Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 15, 1928 · Page 21
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 21

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 15, 1928
Page 21
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THE TRIBUNE iN THIS SECT IOi : ' FINANCIAL NEWS 1, LATEST SPORT RESULTS . is delivered YOUR HOME every day mtheYear fir Only 85 a Month V. voL..cvm OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH. 15, 1928 21 NO. 73 f ". ' CsBeeaasts"PBSSf Asesdssjee - w y- ss' MODEL v . ..' 'i i ' . ' ' ' '. " ' .' . t ' i , r- r-t. -1 SALLY CASE WILL GO TO JURY TODAY Jackson Swisher Completes .Testimony in Defene With Denial pf Charges Made by Girl; Doctor Excused (t, r SAN FRANCISCO, : March 15.- , Jackson-Swisher, charged with an assault on Mist Sally Whltcomb, .testifying In his own ' behalf today, told the jury In . Superior I Judge Michael J. Roche's., court that the reason Bally gave for staying all night at the Hotel Wilson was that she had had a row ' with liter mother. This was during his enarratlon of the events which pre xeded and accompanied the- alleged attack. Taking of evidence ended t noon and the case will go to the Oury late today. , ( , : t . Swisher denied that he had been Bntimate with Sally at any time, land said that e had met her only . lonce before the night in question. CHe declared he had -not given Sally nythlng to drink during the eve-eiing- they -were together, because ("nobody seemed to want'' what he had. Ue admitted, registering at (the Motel .Wilson as "R. O. to'Brien" when he got the room for (Bally. Swisher remained unshaken k lundbr the prosecution's cross-ex- fciminatlon. ' j DOCTOR is EXCUSED, : 1 Dr. Abelson Epsteen? who had examined Sally at a time prior to the alleged attack, was placed on . jthe witness stand to testify regard-. dng her previous physical condition. Me refused to testify on the ground that his data was "conti-,' j-dential. information.'. The court . Sustained his refusal; and the doctor was. excused. .. I Edward O'Neill, battalion chief f. the' fire department, testified by fthe proxjr of notes ot police court testimony read into the record concerning the fire in Jack Mumford's , machine, which, Swisher was driving and "which was said to have occurred' at the hoar whin Sally , charge Swisher was fh the hotel engaged in attacking her. Arthur McKejr, " garage owner, t testified that he .aided Swisher to push the turned machine , into - the Flood arage at a certain hour, further tiackirg Swisher's alibi... t , 3y NANCY BARR MAVITT. r Jackson Swisher finished testifying today, in his owa defense in his trial befor Judge Michael ,J. Roche in San Franclscq for an al-' lpged attack on Sally Whltcomb. Swisher, had been on the witness stand an hour when ' court' adjourned yesterday afternoon. ' I The word "ordeal" has been frequently used of Sally's hours on that same witness stand when v she gave her version of events at the Hotel Wilson last December. But when It comes to ordeals. It is no little parlor- game for a young man of twenty-two to an ewef charges of a particularly ugly , :fe!o.iy. with a prison 'sentence as the price of failure to .'convince the Jury ot his innocence. And there is no spring costume, no , posing for photographers, no sense of the r dramatio to help him. out; It Is safe to say that the only person Ipregent who has apparently got no : (tan out of the trial at all is Jack son Bwisner. i . KiirF.s irtnra! PTrrmmu' 1 Ho is a rather dark, worried 'young-man who says, "No!' Absolutely notl NeveH"i to the crucial I questions of Sally's charges.. He i give a naive picture, of a young 'man out on. a spree. '.. . . v- ', 1 "I had told the sister with whom 1 live that I was going to, spend kbe week-end with Jack Momford v. ilrt Burlingame," he ''testified. "But . at 6 o'clock on Sunday, morning. Jack .thought it would be a pretty lone, late-drive, so ws discussed . .staying, in town. ? By this ttme we .each. ef us had only a dollar or , two. Then I suggested that we mlgttr ' Dae to tne suite ai; tne Hotel Wilson, where I had taken Miss Whltcomb at her own request earlier in the evening, and occupy the extra . bedroom. 1 know, I jia'd. 'it's an unusual' thing, to do, but I isn't, think -she'll mind particularly.! '-' '.-'; '-.'.v',- .- . ' . The party on Sunday, which by Ealiy'a account was a. lurid orgy, was art entirely sane and proper performance from first to., last, ac- "Peking With Peggy I Us ,?."Thei Qspper has ber weocls 'when she won't take anything front anyone but try her with, platinum! Private Water System -Dried UpbyOpenTap Custodiers of Van House Left Without Supply as - Coupling Breaks. - "Nor any drop to drink" started commotion today among water customers tot A. C. van House, 1041 Mitchell street, that threat. ened to create a clamor that might reach the ears of the state railroad commission. -, ? - t With "water, water, everywhere' In' the city,- Van House manages to do a tidy little business with a private water plant and distribu tion system. .. Yesterday customers of van House found themselves without their "morning's, morning" cup ot coffee, - and the men cus tomers had to go to wor kwlthout the customary shave. ' The same condition continued today. . van House explained the sud den aridity of his water system as partly due to carelessness of some of his customers.. - Yesterday morning . a pump coupling broke, according . to Van House.- Ordinarily the tank car ries a '. reserve sufficient for such an emergencq, but Van House says some customer left a tap open all night, and the reserve supply vanished. . ' Today Vaa House had three men at work on repairs, and said his plant would function copiously before the day ended. ' OF STREETS HALTS As ai result .of protests over the extent of the assessment district involved, . the. city eounoll today rescinded proceedings under way to extend Walla' Vista and Santa Ray avenues through the Mandana Park tract, and Immediately took steps to undertake eacH street ex tension . under separate proceedings. ' '.' .- ''.-, ' -(, Commissioner Charles C. Touni argued that the cost of tire street extensions should fall upon property owners In' the tract. He da. clared he was against placing, any part. 01 the burden on oronerty owners in aajacent territory. Alter rescinding the nandlnr proceeaings, tne council, upon motion of Commissioner Kusrene K. Sturgls, voted to instruct the city ngiuer 10 prepare new and sep arate proceedings lor each . pro posed extension. The council also adontari r. olutlon 4f intention today to: improve Greenly drive from Seventy-third avenue to Field street. cordlnr ; to Swisher hotel I em ployees, and various ruasta who drifted in and out of the anart. ment during- the dav. In that re. spect it apparently .varied from some of the other parties which the defense has exhumed from Sally's engagement calendar. AAIONC THOSE PRESENT. ., Dorothy Lyman. SODhie Urban. and Mary Urban, a trio of quiet-spoken; neatly pretty young bus iness girisj wno were among those present at the Hotel Wilson entertainment, as well as , guests and bellboys - Of .the hotel, described Sally as being "sober," ."ladylike," normal . in appearance and ac tions,' and ."apparently having a good time', during the hours of the afternoon, when she declares that she Was in bed alternating between ,; periods ' of unconsciousness and screaming hysteria. 4 j uoge Kocne permitted himself 'one- of his few , relapses from glaciat dignity when' the "younger generation" seemed to be creeping up- on him from all sides. In the first place there was Leo P. Wilson, a middle-aged vaudeville . performer, who was "one of the original . newsboy, quartette."," Then there , was Miss Mary Urban, whom the judge could hardly believe to M 21 years Old when she looked a perfect IS. And then there were two. adult and married ''bellboys." I can t , take all this in it makes" me feel positively ancient," he '.remarked facetiously which Edward, Cunha, one. of Swisher's counsel,- as the.- bell "boy," . was his witness, for some reason-did not like at all. After that' the term" "bell man" was coined and scrupulously used by both sides. NIGHT CLERK CALLED. Harry I. Stafford. . defense at torney, and Assistant District- At torney JosepH . Garry had tneir dally verbal; boxing .bout in con nection with another of the hotel employees. Frank Smith, , night clerk at the Hotel Wilson, was sub-. poehaed for the prosecution at tne nrellmtnary hearing, but the na ture of his testimony at that time was such- that the defense requires his services this time. - "Frank . Smith, isn't your . real name, is r itt . Are you sure?" asked Garry. , Smith was sure., . ' , "And is Joseph Garry your true name, 'may I ask V -Btaiiora' in quired t with- some acerbity. " : "Isn't it a fact." uarrv went on, that; vou did. most of the talking In the conversation with Hchonfeld of the district attorney's omce when "You were Questioned before the .preliminary bearing 7" ;, j Smith thought It wasn t. ' ' "'That wouldn't be possible' In a conversation ' in whlch Mr. Schon-feld .was ..participating,", Stafford cut 4n. . '. ; 7. Judge Roche. called "time" on them then. . r , v '-': "I shall be. txeremely nervous,1 be' drawled, "unless you get on with this case .. ' So' there .was nothing" left to do but just that. . ( j , WDflDLA N DER'H RITES SET. . WINTERS, March 16. Funeral services , for Joseoh H... Paul,, pio hear resident of this cHy. were held In Woodland today. . Burial was in it. Joseph's cemetery. Paul was a native of Qulncy, Illinois, and tame Winters in 1872. He died Tues day, at the age . of , J t in . .Wood- laad. Minnn m Pn she Aids iiuuu iiniiiLu GOD. YOUNG'S ALTERNATE Announcement of. Personnel of Hoover Delegation , in " ' State Brings Flood of Congratulations; Party' Moves By ANTHONT K MOITORET Outstanding in the day's political developments, gleaned from the communiques from the several campaign headquarters, are these: Mominaung petitions iof Herbert Hoover, delegates in circulation. " Will C. Wood, state superin. tendcnt of banks, named as alternate for Governor C. C. Vonng as Republican delegate at large. " ' . - San Francisco Reed supporters claim sufficient signatures to pat Democratic delegation for Mls-sourian on 'ballot. ' Sniltb Democrats claim solid Philippine delegation,- and plan' organisation of women's clubs. . McAdoo' - Democrats holding parley In Fresno today to for-' ward campaign for Walsh delegates. ' Prohibition party names its delegates. , In addition to which the convass for signatures to . petitions In the two local recall movements con tlnues, with both recall headquar ters claiming the quota of names nearly reached, ' ' .. ' . '- - ' Announcement of the personnel of the Hoover, delegation .by 'the Republicans brought a response of congratulatory telegrams ana mes- sages to the Hoover headquarters in the Crocker building, San Fran cisco. '- .- ..' ....;" ... "California has become a pivotal point of Interest In the Hoover campaign," said Marshal Hale, chairman of the Northern call, iornla campaign. "The unity and strength of the, Republican. Herbert Hoover movement is clearly" evi denced" in the personnel of- this ticket." " With the petitions In circulation at various points, the total number of signatures is expected ., tot be fathered within a few days. Selection of Will C. Wood to be Governor Young's alternate wu prompted by the inclusion of both the governor and Lieutenant Governor Buron R. Fltts in the Hoove delegation and the likelihood that both will not' be able to leave the state to attend the Kansas City convention.- Wood has long been an admirer of Hoover, having been a Hoover delegate in the campaign of mo. Students at Hoover's alma mater, Stanford University, have organized the first college Hoover-for-fres-ldent club in the state. According to Robert Little, president of the Stanford Hoover club, the students exoect to extend their Influence In behalf of the distinguished alumnus beyond the university campus by urging formation of similar clubs at other institutions. -" Th. Bmlth Democrats ret' their information on the Philippine situ ation from E. J. Lambert, an exnorter and one v, Of the island delegate, who arrived in San Fran cisco yesterday. 'J. no mew lomer is the favorite candidate for the nomination at Houston, according to Lambert. .. ' '"' At a meeting of the young Men's Democratic club in San Francisco last night campaign plans were die- cussed with the . county central mmmlilM and - a movement launched for organizing Democratic women to make a houae-to-nouse canvass in. behalf, of Smith. Mrs. Val KIng will direct the 'women's campaign.;;, ; :'"' John O. Davis, of Berkeley and John P. Holland of Oakland, Walsh delegates from this district were In Fresno' today,- accompanied by George 'Creel of San Francisco, to meet with a - group of McAdoo leaders from the south! : u 0. d. Gibson and Horace A. John son, of Berkeley, are- tne aeiegaies from this district on the Prohibition nartv'a ticket, which is 'Pledged to the nomination of Daniel A. Poling for president. . The remainder ot tne ticxet, ior whom nominating petitions are now in Circulation,' comprises dames Stitt.'Uklah; George R. Fox. Mendocino; D. D. Edwards, Susanville; Mrs. Martha Brown, nenieyviue: A. R. Barnes, Lodl; R. W. Gardner, Ktnokton: Minnie lUoldtwait. U. xl, Oxendine. James E. Gleason- and H-rnerinK HMfl. : Dan x ranuisuui George McCutchen, Bakersfield; Martha C. Hard man ana . u, KiMmiii. Modesto: J. . S. Mac- Geary, Banta Cruz; Mary K. West and i George West, Atascaderoj Lucius C. Dale, Los Angeles!" Lu- man Rutty, Pomonai H. Clay Need-ham. Newhall; S. H. Kellogg. Laura McBwen.v Wiley; J. rnuups ana Alexander McBwen, Los Angeles; W. I. Hull. .Santa Monica: o, Corkhlll.- L. W. Zook, Ontario; O. U. Hull, Orange, and E. Dow Hoffr man, San Diego. - . , Dollar Debt' Cause Of Shooting Affray iSAN FRANCISCO, March IB. Harber Holmes. 1104 innes street, Is suffering from birdshot wound in the back ana no Den cone, , 45 . Hudson street, is racing charge of assault to commit murder todav as the result of a shoot- in fray which, police aay.-cli- mnv,f m. row AVr a SI debt.. AC' rnrdlnr to the do I ice Bone loaned Holmes $1 some time ago and last night as he was passing the for mer's home made an auulbie re mark.. Bone is alleged to have aone la the house. P rocured a shot run and fired upon his creditor. Holmes. was not seriously hurt. " ' BETTY? VIRGINIA. LEVY,. Lakeview student, pointing. to the cornerstone" of' the new scliool building, laid yesterday. Hundreds, of parents and representatives of district civic organizations attended the cornerstone laying and dedicatory exercises. The structure is reinforced concrete,' costing $300,000.' - - : TRIBUNE phofo. felKiilpSii ill !:tT iWPMHKi' llllill ' ylii vB llllllBIl if ym Iri I 'Jip. mS; vj pip ---JsBw 1 -lilt . -a ;.',AV. , ' 't W'WBPKs. :v..v i 111 iiss. I II1' il '"'mi9: 111111 STATE LIBRARY SACRAMENTO, March 15. Tribute to the library system In California has been paid by the Louisiana library commission which forwarded a letter received In the offices of Governor C. C Young in which the state is complimented. The letter In part states: "Califor nia -has demonstrated to the whole United' States and Great Britain how a state can organize for library service by ' bringing books - within the reach of all people, your state librarian, Milton J. Ferguson, has been called' upon to aid Louisiana, that the benefits .of your system may be derived here." ' Santa Fe Heads in 5 F.for Inspection in AN FRANCISCO., March 15. On their annual inspection tour of the .Santa Fe roilroad system,, a oartjr of officials of the Atchison, Topeka & . Santa Fe railroad, arrived in San Francisco last, night. The group is headed by A. G. Wells vice-president of the rpad, who will relinquish "his lead on eaturaay to President W. B. Storey, who la due in. that, day from Chicago. , - Other officials in tne party, are: H. E.. Ray,- general storekeeper; K. R. Stewarts,- his assistant; . M. J. Collins, general purchasing agent; F. A. McQinnls. superintendent of refrigeration: C. F. Moore, nis as sistant, and C. H. Schumacher, sec retary to the s presiaent; i. Walker; assistant remgeration expert..- - ' '- Stanford Educator . ' Attends Art Meet STANFORD) UNIVERSITY, March 15. Dr. A. B. Clark, head of the graphic-art department, is in route to Pittsburgh,. Pa., where he will attend the Federated Coun cil 'on Art. Education.' This council Is a member of the Carnegie Foundation. Nine, art organizations with three representatives each will attend the. conference, The. purpose of the organization Is to discuss art education from the kindergarten grades to the college, years. . Dr. Clark will return to the campus about March 25. ,, ; ;' Correct Signalling . Urged on Autoists 4 SACRAMENTO, March 15. Correct signalling and good Judgment on the part of motorists will do more to avert; serious automobile accidents than anything else. Chief of Police T. N, Koenlng stated today In warning motor car -drivers In this clt-yto follow traffic rules. The city is engaged in a campaign to cut accidents to a minimum snd throunh cooperation of City Police Judge Will J. Carraghar. stiff flues are being meted out to ollenqers. SYSTEM Cause of Education Dedication Ceremony Held For, Lakeview Junior High 'Oakland's '' latest educational building to be dedicated, the Lake-view Junior high school, '-will'-' be ready for the' next regular semester, according to school board plans, announced today. The' building was formally" dedicated yesterday, with cornerstone ' laying, exercises that drew,' a' large 'number 1 of parents from the school district. . ' Dedicatory exercises were participated In by members of the city board of eduoatlon,' parent-teacher associations, and several organizations. On behalf of the school hoard, President George W. Hatch congratulated the people of the district on the completion of. the fine new building, a reinforced concrete structure costing 1300,000, Mrs. 8. ,B. Newsom, president of the Lakeview ParentTTeacher , - association, spoke on -behalf of that organization, and placed an1 acorn within the cornerstone, symbolic of the sturdy growth of the child when planted firmly In a ground of .education. The articles placed within the cornerstone Included a copy of The TRIBUNE. : ' An address setting out -the ap preclation of, the students for ' the new building' was made by Clifton Sheehah,. president of the student bodyt Principal .Edgar- E... Miller of the high school urged the pupils to maintain their, fine records for scholarship and sportsmanship, and ' JOIN THE; A. M. L..A. 'J Membership in the Airplane Model - League of America,', a -national organization of model ' builders - headed by ' Commander Richard E. Byrd,- William B, Stout, and other famous airmen, costs V. OAKLAND J envelope, to: Model Airplane Contest Editor, Oakland TRIBUNE; ' :.''-';,:' Oakland, Calif. , .- . , , 1 ' f' , 1 wish to enroll In the Airplane Model League of America.' Please-send me without charge or obligation, my membership card and but-ton.-1 enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope to cover postage., - (Your -name, Age.. ........ ....v .." Sohool; and clais. ............. .. .... ' : . ' ; . .- i . '..-:' " ' I '. " y .'- i .-- . .' Home Address ....... .............) City. Phone Number................... congratulated - them1 -on-' the i fine record they had made in the old school buildings. 'i, i - . t' ' ' "Grow with'Oakland" by lnvest-bg, guided by The TRIBUNE Classified Realty Columns; ,c Odldanders Open Hearts With 'Over the Top' Gifts Special- gifts to. the Community Chest "Over the Top" fund. - , ' The persons .'listed1 bslow have subscribed, the amounts - Indicated, In addition, to : subscriptions pre-vloualy made, .In .order that the Oakland Community i Chest may "go over, the -top.". They are .-contingent upon the success of the, appeal Friday noon. - .' ' .! n ''i :." . i ."Contingent . additional . subscriptions" mayebe made y telephone. A. corps of volunteer workers will be on duty at campaign headquarters, Lakeside 5960, all' day today and today . morning to take pledges, Abbott, Carl, $25; Abraham, Ira, $100;- Alameda Co.- Title- Ins. Co., $100; Ames, J-H $250; .Anderson, Harry,,l$50; American .Trust Co., $600.' ; M - ' '.. .- "''. . Bank of Italy, $750; CentraT Na-. tlonal Bank, $1000: Oakland Bank, $1000; Bates, E. D., and Borland, A.,! $200; Baumgartner,' Mrs. A.- C, you a 2 -cent stamp. In cooperation with the league.' The Oakland lKlcUWt has arranged to run a series of articles on model airplane , building 'and to answer your questions on model plane construction. Join with : 50,000 air-minded boys-and girls tliroughout the United States, fill out the coupon below and send it, with a self-addrested, stamped ' ' , ' ' 1 printed clearly) State, (Signed), ONLY HALE AS HEAVY AS CORK STROIJO FOR Material So Feather-Lite With Heavy Object Does Not Damage Hying Model . The lightest wood known, balsa, is being used by Eastbay boys and girls in building model land TKIBUJNE. .."'.' . " h--y: Balsa is only half as heavy as t native of Ecuador, South America, where the wood grows, can pick up a great log two feet in diameter and eight or ten feet long, and cany it on his shoulder. Balsa also has the advantage of being strong, having more strength for ita weight than any other wood. ' ' - '' No other wood, according to the Airplane League of America, who is writing the model con-struction articles for The TRIBUNE, is to well raited, to construction of model planes. The introduction of balsa in 1922 revolutionized miniature aircraft building and created new mgiii duration records which were impossible with heavier woods. ." DAYS OF m FETE DECIDED SACRAMENTO, Maroh IT. Sacramento Is to have a Days' of 49 celebration and that fete will take place next year, lasting from one week to ten days. Such Was the decision arrived : at , here by members of the Sacramento Mer chants association, the 'chamber of commerce and the Whlskerlno club during the holding of a Joint meeting in the chambe of commerce building.)'-, No definite date for the celebra tion has been agreed upon as yet, but this will, be settled at another meeting to be held later. The af fair .will commemorate the -eigh tieth anniversary of the discovery ,of gold in California. This anniversary will fall on the .first of July and it has been suggested that the fete be. in the nature of a combined Days of '49 celebration and Independence Day observance. It is hoped that the new i46,oou stadium of the Sacramento Junior college will be available for - the fete as it will be completed late this summer and no school contests of any kind are scheduled . during the summer1 months; A number of motion picture concerns are -to film pictures of the gold rush and will ' stage these here -to gain the benefit of the "'49 athosphere." -. , A special oommlttee has been appointed to complete plans for the affair together with the naming of a date which will be submitted for the approval of all -members. This committee includes E. W. Florence, L. G. Brayton and H. C. Peterson. $1E0; Beardsley, Charles, $25; Be-kins Van and Storage Co.,- $100; Black, H. Spens, $250.- . : .;,, - Capwell, H. C, $250; Carlston, V. F., $260; Cavalier, Mrs. William, $300; Central Market, $200; Chest headquarters employees,-$76; Colonial Cafeteria, $100. , . V Dollar, Stanley, $250; Donahue, Hamlin ft Hayhes, $100; Donovan, John J., $50; Dunn, Dr. Robert, -$50. - - ' . ' ".' - ' " - East Bay Water Co., $5,00; Ed- wards, A. F., $60; Enman, Mrs. uj. W. , $150; Exchange club, $225. Field, E. B., $300; Fitzgerald, R. M.,i $150; Forsterer, B. A.,, $100; Fuller, W, P. ft Co., $100. , Gier.'Theo, $200; , , ' Ham, Mr. and Mrs. R. K., $100 ; Havens, Wickham Inc., $100: Haw-ley Investment Co.,' $300; Horwin-skl, Max, $50; Howard Terminal, $100; Hutchinson Co., $100. ' Jackson, H. K $500; Jones, Roscoe D., $100, Kehrlein, Oliver, $1000; Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. A. C, $60; King Estate, C. H.,' $250;- Kiwanls olub, $100; Koenlg ft Kroll, $100; Know-land, Joseph R $1000. ' i Laundry - Owners", Association, $100; Lesser, J. H., $200; Lions' club, $200; Lorimer, W. J $50; Lyon Fireproof . Warehouse;, $100. Maiden, Mrs. Bruce, $80; Man-helm ft Mazor, $50; Maxwell, John F $100: Mtchels. Mrs. H. H., $100; RfOler. Harry East, $250; Moore, Mrs. L. F., $50; Morris, Ben,-$60; Mosbacher. B'. L.. $60. ,5 i - - Oakland Meat and Packing Co., $50; Oakland Title Ins. Co.. $100; Oliver, Edwin L $350; Overton, W. S., $50. "-k .-.-,v:. '...-.,., .- Pendleton, Ben H., $100; Phil Hps. Frank D.. $10. Reed,' Fred E., $50; Relnhard, 8, E., $100; Requa, Mark, $100; Robinson, Harrison, $50; Roth- ganger. Mrs. George, $25. Scheeltne, Louis, $60; Emltt. J. E., $100; Struble, C. J. . Tasherla. A. G., $50; Taylor, James P., SZO; Teslo, Louis J $50; Thomas, Dr. Hayward, $25; Tru man Undertaking Co., $50, -Wachs,- Harold, $100; Waren skjold. A'., $50; White & Pollard, $50; Williams. E. W., $50; Wood Fred T. Co., $50. Yafrer Sheet Metal Co., $50; Fur pee, Walter J., $10: enipl' Oliver CntlnuoiiH Ki'ior (.' H. P. Win-.Kn. t' F'p yee ! CnMar c : ' - t I . I... . , . . II TKat Collision airplanes described in the Oak cork. In fact, it ia so light that Merrill Hamburg, secretary, of Balsa wood is useo ior otner pur- poses,' however, tnan consirucuun of model aircraft. The big, light rafts that rest on the" decks of ocean liners are made ofT&alsa. The floats that connect the lifelines at bathing beaches, surf boards and the, "brick" that bounces- off a moxlng' picture 1 comedian's ( head are. of balsa, r ,.,''-;,,,,.,;' ;, V, ; Like most light . woods, balsa woods beoause of its structure. If you were to put it under the microscope, you'd see that it Is made up ot large ceils witn exiremeiy mm walls. Ninety-two per cent ot the total volume ot the wood is dead air. " ; -h. ' Like ; most Ukht Woods,- baisa grows quickly. Within five months it grows from a seedling to a stalwart young tree nearly 10 . feet high. By nine months It is 20 feet high and at four years, when It is cut and sent down the rivers to be shipped over the world. It Is commonly two feet thick and from 40 to 60 feet high. The tree looks like the 'North American cotton-wood, with large leaves and smooth bark. It is buff in color and velvety and smooth to !th touch. Because balsa Is so light. Indoor models which. Eastbay boys and girls build with it, are not harmed by-striking against a. wall, chair or other piece of furniture. Nor can - the models - break a . pane of glass. . - , ' .... .. .... Do not grab a balsa moaei wnen it is flying swiftly and apparently headed for a collision witn some heavy object The model or object cannot be damaged by the impact, but you may wreck your plane by seizing it roughly. Before you .-even start to nuiia your ' first model, don't forget to send your application ror memDer- shlp to the Airplane Model Leatrue of America to The TRIBUNE. Re member, you must be a member of the A. M. L. A. to compete In the model flying contest which this paper is going to hold early in June, Remember, also, that winners of the junior and senior clashes In the air meet will be sent by The TRIBUNE, with expenses paid to Detroit to participate in- a national model riving contest on June iv and 30. . . Fill out the coupon published In an adjoining eolumn. Adrires an envelope to yourself and attach a two-cent stamp -to the envelope. Then put the coupon and self-addressed, stamped envelope In another envelope and send it to. the Airplane Model Contest, Editor, Oakland TRIBUNE. Oakland, Calif. N. Sacramento Court ' Has Busiest Day - NORTH SACRAMENTO, Mnrch 15. With a total of $768 In flnrs collected here Tuesday, - the local police court registered one of its busiest - days on record. , Of this sum $285 resulted, from epeediitg fines while three - reckless drivern added $226. Two men were found guilty ot possession ot liquor and were fined $225. . - . "What Iof' that irli-cs intr i I r "V- t 0 ; r.

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