... Nickel plated J toughest pWifc easy Compare' , at 5.95 i Compart at 65^ Real byyl Solid bran cot>- ftructlon. Fingertip tontrol— adjusts from mist td heavy stream. Complete shut-off. , COUpl B36-I3I8 Your Choice!! M OWING TIME ea. HOI Reg. Hana cultivator or garden trowels at moriey-j saving price. Heavy' ga. steel, gay colors.' 36-1232. 9110, 9420' LAWN SEED SPECIAL! 5 Pound Bag "!»;•• 'Save! Fast growing rf^^j'C'Wwa,'' JT?$ i *U fl fcJ i nfeen lawns. Treated. I ( with Dupont Arasan. FREE TRIAL Onfy T j ^ 5 ' 50 °OWN- Trade Your Small Mower- tor this Giant Time Saver* A rotary power. mbwVsen- ' ' " T satipnj'Features" 2%-HPA 4 wneeis, 74 gauge steel' deck, front discharge, free «± mulcher -! xw gu°r. 1.25 Per* Week • er. * . you been to 24" BLADE Customer: "Have the zoo lately?" " Waitress:- ."No." , ' , Customer: "You really ought to go out some time and watch the turtles whizz by." * •*«*•'* Utilities, as other, businesses, must receive approval of the Securities and 'Exchange Commission, before selling se- curities to 'the public. Although a utility cannot withdraw from a community, at . will, the -public, may revoke ,; its franchise by vote and substitute. a municipally-operated plant. This, in .effect, is 'i a form of/ competition thal ; stimulates the private utility.' , The utility's product also. competes with other fuels and electric energy. ' , * ' * -K * , A man lit a cigar and offered his friend one, ,who also -lit up. Man; How do you like it? Friend: Not bad. Man: I think they're quite good for the price. They're .two for a q "Friend: Is that so? Well, -I think you must have -the twenty Cent [95 Buys the NEW RiD RAMBLER 14.95 DOWN! 1.90 Per Week Payable Monthly ] PRICE CUT! PICKET FENCE White painted oak shrub fence. Has sturdy end stakes. 3 ft. sections, 15'/2-ln. high B3C-23U •.." . i i i for* FREE 5 Go Gas Can* i v/Wh RIDER FREE TRIAL! If-propelled mower makes lawn Jwfng so easyl Cuts a g,an^24- in swath Has powerful 3'A-nr 1 , 4 cycle engine, forward and reverse gears. FREE leaf mulcher. ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, APRIL 30, 1959 <**«» VOL, 96 - NO, 1 r j j;•. -V -Tri tutti-i-.—vir-^"-" Beckers Get 2 Surprises On 25th Wedding IrvSngton — Relatives surprised Mr iind Mrs Hon'ttnn Becker on I heir 25th wedding mmivorsnry hist Friday ovenirig. A silver tray was prosoif.tod and tin, 1 Rniup hnnighl t!u~, lunch. Cnt'ds wore phyed nncl n'', pleasant OVP- Thusp-prosonl wore- Mr nnd Mra Ricluird Rocker nttid son .loliMi. Mrs John Bt<ckor, Mr 1 , and Mrs Ed Bnrmnn and son Kon&oth and Mr and Mrs Julius Bcrko.r. . Sovural days Inter a group oT neighbors walked in on them with n pot-lwU supper und n docorrit- od wedding cuke. Tht;ir gift wna a .••ilvcr tray. After si/ppcr pic- lures wore tnken nnd e spent playiiiR cards. Those present were Mr nnd Mrs Gcrfllrl Krnnkl. Mr and Mrs Mil- foi-d Plnthe, Mr nnd Mrs Julm Altmnn and Mr nnd Mrs Gem-go Vitxtluim. Mr nnd Mrs L. W. McMahon nre parents of a son born Friday ai Iowa City hospital, lie has been tunned'Mark Warren. Mr nnd Mrs Biinvood Wnlker have finished pnpet'inR nnd pnint- inft the house they veeently purchased from Mrs A. Givice and hove moved into it, Mr and Mrs George SUnre nnd oliildren cnlleW on friends here Saturday. Mr Sknre is now agent for C & NW Ry at Brieelyn, Minn. They have purchnsud a home there and plan to move into it May 1. Mr Chris Gales arid grandson Eldon AHmnn drove to Tecliny, 111, Monday to visit a daughter of Mr Gales who is in a eonvent there. They Will also visit othei 'relatives and plan to be gone a week or ten days. Win Corn Yield Honors •.%, Orvillo Boonkon (left) of Bancroft, was recently named a county cm 11 Ki'mving champion al n banquet held in Mason City, Where ntlifi Iowa corn yield winners wore honored. Beenken's yield of 107.112 bvisliHs per'acre topped Kossnth County in the 1958 National SHerlion Five Arre DeKnlb Corn Growing Contest. The runner-up i-humpioii ISrnosl Ciiilcs of Bode, had n yield of 156.49 bushels per ai'i-o. Enrl Ackurmnn (middle) of Burl, was the third place winner with n yield of 145.31 bushels per acre. The fourth place winner was HJnlmer Iron (ri^hl) of Elmorc, Minnesota, who had a yield of bushels pur acre. )>***'. :•**-. • Right Now Almost Va More DeKalb Seed Corn has been Ordered this Season than was Planted to DeKalb in 1958. i THE BIG SWING IS DEFINITELY TO DEKALB•••••••«••••••••« ;'_,' H , 4 '..''" . ••«.• ' )•.- .... \ •„, •... Get Your DeKalb Corn Now From ... Eugene Hood — Algona Alphons Berte — Bode Earl Elbert — Whittemore (17-19) LOCALS Mr and Mrs James Walker hiivc: been visited by the former's niece, Mrs Gordon Giddings of Ben ton City, Wash. Mr nnd Mrs Floyd Turner had heir son-in-law and daughter. M'r incl Mrs Cornelius DoKruif of Sheldon as weekend guests. '' Mr and Mrs W. C. McDougall wen; visited over the weekend ay Mr and ,Mrs Jerry Buck of Winonn, Minn. Mr and Mrs Lanny Farmer are moving to LeMars whore Mr Farmer has n position in a machine shop. His parents live in Lc- Mars. Mrs W. W. Annls and daughter Beth have had as" guest Mrs Florence Dixon of Helena, Mont. Beth became acquainted with her while teaching at Miles City, Mont,, several years-ago. Mrs Amy Johnson spent the weekend at Burt with her son .and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Kenneth Waflner. The Wagners became parents of a third claugh ler recently. There is also u son in the family. Mr and Mrs Frank Vera accompanied by Mr and Mrs Lester Hugon of Titonka drove U Blue Earth, Minn., Sunday to at tend the first communion of chil dvcn of Mr and Mrs Howard Smith. " The Algona Garden' club on May 4 will meet at the home of Jeanetle Sorensen spent Iho weekend here with her mother, Mrs Mabel Sorensen. A't a meeting of the Methodist Youth Group Sunday evening, Jeanette showed slides taken on her vacation to Mrs Lyle Mathcs for it,s.,annual May breakfast, assistant hostesses are Mrs Marie Clement, Mrs Beth Scheme] and , Mrs Virgil Smith. Mrs Polly McQuiston will give the program. Hawaii last summer. Guest speaker was Shirley Bruhn. Mr and Mrs Don Steinman 08 Chicago have been here over the weekend with the respective parents, Mr and Mrs Lloyd Steinman and Mr and Mrs Ralph' Valentine. They were accompanied by Mrs Harold Van Winsen of Wilmington, 111., who visited her mother, Mrs Sarah Smith, brother and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs Frank Smith and brother-in- law and sister, Mr and Mrs Lloyd. Steinman. Mr and Mrs Clarence Fraser have been visited by their children, Mr and Mrs Joseph Deuhl and little son. Joseph Jr., of St. Paul, Mrs Kenneth Wright" and. Sarah of Plainfield, N. J., Mr and Mrs James Fraser, Kimberly and Deborah of Kansas City, Kan., and Mr and Mrs Richard Fraser, and Carol Jean of Aberdeen, Md. The visitors also spent sometime with the brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs Charles Schlie- vert. i Mr and Mrs Homer Tuitle were recently visited by Mr and Mr3 Albert Grooters of Orange City. Mr and Mrs Grooters lived here a number of years ago and Mr Grooters was -employed ' wjth Cities Service. TKey*entered the restaurant business, inVOrange City and retired the first-of'the year. The evening the Grooters were here, Mr and Mrs Alvin Weber of LuVeme were also callers and are old friends of the visitors. Phone CY 4-3535 - Your Newspaper *********** * finish^tliat*neecls no Chevy Magic-Mirror acrylic lacquer finish lio/ds that sliowroom s/ioent NEW ECONOMY IN THE HI-THRIFT 8 It's got more pep—yet gets up to 10% more miles a gallon. X-BUILT SAFETY- GIRDER FRAME Carries you in tow-cradled comfort—wift high'resistance to twist OB R»gh mads. M (S»li 5 Use around shrubs and walks. Non-rust aluminum with safety edge. 40' length,4" wide. Keeps lawn or garden neat and trim. 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HAU ALGONA, IOVVA

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