The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 23, 1959 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1959
Page 12
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r J : V -feS?** ?4rw# I* T J &8$&fr" <v^m,"fi''' j < i •ig.-i'M '3, _ K * AT fMI DRIVE-IN flUiW fit tt~ * jtftfltL - ' i ' Held Over • •<\;^*^-.^t^v'^'''-'i'l^\**'Sv-' : "'^: ; v-i 7 4;'' % lj >.f'*'' ; "'*;? .''•,'."••.**•'^ i» ^ifcv.iVFif'f •*$;'•«•. nm^iriK^'M^WSMii''- at iikffl jlitiy' ' •' •• "^ • ',- - PRp^^ Iran THfc," MB 'i. wff • I^^HH . v - ^ I^B HH , "*^W ^ w ^ff^^f^fff^K^^ p^^^C SUNDAY Thru TUESPAY! JOHM WHINE DEflN MARTIN msmm \ 0r, Joseph Hooney attended a medical meeting In Moines last week. Mf and MTS fred Ksni had Mr and Mrs Joe OaKes of Ring- as dinner guests Sunday. Mrs Willie Gruner Has returned from the University hodpiial St Iowa City whore she underwent major surgery, , Mrs A. J. Eason sprnt Ihs v/e'ekendjal Nevada with her- son i - 4 aw and daughter Mr- and James Potter and family, Mts E:lzBb5tli Sch^nck a meeting in 1 Matshalltowtt Saturday, April 18 for Junior, Red Cross leadership training. Mr end 1 Mi& William had thcii< sbft-in-law and daughter Mr and ,Mrs Wayne -Smith and' 4s guests Sunday. In the evening they were joined by Mr" find Mrs Spencer. Kenneth McCoy, of, ' BRAVO TECHNICOLOR* PtUS THIS BONUS HIT - YOUNG "to OU£~.» ENOUGH RUSSTAMBLYN PERRY LOPEZ NOTE! THls Is A CHANGE-irort Our Calendar! torn a Big Wed. ;Aprff 29 Dr. R. K. ttiehardsoA was at RocheEtejf las^w^ek Itt^ftding the fe'ariy Ctihieal HffVilV* 1 ' ' Mrs Henry Soltar liad'har 'Bonn-law and- $&tighte:r"'MK and Mrs Martin . BleicH, - of •, Garner, - as guests Sunday, ', ' Mf ftndr Mrs G. A, Sharp had gussii^ Sunday theif" son and jfttighter-irf»la,w. Mf aAdlMrs Delt' i „ Share, of Nieoflette, Minn. Mr and Mrs flatf Seliilmoeller spent a*We*e"k algoSUMa# at Ames hter-in- • * ' , ^- t L nw Mr and Mi| CdMfeU Schiji- mcc kr, • v \^>, 4( Mr and Mrs Ez>a J^nehard had fdfrtfji's s&fts-hviaw u and daugh'te'r Mr and' Mrs? Howard 3-atichard and, family/ of Mason • t. ..,. .4.1,4*4;* d^ivf^'n*"^ ,Mrs f. C. Scanlan has raturnec I'rom Dcte ivjoines, wher£ she hac been with her s6ri4n>4aw and daughter-,. Mr* ,a,'nd, Mrs -James "* * ' ttrwhorn/a son. John was nklf town and tbwftsfci *«Iigh't acreage ' «t dut _ for aft friibWrtg -pfbject in' Ilftf&t ittUnbe* &f> (Ge Lift'colrf tdwHSh!p^);,w111 be at thi *VMft*htttiAe here . begins ne^tt Mdftdty/Afii'il 1 - ^ , Mr and the -Jattet sister Mir and Mrs Alyin uf Hardy and Mr* 'Lyle droVe t6 Siblfiy Sunday .nr aftd Mrs Al IftHU tfhe* mgjrs fdrmerly llfted'&l: S.b, Mr and Mf* H. f. Ffi6i«dt werd Tuesday and bvef Itight mr and Mrs Kdjfcfdlf Cooties, DI Oak- i 3 ark, 111,, ioftner mates. , ;,.,-'. _1 ! Mr and Mrs Bless Rusk visited over the weekend*by Mrs rusk's brother-in-law arid sister »ir and Mrs jerry Tyler* Gregory, Jeborah, John- and Kevin, of Maxwell, , A OaihoHc choir W0rksh6p was •if id ounuuy s at Catroll and from St. Cecelia church the following) were in attendance; Mr and Mi's ftusseil Frank JBeckef. J; Orthel; : LatidR, Lotts Bjttsti-om Mnr A, , Pltwri'^Cf eekj Mfs Snil.ington.Mf and Mrs 'iayior, and Mr and Mrs i?"/ 186 "! A f ^ ie L wagner ' ' " Weber, .Luvfrite. ,-, , „, Mr atid M« W. A, Fasieir afe / .Mrs LaficrHiebhoff t Btlft; Mfs being V 4 sitad by Mrs* Mary White- J^ed Genridhr-lone^ftbek; and Chase-Pratt, of Long fieach, Calif. Mrs, Pa'al ;%dniah^ Wesley; are' ' ' Mrs Pratt Is als6 s^eriding sohiS' ehair'nVeii .named to datfe enter. j - aincd' at'" dinner^ we&teago Sun' '' atidltact as' and Mrs ume wiiri her brother-in-law and Chairmen for Fenton and.Whftte- * " •""" " more" will be, named latef thir 1 ' Week, ',' '' ' '••'.. A kick-6ff meeting was h_ . last night ^(Wednesday, <Aprir 15) at the city hall. Kossuth's qubta this .-year *is $3,153.33 arid sbtlilh i th'county's portiori is,$5,. ' Ted Herbst of Algdna is general, chairman of the-American Cancer Society chapter: h* die 'county. • > . ' , , Jcr:nie Kohlhaas,. of'St> Joe, Mr md Mrs .John,,Weydm and Mr .ind,Mi-s T3hy Schhi\tt', , Mr and Mts' Andrew Hanssn day* by Mrs daughter Mrs 'i...,ir,,, vp-Hcieher dtid children of Buffalo. Center anS'Mrs Grace WE&. 4:00 PM. KAREN STEEE i mm fwmx-* mm mm i was a Teeh- age bear/ ^ jjoaalphino •'Kietker , was t'isitcd Sunday jay- ; her brother $. ,ister Mrs Anna'" : Wilkirtg ,and Clarence- Mejei^" of •". Nicollette, M)nn:; and Mr- and.'Mrs Kenneth Olsbn^of Couriland", 'Jdmn. . I • Don Sherman'was v at'pes Moines last ; Week Thursday for a check-up at'the'Veterans hospital. He has' recovered ffonV'his recent sickness, ahd is'b^ck-'at w_ork'as sefyice man 'at''"tjie.^'Chevrolet garage. . ' •.' ,' ,' " ,•-•;% Mr and'Mrs PaulVSeeley and the latter's rnother. Mrs Laura Hintz - have 1 ", b'edh • visited' by Mrs Elsie'Baker, niec*<*,of.JMrs Hintz,' of Sioux Falls, SID. and-Mrs William Rathjen 1 ,''sister of'Mrs "Hintz, of LuVerh'e.'Min'n'* ..'!:. Mr 'and' Mrs Andrew ' Harisen have had Word of tne v birth of a daughter-April' 13 j.6-Mr and Mrs Terry'TrUeblood at Lincoln, Neb. tfhe infant is the 1 first grandchild of Mrs Hansen, and the new mother is the former Dfcmna Mertz. , . ' Mr and Mrs Willard Steffan will be visited over the weekend by the latter's parents Mr and Mrs John Thiel, of Mayville, Wis: Tlie- next' weekend they will have' the former's parents Mr and ,Mrs Henry Steffan; also of May- 'ville, Wis., ast guests. ., v Mr and Mrs William Gos- ac Wesley and Mr and Mrs nat'vey Johnson. ,,". Mr and Mrs Arthur Hisiau had as guts is Sunday their son • and iiuutfiu<2r-in-mw ivlr and Mrs Wil- RiStau and iamily. of-Eagle £, ihe son Kicnard rtis'iau ,»,nd tit 2ii uretn, or Spencer, the son- n-,aw and daughter Mr and'Mrs Lcs Wildin and Mr and'Mrs Clitf Uc-hnert, of Mason City. Mrs Dehnart is a sister ol Mrs Art RlstaU, Mr and Mrs Gale Slock well .vpent a week ago Sunday at Sioux City with then 1 son-m-law and daughter Mr & Mrs William' and family., This week tney were at Mason City vvith "another son-in-law and daughter Mr and Mrs Fred LaSs- ahn and helped the granddaughter Carol celebrate her eleventh birthday. Mr and Mrs Lawr'eneo Riedel had as dinner guests Sunday Mr and Mrs Dale Hicok " and . two daughters and Mrs Mary Zimmerman,'of Charles City, Mr" and'Mrs W. H. Riedel, of Burt and Mr and Mrs Stanley Riedel and'family, of Luyerne. Mr and Mrs Riedel and daughter Betty visited Mr and Mrs ,Raymond', Zimet Thursday at'Bode.-' J ' J ' Mr and Mrs FredsWegener^ were visited 6ver the weekend by their son and daughter-in-law,' Staff Sgt. and Mrs. Gordon Wegener, Kristy and Brian, of Sioux City. Callers 'Sunday afternbdh' were another^ son and daughter-in-law Mr and Mrs Dale Wegener,^Connie and Jerry of Lone Rock'- and the son-in-law and daughter Mr and Mrs Russell Rentz and family. Mr , and Mrs Don Prieskorn "Rip Bravo" Has Been Doing Such Tremendous Business Over The Country That We're Moving It To The Regular Run Starts Wed. At The (^.^ ;(,' -I.'-/' • '..-.- ,,-,.-'•' _^~^-' • • '*<' '" : •''-• TTley T reTogether---'and Noth ing Canlear 'Em Apart! JOHN ^ WAYNE MARTIN NIL10N Vision Isi Grn Planting " V' An arinual appeal to the sta'le's farmers, asking them not to plan corn, in * the ' corners of fleldt Bordering rural road intersections, was made by the state 'safety department this week." ' An : estimated 20"to 1 SO" lives could " be" 'Saved' if, 'widespreac coppe"ration" , of farmers ; is i-e- ceived, -according to department spokesmen. 4 ,. \ •Tall 'corn , at intersections later during the growing season is always responsible, or partially so, for several ,>traffic. ^deaths •each year in (1 Ip,wa: As' 1'ittle as one-tenth ot an acre" out of pro- , ddtlftty Dfatoagfe' Sfseff.- Cofhhie^|ftient date* , the ptojeftt is May 22 and tioh dale , is' Aug. 22 t G. D. Hart, Bancroft/ in chafge of -the project; r , obstacle to the'rewrtt 6f the five cent cuti of coffee^ is htf'cost of "thfe watef. «- CROWDED FOR Then Bank By Mail! CONVENIENT SAFE • Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ', * -- Algona; have had as guests Mr and Mrs 'R. M. Lindeen and Mr and Mrs Joe Lindeen, of Rochester, Minn., who stopped here following the funeral Saturday at .Fort Ddoge for the father Frank Lindeen. Mrs Prieskorn also attended the rites. Other guests, who 1 ; joined them Sunday were the' t mother Mrs Charles Prieskoin a'nd daughter Verona, •? of'.-Fort Dodge. Verona came to attend the B.P.W. meeting. Mr and Mfs Charles Schaeffer vVere visited Sunday by 1 the latter's son-in-law^ and daughter Mr and Mrs Duarie '"McGregor and little son Duane Jr,, of Bancroft. Herman Stienblock, brother of Mrs Schaeffer, former resident here now, living at Bancroft re-, turned from Iowa City where he went through the clinic. He suffered a h ca rt attack some time ago and is still unable to do work of a heavier nature, though he 'i c -/A-io-'-wnhl-" imnroved, > Mrs Tony Schmitt has returned '• >«v~iipo--'. wnere she visited her son-in-law and.daughter Mr and Mrs Robert Krati to ^ » /-loM'Thtpi' WF»S born Mar. 20. The infant has,'been named Susan Marie and joins sisters Claresa and Barbara and brother John. Mrs Schmitt was also at ,»a«,erloo wriere she visited another son-in-law and'daughter Mr "->d Mrs Lee Matcra who became parents of a daughter Sarah Ann i«ar. 30. Other 'children in this .lanv.Jy are-Chris, Leanne and Mary Jo, SHARES 4EWELRY of ALGONA, IOWA The Certificate of Distinction awarded to you- by^Brand Names Foundation is one .that you may rest, assured is cherished by any retail jewelry stor-s receiving it. may we add our word of sincere congratulations on this truly high honor. '" ' \ CLAUSiN .& CO. MINNEAPOLIS SPOKANE Exclusively* Wholesale SALT LAKE CITY TO SHARP'S JEWELRY, AL6ONX IOWA on the high honor you have brought to your store and «city. A Ret'ailer-Of-The-Year award such as you have received is proof positiye that you have a fine store. We are proud to bs one of your suppliers. Wes'ey Wizards- The We-,loy Wizards 4-H cluh met with Dolores and"' ElalYtQ Geotz. Louise Skow called the' meet-- ing to oVder. Mavis Nygaard and Janet Cunningham" gave talks,- _ Charlerie, Asa'.and Vicki -Detmer-1>§ ing ga'ye picture studies', and' ~ demonstrations' 'were,given' ( by Judy Seabu'rg, .Marilyn rfkuv, and Lirida ;Detmering. Kathy Detmerjng, Vicki Detmiering' an'^ Rebecca Girres • gave a courtesy skit. TECHNICOUOR* Infm WARN6R B«0* MlEDICWSOH'WAnERBMHHMI S««c'nplix i>y JULES FljRTHMAN jn<j LCfSH BRACKC1T .MO t> ; HO'VAKD hAVSnj Plurn Creek Boys 4-H Plum Crpek- Boys 4-H club'me 1 , at Kyle Keith's, April 1. Mike Kain aftd Jphn Meseher are going -to cam|> ah'd Dpitald -Madsen- to -hort course. Jackie Keith an^ Eugene- Gardner gave a 1 demonstration' gnd Jerry Bode gave a talk. ' . YOU SAW IT ADV1RTISED IN M m M01NES , / t - ' r ' ' '{ - T - « ' * •* i W , **1 'J * ^ "' f l I ' •*-*•:'Ml la- v ! ' 1 \ ':•' ' W, 15 Kt •*, „',, V r ; , 1 ' •' , ft ' ' , ' ' '"5? »'»'*,« • • •

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