Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 26, 1918 · Page 14
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 14

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1918
Page 14
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14 WEDNESDAY ElVENING -DENTISTS Cont'd. -A BAREE, DR. W. IL, 415-18 Oakland Rank Bldg. Oakland 1412. ..,, USD DR. HARRY CALVIN. 410 DaWel . Bldg. Oakland 533. -tv McCABE, DR. W H.. Federal Realty Bldg Oakland 944. ' - v, MEEK. DR. C. A.. 403-4-5-6 First National Bank- Bldg.. Berkeley. Berkeley MEEK, DR. H. G., 1327 Broadway. Oak- MUTCHMOR, DR. A. A.. 602 Dalziel Bldg. Lakeside 42. . n OAKLAND DENTAL PARLORS, Dr O. R. Hunter, 1007 Broadwaji. . Oakland 3820 PROSSER, DR. J. LEE, 1307. Broadway. OaklamT3M4r" . ,, RIDEOUT. DR. W. E., Oakland Bank or Savings Bldg. Oakland 2242; Residence. Berkeley 1519. . , , SCHMIDT. DR. CARL W.. Rooms 301-2-3 . Oakland Bank of Savings Bldg. Oakland 3501. n.f-STOW, DR. F. L,, Successor to Boston Dental Co., 130S Washington bt. OaK- YAWATA DR. T.. 518 8th St. Oakland DEPARTMENT STORES CAPWELL. H. C. CO., Hth and Clay. Oakland 2282. , KAHN BROTHERS. Rroadway. Htn ana San 'Pablo Ave. Lakeside '-l. SCHLUE'iER. A. & CO., Washington at 13th St. Oakland 3S5S. WH1TTHORNE & SWAN, Washington St. at 11th. Oakland 841. DESIGNERS LADIES'. GOWNS FRENCH SHOP, THE, 327 Hth St. Oakland S56. DOCKS AND WAREHOUSES HOWARD CO., 1st and Market. Lakeside 27. Rail and Waterfront Facilities. DRAYMEN HENNEBERRY, JAS.. 467 4th. Oakland MERCHANTS EXPRESS AND DRAY-AGE CO.. 424 9th OaWand do. MOUTREY AUTOMOBILE CO.. W. L. Hardy, Mgr., Ma Office, 50U0 Broadway. Piedmont fcMW. MU1H, MRS. R.. 419 4th. Oakland 506. oftESSMAKINCSCHOOLS E. D. M. DRESSMAKING SCHOOL, 1581 Franklin. OaKiaiw -" DRUG STORES ABREU. J. A.. 1417 23d Ave. Frultvaie ALAMEDA PHARMACY. F. Binder, Prop., 1305 Park St., Alameda. Alameda ALCATRAZ PHARMACY, G. W. -Kates. Prop., 6398 Telegraph. Piedmont lo9. AFPLETON. G. W., 4029-31 Piedmont Ave. Piedmont 3470, ,T,,.ini7 i.niDMiPT. T. M. Teass. Prop.. 1963 San Pablo Ave., cor -0th. Oakland 2asu. , BAY PHARMACY. W. C. Co son, Prop.. 2000 San PaDlo Ave. Berkeley o419. ISOERICKE & RUN YON CO., U00 Broad- way. Oakland 2942, Homeopathic Phar- BOWMAN DRUG CO.. INC.. 1301 Broad-. way. Oakland 733. Also Photo Supplies. CENTRAL PHARMACY. F. Glando. Prop., 4659 Te.cgraph Ave, Piedmont 21u. CLARK, S. H., 2579 San Pablo Oakland CLEMENT. GEO. C, 2551 San Pablo Ave Lakeside 219. Eastman Kodaks and CORNER" DRUG STORE E. E. SV Prop., E. 14th and Frultvale Ave. Frultvale 27. FARLEY'S PHARMACY, Bancroft and Telegraph, Berkeley. Berkeley 6I06. McCRACKEN PHARMACY, Adeline and Harmon. Piedmont 3S3. NORMAL PHARMACY. A. Fornerls & Co.. 735 Washington. Oakland 2aoO. OAK PHARMACY, E. J- Griesche. Prop., 5674 College Ave. Piedmont .219. PIEDMONT DRUG CO., A. L. Leber. Prop., 354 Highland Ave. Piedmont 1H. Piedmont Patronage. KEllS DRUG STORE. Geo. St. John. Prop., cor.-Telegraph and Durant. Berkeley 1910; Berkeley 8833. SANDELIN DRUG CO.. 1702 7th St. Oak land 413'. .3lHUli;mPU mi. . STICKNEY'S PHARMACY. 3653 Tele graph Ave. P4ertmont u-i. DRUGGISTS AND OPTICIANS ECKHARDT. E. W., 9601 E. Hth. Elm-hurst 74. DRY GOODS KIMWOi ill I'KY. uo io tu., inio " Ave.. Berkeley. Berkeley 620 HEROLDS DRV GOODS STORE, also Men's Furnishings. 2502-4 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley. Berkeley 1891. WOODS, W. J., 4590 E. 14th. Frultvale 130. E ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES AND TRANSFORMER MANUFACTURERS WESTERN TRANSFORMER CO.. 329 E. 18th St. Mrritt 2788. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS AND ENGINEERS invik-PK Wf.KCTRIf! CO.. 172 12th St. noiianH 19:,. Industrial Power and Lighting Installations. BLUNDON & MAUGRI. 2000 Telegraph KJN'O'S ELECTRICAL CO., 405 Oakland Bank of Savings UKlg. uaaianu , ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, FIXTURES AND OWKI-U1E3 ANDREWS ELECTRIC, 4500 E. 14th. Frultvaie 1233. 9265 E. 14th. Elmhurst 63 BAY ELECTRIC CO.. Nagle Bros., 674 20th St. Oakland 1720. HOPKINS. N. C. 1431 23d' Ave. Frult- PIMONT ELECTRIC CO., S978 Piedmont Ave. Piedmont 361. . ELECTRIC POWER ( GREAT WESTERN POWER CO., F. H. Woodward, Mgr., 1700 Broadway. Lakeside 300. ELECTRIC RAILWAYS SAM FRANC I SCO -OAK LAND TERMINAL RYri.. Key System. Office 22d and Grove. Piedmont 4127. ELECTRICAL SIGN MFGRS. PRISM ELECTRIC SIGN CO., 1915 Broadway. OaKland 4107. Build Ten Dll-forrnt Kinds of Signs. ELECTROLYSIS MURDOCK. MRS. UNDINE, 813 Union Sagvs. Bank Bldg Oakland 666. ELECTROTYPE PLATES ACME ELECTROTYPE CO., 306 12th 8t. Lakeside 338. Also Multigraph Plates. ELEVATORS OTIS ELEVATOR CO.. H. T. Johnson, Mgr., 333 13th St. Oakland gsnn. EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES BROWN, MRS. T. II., 1455 Franklin. LakeUde 820 NELSON. MRS. A. I... 1512 Broadway. T.kest(lf 1.138. PEOPLE'S EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, Ed Johnson. Mgr. 419 15th St. Oakland 4405, Lakeside 1376. Hotels and Hes - tnurants a i-peclalty, SUCCESS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, 411 15th St. Oakland 737. Y. W. C. A. BUSINESS AGENCY, 1515 Webster. Lakeside 2456. ENGINEERS CIVIL BEUQLER ft BOARDMAN, First National Bank Bldg. Oakland 2985. VANDER NA1LLEN ENGINEERING CO., 151J Broadway, Oakland 4916. Map Publishers. ENGINEERS CONSULTING HENN1NGSEN ENGINEERING CO., Rooms 811, 312 and 313, Security Bank Bldg. Lakeside 846. ENGRAVERS JONES. ED. ft CO., ,906 Broadway, Oakland 2090. Manufacturers Rubber Stamps, Badges, Seals. Etc. EXPRE83 AND STORAGE DEPOT AUTO EXPRESS TRANSFER CO., 2404 Lincoln Are. Office and Residence Alameda 1627. Auto Service. PIEDMONT EXPRESS.. 4082 Piedmont ,'Ave. j Piedmont 3981; Residence, Piedmont 2104-W. SANTA FE EXPRESS ft DRAYING CO., 672 9th St.. City Office, 1096 Main St. Onklnnd R64, Also I "raying. F rtNCB DEALERS AND CONTRACTORS Standard fence co, no 12th st. Oakland 476. Factory, Iron D.d Wire Fences, Wlr Product FISH AND OYSTER DEALERS-WHOLESALE WESTERN CALIFORNIA FLSH CO.. 508 5th St. Oakland 7783, Oakland 8161, Oakland 2341. FISH AND POULTRY MARKETS LONG'S MARKET OF ALAMEDA, 1333 Park St. Alameda 304. Canned Goo. FIVE, TEN AND FIFTEEN CENT STORES WOOLWORTH, F. Wr. CO., 2178 Phat-.tuck Ave., Berkeley. Berkeley 9152. FLOORS AND FLOORING . INLAID FLOOR CO., 4067 Watts Piedmont 581. St. FLORISTS BAY CITY FLORISTS, Mr. S. Garese, Prop., 484 7th St. Oakland 349. COLLEGE AVENUE FLORISTS, 5676 Cnllge Ave. Piedmont 2-70. MORI. FLORISTS, 1510 Clay St. Oakland 765. SANBORN, H. M. CO.. 1325 Broadway. Oakland 575. SEN DA FLORISTS, 2271 E. 14th St. Frultvale 1052. FLOUR MILLS-PHOENIX MILLING CO.. 3rd and Grove Sis. Lakeside 801. FOUNDRIES BLOCK BRASS FOUNDRY', foot of Den-nison. Fruitvale 394. EMPIRE FOUNDRY CO., 429 3d St. Oakland 3703. KUNE. WM. E., MANUFACTURING CO., 2319 Union St. Oakland 1562. Brass Work. MACaLXaY, H. C. FOUNDRY CO., 6th and Carlton Sts., Berkeley. Berkeley 2911'. Also Pattern Shop. PEERLESS FOUNDRY CO., Oak and Clement Sts. Alameda 2298. FRUIT AND PRODUCE ASHBy FRUIT SUPPLY CO., 3001 Grove St., Berkeley. Berkeley 6672. CRESCENT FRUIT MARKET, 1301 Park St., Alameda. Alameda 2189. SCHAEFFER, 0 & CO.. 1407 Park St.. Alameda. Alameda 28. FRUIT AND PRODUCE WHOLESALE BONORA, BOTTO & GIRETTO CO., 400 Franklin. Oakland 0921. BRUZZONE BROS. & CO.. 407 2d St. Oakland 1009. GARCIA & COSTA, 320-322 Franklin St. Lakeside 1456. OAKLAD FRUIT & PRODUCE CO., INC., 219 Franklin St., Oakland 138. , ,v .... FUEL AND FEED GO RIB, EDWIN T., 3409 Telegraph Ave, Piedmont d44. . . PETERSEN, ED. E , 2248-50 E. 14th St. Fruitvale 228. ROBERTS, CHARLES CO., S138 35th Ave. Fruitvale 464. High Grade Coal, Hay and Feed. UREY. FRANK, 720 Union St. Oakland 1 456. Also Baggage and Express. FUEL. FEED AND ICE DEALERS LUBBEN. JOHN G.. 17Q1-13 Webster St. Alameda 500. , FURNITURE GILCHRIST FURNITURE CO., se. cor. 13th arid Clay Sfs. Oakland 2244. - HUNTER, R. J., Est. 1SST,21:.6 Telegraph Ave. Oakland 3735, Expert Cabr lnetmaker, Genuine Antique Mahogany, Furniture and Upholstering. FURNITURE ANTIQUE PIERCE'S OLD FURNITURE SHOP, 2015 Allston Way. Berkeley 4469. Old Furniture and Household Goods. FURNITURE NEW AND SECONDHAND BERCOVICH, E. & CO., 631-533 8th St. Oakland 6989. BRIDGES FURNITURE CO., 405 8th St. Oakland 7914. MARSHALL FURNITURE CO., 2321 San Pablo Ave. Lakeside 173. PACIFIC COAST FURNITURE POLISHING WORKS, M. W. Irving. Prop., 1612 Webster St., Alameda. Alameda 3505. Polishing and Upholstering. SINAI, E , 611 Broadway. Oakland 709. Agent for Granwood Stoves and Ranges. STANDARD MERCANTILE CO., M. Stein. Prop., 641 11th St.. cor. Clay. Oakland 2083. Also Office and Store Fixtures. WHITTO, B. J., 1123 Clay. Lakeside 153. FURNITURE AND WOOD WORKS LINDEN, JOHN, FURNITURE WORKS, 450-452 24th St., Oakland 266. Repolish-Inir f nd fln'hinir. FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS PECK & HILLS FURNITURE CO., 505 Hubbard St.. Emeryville. Piedmont 646. WHITE. M. O., Prop, 2308 Grove. Oak-lflnd 745, A 'o ltTajring FURRIERS ANDERSOy, MME. SOPHIE, 623 15th St. Iakeside 4922 OAKLAND FURRIER. Geo. Foldesy, Prop.. 531 16th St. Oakland 4035. SAN FRANCISCO FURRIERS, 1528 San Pablo Ave. Lakeside 1321. SEATTLE" FUR CO.. Est. IS90. 1719 San Pablo Ave. Oakland 9334. Mfr. European and Domestic Furs. GARAGES ALLEN'S OARAGE, 1512 University Ave. Herneiev 4:ijt. ALTON OARAGE, F. P. Crowe, Prop 4143 Rroadwav Piedmont 8320 BERTHELSEN'S GARAGE. . 2fl!5 San Pablo Ave. Berkeey 2439. Goodrich Tire Servlr Station' BLAKE STREET OARAGE. R. W. Carb- nei, Joseph F. Sohllz, Props., 2U6 Blake St. Berkeley 478. BROADWAY GARAGE. William F Wright. Prop., 2015 Broadway. Oakland 662. COIXEOE AVENUE OARAOE, F. W. Burger, Prop., 6325 College Ave. Piedmont 192. DURANT AVENUE OARAOE. 243T Durant. Berkeley 471. 1918 Hudson Super Rix for Rent. EMERYVILLE OARAGE, 4S00 Pan Pablo Ave. Piedmont 416. Authorized Ford Agcy. ENi'lNAL OARAGE. 1411 Sherman St. Alameda 1! FOOTHILL GALaOT;, Boulevard and ."5th Ave. Fruitvale "n6. . FKAZIER GAKA.ii;. 3J41 Foothill Blvd. Fruitvale 463. Everything for the Auto IMPERIAL GARAGE AND SUPPLY CO, 1426 Franklin St.. 1433 Wehster St. 1-nkesldo 2200. Also Auto Supplies. LINCOLN GARAGE AND SALES CO., 4011 EMth St. Fruitvale 298. OAKLAND GARAGE. Lloyd Bros., Props., 1425 Alice. Lakeside 1533. PAVILION OARAOE, 24th and Harrison Sts. Oakland 4407. SANTA FE OARAGE AND REPAIR SHOP, 5512 Grove Ft. Piedmont 910. SHATTUCK GARAGE. W A. Ship. Prop , 2059-2061 Alloton. Berkeley 914. SUNSET GARAGE. 1716 Webster Alameda 1405. T & D GARAGE, H. A. Oser. Prop.: Ed. Halstc.l. Mgr.; 2132 Kittrldge. Berkeley 5270. Also Repairing TECHNICAL GARAGE,' 4100 Broadway. Piedmont l.h WESTERN MOTORS CO., Broadway at 24th. Oakland 1234 ' WHITE GARAGE, 1436 Webster. Lake Ojo nepniHne GARAGE AND MACHINE SHOPS LAKESIDE GARAGE AND MACHINES . WORKS. 416-18-20 23d St., near Broadway. Lakeside 78. MEADE'S GARAGE- AND AUTO EXCHANGE, 637 18th St., Oakland Lake- side 57. Buying Rnd Selling Used Auto GAS AND ELECTRIC SPECIALTIES WOODS. CREIGHTON & MORRIS. INC.. 316 12th St Oak and ..5'. GAS ENGINES UNION GAS ENGINE CO.. Boehmer and Canal. Fruitvale 128. Marine and Stationary. ' GAS ENGINES AND OIL PRODUCTS MAUFACTURERS STANDARD GAS ENGINE CO..' Dennl. son and King St Fniltvalo 140 GENERAL MERCHANDISE MARKS, A., S163 Filbert Piedmont 967. Groceries. GLASS AND MIRRORS COBBLEDICK - KIBBE GLASS CO. Washington at 3d St, Oakland 6050.' f',l for H.ilMln.? f'nnrn.-'t.on. GLOVES, UMBRELLAS. HOSIERY AND CORSETS , MOSS OLOVE HOUSE. Lavenson & Ron- varlnlr 1 Oil TIT L. I rt s . . land 3433. GLOVES WHOLESALE CLmTBIAOliOVH CO 1U0 Broadway, GROCERIES - 1 ACME GROCERY. A. De Juren, Prop . 934 Central. Alameda 489. 1917 Pacific. Alameda 1306. Walnut and Encjnjrt. Al'iinuiln 4W-1U .1 ....... J ' . auams; E., aioi Teiegrapn Ave. uaiana ALDEN GROCERY. L. E. Pushard, -6132 Shattuck. Piedmont 882. A.NGELI, G., 2601 Grove. Oakland 192. Also Wines and Liquors. ATHENS GROCERY AND-CONFECTIONERY. 24th and Harrison Sts. Oakland 3867. BERTOLA, A., 1452 12th St. Oakland 3534. Also Fruits. ' BEST GROCERY, TPIE, C. E. King, Prop., 2300 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley 2551. BISGARD. S. C, GROCERY. 3936 Car- tngton-tst, truitvale Zii BROWN. THE GROCER, E. 14th and 37th Ave. Fruitvale 201. BURKE, J. E., 1849 E. 21st SL Merrltt 4278. CALIFORNIA GROCERTERIA, 2165 Shattuck Ave.l Berkeley. Berkley 348. CALIFORNIA GROCERTERIA, 1448 San Pablo Ave. Oakland 4506. CALIFORNIA GROCERTERIA. 5631 College-Aye. Berkeley. Piedmont 727. CAMPBELL, W. HARRY, CO., Oalkand and Santa Clara Aves. Lakeside 905. CENTRAL GROCERY, 5364 College Ave. Piedmont 2019. ; COKSO. JOS., 2400 San Pablo. Berkeley 0901. DAVENPORT. H, A.. & CO., 2113 Vine St., Berkeley. Berkeley 9541. DELL'CCHI BROS., 725 Wood St. Oakland 1673. EDWARDS' CASH GROCERY. 1901 University Ave Berkeley 3130. EKONOMIE GROCERY CO., 911-13 Washington. Lakeside 843. EKONOMIE GROCERY CO., 2431 Bancroft. Berkeley 624. EKONOMIE GROCERY CO., 1347 Grove. Berkeley 3937. EKONOMIE GROCERY CO., 2940 Linden. Oakland-3 133. ELLISON, T., 6227 14th St. Frultvale 678. ELMWOOD GROCERY, THE,. 2649 Ash- bv. Berkeley 6776 and Berkeley 6777. FERNANDES, A, 1806 E. 14th St. Merrill 269S. FRIEDMAN, E.. 840 20th St. Lakeside 1012. FRUITVALE MERCANTILE CO., 2685 Fruitvale. Fruitvale 506. FULLEN, G. L., 1531 San Pab'.o Ave. Berkeley 4285. graph Ave. Oakland 956, Gardner Bros.. 1429 Hieh St. Alame da 598; .Alameda 3512. Also Fruits and Vegetables. G1ANNOTTI GROCERY", 418 45th St. Piedmont 879. G1FFORD GROCERY CO., W. D. Gifford, Mgr., 2247 23d Ave. Frultvale 37. Also Fuel and Feed GOLDBERG. BO WEN & CO., C. L. Badt, Mgr.. 477 13th. Lakeside 7P00. GREEN. A.-W., 1008 E. loth St. Merrltt 5755. Electric Vacuum Cleaner Rented by Day. HADLEN. CHAS., 947 University Ave. Berkeley 71. HARRISON CASH GROCERY, 14th and Harrison St. Lakeside 2045. HAUCH'S MODEL GROCERTERIA, 1411 I'ark St. Alameda 150. HOLMES, W. T., 2135 47th Ave. Fruit. vale 247. HOltTON. G. F 3930 Hopkins St. Frultvale 1.161. JOLIA'MOUR, B. M., 1300 High St.. Alameda. Alameda 596. JONES. C. R. & .SONS. 5941 Grovs St.! Piedmont 649. LAKE MERRITT GROCERY. Geo. and O. W. Wigglesworih, Props., 106 E, 14th St. Mertitt 847; LEKOS BROS., 1678 7th St., Oakland 2963. Also Fruit and Poultry. I LITTLE COTTAGE GROCERY STORE,' J. R. Moody. Prop.. 601-3 Jones St. Lnkesldo 1871. LOOMER'S GROCERY. 1698 12th St. Oakland 3427. Bakery Goods, Notions, Toys, Stationery. MARZAN. A . GROCERY, 1952 23d Ave. Fruitvale 1115. MULLER BROS., Bay St. and Santa Clara Ave. Alameda 463. NATIONAL GROCERY, J. H. Nobmann, Mgr., II Uh and Enclnal. Alameda 444. NEW KEY ROUTE CAflH GROCERY, 2933 Market. Oakland 6224. NORTH GATE GROCERY CO., L. F. Flaherty, 2U76 Claremont Ave. Berkeley OAKIiAND GROCERY CO., C. F., Both-well, Prop., 2553 Grove St. Oakland 701; Oakland 702. , OWL GROCERY CO., THE, 8240 E. 14th St. Fruitvale 970. I'ATEY GROCERY, 1364 Park SL Alameda 458 and 459. REIPT & K1TTO, 424 38th St. Piedmont 286. RUSSELL STATION STORE, Mrs. C. H. White, Prop., 2900 Ellsworth. Berneiey 5.1.12. SCH AERTZER, JOS. P., 2231 Frultvale Ave. Fruitvale 601. SCI1LKNKER, GEORGE, 5908 San Pablo Ave. Piedmont 3.1. Sll L, S .1. & Co., 2145 University, Berkeley 5201. , . SILVERMAN. M., 3084 Claremont Ave. Berkeley 1758. STANLEY, MRS. C, 648 9th. Oakland 5848. SUNSET GROCERY CO., THE, 1209 Broadway. Lakeside 5500. TAKISHITA, Y. & CO., 1607 Park SL Alameda 1457. TELEGRAPH AVENUFJ GROCERY, 2224 Telegraph. Oakland 1989. THOIiBL'KiVS GROCERY", 1741. Cedar St. Berkeley 4221. WHITE, C. H., 2900 Ellsworth St. Berkeley- .1.102. WINTER. EMIL, 5701 Shattuck Ave. Piedmont 4.23. WiPE. J. 810 E. 16th St. Merrltt 176 Tohrii'fo anil Candies. ,VOOIVOHTH GROCERY, 1046 12th St Lakeside 2119 GR09ERIES AND DELICATESSEN PF.DERSEN. A.. 3446 Market SL Piedmont 105. ' GROCERIES AND LAUNDRY SUPPLIES KRACKH ft BRUNJH, 2117 Broadway. Oakland 244. GROCERS NND MEATS . CAMPLIN. B. J. CO., INC.. 318 14th (it lakeside 525 and 526. CROWELl.'S MARKET, 1600 Delaware St. Berkeley 6115. DEWEY MARKET, George McDermott, 1242 12th Ave. Merrltt 391. FRNST, P. II, 72 4Mh. Piedmont 973. TOSt'ANO. P. N, 1048 7th St. Oakland 1378. II HAIR DRESSING PARLORS BLOEDEL, MISS M A., 1429 Broadway, Rooms 3 and 4, First National Bank Building Annex. Oakland 3154. COSGKOVE'S HAIR STORE, 2359 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley 430, CO.V .-OKNER BEAUTY PARLORS, Mrs. M. lister, Prop., 3030 Claremont. Berkeley 3150. MARVIN'S HAIR DRESSINO STORE, 1210 Washington St. Branch, Kahn's Department Store. Oakland 243$. HAIR REMOVERS KI-KO PERMANENT HAIR REMOVER, 414-15 Thayer Bldg.. 577 14th St. Lake. aila 47?1 TnfiLivl PnmnvAa Runa,. fl'ious Hair Permanently Without Eleo- tri.Mtv HAIR SPECIALISTS ALBERT. LOUISE, 304 Dalilel Bldg. Oakland 1240. Harper Method, Shampooing and Scalp Treatment. HALLS ' ALBANY CITY HALL, 1045 Main SL, Albany. Berkeley 947. AUDITORIUM, O. B. Keefe, Mgr., 12th and Fallon Sts. Lakeside 8600. FORESTERS' HALL. 1216 Clay 8t. Lake. s de 1719. Residence, Piedmont 7828. Hall for All Purposes. SInR p.rK.,NvtH,Ai'I'h um'"1!!1"' f.'O First National Bank Bldg. Oak- land 440. Fourteenth and Castro Sts. Oakland 2695. Hall for Rent for All 'iTnitivnn, UNION CARPENTERS' HALL, l2:h SL Oakland 754. . 761-763 HARDWARE A TOOLS CENTRAL HARDWARE, H. C. Parkin- son. Prop., 2010 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley. Berkeley 410. CLAREMONT HARDWARE STORE, N. M. Russell, Prop., 6216 College Ave. Piedmont 8463. EMERYVILLE HARDWARE ft TOOL CO., 39th and Kan Tablo. Piedmont H.UON B., HARDWARE CO , iw, cor. 7th and Broadway. Oakland 2.57. WKST BERKELEY HARDWARE CO. IV t I II. iw.i ,T, .. 1 , . i.iivim'.b, , ivu,. ivi; university, Ave B.rld'lev 475? ' HARNESS AND SADDLERY Wl'ESCHEIl, FRED. 2522 E. 14th St. .,,i,)v(H 4yy Auto Accessories; ' HATTERS BBRTTLUON, LEADING HATTHBw ttit Broadway Oakland, 17J2. OablanD Ctffiune HAT BLOCKING AND CLEANING BERTILLION, LEADING HAlTER, 1321-1323 Broadway. Oakland 1729. NEW YORK HAT WORKS, Joa Sukk, Tw 101 C TaL-aoMa 11Q1 i 1WL... OOX 11(1 Dl, JWma.w AAV. HAY, GRAIN AND FEED FARMERS' HAY AND GRAIN EXCHANGE, 09 Clay St. Oakland 6565. Also Poultry Supplies. I HEATING AND VENTILATING SCHMITT. GEO.. 1515 Franklin St. Oakland 2223. HERBALISTS KONG WAN HERB CO., Dr. ..an Fong, 648 8th St. .Oakland 3767. FGO-W I NO -HER H-CO.r 3038 Telegraph Ave. Oakland 2934. ' HOMES HOME FOR AGED AND INFIRM COLORED PEOPLE, 5245 Harrison SL Frultvale 734. ALTENHEIM, THE, 1720 Hopkins St. Merrltt 602. HOSPITALS MERRITT HOSPITAL, THE, Hawthorne & 'Webster. Piedmont 110. OAKLAND MATERNITY HOSPITAL, 157 CnrrtH Ave. Oakland 2693. PROVIDENCE HOSPITAL, Broadway and 26th St. Lakeside 4874. ROOSEVELT HOSPITAL.' L. A. Martin, M. D., Mgr., Dwlght Way and Milvia. Berkeley 133 Also Nurses' School. ST. ANTHONY'S HOSPITAL, 1537 Jackson St. Oakland 1809. HOTELS' ANGELUS, THE, Mrs. E. A. Craven, Met. ItnS Webster. Oakland 39.4 BERKELEY INN, Haste St. and Tele- eraoh Ave.. Berkeley. Berkeley 370. BRAEMAR HOTEL. Mrs. I. J. Bryant and Miss J. G. Ure, Props., 2417 Le-conte Ave. Berkeley 6650. COAKLKY HOTEL. A. Proctor, Mgr., 574 16th St. Lakeside 333. CRESCENT HOTEL, 1300 Park St Al nmeda 1375. FAIRLAWN HOTEL. Frultvale Ave. and Gallndo St. Fruitvale 425. Family Hotel. GENOVA HOTEL. T. rorro, Prop., 600 Clay St. Lakeside 1835. Te'aph Ae. e'7"' Prop., 2039 Shattuck. Berkeley 4929. HOTEL CARLTON. N. W. Gray, Prop.. . 2318 Telegraph Ave.. Berkeley. Berkeley 6964. HOTEL CLAY-TEN. 10th and Clay. Lakeside 3640. HOTEL CRAIL, MRS. C. W. Baker and Miss M. F. Snodgrass, 'Props., Z109 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley bt84. HOTEL MENLO, J3th and Webster Sts. Lakeside 725. . HOTEL METROPOLE, 13th and Jefferson. Oakland 5746. Family Hotel. HOTEL OAKLAND, W. C. Jurgens, Mgr., 13th and Harrison. Lakeside 100. HOTEL OAKS. J. H. Schuur, Mgr., 687 16th St. Lakeside 792. HOTEL REX. P. R. Clare, Mgr., 823 Washington. Oakland 6127. HOTEL SHATTUCK. Shattuck Ave. and Allston St. Berkeley 7300. HOTEL STAG. Gus Johnson. Prop.. San Pablo Ave. and Coallnga Blvd. Berke-1 i)4rvn-.T-2 Motnrine. Try Our Cel ebrated Chicken and Clubhouse Sand-wirheii HOTEL SUTTER, 14th St cor Jefferson St, Lakeside 1620. HOTEL TOURAINE, G. B. Mclnroy. Mgr.. 16th and Clay sts. L,aKesiae nw. ITALIA HOTEL, 328 Broadway. Oak land 3350. Also Bar. t PARK HOTEL. J. F. Furgesonr-.Prei)., 1477 Park Ave, Piedmont ozz. HOUSE FURNISHINGS CHERRY'S INCORPORATED, oB7 14tn near Clay. OaKland ewiv I ICE AND COLD STORAGE CENTRAL IUE DELIVERY, 1025 Frultvale Ave. Fruitvale 400. ICE CREAM MANUFACTURERS MILLER CREAMERY CO., 2941 Broadway. Oakland 111. . . NATIONAL ICE CREAM CO., 3d and Cypress. Oakland 16. ICE CREAM PARLORS BILL'S ICE CREAM STORE, 1759 16th. Lakeside 2546. ' Also Candy and Cigars. INK MANUFACTURERS CALIFORNIA INK CO.. 3d and Camella. Iterke.ey 1656. INSURANCE, AUTOMOBILE INDIVIDUAL UNDERWRITING CORP., J. H. Maclaffcrty, Agt.. 714 1st National Bank Bldg. Oakland 4578. INSURANCE, CASUALTY AND INDEMNITY GLOBE INDEMNITY CO"., S. E. Jackson, Agt., First National Bank Bldg. Lakeside 563. INSURANCE FIRE AETNA FIRE INSURANCE CO., Jno. A. Backwlth, 113(1 Broadway. Oakland 3523. CLAY. HOTCHKISS & SCHROETER. 15th and Washington Sts., 202-3 Plaza HMf I nkeside 4.1i5. VANCE. ESSIE S.. 812 Union Savings Bank R dir 'Oakland 7302. VULCAN FIRE INSURANCE CO. OF oa ifi.AKn riAv Hotrhklsa & Schroe leV. Agts., 'l5th and Washington, 202-3 Plaza Bldg. Lakeside 4..65. INSURANCE FIRE AND AUTOMOBILE HOME INSURANCE CO. OF N. Y.. R. H Magill, District Mgr.. 503-4 Syndicate Bldg. Oakland 117. INSURANCE GENERAL C1LAY, HOTCHKISS & SCHROETER, 16th and Washington, 202-3 Plaza Bldg. IxikpnIHA 4ftK.V - f: KERR & McCANDLISH, Room 605 Union Savings Bank Bldg. lakeside 2800. PERRY. E. M 306 Plaza Eldg. Lakeside 91. WRIGHT P. BRUCE, First National Bank Bldg. Oakland 28,7. INSURANCE LIFE MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. - OF N. Y.. W. A Wann. Sunt.. Union Sav ings Bank Bltl. Oakland 3543. Oakland Branch. UNION CENTRAL LIFE INSURANCE CO., II. 8. Bell. District Mgr., First Na tional Hank Bldg. lakeside 2993. INVESTMENTS TAYLOR. A. D., 216 First National Bank Bldg Lakeside 780. Municipal, corporation and Liberty Bonds at Latest Mart kt Quotations. IRON WORKS BERKELEY IRON WORKS, 2d and Ca melia. Berkeley 1662. FRUNEDER, ORNAMENTAL IRON WORKS, 338 th St. Oakland 7906. JANSON IRON WORKS. Established 1906, 6408 San Pablo Ave. Piedmont 109. Ornamental Iron and Fire Escape PHOENIX IRON WORKS. 703 2d, Oak- Ian, I 5146. J JANITORIAL COMSTOCK CO., THE. U J. Comstoek, Mgr., 1760 Broadway. Lakeside 378. Janitorla1 Supplies JEWELERS AND WATCHMAKERS BECKER. E. W., 8206 E. 14th St. Frultvale 668. EDWARDS. A. F 1227-M Broadway. OWEN. GARRETT. 70 Adeline. Pled Ir..,, j..i a t. rhnnrth ' JEWELRY INSTALLMENT Oakland 61 BRILLIANT LINDOW CO . Doe Jacob, and M K. Lewis. Rep., 203 Blaka Blk. - Onklnnd 8410. JUNK DEALERS BERCOVICH. A.. COMPANY, 1st and Jackson. Oakland 69. EASTERN JUNK CO., W. Slef, Prop.; Edw'd Smith. Mgr., 610 Broadway. Oakland. Oakland 1731. EASTERN JUNKCO., W. filef. Prop.; Edw'd Smith. Mgr., 1511 Park L, Alameda, Cftl. Alameda 151. K KEY WORKS SCHIRRMACHKH. T., 711 Clay St.. Phone Oakland 6717; Branch, 1330. Washington St., Phone Oakland 8188. AUo scale Works end General Repairing. KNIT WORKS (xnxaoa knittino co.. b, k, Ham. frraa, U Oroya at. BV ISi6. LABORATORIES CUTTER LABORATORY. THE, 6th and Grayson St. Berkeley 918. PACIFIC WASSERMANN LABORATORIES. 1225 Washington. Oakland 1625. LADIES' AND INFANTS' FURNISHINGS OAKLAND TOGGERY, THE. L. So & Co., 1111 Washington St. Oakland 4038. LADIES' AND MEN'S READY-TO-WEAR FRUITVALE TOGGERY, E. Malnlck, Prop., 3751 E. 14th. Frultvale 1571. Suits, Dresses and Hats. LANDSCAPE GARDENERS JOHANSEN, R., 1243 Broadway, Alameda. Alameda 747-W. LANTERN 'SLIDE MANUFACTURERS STEWART STUDIO, Maurice Stewart, Prop., 470 13th St. Oakland 3667. LAUNDRIES ANTISEPTIC LAUNDRY CO.. INC., 3960 Manila Ave. Piedmont 514. EXCELSIOR LAUNDRY CO.. 2100-30 West St. Oakland 649. MANHATTAN LAUNDRY CO., 1812 Dwlght way.- Berkeley 335. MERRITT SUNDRY, 4101 E. 14th St. Fruitvale 332. NIPPON LAUNDRY, 2034 Addison. Berkeley 725. OAKLAND LAUNDRY CO., 730 29th. Lakeside 805. i PARK LAUNDRY. 2425 Clement St. Ala meda 120. TOGO LAUNDRY. 1691 7th St. Oakland 5084. Also Cleaners and Dyers. UNION LAUNDRY. 2510 Filbert St. Oak- land 3958. .V PACIFIC LAUNDRY, 834-S38 28th St. Oakland 3342. LAUNDRIES FRENCH ANTISEPTIC FRENCH LAUNDRY. 6030 Claremont Ave. Piedmont 4848. COINS. MME. E., FRENCH LAUNDRY. 2116 Broadway. Oakland 1002. LACE HOUSE. FRENCH LAUNDRY, 931 28th St. Oakland 2678. SUPERIOR FRENCH LAUNDRY. 1028 22d St. Oakland 645. LEATHER AND SHOE FINDINGS K. D. COMPANY. 716 Clay St. Oakland 3381. LIBERTY BONDS CAVALIER, WM.. & CO. Member St F. Stock and Bond Exchange, First National Bank Bldg. Lakeside 780. Bought and Sold for Cash at . Latest Market Quotations. Phone Lakeside 78. LIBERTY LOAN COMMITTEES LIBERTY LOAN COMMITTEE OF ALAMEDA COUNTY, 920 Syndicate- Bldg. Lakeside 2700. LINOTYPE COMPOSITION NISBET. CHAS. W.. 1324 Webster St. Oakland 1455. LITHOGRAPHERS HALL-WHITE COMPANY", 1324 Webster St. Oakland 80. Also printers aim Binders. LIVERY STABLES BLACK HAWK STABLES. F. B. and L. J. Samuel, Props., 577 7th. Oakland 1060. NLVl'H STREET STABLE, 680 9th. Oakland 4175. - LOANS BUILDING. SAVINGS ALAMEDA COUNTY LOAN ASSOCIATION, 41 Years in Business, 663 16th St. Oakland 8.100. - LOANS JEWELRY AND DIAMONDS BARNEY'S LOAN OFFICE, 1101 Broadway. Oakland 4063. LOANS MORTGAGE FIDELITY MORTGAGE SECURITIES CO. OF CALIFORNIA, Successors to Alameda County Home Builders, Inc., First National Bank Bldg.. Berkeley. Mp'-ke'PV r''7 LOANS PERSONAL RELIABLE LOAN CO., Dalziel Bldg., Rooms 402-3-4, 632 15th St. Oakland 6123. LOANS SALARY ACME LOAN CO.. 210 Union Savings Bank Bldg.. Oak and. Oakland 1462. LOCKSMITHS KEYWORKS. T. Schirrtjiacher. Prop., 715 (.lay St.. Phone OaKland. K717; nrancn 1 1,130 Washington St., Phone Oakland 3188. Scale Works and General Repair Ing. LUMBER AND HARDWARE STRABLE MANUFACTURING CO., 6ST 1st St. Oakland 545. LUMBER AND MILL WORK HEYWOOD LUMBER AND SUPPLT CO.. 8d and Bristol. Berkeley 248. HOGAN LUMBER AND MILL COM- PANY, 2d and Harrison. Oakland 895. LUMBER MANUFACTURERS COOS BAY LUMBER CO., 711 Syndicate Hlrtg. Lakeside 4n'i'i. LUMBER WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BLACKMAN. .E. L. &' CO.. INC.. 4159 E, Hth St. Frultvale 563. CHASE LUMBER CO., 40th and Manila. Piedmont 12J. HUNTER LUMBER CO., Foot of Ninth Ave. Merrltt 400. Branch, Shattuck ft Oregon. Berkeley 5550. MELROSE LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO, E. 14th St. and 46th Ave. Frultvale , 251. WOOD, & K. IUMBER CO., Frederick and King Sts. Private Exchange Con necting All Departments. Frultvale 112 M MACHINE SHOPS ANDERSON MACHINE WORKS. W. D, and D, D. Anderson, Props., 1520 Park St. Alameda 2328. B EC KM AN MACHINE WORKS, 8704 San Pablo Ave. Piedmont 6929. Distributors for Zenith Carburetors. DU FRANK BROS.,'LC., 3450 Broadway. Piedmont 839. Automobile Repairing. JORUENSEN, F. B. CO., 3218 Elmwood Ave. Fruitvale .i37. Dies and Tool Manufacturer. OWL AUTO MACHINE WORKS, 2857 Broadway. Lakeside 1415. All Kinds of Grinding. SCOVILLE MACHINE- WORKS, 403 Piedmont Ave. Piedmont 895. UNION MACHINE WORKS, J. J. Knight and Mark Lea Props., 369 3d St. Oak- land 1"62. MACHINE WASTE MANUFACTURERS SIBBETT, W. R. CO..' 550 Poplar. Oakland 4111. Cotton Waste and Wiping Rnir MANUFACTURERS' AGENTS MARTIN, JACK A COMPANY. 309 13th St. Oakland 1153. Gas Appliances. Au-tnmntic W'ntr Hesters. Etc, MARBLE WORKS DINNEEN MARBLE WORKS, 40th and Grove S's. Piedmont Mr.S MARKETS BERKELEY FREE MARKET. IL W. Ross. Prop., sw. cor. Shattuck Ave. and Hsste St., Berkeley. Berkeley 6660. CALIFORNIA MARKET, E. J Probst, Pron.. 1529 Webs-ter St. Alameda 451, CENTRAL MARKET CO.. 814-818 Wash. Ington St.' Lakeside 420. Lakeside 421. IE!t:. GEO.. 13th and. Webster Sts. Onklnnd 1336. ' LONG'S MARKET, 11th and Waailngton Onklnnd 3823. SANITARY FREE MARKET. N. Kessler, Prop, lath and Washington Sts. Oakland 870. Groceries and Delicacies. SUNSF.T MARKET, H. Fle'ghter. Prop.. 3"7S West Piedmont 2655. TWENTY-THIRD AVENUE FRF.K M'R'tFT 1418 Ave Fmltynle 667. MEAT MARKETS CATN. CHARLES, 890T Telegraph Are. Piedmont 1241. CAMES. F. A CO., Inc., 6831 San Pablo Ave. Piedmont 1026. CARLTON MARKET, 9th and Carlton Rts Rnrkelev 816 CHICAGO MARKET, Old., 16th and Cen ter rrn. oKinna S7W. CRYSTAL MARKET. H. C. W. Steinbeck, Prop., 1628-1630 Telegraph Ave. Oakland 654. Onklnnd 872. EAST FND MARKET. W. J. Hondrlck-sen. Prop., 1431 High St. Alameda 953. EGF-'S MARKET CO., J6D7 Grove St. Piedmont 7K. HARPER. W. R.. 6637 College. Piedmont 7?7. In College Avenue Ftea Market. HOPKINS STREET MARKET, O. J. Carlson, Prop., J138 Hopklna SL Frultvale 2120-212L . Ave, .OaWnd 41 ' ' ' - KAIU-MIAX. Blaka aV KAWveoovX) M F AT MARKETS Cont'd. rlto. Berkeley 9410-R-2. Also Wholesale. . MILLER, BROS., 6011V Adeline St, Piedmont 1011. Also Vegetables. NEW CITY HALL MARKET. 1621 San Pablo. Lakeside 3232. Groceries, Poultry and Fish. . . , NEWMAN & KORN. 625 Clay SL Oak- " land 808. NONPARIEL MARKET. 141 23d Ave. Fruitvale 35. . OCEAN SHORE MARKET, 6695 San Pablo Ave. Piedmont 118. PIEDMONT MARKET CO., W. J. Lund, Prop., 4042 Piedmont Ave. Piedmont 27. SONNTAG'S MODEL MEAT MARKET, 2601 38th Ave. Frultvale 687. THORNE'S CASH MEAT MARKET, W. w Than., Prnp., Chestnut St. and TTSinlnnl A via AtnmedA. 40. VALPREDA BROS., 4529 Grove. Pled- VERSAILLES CASH MARKET, 1305 Versailles Ave. Alameda 2274. Fish On Fridays. . WHITE MEAT MARKET, THE G. E. Wanty, Prop.. 5118 Telegraph Ave. Piedmont 446. MEAT PRODUCTS MANUFACTURERS MUELLER BROS., Sausage Factory, 612 Chestnut. Oakland 3029. MEATS WHOLESALE, GOLDEN WEST MEAT CO., G. Dupuyy Mgr. Stock Yards. Piedmont 1617. MEN'S FURNISHINGS AND TAILORS JONE"S, HERBERT, Inc., 2201 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley 196. SHAW & ALLEN, 427 14th St. Oakland 3343. MERCANTILE AGENCIES BRADSTREET CO., THE, 208-11 First National Bank Building. Lakeside 654. CO-OPERATIVE CREDIT ASSOCIATION. Pacitic Bldg. Lakeside 620. Credit Rating. DUN. R G. & CO., ' Edward E. Crawford, Mgr.. First National Bank Bldg. Rooms 312 to 315. Lakeside 33U5. MERCHANTS' MERCANTILE CO., Bacon Hide. Oakland 642:1. MERCHANDISE AND PROVISIONS-JAPANESE WAN TO & CO.. 401-403 8th SL Oakland 796. Oakland 1202. MILLINERY BERG & BYTTON. 1503 Washington St. Oakland.1262. 7 MOTORCYI CALIFORNIA CYCLE 2007 Grove St. Lakes' OTORCYCLES & SUPPLY CO., Hie '618. MOTORCYCLES AND MACHINE SHOPS BERGSTROM ft OLSSON MACHINE WORKS, 1730 Telegraph Ave. Oakland 6196. , MULTIGRAPH I STS MULTIGRAPH LETTER CO., Glady H. Lent-Barndollar, Mgr., 809 Syndicate Bldg. Oakland 3718. Public Stenographer, Notary. OAKLAND COPYING EXCHANGE, Room 17, Bacon Bldg. Oakland 3613. VANCE MULTIGRAPH SHOP, 812 Union Savings Bank Bldg. Oakland ?S(Vi. MUSEUMS BUB LIC OAKLAND PUBLIC MUSEUM, John Rowley, Director, 1426 Oak St. Oakland 8468 MUSICAL STRING INSTRUMENTS ' MANUFACTURERS ROBINSON S CO., 2123 Stuart St. Ber- keley '255. MUSIC STUDIOS. ANDERSEN, THORVALD. 2229 Tele- grapn Ave. Lakeside 651. Violin School. METCALF. JNO. W., Music Studio, First Savings Bank Bldg. Oakland 3172. Pianist and Composer. OAKLAND .CONSERVATORY O F MUSIC, Adolf Gregory, Director; Established 1891; 1329 Madison. Oakland 4922. All Branches nf Music Taught. . MUSIC TEACHERS . BEER, AUDREY, MISS, Concert' Pianist, 2925 McClure St. Oakland 3895. BLANCHARD. EUGENE, (Piano, Harmony and Composition), 40 Highland Ave. t-ieamont 4uis. , BUTLEB, MRS. W. W. (Piano), 470 24th St. Oakland 6566. CLIFFORD, MISS BEATRICE, (Planoi 2627 College Ave. Berkeley 6242-J. COLLYER, MISS HELEN RUTH (Piano and Cello), 2634 E. 16th. Fruitvale 1984-W. DE GRASSI, SIGNOR (Violinist and Composer). 2819 Dwight way. Berkeley 1052-W. DEL VALLE, MRS. T. J. (Piano), 4211 Terrace. Piedmont 4889-J. OILPATRICK, MRS. CLARABELLE UVano and Theory), 1832 Carlton St., Berkeley. Berkeley 7242-W. HAaVEY. MISS F. M. (Piano), 2102 10th Ave, Merrltt 2510. f JENKINS, MRS. ZIX.PHA RUGGLES (Voice and Concert Work), 6676 Keith Ave. Piedmont 2488. LARHABEE, MR. AND MRS. F. TV., (Piano), 4337 Townsend Ave. Merrltt 2243. LUCY, MR. ROSCOB WARREN (Piano), 6128 Hlllegass Ave. Piedmont 6095. McMAHON, CHARLOTTE (Voice), 3133 Lewiston Ave., Berkeley. Piedmont 6759. MF.LTZER, BEATRICE (Piano), 228 Rl- cardo Ave. -Piedmont 6730. NICHOLSON, MRS. CARROLL (Voice), 32 Loreta Ave. Piedmont 304. Contralto Soloist. NOTT, MARY A. (Piano, Children Only), 4018 Elston Ave., E. Oakland. Merrltt Tit, i. REDFIELD MUSIC STUDIOS (Piano, Organ, Voice and Concert), Austin and Shattuck. Studio, Berkeley 5649; Residence, Berkeley 4674. SABIN, WALLACE .(Piano, Voice, Organ), Harmony, 3142 Lewiston, Berkeley. Piedmont 2428. , SCHNOOR, HEDWIT (Piano and Theory), 6905 Claremont , Ave. Piedmont 4928. SHERWOOD, THERESA ft LILY (Mandolin and Guitar), 917 Adeline St., Studio 876 Sutter St., S. F. Oakland 3352. S1MONSEN, LILLIAN (Piano), 667 Poir-ler St. Piedmont 96. SMITH'S ACADEMY OF MUSIC, John Smith, Director, (All Brass and Wood Instruments), 1905 Grove. Oakland 4194. Specialty ,-axaphone. SMITH. ISABELLA MARY (Voice and Piano), 2609 13th Ave. Merrltt 4133. STEIN DORFF, PAUL. Director (Voice and Piano), 5302 Broadway. Piedmont 3485. ! STURTEVANT LYD1A (Vocal), 2168 Shattuck. Berkeley 131. TUTTLE, BENJ. F. (Violin), Jennie B. Tuttle (Piano), Studio 645 Slid St. Piedmont 826-W. WINCHESTER, , MRS. ALMA BERG-LUNU- (Voice), 222 Carmel Ave. Piedmont 3599. Soprano Soloist. MUSIC TEACHER8 AND MUSICIANS MAURER FREDERICK. Jr., (Piano), 1726 LeRoy Ave. Berkeley 639. Pianist and Accompanist. PALMER, MINNIE (Voice and Piano) 2638 85th Ave. Frultvale 2056-J. Pro fessional Pianist. POME ROY.- MRS. i'-STA MARVIN. (Voice and Piano), 115 Monte Ave. Piedmont 13'.4-1 Hanlst Accompanist, N NEWS DEALERS AND PERIODICALS ROSE, WM. A., 826 14th SL Lakeside "1481. Also Shoeshlntng, NOTARIES PUBLIC MOUNTS, CORA E., 1435 Frultvale Ara. Frultvale 245. , NURSERIES BATES, W. U, 2509 Humboldt Are. Frultvale 208. DOMOTO BROS., 7M1 Krause. Elm hurst ii. GILL E., THE NURSERY CO.. Ban Pablo Ave., One Mile North of University Ave., West Berkeley. Berkeley 6880. GOLDEN STATE NURSERY, 8701 Broad-Pl.rimnnt 704. lmnortlno- a H n. claft'y. 1 HARA, T. CO., 1708 Park 8t. -Alameda 2777-W. ' ORIENTAL NURSERY, Mr. Hlrmoka, Prop., 6211 Claremont Piedmont 1019. SANBORN, IL M.. CO., 1326 Broadway. Oakland 675. SUNSET NURSERY "CO., 4 1) 41st SL piedmont 1044. NURSES' REGISTRY ,'URSE8' REGISTRY, Alameda, County Nurses' Assn. Mrs. C A. L. Brown. R N- Mgr.. 04 Hth St -nVlpnH 7n. NURSE8. COR RETT, MRS. T 917 Chester St. Oakland C90. BENNUK. M1S8 GRAv-E id., 331 20th St. Lakeside 612. BOMBARD, MRS. KATHRYN, 146J 83d Ave. Elmhurst 541. BUTLER, MRS. MARY llil Blaka Bt Berkeley 782-W. CHAFjr. MBA CEO, 21 M At i iierrltt J17, , JUNE 26, 1918.. NURSES Cont'd. COURTNEY, MRS. EARL, 1 6579 Shattuck Ave. Piedmont 5861-W. DUrtANT, MRorftOSE, 1024 E. 15th SL Merrltt 1633. , Ei.Y, MRS. AMY L., 610 Hobart. Oakland 6470. Private Maternity., NUTS WHOLESALE i CALIFORNIA PEANUT CO., 630 20th St. Oakland 6101. Importers. All Kinds of Nuts. 0 OFFICE EQUIPMENT MFRS. MARCHANT CALCULATING MACHIN15 CO., R. H. Marchant, Pres. and Mgr., fiT.no. ' . OIL BURNERS AMERICAN STANDARD OIL BURNER CO.. 7fh and Ctdar. Oakland 220. JOHNSON, S. T. CO., 940 Arlington Ave. Piedmont 2815. ttOTARY OIL BURNER CO., 159 12th. Oakland 2994. OIL COMPANIES AND SUPPLIES ACME OIL DELIVERY, 2010 Broadway. Oakland 69. MONOGRAM OIL AGENCY, V. J. Wright, District Mgr., 25 Mosa Ave. .Piedmont 2666. PENN OIL DELIVERY, Cora Eckert, .Prop, and Mgr., 725 Hth St. Oakland 68. PENN OIL DELIVERY CO., .John William, Prop., 3114 Ellis St., Berkeley. Berkeley 18. UNION OIL CO. OF CALIFORNIA, foot ,of Powell St., Emeryville. Piedmont IL ENGINE MANUFACTURERS SKANDIA PACIFIC OIL ENGINE CO.,- 2893 Glascock, Frultvale 621. Crude Oil Engines. VICTORY MOTOR CO., C. S. 'James, Mgr., NIIesT Niles 10. Irrigation Mining and Statlonaay Oil Engines. OPTICIANS AND OPTOMETRISTS CHINN BERETTA OPTICAL CO., 476 13th St. Oakland 137. ENDRISS, It. C, 509 14th St. Oakland 1428. . , MUELLER, CHAS. D., M. O. Vision Specialist, 463 14th St. Oakland 674. WALLACE, O. S.. 2183 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley. Berkeley 1912. WOOD, CHAS. H., 414 Hth St., near Franklin. Oakland 4584. ORNAMENTAL IRON AND WIRE WORKS PETERSEN, J. A., 922 Webster St. Oakland 4319. STOBBW & ROMAK, 2455-59 Yaldeas St. Oakland 8824. $ OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS. OADDIS, DR. C. J., First National Bank Bldg. Oakland 6768. JEWETT. DR. JOSEPHINE A., Acheson Bldg., Berkeley. Berkeley 624. Residence, Berkeley. 2441-W. Appointments. MOON, DR. 1RMA I.. 712 Union Savings Bank Bldg. Office, Oakland 1164. Residence, Merrltt 3589. OSTEOPATHIC CLINIC, 812 Broadway. Lakeside 840. ' STUART, DR. MARY V., 1728 Franklin. Oakland 9473. Residence, Merrltt 2507. OSTRICH FEATHER MFRS. ROMANI, MME., SACRAMENTO OSTRICH FEATHER WORKS, 1611 Clay St. Oakland 2193. Furs Cleaned. OXYGEN MANUFACTURERS FRENCH, F. W., OXYGEN CO., 305 26th St. Oakland 8507. PACKING HOUSES OAKLAND MEAT AND PACKING CO., Emeryville. Piedmont 112S. PAINTS, OILS AND VARNISHES OAKLAND PAINT CO., Distributors for Bass-Heuter Products, 1113 Franklin St. Lakeside 2uv. STERLING PAINT CO., 6460 . Green, Emeryville. San Francisco address 118 First St. Piedmont .01. PAINTS. OILS AND CLASS DOWNEY GivASS AND PAINT CO., -68 12th. Oakland 641. FULLER, W. P. & CO., 10th and Alice Dis. uiiKiano tHi. PAINTS AND WALL PAPEri CAHl.yL, JAMES & CO.. 372 12th St. Oakland 1113. Also Window Shades. FRIEDMAN. 1.. & 15:11 Broadway. Oakland 1646. Also 20G7 University Ave. Berkeley 440(1. ..PAINTERS, UPHOLSTERING AND OECORATING VAN HEERDKN. A. & CO., T912 College Ave. l'jpdno?it ti465. PAPER LKE PAPER CO., 1412 Grove St. Lake- KM l'iS RpBB, J.," PAPER CO., 2031-2033 Ashby Av Rorlrolov 1 AiH A Lira ire, 117U.. PAPER BOX MANUFACTURERS WESTERN PAPER BOX MANUFACTURING CO.. 6th and Adeline Sta Oakland T13. f PHOTOGRAPHERS BRODEN STUDIO .First National Bank Bldg. Lakeside 1912. Formerly Ruv-eld's Studio. HARVEY, GRACE G., Sherman Clay Bldg. Lakeside 14S6, Camera Portraits. KALIPH STUDIO, 1214 Broadway: Oakland 8164. High Grade Portraiture. MOLER'R STUDIO, 1211 Broadway. Oak. land 4350. Portraits and Commercial. PICTURE SHOPPE. THE, M. C. London, Prop., 1512 Broadway. Oakland 3661. Also Commercial and Scenic. WEBB. SIDNEY V., 2528 Bancroft Way. Berkeley 5185. Home Portraiture. PHOTOGRAPHERS COMMERCIAL CHENEY PHOTO ADVERTISING CO., E. S. Cheney, Mgr., 1838 Park Blvd. Merritt 57.1. PHYSICIANS' EMERGENCY EXCHANGE PHYSICIANS' EMERGENCY EX-Cm.aNGE ASSOCIATION. Lakeside 4900. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS ARDENYI, DR. J., Bacon Bldg. Lakeside 334. Residence, Piedmont 3896. AZEVEDO, DR. J. L.. 790 8th St. Oakland 6947 or Lakeside 4900. BOOLSEN, DR. S., Dalziel Bldg. Oakland 22961 Residence, Frultvale 9U. BOONE, DU. W. R., Acheson Bldg., Berkeley. Berkeley 2947. Residence, Berkeley 8731. BURNHAM. DR. CLARK, 2251 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley 5031. Res. Berkeley 841. CALDWELL, DR. E, K., 1911 Fruitvale Ave. Frultvale 688. CRAWFORD, DR. A. K, Union Saving Bank Bldg. Oakland 3191. Residence, Merritt 3664. Hours.-n to 4. DIETZ. DR. H. LOUIS. Office 1225 Wash. I . Ington St. Oakland 6558. Residence ! Merrltt 6135. Hours 11 to 12 and 2 to 4. DUKES. DR. CHAS. A., Central Bank Bldg. Oakland 60 or Lakeside 4900. Residence, Piedmont 63. FEARN, DU. J. RADKORD. First National Bamc Bldg Oakland 2839. Residence, Oakland 32. HECTOR, DR. ROBERT. Physicians' Bldg., Berkeley. Berkeley 2947. JONES, DR. O. L., 634 14th SL Oakland 2976. KELLY, DR. A. S., 601-606 First National Bank Bldg. Oakland 442. Residence, Oakland 67. KLEKMAN. DR. GEORGE E.1121 Washington, Blake Block. Oakland 4544. Residence, Piedmont 1916. KL1NGERMAN, DR. O. E., Federal Bldg. Oakland 3602. Residence, Piedmont 5768. LARKEY, DR. A. S.. Thompson Bldg., 6th Floor, 1706 Broadway. Oakland 14. Residence, Oakland 290. MAINE, DR. A. F.. DaUle! B'df. Oakland 293, oi Lakeside 4"0i McKENZIE, DU. COLIN B., 1225 Washington St., Oakland 1660. Residence, Fruitvale 312-W. i MFHRMANN. DR. ' H.- R, Macdonough Bldg,. 14th and Broadway. lakeside 51. Residence, Piedmont 818-W, MOYER. DR. JONAS J.. 212 Thayer Bide. Oakland 926 or Lakeside 4900. i PAGE, DR. CLARENCE W.,l Office Berkeley Bank Bldg , Berkeley. Berkeley 420. Residence, Berkeley 1499. PORTER, DR. WM. R. Oakland Bank of Savings Bldg. Oakland 948 or Lake- ' side 4900. POWELL. DR. CHAS. S.. 6396 Telegraph' Ave, Piedmont 2737. Residence, piedmont Kfitll. i SKI.FRIM1K. DR. CLARENCE M, 725 JB I n i n. 4WUIHU d-it, . SIMPSON. DU. FRANK W.. 2446 Chan. nlng. Berkeley 15, Res Berkeley-17. SMALL, DIL C. K.. 2553 ISemlnary Are. Elmhurst 610. Residence, 613 Fairfax Ave. Frultvale 2308. ' ," BTRATTON, DR. W. C, 478 1 4th. OakM land 6974. Residence, Onklnnd 8011. THOMPSON, DR. ) OOODWItt uSityb,

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