The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 23, 1959 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1959
Page 13
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Once In a National Award To Sharp's M'bclrtif Shairp R&leitet fttptfrirntt (n N&w YdrT< City "Sunday eflernoon, April 12, ft truly memorable experience, <in i* two of us — my shift*. Mrs a conducted lour of tha jr*#*i argery. Medhxifst of Steifm Lakd United Nations building. Thire *nd myself — boarded * glaftt we paused far * rrioment In tha American Airlines lurb6;)et plana 'meditation room' — > a iiny room in Chicago., bound for one of the most thrilling week* of our lives. And one. of the most exhausting, 1 might add." "We were 6n our way to Now York City, to be guests of Brand Names Foundation and to receive award for Sharp's Jewelry in the Retailer-Of-The-Year 1959 compslition." "The plane held 86 passengers and every seat was taken. We were whisked almost noiselessly to La Guardia airport in New York in Just two hours, and then were whisked again to the lam- bus Waldorf-Astoria hotel where the week's ceremonies ware to take piece." "Monday morning, bright and early, along with the other 139 wmners from all over the we were welcomed by Wagnar's representative, nation Mayov Moment In New York City " ' - and then taken to view the 140 winning store presentations In the Asior Gallery of the hotel. This was a truly awesome display —wonderful presentations created by 140 retail stores — and both of us sort of gasped when wo came upon I'tile old Sharp's Jewelry presentation standing there as big as you please in second place &mong jewelry stores, right beside the big Coi'.'igim jewelry store of Houston, Texas. It was truly wonderful to sec these pros entations, and to visit with so many retailers from practically ever*.- state." "The f'tit big official event came Monday noon — a luncheon sponsored by newspapers of the nation, on the Starlight roof of In the" photograph above, Mrs' /vfaxhie P. Sharp, owner of Sharp's Jewelry, Algona', Iowa, is shown as s"he received ihe' se'co'n'd place • Certificate of Distinction awarded to the local store in,the 'Brand Name's Retailer; Of-The-Year' competition'. The award is being 1 given to Mrs Sharp by John H'. Breck) Jr., executive vice president^ ">' !' • • , ! , t ' M,_X'.' > of John 'H. Breck, Inc., and chairman of the board 'of directors of Brand Names Foundation. The award ceremony took place in the grand ballroom' of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City at the Brand Names banquet oh Wednesday, April 15'. The Algona firm was one of 140 retailers in the nation to receive such gn award. (Photo,by Garber Photography, i667f Madison AVenue, New/ York City). ( i • * * \ ',> 1 1. , v i 6f prayer for all faiths. It gave us faith that there might yet be peace In the world." "At noon, the 18 jewelort were fju<?*ts of Coro Jewelry Co. at the Empire State Club in the Empire SJo'e building. By this timo we wore beginning Jo notice the immense sweep of humanity that is blwByc going to and fro in Now York City — thousands and Ihou* sends of people hurrying here and there, and the taxis Ihat neamod to move only a few inches at a Mms. And we were meet' 5ng so many interesting folks — and learning lots from talking with them." "There was still lots more io do — that evening another buffet supper at the Dolmonico hotel (not on tho roof this time) as guests of LIFE magazine. They took our pictures, -but I don't venDy think I'll ever see one In LIFE." "Ott our third day, Wednesday, there was B breakfast given by the Point Of Purchase, Advertising Institute at tho Waldorf, and at noon B Brnnd Names luncheon in the ballroom, After that both Marge and I wanted to take naps, but int'.eod wore called lo attend ? rehearsal for ihe 140 winning retailers. Imagine having a 're- hoarse!' just to,stop up and receive vour award I" "The Awards banquet Wednesday evening was a wonderful thrill. There wore 1500 at the banquet tables of this huge ballroom, and the balconies all around were filled to capacity by others. When it was my turn, the unfoj-goitPble thrill to see out store and town flashed on thai big screen in front of those hundreds of people." "that ended the official Brand Names ceremonies, and next morning both Marge and 1 wanted to tleep a little late — but no, we were up at 7:00 A.M.I" "Wo visited both the famous Tiffany and Cartier's jewelry tloros in New York on this day. In ona of Tiffany's display win tiows there was just one item — a $30,000 neckieco — nothing else In one of Cartier's windows there was a necklace all of diamonds graduating down from a 2-cara siorte to smaller diamonds. '. wouldn't want lo guess the price and Margo and 1 were too limit u> juHt 8sk.,Bul that shows you he fabulous way ihoy operate jewelry stores in New Itork City." "During tho> ncxl two days we look a boat ndo around Manhat- lan Island, going up real close to the Statue of Liberty, which is a truly inspiring sight. AD guests of Bulova W.alch Co. we also visited the Bowery, Chinatown, Wall Street and Greenwich Village. On Saturday morning we look time out lo have our hair washed, and feeling quite refreshed "wo went oVor lo Jersey io visit Iwo g'.rls who had formerly lived in Siorm Lake." "Sunday afternoon, we boarded Amirican Airlines again at 4:00 P.M., an dworo supposed lo be in Mason City by 0:30 P.M., but were the Waldorf. My.we were evert served wonderful filet mignons, at noon-time I Monday the Saturday Evening imagine, evening, Post entertained. all of us at a buffet supper on the St. Regis hotel roof — it seemed to Marge and me that we were going lo be eating all our meals' 30 or 40 stories up in the air." "On Tuesday morning, we had name of Sharp's Jewelry arid Algona, Iowa, were flashed on a big screen, and in the glare of three spotlights I had to proceed to the stage for our award. I was just a trifle nervous, I will admit, but Marge said I did just fine. Of course, I didn't have to make a speech—I just don't think I could have done that before such a vast throng. But it was an delayed an hour by bad weather in Iho Chicago area, and so did not SJt fool back on Iowa soil until 9:30 last Sunday night." "It was a wonderful, exciting and Ihrilling week — and New a memorable ex- York Cily is porience in itself, lo say nothing of Ihe outstanding events al which we were guests . . ., and yes, the prized retail award given our store. But I want to say this because I do mean it — the lights of Algona as wo came from Mason Cily in a drizzling rain never looked so downrighfl beautiful to me I" Houston, Texas Siorelirst; Sharp's Is 2nd Texas was first, but Iowa wol clese behind! And it took a big jewelry firm, Carrigan's, Inc., in the city of Houston, Texas', population around 500,000, to nose out Algona, Iowa — population 6.5dO! Of 18 retail jewelrv itores selected as 'finalists' in the Retailer* Of-The-Year competition, and requested by special invitation to enter complete presentations, Sharp's Jewelry of Algona was" awarded second place by the Brand Names board of judges. It is reliably reported that the winner, Corrigan's, Inc., is a jewelry store about 12 times .the size of Sharp's, and with over 60 employees. Basides the Texas and Iowa winners, the other jewelry stores placing among the top ive* were located in North Caro-. ina, West Virginia and Arkansas. Sharp's Jewelry Awa 2nd Place In Jewelry Store Classification ) /• AWARD NOW ON DISPLAY AT OUR STORE. Standards Sharp's Presentation "A wonderful, magnificent thrill .;;.;. but neyer again!" Those were the w'ords of Mrs Maxine Sharp, as she looked back on the countless hours of Work that were required following the local store's selection as a 'finalist' in the Brand Names ?etailer-Of-The-Year competi- ion. The local store submitted a giant size 48-page presentation, which contained a history of ho firm, its more than 100 srand names, graphs and charts on its business operation, dozens of photographs, etc, This iook was on display at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York during the Brand Names celebration, and wil be returned to Sharp's Jewelry here in May. Sharp's Jewefry 13 Years Old' Sharp's Jewelry was founded in Algona in 1946 by M'r and Mrs W. H. Sharp, and doors were first opened in March of that year. Since then, throughout its 13 year history, trie local jewelry store has adhered to a high stqndard of qualify, and 'famous brands' of merchandise have been consistently featured. W. H. (Bill) Sharp- passed away in September, 1956, following a long illness ancf after many years of community service. The store has since been actively headed by Maxine harp, • Oliver G. (Ollie' Johnson has seen watchmaker at Sharp's lewelry for a long period of ime, and Ruby Murth'a has seen a member of the" store's/ staff'since 1950. David more assists in the- store < chool and on Saturdays,. Americas Leading 'Famous Brands Are Handled By Sharp's Jewelry A & £ Jewelry Bwlova Wfntches Casijeton China Dodge Trophies PeHa Pearls Elgin Watches Elgin-American Fo'storia' Glass ' Gprham Sterling International Stainless 1881 Rogers Silvcrplate JiQSten Cla§s Rings . Jtreisler Watchband's Krymentz Jeweliy^ Lenox' Chiria Heirloom Sterling Coljbri Lighters Ronson. LigW<?rs. Sterling '. 11847" R"bgers SUvwplatje!; Holmes & Edwards Peep. Silver - Blqssqm Qiampnds Royal DouHqn ChinSt Stegar Stainless Parker Pens Shoafier Pens Remjngtpn Shavers Schick Shavers Norelco Shavers Sunbearf Shavers Reed & Barton Sterling Lunl Sterling Towle Sterling Wallace Sterling Speidcl Watphbands •*' Jewelry Clocks Timox vernon Pottery Syracuse China Sijngo China Whiting & Davis Qeneral Seth Thomas Duncan Glassware Barbara Bates Rolfs Billfolds Crjromex; Weisner ..Trigkettes Arisen Gent's Jevstelry

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