The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 16, 1959 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1959
Page 1
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$«-&:$ ••;;•* >* : J '^':^VK-: S T> . -^%-f v IT * * '„* ' aV > oityj la ttftTuiTpuir«5o! ""'.of to*** at" . , ,,-HlfifW, »G,wto tt* vehicles 'ai?& - -^, M3ft6vtol*h *. k Farmer's Coop .jafeVator,' TOfthka; ,Burt <C<ibtt ' fetttUW* tt, Ohm, .Lone . . lara jBautngartner, • - LUES; V. a-Wils&n.Whittefnofe; ihil ihe js*ncll tliiv* wtbott ,]&*$•»; arid imekft «{ b*iil» hays bwn tUatad^twif ! f^fh the offlte of; Ceuniy T^fituter Ro**lla Volflt msttoj-r* h*»fy, fun ; 6f it* * buiirt6S« dutiflV ih* mcnih olM some /toitMftif*$: facts » ftone*f nltt« collftcJlon* « lo H9ht, - T6ial eMlMikms fwm Jan. : 1 through M«f. 31, d*adllh* lot parent of *i Ii*ii ih« ftall half of courtly taxes, aittounitd W *J,125,383,8d *1 and thai'*; * lot of ca»h tn anyone 1 . book. But it fi In County Taxes Paid and a l Won»y collected paid out. by the i**aliir»ir W tho«e thr#* t*tlplent» by $110,375.30 over the counter and in ih« mail; and $217,503.11 in agricultural land credit* funds from the itale govarnmenl. A total of $78,* 7RS.01 *«i collecUd the following day. Mar* 31. Road use tax from the state amounted to $248.' 052.53 during the first three ,,-, W,. Laabs, n| LuVeftibj City; L^M. Ltt Lakbt&i .&urra^ Bancroft;, Fidelia ,or arl KH1- sholrn, - Wesley*f;'E: L.-Jolihsdn, Wesley? Whlttehi&reUm<b^ Co., Whittemore; R>W.^or Maurice Fldig, Lone Roek^' attd "G/'iM. BMter, Bancroft; \ .'• ' ' '•'••:' 'Plymouih -i K ,W. f Percival, •Algona;' D.- 1 V. ' JolinSo M&donna V6gei; 'Burt; ' Buenger, West Bend 4 f months of the year) Kouufh'a share of iqldier's exemption wa« 17,78131 which ii more than half of the county'* 60 percent portion! and the flrit half of homestead exemption money amounted to 9113,* 538,44. The final half wilt be received in the fall. Tax collections during the period brought the county balance up to the three million dollar mark — but It dropped rapidly a* checks went to towns, townships and schools in the area. Tax collections, according to Mis* Voigt, have b«wn good so far. There are some ESTABLISHED ai second elaM matter at fee feottotiiee .at AlfoHt, « l, 1838, uHtt*r Act 6t Cofi«few 61 M.Wh »Ttt7».' I^UIA IOWA, APRIL 16, 1959 3 SECTIONS - 22 PAGES Plus 12 Pages Rural Gravure VOl. 96 - NO. 15 R/ W. .y •••*••«•»* - - ^ U\rliU4v" <i«JJ.X/O»| *XJ.KvJliCl} fL;P, ..Madison, tWesley; and W. Hr'Brandtj S^ea City. ' Ford -— W..A, Marty, LtiVernej In Science Project * l*\ i *&t af*\ \ * i^£-«r- e -s, i ^.- ^ <, * ' , ^ K AigoitManis Name 14 New Directors d*linqulnl», a» are, but for th* moil p&t, taxsi are pretty will cleinfci up until th« wcortd half af* du* Sept 30. 01 cmif**, anyone who paid the full bill b*« fore Mar. 31 has nothing id worry about until after Jan, 1, I960, •—' ——£* .,*"• •»**••**»» J J t *«*. **»t Ml JVxl* meyer. Whraemore;, Bauer ",Ihm. Co; Wesley;- C.'.DrBfsfekJ 1 Algona; H. ,E. Preston, >Swea*jCity; Nick Maharas, Algona; iMferietta-Mc- Gtiire, Titonka; A. -J. Cotton,pickup, Algona; -Kent Motor, Algona; C. A. Schutjer (> .Titonka! P. M. Snyder ,Swea,City; E.-P. Illg, Bodej and E. A. Schemel, Algona. Chry8Wr,- r -H., Y dr. Trau'ger, Lu-' Verne. "" ••- ' -+ ,'" "i Rambler — Robert Srjear,, Ti-, . topka; ,RUby McKee, Algoha;V'X A. Peterson, Swea Cityj'^L. -M. .Prankl,; , United Variety 4 |!tQres, Algona 1 , and'J. F,' Hypse, Keh'ton. ' -\ i <"'•-,' - •<• \Pontiac--.E. B. -Wilcox,'Al- gdna; A. D. Nelsoni Burt; and Atthie Ditsworth, 1 Swea City. • '$4erqury— T. S<.'tlerbst, Algo^a; V.' E. Hutchison, 5 Swea. City; ElfJ. JHutchinson, Bancroft;- and" John Plaisier, Titonka. • %GMC — s Raymond' "Alderson, Algona. ' ' . f ' ,' ' 'Cadillac-- K.' R. 'Ditswopth, Bancroft. ', ' , J' &VL Motors, Al- DeSoio gona. • WHittemor,e. , — ' R. D. Harm, District B. & P.W. s ** " n - w< " "Get" Yoqr Ideas For Tomorffiw', t '' Bob/Lichter,. shown'at the left above, senior at'St. Cecelia's Academy^ here, walked off with top honors at the Sioux City Diocese r-high school' Science f Fair held a't/Sioux £ity, Saturday, April 11. Ronald Arndorfer, shown 'at the right, also entered the event. He is a sophomore at St. Cecelia's, 'and reqeived a rating of good. ' Bob's winning entry is shown on the' front*of the boys. It is a friction clutch, • designed^and' built for the purpose of converting mechanical energy 'into electrical-power. It was entered in the. physics "^classification«of the physips, chemistry, and biology _. ™_! m . ..,_„, , . . "Vwas clutch Sworn In By Highway Patrol * *'' ! ' An Alg'ona man, Harlan Wichtendahl, 29> fornjerly ;of'. Whitle-^ more, wJll be ?worn-intb;thc I6wa Highway' Patrol at ties Moines today (Thursday, April 16). He will be-, stationed at Cherokee and begins his duties there tomorrow. , • • Harjan completed a four-week training school at Camp Dodge near Des Moines - last Saturday, April 11, and received his ossign- ment immediately. Raised at"Whittemore, Harlpn ( has lived in Algona for several; years. During recent year's he has operated large equipment for the Merryman Bridge Construction Co. here. ' , At 29,' Harlan was one of tho* older men -who completed th'o^ training course. 'He'was-one,of a'class of 16^ selected to take the Camp Dodge- course with the patrol. Originally, 60 men had appjied as candidates* The Jtield Was narrowed by physical" exftma and interviews with 'patrol ,of- 'icials. Harlan will work for several weeks with /an ^experienced patrolman at Cherokee, then will be "on his own" with the patrol. Beginning salary for patrolmen is $315. In Chamber of Commerce Add 10 Jurors For 0.M.V.I. Case A jury trial on a.charge 'of operating a motor vehicle while Intoxicated is slated to get underway In Kossuth district court next Monday morning at 10 a.m. with u jury to be selected. Ten new members Have been added to the jury panel from which the trial jury-, will be; selected. The other panel members, not previously excused aro also to report. The case is that of the Stole of Iowa vs. Mike Kennedy of Arm- strong. ' New jurors drawn Wednesday are Pearl Asa, Harry Hargrenves. Esther Smith, Chester Willey nnd Vujeriu Williams, nil Algonu; Will Tred Becker, .Margery Goetz, Rny- mond Hirner, all Wesley; Donald Chirk and Alvjn Hnrdcopf of Lu- Vernc. Jucfge, Fred Hudson will preside. ''In district court activity of the past week, Mrs John Schucle'r Jr. of Swea City wns' given n sentence of seven years at Rockwell Cily on ri charge of false drawing and uttering of n check, but sentence was suspended and she wns paroled for two years. . In a civil action, for damages brought by H. W. Gilrntin of Sioust City against -Sam Eggcr and Clyde Prii-be, nnd in which u counterclaim had also been filed by Egger ugninst Giltnan, the jury found for the defendants, Egger & Priebc, but no money action was involved. J,udge G. W. Stillmun presided. showed ^and explained the working , Business " arid' Professional, Women/ Sunday, AprilJ9, at: the' high', school annex here. The t local chapter will be host to > club members from nine" towns »in the area.' 4V -",,;' 'Events .will begin, with & coffee and social hour at 9:30 a.m. followed by business sessions'! New district officers will be elected/ Mrs Doris 'Farnsworth,' Cedar Rapids, state recording secretary, ,will be the 'featured speaker at the' dinner at nooht " Her topic, will be "Y-O-U". Other 'honored guests , will . be Gerievieve, Carlson, district director ,%and Velma Johannson, ' - district secretary treasurer, both of Humboldt. 'A tea will -be held -in the afterp noon, at which the newly-electe'd district "of ficers will be installed. • Officers of the Algona club are president, Kathleen Griffin; vice president, Marg Illg;- recording secretary, Helen Klein; corresponding secretary,, Mary Lou Burmiester; , treasurer, Anna Merritt; historian, Joan Lickteig and parlimentarian, Katjhryn Sorenson. of their,projects. , * ' Bob, is'a'son of'Mb dthter and Ronald the son -,—, , -, of .Mr'and Mrs Roman Arend'/all'of''tAlgona, (UDM Flashfoto- Engraving). . ' Band's Money Project Half Wgy To /Joc/eo Clinton Sampson; Dies In Calif. Clinton Sarnps'on, ",65,v well- knpwn former resident' died early Saturday morning at his home* at .Glendale, Calif,' Death came, as a "result of a heart 'attack. ,He had suffered a previous (attack 14 years ago, but' had been 'in good health recently. Funeral services were to have been held Monday or Tuesday at Glendale with buvial in Forest Lawn cemetery there. The son, Torn left by pla,ne.,for California Saturday morning.'' '= . •,-/ Clinton Sampspn was born Feb. 5, 1894 in AJgpns.'tbe son of J. W, j and Georgia Sampson.: ' He attended the Algona schools and in '1916 was married to Lydia Stanger here. many years, Mr Sampson Money -'wise, Algona high] school's marching band is half-way to'Sheridan, Wyoming, right, 'now. However, .the 80 members of the organization will just have, to wait', until* another $1600 is available' -before they can climb on the buses and head west about' the middle of July. ' - * Candy'and fruit cake sales, a skating party, a gladiola bulb auction last Sunday, ApriJ 12, and several other projects have.put a total of $1398.40. in the band -kitty 'to date. According to Russ Guster, band .director, it will cost at least $3000 for the hand 'and chaperones to make the trip. . An appearance at the Sheridan, Wyo. Rodeo July 17 will be only one of the-features of, the proposed jaunt. A stop- at the 'Black Hills is also planned. . 'Several 'more money-making projects are on tap in the near future. First of all,.the hand will sponsor a school dance this Sat- rday night, April 18, in the high chool Annex. The school dance and will furnish . .music' for ancers from 8 to 11:30 p.m. A re'ally big deal will 'follow during the annual spring, concert >and program- in the high school auditorium Wednesday, April 22, at 8 p.m. Members of the hand will offer themselves^ to bidders during a slave auction that promises to be a lot of fun. Blanks will be handed to all attending the ' concert.'' The in- •vyas associated with his brothers in the gravercontracting business, In. 1930 he bought the farm 40 teUes east of here now occupied •by the' son,- Tom, -Mr Sampson retired 15 years ago and moved to California, • . • Surviving are, his wife anc three sons, Torn", Algona and Richard and Paul of, the LOS Angeles areai a brother -Claude Algona, anc} a sister s Kwl WiUason, Algwa- There • 'a,re, 9 grandchildren.' - • vocational agripulture G. W, SeMt* imd four ot his students, , Alton , , plan to attend ttjs State F.?,A, convention at Th«rs&iy, week. Pick Committees In Toastmasf ers The Algona Toastmas-ter's Club Executive Committee, consisting of newly .elected .officers, . has named club standing committees to remain in force until October 1, 1959. The Executive Co.mmittee, headed by Irving (Pudge) Miller, is* composed of Dr. Jim Harris, M. L. VariderWaal, Ray Gilbert, Darrell Ludwigi Dr., D.. D.. Afnql.d and Oscar Metcalf. Named ; to the .membership and attendance committee,, were Dr. Jim Harris, chairman, Dr. D. J. Shey and PhU Diamond. The. inter-club committee to arrange for exchange of speakers or programs with other clubs,' consists - of Ray Gilbert, chairman, Morris* Givens•, and j Don Hemmingsen. : - ' : The educational committee, responsible'^'fpr scheduling programs, is .NM. L., VanderWaal, chairman,. Bob Johnson and Milton Norton. The .public relations.committeo is Oscar ' Metcalf, 'chairman, Dr. J. B. Harris and. Everett Baldus. The social and f eception committee is Dr. 0,1?, Arnold, chairman, Dr. L^ L. Snyder and Roy Bjustrom; '.'.- - .;• '•'-. - 12 Mad Hours! Algona' merchants have planned a special 12 MAD HpUHS OF BARGAINS for Friday, April 17th. Stores will be open til 9 p.m. Friday and the special values offered by 12 MAD HOURS advertisers in Ihis issue of the Upper Des Moines will be good from 9 a.m. til 9 p.m. on thai day. Upper Des Moines readers will find it to their advantage to shop through ihe pages of this paper. Many of Ihe 12 MAD HOURS bargains offered are truly outstanding. In the following pages of the Upper Des Moines'you will find 12 MAD HOURS values BS offered by Ihe following participating stores: Rusk Drug, the S & L Store, Cullen Hardware/ Diamonds; Coast to Coast Store, Penney's, B^eehef Lane Appliance, Graham's, Read's Furnituro, Gambles,;. Carson's Algona Refrigeration. Finn's' Bakery NJbrth*lowS Appliance Center, Jaco Variety, Fowlers, and Wiligen^ Jewelry. *.^ - f .'•,•.:'''.'•. ."' '- r '' '" " '<'•. '.';;.."..,' . The accompanying thermometer shows graphically the amount of money available and' the^, Amount needed trip. for the band's, western. required can be filled n -at interrriission time by, .all nterested in hiring a band mem- jer as a slave during the week ot April 2fi| to May 2, inclusive." , The band slaves will 'perform any and*'all kinds,of tasks, .such as raking, seeding, clerking, etc,, and 'will 'in turn be paid by the pers.on 'or firm employing: them, there is no stipulated rate of pay pep 'hour, — they get what the employer thinks they are worth— unless he. is soft-hearted and in favor o£ making the trip project a success, then there might be cases ot slight overpayment for ditties rendered, concert jtsejf (promises -to be one of the finest in years and •will feature ih? glee club ag, .well . as the pand, . Willavd d is director 'of the 'glee The program, wilj''include aUy everything from Bach fo Injections Irorrt. Mereajth, Wjl> son's "Music, Man 1 " ','/'*• |n§trun>ent9rsoloists due to a tpn, Sharon, , md To Meet Monday On United Fund Representatives, of local organizations will discuss the advisability of establishing a United Fund plan in Algona, at a 1 meet' ing ne,xt Monday evening/ at 7:30 in the high school annex, v JCerj Everhart, Des Moines, an 'excu- tive of the .United Fund of Iowa will 'be present. The meeting will pe. of the open forum type and the general public is incited to attend. Purpose of the meeting, according- to Russ Buchanan, chairman of the temporary committee, is to give a basic 'amount pf information to a representative group of people, so that 'they, In turn can e»rry it back.'to their organisations-: '.,-.•,- , . A larger; open, imeeting will -foe Mrs Sharp Off To Award Night Mr S Maxine Sharp left Sunday morning from Chicago via American Airlines for New Yprk City, where she will receive an award from Brand Names Foundation, Inc., for Sharp's Jewelry. Mrs Sharp was accompanied by her sister, Mrs (Margery .Medhurst; of Storm Bake. ; , : Sharp's Jewelry was one of 140 pp winners in the annual Re- ta!ler-Of-The-Year competition, sponsored by Brand Names Toiindation. The awards were presented at a .banquet at the Waldorf' Astoria hotel on Wednesday evening, April 15. During the week, Mrs Sharp and her sometiroe According to Bushanjan- jt, 'is that -some definite. Decision pe reached at that time as to whether or' not a United Func plan <will be established here. sister were events, guests at various Mrs Sharp and Mrs Medhurst will return on Sunday, April 19, Cigarette Sets Car On Fire A cigarette caused considerable damage to a car owned by Arthur Zinnel .of Rodman here Monday at 1:30 p.m. Algona firemen were called and quickly got the fire under cohtrol, Mr Zinnel's auto was parked on'State street'near Dr. Scan- Jan's office when the fire was discovered. • He reportedly had smoked a cigarette on his way to AJgon* «nd • thought ,he had thrown it out,of the vehicle neac Whiitemore'. It -, evidently flew into .t^e back seat where it , burned bpth rear seat cushions extensively. There was no other damage to the auto., although it was full of smoke when firemen arrived on the scene. Spring Planting Begins; Rain Badly Needed The weather picture, with one exception, brightened in this area during the past three days, ,The lone drawback is the continued lack of moisture. Dust has become more plentiful during the past week or so and rain is badly needed if crops are to be given a chance later to develop into real producers. Water content in the soil has been down during recent years, and at the present time is low just as has been the case during all recent springs. . The winds which have whipped good soil off the ground and whirled it into the air normally would have delivered rainfall'by now, but none has appeared. The only moisture during the past week was a slight trace of snow Monday, according to Weatherman Wayne Johnson at the airport. No relief is in sight, but predicted cloudy weather may provide some moisture * The mercury topped 70 for the second successive day h e r o | Wednesday after a delightful 70 reading Tuesday. Low for the week was 22 degrees early -Mon- 'day morning. H L April 9 47 39 April 10— 48 31 April 11—J 53 26 April 12 47 32 April 13 58 22 April 14 —.70' 30 April 15 — 40 There is no indication that cooler daytime temperature marks will return — but don't feel too good because 20 years ago six inches of snow hit the ground in good old Kossuth 12 Page Tab A special 12-page Farm & Home rologra'vure section Is included with this issue of the Algona U p p e r Des Moines. The entire family will find news and pictures of interest. 10 Take Exams For Fentbn P.O. Ten applicants look an examination for the poslmastcrship ai Fenton, last Saturday morning ai Spencer. Exams were taken by Kenneth Halverson, acting postmaster, Dunne Widdel, Arnie Hanson, Ray Dreyer, C. O. Bailey, Donald Gross, Larry Gadc, Clarence Yager, Wendell Rusch and Wayne Lynch. Results will not be known for from,.four to six weeks. Navy Captain Retires,Buys Algona Home Titonka Teachers Get Nice Raise Titonka school teachers have been offered a new salary schedule with increases ranging from $100 to $200 above the 195859 levels. Teachers had until April 15 to submit their contracts. Several teachers notified the board they would, not be return- ng. They were Donald Kerker, Russell Schaub, Mrs Margaret! Govern, Mrs Adela Salveson, ladys Sleichter and Betty Schwartz. Firemen Fight Titonka Fires Titonka — Two grass fires were put out by the Titonka fire department in. the past several days. Miss Hanna Behnke who lives south west of Titonka, was having a bonfire Thursday morning and it got out of control. The department was called to prevent it.from getting close to the build- Captain II. C. Aillaud, TJSNR, jiclurecl above, and Mrs Aillaud, ire new residents -of Algona. Captain Aillaud, who served In ,he Navy dental, corps for a per- od of over.2" years, including icrvict! in both World Wars and Korea, has been a silent partner with Mary Bos well an the ( A1- gona Cleaners and Launderers and expects to now become ac- Live in thu business. He is a brother-in-law of Mrs Boswell. Tho Aillauds have purchased the former Dr. Dan Bray residence and after minor remodeling tmd alterations will live at 414 So, Jones. (UDM engraving) New Star Route Begins April 20 Cprwith, Britt, Forest City, Le- 'land and Lake Mills will be served by a star route from Fort Dodge to Mason City- LuVerne mail, service will be covered by mail messenger route from Livermore, according to Fred S. Andrews, field service officer for the postal department, Des Moines. Beginning April 20 rail mail service on the 'M. & St. L. will be replaced by-Motor service, ( This will make faster service between Chicago, IJl-v Omaha, Minnea* poJis-St. Paul *and Kansas City. It wiil provide north and east-west connections' with trains that have regular runs to these out-of- state cities. ' ings. Friday afternoon they were called to the farm'home north of Titonka of John G. Rippentrop where a bonfire got out of control and burned part of a hay field nearby. Suffers A Stroke — • Mrs. Anna Blumer who entered St. Ann hospital, AJ- gona, Thursday, suffered a heart attack early Friday and then suffered a stroke early Saturday. Her condition remains serious. Pciys Two Firms, Paul M, Westerlund, Lakota, paid $3 and costs for speeding at night and $5 and costs lor a stop sign violation in Justice C, If. Ostwinkle's «ourt here Wednes* day afternoon, $1300 Damage To Car — $5 Fine Norman J. Rowe, .21, Sac Qity, paid $5 and costs for failing to have his auto under control in Mayor Q. C. Shierk's court last weekend. The charge was filed by Policeman Bill Schwarzenbach after/ Rowe's auto slid and rolled into a ditch on highway 18 near. Frank and Em's Cafe in northeast Algona Saturday "night. The car sustained an estimated $1300 in damages and Rowe suffered minor injuries in the crash. He was treated at St. Ann .hospital here and released. In the only other case heard by the mayor, 'Patrick Bradley, Burt, paid $5 and costs for illegally passing a school bus. Harold Miller To Head Moose Harold Miller was elected gov? ernor of the Mpose Lodge in AI* gona at the annual meeting and election held last Thursday evening. He succeeds Bill Ressler, who has gone to Spencer, Jud St, John was elected vice governor, Harold Kessee was named- treasure^ Harlan Sigsbee is prelate, and Joe Pahlhauser 45 secretary. ' - ' ' Ankle l,c-ne RocH *-» Mrs Charles ris fell at her back step and frgcture4 Greenberg President; 225 Attend Dinner Fourteen new directors for th(h Algona Chamber of Commerce, elected under a recent revision of bureaus, were introduced at the annu'ul banquet and meeting held last night at the Algona high school Annex. Harry Greenberg will be presi-,. dent of the Chamber for the com- " ing year. The new president was elected from the old board of directors. Past President Wea Bartlett is also a member of the>' board and Wm. F. Steele waa named as secretary. About 225 members and wives attended the annual meeting. . Six Bureaus Elect New directors and the bureaus they represent are as follow: Industrial & Manufacturing Bureau - Max Bartholomew, chairman, M.,C. Metcalf, vice,, chairman, Dick Norton, secretary., Retail Trade Bureau — Charles ' Williamson, chairman, Brail-?, Wright, vice'chairman, arid Chat;;'" les Hinken, secretary, ' ' „ ; Agricultural & Petroleum.^,,, 3eorge,Balluff, chairman, Everett*Baldus,' vice chairman, and John'Hopkins, secretary. < i /Civic Bureau — Russ Buchanan, chairman, James Kolp, vice chairman,' Dr. R. C. Dewel, secre- > tary. Automotive Bureau — War- :cn Nelson, chairman. Salesmen's Bureau — John layes, chairman. • ,; Four Win Bonds Bill Finn, president of the_ Al« gona.' Industrial -Development Cor-i porntion, announced the local winners of U.S. bonds for essays in local schools on "Why Algona Is A Good Place For Industry.", Winners of the $50 bonds were Benjy Herbst; -Algona high, and Joan Gbeoke, >St; Cecelia's Academy. Winners of the $25 bonds were Marianna Steele, Algona high, and Janice Kinsey, St."Cecelia's; • r, ; ,." The Industrial Development group also elected three directors at a session following.the Chamber meeting. Invocation- was given by Rev. M. H. Brower: Wes Bartlett, retiring president, offered an an« nual report showing a bank bal« ance for the Chamber of Commerce of $328.12 as of Dec, 31, 1958. A comprehensive report was issued to all those present. A revision in. the Chamber of Commerce setup was made re? cently, readjusting the bureaus into six units instead of the larger number as formerly. Each Bureau has three directors, with the exception-of the, smaller automotive and sales- 1 men's units' which have but one , each. ' — ; . Dr. Randall Klemme, -director of Marketing Research and Area'-* Development for • the Northern i Gas Co. was the guest speaker of; ' the evening. ; { ISOAtOttosen Co-Op Meeting C|< • New officers were elected , aniW '*, audit reports heard at the annual l meeting of the Farmers tive Elevator at the C Club' building in Ottosen Thurs| day evening. -Attending - wer 150 members, /• -r, ' '' Neal Olson was, elected" tor, succeeding Lenhard H;ojde who was not a C8ndldat&~ election. Holden> is' a?' member of the board '• and has . nual meetings dvwingj), office. ,, tor succeeding ; t director fop

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