The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 17, 1940
Page 5
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17, J£MO BLYTIIEVILLK (AUK.) COUIUE1! NB\V3 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale per line for consecu- 'HT insertions: x !jne time per line .ioe \^o times per line pet (lay. ...We Ihrce nines per line per «iiy...uiic bix limes per line per day Hoc Uuiiin rate per linn (iOc iairls of llmnks 50e & 7ac Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for Uirce or sis unics aim slopped bc-iore expiration will be ciuirijed tor the number o! limes tnc add apueaied and kajusuneni oJ bill maae. nil oiiissnitn Advertising copy ^Qiinuuii uy persons fi'siuing uui- i.ue oi the city must oe iitcom- ^meu by eusli. Hates may uu I-UD- ny LOmiMHu Horn utiurii lauit;. meruons UKCS lite one tune nut. j\u responsiuiliiy will be laKun lor moic iiuui uuu incorrect imti- uun 01 any ciussiiiea an. business .Directory For Sale For Kent Large comforlablc, twin beds. 2i closels. stcnm heal, men pre-j fcrred. Phone J, Mrs. J. o. Suit- bury. 17-ek-24 Modern unfurnished apailineiu. Downstairs. Private biitli. Utilities furnished. 1129 W. Ash. n-ek-2-1' 2 unfurnished rooms, an N. Fifth ' Street. lli-pk-21 ( Prices Reduced $25 to $100 ON OUR USED CARS l WA|«N1XO PIUMIK IN THE CliANCtiKY COURT OI' OHICKASA'.VllA 1) I S T It 1 C T. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Dilino Miit-uzluG, I'liilntlH, vs. Ko. 1127 [Murie M»rii?ino. Defendant. The difeiulnnt Marie MaritKiuo, ji.i warned lo appear within Ih'i'ly [ days in the court nnincd In llH' , . .. 'capital luT;>of and uusivcr (lie «mn- n•Ullage (It this pro- plulnl of Ihc plnimll! IJi-iiiio Marn- Clearance. We have /IHO. Unfurnished house. 5 rooms, bath, the car you Wiint, a I the' " iltf ''l 'his l!7(h duy ol .liiuuuiy. Mrs. - MaUle Ur.veaus, 12>i E. price yon \VMlll Id m v 10411 ' Cherry. tG-pk-2fl ' ' • IIAKVKV MOHIUS, Cleiv - — — , "M I'nnl Tudor. ,\y«- (| rw l)v Klixiibclh llli-tho, 11. C. Room convenient to bath. 506 Will-' ,j|y driven, i.unks ami runs Claude K Cooper, Ally,' for J'ltl. lmt - 16-|*-23j |||j C ,, ew . 55.,, i> ei -,,y ,\. WrlBliI, Ally ucl Ulcm. JIAHVKY MOIfinS, Cli'i!( Uy KHuibcili Ulyilii', 1). C. Winnie K cooper. Ally, for Pitt. 'Vicy A. Wrli;lit, Ally ud Ijltcin. Than Three Inspections Possible Steam heiitcd bedroom. All conven- '-jg c.licv. t'oacli, (,'ilv ilrivcn *.*..„,*.. 010 tir 11,.*,....* i -1. ,r _. . J >»>•• iences. 818 W. Walnut. 3-ck-tf Healer equipped, throughout Clean Room for employed woman. 102JJ \V. Main. Phone 239. 2-ck-tl -37 I'ord (GO) Tudor. Color rrcmfl"hirnlshed "n^Ttn^nTPrt^ i bl: '^;. Mo1 " '" excellent nte bath. Desirable location. Call | <=<"«"''•"'• t'lcan ?3!0 2SO - 1-ck-tf. j'jg |.. nr ,| Deluxe Tinlor. New Tirc.s .^' Scat Covers. $1111 Unfurnished apartment In Shane [ Apartment Building on Wesl' Main Street, Call 571 or 107. 1-ck-tf Rooms or apartment. ChicknsiUvlra near School, phone 170. 30pk'2-20 3 room furnished apartment mid bnth. Modern ami clean. Corner Main and 2nd. p. Simon, phone TC4. 25-ck-t! All or any part of 50 Hereford | calves. Thrifty, line colors, lop I quality, average weight 45U pounui. I Nice Iwdroom convenient to hath If interested, address T. R. Smith. Steam heat. Phone 280: alcktl Jr., pans, Arkansas or r.cller still, come and see them, 120 miles wesc of Little Rock, Arkansas, l'ick-1!) House and lot, 813 So. First. old store building. Several nice lots on North Secoiui <te Ky. St., East Davis Avc., and West Walnut. BVY n lot. build in 1'HA. Easy plan. W. ill. liUliN'K, KKAI/l'OK 15-pk-lO 10 highly bred Jersey heifers with young calves. Uouglil Iroin liei • scliell Bmart herd, inquire uai'.ic-s Market, 8-ck-a-il Welding Good wood find coal. A. P. Burks Chickasawba and fi. K. Piioni! 8D1. 31-ck-2-2l) Farm Loans KXPKRT ELECTRIC- & AClLTYLKNf Charles LOIIJ;, lonnerly welder lor Blylhcville Machine Shop DltACUNi; am! HEAVY WUi.O- IN'G OUlt SI'fiClAI/lV GARAGE Dell, Ark. I'mine 8-1'-11 'M Chcv. S|i«rl Seilan. i;i[uip- pcil willi lualcr, radio anil White .Side Walls. Clean car :il :i har^'aln prii'r.... '34 t'liev. Comic. With 19III License. '33 l-'oril Deluxe Tinier.. With S SI 5105 Clicv. Coacli. License . .... 1911) $215 •M Stuilchakcr Coach 5220 TRUCKS AT BAKOA1N I'llfCKS '37 dice. 1)4 Ton. S:25 Dual reurs. 7:20 Front. O)ily.. S'M'i :m I'onl Iji Ton, Only S'MO '37 Kuril I'ick-up S281 •:i« International Panel SXl'J '37 U. M. C. I'irli-Ui> S2S3 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5lh ii H'uluui L'lionc Bill WAUNINO OllDllU IN THE CHANCERY COURT Of CUIG'KASAWliA 13 I S T R I C T, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Bendona Jones. I'Uiintill, vs. No. 7120 David Jones, Defeiidiuit. Tile defendant. David Junes, Is wnrui'd lo appear icilhin ihlrly dnys in the court, nnincd in ll' u enptitin hrii'of and answer Ihe rjoiu- plaint ut the pliiiiitill. ni-ndona Jl,'IU'S. 13,-iUd this ;!7 <i;iy of Jan., lilW. — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Acciirale Your Presciipllon UrngBlsl Fowler Drug Co. '!<• Ihn'e i'ltniiilliiiico Inspec- ti'iiv- in,, (I,,, (jciierai ri'(|Ml.stle 111 ordi'r lo dctcrmlni* \vhi>lliei np- provc;| plans nnd siiccllU-.iliims arc lie'iiv nii'i in homes lii'lni; bu|ll >'i'ti I'lIA-iusiired moiltiiiKos. In Minn 1 in.stiiiK'c.s- iiddiiinniil Insjici!- li n:, niiiy l)f iii-ci'.vijiry, I'VOi'ial "'.iron!! Administration nlllclnls P»im ,nu Much extra ins|ii'Cllons niiiy be niTrssiiiy In cases whcie fipeciiil h'Miilblions urc conlempliilcd Unit "'ay rcfjiiire mniT frciincnt e.vninl- iiiiiion in- where curtain work will i:'. 1 concenicd curlier in the Imtld- I'U; operuilons lluin ordinarily Is Aililhiojiiil inspL'cllfns are ninsMuy i n cnses when- iinn- i-'imuliniii-i! wllh :ip)iiovei| drawings and .sprdnoiliuns Is discovered diirini: ( ,ni< «f i| 1( . n,,. 0( , uvular ciun- pli:ii»-i> ins|«'c(lons HI id it Is nercs- :aiy Ini il»- conlnirlnr lo cunwl vaiiiiiKin.., in- defective wirk or Slain & I' I'liuiic Ul J. I, GUARD Optometrist Only Cvadil:ilr <)[]|DIHC- Irlst In llljllievJIle. (IlasM's (''illvtl (.'nrreedy Naw l.ncalcd ill llnlcl All ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON i:mVAHI>S, lV«|irli't<n- •s iif llrbnilt T.v|)(!»-rlli'r.s. Addiiii; niiicliliies anil <\« Siilnacli Is All IHiilil SAN JOSK, Ciil, (Ul'l—Or, Clif- lorcl Sweel, nolrd child siicclidlst, runic to Hie ri'scuo of Ihe | 0 ii(j- fiitrerlm; smull boy in an address to piililtc Ucalth nurses lu-re. Ho said II wus not » innjor tiuiscdy If Ihe siiiiill bay stiildenly ducliles lie doesn't like onini;i. juice, c«riols. iplnnch or milk fur several days. He Insisted children should i tu t >al bill, not forced. be RKMKMttm LEFTY'S Service Nation for Mobiloil and illobilfjax Now iMiiiiageil by Wiiller Cox, Jr. niu) K. M. Murray See Us For Anti-Frecze ! drafted Cornell Itcstorcs Kyc SAN l-'UANCISCO IU!'I—Hr. U. K. Hurdhui, former well known cuiiiijelist, blind for 43 yours, but who recovered Ills slfht when a Klin I'Viuiclsco siirtjcoji In 1938 re- lilticed Hie cornea with one that, hud been willed lo Ihirdlnij by an (10-yeiir-old woman, fiirecllvc upon her <li'iith, hits resumed litn ev.-in- Uullcul curccr. FOR SALE! »»<! used KOCH While Mclal Meal Case wllli I'Vlifldulri! Compressor. Dlsplny front n-llh excess slornisc »m( cold drink space. l,|kc> new. OrlKltiul cuM, $1167. Cash price for quick sale $395. Terms iir- riuiBrd to responsible purlieu, Gnu mini imuci- lupe machine, I'onnter cfiulpnmit. and cuudy euse. I'riccd for tpilck .snip. One iisid aervlcc Slnllon Air Compressor. Ooml condition, {25. Cue l-Vilitiank.'i-MorsL' Wntcr I'llinp ivlthoiil motor.* Truce CJiuins, ii few Bond mule coi- lurs, ciitliHi hues, 30 bushels Cc- rpsan minted Dpi,-11-A Cotton R. E. WRIGHT II. W, M, Dnr Sill,, (in. , I'hoiw Ilil-.l FISTULA A Hsluln Is u fnlMC ilrnlniiBe cunnl which usually Mints Horn i n ulcciullon ihnl liciiclralcs the rcclnl wiill mid works Us way (Kwmvnrd und outwnrd. in the unal ruglun whore It appears us n iKill or nbsww. Fistula is u trcaclicrous, iliinncnins comhlion hut 81-iidunlly and .vurel.v mule., one's vitality nnd hwllh by llui iibsorpllnn of jms and toxins from II. lulu'lhi> blood slionm A cine- Is accomplished without Iius|illnll7.ntlon or luss nf lime from work by our nitibulunl olllcc ini'lhnds. DRS. NIMS & NIKS KI5!) ll\])KH ''.Hough tai-lion I? brcnllied nut by each one or us to produce a ICO-ciinU diamond every hour. MBMIHMili^BJMHl^mMH^^^^H ^"^^^^^"^•^^^•••^••I^M Our Service IS VOUIt Assurance OF Safe Driving! Safe iiiolorinrj Is the nlm of every driver. Then, why not as- .sure yourself of this safety us far ns your niitomobllc. Is concerned. Drive in and lot- our mechanics put, your car in shape for any driving;, The cost is rcimmndlG nnd the work guaranteed. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS fTOTOR CO. Walnut I'ltimu 8111 Large or Small At Low Interest Kates. We are equipped to handle larga or small loans on any sized trac; of farm land, at low cost, and at a low interest- race. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St.. Blythcville, Ark Poultry Welding EXRERT EI-ECTIHC AND .'CKTYLKNE For Sale or Trade MULES Ur:ig, line ami heavy welding a ! specialty. Barksdale Mfg, Co. Phone l!l or Res. 1019 Will (radc for Mules, Cows, Hess, Cattle, Corn, Hay and Lumber. DeH;i Implements, Inc. See Floyil Simps3:i 8-ck-ll Personal Land For Sale Baby Chicks Custom Hatching Marilyn Hatchery lllythevillc Hiwy. Bl Norlli For Sale or Rent 1 MISSOURI LAND—SO acres cut over on llitrliH-ny 02, S) per ucrc cash, Iralatice over period of six years. Conway & Houchins Blytlicville, Ark. 12-ck-tt 0 room brick house, bath. Just .south of Uice-Stis Factory on H.W. 18 ill Railroad. Apply Christian Grocery at side. Room and Board Room and board, Stca niheat. 803 Arouse alueglsh Liver, \vnrlr off the bile lo M yourself of const!' oation, gas pains, and that sour, punk feeling. Take one box of KJURY'S ACTIVE »,lVi:it PILLS 25« at all Kirby Stores Notice On llic Trail fouR WILL |R\DER\ AGCX3D I MS LOCSS" AFtER. Hl(-\ I CATCH IN 1 ME / J, ^A f SOT ne 1 THOUGHT WAS ALLEY 001' HY KKHO HAITIAN Cnsl irnn V.KO RTC&R, WITH HUE •v BAR eoaa AMD uis THE "OCXS Tb LOCATE THE HIOEQOT. GODO HEAVENS.' ^ / ------- ' -----I'VE NEVER. ... J --- <, I POW'T 7HIMK SEEM SUCH f ' V. 'r. HAMJ,IN A 10U6H CREW 70 16-|ik-20' W. Ash. Phone 993. ANCIENT DEITY Answer la Previous Puzzle CIUBJA siuloiAipa SI Ifc-in- : JIOHI7.0NTAL 1 Teutonic Rod. - 5 He was called - by the Norso. fl Black. 10 Pliancy ih beauty. 1 1 Weight. J2The true firs. 13 Profiled. 15 Transposed. 17 Ocean. i 18 Yes. 20 Spain. 22 Mover's (ruck. -S3 Drain. '24 Title. 44 Haulenr. 27 Company, 47 lie was chief 29 Furnace or™ — -Norse valve. god. 32 He was god oi SO To lessen. • -- - or 51 Castle rtitcli. knowledge. 55 Genus of 34 Wild ox. auks. 35 Musical note. SG Lays a road. 37 Plural. TilScn eagle. .18 Woven string. 58 Bound. 39 52 weeks (pi.). 59 Ringlet. NPUE 18 Form of "a." IS Halt an em. 21 Window glass. 23 Branch oC learning. 25 Shoemaker's tool, 2C Respected. 27 To contend. 28 Sheaf. SORntilc bird. 31 Marched public;illy. !M|A!RiT lOEl 'IN 33 Simpleton. iTiSI 36 Barometer line. VERTICAL 37 Dishes. ) The day, —— 40 Senior, is named after -12 American him. aloe. 2 Instrument. 43 South 3 Dullards. Carolina. •I Growing out, ^5 Enraptured. 5 Eye. 401'romoniory. 6 Diurnal. 47 Derby. 7 Frozen dessert 4B Priest. •II Salt. 60 Lifeless. 8 Bird's bed. 10 To roam. .M Roof cd£C. 16 Branches. 49 Mall drink. 52 Native rectal. 5.1 D.i la. ' 54 To scntlcr hay M 58 48 4? W 45 50 5b 51 Bargains En USED TIRES AND RADIOS Sonic Repossessed, Good as Neiv. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PRONE 35 Trees For Sale m fJ.^,-1 BOOTS AND HER WE'VE GOT "EM (I'M COMMEWOKk'. "IO ) •\J.L POWW BUT/ TH\WK HE'U- / ,'^T^ OWE.' ^A BE TOO MUCH i /C'MOM,lSAl,--DOM l T)l l M 5ORKV,BI& S.OV, ] _\ V^LJ FOLD OP OM ME 'fOO... l- Plant early bearing Tecai) and Fruit, trees now. Ciilnlog fret'. Bass Pecan Company. Lumbcrton, Missis- ! slppi. Rcjiaidng Expert gun repairing. See E. M. Damon at the Blythcville Armory on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Wanted Man with car for fcnv riays~woi-ir. > Apply 102 E. Kentucky. ' lH-|>klT; - _ j 1 ,OSt ! IM ~rt OK.R y*J So . E VOU ooP- P06.&V ^^t ^IMI Wt^SX HOt-Vt, cjovf^fo TO BE ^ HY KDOAR nlARTIN Sif \f : TVVttA .\ I , ?OYXOW\VV ' r^tM OM-VE/ IX VA '. EW -"AW • MORE 52 53 M Black German Police DO-J. Brown, (rel. throat. e."d chest. Rcliuii to,' Wall PI- Driver. Osccola. REWAKO I _^ •15-Ck-22J Posit ion Wanted YOHUS; lady, now employed desires better iiosilion. Excellent sti'iioj- rapiier-capable shorthand and, irairid typing. Bookkeeping experience. Best of references from "previous employers. Write Uox "20"! Courier News. 3-Dli! 1 WAHNINf; OKDfR ' |1N THE CHANCKRy COURT OP ! CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT I MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARI KANSAS. ! Ida Hughes. I'lainliff ! 1 vs. No. 7128 R'C.i Hushes, ncteudant The defendonl, Ksca Hughc.s is warned lo appear wilhin ihiriy davs in (lie court, named in ihs caplion hereof and answer the complain) oi Ihe plaintiff. Ida Hughes. Dated this 27 day of Jan 1010 HAHVEY MORRIS Ol?rk | By Elizabeth Blythr. I). 0. {Claude K. Cooper, Ally" I 0 r ?\(f , jvrcy A. Wright, Atty. ad Utem. ,6ENUEMtN.CAPTAIN EA'SV AUD THE LITTLE LWY 6EEW CE- IOCTAUT TO CO.OPCRATt VJITH US IM SECUR1V16 THE N6CEiS.\RV i , ,T~' / 'YEAH">S t-f^w AWO STOCKS WE MEED. AT A CHEAP liY ROY CRANK IrtEM ViElL TIE VOO TO TME 51\KE, CAPTWio EA4V, WHERE^ TOE WATF.H WILL SLOWLY CREEP UP AV10 UP UNTIL VOU'RE P9OWMEP. tHDllLO S'OOR BOPI64 BF; FOUHD J Ft-OATlMfi l» THE RWEB AfTeRtWK - WHO CAM 1>\V IT WASW'T AND IMS KrccN WHV, >t)U TWO SK.LIES / 1 S _ WASN'T PHOMIN& AE-Cur A TRAIN RESERVATION ---- IT WAS A RESERVATION 7o GO ON THE BiiJ'lO A GIRLS' BASKETBALL OA'.'.E? N PRINSLE / Bur YOU CUPPED ~WlS COUPOM ABour ORAMA11C, SCHOOL.' X^MYWAY, DAODVi i'M GLAD YOU CAM STILL BE e / HY MERRILL liLOSSKK Q \°ii, ,9° /// MM .' FIRST THIN3 YOU KMOW YOUU. BOTH HAVE" ME COt-JCERAIED."

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