The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 2, 1959 · Page 33
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 33

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1959
Page 33
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maifowXifii^Mfr I AM A GREAT ADMIRER OF THE advice to the lovelorn columns. I don't do so well at solving my own problems, but 1 sure can decide what some unknown character should do about her particular dilemma. However, the way this type of advice column has been the past few years, Advice to the Lovelorn is no longer an apt name. Although some of the letters are from girls seeking knowledge on how to handle their boy friends, a great deal more qre from wives trying to find out how to put up with their husbands. A WIFE WHO HAS NEVER had a bit of trouble understanding or coping with her husband simply does not, nor never has existed. Most of us love the darned fools; a few of us merely tolerate them; and we all try to get along with them with as little mayhem as possible. This takes a bit of doing. * * * BEHIND EVERY GREAT MAN, they say, is a woman. Through all the ages of history there have been a few men who are outstanding in their time. These men may have invented mechanical i wonders; they may have saved nations from folly by their political i maneuvers. But I would be willing to wager that when every one I of these great men got home, his stature shrank a little, and he | became to'his wife, just another husband doing all the things husbands do that make them difficult to live with. And it also could be that being married to a genius is even more difficult than living with an ordinary mortal man. * * * IT'S TOO BAD THERE WASN'T an advice column during the times some of our great men were living. If there had been one, [ I think their wives would have written some mighty good letters. I Now, if I were running such a column back in the early days ! of our country, I might have received this inquiry postmarked, Philadephia: . * * * DEAR GRACE: WHAT SHALL I do about my husband? The first time I saw him he was walking up main street chawing on a loaf of French bread. I laughed at him then, and perhaps I should have kept on laughing, but instead I married the guy. Time after time, I have told him to go fly a kite. Lately he has taken nie literally and he dbes just that—tlies a kite! I wouldn't mind it so much if he didn't keep stealing my door key to attach to the kite. Half the time I am locked out of my house. H.e just laughs at me and says he is working on something called electricity. When' he isn't doing that he is messing around with an idea he has for a magazine he wants to put out every Saturday evening. I tell him his Post A'on't last, but he keeps on writing it anyway. Who wants to stay home and\ read on Saturday night? That's the night most husbands take their wives out on the town. Dear Grace, what shall I do? Signed, Mrs B. Franklin. ANSWER: DEAR MRS FRANKLIN, Try to be patient. Perhaps he will get around to paying the light bill and then, he won't have to make his own electricity. As to the magazine, see if he can get one of my articles accepted for publication. ANOTHER LETTER I MIGHT have received if I had been running an advice column in early America, is this one: Dear Grace: I have been happily married to a silversmith for quite some time now. He has always been the soul of faithfulness but lately he has taken to running around nights. Just last week, he came home at four o'clock in the morning, his horse all in. a lather, and he was muttering, "One if by land, two if by sea"! Do> you'suppose he is seeing one hussy over in Concord and that there are two more of them waiting to get off the boat at Boston Harbor? What would you do in my case? Signed, Mrs P. Revere. ANSWER: DEAR MRS REVERE, Your husband is just going through a stage. He enjoys the attention he gets riding around at v jight waking/ up people. When the times settle down a bit, he will give up his nignt riding. Meanwhile, get him to sign everything he makes in his silver shop with his autograpt^/ Someday they wilt be worth a fortune. ""*" * * * I MIGHT HAVE RECEIVED THIS letter from Illinois: Deal- Grace, I have a husband who is very homely, but I, and several other people agree that he has a great deal of charm. He's a lawyer by trade, and for a hobby lie has debating. In spite of his having no education, he is every bit as good as my old boy friend, Mr Douglas. The trouble is, I am so sick of hearing my husband's corny jokes. If he tells that one about a man's legs supposed to be long enough to reach from his pants to the floor, I think I shall scream! People in the audience laugh and holler and call for more. But I just shrink in my skin. They haven't heard those punch lines as often as I have. What shall I do? Signed, Mrs A. Lincoln. ANSWER: DEAR MRS LINCOLN, Be patient. One day there will come along a whole new generation of people. They will have an entertainment medium they will call television. Hundreds of comedians will be telling those same jokes your husband tells and the punch lines will be the same, also. But by that time you won't have to listen to them for you'll be long gone. Besides there is a chance that your husband may do something that will make him even more famous than his jokes. * * * FARTHER BACK IN TIME, a wife in Jerusleum might have written this letter: Dear Grace, I am a woman living in a rather large household. I have a most attractive husband and he gives me a fabulous allowance for clothes, jewels and nicknacks. The trouble is, I see him so infrequently. When I am with him, .he vows he loves me. Ho pays me exlravagent compliments, orders up a silver bowl of fruit, presents me with a new model emerald necklace and hires a couple extra maidservants and manservants. Then I divi't see him for maybe three or four weeks. Grace, do you suppose he really loves me? Signed, Mrs King Solomon, Number 537. ANSWER: DEAR MRS SOLOMON, What with bowls of fruit, emerald necklaces, plenty of clothes and cleaning women, why should you worry? We should all have it so good! •> " * * * BECAUSE HUSBANDS HAVE ALWAYS been fussy about their clothes, I might have received this letter if I were writing and advice column many years ago: Dear Grace, My Husband is very particular about his .sliir'ts. 1 wash them by hand and I'm real careful about the amount of .starch in the collars. He's real fussy about the way they lit, too. Last month I made him 3 new shirts. 1 got the pattern from Mrs McGracly next door and my husband liked the color I chose. But did he ever have a fit about my sliches! He said they weren't fit to hold anything together. After I'd sat up half the night making flat felled seams, too! Then he went out to the shed and spent all day brooding over a pile of wheels and contraptions he's been collecting from the junk man. What shall I do, Grace? Signed, Mrs Singer. ANSWER: DEAR MRS SINGER, Have your husband watch the ads in your local newspaper. They sell ready-made shirts and they ure very nicely stitched. If you still insist on making shirts at home, perhaps you should take some sowing lessons. They have sewing centers and they'll teach you a lot of good tricks. If he still gives you trouble tell him to sew his own shirts! A LETTER I REALLY DID receive this week wasn't asking for any advice. It was from Margaret Durant who with her sister, Carrie and brother, Bill, is vacationing in Tucson. She said the UDM got there before they did because bli/.zards make for slow driving. The Durants had the pleasure- of hearing Jose Iturhi, world famous pianst in concert and aside from that they have been doing things they have clone before. This is their sixth winter vacation in the southwest. ^ t ^ IF YOU HAVE A YOUNG lady at your house who is a budding cook, chances are that she likes tu bake roll-out cookies. It combines the playing-with-clay-prucess of her childhood plus real cooking At our house, Mary Ann makes Lile Light Cookies from the recipe in the hook the'fourth graders made a while back Eileen Luwson contributed it. Va cup shortening Va cup white sugar \-i teasp. soda dissolved in 2 tablsp. sweet milk 1 teasp. vanilla ; 1 egg !j teasp. .salt 2'/a cups flour. Mix and roll thin, cut, and bake at 3:)0 degrees. —GRACE. Auxiliary Poster Winners At Sweated Swea Cily — The American Legion Auxiliary poppy poster contest prizes have been awarded. The Intermediate grade winners 1st prize to Marjorie Tobin; 2nd prize, Rodney Smith; 3rd, Peggy Conway. Junior high, 1st, Susan Boland. The first prize winners are to be entered in further competition. Join Women's Group Representing Immanucl Lutheran ALCW (women's organization) at the annual District meeting in Pocahontas, Tuesday, were Mesdames Cecil Thoreson, Milton Peterson, Walter Magnuson, A. B. Tweeten and ' Leroy Pillman. Those from the Bancroft Immanuel Lutheran church representing their ALCW al this meeting were Mesdames Harold Presthus, E. J. Odell and Glenn Klocke. Family Dinner Mrs Eunice Sanders and mother, Mrs Matilda McFarland entertained the family at a dinner Sunday in honor of Mr and Mrs Charles Rollin of Pine River, Minn. Mrs Rollins is a daughter of Mrs McFarland. Other guests were Mr and Mrs G. O. McFarland of Burt, Donald Funderburk of Ames, Mr and Mrs Morris Lien, Randy, Jerlyn and Chuck Elliott, Mrs Orpha Briggs, Duane, Sheryl and Merl, Arnold McFarland, Mrs Ellen Newton and Melvin. Mrs Arnold McFarland was ill and could hot attend. Evening callers at the Sanders home were Mr and Mrs Orville Andregg and granddaughter Betty and Jan Guest and Mr and Mrs George Wolfe, Jr., and children all of Bancroft. Grandson In Hospital Little Morrey Bolan, son of Mr and Mrs John Bolan, of Omaha, has been very sick the past week and has been confined to the hospital. Word recently received stated he' was improving but would remain in the hospital for this week. Morrey is the 8 month old grandson of Mr and Mrs Morns Lien. Wed 30 Years Mr and Mrs Selmer Uhr were honored Wednesday evening with a party on their 30th wedding anniversary. 'Those present were Mr- and Mrs Melvin Schrader of Lakota, Mr and Mrs Marvin Uhr and Mr and Mrs Donald Soren-r son of Fairmont, Minn., Mr and Mrs Clarence Uhr, Mr and Mrs Roy Valvick, Mr and Mrs W. B. Shipler, Mrs Bernard Sorenson, Amos and Milton Uhr. The guests brought the lunch and 1 they presented the honored couple with a gift. an church. Mr and Mrs Cecil Godfredson called on Mrs Cora Stow at Burt Sunday. They were all guests of Mr and Mrs Lawrence Doege for supper Sunday evening. It was the birthday of Mrs Docge. Thursday Mrs Brink Shipler visited in Algona, at the home of Mrs Myrtle Wallace and with Marie Grover. Mr A. Pederson of Nebraska City, Nebraska, arrived in Swea City, Monday. He is the new Blacksmith and will make his home at the Baker home until his wife moves here. Mrs Grace Baker and her mother, Mrs Eva Hanson, called at the home of Mrs Frank Flaig Sunday at Lone Rock. Mrs Flaig recently broke her ankle so is confined to crutches. Mr and Mrs Delmer Anderson and girls, Mrs Jim Harner and Mrs Eli Anderson were Sunday dinner guests of Mr and Mrs George Harner. Mr and Mrs George Rohlin entertained Sunday evening in honor of the family March birthdays. Those honored were Mrs Donald Anderson, Fairmont, Myrle Johnson, Jerry Hupp, Robert Rohlin, Terry, Steven and Bradley Letcher. Those enjoying the evening were Mr and Mrs Ellwyn Letcher and boys of Buffalo Center, Mr and Mrs Leo Crowley and Kathleen, Mr and Mrs Virgil Preston and boys, and Mr and Mrs Cassie Anderson of Armstrong, Mr and Mrs Jean Tague, Jerry Hupp, Mr & Mrs Roy Rohlin, Myrle Johnson and the George 'Rohlin family. Sunday afternoon callers at the Joe Preston home were Mr and Mrs Jim Preston and children, Mr and Mrs Maynard Jenson and Mr and Mrs Marvin Boever and family and Mr and Mrs Kenneth Anderson and family of Esther- vine. Mr and M^-s Jean Tague and Mrs Cassie Anderson were in Des Moincs Wednesday. Mrs Louise K o 11 a s c h accompanied them home. Mr and Mrs George Eden and children visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Clyde Rex of Ellsworth Sunday. Mrs Eden, Mrs Rex and 3 other ladies had attended State Teachers College together and this was the first reunion they had held for five years. infant Baptized Wesley — John Huff accompanied by Mr and Mrs Julius Sei- I'T of St. Benedict visited the I.ylr Huffs and their first child, I'iinmie Lynn, \vlio was born .March 5. Mrs Seller and Larry While were sponsors nt the infant's baptism. Mrs Huff is the former Kamnna Reising, daughter of Mr and Mrs Andrew Reising. John Huff is the paternal grandfather. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION Notice is hereby given that there has been Incorporated under the laws ol [own a corporation under the nnmc of WESTERN LIVESTOCK EXPRESS, and its principal place of business Is In Alpona, Kossnth County, Iowa. 'Hie general nature of the business in be transacted by this corporation shall be to engage in the trucking and transportation business, and In connection therewith, but without limiting Ihe generality thereof: 'Jo engage in the transportation of livestock and other commodities, and to purchase, own, lease, deal in and dispose of trucks and motor transports and other vehicles find equipment, nnd do every ftct or thing incidental to or growing out of said business, To engage in the buying, selling, leasinfi and marketIIIR or and deal In other merchandise and other property of every nature and description, To acquire. o\vn. us-e, convey and otherwise dispose of and deal in real property or any interest therein, and to erect, own. operate, manage, use or lease any building or oilier strnciure located on real property owned or leased by tlic corporation, To issue or exchange stocks, }<mds and other obligations In pay- ncnt for property purchased or w.m,trr>H liv it nr foi- :mv other se an ever., s e borrowing, all kinds of se- :u I ii H..T. "i i" To engage in the foregoing business in Iowa, or any other State or territory in the same manner to the extent not forbidden by law, and have all of the powers of n coiporation as now or hereafter provided by the laws of the St .ic of Iowa. The authorized capital stock Is One Thousand Five Hundred (1,500) shares if common stock with a par value of ,)nc Hundred Dollars 1*100.00) pel share The Hoard of Directors sfiall determine the time and conditions of Mrs Vina Haglund was pleasantly surprised with a telephone call from her daughter, Mrs Ver- sallc Weaver, Janice, from Boise, Idaho, Sunday. Mr and Mrs Nels Godfredson attended the funeral of Fred Lavrenz, retired carpenter, of Burt, Monday afterr.-oon at the Luther-should. F.H.A. Honor To Algona Hi Girl Karen Alt, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Har.r.y.. Alt ..and. ..a. saphomye at Algona high school, was elected state secretary of the Iowa Association of Future Homemakers of America at the state convention of the organization in Des Moines Friday. She is 'also secretary of the local chapter. Miss Alt will attend the five- day national F.H.A. convention in Chicago ths summer. Others from Algona who attended the state convention were Mrs J. E. Collier, Mrs R. C. LaBarre, Kathy Bay, Carol Shore and Charlcne LaBarre. Unless a man is doing all he can he is doing less than he Please Note! THIS ADMISSION PRICE INCREASE BECOMES EFFECTIVE SUNDAY - APRIL 5 ADULTS 75c - STUDENTS 60c (CHILDREN'S ADMISSION REMAINS AT 25c) THEATRE Thursday, April 2, 1959 Algeria (la.) Upper Pat Meln««~7 the Issunncp of the capital sto<Jk, and | oncli shiiro of slooU shall bo subject to nil Ihp term"! nnd rrslrlrtlons of nn ngrconifnt in.Klr by -iml nmnnj? thfi inc'oi poratoi s :nicl \\ rstcrn Livestock Kxpress. Nun.^ of said capital slnrK shall be iHsunl until the s:ime Is either pnkl for in cash al mil less Ilinn thd par value or in pmpcity as provided liy law. The time of commencement of tin corporation shall be March 2. 1059, nmj ils existence shall be perpetually, unless sooner terminated or dissolved hj 2/3 vote of the capital stock outstanding at any annual meeting or special meeting called tor that purpose. The officers shall bo t.. W. Smith, President; N. S. Hangs. Jr. and Frant R. Knutv.en. Vice Presidents; Paul C Owens. Secretary*'And H. T. McAlpinc, Treasurer. The directors shall be V. C. Smith Frank E. Kmux.en. Sr , N. S. rinniSs, Jr.. H. T. McAlpinc and 1-. W. Smith. These officers and directors shall hold office until the next annual meeting which shall be held on the first Monday In Juno. 1!)5!). The directors shall be elected at the annual meeting. The officers shall be elected at the directors' mooting on the same date. The private property of the stockholders shall bo forever exempt from the corporate debts and liabilities. L. W. Smith WESTERN LIVESTOCK EXPRESS By: L. W. Smith, President ALGONA Matinee Sat. 2 P.M. • COLOR •*.*' CARTOONS — plus — Science Fiction Thriller ! "FROM EARTH TO THE MOON" ENDS THURSDAY: "TEENAGE CAVEMAN" Plus 'HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER" ALGONA FRIDAY and SATURDAY! OPENING - APRIL 10 • ETfoO^OUTDOOR 'MOVIES EVEN MORE ON OUR NEW _ GIANT 70 FOOT WIDE SCREEN NEW PERMANENT REFLECTIVE SURFACE Also NEW PROJECTION EQUIPMENT ! NEW and BRIGHTER LIGHT on the SCREEN Beef Producers Banquet April 2 Rhodes, LeGnmd, Iowa, auction 1 C'cr and preacher, affording to Dean Barnes, county extension director, Algona. Along with the one pound of standing rib roast of beef at the A good many people drop all Beuf Producer's Banquet, April their money Irving to pick up •j M.I 1,1-nulc "ill Jolmuiori-:. INCOME For RUSK PHARMACY CUSTOMERS ! THIS INDIVIDUAL RECORD BOOK GIVES YOU YOUR PHARMACEUTICAL DEDUCTION AT A GLANCE Each customer at Rusk Drug is supplied with one of our handy little "Personal Prescription Record" books. It provides a running record of your expenditures for prescriptions during the year - elimin- Cites the need for checking back when income tax time rolls around. Why not do it the epsy way — cash in on this and many other conveniences that are yours at Rusk Drug! I E9H HH ^IVHHI HI^F HH ^H The amazing story by the author of "AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS" and "20.00O * LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA"I TECHNICOLOR ® PLUS THIS THRILL HIT 3 ALGONA DAVE WAS BACK IN TOWN...AND EVERYONE KNEW THAT WOMAN- TROUBLE MUST BE CLOSE BEHIND. From the bold new novel by the author of "From Here To . Eternity" Production starring Dean Shirley CINEMASCOPE Martha Arthur HYER-KENNEDY Nancy GATES, Leora DANA 4 ACADEMY AWARD Including Shirley MctcLaine as "Best Actress" of the Year,

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