The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 26, 1959 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1959
Page 17
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in the the,path v that the Son e>f ton of us ail: if we didn't TT •! *- ft **** ./Y , out, the stpry^of the Crucifixion eoMld hot help but be one ,<o£ darkest despair. But ft6 matter h6w tfeftible thfc events of that ,wee1k,s6 foiig'al&'seeifUto* us»w4 ha ve, the blessed assuraiie& of Easter SUnd.aV, Whether !t rams or Snows, if the stlflS shitteS'St not, nothing tan detract from the,glorious fact of the ResurreCtibti and pur, hope for eternal life which belongs to every person who truly believes!- , .... . ';-.,*.* » ' Tiff PE6PLE WHO LIVED IN JESUS',time were fortunate. They had the charge'to hear His words, to walk Und talk with Him . ahd46 be healed ^ Dearest to Him, thougl tt tir wctuv. aiiu bouv win* 4.11111 y and spirit by Him. JPhbSe-,Neatest afttt He was the Son of ; G6d; some of them Mvently believed He was. Yet, after the deathl even ms fut diseipies%ere engulfed by the^sense that il'v^as all f didn't kflbw that it was th6 beginning of hope instead tif i « ^ f t ., '">•''. over. They the end. Dinners M-f g : .u fliirleefc at St. <by the Rev, ft W4&S Jft' :<he Sunday " were fi. of hfe tlass were Ann B&as, I*loyd , Hefiry Ewoldt, VWtor Frost, Maahs, Joyce Grimes, Joan , It WpOLD, HAVE BfiEM .WONDERFUL to live at the time Christ.was.on earth, but^we have some advantages, the early Christ- -_ians,did riot have. We too-can walk with/Him, even though .we 1 , can't ,see Him in person. But whence come to.the Cross. We* know how <jt, comes out. We don't have to go through the dark despair the ' early followers did. .''/"..' > ' . -V: 1 -', ' '' ,}i * « * ,\ •{• ' . ' . • , , PALESTINE At THE TIME .OP Christ;' was ,a% advanced civll- .ization. They, had sewer systems, education was compulsory, false teeth had been in use for 500 years, there was a form of tajfci Aeter, they told time by water? clocks, > had a strict .form '^of. taxation and ^thfey loaned money out .at-8'"per cent interest. They* 1 had very little trduble'Mth'hbusing criminals. Offenders ,were 'what Amounted 'to 1 a" fair trial before .the^Sanhedrin, but all sentences jwere, severe," .There were no prisons, no, asylums and the usual sentence fdr those found guilty was'death in onejqf.four'wayst-Btoning. burning, decapitation or strangulation. Sometimes' they' combined them and hung the offenders on a cross..Nobody was exactly' sure what horrible, crime Jesus had-committed,-but .after,."everybody decided to "wash 1 their hands'" of'him, he- was,- sentenced ito die on-the cross. And two others,^ listed in* the Scripture's' as ^thieves"- were sentenced ,,to.die on either side .' V EXECUTIONS WERE PUBLICAN THOSE days. Tne^one seri - teheed to die wasn't the only one who suffered, for I imagine that many; of the families »• of the condemned 1 witnessed the killings, drawn" both by, a. hdrrible'fascination'and"the desparate hope that 'at the last their loved 'one would be pardoned. Scripture tells* us , ttyat Mary, the Mother of/Jesus, was -at 'the Cross and we can only imagine what torture* she" suffered even though she "knew, her Son •was .destined to save tKe world. Because the-Bible tells us" that ( ' Everything'Written-there, is'true; and'"hiany.'more things", I am wondering if the mother* of one of .the thieves,could not also have been present. - „ , , •'*..•'.*. v * THE MOTHER OF ONE'OF THE THIEVES'tould have been a , woman who had/always had-trouble with '/her "boy.. Maybe he was mischievous in his ^youth,', prone to skipping school at the'temple and probably keeping the-change'when she sent him to the merchant for a bottle of olive oil/ Later he probably fell in with wilrj companions, but, he, probably 'still had winnings ways. Like mosj mothers, she might, have";thought he would grow"out,of his.naughti ness'and settle.-dowri when'he was older.' ••'<, '*•<« , :.'-i.-'\ ' > • . *• * , "*;{ '".•'••'• •<;THE. MOTHER OF THE THIEF DESTINE!? to die next to Jesus might have been one of the multitudes privileged" to hear Him 'speak. She might have been there ,when -,He' preached "His strange "philosophy of turning the othefr che'ek ,and she might have, hearc • her neighbors clucking over this Nazarene..who sometimes preferrec shady characters to the Publicans who held high offices. v IT COULD BE THAT THE MQTHER OF the'thief hadn't'heard much from hereby f or r the, .past,, few 'years.' Youngsters,. bbys* especially, aren't too good«at,-Writing letters,' unless they need some, quick ca&h from home. Perhaps she had'raised some quick, cash-by > selling a few possessions a time or two, wheh.her>bpy,was,,in;trouble. Or maybe the first word : she\'had fronr.him 1 was when she found he was really % in dutch with the authorities. If* she "was like most mothers," she rushed to his side immediately. , ' ( s CALVARY) JUST OUTSIDE'OF-JERUSALEM, was dark the day of the executions. An' unseasonable storm seemed to have .struck the area. The atmosphere outside was,not»half so dark as the'feeling inside the loved ones of the* men to'die-there.-'As.'if 'the disgrace of being condemned, the pain'of-the nails,,the'slowness of the, death and- the ^inhuman torture ^of/the soldiers • weren't enough, the c'rdwds had,to hurl insults, at Jthem! .The mother of the thief must have thought, "Why can't he die quickly and leave me to my sorrow?" > ' '< ' , • >, i *'•.-"', , . f - • « - * . *•..->> A ,ONE OF TEJP THIEVES, SCRIPTURE tens' us, joined the • crowd in jeering at Our'Lord. "King of the'vJews! Well, then saye •yourself!" The other, struck by a blind, overwhelming faith said, v "Put in a good word for me to your Father." Jesus, who was at this point still man and God, out of His amazing compassion said, "This day you shall be with me in paradise." ,', IF THE JMOTHER OF .T^HE THIEF WAS THERE, and I like to think that she, was, these words must have been transforming.. If her b'oy, a thief, acceptable in-the eyes if this man who more and more proved he was the Son of God, could gain salvation simply because he belived, surely there was hope for her, too and for any of her neighbors! The Bible doesn't tell us; but she* could have been qne of those to whom He appeared in the days before the Ascension. We do know, that the thief who hung; on a cross on the side-of Jesus is, according to-the'Bible one of f the ; yery few^ people absolutely assurred of gaining heaven, ^ ;' ^ ' ( ' * , \ ' A MOTHER'S FAITH IS AS OLp>sUime:>A mother can always se&soine good in her'child, no, matter how" hidden 4it is from the' rest of the world. It is pure speculation on my*>part,-but'I would, venture to guess that the thief/who at the'last-moments of his life gained ^salvation by his simple statement of confession, also saved others. One of them could have been,his m'pther. I do know that it , would not be the only time a parent has been led to eternal truths • by one of.his offspring.; -'^' .' • " ^ ' ' £*' " , - r ^ THERE WAS A REAL NICE LETTER this week from Mrs Ralph Stoll of LuVerne. It grew out of the-trip the Farm Bureau women took, to, Des Moines to visit the legislature, Mrs. Stoll told a few of ,etit«» MaQr.LentZ, Thoriias Mey- LUan Meyer, Craig ^Schmel- lng». .jCarol Ostwald and Terry ZlmniermahnJ Confirmation dinned were held by their respective .parents: Mr and Mrs Lawrence Meyer, whose " .'were,'Mrs firnest Bernau ,.... 'hter Ann of Fountain, Minnf Mrs Anna Dau, Mr and Mrs Hugo Meyer and Mr and Mrs Edwin Greinert aijd family. Af« terhdon callers were Mr and Mrs George Meyer .and evening call* ers were Mr and Mrs Erwin S^uhfl of Cylinder. * Mr,and Mrs Lester Baas had as guests Mrs Anna Baas and daughter Elda, Mr and Mrs William Roebel 4 , Mr and Mrs .Wjlbur Roeber and family, Mr and Mrs Mayna'rd Ro,eber" and family, Mr arid Mrs Melvin' Roeber and son David,' Emma and'August Roeber and Mr and Mrs George Baas and family of Whittemore, and Mrs John Kettleson and and Mrs William Paetz and daughter of Algona. At the home of Mr and Mrs lepnard Meyer in Rodman, la., Sunday, were Mrs Ruth Schultz, Mr'and Mrs Norman Schultz and Henry Lauck _.. .and Mr and,Mrs Jformart Schultz and family. In hdnor' of Paul's confirmation at the George Maahs home were Mr and Mrs Ronnie Pettit and daughter of ( Cylinder. Friday evening dinner, guests were Mr and, Mrs Merlyn Dietrich -and !amily.Mr,and Mr,p 3r. "and family,an of Mr Lauck Sf k Emll Schmelinf,' lathe* Harry Sfthmellhg, sUp^ntt of the Whttteffioi* MunletMl Hght plant was Wednesday taken to St» Aftn suiferltffi - from old family.of Havclock, .Mr and Mrs Mittord Gade and^family of West Bend and Mr and* Mrs Edwin Greinert and family of Whittemore. Mrs Myrtle Frost entertained in 1 honor of her son Victor, Mr and Mrs Clyde, Duyhus and family and Mrs O. S. E. Ihle of Emmetsburg, Mr and Mrs Kenneth Thompson and Joy Thompson of Fenton, Mr and Mrs Donald Heridt and Miss Louise Charlson of Algona, Mr and Mrs Conrad Satern" and family of Greenville, Mr and Mrs Hyron Gilbert and family'of Milford, Miss Goodwyn Meldvedt of Cylinder and Mr and •Mrs Alfred Bell and son Paul of Whittemore. Mr and Mrs Ralph Walker entertained at dinner Carol Ost- ,wald, sister of Mrs Walker, Mr and Mrs William Ostwald and daughters, Mr and Mrs George Meyer, Mr and Mrs Elmer Ost •wald, Mr and. Mrs Louis H Wehrspann and soh-Harlai), Wai ,ter L.' Meyer, Mr and Mrs Harry Seely, 'Keith Seely and" Dale Bell of Whittemore and Mr and-Mrs Erwin Bruhn of. Cylinder. Mr arid'-Mrs'.Martin Zimmermann's guest'^ we,re Mr and Mrs Peter Haris6n and Mr and Mrs Chester'.Eitch^o'f^gon 3 , Mr and age and other complications. Peter Muelle'r Uftder^enT gery in the Mercy hospital Hn Fort Dodge Thursday. * v, • t A number of * relatives and neighbors helped Mr .and Mifs Herman Voigt celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary Friday evening, March 6, Those presfeftt were Mr and Mrs Harold yolgt, Rosella Voigt and Mr and -Mrs Gerald Olldm of Algona, Mr and Mrs Milton Espe and sons, Mr and Mrs Raymond! Voigt and fatm ily, Mr and Mrs 'Archie Vtilgl, Mr and .Mrs Joe Nordseth andV,Dr. and Mrs J> 'S. .,-Devlfle.' _ k Hundred was played." R«ynh«nd Voigt and .Mrs Nordselh, Brian Espe and Mrs Archie 1 , low. 'A lunch was served at the close of the evening. Mr and Mrs Charlie Schultst .vacated the apartments over thl Kuhn Cafe Sunday and mowc to.their home recently purchase from Lewis Dogotch, Mr,\and Mrs Dogotch and family frioved to the Francis Lonergan home, > week ago. , , ., '. v , Mr an.d Mrs Paul'Ludwig * announced the enagegement and approaching marriage of thdlr daughter Bonita of Whittemore and Raymond Metzen of Algona, The wedding will be in June.' ' i Mrs Theodore fifbert returned ast liveek from University hospital in Iowa City, where she has seen .a patient for several weeks. , Mrs Clarence Bergeson entered the St. Ann hospital in'Algona Sunday for observation. • Bride-To-Be 01 Duane Mogler The engagement and approach ing marria'go of Roxic Schaffer, pictured above, daughter of Mrs John Farrlngton, flneffield, and the ,late Henry Schnffer, to Duane Mogleiy son of Mr and Mrs Som •Mogler, Whlttemore, has been announced. The wedding has tentatively been set for June 7 at the Methodist church UDM Engraving) • LuVerne By Mrs. Fern Bigings , Mrs Andre.w of Fairfax, . Minn., and Mr, and Mrs Willard Menz ,and family 'of Fentpn. Immediate'farnilies of Mrs Anna Wehrspann' gathered at her home Tuesday eyenirig to celebrate he"r birthday. , Those present were Mr and Mrs Walter Vaudt, Mr and Mrs Lorenz Gade and family, Mr and 1 Mrs Louis Wehrspann and Mr and Mrs Harold Wehrs- pann ^and' family. Wednesday afternoon the women of her neighborhood called on Grandma Wehrspann to congratulate her. Sunday evening guests at the home of, Mr and -Mrs James Schultz were Mr and Mrs Erwin Schmeling and son of Cylinder, Mr* and Mrs Herbert Potratz and son Dean, Mr and Mrs Ernie Meyer ^and son Eldon Ray, Kenneth Mergen, Janice Schultz and •Mr arid Mrs; Delbert Wichtendahl and family. , The occasion was the birthday bf Mr Schultz. Mr arid Mrs William Meyer Sr. and Mrs Herman Behnke were Thursday dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Henry Lauck Sr; Evening callers 'were Mr anc Mrs Henry Lauck Jr,, and,, family Mr' and Mrs Walter Strueqker Mr and Mrs Erwin Struecker and Mr and Mrs William .Meyer -Jr. and family ,of Wh ittemor e and Mr and Mrs Dale Mains and family of Algona on the ,/birthday The ( Birthday Bridge club "we're, guests Friday evening 6'f Mrs Duane Neal. In two \ tables of play, high, Mrs Hugh S,hirk. No birthdays were observed. Mr and Mrs Guy Giddings attended a pot-luck supper in the S. E. Straley home in Fenton Thursday evening for Kossuth County Rural Letter Carriers. Mr and Mrs Guy Gidding were guests of the Humboldt Rura" Letter Carriers at the Joe Sinn- well home at St. Joe. An evening of cards followed. Guy Giddings ,is a rural letter carrier out o: ,LuVerne.', • , - ,, . ? ' •Mr and Mrs •> Herman Schulz were Sunday visitors in'Hay field, .Minn., with their daughter Jean,' the Earl Gronbach family The Loyd Larson* family were guests Palm Sunday in the horn his mother, Mrs Emma Larson in Humboldt. They went for th confirmation and dinner of War ren. Larson, grandson and nephew of-: the Larsons. 'Nancy McGuire, seven month old daughter of Mr anql Mrs Luke at Algona Elevator Plans Dividend At V/hi!temore A large crowd attended the meeting of the Whittemorfi Coop, Elevntor, Monday everting, March 16, In Presentation Academy hnll, After dlseussittn bf (he Rcnornl report, some;, gfenernl statistics were reviewed in regard to volume handled, 3h -the different commodities. , ' The advisability or building additional storage was discussed, but no final decision was made ffcuttday, konh U, \W Alfifttrta (la.) OppWWi at the meeting. * /,-V**? fn the electfon of dmtfgfc Charles Brtrtnsn w&S re*e«eiSii$8.' C, A. DernM- and LeoHfa^fi Potnpe were elected for the othet two'directorships open thla yeaf. The Omaha Bank has okayed thp company proposal to pay out dividends .declared In the second half of 1954. The amount involves over $13,000.00 and payment will take plnce as soon as the chocks can be made out. A drawing was held for door prizes for those attending and these nmnes wftre drawn: First' prize $5. Mrs Leo Kollasch and Thfco. Ostwalcl; second prize? $4, Mrs Ralph Walker ami C. W. Elbert; third prize $3, Mrs Ed O'Brien am! George Gengler; fourth prize $2, Mrs Nick Reding and Jot? H. Bosch; fifth prizr, $1, with her maternal grandparents, Mr .and Mrs Ted Weg- icr. The parents were visiting n Miller, Si Dak. Born in a Palm Dale, Calif., respited to Mr and Mrs Robert Sanford a ounce son, March 20, 1959." He has McGuire of Burt, visited v the past days before. seven pound, nine Ricky Lee, Friday, two jrothers and two sisters . Mrs Sanford, former Verna Giddings s daughter of Mr and Mrs Guy Giddings of LuVerne. Robert is .he son of Mrs Jessie Sanford, LuVerne. Mr and Mrs Ralph Baer, Kathy and Terry visited Saturday with her parents, the Leo Becker family at Humbbldt. ,Mr and Mrs Jack Guy. spent the .weekend in Colfax with his uncle and aunt, the Melvin Guy and JOQ, Kriepps families. Mrs C. .O.-.McClejlan was hostess Friday afternoon to her 500 card club. Guests players were Mrs Ernest Meyer, Mrs Anna Blumer and Mrs Henry Pergande. At play, high, Mrs Meyer .and low, Mrs Herman Hinz. Mr and Mrs John Bockes and daughter, Mrs Stanley Genrich visited in Waterloo Thursday with Mr and Mrs Cal Bezemer, Mrs Bezemer, the former Kathy Bockes is their daughter and sister.- .'. ' Richard Wegner and Walter Myer returned Friday from two months vacatjdri trip wesl ,,and sout,h. They visited Irene Wegner, daughter of Mr Wegnei at Hermosa Beach, Calif. *' License To Wed ^ The drought was ended.;Cpunty Clerk Alma Pearson issued wedding license to Darryl JrReec and Judith Kay Thqresjbn p. Algona Wednesday morning, Mar. 18, thus ending one of. the-J^ng- est dry spells in history »at .the marital department- of /thoVlocal courthouse. The last preceding permit was issued Feb. promised she'd send it to Grace and they co „ . "I am one of those boarding the bus a^ St, Joe, so they .will remember us even though we didn't all get formally ".introduced." The recipe is for Supreme Angel Food;. 1% cups egg whites at room temperature , . 1 cup cake-flour * i% tsp. cream tartar 1/3 tsp. salt. , /, ' IMs tsp, vanilla ' Vz tpp' almond flavoring , , .,, i J cup granulated sugar • \ ' , ;,• , / 1% cup? powdered sugar .:,..$'*> • , • -'• . • * Sift together, 3 times, the^caHe ,flour, and powdered sugar, Set aside. Into a jtiixer bowl, combine the .egg^hifes, cream tarter, g. Beat until quite .foamy; and add the'granulated THOUSANDS CHOOSE CAPP-HOMES for quality^ repulatibiy pric* and financing* t?M»» M»J(4 I49VOI ***|}* "" rriyi-"* "T-»^' r -J-»T1— 'Ti »JT^ '*" "' 1~ r ' *''•«" +*-~~ " J" ' '' "," sugar a little at a time, Keep beting, (the speed on her mixer is 8, bUt they vary) until stiff.*u^ not dry.'Turn j?ack the mixer to number,! end fold4he ,flour and ppwdered,.sv»gar mixture.jin small amqunte until the batter looks shiny, ami smooth. Then turn into a large ungreased tube pan and baHe\at 375 4egrees, for 35 mm. Remove 'from oven and invert until cold. Remove cake as usual by cutting loose with even deep.stroHes "of ^nife» ,. ' , Mrs Stoll says, ^'1 have ,onq of t)ie heavy ; round top.of/'Stov* aluminum roisters r and I. like 1 to bake, mine that .way, I turn, my eJectrip'.'Stove burner, the large, one;* o^number; 3 heat for § minutes, then turn it to number 4 aiwi Place tne batter in the roaster in whiQii I've placed a tpll water glass H full, of hot water. , I cut a-few swipes thrpygh tlve batter^wUfc a spatula, then nJace roaster lig pn a,n4 bake tnte way i hour.,1 put a ?puple spots of palse batter pn tbe.. ontside of roaster an^.wher^theje jare brpwn you can figure ypyr. paHe is bypwvJWfl, When cjont, .r§mave^ ^ tip side to remove water left in glifsg artdjnyert pan until c« pool,"' ' " 4 ; ^ ;" '• - / '^^.i.w«*^; ^l'vu" s ,' v v' of <je tr»mple4 by y»wr M and , fowniMlen by (W • wmlen «wp»h»»f»— MWM wont, Mo»t liberal nwki. I** nwntbJjf JAVI THPU5AN05 OF DOILAR51 OF PLANS 01 USE YOURS »te»i9(Ji i?f J. You've .Heard many people say, "Sure, I know I* should go to church, but there are so many different .churches I just don't ^ know which' one to Join;" 1 '-So, they do nothing. ' Chad Walsh, a former college English professor who says, "I grew up as an agnostic, perhaps I \should say an atheist.. ," took the trouble to do ; something about it. As he says, "I went shopping." And he found his answer in the Episcopal Church. Within the pages of his very readable booklet, *J Chose the Episcopal Church," may be the answers to your questions, Perhaps fne answer* are in the services of the Episcopal Church near you, or in the class of instruction that church nay be holding. In tb.e last 2$ years our membership hat !o» creased 43-9%, which means that many thouii^dl of people have found in the,Episcopal Church the answer to an inner cry for spiritual gwidanct and direction, You will be welcomed at the Episcopal Church , near you. If the service is strange to you, t fellow'Worshiper near will be hippy (Q show yoti bow to follow the service in the Prayer Book if you desire', There'll be a copy » In the pew rack for you, i THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH WELCOMES YOU . St, THOMAS'CHURCH , . .'• • * ' A169NA i • , . , ••• Sunday ™ 11 «,m. Th«r$«Jfliy,«- 7$30 p TRUCK BUYER! Buy Now...Save Now! Mrs George 8das and '"" _„ _„„ reirestlfneTftt* t bV Weal btisinej^m^ft attef 5;, ' Mdhey dd^ft't Just goes without spying. it Now you Know! The aflswier id insurance prbbletrt** By L. 9. Boharthon SEE US...SAVE TODAY ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. 1417 Commercial Algona. Iowa INTERNATIONAL QUESTION! When you buy a dog these days is it necessary to buy insurance Which covers his actions? ANSWER: No, it isn't legally necessary but Comprehensive Personal Liability insurance which covers your legal liability for action* of pets is so inexpensive and protects you and your entire family from so many other hazards that, it's very wise lo get it. * ty you'll address your own insurance questions to this office, we'll try to give you the corroci answers and there will be no charge or obligation ol any kind. L. S. BOHANNON 6 N, Dodge CY 4-4443 HOUND UP OF VALUES MATCHING BASE! BUY THIS Nordic Tuhlo Model 21T220 - with big 21-inch (") screen * 1-flnjfcr Automatic Finn Tuning * "Wlde-Fi" Spnukcr * 'tone control * remote control (opt. extra) * choice •1 finish**I AND... GET THIS matching consol- ette base FREE! Instantly converts your television set into a handsome console! BOTH FOR THE PRKJE OF THE TABLE MODEL ALONE. $10.00 ONLY «*" . Eaty Weekly Termi BEST STEERS OF THE YEAR TALBOT, Model 21T263 * Automatic picture sharpener * push button on/ off * set & forget volume 4 . n ftft control * big 21-inch (•) * lD 'jgJ screen! * only Saty Weekly Ttrmt (•) overall diagonal measurement. CAN Bf SURE ,„IF IT'S TOWN & COUNTRY, Model 17T247 * Automatic picture sharpener Tube Saver * slim cabinet in magnificent charcoal finish $1Q,00> * 17-inch (*) screen! Only ' ( Saty APPLIANCiS «The Wildest Trorter In I 1 1\

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