The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 19, 1940
Page 3
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•MONDAY, FEBRUARY. 10, C. OF C. HELP (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS British Flyers Steeled For Action Farm Division Of C. Of C. Mas Provided Money For Interests : * Por throe consecutive yens boys and girls of the 7000 farm lainllies in North Mississippi County have Lceu given an opportunity lo make money Uy financing pig and chicken projects through cooperation of the ngricultunil committee of the Ulythcvillo Clinnibcr of Commerce. So successful ha.s been the program that the Chamber o! Commerce plnn. 1 ; to again k-.'id money to these future farmers and laim- erettes in 1940. First started in l'J2C, Ihc group inaugurated the plan of lending money lo 4-11 cliib members to purchase purebred baby chicks and registered gilts and pigs, Allowing Ihem lo pay in Ihe fall from their The plan wns abiindyncd for a tew years but Us revival has i led lo a program which has b^- coine far-ienchlng. Without losing any money oil bad to.ins. the udtilt group ha.s made it possible for 70.000 pure bred chickens lo be distributed among 1400 members of 4-H dub-. Only the dual purpose breeds of chickens such as White Ro:ks. WyandoUes. Barred nocks, Rhode Island Reds arc financed. During the pnst year fl2 registered pigs, valued al more than $800, were financed. The chief breeds of pigs n.sej were Poland Chinas, Dui'OC Jerseys, Hampshire* and O. I. C. Club members make applications to the county agents and sign promissory notes, with endorsements of llieir parents, to obtain these loans which arc payable In the late fall. Some 50 to 100 chicks are taken by eacii member and the chicks me distributed from a local •hatchery. Proper methods or caring for chicks arc furnished t> tlie extension service. In casc.s where funds allocated by the Chamber of commerce are exhausted, tlie local hatchery also finances some club members. Thai these loans to club members for purchase of registered hogs lifts greatly improved the quality of swine in Mississippi County is evidenced by Ihe increase, in the number of registered males and females. In 1933, not more than 12 fann- ers kept registered hogs on their farms'in all of North Mississippi County' while '' records show that approximately aii-i 4-H club members note have registered nnimals. All prize-winning swine in the 4-H department, at Ilia Mississippi County Pair last fall were from projects sponsored by the loan deportment. Much interest has been shown in registered hogs by 4-H club mem- i hers who have made fair fi.inncial j success and at the same time started a project whi?Ii will pay even more dividends in future years. ."James Henson, n member of the Forty and Eight Club, has not only made money from his registered swine demonstration but he niso served a good purpose in providing registered pigs for other club members in his community. In the spring of 1931 when James ptU'Chased a bred gilt tin-align this fiiinnce plan, some believed that the price of £18.50 .was so high that he could nut make a financial success from sueh a project. But from this first litter of seven, young Henson sold three gilt pigs Hid one male for about $10 each to other 4-8 club members raid so >afd off his note. He kept one of .lie gilts for a brood sow, kept one niile nnd sold one. Every pig'in this first litter of seven was raised a.-, well as all seven in the second litter. : An Inventory of this pure bred FIBE FliltRS FORES1S Kilin 'Our Town' Applies Unusual T(!dnii(|U(>, .Muym Talk To Audience "Smoke Jumpers" Wear S u i I s For '1 licit- Work WASHINGTON, (U!'>-Th<< J . «.i'i>i rxu'imneiii wants the iwo .warned u-dl 1,1 advance Unit. Mtti-liini Invasion ol earth is r.ectei! t!u s .summer. British bomber on the ground .somewhere In France- is framed by si™ veils men anil materials from eyes of Nazi allac: plants. Ki!,,wh',l .•Pell in years helps enmoullage elltel. but makes » iniu) I IDIII earthward don't I'oini- lioullni: uluuncil. Jiuys ilurlnu Ktiro ip's most M . ym > Two specks of motion on a seemingly endless Alison aiicraft of the Roys] Air Fora coastal flying over a cloud-covered British ensl 'I tank of clouds these command arc picture,] coast city on patrol duly St. Lomsun Gets Rare White-Winged Oow For Collection by Advertising : . - J " back-lo-Farm Cainpa ign May Bring 100 Pet. Food Increase . the Kwrst Si'rvlw. it inoljably will !«•• hi>t a "smoke jumiHi" arriving lo I'luhi ;, (ire. 'Ihc ii'.'.i-mbluim' c/f i! "smoke Jumper" lo v.lmt it innii (roin Mar;. ii. popularly MlltpuM'd 10 look like us rcsr-iiiLliujj "a combination o! deep M-;, diver and giote.scnu' figure limcls unknown." Tin- "liinolic jumper's" oullll was ili-rcloptil (,'tirlnt; successful tents in si-iidliii; Ihe lire lighters irom jUme lo earth by pnruehutc. The si-ivicc Is ready lo expand (lint type ui iiu.' fUjhtlius In roiid- kss sec-lions of national forests. Suit KaAf cf Duck The special smoke jumper's suit Includes a two-piece out lit ol duck. The jacket, closely belted above the hips, lias a nippei : from top to bottom: trousers, reaching high Hie natural waistline unti snugly over ilic jnckcl, •/!» from waist b.ind in feet. garments are padded with wool fell. (linn 1 in Em; iu c bc W iir-ln- demonstration shows that he sold six pigs for SGI. all of which went to 4-H members. He has t\vo brood sows valued at $50. $25 and II other pigs valued at $75, making a total of $221. The expenses, other than for home grown teed, were $82, which in- •luded the price of Ihe bred gilt service fees for bolh sows a.-.d for 18 sacks of shorts. Other club members who have ST. LOUIS. Mo., Feb. n — Robert 'WcilJ, ciii: f national b.inl; examiner.lor. the- h'ighUi 'Federal Reserve District. saw a bird, wanted it, advcrlfcd for II and got it. The bhd was, to say the least, extremely unusual — a perfectly normal crow dressed in customary ebon black except ffir the wings, which \verc about. iav;c- qu.-irters v/hit'.'. WciJl, who lives at the £e:mtr Apartmentb, was driving to his cHbin in the Ouac'nita National Por- e-st diir'nj the .Chrlstnus holidays when he saw the bird in a corn field flock about 1>0 miles west j-. j ',j; Hot Springs, Ark. Unable lo believe ,-„ Ms ey;s he stopped, then slowly ],,-, tacked his automobile for a better]' J look. When lie was within 53 yards of the crow, it flew away with the rc=t of ihe flock, Con-! — vinccd that he ought to add the] feathered oddity to his collection cf stuffed biid and spcci- msns, Noll) inserted the following advertisemert in the weekly Mount Ida (Ark.) Herald: Wanted: A white-wing crow is iisinj east of Mount Ma on Mormen road. ;-5 reward for this crow delivered lo Monte Ciisto Station DEAD OR ALIVE ROBERT NEILL. Ralph Wlngfield, a l!)-year-ol:l mountain boy who is an expert squirrel hunter nnd could mafe tlic bird to Paul Schwnrv., (lei-mist-, at ISCCI L'ilayette avc'm;. who Enid lip had seen bill one other LONDON lUPt—More 000,00') acres of Grassland land's tolling countryside plowed up in n \ m ^ t spired bock-to-die-farm movement. Altogether, i,&&o,rj(W .icre.s more Ihiin last season will IJL> seeded, and Ihe Ministry of Agriculture believes that the stock-carrying capacity of,England may be increased by as mu.-h as 100 per cent. "The truth Is," a ministry news letter said, "that we arc far better situated than In 1!)14 for expanding our food production." Livestock rj|i -It) ivt. Not only has the number of tractors available for farm work Increased from a mere 100 at the start of the World War lo 00,000 at present, but Ihe number of llvc- . stock lias jumped 40 per cent. -~=^- I While wheat nnd potatoes still taxi- IUL ', " s during (he World War, the most, desirable crops lo grow In ilic national., the Minister The above I'dtina open Kolii Illicit All ol tills is topped by a special pvoU'cllvc helmet equipped will) n convex musk of heavy slcel wire mesh Hint hinges over (he [uce. 'Ihe odd twlfll Is designed lo protect, the jumpers when landing In trees. Extensive tests proved thai trees arc case of abllnism in crows in the 3S i 0( Agriculture, Blr licglnald Dor- vc-ars he has been in the business. Neil! says the featherc! Moby Dick of the Arksnsas Ozarks will lake the honor corner in his cabin n;xl week. To start n flooded automobile engine quickly, disconnect the air 1 intake pipe leading from the intake manifold to the. windshield wiper or vacuum tank, thus Isttins raw air 1 into the manifold. :,When Gasoline burns, after starting c.'ijltie. close the connections CcurJrr oreador Queen Vamps the Bulls lone outstanding pig work through .his finance plan include Lcrcy Wr.dklus, Plat Lake; Harold Boyd. osnell; Charles, Jdalilta and \V. O. Anderson, Armorel; Harley E:l- vard Garrett, Burdette; UewiU Van Clcvc, Gosnell; Calvin Hill, Prom- sed Land; Paul Hay, Promised Land; .Aubrey Lee Woocihouse, Forty and Eight. good use of S5, saw the ^ With the mercury around j is two brood [ zero al:< l sr - mv "eep on fne ground, male valued Wingfield set fcrth with his .22- cnllber rifle, a homemade figure- four Irap and a lot of determination. For two days Wingficid hat) no luck. Then he sjw the white- winged crow in a flock ne.\r a schoolliotise r.liaut 15 miles from where it- had bce.i seen by Neill and only five miles from Ncill's cabin. Wingfielct baited trap with rabbit meal, and took up his post in the school, which had been closed because of the extreme cold. He put in several hours a d.iy trying lo trap or shool ihe bird. Several crows walked into the trap but they were orthodox. Then, on the fifth <i.iy. the white-feathered crow carelessly stalked to within 60 yards of Winjfield's ambush in the schoolhouse. Ile^tinj Ills rifle' barrel on the window sill. Wing- P.ekl squinted down the sights, held his breath, squeezed Ihe trigger— and Winjfield had \vmiW lri ;, I whitcwins rijht In the heart. lie collected his $S and NCIII <-.cnt Don't Scratch Itchy Skin Tlie owner of a new ear in »» U^lo W^aSSS^^ could expect to gel 31,500 miles of on and "opens" them lo possible) service out -••' • •-•- •- '-'--•'— «--'--> — will cpei thf driver long. man-Smith, has emphasized lluil intention also should be (jivcn to Ih? srowins; of feed which (s im- iwlted in noi'-imil times. Fodder crops, be pointed out, would release vital shipping space that could be used for transporting nar materials from overseas. Price. Pledge Hindi- He promised runners Hint the j tovernnicnt, would do Its parl by fixing pi-Ices' .iulllclcnl to insure prodiiccrs a fair return on the busts of known factors, sboitld subse- iliient events materially niter the basis of production costs, he added, the prices oheaciy announced will be reviewed. The Ministry of Agriculture also is seeking to 'reclaim abandoned land through modern, scientific methods. Commenting on this a ministry news letter said: "If it becomes essential to use Ilic food pioducing potentialities of such farms in war-time, and they arc reclaimed and re-cqulpped, it will be a most useful experiment, s'vlny us invaluable data from v.liich n new and happier chapter may be written In the history the losl lands in peace as well wartime." of Mai Ilia Kcoll ami [Yank (nvin Him. »V 1'A.iM, IIAWH1SON N'KA Scrvlci- Stall t'iirre.S|iomlenl HOLLYWOOD, l-Vli. Itl.-Ni,b(«l.v knows ivhi'lhrr "Our 'IViwn" \Viil turn out to be popular .MTITI) i-n- illslaii:c there can b about its luivcliy. It will be lileDllllcil us an im- .ifuul picture on UK opt-nliiK .shut, iVlien Fran!; Ciaven, \\ .sllhouotle iljiilnst a diiwii sky. strolls i louts palh past, (mpiewlonlsilc .rees and fences. He stops to UralKlUc-n Die hat on n sniicciw cro-wi-s u lltllc bridge, pause.'! lo .ook down on the town now seen Jclow the hill. Presently he leans i«n)iBt a friiijineiit of s'louc wulls, l«hls his pipe. luol;:i Inio Die cimi- -•lu and begins to It'll ubout Ihe :owu and. Its people ami nomo :hlii8 of what he's going lo show .he niidU'iice. Then he soys, 'Tor ||,c bene/H of people who think a picture lo huve credit lilies, I've not. some here — somewhere . . . fumbles In hl.s pockets, llnds -Miil sheets of paper, fumble lie sev- and :hops them. A'; he stoops to pick .hem up. thi! tamera looks over his iliottldi-r and you sec Ihat he has written the names of producer, director, clncmatographei mid olh- ers, KIHTOU ANSWUHS (UlKSTItlNS I'KO.M AUDIIINCK Ciaven Iheii seems to take Ihe camera by ihn hand and lead It [| (W n into iiii'iikcnliiK town. . You begin lo look In on the llve.i of the people who will pluy a pint In the story. He meets a professor parachute landings I", easier ausl safer—when the Jumper is pioperly equipped—lhau on Gi:tn ground, the Forest Service said. Jumpers call them "feuthoi bed liuiillnes." In more than ICO Ircc landings no one was Injured. The Jumper carries a rope which he uses lo lower hltmcll lo the Eround niter his 'chute has can slit In thci whom he asks for some data oil the branches of a tree. Severn! men | hum. The professor boulns « dry. can be Innilrd from a Miujlc plane, academic rccllnl which Crtivcn slops I'iisl Actlmi PiKiKttilr !by calling up lo n window of ihe TlnoiiBh the use nf plants'town newspii])cr olllce and asking "smoke Jumpers" cm) bo landed Ktlltor Guy Klbbee for more lull(il a lire before It 1ms n chance mule information As Klblicc talks (6 spreiid. whereas II sometimes lie is 1nlt>rri;piei| by » (jiic.illoner lakes a ijround crew iy liours .ot in .the audlunce: "Is thine much more to reach the scene If it Is drinking In the town?" in an i.'.ohited region. The editor turns and faces the A speclr.! (.'"rnohutc enables the audience its lie answers, other "smoke jumper" to slcer Ills way. questions arc nskr-il. It Is earthward. Alter he has landed' Ihe airplane pilot releases llre- filililinx equipment attached to -smaller paiadinles. Thesx 1 packs conlnin luols, lamp. Iwo ilny.s ra- licns, first, aid kit, water canted) and cllier smiill articles. 'Hie flre-fluhlcrs ihen arc duecr Sol Lessor's Intention, when Ihe picture plays In major cities, to hnve stooges planted out front lo Inlk to the screen. Other places, the voices win come from the sound (rack. Alter thnt, the (hlnc; ijocs about like a conventional s. to tackle the fire and later rcpori story except for a few cxplnnalury reudy to the nearest forest fire tower or j remarks by Cniwji. In (hr; HIJW other Ion-si station with a small j York theater, he appeared ns the short-wave radio which lie ear-' ' lies and which weighs only a few pounds. COURTS A number of divorce suits i-en llled in chnnccry court Sam D. Whittle has filed suit against Lena Whittle. E. E. Alexander is his attorney. Plnklcy hn.s filed suit Chester P. IMnkley. Etl B- Cook is plriintid's attorney. W. I. Roberts has llled suit Uncle Sam's worst forest fire ai;alnst Winnie Roberts. lie l.s rcp- cceurred on Sept. 1. 1804. when a j usciued by MI. Cook " swept parts of ihrcc states: fire Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Many persons saved their lives i Members of tlie Moravian in Lancaster county, Pa., n I to death. staijc mannsjer nnd slood around and served as narrator, in the movie. In. Is not Identified except, jierhnpii as a sort of omnipotent spirit of the town who can around looking Into windows and lluough half-open doors, ami even back into time as well ns Into tin: land of tlie dead. At first they tried tasllni,; him as the town druggist, but tlie ellecl of thai was lo sll|;- intitlzc him as a Peeping Tom i.'AI) SC'Kl.'KN TEST HAMl'ICIIIil) MAKTNA SCOTT The .starting date of "Our Town" was postponed three limes while Lesser auditioned 110 actresses and screen-tested 13 in an eilorl lo fill the leading role of Emily. Hollywood snickered when be Jln.illy made what seemed all along to hnve been n pretty obvious choice —Martha Srall, wiio did a fine Job faliii j in the .wine role on the singe. Bui It happened that Miss Scott, tiad been Ilic victim of n very bad screen lest for the role of Melanic In "Gone With the Wind." I'aulelle Iiu slr:iii);i' Hodd.ird hud Just bn>n li-.stcd MS u potaiblf Cnulcu O'llarn, and tin' lighting was nut readjusted when Miss !ko(t went before the cinum. The rr.'iult mis tcnlljlc. nnd this urn the li*l lluil. l.i's.sei laliT MIV. Weeks lain, In desperation, he looked nl tin' Him again, ills caui- I'liunun, Ki'it Clleniuin, happened lo MY It. InuiiMllately diagnosed Hie luiuble, mul suld he could light l,u eoneclly. Ho did, nnd Ihe aelu-.', looks line. Mind Your Manners Even Ferdinand might be tempted into ihe ring lo parry llirusts with beautiful Conchita Cintron. Peruvian girl bullfighter,-who at 17 is top ranker in one ot the \ -Grid's most dangerous snorU. The new Piper Cub Coupe (or 1940. at (he same price as the '39 model, is now on the market. Tlie plane has n gross weight of 130! pounds, an overall length of Tl feet 6 inches, needs a lakcoff run of 300 feel, has a cruising raivge of 332 miles, and gasoline consumption of four gallons an hour. It is estimated that during 103!l motor vacation travel reached an | all-time high of $5,01,0,000000 PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Rest Prices Kirby Drug Stores lluy Voiir AMERICAN HXI'KKSS MONEY OKDKKS UOHINSON'S Druj Store ,. *...;, Wny cnilurc.'iy inucti misery? A little Itc'iiUialatutit npiillcd fit each nostril will sooUitj the LrrUntvil nasnl mcniliranc-i. check the suceailnij, re- lluvc Ihe aluillixcss, nnd help you to brcitthcmacc easily. v\).io ru); Mentlrolnltim vlfjorotMly on HID ntnl l);ick to Itinnovo 'the tornl l)h)oil clrcnLatloii.nnU thus K«lii cxtrrt help In rcHcvlMB coltl Uh- coiuforta. Ruti It on the forclicncl nnil teiiJijliii lo nllny licnthiclic and nciiralulii due tu colds, PAGE THREE Test your Knnwliklce o: correct slal usn»!o by answering |ho in]lowing iiuesllons, then clucking agalnsl the nnthorltatlve nnswen below: 1. Is 11 con-eel to will t)ii< cit nlng meal dinner or supper? i 2. Where nhoulil (he loaslina lei al a dinner be seutcd? II. If u man i;lvc» a slag dinner "I home, shoulil his wile greet his guests and then iclhi; before din- ncr? •I. Should you lay n cigarette on the edge of n tnble? 6. Is It good manners lo smoke while nny kind of religious ceie- inuny Is tiolng on? Whal would you ilo If— You an: visiting friends, nnd a general coiH'ersatlon Is lit progress, when you nollcc Dint U It time for your favorite radio program. Would you— (a) Keep quiet aumil U? tb> Say you must hciir It, and nsk your liosl lo turn on the radloV AnsM'ers 1. Olnner Is day's miiln meal ivhelhcr at midday or night. 'i. Al the center nf the most prominent table, 3. No. She should nut creel Ilic ljucsl.s. •I. No. Fur there IK always (lie. dnngM that you will forgel U 5. No. IJetil "Wlial Would You Do" solution—(ID. if you can'C benr to miss n mdlo profjnim, you shmild stay home and listen to It. The U. S. Bureau of Fisheries la pioparcalhig diamond-back terrapins, which tiro IIMI- extinction. Tlicsc delicacies mice sold lor SOQ a dozen, ..HELLO, AMERICA! • HOPE YOU'RE •. ENJOYING SLOW-BURNING - CAMELS AS MUCH AS WE ARE " HERE IN ANTARCTICA. ' CAMELS SURE > GIVE THE 'EXTRAS' '{N CIGARETTE PLEASURE/ VKUNON 1IOY1) ol !>,<, H,S,t\iiliir!iirf.xlit{l!llan T AKE n ii|> from (he men of (he U. S, Anmraic expedition cotu- mamlcil hy Rear Admirul Jliclianl? 1!. DyriliWIicn ii came lo cigarettes}' ilic cxpeiliiion look Camels. Cmncli lmrn slower.,.(jivcyou more picas lire per pult unil more puffs per jack. POR .EXTRA MILDNESS, EXTRA COOLNESS, EXTRA FLAVOR— CAMEL rVnw In Now Location J. J. HARGETT SERVICE STATION Main & Dlvhtnit I'hone 500 HOHE HOW All Ready to Relieve NEURALGIA ( White Skin Soai/. Sold cvcr^vhcre! Dr. J. A. Saliba Announces the removal of his office from the treram Building lo 12-1 E. Kentucky. Hcs. riionc 410; Office Ph, 418 TERMINIX TERMINATES . TiERMlTES BRUCE~MEAIPHli GOOD DEMAND FOR GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON Phone or Write Us Now Geo. U. McFaddcn <fe Bro's Agency E. C. PATTOH, Agent P.O. I?ox 218 Grand Lender IJltlg. Phone 2W '17 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. C7 V- Phone 76 *P' Large or Small At Low Interest Rates We are cqm'iincd lo handle large or small loans on any sized tracf of farm land, at low cusl, and al a Inw iniercsf rale. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blylhcville, Ark.

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