The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 16, 1959 · Page 26
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 26

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1959
Page 26
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Compart th« doti 6f Clabber Gill, dune* for ounce, with that of other leading brand* <. You'll be surprised I Clabber Girl It exclusively krtowrt as the baking powder with the balanced double, action ... balanced for uniformity In both mixing bowl and! oven. BALANCED Double Action Mean* BETTER Baking P . , . ' ' > • . ERHAJPS we can't all sail the seven seas in search of ad- f venture but there's adventure awaiting us right in our own kitchens if well but use our ingenuity and whip up some dishes that are different '•>,'.,' [,' [ . \ Take Cellini Pie as a start, which incidentally is a main dish, not a dessert, and ybull find,it'one, of the most tm*" usual pies you ever flirted with for into that pie goes Swiss cheese, minced onion, garlic, tomatoes, anchovies and tm- iuhipped whipping cream, not to mention the sugar and a bit of lemon juice that go'into file pastry. You can bake it in a casserole but it's more fun made into individual pies., , Then there's Caoatzdne, a captivating-baked meat sandwich that's really surprising because you make Mayonnaise Biscuit Dough, spreading half in the bottom of a square ' pan. Over this you'll place a" layer of filling consisting of .ground pork and chopped onion (which you've cooked together), some grated Parmesan cheese and grated Swiss cheese together with beaten egg and Tabasco sauce. This in turn is topped, with the second half of your' Mayonnaise * Biscuit Dough and baked. Best part is that it's equally good hot or cold. served ; This is the season for lamb ah& /for 'the sciotis cook Braked tdtnfc in a deUcIp^phi in a biscuit ring, is a wonderful idea; ; - , ty ' It's even more fun to seek .adventure -M the realm of desserts. T/ry your.hand at a B^^drti'atid^^ a, dessert just out ot, this world. It's 1 e^y:.^just ? use typur own recipe for a yellow cake — or a yellow eakfe m& —z.but use 4 egg 'yolks in Jthe batter in place ,pf;2f whole, eggs so that. you'll have the whites left over for your .meringue 1 ; - , ; ,, Fot> conversation piece you might-create, a Chocolate Peppermint Pie which is different from the pie shell to'the topping;, for the. shell is made 'of butter, corfiflakes and marshmallow cream. The filhng is equally luscious with a layer of chocolate ice cream beneath a layer of mint or pep-i permint ice cream, garnished with chopped stick candy. It's about cherry time again, though really- with canned. cherries it's cherry time all year round. Now cherries generally find themselves in, pie, so why not give them a break and make Cherry Dumplings for a change? Easy, too. You'll find adventure awaiting when yOu start creating dishes that are different. 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Write for free literature. 4 small tomatoes, sliced r ' 12 anchovies, minced ' 1 cup whipping cream (unwhipped) Pastry for four 4" Pies 1 small clove garlic, minced 1 medium onion, minced 4 slices processed Swiss cheese 's ' . i t ( ' Heat oven to 400° (moderately hot). Mix garlic and onion and spread over pastry in pans. Cover with 1 slice of cheese on each pie. Dip tomato slices in flour, and place on cheese slices (use about 3 slices for each pie).' Top with anchovies. Pour # cup whipping cream over each pie. Bake 25 to 30 minutes. Do not bake on tray or baking sheet as this retards browning. , , » LONG STEMMED, EVEfcBLQOM/NG, HYBRID TEA USE ON COUNTER OR MOUNT ON WALL HANDY CORD STORAGE .COMPARTMENT! BS1 1 1 C£ BJi E C£ %*** CHOICE OF COLORS i , 'fff f SPECIAL SLOT FOR SCISSORS! COPPER SLIDE SWITCH Hunyforturing Co. • 0«pl. Ff, W9 M. Lyd«ll Av« T • Mitwouku 17, Whtoiwin RIDS) IttUr Tim** Eullt 0« Hdjmtft Glwy t PINKSI Milw N*k Th* TWO-TONES! D« UliMMH PrnMMi H*«er YIUOWSI ' i MOST SEHSAT/ON At OFFER EVER MADEI Yesl NOW you-'con buy a fine rose bush I for. LESS than you'd pay for a ticket to a moviel Amazing BUT TRUE! And you get to choose the exact colors that will best enhance the color scheme of your yard and home I THERE'S NEVER BEEN AN OFFER LIKE IT ... Minimum Order-S Bushes 5 for $1.50 15 for $4.25 10 for $2.95 20 for $5^50 : Only 30c each for th* 3-buth ordw and only 27Vic each for the 20-buJi- ordarl FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! A FIELD SURPLUS HAS FORCED US TO CUT OUR PRICE TO THE BONEI .But not QUALITY! Your shipment will contain genuine, GUARANTEED, hardy, disease-free, ;,;«'..»., i.. n ., 2-year-«>ld, ««W-flrown, EVERBLOOMINCT rose a 1M\S, \E$r buthe * fhat wl " B ' v " you """I" 1 " 1 ' «' magnificent Cl! re«l» $c«rl«» - rose blooms, from early spring to late falll SWIM TMrm* 6*ld» Ounii WHITES) K. A, Vikltrie Wttltt Urn. lM»l White Erlerclilf CHOOSE YOUR OWN COLORS) Simply write your choice of colors in the ; handy order-coupon at right and your order* will be' filled with our selection of the WORLD'FAMOUS varieties listed above. Your plants will be dug F)ELD-FRESH, scientifically "MOISTURE-PROOF" wrapped and-rushed to your door ready to plant) TOUR GUARANTEE) If you are not more than dellahted with your rose bushes, - simply' return them within 10 days and they will be replaced or your money will be refunded. YOU MUST BE SATISFIED! Send 3 names ef home owners In your •elahbor- , Mood and your order, will Include • CLIMBINO RIP UAZI (Arne?!«•'• most >oB«l«r climbing n»se -. floods fence*, walls, etc., 'with a blanket of rich red roses)! A8SOLUTELT FMI OF EXTRA CHARQEII Ord.r as many as you like, but HURRYt This off«r wilt b* withdrawn wh.n fl«lds have b««n cleared of our surplus plants. » " * PLANT NOW FOR EARLY BLOOMS For *arly, vigorous bloornlno/ now Is the best time to plant in this area. Fill put ' the handy order-coupon and send It along with cash, check'or money order 'PLUS 50c FOR POSTAGE AND PACKAGING, but HURRY, this offer Is LIMITED! FREE ORDfR WOVV/ NOW IS THE JIMf TO PLANT! »'J» ?"«,'"» EMPIRE ROSE NURSERY <w.r SutUJTi ««*W4 D. P t.J612 Tyler, Ten«s Pleejtnjnuh me. _OUARANmD Hybrid Tea rose bushel In colors Pink Wlill* Veil, TeMI •'•»•••••i marked «t left. •*• Address CHMK ON*I P Ss«4 eneeie, .eed ee(ke|l*f . endesei. Q J«JI_C.O.I»,_rM per ftt f»» perte* *W C.O.P.

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