The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 17, 1940
Page 3
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SATURDAY, PKHRUAKY 17.. liMO BLYTrTEVIU.R (AUK.) COUMRR NRWS "Q- TO PCT * .Tvl>> lo III bill l.tSHT*'' 1 ^' -.. .JjUIJlL ' ,*Y\ ffcy 1 *-"*'- Bu^JiiFaccfss^'fi^ji^j Of 'Revising Payment J ^> 1^?3U /C System ^'4 ^f • ' ,*• Si. i • -*"• }{ Uy \VII.I.IK TiKHlNT.'rl """" *' njf Wages Hy Culling P;i ,>* 'ijv'i-v J( KKA SetViuu Still CulTC-:|HjMl :l,l ci.Kvi-.r.A:-. 1 !), !•'[•!). n,—would j ''JtJ rather c-arti S."HO a yf.'ir, 01 You snlil it! l!til would you rutlitr _ chance oji irr^yuiar '.-.oik . ilV;:r.V;<: '110 and nc-t you ,S,'JJJI^V;JK-J i- arou.: SICiXJ, or hiV.'i- i:b:un:l fi i.ini: c<j: tract lor lfi8D hours of vmt't win 1 .tinny you 5)680 a yfa::< Thai (iiieuion, hi our- iomi o another. Is uoiKu to be put to m-ar ly a million huildint; trade v.orU fits diii'irii; t-ile next yem-, iti-.- hi.4 K.-st .sliii'le move tJm.-, i.u- tov.'.nxl You don't hear mudi about il liet-iiuse tl-.t- decision is belli" made unit;; i.i various citi,-:;. and il tm- i-h.m^e i-i made it nn- doiibu-dly will be gradual JIOUS\!\'CJ AHTHOU1TY TAKES IN'iTIATIVl; IS' MOVE Neveitheless, mulct (he,* of federally-sponsored local housini; authoriiiPs, the plan is bc-inj broached in city after city. It wi:l not afiect the cost of new co.-.- sfriiction. Al niescivi it .applies only lo regular maintenance work in commercial buildings and public housing projects by painters, plumbers, stenmfjtlcn', electricians, carpenters, cement workers, bricklayers, and similar crafts. If successful, however, it mixht well pave the way for similar an- nua! wages In construction if building could be stabilized so as to make future work certain for a long enougn time. Typical is the- situation in Cleveland. There, when the U. S Housing Authority turned large j ibe clhcr day. the"fim "tlu'ng that housing pioiects over to the local cau 3 ht the eye was •, neat huh, authority, union maintenance men placard lacked on the re-ir ol the went to wcrk im<lpi- n-t iuimt^i :..;...-..,... . T . .- ., .... x;: "< .mr.,,,, ,,,„„,, ,,,,„ ., s ,,,,. t ,,„„,!, , l ,.., t |;u( ^ ;( w ;iim|i;i| .^^^^ " l-"^lj:|-^ V c fcl4!,MK!E f <J PAGE THREE Almos|>ltm> al J;i[)ni)rac Mass Wedding fiiidiK iimi- far- , :n ip;jsal („ chop l""irly wan'' ami su-mv |,i,l,,. r B i,; ll; iul<-cd yearly im-mm-. Fittht lW.o:nes PoliliVnl As l» 1938 Will) Dowey Opposing > AI.ltAUv, K. y. ,u]>» ... N York'-, Hi'piiUlvun-cont rullcd |i". lutnn- las <.„„„. to ,,,•),,.;. w IJ('fiK).utic (3<iv. lli-rbeii II 1* man ;;;,';IM i^- K 1T ,,,. <lf(1| . qlli'Miui! ,,i milliuvi)); in ;,H| ( l ' ol »-i': Ihi- uj.c 1 ul i-vlil>-m luiiM'd by wiri-tiipplnv. Ji" 1 contuivi' issue, v.hlcli has piiAuki-ii bitter ilc'l/nic in |ja,t yf-uis. >,\a ; , liimst proiulni jitly )>,.. l/.'htnaii. in i,is opcniny. mi-ssnue. ri'li'i'ii-ii u, \vhc-tuppiiii us - u dnlv lj:isint>.-;,s" and c.illed f,,,- , t l r - ISays "Many Defeats And i'ew Victories''' Democracy's 1 lislory New York Columnisl Discusses Laics! Addition fo Taxi Groups Ity (JliOllfiK ROSS , NKW YORK, F'l-b. n. — True to |a pledge to relay lo \ou \lanhal- 1 tan's e.'ttraordinary cab drivers as soon as they are discovered, here's ::»olhi-r lo add to Uic list. H^ hack, a pretentious and spacious voiture. usually is berthed at Murray Hill Hospital. And when I ' • By NKA Service NKW YOHK. Feb. 00.—A warning to Americans against ''wishtul thlnl;ini;" and a call lor "menial preparedness" in ihe interests of {•cmbatinu inroads of Totalitarian- j ism on Democracy is sounded by i Hendrik willt-m Van Loon, aulhor- 1 liisloriaii, and vice-chairman ol Ihe New York chapter of the Finnish Keliff Fiind. "The reason." says Van Loon, •'for r.ui- dangerous of substituting delightful day dreams for (hi.- less pleasant actualities Is. of course, Ihe le.Mill of those bountiful favors which destiny so dun-j gcrously bcslowcd upon us [it the j time we set up house for om -! want to ivcrk under an annual contract. The Cleveland Feriorar lion of Labor opposed it, but the Hulkllng Tradts Council tenia- tlvcly approved. Now tiudei the le.idsrsiiip of the Painters' Council, an ci'Iort u bc- inj made to apply the same .system under contract'n brje com- buildings an;! lacfories. 25 IVKEKS i'KAIi AVEIIAGKP JiV !'A!N"l!iit.S The svcragc pnintcr i.i Cleveland today is inakini; S1.30 an hour, (null ,1'tttp. nut ti !c . wor j( avaii- bie gives him only alnut 770 days- work a year, scalleretl usunllv on two and tlu'fc-cl,iy v.seka over a period of perhaps 25 weeks. He comes up with earnings at the ciui of the y3ii! of roughly $1003. driver's seat. It read: "Your driver. ,Siegfrieil Blum, was chauffeur for i?ie l:ila .1. p. Morgan." With Jiial enough time to catch normal breath after Siejfried Oiifenccl ai'ound the corner. I prodded Driver lilum for /jO.-ue l.'ile.s about J. i'., the elder. ProildJd isn't (mils i-i^hl. The late Mr. Morgan's chauffeur is not umv!l!in-» lo l«)k. SI'KHIJV MOKOAX A cap.covered Blum's bald head. A heavy Austilan accert marked Ijis s'i)e?ch. He .served Morgan for four ycais. from 1'X'J to 1!)J.". After Moi'tjTirs dtiatVi i:i Italy, he drove for his (iau^hter. Mrs. Pierson Hamilton. selves. "We then found ourselves the! PCESC.S501S of the richest, greatest,' finest piece of real estate on the whole of Ihe planet and on ocean —at that time .six weeks wide—! .M-pnraled us from our trouble-; some neighbors on the east and{ jcn the west. Alas, today that; r.c{ an is only 1ft hours wide r.n:l «e arc- still the richest, countr?! en Ciod's fiici-n fOBtstool—a lact: which has not escaped our loving! Iricnds in Europii and in Asia, wlu>| • would like nothing better than toj liflp llicmfciivs to at least ijurt; of our wealth.' 1 j l.f'I'TI K DKMOCHAt'V I l.KS-'T IN VVOia.O I Van Loon, an intellectual and 1 William Physical man-mountain of energy' and versatility, is a foj'iuer Euro- injj i SMK , K Nl , w Yi)| , k r.«-!;cl-.-;ii),lii(. |>| S |i-|,-|. Alloinry Thomas I-:, n.-wcy. who <ipp..-a".l l/Jimim in Hie niiitl vu- l«-rii:ii(iiia| c||..'iion. Di-wry's in- Ihieivr iij, laijyly r<>.s|ions-fl)lj lor di'fnu iii Hi,- pn,,,,CTd cons)II11- llonal ainciKliiu-ais in I..KW whli-li would have banned wlre-uipptm; iiiKli-r any cii .-umstunces. The HKItt co.'isiiliiliojiil comrn- tion, In which the stnlc's basic law was K-wi'llieii, did puss a "compioiuisc" nieiisuri! requiring a iwirl older Mating reasons why wires w<'ic lo be lapped before iiny iiUeU'eiilion of teH-]ihonc nies-iuijcs wouul bi- h-;al. Trilnmai liulinu (.'itc-tl In hi-; uju-nlii.; i, u ..s.;:i|;e to the H'ilbliture, u-hman ret-nlled Ihe recent u. S, suiirome court decision virtually prohlblliii^ wive-tappi'i't evidence in forlcral cimrls, and urj;i\l tin- l:<ul.sii,im-t> to prahlbll by law "lln- usit of evidence Gteiilthily obtaiiii-d." "i.'iw enforcement Is. (if COIIKC. n serious duty," he said, "tlut we (lefeal Ihe dcsireil end If we do not iiriM Unit our tools of law enfnici-nii-.A In- used hom-slly. fairly mid without oppression." l>wi'y mill other district ultoi'- neys have baiit-d their flyhl a wlrc-lappliu! bun on tin- eon- lenlloti Hint il would luniisliliuj prt-x-ciUors in obtaining evidence. Many of Deviey's most notable convictions were achieved thrniigli evidence yained by wirc-ta|>plni;. Hills cairyiiij- out U-hmin's rec- nmmi.jidntlon to the letter have uaen tntrcdncc-rl In both housj-s of the legislature under ncmo;-ratlc spoiiMjishlii, Tin. nieasures would proliiUtt clllier tapping r,f , w iies for. any |iiir|iow or I lie "use of evidence oUntncd In Ihul manner in state courts. The K'iniliU-nii uujoi-lty. holding the fate- ol wire-tnppim> mc:is- me.s in ii» hands, promptly Introduced bills which would bun wiri'- pro- Ko inoHi'iiIni' pally tnr wur di'iul, Ti.kyo. More Hum fit) cuuptcs hipping imiler some <-ii'cuin»|niu-e:i but penult It when i\ court older Is obtulnrd by Ilk- attorney ten- ciul. dlstilct allornev.-. or jontctiils. The KepHlilL'tiii counler |:o ( ',iil has n Inir ciiance of p since U would not Impede." proscctt- i tors or other Inw i-nJorcfim-nl nl- llcluls In oblnlnlii)! evlili-iice ol cilmc. Under (he present, law. nn ox parte. order k necessary, but It may ti- l,y udmlKlstra- 1 live asenrlcs or private Individual,-;. | U'hmun's chief ar«mm-nl aiialnsl Hie use of wli? •lupplnx cvlilence Ls thtit It violates an inherent rl>|lil i of Ihe people lo be .wcuro from unreasonnlili! si-arclu-s rind .sn',-/,ure:i. "A short while neo Ihe .Supreme Court ol tlhe United SI.Hos re' pcated thai wire-tapping Is a I dlrly business," he said. "IMrtlcti- i buly ill. tills Junutim,- in lilstoiy Ucterrinii lo Cierman and Soviet Uussliui Inlcrci-pHon of telepnoni 1 tmrs:stigcs) hart: we reason to be keenly Ki'iilfful for this decision. "1, for one, greet with satisfaction (hi! real llrmal Ion of the prln- clple tlml a cUI?.en'.'> privacy In a dt'iiioi-racy is sacred and imisl not br- Invaded without Just canst-. "1 In-llcvi! that democratic government cunmil willi cither propriety or wifely infringe, its own !;ii.S'lc Inw. "Penalties should br provided tor (hose who rulhlesnly InviHle n citizen's rlthcr by lin- iiroiicr wire (npplnii or unlawful .si'iiiche-i mid M-U'iiri-s. Any other course, as the United Stales Su- pri-nii- Court recently ;;tild. Is -In- ronslslunl with ethical slaiidurds and destructlVL- of personal llb- t-ily."' In spile of the .-:omlln (aces. thi« Is n Japanese mass innri-laxe In were nulled, lo honeymoon In Mani-hukuo and Ihcn settle Gosnc!] To Be Scene Of Siliging Sunday Tlie Mi«,'talppl L'otmty .'iinxlm; convention will met! iit.'lhe Llo;i- iu-11 clnuch »l l:M o'clock Kuirdtiy iilternoun, J, H. Mornun, president, announced lotluy. o-iirler w<int nils. Dr. j. A. Saliba Amicitiiii'c-s (In- removal of Ms office from tin- lu B ri>m lliillilmi,' li> I'il H. Kentucky. lU-s. I'liiinr 111); Of lire |'|,. IIS H flPPY &RO.& FKEE DEMVEUY W. 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Ward, secretary of (he Cleveland UUuict Painters Council, is. backing the proposed plan. He believes the increase in anmml Income, the guarantee of regular pay envelopes, and the general security of the plan more i-han balancu the loss on hourly rates. KUMIN'ATKS HIGIIIil; WAGK l-'OU NIGHT \VOUK With the plan goes a provision thnt the eight hours of daily work , be any eijht hours, anrl not as now specific daylight hours with high overtime rates if another tiim- for painting is chosen. "We believe mure- painting: will be done under these conditions." Ward says. "Many factories and offices hesitate to'inteirupt operations, or to pay overtime rates for , . ;. . - • - —••• '"* 10 me. IMCIV lime- i use 1 . l:> i:ni»li,,g „, off hours. We are con- i)cls willl lllc olh ,, r l;hnllf „^ ndent that more work will be ere- aled. and that painters who come under the plan will be far belter of the year off ftt the now," The annual wage maintenance agreement, on the Cleveland housing projects is the first in the country lo become effective. But others are sure, lo follow in other cities, and when they do. Ward is convinced that Building Trade Councils In those cities will seek lo extend the plan to other larje pm'ajoly-owr.ed buildings. As many as a million men might lo his offi.:(; in Wall Sueel was IB minutes, i'oini thn-.'s I would be " 'Hide on the si'.le'.v ilk,' used lo yell. .Mid I did." "Weren't you ever pint-lied?" asked. "Ijstf!)," the ililvc-r U'iih the giiimorcm pa;;l n-t'orf.'d. "if you v.erc a cop. would you arrest J. P Morgan?" A .second's silence at n Madison Avenue red li^h! and Mr. Dliini continued. MAN' <)!•' 11ANV KXITS "There were two cars in the Morgan manor. Renault.;, worth SIL'.fjflO each. Every morning, when il was time for me lo pick up the boss. I would coll Bdlc Greene, who ran the Morgan library, site would then lell me which O;K.- of the seven exits from his Madison Avvnuc ensile he would use. "He never used the same e.xil twice in two days. He knew there were too many people who didn't, like him. So it was like a game to me. Kvery time 1 used which door he'd pick, liven I dicin't tlo so good. But don't think he was afraid of ass.isslns. Thai man wasn't scare J of iinylhinj. But ho v.a.s caulio'as. "Kvery Christmas he would "ive me S500 an:i roar al me la give some of it to my wife. Soiiv of it — heck! She got il all! All 1 got was sluttcrin? 150 a month." (sentences. all sorts of fillers in action. Not piously, but. praeinatically, l-.e asserts that IJctjiocracy and its xtron^hold in the United States have u li^hi on (heir hands. "We Ai!ie; should lake a carclui stock of s-11 our both spiritual and material. llrniliilf Wlllrin Van l.uun Arts degree from Cornell University in IOCS and a Doctor of l>lnl- tscphy award in liill from (lie University of Munich in Gi-rmnny. Afk-r a jieiicd as a press aKMi- a-iscts j cl ""' J " eorrespoiuli'iil in Wnsh- "jingicn. he did duly for (lie s:iiue Moscov;, St. I'd- mocracy left. "A tew victories and an endless scrlc-s of defeats—that, has been the past history ol democracy countries. In 1822 and 1(123 he was professor of history at Antioch the past history ot democracy in -' ur ul '"siory ;n Aiitmcn Collide, i the world. Today it, is up to us to Yillow Spring.-:, O., and served as dECklc whether democracy shall associate editor of the Ballbnoie survive or not." " Slln >" ™' a »"'' 192-1. Loon was! 1882. As :t • in private .suj'vive or not. 1 \VI1M; UAC'K(iHOlJNI) 01' KXl'EKIKNC'i: llendiik Wlllem Van bcrn in Rotterdam hi | boy he wa.s educated (schools in Holland and bejwn j undcrgratluiUj work nl Hnrvnrd in ^ I lyC'3. Me n ccivcd a UachcUir ot j between here and Eskimo-land. •Vo advanced is he in the. toir/ue thai l.e has devised a variant called "Scrambled lalk." For example 1 , in ] English il would go. "Please pass i lire beans." In scrambled talk, it would be amended to, "Tlcnsc bass the peons." Now Colonnn can make n .systematic hash of a half-hour ! speech in that wise without once I ......„...•.,.. or stumbling over his Tires tone STANDARD TIRES my pay—515 . The cab ivss running by Madison Avenue and 37th street. Ihe corner of tin- Morgan manor. The driver for the lain J. P. reverently tipped his hat. Then lie made, a turn and stopped at my destination. "It's O. K.," he said, "i i.,jj f ;)e same story to about LtO |>n:>sengc:r, On Broadway, they don't merely j double and scramble the English language. They try ar.d turn it over. CHUKCHIM. AI»HI:KS SON-IN-LAW From a letter from England: "Although Winston Churchill, First L,ord of the Admiralty, is one of the As a seasoned main street. I've dorize.ii of nirlly ma.-.lcrcd iiighcst pai;l journalists in Eii(!- land .-mil his son Randolph a close r\! in wrltinj income. Winston is no', the biggest breadwinner the I in the family. His son-in-law, Vic Oliver. li:e American comedian. | mam street, r vc rmrlly mar.lcrcd ' Oliver. li:e American comedian. It the most intricate Broadway .-.I.inj, I makes more than Ihe v.hole Chur)n I can sling track slanguage with Ii chill family put together. About bookie or comprehend a showtmn's $100,000 a year. And both the chur- be affected, he estimates. The annual wage as a basis of figuring earnings is rapidly com- J """,".',",.'•' ing to the fore. Plants like that ofi the Honnel Packing Co. in Austin. l)OUl!I,K[) Minn., the Procter and Gamble Co.! AND In Cincinnati, mid others have installed it. President Roosevelt suggested for the auto Industry but unlo - ( . . . f J , ' ' ' -• 3 -"0"<>;,;; ^ HJI il I C'llll ,»».--j i ^ — . . ,.,„„ opposition hailed the move. bookie or comprehend a showtmn's $100000 a year. And both the ciiur- VVni-d, a partisan of the move- trade-gab. But double-talk is tin-'chills look upon Vic with admira- ment, sny.5 that at present. It is not sivn. Double-talk? Let's not go into i tion. It seems to them that he practicable for new construction it loo extensively, bid here's a brief ' makes the easy way!" woik. U will not. be, he believes, sample, upon meeting a lellow "" until enough construction is as- dcublc-talker on the street- stired sa that brge numbers of "Please how are you' Imh veh oiilJdiiig trade workers can be Ilianks screens." guaranteed slsurty work for a Ions "Hie nndUputed master of double- period, talk Is tlinl handsome, mustichiood the sacrifice of (he Milanese. Jerry Coldnna, whospeiVs liouily rate is too risky, he be- imd writes it fluently an : | proba". lle-ies. \ is Ihe most imlntjll! r ,lbie fcllo'v I TERMINIX TERMINATES ^ MEMPHIS »OTHER SfZES fSOPORTlONATELY LOW PRISES! AT TODAY'S Cftc Per Week On Our As Low As „.. _. BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. This year the calendar gives you one extra day. And this newspaper will give you another extra day . leap year and every year . . if you will accept it. You only have to save five mimdes every shopping day, lo enjoy an extra day each year. > And the advertisements in this newspaper save you rfoWarsasvvellastimc. Here, in interesting array, .you'll find the things you want, at the price you want to pay. -- 'xTv•!•{:. So do your shopping with the advertisements. It's quick, convenient and sensible. Then do your buying — easily—in the stores that advertise. The money you save helps you enjoy the time you save!

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