The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 26, 1959 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1959
Page 19
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V is ----..-ay was most Balraff i-emarkexf Cooked ,£or lJ6fl' Jhartifed >Ho''rt6re* 1°* |w*"p* Jtffce ,* BallufL HoUofS's mdefgast was Mf3 . '%c" teacher*.. l«d and Mfs Aniefctie arid Were served that Mrs Balluff then years old, had help* • My closer on Mrs that wheft she read S.'»-in, itty colUmh she said fselfj "What does SHE know Girl Scouts. Then it on her I meant Good .Samaritan. * * j * are coming home the robins, and all reporl _.erful times; Dr. and Mrs ,' y ohfi Kenefick are back from _ , trip Via plane to New Orleans and \' ? frjom there they flew to Miami ',They also visited Mr and Mri ^'.'Butch" * Lorenfc, They had ex- ,',-Mcted to join Mr and Mrs Gay -»rd Shumway, but plans were fcKanged which made* the meeting , jMpossible. *'•<:.". ;'^Mr and Mrs Fred Kent are ,;li6itte again. -They too were a ;P*6mpano Beach. Th'e t Harolt ";£j6Wans also ohose TTlorida ant ;$8Ve 'returned home. too. Tl ..'Rents returned .via plane'but "don't know what, transportation -;fjhe,Cowans used. The Kenefick 1 '-"Heine via plane and Mrs K. sai( ', it Hakes,but five and •& half hours 'flying time. , t'vMr and Mrs Walter Zentner" ; xreiurned Friday from ,si''two ^eeks visit at Fort Hood, Tex., .. ;wlth their son-in-law arid daugh-, /;ter, 'M/Sgt. and Mrs C. A. Kriig. .'ilidarch 14 was the 36th wedding fiariniversary of Mr 'and i Mr^ ;!Zentner and the 13th; anniver- \^sary of the Krugs; '• so .'"'by >Way ( of celebration they drove to ••. 'Mexico for a few days. ' '„ •. ';\>"j,' * * * , S';J:Si. Patrick's Day is always a jbig day lor the Irish and' ceritain- ''ly/it WAS a big day fbr this-Irish ..-family — the Patrick McEnroes "of St. Paul, for to them was .born I'James Patrick, to join" a brother yjjqhn and .sister Julia, Ann. "Pat" "\$r., is a son "of -Mrs .Catherine 'Mc,'Enroe and the late John McEnroe table. stitches. Lucki It ft ttot 4T Wf* jous injury. Bbb aftd\ have coMHbuted to. excitement at Vati6US tifftes ana such accidents have ftequently 1 Mrs Martin is abler, take it in stride. I * »%, News from Good Mrs Agnes Laidley joined us as a resident Wednesday. My regret is that she is oh second, floor and I am on firsts we <$ajV<only; send messages back -aha*forth. I met Mrs Laidley years ego when she was Kossuth couhty recorder, For years I have counted her and her daug'ther Marg (Mrs 'Milton Dahl) as very close friends^' Add to, them-,Mi's Lulu Hartshprn^and daughter"• Genpvieve .and .'.thy mother and I and you have a sex-; tette ft was 'hard to beat for fun and card games. : . , 1 * •, *, : ;'» T • ;-, • • Gottlieb Hanselmaft is quite a new resident here. v His birthday, 1 the 76th Was Wednesday and it was also their fifty-first wedding anniversary.. His wife came to, spend • the. afternoon with him and brought a bitthjiay cake. He also received some flowers and 1 Seneca Bride Of Hay 1st Is Honored "I'm inspecting your menu, 1 don't see very well , r , ' from a' distance t" ; * - _. had callers Friday afternoon. Mrs 1 the family" and certainly does Alvina Schmeiing of ^Windom, take after her mother. Nowjl Minn*-and Mrif William Lailck of don't mean Mrs Ogfen has «b believe him. - other relatives visited Mrs. 1 Jenn%,Luken.w;as visited W.edrlesday; b^r'-heV*. daughter, Mrs Viola Studer.of Wesley. •' • • .'•; >• *''.,';*'"?• fv ' Another new resident has been added to.;«the G.< S, .list, He-is Paul Bellb'ck of-Hawarden, father of'Leo Belloc'k.' He will have the place vacated by Emil Schmelnig, who' will be at St. Ann. for some time. — Mr and Mrs Oliver Roupe •were .visited by, their, daughter Mrs Esther Crooks and>Jack of Rodman. —r*- Mrs • • Lizzie ' Frost .was visited Friday evening' by her son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Herman Frost, of..Lu- Verne. — • Mrs Bessie, Jones', son Glenn visited' her, one 'evening last week, r^ Mrs Elizabeth Baas Whittembre.-— Clyde Burtis was on the sick''list Saturday. —. Freda Zweifel is back from Iowa City wh'ere she had taken her . son Jerry.. Reports on him were excellent. , • .. » •' » •, '"* 'During ine big snow storm Mr brains. I mean Mrs Ogren stMfctly domestic and it would never occur to her to piloila plane. It is about all she can do to ride in one, much less "drive" one. Mrs Alger, 55, and a grandmother, bdcame a pilot 14 months ago and was named Indianapolis' and Mrs Al Agena had as guests outstanding woAan of 1058. \ Her the "letter's -sifter, vMrs Do.n Stiert husband also flies but she haa dhd .family o4 Toledo, whd: were the edge • on» him. • She has j& snowbound here .'for. an'enforced license - to /fly over the Bockies, longeir' visit. 7', ' ( '',..'• : ; * i * ., * Freda !2weifel, , bne, of, ihe nurses, took time off, Ho go to Iowa-City with'' her3on;K'Jerry went for this' perodic checkup,.. Jerry was in'a car accident some -, time ", ago and suffered severe injuries. He has fully recovered ; but' for awhile these checkups are required. ' Emil Schmeiing has been taken, to St; "Ann, hospital. ''He was re-, ported as better Thursday. .; " » » *. 1 Mrs Marie Ogren has a daughter Nellie, Mrs Evan Alger ,of , Indiaria'polis, fnd.,' who, to quote Mrs;0gren "Has all the brains of Which he docs not. He says, "Oh, let her,to the "driving" and I'll ride with her"..* Mrs Alger is a former school' teacher and lasl July competed,':in the National Powder Puff derby., • * * * , A card from Marie Haw.cbit pictured the Santa- Anita race ..track. I was glad to get it for I have been, there and it was like greeting an old friend and also greetings from old friends, Marie, Bess and Lee Hopkins. , v Seneca—Miss Margaret KJocko was honored at a bridal shower Saturday evening at the Seneca School, gymnasium, i * Mrs "Janet aarmorf Linn haa charge of the program which opened with an audience parti cipation game. Marilyn. Darlene and Margery Johnson sang "Sugartime" and Mrs Roger Qsbpm read two poems," Father'Gjves his Version' and "I Like To Walk with Grandma," ' • Mrs"PftUt Linn read: "How To Preserve A Husband." The pro gram clftsed With the bride-^ completing the colorIftg of a pic ture of the prospective groom She also answered questions abou their future plans. The honored guest was assislcc with the opening of her gifts b her , sister-in-law, Mrs Everett KldbkO and 'her room-mate, Joyce Brokaw of Des Moines. A cousin, Minnie Rctors o! Gilmof e City registered the guests and another cousin, Mrs Geneva 'etersen of Newell; Iowa, poured. Hostess included Mrs Russell Cauffmani Mrs Leo Crowley, Mrs Hoger Osbornv Mrs Lawrence Johannesen, Kathryn, Mrs Albert Johnsbn, Mm Herman Gabel, Sandra Ghbel. Mrs Hans Thompson, Mrs Goncse Hampton, Rose, Ann and. Margie Thompson; Mrs Raymond Gardner, Mrs Henry" Looft, Mrs Paul Linn, Mrs Olaf Oftedahi, Mr? Chris Larson, Lorraine Ottodahl. Mrs Elnn Hcndrlcksen, Mrs Gordon Garrison, Mrs Howard Preston, Mrs Larry Swensen, Mrs Charles Osborn, MvS . Lawrence Hantelman, Mrs Christena Swnn- son and Mrs Floyd Treat. Miss Klocko's marriage to Jim Foarde of Des Moines will bo solemnized May 1 at the Trinity Lutheran church at Des Moines Mr end Mrs Henry Looft Waited ,Monday.afternoOft flth their wsA Ihd, famttf, the> l*^« Loortl o* Iowa Cily, who;Wfcf^ now-bound at the Efmer Horstman home nt Bfitt, The Jtck fls had driven to Rochester on Saturday where Jnck accepted a position as a teacher in the Roch ester School System, Mr and Mrs B. Jobalinskl of Comfrey, Minn, were liwst Sunday dinner guests at the Gene Bollla home. A The Scnccn Thursday club wil meet this Thursday afternoon at the home of Mra Earl Preston , March g$, i v • • , • • • it NOW OPEN AND READY TO SUPPLY YOU! UWtl AND GARDEN NEEDS, Coffee Day For Crippled Kids A "Coffee Day for Crippled Children" will bo held In this afen Saturday, Mor. 28, according to Jess Rnmort, chairman ot the event. Bating establishments who are cooperating in the one- day affair will have special can- tftiriers in plnce so coffoc customers that dny cnn pay for their coffee by donating to MID crippled children's camp fund. Funds raised will be added to those raised previously and will provide a variety ot equipment for the camp now boing built by the Easier Seal Society. •Tis well to forget the pnst because thb future will give you plenty to worry about. m m WE HAVE A CGMfLfifE STOCK OF VAtK*«Aff JrffB, ft BURPEE GARDEN AKO FLOWER SEfiflS, tttCttbtim I MANY NEW VAftlEtm . .' . J Vaughan's Rote Food - S Ib, box 95c; Evergreen and { Tree Food - 10 Ib*. $1.65| Oroganle in E-2 Catty Pack - • 25 Ibs. $3.25; One Shot Fertilizer - 50 Ibs. $8.95? Grass » Seed; Ra-Pid-Oro F.ertllltzer - 50c to $2.50. J. TRUE TEMPER LAWN AND GARDEN TOOLS S GARDEN HOSE - PEAT MOSS • NURSERY STOCK DUE TO ARRIVE ANY DAY J DUNCAN'S I GARDEN CENTER I Mr and Mrs Orville Duncan Mile E. and V* Mile N. of Junction of Highways Phone CY 4-4813 Locaied l'/t 169 trtd 18 N. of Algona, Iowa INSTALLMENT My cousin Melvin Hendefson gives my boss • credit for careful readings of my efforts,Jor he had added a note in a recent letter concerning Algona and the Iowa football "Hawks." (Excerpts of this letter will appear next week in Reader Comment). * * * To those of you who have wondered about Louise Malohe Turner —' The family lives at 535 Bluffs Street — Council Bluffs, la. She read my "Tidbits" jiS& .matted an--lmmediate reply; /' - r 1945 the Turners were tran'sj- ferred to Council -, Bluffs wh'er| Jerry is with the J. C. Penney company.' The older son, Jerry- Bob, now 34, lives in Denver and has been in the U.S. geological office for several years. Dick attends college at Boulder and'iip working on his Master's degree in English and plans to eventually work for his doctorate and teach 'in college, his ultimate goal. Guest Mission Speaker Mrs Qdvin Hagen of Fores City was guest speaker at .th Blakjer Woman's M i s s i o n a r Federation Mission Meeting held Thursday afternoon at the church parlors.' " Mrs Hagen, who with her husband and son, recently visited our -mission fields in South Africa, painted a vivid picture of the homes, schools and churches there and of the work of the missionaries among these people. The Mission Offering received at the close of the program totaled, approximately ' of real estate and personal property will become delinquent on April 1st. Three-fourths of one percent' penalty will be added for the month of April and three-fourths of one percent for each month thereafter as provided by law. _^^^_^^ .-^ Taxpayers are advised to furnish the description of their property or bring in their old receipts with them. ' . m meir om rci-cipia w --"^-^^^^^SSIHWBKsaS^^ If it is not convenient to come to'Algoha, write to this office or contact your • '.' t local bank. " i ",.'•"*• ' ROSELLA VOIGT • ' County Treasurer Qlyde Buriis was taken io,Sti Ann hospital "from G. S. Monday morning. He has suffered several light strokes and a severe one that morning. ' • Mrs Bertha Koestler was 'there '. overnight but is back at G.S. and is feeling better after treatment. M.Y.F. and I.M.Y. 'groups from the Methodist church visited G.S. Sunday and left Easter Booklets. They sang two numbers, one on first floor, one on second.. They also visited "shut-ins" among them Mrs Lolla Ladendorff who called me to ask that her appreciation be conveyed to the participants. She also wishes to thank those who sent her birthday greetings and gifts. 301h Earl G. Byers recently was elected chief of the Belle Plaine volunteer fire department for the 30th consecutive year. $100,00 with more ' Mission^ boxesi^tft, b brought in at a later da'te. Guests included members from the Nazareth W.M.F. of Armstrong and the St; John's W.M.F. of Cylinder, also Miss Tieda Johannesen of Fairmont. Hostesses included Mrs Martin Wilberg and Mrs John Johannesen. Overseas Vet Home , Sp • 4 Bobby Butterf ield, who has been a radio operator with our armed forces stationed in Korea, arrived' in the States, Mar. 9 for a thirty days" furlough with friends and home folks. Bob has been visiting at the Clarence Menz home at Seneca and with his parents, the Ben Butterfields at Princeton, Minn. Bob enlisted in the army on Jan. 29, 1957, took 'his basic train- 1 ing at Fort Ord, Calif, and has been in Korea since Feb. 9, 1958. At the termination of his furlough he will report at Camp Wolters, Texas. He -has ten more months to serve. News about the New Rockets! '-* • c- BYMAMIC U W HOUBAY «§w QWs bofly style, . an thriftier version of tfce famous two'-stage V. you'll orjJer early,"Visit ' " PefOfr,. right __» ..,„_ LPIP,'ITJ ;, , J College degrees and diplomas are costing more nowadays . . . much more than the average family can finance out of current income; So, you have to save for them! Our. insured savings accounts are ideal for the kind of long-range saving your college fund requires. Why not open accounts now for each of yom children - and save every payday? • • NOW PAYING 314% Per Annum Compounded Semi-Annually HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N Since 1917 IOWA SHOP ALGONA'S APPLIANCE HEADQUARTERS DURING MARCH! BIG TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES FOR YOUR OLD APPLIANCE, REGARDLESS OF MAKE OR AGE, ON ANY NEW WESTINGHOUSEI THE NEW WESTINGHOUSE i'N DRY LAUNDROMAT COMBINATION ••^. .'.. '"'A f f •'a Combining the world's cleanest washing system, tho famous Revolving Agitator ... and tho fastest drying system, Direct Air Flow « • « two great Wcstinghouso oxcluslves developed by 20 years of research and experience. WASHES CLEANERI Revolving Agitator gets clothes cleaner, rinses bettor, cleans itself. Tho identical Revolving Agitator usbd In every Westlnghouse washer made. \W* EXCLUSIVE! 5-YEAR GUARANTEE ON TRANSMISSION. FASTER DRYINGI Direct Air Flow 1 , Drying dries clothes faster,!, fluffier, thriftier. Saves current; • because it dries faster.,, YOU CAN BE SURE...IP IT'S . "\\festi nghoiise TOP SHELF !S ADJUSTABLE AND REMOVABLE TILT-DOWN RACKS... REMOVABLE^ v "T *" *?M&/ Westinghouse Lucille '0«H-P«si Arnpz Shgy^ CBS TV I ,. ! itel "~""" REFRIGERATOR . 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