The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 17, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Directs Rowing Classic (ARK) COURIER NEWS OB CHGE HEBE Blythcville Teams Bow To' Visitors In New Gym Games Al Tiie' Sliawnoe senior and junior high boys from Joyiu-r di'fi'a'lccl Die Ulytheville senior and junior itam.s In r. dciitilr-lieadn- fcf'll game- )a.-t night which initiated the lonR-anilcipaiccl itev !! miinsimn at Hsley Held. In the senior tilt the score was SC-V5, while the juniors Imijjlil to ,'i .scurc of '!8-8. '1'hi- .senlsr (fame WOK Ihrllilns v.Mh the local pay due respect tor the new Jiaslum by chalking up r. win "hut ] Saiibn ran lhe isngili of the court i and made a goal to place Shawnco I in (lie lend one-linlf minute bn- lore lhe fciine was nvrr. In Individuarhojini-.s. S;illb:>,wll)i 12. was high man for Shnwwe while Mchars, wilh II, was high for Elythevillf. The Blytheville juniors, who have had even less opportunity to prue- ilce because of lad; c! facilities. I showed this although the u.-iiue moved fast with the- exception el few points beinj made. Driver and Kelts, with seven each, tied for honors on lhe visiting team while Dozler and Little, with three each, did likewise for Ihe locals. The lineups: Joiner 20 Hosey -I Siliba 12 Ralph 7 Wade 1 Rcddpch 2 Substitutions: Miller, Ilosoy. licdge 2, Hyde B'ville 25 Moslem -I Lloyd I Mctinrg II Blacl'.ivood -I Hyde 2 Joiner — Uullcil, Ely tlievllle —Cop- Ross 1 Officials: Referee—Ivy, keeper. Wilson; Scorer—T. rington. Juniors PCS. Thnn- Wiir- Joiner 18 Fells 7 Long S Sanderson Lowell l Driver 7 ' Bly'ville 8 Caraway 2 Dor.icr 3 Little GOES TO GOWANUS - - U y A, In Uie baclrsround ol every I'oiighkci'psie is SlaK cnson. the man who leaks after a thousand and one duties. THE PAYOFF lie Youth Gets Baseball Job CARUTHERSVILLE, Ma, Feb. 17.—Jimmy Matthews, formerly of tin's city, has been named business manager for 10-10 of the London. Cntnrto, Caimdii, baseball team in lhe Pony League, II was announced here yeslerday. The Pony League is a Class D circuit, and London is a city of abmjl 100.000 'population. ^Voting Matthews, .who is 21, at- Icudecl the local schools and resided here until three years ago. when he wns jilaced in charge of eon. cessions at the Johnson City, Tcnu.. learn jn the Appalachian' Lcngiuv The nex.1 year he was in' charge of couce.csions at Album-. Georgia, and year was connected with the 11V JKIIIIY liKO.N'IH-IliU) NKA Service Sports Wiiler MADISON. Wis.. Pel). IB.—The :!HB is dead—long live the king. Cileiui Cuiuilnylmm is slill very much alu-c and has plenty (if kick Liut" ai' u " lc fiu'sh, but Chuck Fenske, C! Stafford lho bespectacled Wisconsin triidii- G Honchin! alc ;il ««l c iil who has .succeeded Ihe Joiner — Union,i K:llla;1:i ils monarch of the mllcrs, Carforcl 1. Edding, Hudson. Uly- """lly hns lilt the lop and at the Ihevillc—Lambert, Hiuircs. Allen. ! l °J ) llc s l'°"ld slay for a few years. Officials'. .Referee—Ivy; Time- j T)lL ' -M-ycnr-oId ex-Badger IHV keeper—Wilson; Scorer—T. War- s J' isl kcgun to run, says Tom ringlon. Jones, the veteran Wisconsin (rack . . I ccaeh who hns been drilling him I ever since he stepped foot, on the I Madison campus ns a freshman six years ago. "Chuck j« sail a long way from his J;OB!;." Jones believes, "floiim- i.v. 1 think he'll liljn i v .-,, even three — full seconds off his bi-it lime to date. And llial means a new reL'OKl. "Nope, I'm not saying anything abciit a four-flal mile. Tbat'd be saying loo much. Hut I know he's capable of '1:0-1", or thereabouts." MADE HKST lil-T-'OKT IN' WANAJlAKEtt Fenske is in the bi.-st r.liape of his cnif-er. says Jones, and doesn't, think there's any reason, phvsical- l.v, why he slioultln't, last us IOIIK as Ci:miingii(tni. That would mean , Chuck hns at irasi (j V( , „„„,, vcllrs of lop-notcli iminlnx h-ri inhlin The.. .1:07.4 ultort 'which Fenske Olympic Titfist Killed in Action Jameslowu, New Pony League circuit, there to his new 'and at London. Burlng Ihe first nhu 10S9, aeronautical prod !lie Unltcti Stales. Tuffy Tackle* Shoe Business 'il"l«., • r,™ II1 ? cnret ' r - ''°" K '"i«"° l '">r critics n.,nu post \>c\,cvc the same race run over the _ bouncy board track at Dnrtmotf'i •T'":?.^ !p'^.^s 'over 11": i t Fenske gave early promise ol l Ei'dilnoss. We recall sohig him in | his iirsl big clfori ns a sophomore when he c.ogijod the xjeal Don Lash's Iisels in -l:lo-phis in the I B iS Ten mocl. j A little more strength and jiuit!- |!iiciit 01' pace v.ns all lie needed the experts predicted, and he'd be tlie best in the business. Fenske | s still the slightly-built, type but he is just about fully ( - 0 n- dstloned to the ris>ors of a' mil« test. Ilr h::s developed into a great ; strategist. ]„ |h e Waiianiafcer lie I ran lhe Held inio submission with ;a Gl-SLcord third quarter and ihen | unloosed a terrific kick to keeo his liinnn'ii i-\ 111 u ti,-n.„!.. Stevenson Is Man Who Does The Sla«' Directing I.V IIAKIIV CUAVSO.V Nf.'A Kcnlcc Kjiin-ls I'ldilo,- NKW you'..', I'Vlj. J7.—Mnxv"! dltveiiMJn is lhe man behind ;. ci-ii'is In as WK a sports spccljul- IK America s-cs annually — i'oui;iii'.ci-p-,| l . Pa-giitta—put O n ,\ ;iy June 011 tho llciwIiiB .slu K( . , •ijur /nile.s of Huds.on Idvoi u lhe JIT of the I'ulKiulfa o|j|)o>i"- '.hi- liltlo oily alter which ii'; .laiiii'd. Vet a isreat majority O f ,].., '.hoirsnnds ul .speclaUirs who cran i-'mi miles aicmnd and who I'm. -ill about (he coaches, UH> wc-ipiii"-' of llic Kwp|)-swii){;<>r.s, (lie rccoi i il tin- C'iiihis—all the dMalls—iif. i heard Maxwell Slovcnsou'.s namr Hm without. Maxwell Htevi'nvin :he Poii^hkcepsic Regatta, .jiiMtlon. would not, be tin; blir- itbon fveiit of itileixralleglHtt! rung that it is. with crows from OKI JIKI wosi compeliiijj in u le 8K , I1( . Ml rowinij evenl held anywhere The Pouuhkeepsle race, whlt-'i hns been slaved nnnnnUy with ihe .•xception of the war period and .;'. i ojie-sunimpi- lapse In 103:! wn •Irst rowed in IB95. Jt is (he ot-1'.' four-mile inlercollcgiale rac*- ro"- -xl anywhere in whlcli more th;'i.i .ivo boatloads ao lo Uie post Oxford and Cambridge pad-IK' foiir-aiid-a-qiiuiler miles, n-«:n Piilney to Mortlake, on the Tltnmi-.i n London. Harvard and Yale, ro< p 'our miles, from Bnrllelfs Cove m he Kailroad Bridge on lhe Thmurs n New London. KIXIATTA IS ONH OK SI'OKTS 1 CLASSICS UVENTS But at Pouehkeepsie, all tlic rest 'Jf the major eight-oared varsiiiis of lliis country row every year i'i i four--" ' ' ' ' io the. finish opposite The snow takes ils place alon 1 - sicie the Kentucky Derby uir Army-Navy ioolhall game, a heavyweight championship pri/e n«iit and lhe world series. ° si Maxwell Slsvensoii is clialniMii 11 of the Board of Slewards of tb- -'I intercollegiate Rowing Association. I Columbia. Pennsylvania. Cornell 'Navy and Syracuse arc the members which invite oilier crews to race. California. Washington, Wiscn:i- . MM $2$,QOo FOWlEfi OX OUTFIELDER, that, a thousaud and one other de- ^SATURDAY, FRRRUARY IT, in Today's Sport Parade McVEMOBt CEflS 1 BOSS CREDIT 1 Cul., rcb. 17. l lie -big ihree" go today Scabiscull. the caslaiwij „,.., Became king of them all. M ni • .Kayak n. the black beauty from \ M ™ *™ »e Pampas of lhe Argentine, who! Poundc-d to an win in the 1 •-"'"a Anita Handicap last year. And llccl/ly. the reformed rogue, demon who has learned to bt- ijvc at the; baiTlr-r and conserve liie Mra"?" 1 f< ""' tlle ballk ' <!own _ Sai> Carlos Hamllcap! Nol Afraif] Pay Price J 7 or Men Wan Is . . ........ i-."Miwi]j, ;i h}j; n n, hat covers seven furlongs ijusl one lu'lwg short V a mile in caw you are not m; on your fiii-loiies) ' «>• -fcititv ^, N'i:.-V Service Sparls H'rltcr NliW YOHK, Feb. 17,-You can convince anyone in Un ,. i,«;| ! ' elall ' J Stanford MacPhtal isn sprint i tlu ' nwst ustute KOtUle;na:i in base ... ball. worth S10.00W, "us is ijje ficarfst tiling o :i preview of the "lumdifd grander" mat we will lime. Uiglu now the bal!.. Whether it's a fuc.t or not, eve the l,i.'i;i in the owtlands will a-.l . . despite a yi-ar of loaling and eallopinis about, the meadows wflli the fairer sex is fnvoriie in thi- winter book .setting for America's; richest raee. Which i.s mil.- Jiral. In his sis y ra r.s of uunpnUii- ing he has proved himself worthy mil Lurry MAcPliail has Ih „. ,. Bi-oukiyii DodEors .lieuded faivtb ' height of popularity in lhe' Ns lional i.oalue. With as many ideas us a Holly wood swdarlsl, and ru [im PS j u , as bl?.arre. Mad'hiiil is Ijiiildltijt ai organization that will be able t talk pennant talk In more than Ex . illusliious bp|ns margiii i;i HI L . stretch MAKI A'f 23 IS VOtJNCJ IN I'lXI.A.M) I'eiwke is prima facie evidence that Ihe claims jn.icle by I'aavo Mirn-.t and oilier ercaf Finnish ™' trl1 - N » nnl »1* I'n The nnmo of CSnnnar Hoeckort, l-'inlaiul's Bi-ral Olympic champion, has ber-n wldcd to those killed while defending the Kiirclinii Lslluiiiis ngainst" the Russians. Hocckcrt set a new record in \vintiingtho 5000-molcr lille in the 193(i Barnes at Berlin anrl arlrinl Iho SODO-incter mark in Stockholm Ihe following year. diii-rs the groat Finnisli distance. icn their col- Ihio them retire v.l I" IU" careers clncc. According to Kmmi thci- are thi-n JHM beeinnlng to run/Taisto , f ,*} !? !?"'«' « lining for Tufty Leemans, New York Giants' grid slar, polishes off a rebuilt shoe ns he spends off- season in Washington where ho is'parincr in cleaninfi eslablish- ^ it) en I >vilh his /ather-in-bw. loi r of America in the Inter< Is of Finnish relief. i s 23 VC!1V , Ort bin the n, ms call hhn a "•cum, tcr wlirn it comcs to , ( > i u nmnina. U is the span ot years from 20 '« "1. or thereabout.;, that pro- KBYSTONK ALFALFA SEEDS AIL KINDS FIELD SEEDS IUHY CHICKS L. K. Ashcraft Co. men. l-fmtni didn't run his first 4:10 mile until he was 27. Few good maralhoncrs arc younger than 26 or 27. Kunnini; (he mile and upwards ( !s a (rick that, conies only \\llh iways has . years of concentration. Cunning- ruing out ham hit the top because he was Hi™ let-1 a'ole to stay at it until he mastered It. Churl: I-cuske has the physical a«ctK. the (iesirc and lhe time to develop. That's why Tom Jones thinks he's a cinch to break Sydney Wooderson's outdoor mile mark of 4:00.4 and probably ham's indoor record. I'lione 1S| ,, . -, , •• •>"-• '-.Mtti'Is are set, so that the scramble e test from Kriiin Elbow may be turned over to Referee Jul- .ll£ll onnnsnn T^niur^lrnn..^.. ;,,,, /-.,, ,: ... MSI Curtiss with evervllmi" rea'ty MUST COXSIDKlt COACIIliS AS WKU, AS Sl'KCTATOIlS Home oiiicials are on Ihe water, some ashore. Spectators, insistent on getting nil l|mc s ,i s (juickly as possible, are ashore on the banks or on the long observation train, or on the water. Communication between water and shore sometimes -s dinkult. 'I'he crews, in slim, 60-foot shells ivoitjhlnis less than 3Uo pounds, arc at the mercy of wind and rough water. They have trained, for uionihs for this 20-mimnc. nll- impoilant tesl. The race is primarily lor (hem, not lhe spectators, who pay nothing unless tlir-y ride die. (rain. Conditions must be as nearly perfect, as possible. As an oarsman. Stevenson sees the point ol view ol ihe oarsmen. Jm lie also the spectators have some rights. Coaches' ideas as to good water conditions sometimes vary. Some are worried less by slightly rough water Hum others. All of which mnkM Die Poiigh- kecpsic liegailn most. diiTlcult of all sports events to rim oil smooth- . , scn:i- sin, Princeton and M. I. T. are t.':? eights asked to compete this yi'ar Cnllforilla and WnshingLon 'ion;since have become nxtures .il- tlioiish still ofti:(n||y guests Since i33i. Piicjne. coast wails, cither those or California or Washington, have won every varsity race al. I'ouyhkecpslc save in 1938. when Navy brought the honors back cast. In 112. '34, '35 and '39, it. was ihe Golden Bears, in '36 ana "37, it. was the Huskies. They turn out big crews out there on the Eolden slope. They set on the water early . . . round into -. • - - .ULIIHI ULIVJ shape while eastern contingents ai\: l«tt]|]](; Ice. But .sllll |hi; doughty easterner.; or whom Maxwell. Slcvon.smi ii' one of tiie doughtiest, insist tlvy can bent the tar west. Columbia In '27 and -3. Navy | n '28 a'.ul '»!. and Cornell in ~io proved the i boys from lhp cither strii. m- n,_, I th Wi.-:d limticls muler construction in Kngland will be able to test spec-its up to ii08 miles per hour. boy.s from Ihf other .. continent tin) be licked. KCMVICI) WITH ('HACK COMIMHUS CHKIV OK 131)1 Maxwell Slevenson lonrnccl ro-,v- ing not from n committee boat but from the waist of a Columbin varsity shell. At f'oushi-.eepsie. the crew on which he mis No. G in 1901 pushed Cornell in u record of 18 minutes, 53 1-5 seconds. The mark stood until 1928, when lho California Olympic champions stroked by ivte Doulan cracked It with a super perforniniH-f that left th ( . 'W, Co- himbi.i oittm a half-lcngiii ? <i cri , Sovtiison headed for th,. -.vide open spacis rollou-ini; his iji.uiua- lion Irom CoHimhia in isij \> c . vclopin;; mining properties, ),o i ias trnvclcd over most, ol ui c world ... is as much at home in Imich Guiana. Venc/.itcl:i or clsr",vlu'ro hi Soi:lh America as he is at ' (i ic Meadow Bvock Club, where he plav- cd polo and rode in sUoplooiases as a jouiij; man. nut ho has virtually B iv m what part of his life lie could spur,- i,om his IJtisiness to towin«; HI- became chairman of u,,,' Columbia Graduate Rowing Comittcc 18 wars ago. In IM.j, he was nsmo<| ,'liair- mnn of the Pous'nkeepsie Hond of Stewards, which is in chano O f the dlicctlon of the regatta That means co-ordinatii,,. things with I'OHghkeepsic city olficials sce- ,. ul . „„„„ '"B Hml crews have 'propn ;ic,-i,in- CunniiiE- i modalioivs in bn.U hou.H-s ami ]j V | ing cpiarlcis. that nil r.<v,<;>,ary ' race ' oiiicials ;uc> on hand,'iimt crews reach the .sUrlini; li--,- at, the scheduled lime, that M:I, ^ima'ts lire ready at lhe start, and v .I'IIB i.v. Hut year alter year it Is run olf, seldom with a postponement, of more than a few minutes, usually lil nn Ihe dot. And all nils time, few people nave slopped to ask who Is ihe man w'hu makes this possible. They .. aren't acli; to see him on race day i' He's too busy. But if they look for him the day after the regalia, about -I o clock in the afternoon, thev'll find Maxwell Stevenson on the Meadow Brook uolf course assuring Dev- ercau Milburn lie ought to get his ponies and go fack to (h e polo ncld; that hell bent him by three strokes on the next hole. Meyers And Joe Welch Will Meet Lee Meyers, one ol the roughest heavyweights ever appearing here will return to the Legion arena again Monday jii»ht j n a 00-iniu- ule-lime limit match against Joe Welch. Meyers has performed in Blytheville on various occasions in the past and has never failed to indulge in plenty of rough slull. Althcireh'lie is a capable wrestler, lhe veteran heavy seems to prefer the system of slug and choke lo the more scientific methods. Another rough and tumble favorite who will be on Monday's card after a long absence from the folds of Mfk» Merotiey will be "Dynamite' Joe Uillman, the explosive" Greek. Dillman is slated lo tnckle Floyd Byrd in a mutch that should be intcrcsling enough for those who Ii!:e their nctlo.i fasl. or ranking win, M^,, o - Ic-ftninator, and other 'ings of ilje |,i,. r m booked at around -t to I now and the chances are thnt before he walks Into hi.-, slnrtlnu place on March 2 he will be much shorter. Celling oul $25,001) lor Vosmik i.s the latest indhatlon „ how MticPhnil works. He lake no detours in gelling- his lulent Larry The Red is lhe kind who'l pay the price and lake a chance He paid 520.000 for Roy Cullen bine when Emancipator Landls de dared Ihe Detroit infielder a- frei i,* > i i"" cnjoy "" ""iiisuali agent, Cullenbinc has vet lo m-ov. (lie vac°e w'j'ta f \ ha ! lle tti " sl(u . L ! , hl '. ns * lt of »«J<"' league caHbei back than Kayak II.'it has been a long lime sinc(> the Biscuit was ", C ',. askcd to Cotc tllc lo l' lo ' r " i " " to Kayak's 130. South Amcric.ui pride will do with his burden is purely a guess. The lasl time he carried a full load a solid bit of horseflesh named Challodon ran away from him in the stretch of Iheir i hasn't _ second lo Whichcee in lhe New Year Handicap, which as you He'll Just carry 127 what the wasn'l slow in hi willingness lo lake a chance SHOULD CO GREAT I.V NATIONAL LEAGUE Vosmik had a somewhat disma year with lhe Red Sox last .season batting only .2'lii. Not yet 30 Joi has a lot of baseball lefl iu him The knowledge thai he is now h, a Icneue where a pennant race isn'i a one-team pnradc is apt lo hav<- * • "• *'"- -3n 1-n.jj "i " *"«--.i.-njn t.n.uac is ape to nav< Iheir match race at Pimlico. Kayak Hie desired effect oa the Bohemia.- hasn't been out since he finished slugger. If so. fences in the senior , probably have guessed, was run on wheel are due for a battering. All things considered, ° MacPhail takes no risk on Vosmik be- New Year's Day. He has bcenj cause the former Cleveland ni- Iraining well, r.nd is as strong as' dlan and lied Sox outfielder is a sound ball player. MacPhail okayed Durocher't idea to bring Tex Carlcton back from Milwaukee for another whirl in the big-time after the right- —\v«ll, as strong as a horse. Hcelfly is likely to be the favorite at post time. This former incorrigible has been made over by the electric starting gate. With two smashing victories behind him, trie horse that Alf Vandcrbiit sold-" e " 1 '" is as nn impossible case, appears to I Cullenbine - hander had suffered a bad siege ot iVkawick Is Surprise Of Golf Tournament TAHPA, Fla.. Feb. 17 (UP)— Joe Medwlck of the St. Louis Cardinals continued to be the surprise of the Annual Baseball Players' Golf Tournament, today as play I moved Into lhe quarter-final round. Medwiek, with a medal score of TJ, trimmed Denny GaHiouse 3 and 2 in (he first round. The Cardinal outfielder had edged Defending Champion Wesley Ferrcll for f[Uali- iying honors the day before. Ferrell also defeated his first- round opponent, downing Heinle Lvfanush 1 and 1 in a close match. j Paul Waner. 1938 champion, was n V L n defeated by Mervln Shea. Detroit. Uver lurby Drug ; coach, c and 5. - I In olhci matches, schoolboy Rowe won from Johnny Moore, 3 and 2: Jack Russell defeated Lloyd Brown. 5 and -I; Jimmy i-' 0 xx downed Lloy;l Wnner, 3 and •>; Al Simmons defeated Johnny Cooney. 3 and 2. and Paul Derringer won Irom Johnny Ram. * and 3. East Arkansas Wins The ladies team sponsored by- East Arkansas Lumber Company trounced Kirby Drug by 531 pins Wednesday ni^ht ;l t (| ie piamor Alleys. Merits Moore of East Arkansas had a single game high of 253 and an average of 203. II. Trumblc averaged HO for Kiiby. to lead her team. During the month of September, American aviation concerns did export business with 55 [orelgu countries, excluding tin; belligerent pow civ - wasn't even classed be a match for anylhhVlh'at'runs! " s il rc e lllar with the 'Kgers, but on four l«gs. and carries lhe stan-! ll!e Doti Ser boss figured he could dard mane, tail, and fetlocks I " sc inm ancl P |;iv eri it all lhe way Unlcs.s some outsider comcs j °" " le fil """-'lal end. whirling up on March 2 today's'., 110 1(1 sciiecl WMUon run in the San Carlos should pro- j . e mmo '' leagues In 0 . it -iii. mm vide a good line on Die' :b)<* racs U. 1 ™ 1 ' »n°t"er chance. Wyalt won: True, the San Carlos is much I e ' B , ' lost ' «'rei- ahd 'hhd an ele^ Gorier than lhe Handicap, but a 1 if "' U ranled nln "™ ra ce of 2.31. horse has got lo have speed lo win the big one. Wilh the big field Dial, always starts, and with the rodeo riding that goes on with so much money al stake, a horse lhat hasn't enough early foot to get away quickly and gain an advantageous position, is licked three ways from the deuce. The horse that starts off slowly, and finis lays himself -open to tanging mound and cutting off., hasn't much of a chance. Tor some reason (not my own. cf course, because I haven't any) I like the Biscuit (oday. He was finished third to Keelfly and Sim Egret lhe oilier day. anil he wns- runnlng like a good thins when he n't hustled any tno much. 1 have a feeling thai owner Charley Howard, convinced lhai the old fellow's legs are sound, will send him out winging lodny. and give his jcckcy Instructions lo let him have lhe whip, lhe spurs, and anything else lhat he has in his hands. And a Scauiscuil in shape, and driven along, will beat anything in this country that orders oats. hay. and l>rnn for breakfast in the morning. Wnrt Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEK" Over Joe Isaacs' Slotc Phone 540 Harold (Pee Wee) Reese was Die finest fielding shortstop in the American Association. The 21-year- old Ixmlsville product hit only .21!),' but Mac-Pii:ul is convinced lhe kid's smoothness afield will more than make up for his light stick- work. Wes Ferrell iis getting'" -niiolher' crack at Ihs bis; time b;'^ i uirry MacPhnll thlnfes the 32- year-old Yatikee castoff is good lor, a good hnndful of victories In the tfniumnl'League. , ;, . > i Larry MncPnall. lhe nia;i who first brought night baseball to Cln-, cinnati and pioneered It for-the entire National League, doesn't "often io wrong. .The once-ridiculijii Dodgers • wound up-.third last" year and played before 1.000.000 people. They're turning out to watch tin; Dodgers because the club'is ini-, bucd with ;a ; lot' of Carry : Mac'- Phail's hustle. - •. There are 600 women among the 18,500 civilian pilots in the United: states. 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