The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 9, 1959 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1959
Page 16
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iss-": BETTER LEAVE IT TO IKE SPEAKING OF SURPLUSES . . . I There may be many fhings in which folks We've heard quite a bit. about aurpluse*, ... , lime to Hme do not entirely agree with agricultural thaHi, ahd we never Bought arty the President. But regardless of these differences, other branch of the government had any, but theft* Is one place where most of Us feel that we find we are Wrong, ike certainly should know what the score is, and thai Is In the military field. there are some members of Congress, many politicians in both parties, and some military .men for that matter, who* do not agree witn the President's views on preparedness arid mill* tary financing, * But Ike's two elections were probably based, more than anything else, on the general opinion that in the military field Ike knew-more 'than anybody else, and that in a cold war era such knowledge was required in the White In fact the agricultural ,surplus, which is said to total $9 billion dollars, is pretty small potatoes. " , . It now comes to light as a result of some questions asked by the House Appropriations Committee that the military forces hqve on hand $60 billion-worth of surplus equipment, stored qway In Warehouses, which they'cannot use and .want to sell. This surplus, because 6f no coordinated method of buying, is piling up at the rate of $9 billion a year. point has been made that while Cop- House. " ; . \ i' „ - gress does not cjesire to be miserly In appropr.ia-. We'are of the opinion that President Elsen*', ting for military services, It Is a puzzle why bet-' hower and his view;? shoutcj be followed iiTmlU ter t uie^:ls not made of already-appropriated Itaryl affairs; that Is* his field/ cmcl always has fundsf At least there is $60 billion in surplus been, y^e doubt; that any of nls' critics In the equipment doing,, ho good. In-fact'the [*-"---* military field cdri match Ikefs oy/n experience* Y bepprtrnent is asking a special allowo It would look much better to the rest of the 5 $49 ' million (keep 'the million's q'nd? It ,..^..U If " .*! .. ,l l ^Lj. lr" jj-^.iLif.-•_!_.<•' 1*.! • 4 t i _ _ 11 ^i_ii_.( j_l_ t\ A _' l__ j_^-._i M. fi_ _11 .._*_..,_ -i t *t £ £ world If these 'self-appointed critics from ai sides would pipe down and let it at least appear that we think our President, in the military Held, knows what he is doing. M * * k£Y CLUB "LICENSE FEE" , , • , . A new legislative proposal would require <, "key clubs" to pay a license fee of $1,000, ,- Where members' are permitted to consume Hq- f'woron'the premises. If the club, has been oper- ! "Wing "for at least 10 years, the fee would be Inly $100. > . ( »' The' previously defeated Jlquor-by-the- • «drink bill which would allow open selling of .drinks tn counties Doting wet and where 'legal i licenses were obtained, was defeated. The dis- • cussed license fee would have be^n $1,000, [ "' H'^We can'see comparatively little* difference ^bety^,6en the defeated bill and the new proposed Hj bul, except tlie hypocrisy involved. , '* . jV'i-'j -All'the second bill'does is lamely acknow- ., Jddge* tjiat liquor-by-the-drink is "being sold in ,, , , . , „ ., ^/prjvate"'clubs, ahd then ' endeavor to collect' -didate, takes his seat in pbngres§?^Is,he amenable '' -tf $T,000' fee for this privilege, .Such a measure lo the wil1 of thte -P e °P le ~ the 'vented' '-'consent \practically rsanctldrts any and'ail' key clubs. In* of ^ e governed"?'In^me cases; he'is note Letters nee of , . ibtlltont, straight) to be spent in disposing of the surplus'. 1 Wonder why that agricultural surplus of $9 billion seems to be such a Gpllcith, while th,e Defense surplus of $60 billion in unusable equipment likens unto David. * , * , * * RULE BY PRESSURE GROUPS .- * *i 11 ' j J Fairmont Sentinel — The American people have less and less to say about how much their, government shall spend and who shall rule.,More^ and more, pressure groups are taking s control.' The public, unorganized, is becoming mpre and more impotent, - ' /, Even in choosing bur elected officials, we,, as, a people^ bow to pressure from on,e source or, other .And the pressure is unlimited* in'.scope,' limited as to the area to'which, it'applies and^fronv which iVcan draw. , *' , C ••'.' '\ • * ' ? { i Let'a candidate f lie ^f or governor; or. United. States, ."senator. Is" his; candidacy >, free - to .be-' con-' the people of hls.'dqmain? 'It is riot. !,' v And'.what happens when * the i'favoredrcan'- JlEAPPORTroifMENT MUST COME - * ' Recorderi —• Reapportionment should ' ' whal does thal add V? ^ A growing belief • aq&eved as-soon as possible in order to secure that both parties are no longer responsible to the -basic niht'Of fair and equal representation to people.. They are, instead,'subservient to the pi'es- What was the result? Botlv parties solemnly, and on their word of honor pledged tha^federaj spending would be, reduced,,'Was 1 ,it? Instead of being reduced, it went up. As"a result, a '$2.8 billion deficit was chalked up. • , , 21, feeler henC •;!&'JJJ&JfeJ '- iMOineSfyJBtOri^iJoagej-;« f eeai^fcapidsYrwi f&F AJ , .'i (, ti-fc£*iJ's- l s*T> -*,T 3 '* 3 He thought it yvasah Invasion So., far, ports up to par. •• • ^ "&.i,^'"' i PEftlLS OF PROGRESS ~ atomic energy .ntoves-* " '" mote : into American", there will be greatef con wprknten handling radioactive 'material. atomic' 6nergy,f workers have, one of the best safety t re'dofflst^h ' industry. But ^thfefe R wllT^' Bp Water 'Jsn't as ^ accidents. A tug' dfiVrar ; is^'gOing country fes many, t ' — " bn'ftqw over whether',the fedgifal thbse/wHo government 'orrthe^sta'ties shbtild,- fair share, supervise insurance*", c o ,v e r;4*i 1 ' i * r *>ife Mnllm "these 4 * workers against >*'ra]diaii injuries. H66CL -n. t iiiiwA.1. - * Cattlemen argue,that cular dollar, rej&rnx, frprjti .';.y?at'|i! _ 0 _ T -_ ,., . ted in beef is among'the Big business^ wants' highest of any uses* of Jwlater.' t •> < * \ M i* .**> i * t i , % .» , ^ « V ^ i v ' j «. ^r . t •* * r , 1 * c -Uncle Sam to-,keep hands/ > off t ^It" steer ^drinks about*'lofgallons of feels Federal^intervention'v^yould \yate^a;clay and'^dliyeljOpsrrough- M discourage mariy' industf ieSj f f om ly a 1 -thousand'pounds'of ""weight *, we entering this new power'field, in twB years. Assumng 1 that the JJ 0 ^, ,H<it words will be exchanged-/b'e- steeras fore the problem" is * settled. *r : Von the > \} f ' _o—. , } i, J'} .'fr -.7,300 ( gallons NEW LIGHT ON OLD PROB- dollar re* 'LEMI — Farmers, have '- lohg - thousand _ wondered why/cattle—eating lha compares , with a return ,of-; ^ .. < sanie'grass — fail to thriVe'-dur- ^^ from Irrigation .farming-*aijd > 9 in ^r^ ' * . _ - .. — ., Aitnn _P ^f —»4-i<T»iv* ff * f M s JC A UXI throug^ - Walt Disney's, kingdom, Disneyland. ^ j, ~<r i . i. scholarship'••co'mmllteer' 'Tiyb oi the* fdur finalists ,3i -each~ district "will receive'tw-year scholarships yeitHef l Weh J Freikht or Wade Sull- Will receive'two" year scholarships - Want-, Either -could' make,,,,the. covering tuition upjto $160 per ' short'-passes • on~" the «run->iihtV to year at the College 'of .their choicei j*. _ .. „• j _-_ s ji rt T' — x. iil_ ^^. wr*rt tTi/5 in ft i~\^ Q r>rtl I art a r\f -pQT*ci . r\i»iVirt_. "iDfeheylan.d v .'is' ah,-i v <! for the backVj^'no.w Cl how about a line. ''Sleepy."'Ernie"*'' of fMoe\"a,t 'on)s 'endrand, Iry 1 . Tur'/ier?:'.! tf- at4he\oiher.,, These^..Awo viwere^ ' ^citize'n of' the state. (0mt'a ^fppiur PCS '|| - e *"* l * * ^ Street—P^. CY '4-35357-rAlgona, Iowa as -second i class, matter at the postoHlce , at, JAlgonau lo^va, "under Act.qf Congress of _, ,-«- - >" Vylssued "Thui-sday. in A959 By ^r'.^THE pPPER DES MOINES, PUBLISHING CO. %j "f rl t ~ -I ; :: ^ ,-1-R.,' B; WALLER, Editor V A%y- e/S.*ERLANDER, Advertising Director ^Vrt^'J^RRYv^lETCALF. Advertising Manager M^,^^'-4'.- < -.* l .t-C^DO'N'SMITH, News Editor g^n ^. ^ PENMANxCHRISTOFFERSi Plant Foreman P l c : v., " .'V;''v;1\Q^lflUlflPB£S$l ^dv^^MjS^^ NATIONAL EDITOJ|JA|, x ^ MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF - CIRCULATIONS sure groups who stand ready ~ as never before — to see they are continued in office. .* *, * COMMENTS ON SEN. MARTIN Grundy Center Register -—'Senator Tom Mar-. ' tin has been striking back ,31* former Iowa Republican Stale Chairman 'Don 'Pierson who, criticised the senator for having his spn on the government payroll in his office for three years at' a high s,alary while the Son was attending law school in Washington. 1 . > \ '*%'"'• ^' '*\ The Senator', .informed jihe 'former chairman that h6"also was'guilty in trying to • pad .tjhe" senator's payroll by asking that he put Robert'Wag- goner on his staff .during the time 'thaV Waggoner was campaigning for congress, The learning what is'going 1 on behind the scenes when our top ranking politicians and our public qfficfej.hold- ers have" a falling" out, Since .therej,has been'a report . made of - Senator Martin's > office staff it has conic out that both his wife and his son were on Ulo office payroll. That is nepotism on the double, - SHOOK UP American Eagle — Late one, evening at a rucent convention t in Las Vegas, the night-club doorman assisted, 4 happy delegates into a taxi and told 'the driver: "This one.go.eij to' the Thunderbird, these tfwa go to the Saj)gra, 4 , arid } ,',the one with the hiccups goes to^jthe^'Rancho,,' 1 , /,"• In a few minutes the ta^i -w^S.'^c^ jje$kori- ing to the doorman, the driver asked: '''Would you mind sorting these fellows out again? I' hit a bump." '' ' * * * CAUSE OF ILL WILL Dubuque Telegraph - Herald: ,*— Much of'the til will Expressed' by 'several L^nvAmericai) countries against the United Stetes springs frc-m jealousy about the volume of fqreigriVid we'give and Asia, as compared, with SQuth and >ea"ch blade of grass. example, inc-reases/^t content of forage grass and w'ater clinging to ,the} individual, blades. of grass cause cattle to .take in' more .water and less'food. \ i THIS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF— The U, S. Information Agency has .b'een severely criticized ,fbr, not "selling" ..Ame'rica VverseaV asi,well as it sliduld. ',Be'that'as , it ,may, USIAjihaV achieved 'ex-' 1 , v FROM THE FILES OF, THE ALGONA UPPER DES MpINES " t APRIL 13, 1939 ' N From some source, he's heard < "* -' ".----».-- 'rnese^,^wov,were%i ' alent;,' and "-great ^I ...~~, a .Eirhi'e was^^tCso.'ho.t^jif ^ jDra'ctice-fieldjjibti't & de'monjj vvhcD'iw 0 ^ 11 '* by.-pass^the; plea-- in "k^anTfe^f-'aS ^in.^'rSfzZ'' wi®Sl^S» sure ^)f 'a routine'? scenicsiflight quii1| v «r^c6"V?r^\ofi f ^|umble^ave^ over ,Los-Angeles and Holly-. Algqha'V 7'ito'0-leadv-dver Mason'•'• wood in favor of a'trip in an ore- 'Gity>iand-the'"game..ended+10,to*0»., I bucket/ high above ' Holland's with ^Wade's drop, kick.'" Irv^ Tur 7 !-I barges and -the homes of,The nerTWasfsimply^,the>"field,V| Three' Little,,' ;P,igs,> r Red, 1 Riding and ,Wd&dly 'qn his'tacldes^As^ ] Hood's Grandma ,and t the., Old to /|&c}dfes','(~' agairjVTil v< talJe •Jdady who lived; In "A" Shoe?,'-? Or, for that'matter,-'to"drift over "London" in/ a* flying galleon — to say* x\p.thingt of blast-," dng off to f theTHippn -iin i mr " A Moon Rocket <3.A*ridj,.<as a OVER .,; PEOPLS EAT AT THE- •: v".' •;' /EACH DAYT. '"' ' ' :';.,-i. WHY. tiONT YOUt. ". cellent results,',in the ,drive\tp. ._ I ,_1 TT1 .1 *_t_ __ , 1 _l -t Jl_ . L± •. •tions during aione.o.yuu stuaems jammea tne run ,ol-cases ( — he was, 92 years American railway systems. How- Y A\ Sff • * °TTCTA '< S hsl ^''old.''"And it mig^t^be'added that ever, we'll -give fapcy odds*that,-,» And in Mexico a. UblA-sppnsorecl hg was getting along-just fine he's an authority .on the-''Casey And ih Mexico a. USIA-sponsorpd English 'teaching program«has one was getting operation fine he's an authority "on the "( Jones, Jr.' R. ' R.," the Circus of Insurance • 206,East State St. ' Phbne' r 'CY 4-3176 «?u ^-ui n SP lu si-am«nasone after'the operation. » Jones, Jr. R. ' R.," the Circus of the highest ratings in Mexican -, ,., • «, •, *; w Train" or any one of Disney's- iv mstory. ^ ' , ft', W; J. Fuller was.elected pres^- miniatures qf the'mighty-'moguls. RTArTf rnT?.~Tcs pTrnMTwr-* d(Jni -?, f ,tt»e.Algona'Arjphery -Club' ( , Most likejy/ss he^ describe a BLACK GOLD IS RUNNING/*V>e>i-o PyiHov fTho, 'i.inK «roo '5 •+«,,„ n t nie^^.inn^ v, c .'y CT « 0 v, *..«,~, BLOSSOM INSURANCE ,„-» A]GEN ( GY - J of Insurance could from 'Autorobbile ," or 7 ^•' ] ??d6e' 1 " ! Phone CY 4-2735 replica " ' ~ > 1 I X^*t > 1 i • "" 1S no longer true Oil is getting Billy *Studer, eight year bid; observation platform' of a tour. r. , . ., .. , t - r ^ of Mr and>Mi : i T ' "' '-" the coast di>-bnngihgnt up out .Wesley., suffered ?• ^? ieTi around, is4ah.t>jticairy ( 'ijSH)ashcd fingers considerably, harder to^fmd.and, BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE Ov^r J ( 000 ^y^S^^&^^^M^^&^^^ " t? ^ '^*-H h % TW# ^W'J'llv* 1 .i:>*rJ3S&4«K o^ 0 ur-seapoi??wS^ ' , v , r^l^^^.b^lHi-WSfe " "' "' machinery of war is a§s,eml?lea ?' Bids from more thin 'a score _ T lor transshipment pvergeas. It '|ii'pns w,ere,jppene4 by the^ouri^ wou]d be n,o diffejejnt'in anpt u — ! - al " ' * •"--•' —"--' war., Top officials , going-about the tasl? fet? 8 Th^ e W iiSf^JtS* 0 ^^^ was pet "to buy'three- w?w pecomes we cmm topic 91 con» r *': A Hew lets, They are ajsq selling up .,frucks,a.nd many dealers wero m ? yersalipn. Or ihat kTriglets-and !v'/".',»State Farm-ins emergency programs that can b| t^rejted .in the sale. The Algpn* . JJjJJtrial Jliff£**iSS i! fllta8SS '^^5w§p; PWUlP^St,' stpre • ^gc-J- jands, ,whei^ ,ag^Qd ^^sth^'^l^^iV^^Sra^Q^*! trucks and -finot iii.~ *- . T.-.V. **!_ «_iT..iJri.i ,x'ATTn'/> ^TTrnn 5-Tn»Ti ra *«!» *» t. UV....J UI.V4 J|Jb(, put into oparaUon on a moment's 'MpCprmick notice in event of »n attack, < /the k "^ „ *.T .BMr^ft S 4 rst - ^ - J? * fy-^^mftii^ ?• m^^wmm^i^, w ^pyieland,. blurt out, liHe^'egger ^ ^>m w ^ww'^^w^m tfi ^hllHrnn UnTSTsJKVT A1Uni'> TM ' i"* 1 ** ' •' ***** ii«i*»W*»^*hind the Russians if it doesn'| do something soon about big can t, begin tq tvlfpji, .register p44er and. .. ..-,-, ..^^ Many cities complain. t h ef; havq't haven't fee monej^ to improya thety airports-or build new ones. „_,.„. ,„„ .. They'd UHf PW.Sjun ]p help! with a thud arid later f6und he But President* gi&enhoww has had fractured hisUeg. -SALES'' put his foot down. He doesn'.t * * * ' , ets. register W,an| PongJl¥SS (.Q- ftPPI'OVe^flna Alkg Hjdrick. dauahter of Mr • • ' cent over $200 millionln airpurt aii^Mr'^fmmui DOCTORS .MELVIN G; BOURSE/ M. 51 1 Physician &• Surgeon 118 -N. Moore St. Office phone CY, 4-2343 Resident phone CY 4-2277 ' J, N. KENEFICK/ M. D, , Physician '& Surgeon 218 W, State 1 Street pffiqe. -phone CY '4-2353 • Resident phorib' CY 4-2614 JOSEPH M:ROONEY Physician "& Surgeon - 114 N." Moore s ' Office phone CY 4-2224 Resident phone CY 4-2232 .,'/ JOHN M. V r 1 Physician- ,& Surgeon ', 220> '^o. -Dodge,, Algona -. Office phone^CY,, i ,'4-4490 •'• • Resident phone 'CY>4*233!S dpTOMETRISTS Spyin Falo Ko«uHi Counties

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