The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 16, 1959 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1959
Page 19
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*%* Wili Become Bride Of it. Peterson In June Wedding tbft IMtt iid aftd ; LASf WEEK, KieMt ON THE Fft6NCf A^E papers, a noted doctor put himself out on a.I ' ' '" ,; that their wives are overworked. To hele"^ fatigue for the little Woman, this wonderftfy „ „„..„.„« man advocates takirtg us out on the town' ?6f to ifeVenlrtg, btlyinf ,us a new hat with feathers, and tranquilliser^ t>ills. The Sills are to be taken by the husband, the kids and tKH family " NOW 1 FOLLY EXPECTED TO CLI*Pini^item. Lave „,„_ and to forcibly refer my husband to it, tevery timfc t got td feeling put-uport. But as so often happens at our hotise, tha wrong HewsX .paper got thrown in the trash can and noW-rcan't even femembef the name of the eminent gentleman who wrote ii'HoweVer> what , he advocates is, enshrined in my memory. < \ < ; , ' A MAN WfcO UNDERSTANDS WOMEN &S ,he'does is m6st likely a bachelor. However, there is a chance that he'is 'married and is merely trying to get the wives of the nation in love With him and the Husbands of the nation mad at him, without practicing anything he preaches in his own home. And by the greatest of odds, he may that paragon of virtue — a happily married husband, who studies up on-what makes women tick, and .then practices his , theories on his own wife! •„ ,. .*. * • * . •} • IP THE LATTER IS TRUE, and being iii. a charitable mood, I'm going along with it, I think one good turn > deserves another, If this champion speaks out for the alleviation of the floor overworked. wives, somebody should give a thought to giving a little relief to poor, misunderstopd husbands. This 1 long as I don't have to practice too many of own home. mean to do — SO my theories in' my Shirley Dau Bride Apr. 11 At Whittemore Ceremony THERE ARE TIMES. EVEN WE GALS have to admit, when a husband's lot is not entirely a bed of roses. Sometimes they have -almost as bad a time of it as we do. However, husbands are a lot harder to please than wives and if you set about-"cheering them you have to do more than take them ; out to dinner and/or buy them a new hat. My research on the subject is' by no ,means' .complete, but if you want to please your husband, and don't have \anything more important to do right now, 'you. might start with these few tips: ••.,., * '* *•.', \ v 1. — THE FIRST WAY TO A MAN'S HEART is through his stomach, so,cook for him. The trouble is, if you keep making those apple pies, french fried potatoes, asparagus tips with cheese sauce and hot buttered cinnamon rolls, so many of your efforts never reach his heart. They stay right in the bay window of his stomach. ••* : '---f'''* *.','',', i 2. — LISTEN TO HIM. Women are supposed to be the'ones who do all the, talking, but there are times when a •; gal sits <in on a^grqup of men and she can't get a word in edgewise. Then, many wives have had the experience of sitting all evening with a Mr and Mrs Richard Young oi St. .Louis, Michigan, and St Petersburg, Florida announce the engagment of her daughter, Corinne Kay Robinson, to Lt. Mell Andrew Peterson Jr., U. S: Navy son of Captain and Mrs N. A. Peterson of Algona , and Silver Springs, Maryland. • 'Miss Robinson, also the daughter of the late Docter B. N. Robinson; is currently attending New Mexicb State University in Las Cruces, New"'Mexico. Lt., Peterson, a 1954 graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy, is presently' stationed at the Naval Ordnance Missile Test Facility, White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. Following a June wedding the couple will reside in Monterey. Calif., where Lt. Peterson will undergo postgraduate training "at the Naval Post-graduate, School. Rowe - Kueck Rites Held In Husband who limits his conversation to two, grunts- and Fhe next, w*; * 4%i • 'night have to'sit up'until twoJo'clock while ,he expounds a pet KllPf I KllP^n theory. The secret comes in having a listening ear there when he UIJI I V»lllll 1*11 ,,,~,,*^ *„ .pjii ;*'• -•,.' < • ^ WBB • ^r«»»»« WIB wants to fill it. • * .-'..•:' *. *. . 3. — ACCOMPANY YOUR HUSBAND ON outings. Stay at home, where you belong. These are paradoxical statements and many a wife has turned prematurely grey .trying to figure out which is which. There are times when a man 'is hurt;: when his wife doesn't care to take the trouble to go along with him on a trip and there are others when, though he extends a courtesy invitation to her, he'd much rather go stag. From what- 1 gather, the trips when he likes to r have Ma along are in the category of business conventions (but not always); reunions of old friends when he wants to show off what a cute trick he married; football week-ends (not 'always), .visits 'Jo relatives and excursions to 'see .new scenery. The 'ones when he'd rather she'd stay home are golf tournaments; serious Ashing trips;- lodge outings (not;, .always) ; ..conventipns where business is really conducted and poker games. Times when he'd rather she'd go and he stay home are family reunions 1 (both sides) ; real fancy weddings; fund raising teas; art lectures and gab fests of the four girls who were practically 'inseparable in the year 1938. .' * * * 4. — BE CAREFUL WITH HIS MONEY. Money is supposed to be a family commodity, but it's a rare man who doesn't think that every $39.20 that is rung up at a grocery check-out counter is being spent for the sole and express purpose of his wife! Splurge if -you will, on a new dress for yourself, gadgets for the kids, and he may, or -may not notice it. But let this week's grocery bill be $2.00, higher than last's and you'll really 'catch it. A bar bill is easier for a- man to pay- than the milk bill; club dues, less ex- horbinarit than church offerings. If a wife wants to please, her husband 'she. juggles figures and economizes in his blind spots and spends where he's lenient. I *, * • ; * ;.•,• ' :-, • S. — APPRECIATE YOUR HUSBAND. Husbands are human and as such they enjoy, a bit of flattery now and then, but they are smart enpujgh, to tell the difference between 1 a snow job and a genuine compliment. Any man worth marrying in the first place" still has; many ;i qualities deserving of admiration- even after '20 years ~qf marriage.; When, we find something to appreciate nv him we should j?ut it into -words. -We complain about our husbands not commeting on "a new-dress or a special make-up job; but do we always remember to toss him a smile and a thank-you /for a house hold job? 'Do -we always have an! appreciative chuckle < at a nicely turned quip or a reasonable facsimile of a female wolf-whistle when he gets all washed-up and well turned out? Chances are they still . have some of the things that made us love them in the moonlight- and-roses stage and knowing how much a compliment means to a wife, might not the same* sauce that cooked the goose also be good for the " gander? ,.. It is much easier to ,write about getting along with a husband, or a wife, than it is doing it. At our house, my husband followed the before-mentioned author's advice and^ took me out to dinner. I am still waiting for --the hat with feathers. On the other hand, although I am .right now in the process* of cooking a, turkey to get to his heart through Tiis stomach, I certainly heard from him yesterday about the grocery bill, And I'm hearing from him now about taking time from my family to write a column : on Sunday. Oh, well, I'll teir you how to get along with your husband; you tell me how to get along with mine. THE ALGONA HIGH SCHOOL CLASS of 1939 is having it's twentieth reunion* this summer. They need some present addresses of some classmates they've lost track of. Anyone knowing the ••'• whereabouts of Eleanor Pfieffer, Lula Aman, . Gregory Emery, Helen Murray, Keith Moore, Kenneth' and Roland Pederson or Don Johnson, please write or phone Ardeen Olson Sampson (Mrs Tom), Algona. Don't contact me, because that will only delay the information. • ' . . •.' ••, *' •• * * . .• THIS WEEK'S RECIPE is for Spring Bing Cherry Salad. I used it last year about this time, but perhaps it will bear repeating. 2 cans pitted bing cherries 1/3 cup lemon juice -, Cherry juice to make I % cup liquid when added to lemon juice. 1 package orange gelatine % cup nut meats 2/3 cups stuffed green olives . 1 pkg, cream cheese made into balls or squares Heat the 1% c\4p fruit juice and pour over the orange gelatine. Chill until syrupy and then add the other ingredients. Chill until firm. The combmation of fruit juice and gelatine is very tasty. You can omit either the nuts or the olives if you are feeling v omical, This is nice to make in a- mold. —GRACE. Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain Htm Ytrt, N, .T. (8pwl.J) T Fey tta first time icleneq lias found % qew bea}|ng «vb«tanep wlU> the aiton St. John's Lutheran church at Burt'Was the scene of a wedding, Saturday, April 4, when Carol Ann Rowe became the bride oi Duane Carl Kueck. The bride is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Vincent (Rowe, Fort Dodge and the bridegroom, a son of Mr "and Mrs Maynard Kueck, Algona. Rev. Arthur Schultz officiated at the double ring ceremony in the presence of 75 guests. Mrs Elizabeth Radig was organist and Karen Kueck, soloist. ' : ,L"ynn Kueck and Charles ' D a c k e n lighted the candles preceding the ceremony. Wilma Wagner, Whittemore, was maid of honor and Keith Cojwell served as best man. The bride wqre a gown of Chantilly lace over nylon net. It was ballerina length fashioned •with a scalloped neckline dropping to a V in back with pointed sleeves of Chantilly. ' The very full skirt was scalloped down the front and the waistline was V shaped. Her nylon net veil fell from a crown trimmed in Seed pearls. Her jewelry was a matching pearl necklace and earrings and her flowers, a. bouquet of red roses. A reception in the church parlors followed the ceremony. Valora Kueck of Algona kept the guest book, Mrs Marvin Kueck, Lone Rock, cut the cake, and Mrs Louis Reidel, Burt, poured. Glendora Patton, Algona, had charge of the gifts. Linda Nelson also assisted at the reception. The bride is a graduate of Fort Dodge high school and is employed as a telephone .operator in Fort Dodge. The bridegroom is a graduate of the Algona high school and is serving in the U. S. Army having" recently completed basic training at Ft. Riley, Kansas. After a week's trip to Minneapolis, the bridegroom left for Fort Eustis, .Virginia where he is taking; an eight month course at helicopter school. His, bride will join him in the near future. WhiihrniStr -~ St. Haul's Lutheran church in Whittettiore was the scene of a wedding Saturday evening at ?:30, April 11 when Shirley Dau of Dos Moines, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Victor Dau ,of Whistemofe, became thr. bride of Richard Kirchncr, son of Mr and Mrs F. W. Kirchner of Des Moines. Rev. D, E, Weiss of West Bend, performed the double ring ceremony. Escorted to the allar by her lather, the bride was most attractive in a while ballerina length gown of hand clipped Chantilly lace and tulle. Her (ull skirt of tulle over satin had an overskirt of tulle with appli- ques of lace trimmed with se- qUins. Her point fitted bodice of lace had a round neckline outlined with medallions.also trimmed with sequins, and'her long lace sleeves came to tapered points at the wrists. Her elbow length Veil of English imported illusion was held In place by a crown adorned with s,equins and pearls. She carried pink sweetheart roses on a whi'to Bible, and her jewelry was a pah of pearl earrings. Miss Mary Meyer of Don Moines, cousin of the bride, was the maid of honor. Ralph Roe of Des Moines at tended the bridegroom as bes man. ; Duane Dau of Des Moined, brother of the bride, and James Robertson of Indianola, were the ushers. Rueben Butzke played a prelude before the processional and the recessional and accompanied Gene Anderson of West Bend, cousin of the bride, who sang. Immediately following the ceremony a reception was held for 100 guests in the church parlors. The bride's table was adorned with a four tiered wedding cake trimmed in white and blue adorned with a miniature bride and groom. Table waitresses were Carol Zumach, Elsie Barivvart and Barbara Kirchner of Des Moines. Betty Dau, sister-in-law df the. bride, and Mary Bbatwright of Des Moines cut and served the cake. Mrs Meryln Wegener of Spencer and Virginia Dueben of Des -Moines poured. The bridegroom attended the schools in Des Moines and graduated from Des Moines Tech, and is employed as an electrician in Des Moines. The bride attended the St. Paul's Lutheran school and graduated from Whittemore higli school and has been employed with the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company in Des Moines Upon their return from a wedding trip the young couple will ive in Des Moines. .Relatives of Mr and Mrs Simon Wi'ber gathered at. their iomo Sunday evening to help Mrs Weber celebrate her Ipirth- Iny. Present Were Mr nnd Mrs soph STkora and family and Mr and Mrs Simon Slkoru and fnrnlly Cylinder, Mr and 'Mrs Oscar Weber and family ot Ayrshire, Vlr nnd Mrs Paul Weber of Burt, VIr and Mrs Bud Fordcn and son iinndy of Algona, Mr nnd Mrs ftiehard Weber and family oC Estherville, Mr and Mrs Drum's Weber and family and Mike Wng- ner of Whitterndre. Goodwill Pickup Slated April 18 Boy Scouts nt Algonn, Fenton nnd Wesley will perform the final hnlf of their annual good turn day clothing drive wnon tlicy pick up- bags filled with used itc-niK from Iwmes this Saturday, April 18. The bogs were distributed a week ugo by Cub Scouts. The bags will be taken ttra collection station here, then xvill be picked up by a Goodwill Industrie's truck for renovation, ro-ust? or repair by handicapped persons. It' Is requested that all bags bo set, out in front of houses by ft;30 a.m. ApHl 18. Wos tiaHlctt. and John Klcsath, Algona, Gilbert Scribnor. Jr., Fonlon. nnd Reese Martin, Wos-1 loy, arc Scoutmasters pnrtiripal- itiK in the ovont. Tool Shed Lost, Bancroft Farm Volunteer firemen from Bancroft, answered a call, at tho Mutt; Kramer farm, two miles south of Bancroft, nt 5 p.m. Friday, A tool house on tho t'nrm, 2<1 by 24 feel in size, burned to tho ground. Firemen were able to prevent on explosion of a Rns tank which stood next to the bnrn'mf! building. A passerby informed Mr and Mrs Kramer that the shod was on fin;. Origin of the bla/e is unknown. ""PAPER"" Porter Wilt of Lenox lias n copy of tho Lenox Time Table dated August. 29, 1!)07. Thursday, April tt, 195$ Algeria (Id.) Uppw Dm Mafo«~4 nr rao?4*i "top and In FM» after relieving pain, »pt«al (»hrj»V«g9) topic nJ»c«. Most tmuin o N , g«ntly statement* like ceased to fee a problem!" The secret i* » new healing lub- •tsnce {Bie.pyB9*)~diicQYcry irf « world-f»moB6 rese«rph instltutt. TJ»ii »ub»t»nce is now »vail9bl» in luppftitory or ointment f9rm un4er jU>$ MW* Prj»ani«o» ff.» At your 4rug§ri»t. «oa»y b»«k HURT , James Whelan of Storm Lake recently escaped death when he fell down an elevator shaft at the Kingan packing plant. He 'fell about nine feet • into ithe elevator pit, after stepping into the first floor landing, He received a broken left hip and suffered extreme shock. A number of relatives of Mr and Mrs Wilbur Roeber gathered at their home Sunday evening to help Mr Roeber celebrate his birthday. Present were Mr and Mrs Lester Baas and family oi; West Bend, Mr and Mrs Lawrence 'Meyer and family, Mr and Mrs William Roeber, Mr and Mrs Melvin Roeber and son David, Mr and Mrs Maynard Roeber and family and August Roeber. Mr and 'Mrs Vern Walker and family, Mr and Mrs Cecil Bjustrom were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mrs Violet Walker in Algona in honor of their mother's birthday. Mr and Mrs Erwih Joynt and family of Phoenix, Ariz, visited at the parental home of Mr and Mrs Peter J. Dahlhauser and Saturday evening they and 'Mr and Mrs Dahlhauser and Mr and Mrs James Dalhauser and family helped Henry Dahlhauser in West Bend, celebrate his birthday. They will leave here for Webster, Wis. to make their home. Mr and Mrs William Fandel Sr. entertained their Pinochle club at their home Monday evening. Henry Mueller and Mrs Marion Hyink won high, Leo Walters and Mrs Frank Foley won second high; Edward Farrell and Mrs Frank Piekarski low. Leo Walters also won the travel prize. Mrs Harry Schmeling entertained the South Side 500 club Tuesday evening. Miss Elda Baan won high; Mrs George Meyer, second high; and Mrs Anna Wehrspann won the travel prize. Mr and Mrs James Butler entertained members of Club 18 at their home Sunday evening. George Gengler and Mrs EUiott Waldschmidt won high; Elliott Waldschmidt and Mrs George Streit low. Mr and Mrs William Besch won the game prize. • makescrops o myrow ana grow NOW Is The Timt For Pre*Plqnt Application MOR-GRO, INC. 509 DIAGONAL — ALGONA Phow» QVprew 4-354? ^ Connie Column -ft^urtiHj Uondamahogany or traditional • f ^V matching walnut, onljf JL mu WF tablo $29 Model with mlcrcptionk pickup for plug-In to amplifier slightly additional If you can read numbers, you can play your favorito music, from classical to jazz, your very first try ... without lessons I Simply match the numbers in tho song book to the numbered keyboard. A tool musical instrument, Magnus plays real music, full, mallow: with rich, resonant chord accompaniment. Hundreds of songs to play—Classics, Folk and Hymns, Popular Hits, Oldtimo Favorites, Even Jazz—all without a single lesson! TRY IT TODAY..,' PROVE TO YOURSELF IT'S MORE FUN TO MAKE MUSIC THAN JUST LISTEN TO !TJ Beecher Lane iances DRIED BEEF CASSEROLE So many good things mako | up this tasty )| dish I Recipe, | compliments of Mrs. C. E. Sundberg, f* Des Moines, Town: Tear l /4 Ib. dried href into bits. Fry in 2 Tbsp t melted butter till lightly browned. Add ty cup dicad American cheese to 2 cups hot medium white sauce. Before checso melts, pour sauco over 1 eight- ounce pkg. cooked macaroni. Add frizzled beef and 2 Tbsp. of chopped parsley, Pour int-p 2 qt. oiled casserole. Top with % cup buttered bread cru'mbs. Sprinkle 2 Tbsp. grated , cheese on ton. Garnish with paprika. Bake in 350-degree gas oven 20 to 30 minutes. Serves 6 to 8 people. RIGHT OR LEFT Problems arise when a right - handed.' person teaches -j a "left-' bander" to knit or crochet, or vice versa! Here's what my neighbor suggests: The person learning should sit facing instructor. When work is handed to her, she can start right in without turning it around! MORE FUN! Whether you're learning to cook or have years of experience, a new gas range will-' make the job more fun! When you cook with gas you don't have to be a "pro." You can tend to creative cooking and meal planning and your gas range does the work! There's never a «^frjfc AJt Jh jt -^^ ^ ^fr. jfr JujE ^^V^^^M aateto&ib i*," 1 Wastea mOmeuT WnCn you r j j cook with gas. No waiting for burners to heat... nevet any "hang-ove* heat" whist burners are shut off. So sasy to keep your ratige looking bright and shiny, too. Burners lift out for easy sudsing ... oven liners and broilers are a cinch to clean. See gaa range models at your heat gas company and gas appli* ance dealer. ^ (They are -»V all fully automatic, of course.) ^^^ 0 —y-s—p^ I I SHOPPING EASE Avoid the crowds! =r According to a 5 recent survey, \ mornings and early afternoons on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday arc best times to go grocery shopping. If possible, write your grocery list in the order items appear on shelves in your market. Watch newspaper ads for in-scasbn specials. Get acquainted with brands, quality, per-ounce weights,;and watch for new products! Remember, a good buy for your neighbor may not mean a wise choice for your family. The "large economy size" is a good bargain, but if some will be wasted, the small size is a better buy for you! PUBLIC SERVICE Ours is a public service business! Twenty-four hours a day, Northern Natural Gas Company is interested in helping you. And by using natural gas in your home you'll be helping yourself! Every year a million new families in the nation choose gas as their favorite fuel, because gas is so satisfactory. And it costs far less to use... gas always does! Northern Natural Gas Company pipes it to your local gas company. Use all you like... you just can't beat gas for modern livingl C © Northern Natural Gas Company, Omaha, Nebraska JOP TV—"0)0 Dinah Shore Chevy Show-Sunday-NBC-TV and Iho Pat Boono Chovy Showroom-weekly on ABC-TV. In this Kingswood, every window is Safely Plate Glass* Nicest waaon €/ that ever joined your family \ CJievy's station wagons should really be called family wagons, You can choose from five mod" els, including the four-door nine-passenger Kingsivood, with its rear'facing rear seat, Here's a brisk and breezy wagon that'll take on any chore you name, from a trip to the beach to a journey home from the lumberyard. There's room, you see, for a whole half-ton of cargo—a space ten feet long, with the rear seat and tailgate down. These wagons are easy to load, too—you just roll the rear window into the tailgate and flip it down flat. No liftgate to wrestle with. Chevrolet's so easy to handle it's a natural for the lady of the house, Big, safer brakes, too. Chevy's even got bigger tires—they qome as standard equipment on every one of our wagons. But why not fall in love with a Chevy firsthand—at your Chevrolet dealer's! CIIJEVHOIET The ear that's wanted fvr all its tporftf For a "Spring Sales Spectacular" deal see your local authorized Glwolpl deal^rl,, , • KOSSUTH MOTOR GO - .-•-.•' i ' •»?! ,, • 1 */' 'ij v 109 S. Hull Algona, Ipwa

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