The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 23, 1959 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1959
Page 15
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**V-J ' t~i's — * Ackerman — •» ,-, « ^ ree * c at ' Rochester Whet e She went through the Mayo Mlmf*,' -"*> Milter has bodn _ r _. at University hospital Iowa Offy, Whefe she underwent sUfge'ry^last Thursday. • Sihieoli, Esafey* of the Mape 'Leaf, R&M Home is a patient a kr Now you Know! answer to everyday insurance problems* By L. S< Bohannon r> $1. Anh hospital lot obsetvaUofi i tod possible, sttf^ety. LjSri Rae, the small (daughter of Mr and Mrs Hatold Reimers was & St. Ann patient last" week Allowing ah illness caused-by nfection. Mrs E. C, SchwiGtert will be in owa City this week, when h&f father, W, P. Baum of Lakota, will have surgery. Mrs Sehwlet- ert accompanied her brother^ Art Baum. Mrs Arthur Schultz returned Siomfe Tuesday this week from Rochester, where she underwent heart surgery recently. ff Band Mothers Elect Regular Band Mothers meeting was held Thursday at the school, #Ruby Hinckley was in charge-of entertainment and Mr Lockhart presented several soloists. Election of officers as follows: president, Beulah Davis vice president, Benita Mitchell secretary, Ruby Hinckley; treasurer, Mildred Bahling; execu tive board members are: Evelyn Angus, Pat Kohlhaas and Dorothy Bernau. Hostesses T h u r s' d a j evening were Viola Cunningham Doris Keith, Loretta . Lichter Norma Schultz and Nadlne Ship ler. dtfESTlbNi Will an insurance company defend an absolutely groundless suit brought against someone for whom it has written some form of Liability Insurance? •ANSWER? ,Yes, that is one of the principal reasons'for Carrying liability insurance — to avoid the expense of defending lawsuits. ' * if, yptt'll address your own insurance questions to this office, .we'll try to give .you the correct answers and there wil 'be Wo , charge or obligation o anyllcind. ,- **•»',*• 1: S. BOHAKlNON G N. Dodge CY 4-4443 -. , Boege; defections", Mary 'JBae^ and Attend Meeting Several Burt Lions attende Tulip — hostess, , d&rotteftt, Maty !atl1m; special, Lurefta S0d«t* Lib/ <— ' hostess, Ethel Smith, The l.Y.P. met at the church Wednesday an# the senior the zone Lions meeting at Titonka April 14.. Attending Were Wayne Keith, Ray McWhorter, Luther Miller and Prank Ryerson. Mr and Mrs Robert Angus are parents of a daughter born at St. Ann hospital, April 19. The baby weighed just over eight pounds and is the third child. Mr and Mrs F. Batt are the maternal grandparents, Mrs'Bertha Batt of St. Benedict is great .grandmother and Mr and Mrs Delmar Angus are paternal grandparents. Sunday guests at Mrs Walter Lockwood's home were Pearl Lockwood, Mrs Evelyn Mack and Alma Pugsley of Hardy, "Mr and Mrs Orville Hoffmann and family of Rcnwick, Mr and Mrs Arnold Clark and children of oined thelrn at d&8 lor ,%m youth Fafent sponsors were \t\~3 Kenneth Cook and Mrs -Robert Lovstad. The pastor .had charge- ot the discussion period and leaders were Jay Hoppus and Jsheryl Smith. T.N.T, Club will meet Friday with Mary Jean Andrews. This is a double birthday observance for Ethel Dvemmel and Mary J. Andrews. Hostesses will be, Loretta Lichter, Beth Miller, Esther Sorenson and Clara Reynolds. , About 75 persons attended the Algona Zone Talent Festival the Lutheran churches held the school Sunday. Mrs Raymond Westling will attend the State Beauty Convention in Des Moines April 25-27. • • Mr and Mrs B. E. Miller spcn the weakend with Harlan Balgc mans near Austin, Minn. Mr Anno Reimers moved irtto^th Leeper house nerif the Lutherai ch-urch. s • Larry Hinckley is at presen working with the Hinchlcy cai penter crew. Roger Steward, iarrol Frascr and Wm. F. Batt are working on the Titonko elevator. Mrs Florence Bngby is now employed at Wilfair Rest. Haven. Others helping there are Mrs Van Zartten ahd Mrs Moore. Mrs Cora Stow was honored again for her 85th birthday when the, Jolly Birthday group went to STAPLES; Bostltdi, faitflt* Bwingline, Hotchkiss fttid Pffiftd Upper Des Moines Pub- Co,, Al- tfoila, , Aj»Ml 23, WfT Affeftt PHONI GY 44$$$ - toil* NIWSPAflft Akron and Lockwood. Methodist Wednesday Mr and Mrs Dale circles met this as follows: Rose — hostess, Pearl Noland; devotions Both Miller; special number Beulah Davis and Mabel Camp- e, her home Monday afternoon Lunch was served and she was- presented with a gift. Mr and Mrs Robert Bunkofsko visited the Floyd Sills in Olivia Minn, last week. Garfield Gems April 4th the regular meeting of the Garfield Gems was held at the home of Melvin Thilges. Mary Staudt told of "Rally Day." Susan ThUges, Patricia Christensen and Rachel Habager were •elected recreation chairmen. A •delicious lunch was served by Erma, Susan and Mrs Thilges. THIS WEEK WORD CAHE that an old friend, Emily Spencer i«,« died. She had been living With her son. Jim rit Los Angeles. If J were writing an article fof^thc feature in a popular, magazine called, "The Most Unforgettable Character I've Mel", Mrs Spencer would stand & good Uhance as Choice of subject. •' » * * ., MRS SPENCER WAS EVERY INCH, all 4 1 10" of her, a southern gentlewoman. She Was born and, reared in Virginia and although she lived for over 46 years ih Yankee territory, shu never lost her sweet southern drawl, her enthusiasm for the southern cause, nor changed her attitude as to, how a Indy should behave. She probably wouldn't appreciate loo much my discussing hor private life in' this column," for according to > Emily, a lady's name docs not appear in a newspaper oxceptingyWtTeri she is born, married, hfls a chad or is buried. Nevertheless, her name has made the news nation-wide several times before* * + * EMILY'S BIAS TOWARD THINGS south of the Mason-Dixon line wns under severe strnin for'tnany-years during hor life because she-not only lived in the north, but she was married to a man who was a Colonel in the Union Army of the Civil War! He was Colonel Robert 11. Spencer, a colorful figure prominent in he history of early Algona who was with the Wisconsin 47th -egiment. k . V * ~ EMILY AND THE COLONESL MET IN 1915 whim she came up frojTi Virginia to visit her brother, John T. Bohannon, father of L/Uwd Bohannon. They Were married soon after. The bride was 31; the bridegroom 74! According to Emily, it wns love lit first sight She told me years after her husband WHS gone, "Lots of people thought I must have married The Colonel for his money, but they were wrong. He novah once enmo into the house that my heart didn't simply loop up! Anyway, I'd rather be an old man's da'vlin' than a young man's slave.'^ SHE ALSO REMARKED IN HER OWN INIMITABLE fashion, "When The Colonel and I married, wo planned to travel and see the world. But we traveled too fast, and in the opposite direction". A year after the wedding, astonished Algonans heard the news that the stork had brought twin bundles to the Spencers- sons, William and .Robert. Two years later, another set of twins, James and John, were born. *- - * % T THE CLASS "B" WINNER! IN THE 1959 MOBILGAS ECONOMY RUN Choverolet, fh» Low • Price Fuji Sized 6. Cylinder Economy Car 1$ *- "j,, IF IT'S NEWS WE WANT IT COST LESS GOOD TRADH-/N AND. TERMS... TOO.' j No Space for Frozen Foods r, Out with • \ the Old In with the NEW WESTINGHOUSE J3 Cu. F*. — CoW (n/oclor— f Giant 101-lb. Separate Home Freezer, Frost: Free Autofrost Refrigerator Cold Injector System chills faster —•keeps foods better- Extra storage in the doors' Door shelves lift off Full width Vegetable Crisper New, ."built-in" styling Out with that Pokey Old Washer In with the NEW WESTINGHOUSE LAUNDROMAT Out with the Old PROGRAM COMPUTER In with the NEW Fully Automatic WESTINGHOUSE 30-/nch ELECTRIC RANGE Agitator Glvei live Automatic Unt Ejector „ < 5ep»ratd Pf<jgr»m for,dlfferent fabric* Sudt 'n Water Suver * Perfect baking with exclusive Spread-Even < Heater* » Plvg-Oyt Oven Healeri lift out for eleanln* f 1001 besting »peecU •'Divided top; no-drip edg» IOWA ELECTKK l4l<?HT*H° POWER 22. AFTER I HAD HAD A BABY or two of my own, I got to wondering how a mother could manage four strapping boy babies all under two years of age. So I asked Emily and she admitted that it hadn't been easy taut that she had had a lot of household help. The babies spent a lot of time in their cribs, she said. Then, too, The Colonel was extremely proud of his boys and was a big help. However, events were complicated by the fact that the mother was a scrni-invalid for a year after the younger twins were born. One time Mrs Spencer, who never in her life weighed 90 pounds dripping wet, had one set of twin sons in her lap, sitting in aa-oeker in front of a window. She was alone in the house and the babies fell asleep. They grew heavier, and heavier and heavier. The mother couldn't find the strength to rise from the chair and lay them down. After a couple of hours, Mrs Spencer saw a man passing by the house. She tapped on the' window with her foot, the man came in, relieved her of the sleeping babies and departed. Emily in telling about it years later said, "You know, I nevah to this day, found out who that nice gentleman was!" * * * I NEVER KNEW THE COLONEL. He died before we moved to Aigona, but through the eyes of Emily and her stins and my own husband who, with the Spencers, the Muckeys, the Picketts the Yeomans, the Bishops, the Risings and the Petersons, was par of the fearsome McGregor street $ing of the 1920's, he has become quite real to me. He used to lead every parade, they tell mfc on his white horse and dressed'in full Civil War regalia. They still laugh a bit about the time The Colonel hid his forbidden bottle of spirits in the oven and his innocent wife lighted the stove. The resulting'explosion was exciting to behold. The Colonel left quite a detailed diary of his war history as both combatant and prisoner. The local son, John-has it and with the current rage far Civil War stories, it seems to me it could be made .into a salable commodity. * * ; * THE COLONEL WAS AT ONE time, a large land owner, but with the crash of the late twenties, as With so many of us, money became quite scarce. When her husband died in 1930, Emily was left with four young boys to bring up, a Civil War pension and very little else. HoW she managed, I don't know, but she made it. And once the boys grew up, they took good care of their mother. Emily's guests were always made to feel welcome and meals were served on good tablecloths and with the proper table settings. And Emily was always a wonderful cook. *....*• * DURING WORLD WAR II, Emily made the nation's news again. The younger twins were in' the army. John, a Lieutenant, was stationed in Australia and Jim, ;i savant in New Guinea. Emily thought her boys should have a reunion, so she wrote no less a personage than General Douglas McArthur! She said since both the General and her boys were sons of Civil War veterans, she thought General McArthur should pull a few strings and sec to it that they had a reunion. Evidently her letter was effective for a short time later, the twins were granted a leave which they spent in Melbourne, Australia. * * * • A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO, Mrs Spencer fractured both ankles, but she recovered and way her usual active self again. She was looking forward to a visit, to her old friends in Algona and I know for sure her son, John and his \yife were eager to have her. But it was not to be. Undoubtedly right up to the end, Emily was giVing fov*h with her colorful figures of speech that we who knew her used to call, "Emilyisms". It was only after her death ! ,hat her true. age, 77, was revealed. It was evolved after some oomplicated figuring for Emily always maintained that a lady's age was her own business, and she wouldn't tell hcr's even to her sons! * * * r THIS WEEK'S RECIPE COMES from Linda Clark who at 14 <s one of the three best cooks at Galbraith. la. She comes by the .UJfe easily for the town's population is ten people and there are two full time homamakcrs and two bachelor cooks there. However Liu's chocolate dessert Linda made the other night when we were at her folk's, Lucille and Don Clark for a barbeque, is excellent. 14 marshmallows • 4 almond Hershey bars Va cup milk 1 ,cup whipping cream .. , 1 recipe Graham cracker pie crust Melt- the marshmallows, candy bars and milk together and cool. Whip the cream, fold it into the chocolate mixture, put in an oblong, graham cracker crumb lined pan and chill. Cut in squares to serve. —GRACE Now . ,'. you, v too can enjoy the economy, beauty, and full size comfort of the low-price class, olcylinder^nne? in the 1959 Mobilgas Economy Run. This is the stock CIhevrrfot B«cayne "6"; with powerglide automatic drive, that achieved 22.38 m.p.g. over all types of roads and under every conceivable weather condition. Kossulh Motor Company will be happy to put you behind the wheel for a demonstration ride. Slop in today! Lei Kossuth Motor Company, your Chevrolet djaler, prove to you — Chevy gets more, go from a'gallon. ALOONA, IOWA TO SETTLE THE ESTATE OF MRS MARY REDING; AN Will be held at the house located directly across the highway east of Si. Joseph's Catholic church at St. Joe, Iowa, on SALE BEGINS AT 1 P.M. Modern, 5 yrs. old, 28' x 36', living room, 2 bedrooms, bath kitchen-dine'tte comb., utility room/ excellent condition, on loi 66' x 213'; and TOOL SHED, 8' x 12', 3'yrs. old, real good condition. Tegtsils Match Algona high school's tennis team split a pair of meets as the season opened this week. The locals dropped a 3Mi-lVa duel to Fort Dodge at Fort Podge, Monday, after taking a 5-1 verdict I from Webster City at Wobbler City Wednesday, April 15, Joe Hoenk was Ajgona's only wjnner at Fort Dodge. Jie took his singles match and joined with Ben Herfcst in a doubles Cray Ihst was called because of darkness after et?.ch team had w$n one set. Herbst and Ron 'fsehetter lost singles duels and the doubles team of Ttechetter and Paul Christoffers dropped a decision in pther matches. Hoenk, Herbst and Tsch'C'lter look singles wins and the doubles Yearns, 'J5ick Kwiefel and Christ - uifur., and Ht:h»t ami Uutnl. chjilked uj5 victories in the win over Webster City, The local varsity crew will travel to Fort Dodge for another meet Monday, April 27. The only home meet of the entire sprin'j season will be a fresh-soph affail- when Spencer visits Algona next Thursday', April 23. Matches will start at 4 p.m. At Teacher's Day Jim Meyer, junior high 'English instructor here, and six students, Mariana Steele, Carole Shore, Pain Porter, Patricia Thompson, Mvi-y Boldridge, and Judy Strahorn. attended P r o s p e c -live Teacher's Day at I.S.T.C., Cedar Falls, Wednesday, April 8. RETIRES Complete bedroom suite with box spring and focm rubber mattress, chest of drawers and vanity; complete bedroom suite with spring and mattre-s, vanity and chest of drawers; Westinghouse 11 cu. ft. refrigerator with freezer compartment 1 yr, old; Admiral deep freeze, 11 CM ft, '2 yrs. old; Roper gas range, good.cond.; Sylvania 21" TV, complete with antenna and rotor; RCA "table radio, like new; electric popping toaster; 2 - electric coffee peculators, Sunbeam and West Bend? *, Sunbeam 11 in. electric fry pan; General Electric,iron; electric waffle iron; several antique pictyre '1 frames and pictures; 2 ~ Samsonite folding chairs; 2-.f- lawn chairs; card tgblerclothes hamper; *, new arm chair; 2 - platform rockers; corner table; end table; magazine rack; 2 - sectional parlor | sot; new floor lamp; table lamp; hqssock; 2 - drssser lamps; gray 12' x 15' rug; EJectrolux vacuum/! cleaner complete with all attachment^ antique ,elo c!<, running orsjer; electric clotty 2 ^ al0|fn clocks;^'£ new dinette set with 6 chairs; bathroom scale; hall Hree; Maytag washing mqehinej, New J sewing machine; 10 in. electric fan; curtain stretcher; garden tools, fishing equipment, pfojs, pans and other miscellaneous'items too numerous to mention., » '," »••-•'!-•>*»,' :<>r:4 NO PROPERTY REMOVED UNTIL'SETOED A' thirty-se^en year career as rural mail carrier for the Armstrong area ended recently for Adnlph.. Quastad when he carried nxail on his route' for 'the last time. .& year ago }\e waj; awarded a Safe:Drrving award for 28 years of accident-free driving. Lee Colwell, Auciipneejr

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