The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 2, 1959 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1959
Page 16
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1 11 V ,,fc P «•;'.-'« if- >"tj Qo.) Upp»r Dt» Moirttt Thursday, ApHl 2, 1959 WEIDENHOFP EXPANDS WHO MAKES THE POLICY? of th« Snap-On' Tool Co. of Ken- Dr. Virgil M, Haneher, president of the State ftarwikTM expand ft» Atflono fetillties at the University of Iowa, was euoted the other day Wefdettttftlf GoMSeratlon plant is eertofnly weU as declaring that "the public Is not' aware of come. - the extent to which school policy Is dictated by the reasons for It* division are also eonv the public and only Implemented by teachers pllmentary, to the city, the area, and the env ond school administrators." pleyees of Weldenhoff, We hope Dr. Hanchor Is right. We do hope Business of any kind, large or small, Is to- that public school policy is dictated by the public, day beset with many problems of operation &"t we doubt It. that often do nof meet the public eye. Govern" , Big time education, It seems to us/ Is being mental regulations sometime assume the look handled with big time methods. Heads' of the of a stralghtjacket, Operating a business and large state schools today - in all states - are ' educators but they are something more. They have to be first class diplomats and able to obtain the increased appropriations each year for their own schools. the expansion and development of schools is seldom the result of a group of average citizens suddenly coming up with a fine Idea for expansion and development. They may think meeting the management problems under to* day's laws, rules and regulations, is not exactly a picnic. The tribute paid by Weldenhoff officials to the people of the community In which it fe located Is most welcome. When a feeling of good* will exists between a manufacturing firm, Its city officials, and Its own empolyees, some of the burden faced In general management pro* blows is agreeably lightened. Aigona.Is indeed fortunate to have acquired the Weid&nhoff firm with its parent i'fhttt Has*— .-.p.-.^.r—.JJWWfe.... just, bfeaTt a €oti|>le of ribs. He fell in thfe shower £md did just tha.iJfcdH&F -.,.....-.- ing far smoke* Were it permaiienti . , Imuii'lay,Mt« ter and' 1 ' has Beftl little about shis weight. When anyone'» asksv hifivlf, it wasn't hard for an old chain smoke?, to quit, 'he~aaytf "Sure, its just M easy to t|uit smoking as , quit breathing", > I'm read proud,of him. As ever Madge Swanson Fullerton, Cal. . Behind The J r * J ,? -, i *JU«'^ Wl 'ifOAHW^t* Movie Sets Chanting , %f& J J^E'lFSrt^^^ft* " f&K£ tem/^thttfitt' 3SSP3B •aty"*-** #£ i^ ttffi?|»ing fravei'Adffcfitut* faifc is his dish. fnoJtfi^tt^''tfafcKia»j|aN*l. nfant. Irhproval ttHfoiatfs, fanginjj frrh hotohy off ape they originated the idea, but if usually originates with the educators themselves, who In turn sell it to a board of regents, a school board or gov* .ernlng group, and in turn the Idea is sold to the U VII WVI II Iw ¥ T «i w» i| iv i < »!•»•« T * i i i • t i «v |wii«vi<> , w **• i • i * I » I company, Snap.Qri Tools. The same can also be general public who may wind up thinking they said for Universal Manufacturing Co., Pioneer thought-of It first. ----'•--'" '• • - • • • - |t takes money, lots of it, to run schools. We expect this. But we do seriously doubt that HhiJred Cohi to., Livingston Tool, and a .number of Other firms engaged In manufacturing .or pro*cess ing. It Is also a compliment to city management and .Officials who have exhibited a spirit of cooperation and willingness to aid in the development of industrial growth. * * * * FEDERAL "MEDDLING" some of the extensive and costly additions to educational programs along the way are the result of any great spontaneous demand on the part of the general public. * * ' * , DIDN'T LAST LONG - Waterloo Courier — In the 26 years which have passed since Franklin D. Roosevelt took over a panic*stricken country in 1933, the country has vastly'enlarged the scope of federal responsibility. Somebody in Washington is receiving a salary to meddle in virtually everything that goes on in the world from irrigation projects in Pakistan to sewage disposal plants in the small towns of Iowa. " Wliile' everyone agrees in retrospect that the New Deal managed to get a stalled economy into partial operation, the record is clear that it never solved the-urvemploymentN'problem^ until"therha--H- dispensing*of-clrInks tion became involved in. war. And now .there, is grave danger that the theory of federal meddling iri everything- will again be exploited for a vast new, boondoggling experiment to aid "depressed The build-up to the Big attraction Of "liquor-by-the-drink" in the state legislature hardly -deserved the effort. The Various propos als died^a quick death In the HoUse of Repre sehtatives. It may never happen again, but it turned out that the really "dry" groups were aljied'-orj the same side as the "wet" roups- who prefer prefe to operate key clubs ahd 6 private ,bars ,as now exist in. Iowa. Between the' two, such a proposition as 1 .', legal licensing of open bars for the If throwing money around would eliminate unemployment, the job could have been done by the New Dealers in the depression years. They faile'dV* arid "tliere 'is' no evidence that the-current proposal for aid to "depressed areas" would do any more than depress taxpapers. * * • * PEOPLE SHOULD SPEAK UP ' ,- Mankalo Free Press: — The people will get the kind of legislation they want only by speaking Up. r ^klgomt Upper jiBcs ^omcs At fi.' Call Street—Ph. CY'.4-3535—Aigona, Iowa- Entered as second class matter at the postoffice at Aigona, Iowa, under Act of Congress of . i, 1879. "He'* our belt salesman—he ha* to be to sett his expense account to the auditor every month 1" i i > Washington '^highlights * * A Weekly Report'JrofnThfTNtttion's Capital by.Ray Perno* THE FILES 0 ALGONA UPPER DES APRIL 6, 1939 *u* THE creasir. 0 __,, - Tomorrow's.' discoveries may make todays latest improvements sdlation.. In this ] obsolete overnight. In -aft at- si^e, he 1 !!'be too; big tempt to Ibwef the-fast-mounting, you through' th» new dot* you'll iantastic cOsts Of production^'thfe far **" in 'auiciitixiVr J1UA1 3 ill; w VIAI»**** » *.**«—. «.*..»* * U} advancement, providing adequate ill ,blit the &'versl*e ptbj&ction. Re fund*' for,;<bhe lads 4ft the: lab i« search It like 'chemistry, a magic like rubbing, Aladdin's lamp with mixing of ingredient^ to serve a k highspeed power buffer. useful purpose,- ^That- is, until i •»•*.,* , — . Junior discovers 'that he «an whip * During a Wcent visit io %G-M Up > /young ato'm>bbmfa i •with. the Studios, the; amazing Mr'Gavid contend of hia^hemi&try set! Sarnoff, head of- EGA, and chair- . , '. -, ' ." ;; r ' r — r, , man of ^ board, gave the studid < Dr i n dfield Sparklers 'execs a, brief, verbab peek into , K Mr and Mrs Jack Zerbe, who had operated the, Wesley News- World for the past 4% years, sold out to Mr and Mrs Charles Easier of Renwick Saturday. Mr and chit-chat vriesen a guest. chairman of Commrttee ! and Deanna BEAM — As every m. — ... — — x minor-miracles-now With Janis Goetz ledutf bv the boy& Brandt. The program, consisted of Mrs Zerbe in turn purchased the wlTo^unch'the tirMock at his a • talk by Carol Ann Bunks- . Winfield Beacon and planned to David SarnOff Research Center hleier . '-.•'.,, move to that southeastern Iowa dn Princeto'rt New'Jersey. ' Picture study,by Beth Johnson town as soon as living quarters , Perhaps 'it's' just as well that and Barbara Farrow 'and Deanna P thsBtefs ereat master-^maeic* Brandt also gave talks . ' c ° uld found. ' In the mean- Were greatest museums. But it is act- peals to everybody so it's not ually niore than that. Its acient-vhard to convince almost any Con- unlv rgltv ot lowa ists, for example, were given the ;gressman , that they have .to do V™?™™;™^^ ^u' _* ^-.liLi »!,„ artificial tight by the-veteran. TJm» how*. - of 19da an< * since a paper. tans last Pearly Mrs'Vriesen gave a demon- NOW WITH NEW vanishing effect. * *', r j. "• " - T ----- 3 ; . Members of the Sirttoff Re- uiri/%n 'Arrm I fe^,^?^ st , af i ^&&*?££'' NYlOILOrrERI before bv astronomers had to oe. so loaded witn extra oenems — -ai. r p.m. m uie uuurmuuoc. qie ^ 5 ao ^wo.^. 6 "j"\ So accurate are-these,'such as mustering-out • pay and counts-winner was; to be eligible levements as a regular workadayA scrapped t7\,*.ufsfVMi scientists that they were able to • 'pensions for war orphans — ther& fOrJ • cOmpetiti predict a month in advance"-is little likelihood the measure spelling' meet*' exactly When and where Russia's* ,will ever see .the light of day. •' ..."••'*•• Sputnik II would come down. competition^ in the replaced the tesUu'bes to And if visible Sputnik I'— no longer is spotted again, say in or PtTGMT LINE Congress wiUhave v-oni,itis,s, -wm nave state chore. They've "-' ,' -', Jitiagic"-Wands " '* J ' ,: , perform "'fabulous feats. A, number,Of good entries hact ' In Mr.. Satnoff's opinion, one ' -been*5 received ~by the American, of their • major'.projects is the r ..m- Auxiliary at -Wesley', tot- development" -'of» a "cold light" 'POWERS MODEL NYLONS AT LESS THAN ft PRICEI Certified > $1.65 VALUE, ^ "-. , Issued Thursday in 1959 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. -WALLER, Editor .C. S. SRLANDER, Advertising Director JERRY- METCALF, Advertising Manager • DON SMITH, News Editor ' FERMAN: CHRISTOFFERS, Plant Foreman. |4E1S«BER! \UDIT fiUREAti OF CIRCULATIONS '/I -'• NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE . Weekly,'Newspaper Representatives, Inc. -.,,404 Fifth Ave.,,New York id, N. Y. > ,333,.N, Michigan,' Chicago 1, 111, ' »^*'»'.*- ^." ' t '. 'v>. ' SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. —$3.00 .-$9.00 ... 100 KOSSUTH »t}en, ope year,,—$6.00 6 mouths. . - • , OOUKTY NEWSPAPER —...-^.-.,—— , 63c - |Probably it is just as well; it certdinly^Will save" a lot of bickering' The state store ,system hasn't operated too badly, even though you have to buy a bottle instead of a single-drink-. ln,..the meantime anyone so desiring it can obtain q, .drink in practically any city or larger • town in lowa, with the help ofWarTdus evasive measures that have grown 1 up'overthe-'years'; It's illegal, yet it's legal, we sort of lamely explain- to out-of-state visitors. 5, _ ,,.- v ! ,,'.'. ^,' In.the meantime, however, while we are keeping sin at a distance on the liquor front, the House has approved a measure to lower the minimum age for buying cigarettes legally to IS-'-years from the former 2l. This'is .another Jaw that we well realize was also openly Being violated. Now we will make it legal for youngsters to ..get an earlier, start toward lung and throat cancer. "" But in the meantime we will add one more cent state' tax to each package of cigarettes. THE BIG CORN CROP' '' V Iowa Falls Cilizen — The report that Iowa farmers plan to plant more than 12,000,000 acres of corn this year — or about 19 percent more than they did last year — will come as a shock'to some people. But actually it shouldn't. With a guarantee of about $1.12 per bushel, Iowa farmers cati probably make more money — .or come nearer making money — on corn than anything else.' And without acreage restrictions that is exactly what they are! setting out 1 to do.' Of course the obvious-suggestion to be made at this 'point, with a billion bushels of > corn in reserve, is to withdraw price supports completely. In considering that possibility it is interesting to recall that the second largest Corn acreage in the slate (this year's will be the largest) was in 1932! That is a year th'at few farmers (or others) wish to recall too vividly. Then there were no price supports. And virtually no prices either. We have never lashed ourselves' to the mast of high price supports & absolute acreage allotments as the cto3 and only course. But at the same time we have been certain that the philosophy of Secretary Benson that we must "get the government out of agriculture — absolutely and completely" in destined for utter failure^ too. The intentions to plant report, thrown .up against the background of a billion bushel carryover, foretells the doom of the Benson program. Although it may be a year or two away yet! , ' , Because when i't is aft done the final effect of the Benson approach tp "punish,farmers out of - production?' is likely only to add to Our surpluses — incredible as that may seem, * 'annual amateur'program system of illumination that even- tha 'keep -i,- ^^'^^^&^^^^s^rJs : *°<" « ™« -<* -^ ^^Ss id sS nt ^£ when you have-to dec dewhethel vVorld, take a lot oibusine »jw&y., , clubhouse and W as mainly due .to the v fact that £$ v f jseflo ^?« ! ?„ htln -nur SfduStion is" wJll Congress', golf course i • at Algoha;,-, Country heat intensity and othW ''factors Mhon. of ^^^.J^^J^^^^ < .g°loPo1..8l* began.during l the,week, : A limited prpgress.. _By use of 5^ ' ^ juit? ijtalceh Va 1 :'Congi'^ssmen stand""W this most ticklish, ofc planes free and questions. First,'. consider that to cut themselves. President Eisenhower has-propos- deal like-this. " • See Krott Dinner display at your grocer's. Nylon order blank on every carton. Te/wlfi/i, detotii 'good cd that the U.S. spend $3.9 -bil-; __ , l lion next year on foreign aid. G blJC LlAA^vJ. * V^-i**tJ ^•«'^ - *«*O W A,vll Cl A A ov^u*V/*i. v*4.»*»**rf^«*j*»»j*»*»^»"«" _ i •• ^ . ^^ -t^> . of on the course) while now necessRry for the same job'. - [^QDiu^'coOfJ^ (|/l / MtUUtt£&! " _ • A FTSH STORY _ Uncle Sam women and a new pro "shop, and ' "Cold, light", when used for TV,A ribri blow* uncie oam r6freshment stand were , among •: reception -in the home, will- One of these committees, appoint- is concerned about his salmon, refreshment stand were -among, ed by the President, .thinks this-4hfese dinner - plate delicacies features to be included m the amount should be upped by. $400 breed upstream in rivers and clubhouse alterations. Almost, ffiSBullhcoth??co.ii8ti!e-thfey ,and then, young : make enough, money-was raised through —one distinctly opposed to for- tracks for the wide open spaces donations to pay the bill. .-. With Kraft* Orated for thai lhrough-and..through cheese flavor ei°n and — wants to,trim $2 bil- at sea. Trouble is a lot of these lion from the.$3.9 recommended young'salmon die,'as they.hurtle - -- - . Kohlh a- as and a by Mr Eisenhower, You figure down some of our -huge, mart- Mi and Mrs rnu K.onmaas ana a it. Keep in mind, though,, that made dams. 'But that problem-ls foreign aid has cost every Amci'i being solved'. -Electric, fences lean family the equivalent of $1,- which shock the baby, salmon 750 since'foreign 'aid began in force them ,to'.the side of dams 1946. ' . ' . Where" they drop Beity, Kohlhaas, daughter 6f student at St. Cecelia's Academy, took first place "in the' filial round of . diocesan speech com- ProfessionaS Directory :' • .* i - -' ' " , <• , } HOWS *» Fifth Amendment to the Consti- they always go t>ac fcH tution says very clearly that no to . spawn, special American y can be forced to testify now -being ; tested . •She was temporaneous division, her department.' earlier "won first mon can ascend thrtjal- hundred ior- ratings at 'several meets. * 4 * . * "-- S±U hi ?a^aing^toS-8!S feet to get over the'big dams. ^^ffhSf S 1 "what^tWs . .PLAY BALL .1 Thofce seriOus- i But they have high-priced minded scemtists at the National and they tell these thugs Bureau of Standards have dis- how to hide behind the Firth "™ H cedure a 'witness is . . , say, "I decline to., answer on tha ground that my answer may'terid- to 'incriminate mo." But some, of their answers come out every way but this. One says, ... • to incriminate A cooking /school in the high sdhool here was really -going over with a (bang. A crowd of 49t) women Tuesday was topped by k turnout of 612 the following and' final tabulations were i complete on Thursday's total, large display, including 22 booths, was featured -in the gym.' Many area husbands reported that they, and came home with spme recipes. or rm tha that the most effective speed is --r -*;.-.- , . . may ? tertd about 100 feet per second. How had,been eating like kings since r soy mo S much the ball spins is the secret their__wives _attended and that turns- out .to be 1,800 revolutions per minute, Lest you think - our scientists are wasting "I decline to their time playing ball we should besides I don't explain they {lave a good reason, anvlhink about-that.'/- These experiments are important incriminate" 'is too in the development of ballistic - missiles which-travel at very low me," , and. The word tough for some to spout out. It frequently comes out "criminate," speeds. Easier programs were being planned by every church" in the area. One note on the program at • the .Congregational church here — Russ Buchanan, now'Al-,' gona's; city attorney, was slated to offer a .euphonium solo dur- INSURANCE , , ALGONA "INSURANCE . , , «• . AGENCY . J. Ri. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds—-.All'Lines ,, of, Insurance . 206 East' State' St. / Phone CY 4-3176 '» ! .. V i ' . " i •"• »— BLOSSOM INSURANCE ( AGENCY , All Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge ; Phone ,CY 4-2735 BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE $ - ' t N. Dodge St, Ph. CY 4-4443 Home. - Automobile - Farm \ Polio Insurance CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General v , Phone CY 4-4512 . postpone his postponed sale again, ing .,the Sunday School program , v , , you see these are the urgen- And Russ could really play that ''•'--- «-"-••—"-- thing, \QQ. Yours truly-was in the same Sunday -School class Aigona Upper Dos Moines Dear Russ; , v , , cies that are left 'dangling. «Were we or weren't we ihclud- ed in "20 Year's Ago." (second time around of course) And without 'a weekly to enlighten how will I ever, know if all of those peanuts that have been thrown for .several yetfrs, v • • \ * ; • „ Bast light butchers . brpughj $6.75; fat steers topped at $9; corn at 38te cents; oats, 20% cents; , KQSSU.Ttf;.. MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSpCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in .force., A home-' ,, company.;Safe; secure; Phone CY-4-3756. • Lola Scuiiham. Seo'y Dear uuss, , .. • bn the flotor at the grand open- barley, 28 ce#ts{ eggs r '16 cents|. First it was the sinking of th« ing? hpv e t been swept up — that cream, 2'2 cents; hen's, 13 cents; Titanic m .1912, the dropping of i s ^ip n g wfth the 9 inches of snow geese and 'duqks, eight 'cents, "on the Atomic bomb _ in 1946 and that- 'Kossuth - County has had the local market during, the week, now... I didnt receive my com- 8We March lsti And - where ' : ,:* ^ * *'.,*., plete. Aigona Upper Des Moines HERBST INS, , AGENCY '-For* Auto,- House, Household floods, and Many Other Forms Phone- CY 4-3733 1 '' DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE, M. D. Physician & Surgeon ' • 118 N. Moore St. Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-2277 - J. N. KENEFICK. M. D. Physician & Surgeon , 218 W. State Street - Office phone CY.4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 , JOSEPH M, ROONEY Physician & Surgeon N 114 N. Moore Office phone CY 4-2224 Resident phone CY 4-2232 "JOHN M. SCHUTTER, MJ>7 Physician & Surgeon,., 220 No. Dodge, Aigona Office phone CY 4-4490 Resident phone CY 4-2335 Chiropractor Dr. D. D. Arnold, Chiropractor Over Penney's "Office Phone — CY 4^3373 Hours; 9:00 — 5:00 „ Open Friday Night TRASH CAN ADVEBTISING! ico Jipw -quickly much so- g" - hits the trash Wskets? Or how blowing ereund on N«wsB»Bflfs, Wught and 'gi»t)sc%i%rB, are jnvited an4 stay there for 'and enjoyment, advertising mess-, sam§ Jyeatmeni. r fHI M60NA UPPIR OIS MOIN15- Read Weekly By Over 3,000 Families lhe Good jr r jd a y service b'Q The Alflona"city council, d tnis year ; ,j n g a £ the city board of 'assess- And then I suppose I'll never -m£r»t .arid review, altered the if the folks at Aigona Cof* assessed valuation on 14 pieces of . for March 12th. section is missing. I've quized the kids and they, from previous encounters, know that Im the only one who £ee s i lop ,, 'who have invited- '-me local property Tuesday morning. gets to extricate those 7 staples vegu i ar ty to lunch, have invited' A hearing was 'slated 'for April me p ga in this week — even 13 when property owners could, though it does" hurry me to get appear and go over the' hikes -in CRAYfPORD . eral Agent ' Iowa Farm" Mutual Ina.-Po, Affiliatedi ,wjth Farm-' Bureau 1 Auto, (with ,$10 Deductible) . Life ," Hail - Tractqp / . , , . Phone CY 4-3351 ; , A . from the out of town copies of the UDM... I also discovered that our ma|l carrier is from Indiana and molest interest or me nazziest just'guess notion of what became of my lost south Podge street earjy this year suction, and-"replaced the shells that map earner is from back to wprk by one o'clppk. . assessment With the - opunpil- id didnt have the re- 'j n closing H seems I'll have to members.' Tfcat hearing pron> crest or the hazziest j U5 t' guess if the fishing f ever hit i&ejd* tp . be lively. *••••• ._..!. ,- .--_!. . _ . . .!... '!> .'...._ A * *' ''" ^""'t.' t 4j - K , , , *. MoxleylnCast •] Of Drake Play John Mqxley, son. of Ms end Mr? Merle Mpxley 4 Algana, is a bits that Evelyn writes about aro ^ lost issue like this also de- member of thf cast for the Drake the same lioupes we u,sed to buy prives a fella out of his "Famous yniver'sity Theatre's pr.64y9ti^n groceries from, where' the Coast T .,»f r.i,w _^. so this is mi" 13 ' nf *'Th(» n-^hhuk'-' hv S. Artslsv. Roy 'Mathison C, Representing State Farm Ins. Co, 706 SP,, PhUliRB St. , v Phone_Qy^4434J read it to Phyllis while she irons no t having my paper doesn't help — you see chivalry isn't entirely mye h In figuring these things out dead.) or if the RoUpes in the Tid- J^W bits that Evelyn writes about aro 4>R. 116 Nprih Motj^e Street Phone CYpros« 4-2708 grocejfies from, where' the Coast lo Coast is ' located now . . , And did, W-hitey eyer get ,Jha,t 300th, ii> or did any qf the' AHS grap> Last Line" r To the State? was able tp report more than $1.04 for corn support or did Robert l'cml<>rm,m )iav*» to so this U mine. 'of '"TJie P^|>6uH- by S, Moxley, a ft-eshmsn at »a p.qrt of - Drake, PR, KARfc R, H " How ral phone QY e note t>anization with interest the or- ot' Nicotine Auony- in "tM college of fine arts at DB, ,7* », HARRIS, . , New Comer At m E. State Phoa* CV 4-2334 Dr. R. J, Thissen • Chiropractor E,- State St., Aigona Phone CY 4-3021 OPTOMETRISTS Drs, SAWYER and EHICKSON , Eyes Examined ' , Contact Lenses Hearing'Aid Glasses 1 > , 9 East State .Street-',* Aigona, 'Iowa; . •Phone CYpress 4*2196" Hours:, 9:QO a.m.,to 5:00 p.m. ' Closed Saturday Afternoons . DR, C, M, O'CONNOR r~* , . • , Optometrist.. • - \ , Visual Analyses fc Visual Training 108 South Hartan .St, ,1 tHome Federal Bldg.) PHONE Ph. PY , Hwmbsldt Polo Alfe & Kossuth Counties

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