The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 9, 1959 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1959
Page 20
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fliblts by Evelyn happily other day by a fchone call from Kt'fr cousin Edwin Cady of Houston, Test. He said he got to thihk- iftg about me, wondered how thfnfts were going, and phoned t6 find out Ifc was nice chatting with him. Dr. Karl Hoffman. Irttidentally. recently told me his son-in-law and daughter, Mr and the which to fish or just aij, and loll Mrs Al De Crane and ' Recently moved from Washington, *tX C^ to Houston. * * » Ann Behnke, who has been a at Good Samaritan tot sev- year?, is going into Dr. John Kenefick's office replacing the Jatthful Bridget Gaffney who Will henceforth be in Mason City, For the present she is with a sis- \ef who needs her care. Anna fell on the icy steps here several days ago, bruised her forehead 4nd eye and thigh. Lulu Hartshorn who has been at G. S. 13 years is on leave of absence. We miss her greatly. * * * Bessie Jones brought her son Harold of Milfred'in to meet me ',the other afternoon. He is a pleasant chap and resembles his mother very much. Esther Ben» "son was also here and they dis- ' covered mutual friends to talk about. Mrs John Miller had as 'eallei's Thursday Mr and Mi's William Rodenhan of Ledyard, who also had a brief chat with John Rink of that vicinity. Casper Thilges was called on Wednesday by a number of relatives. * * * An Easter card from Gladys "Barker of Phoenix, AHz., says in part, "I've enjoyed it out here. w The weather is so much nicer here than back, home. I got to see the Giants and Cubs play. Willie Mays hit a three bagger ' And Sauer a homer. Two of the • Cub rookies hit homers too. It '-was a thrill to be- there." It's all Greek to me but I take it she .had fun. teed cokes. close at B sandwiches and potato d, some s*-u e good hefeven. _.„.„_.. kHeheneltelfcatfi _ it was a "floating thw» i* t*jo!cirig In the C. 8. Murtagh home, fol> they hive* re- teived word from thfelp;,driU|hter Betty that she had her hvisbaftd Thomas Rrtise ahdTfehUdren. Tommy, Carolyn and Joan are enrouW home from Ceylon wji^re they have been located the past few years. Mr Kruse is attached to the U< S. State Department. The trip home is being made on the liner Willem Ruys, a Dutch boat The boat was named for a brother who lost his life in World War t. The ship left Ceylon, March 22, and will stop ot Singapore, Melbourne one! Sidney. Australia. Wellington, New Zealand, thence to Crislabel, Panama, the Canal zone, Balboa, and to Miami, Fla.- and home. ' This will give the Kruses a 'round the world trip for they went to Ceylon by the other opposite route. The Kruse f am iiy-wlll- visit the "parents at Vinton as well as here and will then go to Washington, D. C. for a couple of months after which they will go to' New Haven, Conn. * • * Oh my aching bones — plu$ a headache. And if my legs would run as fast as my nose, I'd be setting a new speed record. . It's 10 use going on. I'll park the jody in bed and^see if I can get n shape to do locals. Oh hum ... I THESE WOMEN I Igainitiiriifiiill^ »j"«»'ri*^i% *'r«" i F •-'? >* ! ~^ f C«/*"~'"'€ ^:\S f *.»' - •>" A-%i ' f moire specific! Is this blind date you-got for 4 4 . I have * * ' * the promise of new .potatoes and peas by July 4 from ,' Carl Morck Sr v who planted the jipuds April 1. That might be an -'('April Fool joke. I warned him Good Friday was the day for ', '^successful- potato crops. He favors ' ' the Michigan "Early Red Pontlacs.' , What has become .of the good old w Early r Ohio potatoes, favorite of \5 my grandparents? "V It was quite an event when the ' ^Albert Granzows had Easter Sun-' day dinner, with their son-in-law •.',' ,and daughter, Mr and Mrs Lei f ,iCenyon. Mrs Granzow had gal '> -bladder 'surgery 1 'some 'time 1 ago 'and while she-has^ made -good l^e- covery, she 'doesn't feeUike doing ^the ^'Highland Fling" o'r x gadding V around, too muchx/I know how ,,&tie! feels, 'for, after one,is'shut in I ^awhile, it's' a 'real everit to leave s ..the four walls. i, ','* ' ' * ' * ' * » f '"^ t Can'you think of a nicer vaca- 't jtion than one spent, on a lake or -•• jriver a in your/own s"Boatel"? A •" .picture in a newspaper, Friday .' ;;morning interested ^me' greatly, i *}/; Not that I expect>tq buy one —^/ t ,but what a convenience dt would .'. "'be. -A deck t on all sides from May Get Tourney Bancroft is being considered a^ a site for the Junior Legion Baseball Tournament, .which is icld annually in August. The Kossuth town has hosted the meet the past two years. " St. Ansgar and Schaller are other towns that have made formal applications to the state organization as sites for the' tourney. Final decision on the matter is pending. , ' \ Plum Creek Elite .Plum Creek Elite 4-H met-at the home of Sara and Linda Clark. Demonstrations were given by Peg Keith and Gloria Miller. .Talks were by Joan Ward, Jo Ellen and Dyanne Baas Picture study by Audrey Gardner, ' , . Chrystal Schmidt OfOttosenls Bride, March 22 Chrystol Schmidt, daughter of Wrs Anna Schmidt of Ottosen, and Reuben Luthi, son of Mr and Mrs Will Luthi of Morris, Minn., were united in marriage at tho Apostolic Christian Church near West, Bend ,ort Mar. 22 at 1 p.m. by Rev. Paul Banwart. Mrs John, Zeltwanger of Morj. ris, Minn, served her sister «as matron of honor. Donald Luthi is attended his brother. A reception was held in the home otvthe-bride's mother following the ceremony. Mrs Leonard Wulf had charge of the guest book and Mesdames Ray .Luthi, Harold Luthi, Albebt Luthi arid Miss Clara Bartwart took care of the gifts. Mrs Howard Mogler and Miss Hazel Anliker^ 'served coffee'and punch". M^s "Ivan Sch'rnidt and Mrs Clyde Kuntz served the wedding cake. Mrsporden Andersen was "dining-rbom hostess. .r Waitresses were the Misses Esty Wilson, Marcella Gerber Charlotte Banwart, a'nd Mrs James Schmidt. "Those" assisting in -the Mogler, Ray Schmidt, Dennis -i f *~ i- nw«.<j Rich"|fo\ ... _. _ Fuller, N6aH •j Rachel Parka, Jhr Missel Jaroline, Joyce and Florence fBatw w"art, Marie and Dariene Metzger and Joyce Sauder. , A wedding dinner foti , trip th They and at watched, .the . Braves and ball garrte, theie first sitated-ft a P Rainbow Springs and t6ok movies of th6'ViifioU& fc&lctfeci. fish; 1ft 1 ' the spring * fec( pools, ' ' ^...'^ '- fheyvVislted^Mr and -Mrs Sad Lawson of CorWlth at their" ,Witft<fr home and erfjoyfed the/ climate ' therte and in . 'They saw peafch Ortshards, ih fUll bloom Jn' Gfepfgi|/and ^dh gloves, in Alabarria. Iri»f airhope^ Alabama, they, 'viatte'd: the 'Bin Kleins* 'In Biloxi» MiSsrtHe'y saw beautiful beached of - wHite jsattd atid; the climate was fdial. They, toured the BellingiathlGardans at Mobile. '•',•**, ' Prxr t ^ In McAllen. Te^as.ihey'visited the 'Andy Wingerts ,ihd accom,- panied • them, on,a iohe" day tour into Mexico*' They 'were impress* ed by-'- f the; dpe,k'market ,,there 'which contained .stalls 'wheVe wood carvirlgs.ivpottery,, leather and * s£raw - goods' -were <lpf £aje ilso a^meat^stall-Where* the nleats 'uests was served in theiChurch. Table waitresses for .the ;able were the Misses Lfela, ie s and Mabel Banwatt, -Mesdames R. G. Wils6n, Ernie, Chris .and Dick ^chmidt and Sam ' Mogler aunts of the bride,, prepared the food assisted by Mesdames Walter and E/Vin Banwart, Walter: Ernest Kellenberger -an/I Verner ' -Wintz and the Misses Bernice and Doris BanWart. , . , The couple will be at, 'home at Morris; Minn. ' 2 Days In Jail , A Burt man, Robert N. 'Foster, served a two-day jail sentence for operating a motor - .vehicle while his license was* under' suspension last week, after! a -preliminary .hearing in Justice C. H Ostwinkle's'court. Lois J. Peter>son, Albert Lea, Minn., paid $5 and costs on a stop sign >violaf tion in another case heard by Ostwinkle. Many people ! reach grea heights by putting, up a bl vunguti the pungent, .-Traffic were'.happily t ignor6dj and' travel " .ff ''afak&f/.-Mrt 'jsua^fmM Id tifilfL >• •, • M i*»*t.™.Tt"A <•? at thfe c. Toff esoft. of Mar. I4jat?,the(h al 'theffdrlfhet*s pawntal * v - Sdhwielert ?:,Li6da 'Gbdke gave" -a . v -Mfti Adelifl'Thistlew&od given by Pat&eia 'SehWietert afid Jtkdy talks They ,spe^tk Maiireett^- O^Brieri.: ^ Katen .with theit Bother; fMrS/Jennie r,''at .tHe.Good^'S&mafitarj 'Jrt Algdnl»iha 4 HeBWS!''h?* eeleb^atfe he/'SBtn^ bifthdav/^ V ractor , v ' IT •" ,, I > ,) Jk \ Above Penney's Office CV 4-3373 Home CY 4-4836 'Jv^'^'J;, /' - ^ AlOONA. - . , '-''"V* ayeragdd S" miles;. l per, th"6 rough streets'. ':' n Redbud'. trees, grew' wild in Arkansas ai|d '.provided, a tduch of" color,.- to- a 'drab'' rockyj' and poverty.- stricken areaJV Through the Ozarks, region, the, trees* were buded an,d garden'^ planted. .'•• Neighborhood Club ' ( ^ ^ ••„. The'"Neighborhood 1 birthday' club met Thursday, April 2, with Mrs'Ray'Hansen: They'honored the birthdays of Mrs Henry>*Hav^ erly arid their 1 hostess.'-' ". '' Move Trailer Home •! ••, k ' Mr F and Mrs Jerry, Ferstl and 1 two' Children -moved*; in their trailer house from th~e Dr. L". L f . Pfeffer property to his parental Richard Ferstl -farm<near Algbna. Jerry, who 'had been employed<-at the' Robinson -Produce, "will^'help his father on- his farm. ' Move Home To New Site The exacation- and basethent for the Kenneth Forburgers • has been completed. The house on Main street f he (bought' .from kHchen' -were t Me'sdames Irvin IF IT'S NEWS. WE WANT IT' Dewey Wilsons and . his family You'll lik? st; |W/e r Willi-Repair 'J Ji- TOMAHAWK CORN CO. "CORN.IS OUR MIDDLE NAME" Produced ut ,Dclmond. I'Conrad, Audubon, la. - Locm(;ton, III. 'Aw'v- TERNATIONAL /TT~ I I«JU . 1. FOR THE MONEY. You,get down-to-earth operatfng economy , with a choice of 5 short-stroke, low rpm. six-cylinder engines built for truck work alone. * <. v ' / 2. FOR THE SHOW. New dual headlights and anodlzed aluminum grille mean lasting good looks. Luxurious cab has more glass area, mor* passenger room. Long-lasting vinyl ,upholstery stays srnari- 3. TO LOAD-UP. New Bonus-I^oad body (7- or 8y 2 -ft long) Is flusK to cab to give you every inch of loadspace possible. Center-roritrolled tailgate assures easier load handling. Durable, smooth'all-steel floor. , M t 4. TO "GO"! You get step-ahead power from a choice of^new.op. tional V-8 engines that bring new economy to V-8 operation. They oflfet t astonishing mileage from regular gas/plus low oil consumption. well give you from (depending on size and condition) ', i •« "" *" v *'* v "*" i " ( > . ' ' * t J •- ** * l FOR ; YOUR 2 REGAPPABiEiTlRES ' i* 1 , '' ,'"?%• v "•' • >" *• v-i ? *!*•'•!'*• "t *?&&/*( when you purchase a pair of new Thtfe's on ' International' Truck, . , for ewry jobJ yj> with t)«K teat! New Trav«|«ttfi« takes 8 pas»8ngers plus ful|-sl« pickup Ipsd, , New Tr»vel»ll». More Ipsdspace than ap| »'yragon,"mor«hea0and for a. - 'New medium-duty mod•If, Offored with ch of 4x2 or 4x4 drive, i or, platform bodle*. Hiw s roodsli. Short lingtft for hwdllng ,\ MOST GOMPpTS LINE} Trade danger for safety , . .Jncbnyen* ^ience and expense for Jong, trouble- free mileage , . ; trade ypgr old^tire> for a, frair or set of new Firestone 'isfy.' Iprt "500" tires! You'll h* gating 1 all of the extra features of; the , high-speed nylon tires, and"he best deal to be found v t »* ** _ i ' f * ' MID-Wi$T SERVICE GO, Firestone Available at: flGONA, IOWA But*'f P-X Fraiikl'i Whittemore AJgona LuVerne

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