The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 9, 1959 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1959
Page 19
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-r. V t* tern U 5 tiding .. .cMs, to — T —,\ye£6 tod irf?'HuBiftf;hM/A fcah/sald/to him'/."I Thdes'hurt you, Why HigrAl?»-«Well ) la'dy, 1> aldtifejiiith^; World. j.iuuv/u,r,, AVJYVMjVmei* ,<wome'n don't pay: Me no mmdYThefdbfct'br won't eatwfr&t MVi^L^H^ a fairly ttortntt family*. .,. -„.„,-—_Je time we geVtlbtilg Well; .ftittther* We ( on"the losing side iti tne battle agtlfea tfitt and ufttiaifiess, but the'health department has tiot ^et is*stfed%fty injunctions tagainsi us, But if we fake the people .pottrayjld"^ the TV tfolnttiefclals as "perfectly normal families, by 'comparison, tjite people' at .out" hoUsfe look like the Ju)tes or ,the Kalik|K famme's. " • ] '• THE fclFFfifiElfe fiEtWEgN fttrtV cotnhierclai families and the gaiig fat .ouythousfe" i§ apparent .theMfery first Ihihghv the morning, Oh^TVJ-the Mama-is out hr the Idteneft, all-cleaned up .with her hafr, cofnbed at seven o'clbck, Pop ahd the kids sit doWn at the-breakfast,table;,and i Mama sings ( "<3ood 'Morhingl'V bh key too, pr*vtd> Ordtn»ne« parkin | on thru streets was David ,,v Chester tt. day and Sunday ^ home ol Mri W«WTI»Jh«, Wfh Saf^er ahd 7 hef sWtef'UHd ifiiri* ily, the etfetm£iarks. Robcr Paul Hutze North Co., ,-..., ,, ffluiTHStt 3, .-v'~- 17.14 " ' ' had as fiasl6*'dWhe find Mrs Jdfe Preston, Jensen, Du Anri ' ~ Loose Leaf Co., I 'Waiit" The' 'o'nly "pleasure I get inithe When'-I get* home 1 arid^taTfe off: these @&%* gKo'es.?',^' )• ' V»-, ( At OUH HOUSfi, MORNlNaS ABE more on the bedlam side, Mama is in the, kitchen,! about eight o'clock In her beat-Up bathrobe ' ' She's on' ,the talephone thomls heated with'gas ., Jiavfc^'Ke'' Umiiedbio ' - ihe," cohVeniiortal•" 'basement . /installation, says the builder V- of today's home^. Modern au- 1 '.tbrnaiic gas furnaces and air ' 'conditioning, units,', compactly , and-Handsomely styled, tome ' :n a'Variety'Of colors, harmonize' nicely with almost all\ - dolor(. • schemes \ - and design' motifs. Hence 'can be' installed • , in almost y any. "room in the • ^house.^ ^ <-.'^ J,, ^ > ' t 'A ,"-1'D"o ybvi^really;.think,.a jytfoinfian ,wduld}believe x you ifyoU'told,her ; >sHeHwAsHhe v farst w'dmari '•you-hau.' 1 "evfr^feissed?'^ "YestiiffciVideli that yoi, ease pe own so a - eear v e and then s'ctea'm, "Aint, there anything for breakfast?! 1 Mom- back at them;' "Drihk- yoUf;juice!'>' < '• \- "/ " v : V ^ 4 f. : i n ' ^-, r v - t , ( '-,.M.,^j ^'- : * /-^f *',' ? .»,',,•». «, 1- ' ' ' ' POP STAGGEtlS INTO THE KIT0HEN •-*• he-knoV^ bl ' ' ' ! th'an ave oatmeal tor' breakfast "dt6tlriat;3ierf ?| l 'fix oatmgal,"' But-'.d6esfj*Mary; ! 'Aiitti w^aht french toast with syfup on it ahd .she'll $x t oatmeal? No, he wants Krisite.CrchlSs -you -were ever "met." thefirst*4iar- shefhad • . " The Sunday . S.chool class , ,was composed*, of ^4our?year- olds. ^heiTeacher, asked,. "Do ^ > any of 'you.\rem¥mbpr v^ho St." MaiiheMir'L i wai"£. No-'answer. . to try to^shkve'ih^tKe morning 'because both',the ! :,bIth±boMCand >i lavatory 'are .fulT'oi kids gettihg ready fot-|(cKooi:''J8iitii9p'hiri ",Why can't we ever have " "Okay'*, says -Mom, "I'll oatmeal? No, sh'e 'wants french toast with syfup it herself. Does Bill want oatmeal? No, he wants Only there aren't " Shredded,Barl^y' . No, he'll take a glass of tomato juice and havfe ciafj if '-he .wants" tomato 'juice he'll have to go-to-th'e.bas- because ; all that's up here is orange juice. Mom"WilVreat\oa<nieal if she has to, to keep it from going to Waste ' but* whaf^snfe'd 'really like is an egg. There's so much, confusion she 'doesri't'-' bother, to eat- anything.- According' to the 1 TV commercials, we, aren't, 'a* bit; normal because nobody sihgs one single note. " *•-',>. "V < N • ' ; •»,->•»' ' •• '--»•- ........ * T * j "* - -f ^- ' '.«.—'* { , ANOTHER WAY OUR FAMILY differs from the ones on the TV commercials is in the matter of dirt. TV -Mamas get ' their- floors all -cleaned up and boy, do they ever shine. Right after ,,sher puts ffteresbh children w^re Sunda; guests at the horte ,-. „ . , , I and family, *F?£hk SchribefTf Ruthvem ' • • ,- ,„ M* and Mrs Ott6 LarsOn enteif* taineA their son "and daughters attd their families at Sunday din? ' Mr and Mfs VlrgU Jensen and children w&% ! Sunday guests'$ the home of Mrs-, Jensen's broth* et and family; Hoy JacobsonS at Wirinebago. •,-•-•' Mr'atid Mrs'Harvey 'C. Ufsott attended ' 'the 60th wedding an" hlversary opert house Sunday afternoon for,' Mr and Mrs Johrt field at l*eiiton,' , .... and Mfs'HlroJd Jones werd Sunday "dlnfier guests at the Wallace Johnsons, ' ; ' - . , " Mr ahd ''Mrs' Marvin -Larson and children visited' irom Friday until Monday/ with his moth ^ supplies ». * 8.3j Koch T Bros.. office supplies „„ Arwelj Inc., rat pontrol s^rvl™ ,.,.*...,., ^ (JfRBfet v.»88 E. Lnshbfook?. salary „»„» Albert Pcrgnndo, Salary -,^i— Glenn >F. tturttl, intary ..»....•. 131 a w, MetiqnVJr.. salary- r T. Preto, salftry i..—.• 1 Elliot s. Skllltnj. sfllarj towa i Hate Bank, • withholding tax .,»..i...»««..w 82.81 Northwestern Bell TelapJiotUS * ' Co., phone service ._„*.„.,..,.„ Slnolajr Refining Co., tttel oil - Pullcn* Hardware, supplies ---Herman, M. Brown Co., Olbbs-Co6k y Equipment Co,, repair* ,._.:.,...• . you remem-^ , . her 7 who;si:.'Marlc was?'.'. Still - "-'no answerJ|,"Surely lT sbmeone^ " must rern.embe'jr 'who Peter was?«"v'TKeVJitlle s< faces, were • sremained'i,! guieil^, Finally >/ a . small 'voice broke' the silence: "I fink,he .was a'wabbitl"; the 'economy, sized bottle of, cleaner and the handy applicator away, 'Junior and six neighbor kids anti il the,d6g l ''come!in 1 and track n a hands , il , bunch of mud. Mama just, stands Hhere and' smiles, and -maybe s the Whole outfit a. Cookie" 'all" ar^burid.^Tfacked in "mud. doesn't spoil- her disposition a bit ' ; if iTytm,* use. , the; right ', kind, of cleaner, dirt wipejs rightup!;. '* -,Vv.{, •>:,.* t •"'•' . : -•- - ' • ;- ! .» ' ' ' >'L .;• *,',,-•* ,\ , '," • :, ' -"' I CAN USE THE.'RI.GHT KIND Orclean'er,;tdo, They have ab9Ut 308 of them at the grocery "store'- and," if ; you ii believe' the. Writing. t _, i _•*__!'' __ Jit_ i V_n AI _____ v j^T' j_i^« - -"_-i^^ t_* ___ 1 j_i __ 'j_* __'j-f 11 > _i ^ - don't shine,like the* floors''oh'the-TV commercials."Ey.en so, if any of my family' n has the courage t'o tra 1 cK<mud\iri right after I finish I certainly "don't ta'ke it sweetly. I just clobber them! 1 > _,.-,.-..- '. -ONE TV COMMERCIAL OUR FAMILY goes all the'way'on, is ing units j make fftem. atirac- . the theory that-you should have canned soup" at/least once a day live ''io^prospecliYe "Twmev rvg^WoYfa^oUtf one l xai * ''" ~" buildars\. and. i buvers. . Fullv. .•'L^.^.^n,^^. -(irA.i,^,;^ ,44. , ., . . , Superior performance and over-all'economy of gas' heat- er, Mrs Marie tiaVs'on, Lakevllle. Mr and Mrs Loren Sachs, Qel- weih, were "breakfast gupsts at her twin" sister' and husband; Mr arid Mrs Elvin Swanson. Thia above were dinner guests at tha parental,' Rufus' Olthoffs; Lpltota. Student Council Convention Held ' *• The North Central District Student Council Convention was held at Britt March 24.' President Joel Harris, Algona high school senior, , presided at the session. Ejve delegates, Linda Smith, Jean Bjustrom, Ron Tschetter, Lee Lawson and Ben Herbst, and Mr-Alberts also ,attended from the local high school. Two - Algona • delegates were elected to posts for the 1959-60 school year. They were Lfee Laws'on, state cabinet, and Ben Herbst, district cabinet. Albert Boekflman, salary „...<•. Krncst W. Hutchison, salary .» Pcler C. Jorpenson, «alary —I Kenneth .T, McBrWo, salary .. Wllllarn C, Sdhwarssenbach. salary .*.* 128.R Eppo Bullcn. salary ^... h ..«.. 135.P8 .Tames A. Volst, salat-y 127.08 tra Kohl, salary .*..„-.. '20,00 tWlph felbert, salary ..»_.*..». 10.00 Jowa State Bank, Withholding tax ..^:. — 03,70 Trvist & Agency Fund, * pension deductions — 1 ._—. 11.40 'Russell Uniform Co., , coat badges . —^ 40.33 •CltV Cle^k, advanced cash .... Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., telephone service i,j»i..,- 10.50 .Arnold Motoi 1 Supnly, creeper 1 SANITATION Hobnrt C. licmkert, salary 120.2B Fred O. Gronbach, salary- 110,21 \lbert Baas, salary -.i...-*— 107,33 Ahiin Courtney, salary •..*...-. 04.00 Town State-Bank, withholding tax — 10.20 Pratt Electric Const. Co., Wiring ^ -•—...» — 343.10 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., phono service ..i--4->.—- 23.06 i Cullen Hhi'dware, supplies. : 17.40 City Clerk, -advanced cash 3.57 Sinclair Refining Co., iuel. oil 130.30 | Herbst Insurance Agency, Insurance .^-_—-.» — 13.32 Zep Mfg, Corp., '• supplies & freight .—.. .„ 30.07 W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., supplies 153,70 r.j« . •» f-ii' • i * '" »T—*- —, —-Acan opener bh.canneTi soup *arijfl I'm.worki K?WS r ,§'^ 1 Eui i )jV I[! j 1 j l L^ E j^her-. .We^haveut most' evfery'noon.and I'd run it agahr"at' •furnaces•heal/"I nn lv'I dnn't dare.-So then we >have canned'be*ans. '«'-— " automatic gas filler ajicl" circulate .'the ,air, even, f 1 humidify ! it ^hen-:'clir matic conditions >i require. Clock-type, thermostats guarantee maintenance of even heat during the day, automatically cut back temperatures at night, thus,saving'fuel and safe-guarding health , in a completely automatic 24-hour , cycle.' * * , * * --Ten year old Johnny- applied for a job' as a' grpcery boy,in the iummer. <The grocer wanted a serious-minde.d boy, so he put him to a little test. "What would you do with -a million' dollars?" the grocer asked. "Oh,"- answered Johnny, "I wasn't expecting, quite that much to" start. 1 ' " s " * <* * * A-British executive of the ' BBC '„' was particularly impressed with the slackness and perfection - of American TV during a recent visit. In answer to his questions, a stagehand explained that mistakes simply were not tolerated. "For* instance," -,said , the stagehand, ''in a show,I was working on last' night, the scyipt. called for. me "to" rush over * "and sprinkle ,. tomato sauce-over an acjo? who-was • supposed to have been shot. Unfortunately, a' camera swung" around unexpectedly and caught me, pouring the toma- *-"---•'-- on the "actor." "Ter- SAY, HONEY! Hurry and eel your coot. We'll 90 artd buy you a new Phileo "High Frequency" Waiher with capacity of 7 Full Sheet* per load, and iff com* ptetely automatic and trouble free. And ifs reasonably priced, too. That'* for us! Algona Refrigeration CY 4-2693 Phone GY 4-3535 - Your Newspaper IN YOUR HOME only'I don't dare.-So 'then we >haye canned'be*ans. When the TV commercials as,k, "Have 'you had your soup today?",, the kids can chorus, t<fi Sfes!!; 1 And they sometimes add,, "Ugh!," . , •> . * > 1 • • « -. ^ + % NEXT TO THEIR FAMILIES, TV mothers like clean-clothes. My family 'comes first with me, too but'although I like plean clothes -as. well as most 'people, 'there are other things that preceed :hem on the list. Taking naps, writing columns, cooking and eating, f of jpstance. »If you believe all the TV commercials, and I'm trying vei'y f hard to do s,o, all you have to "do to'gahv-the lasting affection pf -your • husband and' offspring is do 'the laundry with the right soap t ';•,'' > ' ' »" ; , , * * • * i FiECENTLY, I WAS OUT OF LAUNDRY -soap so I thought I'd pick up a box of the kind guarantees will .make y,our husband and kids brou'd of you. My washer worked pretty good that week, or as gooa as "a "ten* year old automatic'can, and after three or four days I .actually got the ironing done! My family wasn't proud though.. Bill said'I ironed the creases in his pants-,so that it made him look -"bowlegged.- Mary Ann ' said 'I didn't get the chocolate spot but pf her blouse. Jean 'complained -because * the only socks I washed were the thin kind and her new shoes need, the bulky kind.'Pop'grpwled, "When are you going to wash my other overalls?" Not a single one of them'were bursting' with pride over me because I'd used the right soap. '. Travel Talks To Sixth Graders ^. Sixth graders at Lucia Wallace school, ' Mrs Kathryn Misbach and Mrs Helma Proper, teachers, are being helped by friends and relatives in the community in their study of Europe. Warren Nelson, uncle of Joan DeGroote, spoke last week on Germany and this week Alfred Schenck, father of Sandy Schenck will speak and show colored slides on Russia. Mrs M. G. Bourne is slated to talk in the near future on her trip to England, Belgium, Switzerland' and Italy. ' v . Spencol" Grocer. Co., .supplies — Iowa Electric Supply'Co. Inc., 'invoice correction ...... 1.00 Michael Todd & Co., mdse. & freight ..--_„.. :-. 57.00 RECREATION . Hutzoll's, playground 'equipment, 420,pO DEBT SERVICE . Mrs Louis Savre, Interest 72.00 Mrs W. L. Randall, Interest — 33.75 Iowa State Bank, interest 202.50. PARKING METER Richard H. Groeri, salary 100.45 Nancy Sands,, salary , 83.00 Iowa State'Bank, • withholding tax — — 18.00 Trust & Agency Fund, * pension deductions ... 1.70 Magee-Hale .Park-O-Meter . Co., repairs—.-—.— 22.80 it's FOSTER'S *t**~^—~^~^~^*tm**+*ltlf*f***~**-~~ " 11 ••••••••••••.•• ml for FASHION in FURNITURE DEPENDABLE P HA R M A C Y S E R V I C E .. .. . OUR KIDS.,WERE REAL SMART AS babjes. have to admit that they v/eren't nearly,as smart a '-K 'industry, following moderi^building trends,' has .developed; a' remarkable .'unit which, comjpjn'gjs ' heating,^;cooling,. - &nd. air conditioning on a year-round .basis, This is the all-year a>r conditioner, which cools,- cleans, circulates, humidifies op de-humidifies the air during the summer, and takes on'4he winter heating and air-condjtionjng-gob with the throwing of a; single sniall switch, Advertising . students a* . Long Island University were quizzing Chaa. - F, .Adams, vice-president of Detroit ag^ t enoy M^cManus, John 8T Adams, s»nd a- well-known nsroe iji< the ad .business. teU vs^ get But even I will . , _ „ as the babies on the TV cpmmercials.. Why, those kids ?it ther.e, looking perfectly adorable and not more than eight -months old. All of a sudden they'say in perfectly good English, "My Mommy takes good care of me.- She puts *baby powder all over, me so I feel real comfy," It makes, me" wonder if pur babies were kind, of ,sj;upid because none of thepi said more than four words you could understand until they were over-a year old! ' • - w- ,'._'•,< i * * '*• * . • ", • • t THIS WEEK'S'-'RECIPE IS FOR Strawberry Chiffon Squares. It's the recipe Nellie, James served at church circle the other day. Several pepple wanted 'the recipe so she told, them she'd give it lp Grace and^tljey 7 could, copy-it from the paper. J wish more of you -woqjd dp likewise because I'm running short f oh recipes. Mrs Ja.nies 'got this one originally from her neice, Mrs 'Pon Hungate, Lu Verne'. • " ' ' \ . I,'3 o?, pkg, strawberry flavored gelatin ' / • , „ 1 cup bpiling water ,. 1 tsp, lempn juice " ' i; 3 oz. pkg. strawberry flavor phiffon pie filling , 1, 10 oz, pkg;,frozen sliced strawberries ' ' 12 to 15 slices angel fpod cake. - ; \ with-whipped crearp, Makes 12 seryingi^ •* -^ > , '• Dissolve" gelatjn if] bojling water, v'add le"h>on juice and a block of frozen berries, Break apart with a fork' and stir until mixture starts to set. Make strawberly'chiffon pie filling by package directions, Line bottom of a 9 x lift x'2 pan with cake slices %" thick-, Put a 'spoonful of gelatin pn l each cake slice.' Cover with about half pf chiffdn filling. , Add' 6' to 8 large spponsfuls of gelatin and-let it sink into filling. Add remaining cmffon filing. Top with gelatin, spooned over in marbled' effort, Qhiu several hours. This may be made x a day ahea.d. Cut it? squares to serve plain or topped , '-., -.- ' • •'• '%' —GBACP. . I Local Church To Host Assembly First Presbyterian church here was host to the World Affairs Assembly of the Presbytery, Wednesday afternoon and' evening, April 8. Special speakers were Rev. Winburn T. Thomas, formerly o| the Council of Churches in' Indonesia, Mrs Joseph McNeill,., recently returned from 26 years hi Spanish Guinea, Africa where she was 'a missionary, and Mr Nadin E. Saikaly native of Mich-Mich, Lebanon, presently a ministerial studptit a£ the University of Dubuque, Ladies of the Jbcal church served dinner- a't 5 o'clock. DON'T RISK THE HEALTH OF YQUR FAMILY! Bring all your prescriptions to us! Our trained and licensed pharmacists follow your doctor's directions precisely, using only thje, fjn.est pbarmpceyticalsl THUENTE PHARMACY CY 4-2528 INTEGRITY • SERVICE • SAFETY In tune with today's living beautiful contemporary furniture for every room. Designed for modern homemakers with a limited budget .. . . and unlimited taste! Distinguished by clean, crisp lines, rich walnut woods and superb construction. Each piece is perfection itself .... all pieces are smoothly-co-ordinated to give your home new fashion harmony and beauty. Take advantage now of Kroehler's Red Tag Values in Spring Stylipg. 203 East State COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council' o£ Algona met March 25, 1859, with'Mayor SWerk and the following named councilmen: Muckey, \Vhltten\orer Elbert, Dreesnian. the & area oarrJgan maintain 0 he city council High School to contain street? Jn the - „ .„ IF IT'S,|?pWf WE WANJ IT . 9. job, Mr Adams?" pne Mu ; denj asked, "It's simple/' came the reply, "When I de, cided tp embark on an adver-, Using career, I sjmply went to «yj hf«4 of ont of -the ,na-, tion'a largest <advertising agencies and pke'd; "Po -you suppose, ypu 1 <f9«ld \|md S ' |n the organisation for Operation In ft, Dodge Hospital 'Mrs • Herbert 3 otrat3'was trant-ferred, from the jt^Ann'liosniitBl'in/Al^pns to Ft ., ss'Lavonne Koljasch wpn •the 1 dpor, prize. ^ *" L - jammers will be married ' ' Streit Aprl 21. . : .. three days. ' underw'ent* "'surgery Tuesday toon fop .the removal JQf gr^vjsl n the duet of left/kidpey in " Lutheran hep Tuesday in Port Mppr of, Betty : ^vpnih'g' ' jammers of ...„.., hundred was. playejcj ji> which M^ Edmund Elbert won " "• •' Mi'a Jatueis Bi^nius Mr and Mrs Kennetb Farriejl 1 aj:e" : t^§ parents of a daughter who was bprn April 1. 'They have one other «hild, a}so a girl. Kenrty said, this'was an "April fopl; it was to be § boy. .Peter W. Kollasch the ^ercy jiospftal in Fort Podjge, Monday for a cheektup; 'fir Kpllasch underwent surgery, in the Me^cy hpspital t^r^ weeks ago. ', »-«.,,,',. 7 "•-' ••-• -"-"-%»• entpr^ 5QQ club r at teihed the South Side . her i}Qjn§ j^Qp^ay-evening. Otto'< .ftyhnke winning hgh, , ., Baa'»seconc} high, and Mrs George Mfaahs, travel, " Mr 4p4 Mfs tombI- tebfch en,^rta|i^,' flje, fig«t|ffry<rtuh' at their home/Tuesday evening. Leo J^ollasch and Mrs Lawrence j^ir, { sch winning high, RQpert Walker-' *$4*m>'-lm ifcteh l° w / Rsy-. Best dressed ' " «• 3^ iff *» v- f-, ( " " WTH* '6t* , igh luont} Elbert svuu the JH-J/.C. $AU0 eR§SIIN§ . . , 1 ^^^,^^^^^,^, «.«4 News about the New Rockets! DAU'S GARA GE;

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