The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 26, 1959 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1959
Page 16
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V **•. t-fe DIS MOINES OP* THE HOOK Maybe it wasn't planned that way, but decision »o send the national bawling congress to De» Molne* mean* that the controversy over whether'or nof the state basketball tournaments should be h'eld, !rt Dei Molnei will be eliminated, Becau»&of the bowling meet, the basketball tourney* will move elievyhere, Ames or Iowa City, we take it. * While this is being done, however, THE SENATOR WORRIES? • S«hatet torn Martin'probably use* ihe free Stinking moil privileges more man any other efeftea Tdwan In office. A couple of weeks 090 he mailed a letter to some T 00,000 Iowa voters, expressing his v/orries about high government spending. ' v '" '', Vte heartily agree with the' Senator. We worry about it, too. * fiuHhese free, postage letters cost the Fed- , •••>••-. •••:-•-;. v.~ , <* L ..„, ,*,, goverhment at feast 10 cents each and thus agree .with Jtfrt Van .Heel of the Mason City y mailing costs at least $10,000; paid for by Globe-Oazette that the method of selecting, state 7 ' " tournament finalists-could be vastly improved In our opinion "the Mlnnestota system o determining* a state basketball champion Is better than the one used In Iowa, There are fixe'd regionsJn^Minnesota^fiaeh of the 8 regions has regional Champion'who feeeS to the State tourna mentV theneams, ar$"<$L;pooled; ln j the region thete, is no w Aj;,/.'AA rt ,|o5\'fB rt designations. The best teams simply. wfhBn$;go tolthe state, tourn- anient.^lrt Jhat;;|y6y.,90'iU : UsualVj'ge*. to* best -' "•--"'• ••'"-' ' •"'^ toufhdmdnti/ tfrtd the state 6V0fV the taxpayer? Senator Martin Has a regular staff o| \S people, and refuses to'tell how much they get or reveal the «osfr of running ht$ bfflce. Thus far this information is legally withheld Irorrt the piiblic,because of a Sendts"ruling. ,, ,1 Jf Sehatdr/Mdrtln is 1 trying so hard'to balance, the budgetwe suggest he set an Immediate example\by; s ellminating the "$10,000-a time;' mailing of mUcellaneoys propaganda which only hits tha wastebaskets'around,the state seconds a'fter the Alerter opener: slits" the seal. - &ITS ftOt ,Kft6wtt woiiid be\ ^ a** ihe m Movie Sett it Of Sclld bUSUl6SSi l J A , illffel^Vr &<^*^^*tlSP&i$ aslftg arid'JflarRetlng of arta oeql'T 1 Ttt adqute, own, use, Convey ,.> , , • -,-, An' J iheitea's%idf $iOO;1was voted o* 'effeh." teVchtlrV - l ^-"H 1 &/>•' * "I gather you feel we're ftk*h«inm^ tilings lob well around here,'Marvin 1" ' w „ ;»•,,. signed Roberta 'bid Los '"--• . policy roamight beb little' easier If we liould make othu&r nations reallai6 tHottime Magazine'is not an official mouthpiece. -LIOOO'R\TO THEJOttE ' States government. Or is it? '' ffir iP „, j Claire Booth luceT wife of Time's publisher, Each session of the Iowa legislature seems ' Was our'ambassador to Italy, until'recently. Now , tb/confe* up with one'thjng that eventually be- 'she is'being talked of as a U.S. ambassador comes the dominating issue of'that particular session. "A couple of years ago it was the color of oleo. This session seems likely to be the one that will revolve around liquor.,. A state, referendum op the question ;pf liquor-by-the-drink seems likely. There are several proposals in the hopper on how the settling of this question "might be handled. " .'• > For" bnce we, are reading the remarks of somV legislators which haye a pretty hahest ring. Some of them are going so far as to pOb- licly utter s the i^fa'cti of life that we all know, that Iowa already has Itquor-by-the-drink except thaftt is .'accomplished either contrary'to law or through the legal "arrangement of key clubs or private clubs. There are nearly 2,000 Federal liquor permit stamps-in the! State of Iowa today. These Federal stamps x mean that the owner is secure from Federql molestation in selling liquor. The' Federal gover/iment is not interested in" the state law, only whether or not Spy (-i'< * 4 - i J L ,*»,,*,fr J t .*. i-e • / _. . I I. ^ , .t i—j |,q Uor has a pederal hquf" Jo a South American country. 4 The, lady has ability, that no one. can deny, feut it seems that because she has been an am- ',bassador, and again (via political appointment), it is assumed that her husband's ' magazine .and its vitriolic method of needling •/nations and people have an official status. >- " Thus when Time suggested (as a-quote of l>omeone else) in a South American edition that •.'•Bolivia ,bV divided up among ' other South * American countries, it, began a series of antl- • "American riots in Bolivia. •. : Now Jime,has stirred up the hornet's nest -in 'Yugoslavia, this time by cracking Tito's regime sharply over the rear. , r J . We>have freedom of speech in the U.S.A. /and intend to keep it. From a standpoint of ' international goodwill and good public relations, owi however,' it migh t t be wise to^ retjre the wife of ing \Dime's publisher'to the sidelines in the diploma- est< ''ic field, SQ long as her husband h^hell-benfon" ^making other nations mad at us. J . * j. a. ' a. w . .\ Winter-is like company —nice io have'if the stay is, not too' long — Indianola Record-Herald J'and Tribune. - { - f-- ' " ' * * * Our grcat-grandpappy did have io haul water '•'.nip from the well,'but he didn't haye to lay awake -•nights trying to figure out ways of getting the '^bucket paid'for — Cenierville lowegian. Last week. one legislator, caljed attention to the fact that in;two of the biggest hotels in Des Moines, where many legislators live, there are private clubs wheire liquor-by-the-drink is served and has been for years. All you have to 'do is be a member or a guest of a member, to procure all the drinks you want and without any trouble or law violation, evidently. Iowa is not the 1 only state facing up to a liquor question. Oklahoma is another state with the same" problem. Oklahoma has been techni- -cally dry'for a long time. The new Oklahoma governor,., however,. tired , of the hypocrisy in ;$1 E. Call ^treet—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona,'Iowa his'state, decicjed to'really settle; the Issue ^and *' ' " ' -declared "a complete crackdown on bootlegging and,illegal liqu'or. He is having quite a time, but his point' is clear: either repeal a hypocritical law, or else abjide by it.* Iowa is approaching the same kind of a decision.' , r' *"•.-• ,* * * KILL''PROGRAMS THAT BOOST PRODUCTION! Hilppcr Entered as, second class mdt|0r at the postollico at Algona, Idwa, 'under Act of Congress of M,arch 3, 1870., '"Issued Thursday in 1959 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. < ^ R. B.'"WALLER 1 , 1 Editor ,» C. S. 3KLANDER, Advertising Director * JERRY, METCALF, Advertising Manager ' DON SMITH, News Editor jFERMAN CHRISTOFFERS, Hant Foreman purveyor-of Kdrci itamp permit washinhtqjn /O» •'-•,»<*, 7 •' I ..* \<--'•.'..!• ** l-k 1 f+ "fo I 1 f-f fa T ff W ' 'W \ni&fiiiEi*if,s * ;•* Tr^nT^E "Vjf^ . i j %ta^ rt'ji Capital by Ray Vernon •girll Incidentally Clifford 'McMillan} was feelect Weekly Report from the - mortgage or. pledge. Its. f franchises, ,. real ^.'personal .property, indonte and- prt>f its v accruing "to 'it, any stofiKs, bonds; or other obligations** _. . . .,••,, • - .1 t-f JA.I jr- I-IT-,"— . .— — e\f '.nttv "ttfdfoertv 'Whicn ittiay •Dfijt, This story;' ; 6f the father of 0\tf' anJmously voted•,to'continue tho acquired by™t,tVexecute, accept,,-, Americaji^Navy^was; .given 'a- Tsununef'athletic £ndVtecreational-' l ^V^^ftSWli'kifiSIJrf »' • special 'screening for Admiral program and the sukfimerinstru r S urUicsa r nd "•''-'. James L, 1 . Holloway, -commander- mental music program -'in con- . - c TO engage in tiie foregoing bus- v in-chief of f U.S. Naval Forces in junction with the Rm'gsted Town'-" incss In Iowa, or s any other State, OUT ON A LIMB — Predic^ iications are needed,;'what pro- the Eastern Atlantic. First time Council; $ ~ 'T; \$&*SrA not forbidden by law, tions: Acting Secretary of State ttStions can' be, expected. '; A-,we ever heard of anyone ASKlNLr ,/' .• ^— : ^r—r: ..and have all of. the, powers ofra-f Christian Herter will take over in ydung lady With a high school -to stand 'Admiral's Inspection!- •/C'a^eUMBHffl umiiUB.H,,,!, mi . -«so«>o»oop as now or, hereafter case Secretary John Foster Dulles diploma will find, for instance, While we're on the subject of drops out as chief of our foreign that she is qualified',to become experts viewing a pre-releaso policy office. Also: Deputy Secre- -art airline ' stewardess, Va-, dental showing, M-G-M invited a high-: tarv of Defense Donald Al ''aVsistant, grocery check'pr, depart- ly qualified critic to a screening Queries will step in as top-De^ ment store saleswoman, telephone of. "The % Mating Game." 'This JSOBWCS hereby' «J^2 ^ ^ M .-Ti»"BBBrt^j)£"yi«oton; i iiaan fonse'boss when and if -Dei operatof- .and-general- clerical \pictute > deals'/ with ,ta*. problems - ^A^J^^!S2 ^*te.9°J5?Sffi!^' ^termine the-time-and-.cpnditipns of fense Secretary' , Neil McElroy worker. leaves the Pentagon. The-big ,", '1 corporauon as now ui ncicaiici provided by the laws of the State' f't, \The?a V ut'norked^apltal stock is Cme -'thousand Fivi Hundred (1,500) shares SCHOOL; ELECTION BUYERS — This to,' influence .picwKB^eaw: wiui. i««.. uwui™« independent ''School District oi"iSkSta, from,', a^« -humorous ,'> angle.; t The ln t f ie Countyi ^ f Jgossuth... State- of guest was Bill-'.Turnerj Chief Of Iowa, that a special- election has'been .t *«*•*-• t . t J «inl,._, _,* J.1- _ T»_ i_— nnllnrl t\v^rt nv>r1n**nr4 ^4-r\ i^o Vlttl/1 ' 4rt O^M/1 the nal_, office pf-the Inter- called and ordered Ho, be-held'.in. and- agree'ment madei"by6 day of April, 1959, whereat there will the Issuance of the." capital stocki and "ih "share of, st6ck-shallv,be subject all the terms, and,'restrictions, of an ' . *•-.. •*-"'—i.-.anlongXftje irn '-"Livestock -None'; of saidrcdpital stock /—- ^.*-™ iu..'_»^«8 )n Aif«,«* play made to Herter by British,,,, ^HE VOTE BUT PriitiG IVIinistGr JM&c3VLill&n wrien Dusincss 01 w tryin^ w, xi*^*v*--**—*- *-—.^. --- - — ™^+* ~~ '*•' ''r- *•** » **c»jr ^j. r^^^t j.wv t w4-.cic«i* i,**-^*^ "t*t 'iiixpress. "iNone'iui JKUUV ^dfiiirt*. ^^f^f^^J^ 14 ^ P^??f??^^te;HgM_on S»™^.Sxa^J^" TSO^ite&XFg^ Sff -^KrS^S^ffiA Dulles steps down. At the gon'it's no secret" that the' hower Administration ha grooming Quarlesjor the post nOw'that McElroy has . „ ... _ he wants'to go back 1 to .making much more was,actually spent . -{ t -and- 'not reported- is anybody's The others were'for "Sister Ken• : . \- 'guess. EntertainmemXof the law- ny," "Mourning-Becomes Electra" - —^pgj ^makers is ohe,of'the major items and "My-Sister Eileen." ,, '" f - .nfcfKJ^oa which' this• mbney, is''spent. ' v , t «,,,* •"*«/ * ' , te\?tennwel£toti^riSm How weir these pressure 'groups If Television Westerns-are en- win be on the^ot?Tcf teTJ^vouS Succeed in influencing Congress- joying a spurt of popularity, by ot of thfies about vourself°y ; nlen, cannot be measured. ^ Tho becoming, "adult entertaaiiment," ^TiSRf^fifentoiS3'**Ard shows; however, that.the iVA . ,no^surprlse to, the-major these'gadgets-'that they wilPBe ,'b'iggest 'tiolfe ttf'flash a' ted ,lig>it ih^cfeftf soap. —0- AT S50.000 (in addltf6n,,to the bonds' " 'amount of $250,000 heretofore id >by the'voters -of said District for a similar purpose at the special school ;electloh held In said School .j District on September. 8, 1958) for the purpose of constructing and equipping a new high school .building and pro- curjng a site therefor.,in and for said School District?" meeting Called for that purpose. The ^officers shall be L< W. Smith, President; N. S. Bangs, Jr. an,d Frank E. Knutzen, 'Vice Presidents; Paul C. OWens. Secretary, and-R. T. McAlplne, Treasurer. < '«' 'The directors snail'be,V. C. Smith, Frank E; Knutzen, 'Sr:,'N. S. Bangs, Jr., R. T. McAlpine and L'. r W.>. Smith. ' These. officers and, directors shall hold office until thev-next anmial meet- NATIONAL EDITORIAL AFFILIATE MEMBER sus take^ For-instance, if a beb!| n arms is reported to have a mill [ion dollar income .the, maqhkie/ will signal that a recheck shdiild^ be made. Little white lies might , escape this electronics but the big ones won't. ^ j -: BOSSY'S.. IN "DEMAND Congress, 1 up-to its neck in such . problems as the Berlin- crisis and *. the huge National debt,, soon wil| . O r f hildret ed of cnuaren, 01 voters of said School • District Telefilms, have, oxierea «ui ex- -^7^ the'Town"of Lakota, LedyaTd cellent 'training-,school ipr ,to- Township,- Kossuth County, ipwa, at- morrow's'big-;time''Western stars.".which time 'and place.all t oMh^qual- t In- the case J of Warner ,Brds., they've offered first rate- grdom-. ing" for Warner's, big;,- budget movie-'Western stars ,"qf ' the future. ' • •' -' Z 1 ' L.' W.' Smith . "WESTERN LIVESTOCK EXPRESS By: L. W. Smith, President (10-1-1-12-13) are getting enough |'milk.. Milk, : •FROM THE -FILES OF THE • ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES^ petition-"' between lure. - • ,i -. . ' ,n . * i* , * '• ',;'-^' ' Actually;' there's ;a -brisk ''com- '' 1 ' MAR. 30, 1939 the 1 ,' Warner telgfilm division, andv their M.P. sectioh-f of 1 , the, services' of stars like "James "H Garner' 'and Clint Walker."-'-, Clint's , big ' outdoor s 'cities over TV brarich.' ' They've put him the state right into production on ,"Chey' enne" TV films for fall release. MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF . CIRCULATIONS" NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE ly - Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 'FifthVAve,, New York 15, N. Y, N.'jMyjhigan, Chicago 1, 111. , RABIES IN KOSSUTH CO. .«. ----- * ------ *3-00 , per year . — S5.00 — *^" 1 ^"'*— ••nn-T— Tr*-*.-" *vC QVTSIPS K03SUTH ^ r . f . t ,,.,,^,^,,^,^^- f -~- cojnbination, on« yfar r .»-?6.Q ? monthj, Tr - • COUNTY RATES' ''I"*' (Wallace's Farmer) » , /.We" have one big. le,sson to learn yet in regard to federal farm programs. We're suckers for deals that look like we're getting something for nothing/ . -' Prime, examples — federal reclamation projects and the Agricultural Conservation Program. Government money was used to bring in 1.2 million 'acres of irrigated cropland between 1950 and 1955. - , ' !' The ACP appropriation has been $250 million a'yeai*. It's been sold taxpapcrs and farmers from the. "conservation" angle. Yet 84 percent of the v money went £pr practices that mainly increase production | ' At first glance these programs appear to help farmers. But lake another look. /"' 1 Because of the inelastic demand for fodd, a 5 percent boost in production depresses prices 10 or 15 percent. So we sell our larger volume of production for less total income! f * * * . SomehPw. between having his leg pulled by 1 Friends and his arm twisted-'by his enemies, a man becomes well adjusted — Sheldon Mail. ' * * * The main trouble with being bald is not so much in combing your hair — but where to draw of. profitably people, Cong to determine whether ...« -^ ...-- ™, T ~..-,—. 0 — -,- •• —* to put up additional money to oUs-'i^aWard was >for- -weekly pose of this surplus v milk. If it * tpapers published in cities does some 2,000,000,000 half-pints v 2,000 population "in the of milk will be'consumed by the, Northwestern Iowa newspapers, enner TV nuns IQI• lau £^ Nation's school children., Some practically swept all,,the^honors Not only, does then teieium 22 000 000 youngsters take advan- ^as the Storm Lake.Pilot-Tribune division give a final high-gloss tage of this milk program while ;,w,ound up-first and the Sheldon polish., to the talents - of tne,r attending school or in summer i-Mail took second in general ex- potenuax D'S-" camos ' ' cellence. The UDM has continued develops l ,v. em ; -;~ r & T~; • P ' _o- , • . ., ; ,to win awards down .through the vision )0 f the same lot that , MAIL. MAN IN'ORBIT'—If th^^ears/including second place for,, featare them t in ,top Post Office Dept. has its way • general excellence in the national rn% " Hllr * t mail soon may be whisked across —•"—*• f - •"**" INSTANCE. ALGONA',' INSURANCE, movie - J. J lR/(Jim)?KOLP . - ' Surety 'Bonds,—; Ally Lines ; of- Insurance ^ *206 East State ,St; /, • • • ' :Phone CY-4-3176 « . \ • BLOSSOM INSURANCE , v... a.,:, ''AGENCY-'- . , • All • Lines of' Insurance • 1 Automobile - Furniture Loan ' ' N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2735 country in rockets and missiles, contest in 1957. * Postmaster General Arthur Sum- * , A change in the* of fleers'of ihe merfield is serious when he t says -Titorika Savings Bank was an- that missiles caa be converted to ^ritiUnced, this week. E. J. Van handle transportation of U.S. ^Ness, Algona attbrricy, was'named mails. There-arc missiles avail] ."vice, president- and Edward^Boy', . able with landing' whee^ f and - kpnj'JSashier.,. Carl Giesking was on skids'which can be fired into the'ja" now "addition to the board of d directed to land 'some- { directors. Other members of tho what in the fashion of an air : Ji,rm included R. L. Krantz, direc- plane. Letters from Los Angeles f^or; and _,Henry pr'Bnm'S'^""'' ;o New York, for instance, can rip across country, in an c*t;ii ..*•*.-.rMMiraTekrl Vimnrmrpp i^ fhft^ , jjt— and 'BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE CY 4- Home - Automobile''- Farm / Polio 'Insurance • '. when you wash your face — Oskaloosa Tribune-Press. and Still unanswered, however, pf- graduates 4ntp the big league, he , N< - Docl g e st<] ., > ,p hj c simply slips put of a 9,tpok -," HomB . Automobile''- saddle into hi& silver -'and" gold mounted saddle astride, a horse brand, partner! training your' top-har-ds • old. home sp'rpad!""- , u '' ' • —M , r vfti* .' * *\ ,i;'lCr ,^'IM' jf THE DOTTED LINE T AWAITS! Mickey R'ooney, who has, been " the V role of the late La Guardia < in "The Broadway musical biography of the popular New "CHARLES D, • Dwelling,'Auto, "Liability, t ,- " '' Life, General, '" "''Phone'GY ^4-4512 q'uestion of why a letter address!/ go ' na w g re hosts to meinpers of ed 4o your neighbor istill takes. <^ st ' a te championship West Bend ed o your nego s . < sta te champonsp es three or four days to be deUvered^ rl ' B ' bw i w tb8ll team at a York has If you, 't , think; advertising try this»Tj»ert art Colorado higher' Name one! Read Weekly By Ovei' '5,000 Families Gardner, who' a, fabulous'. "Image J Makers" for' lowsrinvestigating all those ' .on Congressmen's payrolls^ are forgetting « something., jooks like Congress may^oor t . i|A6H , v « ( »» v -.. ^•)is question: why does President- igr's'-we're dnly Eisenhower get by with' having^ sbhool-'yelis'> 1 ~~" ' his. son, Major John Eisenhower^ ,...,* - , on'duty at the White, House?VM.^''^^- m a'yor,''' Leigbton -.l^i Some C^gres^rrien >.who ,'have^^gpi^. a nd one new couneilinan» l*een^ critiqige.d, for. having theirj; LjQ^d' P,0h,^n ( noi|, w e r? ,plec^d ISiillSI^ Hl^SwilrSS • g^g-ssw^ -i* ivmgU^nr*. w hHe -Bohannon and -Huen. ' ^*?J?*rS y ^"*&;h..T*:?,,vr iS KOSSUTH -MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,090,000 worth of in- fiuran,ce in force, A home company. Safe., secure. - Phone CY 4-3756,Lola Scuffham- Sec'y noises heard 1 *- ' hdr Sh 'Academy' HERBST INS. AGENCY for Auto, House, Household and Many Other Formi Phone <CY 4r3733 Ted S, DOCTORS vr «. MELVIN G. BOURNE; M. D. 1 ,, Physician & Surgeon ^, .r ." -118 N. .Moore St.% *? " Office phone-CY"4-2345' *•* ; Resident phone CY'M-2277v' J. N, KENEFICK, M.. D. Physician* &-,.,Surgeon , J -;;218 W. State 1 Street 2 Office phone CY 4-2353 • Resident phone CY 4-2614,', JOSEPH M.-ROONEY Physician & Surgeon "*. 114 N. Moore , - Office phone CY 4-2224 \ , Resident phone CY 4-2232 „ _ _. . - -n)m a - , „ ,_-T,^- r _., _-_,-„ .^ „ -,-,-i JOHN M: SpHUTTEHl M.DJ,' Physician & Surgeon .'' , 220 No. Dodge, Algona" , 'Office, phone CY 4-4490 . / Resident phone CY 4-23315 Chiropractor 1 Dr, D. D,''Arnold . Chiropractor ' ' I Over Penney's ' Office Phone,— CY 4-3373/ ' 'Hours: 9:00 — 5:00 "• Open Frjday Night , ( QHAWFORD I -General '-Agent- ' 'Jpwa Farjn , Mutual', Ins. Co. 1 Affiliated;, :With -Farm Bureau '^ all. . , Hfe-«- Hail- - Tractor ^ Phone CY ,-1-3351 HAHQLR without beijxg rapp«d for fi'vintt..-.^-. w hile -Bohannon and 'Hu^n- • Electric his^spn a job.,. The..President,.4|viold won the counciln>an-at- : entered po^urie, legally has t,he right toa.^g^ posts ,,jn ft VacpfWith'W.CA. w ho livs Co^^pT^EssTyT^ustTi ^ona . State Farm 4 Ins, Co, 706 So. Phillips, -St. „ „ ,..». FwK • Kohtoiaias an^ sisJE/Pvfcrmeyer/were elected to . r f House post and'that h^£ojh§r • council posts. Ko soon will be promoted to Ueu«|dged George L. Miller by-a ^- colonel, .ff^t, - '• •_^)^_ iS°iWTO J ' .T|p ^,. Teen-a^e gu«'flp soou'will' b'e'Jodlang fa wju : ,D^ts'ilB-may the'e ^ggtiy. ''Pvei&Tpn'by » B aW»r6'Mfi >nd ity pl< *';' |cls jiot' $e$6s* who soou 'will b'e• jQojc 5 --'*'*-' Si ' ai " i * SSB? ''~ 1 ''' E: * Tj *' if '^"' s '" " : *~? •••« «»**i,* u vm*Mik Iw^sSP 1 ^ 0 ' 1 **^., 6 ^ work shoyW read a new , just put out by the Government^ R } p called "Future Jobs for Higlj-L* •«.«-- • Seihpol Qirls." Ask -your Coniff Q«?]fli$$ C 'S* Shuroway wa§ to*' . A WJij^tempre^ ^an, , , „. gressrnan to send- a free oqpy|Cj^ected president "of ttie Algona W. Schult?,- was'fined; $ JO and^ The booklet has a wealth of 'in>f40KW4 ,fe£4 at S yiJSi'pnJ^tWR ^§|^ in Justjm g, Jl ? Q^tWpJllt'* iormaiion on how to gp about mating h«14 here recently, caurt Weanpalay aiternown, Mar. looking lor a job, what quah- Other memb«is» oi the buatd at 18, fur passing a school bus>. •«»' At Phon« . fiot«Bf t»»* . 4^994 Dr. H. 4, Thissfn; r Chiropractor E. State St,, Algona Phone CY 4-3621 OPTOMETRISTS Drs, . Eyes Examined Contact Lenses , Hearing Md,GlR§se§i , ' 9 East State- Street- • -, Algona, Iowa , • .Phone CYpress 4-2196 '- Hbur^J 9'-00 a,mi.'to 5:00 p.nj, ' Closed Saturday Afternoons M. Q'CONNQR v '>" . Visual Analysis • 103; 6,Q (Home' Visual Training Qarlan St, : l .) > , Farm: • Company N, Serving Polo Alto & Kossuth Counties

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