The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 9, 1959 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1959
Page 10
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Thursday, April 9, 195* Sharon Sabin To Be Bride On June 6th church dedication in Special «er- rfces eft April S. As i part of he attniverSftfy observance & debt liquidation drive is being catt-ied out April 5-11. There ate stroni ridmites *M the to: ^ ing debt <JIi the chut, paid durinfe the month >. ^J'ohn feittna under* ;*rta}ot .surgery at the Vet- -WtJSttUsiL DCS Moines, Wednesday.* He is getting along as well |4 can be expected, Mrs ^eoitge.Wohnhe entertained a large group, of ladies at the Guild fjiursday afternoon. The ladies, all signed a birthday card and mailed to Mrs Jessie Carmean at Rockford, 111. Banns of marriage were published f6r the first time Sunday in St. John's Catholic church for Gerald Smith and Phyliss O'Don- uell William McGuire who is teaching at'-St* Paul, spent the weekend with bis,parents, Mr and Mrs Charles McGuire. He has been attending St. Thomas College at St. Paul. Mr and Mrs John Meyers are the parents of « daughter born Friday at Holy Family hospital, Estherville, -Charlene Goche entertained a grotip of-young folks at a party •Mariday;''''tev&ning' honoring Pat- .Iricia Dolati.'ott her birthday. Relatives here for the funeral of James Mulligan, 2-year-old son of Mr and Mrs Arthur Mulligan, werer, Mr and Mrs John Uhlenhake Sr;, Marjory Uhlenhake, Mr and Mrs John tJhlenhake Jr. and family? Donald Uhlenhake, Dr. and, Mrs ^Patrick Mulligan and baby, Algona. Arthur- Weber is again .a patient ,at Holy'Family, hospital, Estherville. Arthur has been in and^ont.'Of the .hospital at Rochester sandsEstherville for several LAKOTA Weekend guests at, the James Ahtolne horn? were their daughter Rita, from t>es IMolnes where She & in nurses training and their son James of Iowa State College at Ames. 'Mr and Mrs Dave Freits took Mrs Albert Freita of Elmore to Albert Lea on Sunday where she visited her mother, Mrs Iris Finn, at th6 Naeve Hospital. Mrs Finn later succumbed. She waa well known in this area as tha former postmaster at Gerled, ttall. . Haste$*es. witt % b$: Tfessie fftoftifiser nie Schaurribcrg. iftA L«fry CftJifotftie, spent ten days visiting relatives. >4 ' Will Mabus d Buffalo Ceitttf Monday, for tre&ttofe« aibl0 surgery. Oft TteMfa bfbther Fred about 9 Admitted soon aff^v well at this Monday visitors at Mussman home, were man's cousins, Mrs J, C. ers ,Jim and Jona of Eagle drove, Mrs Earl Anderson," Mrs^lttiatt Severiede of Goldfield arid."Mr£ Mr and Mrs Leo Sabin, Algona have announced the engagement and approaching ^marriage ol their daughter, Sharon Kay above, to Roger G. Hanson', son of Mr and Mrs Harlcy Hanson* i Algona. The wedding will be held at 7 p.m.'June fi ' M $ie, Methodist church* here, (dlenn'$ Studio Photo 1 - UDM Engraving) t 8th Anniversary" >, Trinity Lutheran ChurcK observed the &ih anniversary-of the V f ' /, Alice'Menke,'^ioiiJt; City, spent the.' weekerfd ; at, trie Richard Menke'honie; , > - '• 5 The St. John's choir 'will go to Emmetsburg? ' Thursday where they will sing at the D.Y.O. Open House For OAOampneys Henry Dontje, Sr. was admitted to the -Buffalo Center hospital last Monday for an infection in his hand. '•Miss: Paula Buckals 6f Lakota is the new receptionist and book- •kecpfer 1 ' at the Buffalo Center Clinic. Miss Buckcls is a 1957 graduate of the Lakota High School' "and 'has hSd'one year at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SoutH,Dakota. ^°] • Mrs, Henry ''Steenhard> Mrs Irvin Schwarz • 'and* 1 Mrs Jerry iHeetland'- bttende'd ..'the Rural Women's-Day in 'Algeria, i The American Legion Auxiliary held its \eguiar meeting Monday evening, April 6th at the Legion ...ITS SIMPLE- MORE GROW AN HDROUS . , < - Burt — - Many friends and relatives attended open house < Sunday- afternoon at the Meth- odistr^tehurch ' for Mr and Mrs Oliver A.* Campney. They -were nwrild near, Plover, where they lived until '19^5' when they' moved to the . Algon'a community. In '1947 they retired and jnoved to J3urt. 1 The children are Walter \ Campney. and 'Mrs Beulah' Davis, - Burt; Har,old Campney and Mrs ''John Buscher of Iowa Falls, They have 11 grandchildren and >• ipne great-grandson. 'Sponsor Dance \ Mr and Mrs Clifford 'Schrader 'Sponsored a free dance at the Legion" Hall Saturday evening, >• The party was given in apprecia- '. '-tion of patronage given the " Schraders during" the 25 years ,, . they "have been .in the plumbing ,, r ^an,d hardware business in town . -., Fraciures'Arm y * , Mrs Clyde Bristow had the mis- ! .fortune "to fall and break her >v ,'arm- Saturday. She was opening . • the front" door when the wind / caught it and she was thrown 'off the porch. She was taken to a' dpctoi'. ,' / ' IJie, Birthday Circle will meet ".Thursday afternoon with Nettie MTRO6EH ' Now Is The Timer For Pre-Plant Application CALL OR SEE US ABOUT THE SIMPLICITY AND ECONO/yiY OF APPLICATION MOR-GRO, Inc. -Algona **•** ,509 Diagonal Phone CY 4-3548 5S r iwl3»«fe tl S£,v'*i IU r ' ? ?&fc4*s*?te M ; - Swea their nesday rnorniogi The Jjtoting TERS FOR EVERYTHING weighed 6 pounds. The inatftfnal s '~ grandparent are Stroebel oi Lakota, Principal ,diaytorr Charles J, Anderson of TILIZER Mr and Mrs Paul .Christ »j«id Coach Jerty tigeaa. the Sttate '. family and Mr and that't convenient and efficient --^i- 1 ,* " iv.S- • 'Standard Manure Fork < t •* • Standard Material Bud " * • Standard Manure Fork Plate Compact, simple and' streamlined,V '?£ this "step-on" loader makes easy * f work out of picking up' material Drive-In .Iniiallatlen,pro. from -Inside barns or other close vides fo * * places. Many convenience features mounting.'save you time, effort and^ money Streamlined qnd Sturdy^ .".. help'you to do a better job at for convenient maneu- iower o>st'Adaptable^f or, a ..variety '.' '> verability; depehdabLi of "-different" loading requirements. performance. •,,*'} yS < See us now for the latest in low coif labor saving equipment ALGCMA FLOUR' AND FEED CY 4-2701 ,L - p.!tf: * W , .^ /i Mt and Mrs'E. P. Frederick' son'rsp.ent Saturday "and Sunday " with the, Jim Frcdericksons in , Swaledale.. , ' . 'V 'M,r^ Charles Lappe, -'a recent Xi suj;ge,ry patient in Mercy hos- , .pjtal, ,'Masqrf City, is now, home, •> *' Mr and' Mrs David D, Millev. /Le.sleaAfDawn ' arid 'Mrs Jessie -'"' • attended-'the • Alt-Ditsworth gj at- the, Trinity 'Lutheraji m A?gona Sunday afterr ' BRAND NAMES FOUNDATION, INC. 437 Fifth Avenue New York 16, N.Y. PROCLAMATION 5' BjU" 'Champion , an^-^^y;- daughter ;mQv^d VI^Q, Hhe^ pispn -hbuse 1 ' vacated. by the y^_^™tri_"*_'__l*!-» 1 i_ •» *__ 1 »JT /*• .t r*f^f-"' - nhe-plgftri -hpuse- the, Ll >*/. , i-i > v ^Ubfeil^mily/, M? f and Mrs <?arol I/) r \$.{'\''': fralerj'aod 'family'• f^aye x • riioved' I' <fjK- ''*•'' jniq,";^^Jiou'se vacated ^ by the Matrons - Club ' will >« /, lSk"V-;'; p^ej£-w)tjr Mrs Robert Harvey ' da a ' April 9, 1959 On the occasion of Brand Names Week, April 12 to. 19, if is a distinct pleasure to note that an Algona firm, Sharp's Jewelry, has boon named a national winner in the annual "Retailer-Of-TherYear" .competition conducted by Brand Names Foundation; Inc. • STAND-OUT STYtiNiW? Revolutionary '_ ?"* 'A* V** 7-»*»••» -*r T ,3^ ** ' J* *} * ~ ' % E/ ">Th(B lawnrfiowbile 140 cities of the United States are being similarly honored as the locations, of firms winning "Retailer-Of-The-Year" top awards! The 140 winning firms were selected from 550 re.tqilers.who had 1 be'eri selected as 'Finalists' and were given an opportunity to submit comprehensive presentations, of tHeir ,1958 famous brand activities., |x > The awarcKwirming merchants will be honored oh-April 13, 14 and 15 in New York City during a three-day Brand Names Foundation ceteb><?Mon, climaxed by a banquet at'the Waldorf-Astoria hotel to bi attended by more than'1500 business and civic, leaders, At that time, Mrs. Marine Sharp'Will receive the award far Sharp's Jewelry of Alijortq. • ! • • ' ' Brcmd Names Week is an annual event gbserved throughout the nation, and participated in' by moi?§ tMort IQ&QOQ retail outlets. FUN to ride! EASY to use! •, Revolutionary styling —new-as a '59 car • Sen- t - sational forward-reverse; full-speed disc drive'.Nevv, ,'\ • quick"'.cutting height adjustment from 1%" to 3'^' '" c " ",' • „ Famous; jhlOMKO Flexor' Blade - prevents' cds't'l/ • ~ J '~' f "" *''' crankshafttdamage • New- blade disconnect-you s <s ,,, <., "*•* RifARY' - First complete'body style chan|e In rotary mowers •• Recoil'starter rho'unJed "on'mower handle for's'afe; no-stoop starting •, Famous HOMKO Flexor Blade—prevents costly crank- tern ride just for fun . FMI W.h.p^oycl? e n gine;:ig, i . 'SSJSi^i'SSSSSt • "Climbs -htlls - trims -' cuts-.weeds • jjSmooth „ \ ($ r height adjustments from %" to 3%" riding on four wheels • All steel 1 cdnst'rupted^and'/^;','.'- '.^ Powerful Briggs J & Strattpn 4-cycle -reinforced. leaf mufcher included. Complete, line; of attachments available. engine •, Fingertip choke', stop and <sp$ed control •..'Alj-jsteil constructed and reinforced • New extra rugged tubular steel Handle • Leaf mulcher 'available as an accessory. An Improved High Analysis Ferti Sizer Containing Urea-Form Nitrogen! '(- V '•';;/•.,• . !$ Dr. 'Cameron C, Shierk ,' f,' Iowa LAWN Benefits Lawns 2 important ' ways: ' f ! <! ' -" /-,f'^ Because lit?contains both- organic and V-< , chemical V r4tf9gen, new NK Lawnfood feeds lawn'8,'2 ways: , ." * • 1. Quick''growth and sparkle corns from last'acting chemical nitogen, 2. Steady^,event seasoning ^OTowi^yy * and root development come |r6m, M. slower-actjng organic nitrbgehi *" >Yjf*^| , . ,, t and the phosphate and potash/Jworkr "' for a healthier • turf, and a rich ^dark'f, ' .. green color,--. v .' ,, ' _ . <. • • . » f . > '•*;*, Easier to use! "is?V y\W:^ ft Easiar flawing, granulated, dustless. ., I Won't clog spreader,'' • ^-^ t «^t^ I ,• Clean to use. I{o * unpleaspnt;', ^do^h*; ',>! even when wetl " " •«''i''/""lei- 5 ! y "''*'C> s .' • Won't. bur^ftYhen;used. l a5 V) dKftCte'd,^''- |r As it feeds the f lawn, new>NI^ Ifawnfood j also-conditions the soU^ It 'ihfpfoves 'so»r. 1 tilth, reduces * scfl compaction and iri- -., ^. y e8 i stan?e . M^M^'fmHia^iittiauie^aaaysiiaMaiAiiitiatn I.?' *•''••' .' • H.xr^rr P^, AWp.j trees-.'•'( ' PS'-* 1 •,^-iJF* U 1 |lowejrs f vegetables and s I 5 * ^^u'Vtl 5 ' * *«»-^m ^l-f| 2s j.05. Covers 5,000 Sq. Ft, —1^ * _' i ^ "* j ,. '* fc . „" - Kftil -•« • ,*^Kr 41 '1^1 •?r f-i. 'rM *1» Ly "**"(»>< >:* VftK'-. M»'*,l L'A* VM&H ^OTSS^sitoivS fti"j 1^1 Ufi ^k'' W^^ V^A'/.V.ViSv;'"^ • ntM»*«M»«VtY s?s*s ^S^^PK^^^V^^ , ". - ' n i^5c*^f%^S. -^ V i 4,

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