Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 19, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 19, 1894
Page 3
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!P?p£_^^ .& ; >-.''.'-%"}$%^ • .- ;>• ''•;;-.-•:/••'':• "'•.'][•'•• '••."/>''?;..-..-.7,-: : ,:.,-.^ •';'•. v '.',\,^ --.:'. '>.••:..:..•'. ••£v:"f :; >D O not be deceived. The following brands of White Lend are still made by the 41 Old Dutch" process of slow cor- Tosion. They are standard, and always Strictly Pure White Lead The recommendation of "Anc?-.or," "Southern," " Eckstein," "Bed Seal," " Kentucky," "Collier," to you by your merchant is an evidence (;f his reliability, as he can •sell yv,: ci'.cnp ready-mixed paints and bc;, r us Yi'hite Lead and make a larger •dealer; 1 Many short-sighted o so. •p.i:uls. .s!i:ic!i.-s, Cf-: fz?.~ National Lc.-ui Co. 1 :. r-.-.n .^..-.l 7 -..:;. in; Cr-lors, :\ u'.H'-pouml on u> u: 1 .. k<-;; <>i' I.c:!il ;iml m:.x ynur <>\vu t -vv.> ur.o ami atitiuyiuict.' in matching a::u injures ihu bt:;t paint thru U is niwi^.- to ;>!:t Ml \vood. Sc.'iU us u po: LL\! fard and pet our hook on p:tml y . nn<i colnr-vrml, fre?; il will probably iavc you u ROCK! many dollars. NATIONAL LEAD CO.. New York. Cincinnati Branch. Seventh urul Prix-man Avenue, Cincinnati. To The Eating Public. We are serving clean, well cooked meal* that lire appetizing in •themselves. Our place lias been renovated, we have attentive and tidy service, ond will endeavor to please all our patrons. We set a .good lunch for 1,"> cents, a full meal for 23 cents, 21 meal,« for $3.30. We •can accomodate 50 day boarders. We have a well-stocked lunch counter, bake our own pastry and always have a good cup of coffee, •call and see DS at THE 320 BROADWAY. The Great Health Drink Snfc, sure nnd reliable. time., fort-itli(«, enjoyable. Always on Com.. 9 Root beer . mnkMtftnllorn, Sold everywhere. Stud ?o. i:imp for beiutlful pietaro oivruJ &:iil SX".1<. Th« Cbiu. £. Illrin Co., Philadelphia. / Of all human troubles, , Sleeplessness Is the most dlstreising I Hanger, thirst, malaria and bodily injurj may he borne for a time, and while borne may he over come, but sleeplessness crushes its vic« tims relentlessly-, it kills »9 a scourge kills. Just as there is nothing that can take the place ol sleep to restore energy in the human body, so there 1» nothing that can take the place of Dr. WHEELER'S NERVE VITALIZER in making sweet, refreshing sleep possible to nervous sufferers. If yon lose sleep from any cause whatever, you need it. PHICC, $1.00 A •OTTLK Inquire of druggists for free sample. If not found, write us enclosing five cents (stamps) for postage. The doctor gives l«. -L-. -Tit"* advice to any nerve DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY MORNING. MAY 19. They Explain the Railroad Agent* ILL ELSE FflLER HAMMOND, Ind., May 17— Special Telegram— Ed ward B. Towle, cashier of the First National Bank of Hammond has sworn to a statement which reads as follows: State of Indiana Lake county, ee — Edward E. Towle, being first duly sworn, on oath says that he lea resident of the city of Hammond, Ind.; that on the llth day of May, 1894, a train of threo coaches was engaged for Charles B. Landis, candidate for the Republican Congressional nomination, from the Chicago & Erie Railroad Company, to convoy his friends to the convention held at Crown Point on May 12th, 1894. Said train was to leave Hammond not later than 11:30 o'clock, that said three coaches were Mantling on the aide track of the Chicago & Erie at 10 a. m., and whon alllant asked B. G. Hover, agent of said railroad company where the train was that was to convey Bald Landis and his friends to the convention at Crown Point ho pointed to the three coaches standing upon tho side track and said that was the train, and as soon as the Johnston train pulled out it would be switched on the main truck and would follow the Johnston trnin. Alliant further states that ho entered tht> office of said railroad company at Hamraoud and procured tickets for 320 persons, that at tho time ho procured the tickets, eald Hover hurried from the office and IrnmedliUely boarded tho Johnston train, and when affiant reached the platform outside of tho waiting room ho noticed the Landis coaches were gone, and on making Inquiry concerning paid couches ha was told by the operator that all tho coaches that were In the yard had been attached to the Johnaton train and were on .the way to Crown Point and that said Agent Hover had gone wfth them. Upon receiving this Information affiant en» doavorod to secure box cars, flat cars, coal care or any other kind of cars upon which men could ride to curry Landis and his friends to said convention, but was llatly told that Agent Hover had gone to Crown Point and there waa no ene there with authority to transact business with affiant. Affiant then asked the operator in charge to telegraph to the Chicago office for permiasioa to allow said Landle and his friends to use any kind of oars that could bo furnished from the yards to take them to said convention. The operator stated that as the agent and superintendent were both at Crown Point be was powerless to do anything for affiant. Nothing wss said to affiant at any time regard- Ing tho movement of said Johnston train or that it would return at any time. Affiant further states that at time of holding tho protesting convention in this city, notice waa received from eald Hover that said Johnston train had returned and was now at the disposal of said Landis and hia friends. Affiant immediately looked at his watch and saw that it was 12:45 p. m. , and realizing that there was not sufficient time to reach Crown Point before the time set for opening the convention, and not having been informed of any postponement of the time of opening the convention, said agent was Informed that the train would be of no use at that time to said Landis and hia friends. EDWAKD E. TCWLE, Subscribed and sworn to before me this 16th day of May. 1894. / A. E. MILLER. Notary Public. Paines Celery Coinpound Mrs, Leigtiton and Her Sister •in, SOO DOZEN Of these Beautiful Waists We offer $900 to ur pby*lcl*D of• oktmlal who c*n ' wwlyibor (•,th»tlhli contain! disease sufferers. All welcome. The J.W. Brut Co. Maker* AUMON.MKH. Aad 4*0*7 M., New York Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. V. H. LOCKWOOD, PATENT LAWYER, *D X. Market Streeet, Indl inapolls. Practice In all courts, LtgfUl valid patents •rotnptly procured oo reasouaole terms. Expert JraognUtnan In the office. Write for information. B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^^^k^a^^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^MlB^lBHHlBMlB^lVBV! Ja^^fBPiii^^^^^M^laBlaBl^a^l^l^SSl^SSSe^SlJ™"™^^^™^TTTTS Acute and chronic catarrh; diseases ol the throat and ear treated by Dr. J. H. Shultz, 413 Fourth ftreet. k Telephone 167. ^___ Quaker headache oapeule fiver*, ltd (a tea miautee. From Father to Mon, Franz Joseph Herrmann, son of Dr. John Herrmann, returned home yea. terday from the Rush Medical College to epend the summer vacation. Hie old father waa pleased very much with tho papers he brought home and aald to him: "Your work In both colleges 1» a healing balm of my wounds. Then tho father took a gold watch and chain and put them, in his son's hand'with the following expression: "Here is a gold time piece; this metal will never change. It may be thrown Into mud or filth but it is gold and will be gold as long aa there Is a piece left of U. May the unchangeableness of thla metal bo to you an example all through your life to-never change from your good behavior and uprightness, -and should you come in contact wltbrbkd^ company, then may this gold '11018 piece remind you of your old father's words. 'Be unohang- abla.' Then your life will be a credit to you and your parents and you will be respected." Franz thanked bis father In well chosen words and promised to keep the watch as a guide. , •100 Reward, 1100. The reader of thlsTiaper wll! bo pleased to lean that there U st least one dreadftd diseases that science has been able to cure In all Its stages and tbat U Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure IsThe only poiltl?e care known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a oonstltntltnal dlseam, requires * constitutions! treatment. Ball's Catarrh Core Is taken Internally, acting directly on the blood and mucus surfaces ot the system, thereby destroying tie foundation of the disease, and firing the patient strength bj building up the constitution and usIMlni nature in doing Its work. The proprietors hate so mueb faith in us curattve powers, tbat ther offer One Hundred Dollars lor anj oase tbat It falls to cure, Bend for list or testimonials, _AddI«M, IT. J.CttK«TACO.,To>»do,0, dragiiitf. Oh, I'm only a little nervous, 'I didn't use to be. can I do. to overcome it? what a woman means by being a little nervous she can't exactly say, She tells you eho Is restless; that she can no longer sew or read; conversa* tion no longer Interests, or it even troubles her; noises startle her, and she cries for no cause. Such are the first small beginnings of nervous weakness. The world Is full of loving, patient wives and mothers who have been called upon to suffer Intense emotional strain: have undertaken to nurse those dear to them through protracted lllnose, or have worked beyond their physical powers. During the many years of hard and wonderful work, Prof. Edward E. Pholps, Dartmouth's great professor, had these weak, "run down" women In mind. The study of such cases of nervoua prostration, neuralgia, rheu. matlm dyspepsia, and debility led him to that most marvelous discovery of the century, Palne's celery compound. Prof. Phelps became convinced that the trouble in all these cases of weakness lay in a disturbance of nutrition. The cure lies ID purer, richer blood and better fed nervous tissues. Faluo's celery compound stirs the excretive organs, the liver and kldnoyf, '0 stronger act'on; the blood grows at once purer and rodder and more capable of carrying nutriment and oxygen to every nerve nnd muscular fiber of the body. Palne's celery compound makes people well by building up new tissue) In place of the old; rr-pulating shuky nerves by appropriate nerve food and sending a strong, full tide of pure blood through the diseased parts of the liver, heart, stomach and kidneys. To worried women, just as to business men staggering under financial adversity, comes nervousness and final break down, "I am not ill enough to taker-medicine " she too often 315a, and puts off from day to day tho correction of her trouble. Palno'a celery compound is the great spring me'Jlcine. It cures every form of nervous weakness and the special disorders of liver, heart, sto'mach and kidneys that arise from impure blood and B ''run down" system badly nourished. Tbeae are the difficulties that Paine's celery compound corrects. It builds up tho whole body, blood, nerves and tissues In a way that nothing else has ever equaled. People get well who thoughtfully and thoroughly try it. For rheumatism it Is the only true specific. Prof F. A. Leighion is instructor nnd superintendent ol the State diary .-cbocl at tho Iowa State agricultural college at Ames, la. He has been Ihore several years and Is well known throughout that State. His wife, wilting to Wtfi'iB, Klohardeon & Co , whi) now prepare Palne's celery compound, says: "Last May I had rheumatism so severely that I could only get around by the aid of crutches: Nothing that I used did me any good, and I despaired of regaining my health, A friend recommended Paine's celery compound to me, and I used it regularly for two months. As a result, I was able to visit tho world's fair, stay~ ing there for quite a while and walk • Ing all day without any difficulty. ••The compound also did my sister a great deal of good while attending college, giving her strength and health. There Is nothing I know of ID tho world that Is its equal for build, ing up the weak and run-down, and giving strength and tone to the eye- tern. I am better than for years, and ascribe my Improvement wholly to the use of Palne's celery compound." This is one of thousands of similar testimonials that Palne's celery-compound is the remedy that makes people well. In Blue, Pink, Lavender, Navy and Black ground. Sizes 22 to 42. Only 5 0 Cents AT THE BUSY BEE HIVE, •: 09-411 Broadway. Notice. The first payment on subscription! of stock to the Citizens' Natural Gmi Company of Logan&port, Ind., is now dun and should bo paid at the com. pany's office, corner of Market and Fourth streets. Shares of stock W« twenty.five dollars ($25.00) each (two shares to a fire) to be paid a< followl: April 20, 1«94 t J « May 2). 1894 1 <» June 20, IfW 1 «> juirao, IBM — a m AiiRustZO. 1TO 300 Sepwmber 20.1894 - 8 W October 20,18»4 - ~. 8 CO November20, 1894 800 .December 20. isoi « 00 Janunry20,189J « 00 / $»00 Join? GHAT, President. C. W. GRAVES. Secretary. Tbo Value of » Friend, CORNELIA., La.—For over six year* I was greatly troubled with conttlpa- tlon amd biliousness and was often unable to .work. At the auggeatUm of a friend I tried Simmons' Lirer Regulator and am now free of theM troubles.—Harrison Tarleton. Your. druggist sells it in powder or liquid. The powder to he taken dry or made into a tea. Rinehart's Worm Lozenge* are the only kind that remove the worm nert with the worms. For sale by B. F. Keeellng and Keystone drug store. Honie' for Sale Very. Cbwtp—No. 808 8yoamor« itnek Inquire of A. D«Long, No. 40» Market itrMk A Substitute for Coftee. Prof. C. S. Plumb, of the Purdui experimental station, baa issued a bulletin on a "substitute for coffee.' The purpose of the bulletin ie to di rect attention to a desirable and easily available eubstltute for coffee and such aa can be grown on a farm in this latitude, viz: the Soy or aoya bean. Prof. Plumb Is very conflden over the future of this plant and aays "As tried in the family of the writer, the drink made from tin Soy bean was vgreeable and enjoyed more than some of the so-called coffee eervec In some hotels and restaurants I have no hesitation in recommending farmers to make drink from roasted Soy beans rather than b|iy the cheap grades of coffee sold on the market, that in go many cases are adulterated with burnt pastry, beans, pens, chicory, eto. Drink made by a number of persona In thla community from the roasted Soy bean was much relUhed." The fact that the plant producing this bean can be raised to great advantage and with decided success in this territory, make* it apparent that if it can once be successfully Introduced It will have a future as a substitute for coffee. Death from Boxing. Charles Ross, the twenty.year-old son of James N. A. Ron. of firing hurst, died on Sunday evening after a short, but eerere siokneis. About a month ago the young man and lotne companions were indulging in a friendly boxing: bout, when the deceased waa struck a aevere blow on the eye with a boxing glove. Sickness resulted almost Immediately and he grow gradually worse until death came to his relitf. __^__ If you are affloted In any wise and can't get cured, call on Dr. Walter, (be specialist Office rooms 8 and 8 Island View Hotel, opposite Fan Han. die depot. Letter* Can be Mailed at Train*. A number of papers have of late published an Item to the effect that hereafter letters could not be mailed at trains. The Item was erroneous and the postofflce department has sent to all the railway mall service em- ployes circulars calling attention to the postal regulations requiring postal oierka to accept all prepaid mall matter offeored them at their cars, and to forward it to tho destination. In- qulrles have been received at the departmet from almost every section of the country Indicating a ml8under>. standing, due It U stated, to the pub lioation of a number ol articles inoor- reoily intimating that the section o the regulations making the obliga HODB has been repealed. The rule is declared to be still In force and refu aal to comply will render clerks liable to dismissal unleaa special authority has been given. A MIRACLE. What Phelps* "Pour C" Remedy Did for Miss Jennie Basset. Last Friday, Dec. 19th, my attending physician stated unless 1 was better by morning he could do nothing for my relief. That night I commenced taking Phelp's "four C" remedy; stopped all other medicines. The first doae stopped my cough; slept and retted well; a few more doses removed sU soreness from my lungs! the second day I was up; the third day I was out on the porch and today was up town purchasing holiday goods M(8S JENNIE BASSET. Washington Are, and Summit St. Croup Cored. One dole ot "Fhhlpi' Coajh, Cold and Croup Cure" gtve my ohlld Instant relist when attaoked with the croup. W. K. MOOBK, ol Moore Bros.' Grocery, Arkansas City, Kan. IfOarantee PbeJps'5"rour p» tor LA GBOTfl, istoma, BwneWUi, Coughs, Cold*, eta. THE MARIE BURROUGHS ART PORTFOLIO OF STAGE CELEBRITIES Is now complete in FOURTEEN PARTS, the entire series making the most ELEGANT WORK of this character EVER PUBLISHED. A great many. Journal readers have availed themselves of the opportunity to secure these parts as they came in from week to week but there are a number of subscribers who have expressed, a desire to secure the complete set without the coupons. To give all an. opportunity to secure this Tbe Journal has decided to distribute the complete set of 14 pactt on. th« following terms: CUT THIS OUT. Upon presentation of this Coupon at the DAILY JOURNAL ART PORTFOLIO DEPARTMENT together with a 1.75 the entire series [Complete tn fourteen parts] ot the * MARIE BURROUGHS flRT PORTFOLIO Of STAGE CELEBRITIES Will be delivered to you. No extra charge for sets sent by mail. CUT THIS OUT. This offer doe» not interfere in the least with the exUtlnu offer ot each part for g coupons and 10 oenta, as the coupons will be published for a «if- loient time yet to all who have started on the series to complete their ieto, but it intended for those who for varioni reasons have neglected to §»v« iheir coupons. , Don't tail to secure the set at onee as this offer will only hold good until ^:MK^0h^M:^

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