The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 2, 1959 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1959
Page 2
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fcaster gfMsliilft the Hospitalized the news of the death her grandmother, Mrs Chris ales of Irvlngton, killed Sat urday fevtmihg at SH. At Ft. Dodge Ronald Martin, teachin English,, spent the holiday .j****** 1 *^^ "«^r( * v*« ,»«». **•*«• v.Mk t*v3l«TlN.ri.Wi A tti* t &.-& Martin Underwent -Ittrgery In Fort Dodgg »LutMran 'hospital, March 25. Her condition is reported favorable. , Word was *lf&ived that' L tfaek Sakej* Of Lamer, PM«M recently f raftered a broken . leg while Skiing. . Mr and MW Galen Hettikel of OUR PHARMACISTS ARE PROFESSIONALS . . i, Our pharmacists are your ."scientist on the corner," trained ' and licensed to Work hanct in hand with your doctor! Accuracy " and cjualHy are our watchwords f ^ * i THUENTE PHARMACY X * ' CV, 4-2528 t INTEGRITY "SERVICE • SAFETY Hi Hoi • ^' r .-4 , ' • Baseball' Time ' I, -1*: ; .- s l- .^u.BOYS;!^ • -v . T' * .t- 4 ,,'\' STOP, LbOK A^ID LISTEN ! <* * i ' 20% OFF . • on our WILSON & NOKONA Fielder's Gloves,' ';" . Shoes, Baseballs, ',';„'' Masks & Mitts V'v.'. ' V«t , BECKER'S , "Sporting Goods j Algona 4-2780 , v^eekend in the parental Supt, B< MarXin home. Jerry Groh, employed in Ind- smrta, visited ^bver the' Easter veekentl with his mother, (Mrs Marjory Groh ahd tHane. ^ , "jftwbert Huff, student ai to&& ity, visited his parents, Mr and vtrs David Huff and Harry. Guests Easter in the LeRoy lanselman home were theif daughter Glehda, Mr and Mrs lonald Anderson and Douglas ot Forest City, Another daughta?, Attdfty oi Ames sp«nt the Holiday vacation here, 1 aatdie aay Guess, teacher In lie t*auilitta school r Spent th<S d with her pafehte, fildefl Guess ana Jessie Stripling accom* : by* her daughter Sattafft tsf-Sbencer and hfer » Mw Elmer 'Emery Of fdrl jDodge visited over Easter tt Grand Meadow, Minn., with .Hc ? Jack Xassell family. ,'L^tira Chrfaterisen of 'Wheaton, \\\. visittsd Friday wtth her grand- Mrs Aftna Hanseltn&h. ' wick; Mr and Mrs tr»d dra Ift ttte San- pm- jhef daugniffy-' MT ^ afwyi «jre srtdger Bahls, Dfennls; RoriSIB Ufftf Nancy ot South St. Paul, Minn,, ahd «m Jfohnnte Sehmidt of Forest City, Mrs Bahls and children r&- turhed home after a weeK's %Mf ivith her mother* Visitors in the Arthur Maass home Friday were her brother Merle Weiner of Ames and his mtttber-in-law, Mra j fcva Mielitz ol Cedar Falls', Sve*jiitig palters were her sister, Mr and Mrs Frank Asa of Rutland anirthieir son, Mr and Mrs R&thetft" Asa? of Waterloo. ; Qary Agard celebrated hia tenth birthday Sunday with a combined birthday find Ba^tc party at the home of hift,ma|errii grandparents. Mr and, Mrs Woodasn In "Eagle "* * ^ere^ls tMtfetitM Agard ahd Liiida aad day, Gary had tjw> Gary ahd Paul Ififttfct far 'Mar. .17 — Mrs Robert Eischen, Algona, boy, 8-lO^s. Mar. .18 —- Mrs Mark Kollasch, Algona, boy'-7-1; Mifchftelpellet and Mr> Earl Lejtthanti-attd boyirot Des Moines werfe Easter weekend .guests with .his sister, Mr and Mrs 1 Fred Merkle and family. Easter guests in the Mr and Mrs Jbss Jcrgensen home were their son, Mr and Mrs Jack Jergensen of Ames, their daughters, Mr and Mrs Charles Bastian, Nancy and Jane .of Virtcenl; Mr' and Mrs Jerry* Smithy Craig and Debra of Algona. ' •Weekend guests in-the'Herman' SchUlz home were their daughter Mr and Mrs Roy Roed and cbil* dren of Woodbine. Mr and »Mrs Bryce A. Wldkett son Johnny and* Billy Miller visited'Friday'to Sunday at thdr. cottage near Hackensac'k,, Mihn, Mr and Mrs Willie Blair, Superior, ;WlsV'Mr ahd Mrs, Earl Gronbdch of Hayfield, Minn., and Mr and Mrs W. Dale Braylon o! Sheffield visited their parents, Mr and Mrs Frank "Gronbach Saturday. They came t<5 aUerld the funeral of their uncle, Frank 'Hoffman at the Livermore Presbyterian church Saturday after" < noon. , '' Easter guests in the._homc ot Mrs Margaret Bysbn,' Jim and Doris word- their son and daughter,'Mr and Mrs Loule.Byson and Mr and ^Irs ij-larvey Bernei' and their families of Mankato, Minn. •Mr and Mrs C. O. McClellan were Easter guests of their 'daughter, Mr and Mrs Leonard Wilson and' family at Livermore. Weekend, guests in<the parental George A. Eggleston home were their daughters, Beulah and Doris Eggleston of Des Moines. Sunday guests wei-c" their daughter, >the Charles Nygaard family of Wesley. Mr and Mrs Charles Brown and boys of Sanborn visited Friday to Sunday with their parents, Mr and Mrs Ernest Meyer and Mr and Mrs Carl Brown' at St. Benedict. - Mrs Lawrence Muschainp and daughter Jane of 'Minneapolis visited 'several days with her father,' M, L. Bai;ton. Mr and Mrs Milo Patterson eritertaincd their children- Easter Sunday*. Guests were -Mr and Mrs Vernon Shimon and boys <lf Rotfe; Mr and Mrs James Radley and Patti Patterson of Dds .Moines; Mr and Mrs.Milford McPeak and family, his parents, Mr and Mrs Walter McPeak of Ren- medical; Herman. Hlnt Lflrie Rock, medical'. ( Mr&'Adfim ; Re-ffer, 'AlKd leal (expired); Emil'Schmeling,] Algona, medical; Mrs ^Catherine' McMurray, Algona, medical. Mar. 19 <— Mrs Loren Johnson, Algona, girl, 8; Mrs 'Francis BjUstrom, . Whittemore, ^boy, >710%; Mrs Leonard Pompe,< Whit- .emorc, matorntyyj Baby; Debbie i 'j j.rjvi^ Uker f West Bend, Mar. 24 •*- Mrs Murray Mowers, Algous, gfrl, 1 Ha.fl 251^ fiaby^ Steven Goche, dMel-im, Jtao'aMe/j i f Mts ' to well v * t' ,frfe«d. i>t vVGobd . said 'a your nw' c STOCK GATES tor heavy duly Win McCi,el6h, nity; Mrs ' Clinton* - CRNAMENTAl fltttH for walk '-. • '/erdrlv*." Hanson, Burt/bbarder;* Mri'lid- ler, Algona. medical. -I ' - - - ' ..-....-.. .»..>.»..-.'. *. .. „ .,,,,,., ......h, I I. .I.M 11,1,1 . 'Albert, Br Mc«iik>h; ;,V ical. .''"'• ''. Mar. 29 Algona,', boarder; MrS| Allen, Algona, boy, 7-:' ; Mar. 30 — Henry Tl< l6n, medical ; s Mrs Bertha I Imagine beih^able 10 ciobk delicate^cuslardfe, orl, top of V t , <• , . ' • . &'#•.* >*? J , FJ-I& ''Cijtf,..f i i,i | w~jti,*>v« '.. f «\s >O 4U5,?.'!*, V, T'P^VVn ' '•' '« «•' .... \ •> \ u ,-. H '.i^t^^^^-AAj^gfe'AfeMr'Aj 5^r:^>/^Mr.'-tv.-^.i: • > . -... DON'T NEiD A CLUTCH- JUST A LIGHT FINGER TOUCH I any power you need, by r|v7or4, 4J fingertip,, speeds speed exactly, i And with or ROLLED CILOAK irpooD STORES 7 , jT ^^ ^^ ' * ' 1 v [ *-* '* Vi f. ( ff^Mf i COUPON AND 2.00 PURCHASE J.,.*,!. l I 1 * , *.. 'I ' «(.„ NATIONAL FOOD STORE ' COUPON EXP'^ES APEIL 4TH. U» . r- I J •* '^W)*"* * <AS\ \ v 1 -- i -*^ J i ^ .mt'-'!*^/*^''^ SUGAR SALE CUT & TRIMMED THE NATIONAL VALUE WAY MIXED VEGETABLES 'HOLMAKCUT , GREEN BEANS OAEDEK.PRKSn SWEET PEAS. ,~ SECTIONS-OP- ^ SIRLOIN OR CUBE STEAK w i is-j. . "W/*'V ' • FEED «Y 44701 CIRCUS PEANUTS SO FlfcSH BRAND 13-or. 809 ,.. TENDER/JUICY RIB STEAKS „ 79c tst rnntf BTH RIB . RIB ROAST t£ . BOUND' BONE ,POT ROAST S. BONELESS RUMP ROAST K BONELESS ' PQT ROAST ? .,_ 89c 79c BLADE CUT, JUICY POT ROASTS LEAN, FRESHLY GROUND GROUND BEE BOILING BEEF ra „„„;,.._ 29c OX TAILS mis .• ?BIf JTaes C' - 1 Waim fbf an nuuif^or^mon without - Siickitit' io ,'ihe hot 1 ^^ of ih§, patf^fcocoa^|hai r fbrriis >a^icfi'^ <mtch after batch of golden griddle cakes; each' one perfect, without 'constantly * adjusting ihe temperature. These are fust a • few of the magitt> tricks you can perform today 'with ihe revolutionary' tieW iherrrio- static, top burner heat control v which automatically ; main''tains: , temperailire" settings, 1 making- ihe' Booking.-tff'c'v eh -, the most delicate foods absolutely ioolproofr, ;^',V'S.'*'" 'A'.woman ', decide^L; "to ''have ihe shape of her, nose-altered/ "How much w'ill you charge?" shelasked a'befiUty surgeon. "Five hundred dollars', 'madam." /'Five;'hundred dollars! Isn't there sbmething-Jess expensive?" ,"Well," 'replied the surgeon,'' "you couldvtry ^'Walking into a, laiftp-po'st." '„> - ^' ''Look - • here," "s,t p r m e d • Brown io- the' real' estate agent, "'about'' thdi Vriverside 'cottage you sold *me."-"Anything wrong, sir?" asked'the agent., '"Wrongl.• ,„ exclaimed Brtiw'ri,""The' o^he'r f morning - w k e^woketup and r found ihe •> 'pllfe' fiati floated- iwcr niiles down the-river." "H'm"." said i" The agent. 4> Thai'^a stroke'of PURE GRAPE JAM AMERICAN DELUXE FULL QUART. JUICE BANANAS THE SWEETEST OEE08A«Sjr oaovyw H ,'EXTKA T E'ED DEiictous' MU*H«tM9**tf*«< iM9**ff*M &i4# -swKisri ' .- >:' BLACKBERRIES* Boysenjjcrri^,;^ 4 . V1< , HAWAIIAN PUNCH c;-39 c lbw«r there/'- u;^ A lady motorist drove into a garage and told the.ymechanic! "Fix 1 my horn please, my brakes don't work." *• * # >* Any ordinaryflat-bottometl utensil becomss'an. automatic .agpliance with food-.cooked io perfection' every-time' on the new gas ranges with ihe "burner with a brain." Best of all, burning, scorching, v boilipg over;, under cooking • and over cooking,, become a thing of the past. '£ince this is an automatic control on •your'.gassrange;'-you needn't t even be in the kitchen. Just set it and forget itl', .' ~K "K -k • -4c *'Where did he pick- ufcK thai black eye?" "He was best mar and kissed the bride after a wedding:" "Well, what's wrong witt that?" "It was a year after the wedding." - - CKISP t5RF3EN( >' HEAD LETTUCE ' " V, s, NO.. i WAsjjeh & w^uco ' POTATPJ5S OATMEAL BREAD MIX BUTTERMILK 90FFII.QMI CO CAMAY TQJUJT SOAP ,41' pL? "m I CAMAY OXYDOL *•'•! .»* SPIC & SPAN WE *.w MR. QtEAN 23-0^. 12! c . IVORY SOAP ' ?«rwjj«J fie* 4-3T N BR»D OAINESMEAU , "Don't-, .yjay, see the sign marked .'Private',?" - asked a farmer, qlrfyn&ri.caughi fishing... /The' 'fisherman grinned. / 1 neverVre,ad ariy4Wfig matk- ed;PrJyaiej,<'VhXs'aiai, **' ^rf, "" ^W »'j I J( . ^^ j^. * i t ^^ ' v , ^^ "^^ J ^^. A major' and a captain wer dining ,at the Stork-' Club whei a lieutenant entered'escorting 1-avisWngly >beaHiful blonde, -Th major sent a'notfe to'the lieuten am; "The captain, who is a Yal man, and I, 'who 'hail from Wis consi^, bet a fin wo could gues the college you qajne -from;, Ma we stop at your table • and se wto. was. right?" .Back came th reply-; t -"Please don't]bother,,, ger tlemenAl ,am |rbnSi?the ".Audubp InSUttate'o|, O'r4th'ofogyJa,nd J ir tendj to classify ( |his\pigeon' h)j Tn,e revolutionary new top ^bur^er j^eat. control on the ' newigas^jvg'erfcari'ajso be ,hp<?kQd. W"-V^M* Saddle., i , d ??P. I^fUf?9>>W/W, one • or - «ior**top«burner'nnUs, Ma^iy want IVORY LIQUID " JOY LIQUIP Sm * '•\ Tt SSB»- 2 X "^* 2i« flUEft ^W • wW-ff ^ ™ possible the' gas oods which" "No, Jie's jwt-ra; a wSP'* to keef - >'. ij - - ^ t -r ',*r-jB ' ^ t jjr?, 1 , «..'$jg%a> ^9$iol>&i Bmi •Ti^<0o9HW»< -.. /* A. * • n

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