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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 26

Cincinnati, Ohio
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Wednesday, July 25, 1979
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C-4 THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRERWednesday, July 25, 1979 House Rejects Proposal To Delay Amtrak Cuts WASHINGTON (AP)-The Huse on Tuesday rejected a proposed one-year moratorium on President Carter's plan to slash Amtrak's passenger train service by nearly one half. By a 214-to-197 vote, the House defeated the one-year delay. However, the House approved another amendment that would reduce the extent of the proposed cutback. The House adjourned Tuesday night without completing action on the Amtrak bill. Work on the bill was scheduled to be finished Wednesday. THE PRESIDENT had recommended saving $1.4 billion over the next five years by eliminating lightly traveled routes totaling 12,000 miles of Amtrak's 27,000 miles of rail service. However, opponents of the proposed cutbacks claim the administration has not adequately considered the effect of the recent gasoline shortage in boosting Amtrak rldershlp. Reps. Albert Gore Jr., D-Tenn., and Wyche Fowler Jr., D-Ga., sponsors of the proposed moratorium, argued that public support for train service is soaring and that the service cuts would destroy the foundation for a national rail network. "A new era Is beginning In the United States of America," declared Gore. "These problems with gasoline are not temporary. We need these trains." Critics of the Gore-Fowler moratorium said It would continue trains with low rldershlp and prevent the transfer of cars from such routes to more heavily traveled corridors where trains are overflowing. But while rejecting the Gore-Fowler Amendment, the House moved to save' many of the trains earmarked for cancellation under the administration plan. Garter Today May Select Federal Meserve Chairman 1979 N.Y. TIMES NEWS SERVICE WASHINGTON President Carter has received a "short list" of recommended candidates for the chairmanship of the Federal Reserve Board and Is expected to choose one shortly, White House offclals said Tuesday. The list, Including, among other names, those of Paul A. Volcker, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Bruce K. MacLaury, a former Treasury official who is now president of the Brookings Institution, was submitted to Mr. Carter after what one aide described as "exhaustive contacts" by the White House staff with a broad range cf figures in the financial community. White House sources said It was possible but not certain that the President would announce a choice before the nationally televised news conference he has scheduled for 9 p.m. today. "The President wants to move as quickly as possible," a top White House official said, "but it's such an important appointment that he wants to be completely happy with it." The need for a new chairman In effect Congressman Denies Vote Buying LAKE CHARLES, La. (AP)-Rep. Claude "Buddy" Leach pleaded Innocent Tuesday to all 30 counts of the federal Indictments that accuse him of buying votes to get elected to Congress last fall. "Congressman Leach: how do you plead, Buddy?" asked U.S. Magistrate Joe Trltlco. "Not guilty," Leach said loudly and firmly. He waived the reading of the Indictment but stood before the magistrate with his arms folded as each count was explained. It was Leach's first appearance In public since the Indictments were handed down by a federal grand Jury last Friday. He was jovial and outgoing and spoke to reporters and others in the courtroom. He remains free on $3000 personal recognizance bond. Trial date was tentatively set for September 17. FTC Kaias WASHINGTON (AP)-Proteln supplements, which often are sold as health foods, have little If any nutritional value and might be harmful to some people, a Federal Trade Commission staff report said Tuesday. The staff urged the four FTC commissioners to issue a regulation banning "deceptive and unfair claims about the need for and benefits from protein." The commission's staff concluded: "No significant nutritional benefits are derived from the use of protein supplements." The report said protein consumption Is dangerous for Infants under a year old and sMsliTeY Court of Common Pleas July 23, 1979 A7906364 Ronald B. Christopher vs. Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co. For 1200,000, personal injury. A7906365 Leah J. Moloney vs. Craig Matoney. Divorce. A7906366 Rita Dunbar vs Donald H. Sebastian, "Country". Support. A7906367 Debra Lacey vs. Keith Lacey. Support. A79063a DMAC Co. the City of Cincinnati. Appropriation of real estate. A7906369 Cynithla Shamel vs. Richard E. Weems. For J51.5O0, personal injuries. A7906370 Sheba Mesa vs. Rudy Mesa. Support. A7906371 Gertrude G Pastura Henry and James E. Henry. Dissolution of marriage. A7906372 Carol Chambers vs Bennie Mapp. Support. A7906373 Joyce Lay vs. John Wayne Fee. Support. A7906374 Frances Ann Brown vs. Robert Barber. Support. A7906375 Katherlne L. Yates vs. Raymond James Carrol. Support. A7906376 Jefferson Co. Department of Social Services and Nancy A. Austin vs. Leo Taulbee Support. A7906 6377 Count;y of San 'rotein Oiego, Valorie Lee Dillingham vs. Uwiqht Joe. Support A7V06378 Deborah L. Soldano vs. John W. Stuck. For S700,000, damages, personal injury. A7906379 Sharon Lanier vs. Frank Ewing. Support. A7906380 Dolores E. Stout vs. Jimmie Stout. Support. A7906381 Patricia Lynn Bailey vs. William Henry bailey. Divorce. A7906382 Maile Wilson vs. Mil ton G. Howard. Support. A7906383 Bette Turer vs. Allen S. Turer. Support. A7906384 Shelly Davis vs Timothy Wise. Support. A7906385 Sherrie Yvonne Wright vs. Anthony Price. Sup port. A7906386 Karln J. Thomas vs. Loyal Dale Short. Support. A7906387 Michelle Patricia Columbus vs. Ernest Columbus. Divorce. A7906388 County of Los Angeles and Angela Dunn vs. Paul Dunn jr. support. A7906389 Paul E. Wlssman vs. Bonnie B. Wlssman. Divorce. A7906390 Marcheta W. Colins vs. Charles Lee Emery. Support. A7906391 Durlnda Irene Fa-thergill vs. Charles Douglas Deniin-ger. Support. A7906392 Leisa Fetters vs. Jamos O Gay. Support. W906393 Brenda Wheale vs. Y BY VOICE vote," the House adopted an amendment, proposed by Rep. Robert Duncan, D-Ore., which would save short-distance routes that carry at least 80 passengers and lose no more than nine cents per passenger mile. The Duncan Amendment would also divide the nation Into four regional quadrants and ensure that nrh ftinn wnnin be serviced by at least one Amtrak train, a provision that Gore claimed would help the Pacific Northwest. The overall bill, as approved by the House Interstate and Commerce Committee, would require Amtrak trains to carry an average of 150 or more passengers and lose no more than seven cents per passenger for every mile traveled. Rep. James J. Florlo, D-N.J., chairman of the House Interstate and Commerce transportation subcommittee, said such a standard would "mark the beginning of Amtrak system that will be cost-effective and fuel-efficient" UNDER THE committee bill, such trains as the Washlngton-to-Montreal "Montrealer," the New York-to-New Orleans "Southern Crescent" and the Chlcago-to-Texas "InterAmerican" would be saved. Aides to Florlo said the committee bill as amended by Duncan would cut about six trains and 5500 miles of track out of the Amtrak network. The trains that would likely be eliminated by the amended bill include the Chicago-to-Seattle "North Coast Hiawatha," and the Boston-to-Kentucky "HM-topper," the aides said. They added that the Seattle-to-Salt Lake City "Pioneer" Is one train that might be saved by the Duncan Amendment's regional distribution clause. the government's central banker developed last week when Mr. Carter designated the present chairman, G. William Miller, to succeed Treasury Secretary W. Michael Blumenthal as part of his Cabinet reshuffle. Three men who had been mentioned as possible candidates for the job have taken themselves out of consideration, it was learned Tuesday. These Included David Rockefeller, chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank, A. W. Clausen, chairman of the Bank of America, and Robert V. Roosa, a partner of the Investment banking firm of Brown Bros., Harrlman and a former undersecretary of the Treasury for monetary affairs. Some businessmen In New York reportedly have urged the White House to consider Gabriel Hauge, retired chairman of the Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., who served in high economic posts during the Eisenhower administration. Mr. Carter's choice for the influential job will be watched closely as an indication of the administration's commitment to a strong dollar, especially In the face of recent assaults on the currency In the foreign money markets. Also arraigned Tuesday were eight co-defendants, each of whom pleaded Innocent to all charges. The Indictments accuse them of conspiring to pay residents of Leach's home town of Leesvllle to vote for him In the pri-mary and general elections last fall. According to the Indictment, 397 votes were bought In the primary for $10 each and 440 In the runoff for $5 each more votes than were In Leach's winning margin. In the general election, Leach had 65,583 votes to 65,317 for Jimmy Wilson, a Republican who has demanded Leach be ousted from Congress. House Administration Committee officials refuse to say whether they will act In light of the Indictment. In the primary, Leach led a field of nine candidates with 35,010 votes. Wilson, his nearest opponent, had 34,841. The third candidate, Buddy Roemer, had 33,302. Supplements may also be harmful for people with severe liver and kidney disorders. Protein supplements are powders, liquids or pills made from protein Isolates. They are sold largely through health-food stores and by door-to-door salesmen. Doug Gillespie, president of the National Protein Conference, called protein supplements "viable, economical sources of protein that definitely benefit some people." He said the supplements are "Just as nutritional as the protein you get from your milk." Gillespie said the regulation recommended by the FTC staff Is unneeded. John E. Wheale. Support. A7906394 Evelyn M. Crouch et al vs. Joseph E. Powel. For $170,- uuu, personal lnury (vehicle) damages. A 7906395 Bonnie A. Anderson vs. Wllburn C. Anderson Jr. Di vorce. A7906396 Wayne McCreary ano Karen Mccreary. Dissolution of marriage. A7906397 Albert A. Nelson vs. RBC Inc. et al. Breach of contract and money. A7906398 Minnie Henry vs. Louis Henry. Divorce. A7906399 Patricia G e vs. Thomas H. Glel. Divorce. A 7906400 Roger M. McBride vs. Dorothy McBride. Divorce. A7906402 Kathleen G. Naber and Joseph E. Naber. Dissolution of marriage. A7906403 William Berry and rreoio oerry. same. A7906404 Jan M. Kruse vs. Robert Lee Kruse. Divorce. A7906405 Carol J. Ratllff vs. Norman L. Ratliff, Divorce. A7906406 William C. Blssmey-er Jr. et al vs. Michael C. Sweeney. For $60,000, personal Injury (vehicle). A7906407 Woodward Savings and Loan vs. Barbara B. Martin et al. For $20,463 plus interest, foreclosure of mortgage. avu64ub Mack Financial corp. vs. Kenworth of Cincinnati Inc. et al. Complaint of replevin. Juh24.1979 A7906409 Steven M. Smith and Cerolynfl Sue Smith. Dissolution of marriage. A7906410 Edgar H Petrey vs. Laura L Petrey. Divorce. A7906411 Carol Jean Redertck vs. Robert Bernard Roderick. Divorce. A7906412 Annie X Hughes vs. Frederick A Hughes. Divorce. A 7906413 Mcaela M. McCormack vs. Gerald W. McCormack. Divorce. A7906414 Michael W. Foerit vs. Kimberletoti K. Foerit. Divorce. A79064I5 Albert G. Young and Nancy L. Young, otssotution ot marriage. A790641I Abort Pressman, et a) vs. Neat mot an, et ai. Foredosura ot mortgage ten and 11526. A7906417 D.P.IL. Employees Federal CredH Union vs. Robert w. Shropshire Jr et at, For 15694 with Interest on unpaid balance from lath day of May, 1979 and punitive damages rt amount of S5000 on a note. awm ii nancy lops vs Jerome Upps Divorce. A7106419 Frank X Homan Jr. vs. Michael Trfcbte, et al Breach of con tract and money. nwg oeryi i Kianxi, et vs. Jerome N. Fecher. et at. For M0,- 000 personal Injury (vehicle), LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT FOI QUOTATIONS Scaled proposal! for each of the requirements set forth In the specifications for cafeteria foods -namely, Meat, Fish, Milk and Ice Cream, Bakery Goods, and Potato Chips for all eight schools m the district win be received at the office of the clerk of the Board of Education of the Oak Hills Local School District, 6479 Bridgetown Road, Cincinnati, OH 4521 1, Hamilton County, Ohio, until iJ noon, t.U T, August a, lyre. and will be pubtdy opened and read Dy me clerk tmmedlatelv thereafter at his office at the above address, tabulated, and a report thereof made by the clerk to said board at Its next meeting. Copies of the specifications, instructions to quoters, and proposal forms may be obtained at the board of education office. Said board of education re serves the right to waive Informalities, to accept or refect any and at, or parts of any and al quotations. Board of Education OAK HILLS LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT By: Robert H. Huber, President Richard E. Faris, Treasurer 175107 LEGAL NOTICE The following parties herein named having household furnishings et cetera, stored with the Sanger Movlna end Storage, 576 Northland Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45240: Sandy Mies, 6617 3rd St. West, Bradentoa Florida 33507; Kattiv Sams. 3155 Laoiand Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45239, 11,465.70; Joyce Schweitzer, 2001 Calvin Oft A-14, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206, woo go, are hereby notified that same goods wa be sold at public auction on Wednesday, August si viit at r:ju at iw&a Auction lex:., 7432 Hamtton Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231 and continuing each Friday and Wednesday until all goods are sold, unless all charges are paid on or before July 24tn 1979. The Sanger Moving and Storage. Metvin J. Franklin, Auctioneer 175083 LEGAL NOTICE Sealed proposals for a comblna-tton water tower and 50-ft. aerial ladder to be insisted on a suitable chassis provided by the Colerain Township Fire Department, will be received at the office of the Colerain Township Trustees, 4725 Sprmgdale Road. Cincinnati, Ohio 45239, unti noon, Tuesday, August 14, 1979. The proposals shaH be In accordance with the specifications and requirements which are on He at the office of the Board of Trustees, 4725 Sprlnodele Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45239, copies of which can be picked up between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The price quotedby the bidder wH be considered a firm price or a firm bid, not subiect to eny change or modification by the bidder for a period of X days from August 14, iyy. A corporate surety bond or cerattea cneck on a solvent bank In Hamilton County, made payable to the Board of Trustees of Coler ain Township, In the omount of 10 (ten percent) of the total estimated bid, shall accompany said proposal as a guarantee that If said proposal is accepted, a contract w be entered Into. The Board of Trustees of Colerain Township reserves the right to r elect any or al bids. Board of Trustees - of Colerain Township ' Hamilton County, Ohk) wnam A. Leonhardt Township Clerk . 175110 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE Notice Is hereby given that the foeowing described equipment w be sold at pubic sale to the highest bidder (terms: cash) on the day of 2 August, 1979, lftOO am. o'clock Eastern Dayloht Savings Time at Bobcat Enterprises, 4699 Interstate Drive, Cincinnati, County of Butter, State of Ohio. Description of Goods to be Sold Quantity, Year, Description and Serial Number(s) (1) Melroe Bobcat Loader MI25 with soM tires, oxy-catalyt-Ic muffler patef forks with 36" teeth, 60" Industrial grapple, 14161. dark Equipment Credit Corporation reserves the right to bid at the sale. The above described equipment was repossessed pursuant to the terms of a Lease with Option Contract, dated 22 December 1977, entered Into by and between Bobcat Enterprises Inc. as (Lessor), and McGrath Industries Inc. as (Lessee) which contract was assigned to Clark Equipment Credit Corporetion. Prior to the sale, the equipment wH be available for public Inspection on 1 August 1979 from 100 a.m. o'clock to 4:00 p.m. o'clock. dark Equipment Credit Corporation P. C Wagner Clark Equipment Credit Corporation 12E East Front Street Buchanan, Michigan 49107 175112 TRANSIT AUTHORITY OF NORTHERN KENTUCKY LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed bids in duplicate w be received In the office of the General Manager, Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky, 11th and Lowell Streets, Newport, Kentucky 41071 until 12:00 Noon, August 1, 1979, for demolition of certain wooden ceUings, partitions, and dead and unused electrical wiring and fixtures of the Upper Storage Bus Garage. Bkt proposals shal Include the furnishing of an equipment, tools, materials, labor, and services necessary for complete repairs as per specifications. All bids will be opened at a public meeting of the TANK Board of Directors on Wednes day, August , 1979 at 700 P.M. on the Fourth Floor, City-County Butktng, Third and Court Streets, Covington, Kentucky. Detailed specifications and further information may be obtained at the offices of the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky as indicated above. Al bidders wM be required to certify that they are not on the Comptroler General's list of Ineligible contractors. Contractor wH be required to comply wnn an appecaoie tquai oppor tunity Laws and regulations. tacn bid must be accompanied by a bid guarantee in the amount of ten (10) percent of the total bid. The Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky reserves the right to accept any bkt or reiect any and al bids as the Authority deems necessary in Its own best Interest, subiect to regulations governing such bids. TANK will not discriminate with regard to race, color, sex, or national origin n consideration tor an award. Dean A. Hetrlck General Manager Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky 175104 A7906421 Ruby Louise Morgan vs. Dales Ray Morgan. Divorce. A 79064 72 Nancy M. Meece and Dennis W. Meece. Dissolution of marriage. A7906423 Patricia Miranda vs. Lorgio Miranda. Divorce. A7906424 James A. Amah Jr. and Suzanne L. Amatol. Dissolution ot marriage. A7906425 Judith N. Neff vs. John W. Stuck. For SMOOOO as compensa tion and 1500,000 punitive damages, personal injury. A7906426 Norma Jean See vs. John Wayne See. Divorce. A7906427 Linda Kay Oenieie vs. Dale Robert Danieie. Divorc A790642I Lorett Adklns vs. James Adklns. Divorce. A7906429 James Edward Stewart vs. Oeo Stewart. Divorce. A 790630 wine Gavin, et al vs. Consotdated Rail Corp. For 100,000, personal Injury (vehicle accident). AV0643I jacoueane H. Durham and James W. Durham Dissolution of marriage. A7906432 Ola Mae Griffin vs. Matthew D. Griffin. Divorce. A7906433 Marie L. Baird vs. Sam uel H. Baird. Divorce. A 790434 Sharon Kay Shuemak vs. Robert D. Shuemak. Divorce. A 7906435 Marguerite R. Craig vs. Theodore A. Craig. Divorce. A906436 Frank j. Doroer Bunder, etc., fka Craftsman BuHders, etc. vs. Robert ( and Joan L Sheehan. Be Hourney's inL. ARLIN'GHAUS Ruth Eten (nee Keiser), beloved wife of the late Raymond J. Ar linghaus, devoted mother of Bruce E., Barry P. and Raymond D. Arlinghaus, also survived by four grandsons, devoted sister of Vera Stein, Loraine Bering, Wit-lam Keiser and the late Marcela Stelner and Milton Keiser. Sud denly, Monday, July 23. 1979. Age. 70 years. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the Mass ot Christian Burial at the Neidhard Funeral Home, 7401 Hamilton Ave., Mt. Healthy, Thursday, July 26 at lie a.m. no visitation. BALLMAN Delana L. (nee Baird), wife of Robert P. Batman, daughter of Seena Baird, sister of Robert OT el Baird of Rosevlle, Mich., and Veneda Grey of Loveland, Ohio. Jury 22, 1979. Funeral service at T P. write & Sons Funeral Home, 2050 Beechmont Ave. Mt. Wash ington, Thursday, July 26 al HOC a.m. Friends may call Wednes day, 6 to v P.M. BARBIS Thomas, beloved brother of Mrs. Victoria Minks and Nicholas Bar pis. July 22, 1979. No visitation. BARKER Wendell D , beloved husband of Mary Campbell Barker, dear fa ther of Mrs. Meridel Eckel and Mrs. Nancy Mendell both of Harrison, Orw, dear grandfather of eight grandchildren, devoted son ot Mrs. (.ecu Barker and the late Floyd Barker. Tuesday, July 24, 1979. Residence 200 Biddle Ave., Harrison, Ohm, at the age of 68. Friends may cat in the John C Brater Funeral Home, Broadway at Vine Sts.. Harrison. Ohio. Thursday, July 26 from 6 to 9 km. Graveside funeral service at the convenience of the family In the Troutwine Cemetery, Lynchburg, Ohio. Expressions of sympathy may be made to the Miamltown United Methodist Church. Cards available at the tuner al home. COLBERT Eva, beloved daughter of Rosle Johnson, devoted mother of John Stevenson and David Harrison and Barbara Powet loving sister of Louis Johnson and Louise Stevenson, also survived by five grandchildren, one great-grandchild and other relatives and friends. She was a member of Cal vary United Methodist Church Friends may cal Friday at 6 P.M. at Jamison and Jamison Funeral Home, 3437 Montgomery Rd Evanstoa Funeral service at I P.M. Interment Spring Grove Ce metery. COLLIGAN Patrick Michael, beloved son of Michael J. and LaVerne W. Arm- brust CoHgan, ot Hamilton, Ohio, beloved brother of Michael J. Coigan, PhD, Cincinnati, Ohio and Mrs. Bob (Ann C.I Wyrick, of Somervile, Ohio, dear uncle of Michael J. Colligan, Jeffrey S. CoKgan and Christine L. Cotigan, al ot Cincinnati, Man Michael wy rick and Ryan Patrick Wyrick, of Somervie. Age 22 years. Passed away at his apartment, 501 South Third Street, Tuesday, July 17. Mass of Christian Burial was in toned at St. Mary Church. Hamil ton on July 21. Burial in Family Lot m 5t. Mary cemetery, Hamilton Services were conducted by the Michael J. Coigan Funeral Home, Hammon. CORKEN Harriet Alice (nee Danner), beloved wife of Donald I. Cork en, beloved mother of Mrs. Sandra Ne well Robertson, Donald I., Jr., Jeffrey S Robin Dale and Curtis A. Cork en, dear sister ot Mrs Oioa Fertick, Newei Harry, Her bert and Thomas Danner, also survived by eight granoawren. Residence 3070 Ashley Dr. Edge- wood, Ky. Monday, July 23, 1979. Age 61 years. Service Thursday, July 26, at the Urmemann Funeral Home, Erianger, at 10 A.M. Visitation Wednesday, 4 to 9 P.M. H desired, memorials may be made to me American cancer society FLORISTS 24 E. 4th St. 621-3662 ADJUSTMENT OF ERRORS It Is the responsibility of the Advertisers to check the corrections at each Insertion of an advertisement. The Enquirer assumes no responsiblHty for the repetition of errors In advertisement ordered for more than one Insertion unless notified the same day. Upon noting an error the advertiser should call the Ossified Customer Service, 721-2700. Adjustments are made on the degree to which the error reduced the value of the ad. The right Is reserved by the Cincinnati Enquirer to classify, revise or reiect arbitrarily at Its option any advertising deemed detrimental to the public Interest or the policy of the newspaper. Please ask for cancellation number as your cancelation receipt. DEADLINES SUNDAY Deadline for all ads (charged and paid) is 4:30 P.M. Friday. DAILY Deadline for all ads for the next morning's Enquirer is 2:45 P.M. 617 Vine, Cincinnati, Ohio CLOSED SUNDAY 421-6300 c yond jurisdiction ot Municipal Court ot Hammon county, on. A7906437 Bessie Pittman vs Bernard Koch. Same. A7906438 Estate of Maggie Jones vs. Garden of Eden-Eden Forest Nursing Home, et al. Personal Injury, meaicai manractice. A7906439 Jacqueline Aim Martin vs. Ronald L. Martin. Divorce. A7906440 City of Cincinnati vs. Saul Kirschner, et al. Appropriation of real estate. A906441 Gladys E. Johnson vs. WWam Johnson Jr. Divorce. A7906442 City of Cincinnati vs. Dorothy Kirschner, et al. Appropriation of real estate. A7906443 Reading Central Mixed Concrete, he. vs. James Wins, dba WNs Construction Co. For s 10,7 1 1 for goods and services. A7906444 Joseph W. Sprague and tiia sprague vs. toy hoddi. t-or 1550,000 personal inury (vehicle). A790644S Mildred E. Currus vs. Richard A. DeBaker, et al. Breach of contract. A7906447 Leon L Wolf vs. Raymond S. Bermudez, et al. For a declaratory ludgment. A790644I United Western Corp. vs. Robert Dameron. For an accounting, declaratory ludgment and money damages. A7906449 Carolyn M. Williams and Donald R. Williams. Dissolution of marriage A 7906450 Prlsclla L. Shepherd vs. Timothy C Shepherd. Alimony. Ilourney's tint. DRlSCOLL John J., husband of the late Arnita Rachel Driscol, dear brother of Mrs. Mary Haney, Mrs. Agnes Richardson and the late James Driscol, dear friend of Edith B. Hal Sunday, July 22, 1979. Residence 1673 Cedar Ave. Funeral services at the Chas. A. Miller Sons Funeral Home, Hamilton Ave. at Knowlton St. Northside, Wednesday, 3 P.M. No visitation Tuesday. If you so desire, memorials may be directed to the American Cancer Society. DUGAN Mark A., loving father to Bonnie Mendenhal, Ethel Carter, Mary (Lori) Jorgenson, LaDonna Dunan, Wiiam and Mark Dugan, dear grandfather of 10 grandchildren, dear brother to George, Matthew, James and Harold Dugan and Hilda Adklns, Rose Brandt, Mabel Stoughton and the late Tom Dugan, Ethel Boothe and Elizabeth Adkins. Jury 24, 1979, In Lake City, Fla. Funeral from the John J. Radel Co., Price Hit Funeral Home, 4122 Glenway Ave. on Friday, Jury 27, 1979, at 9:30 A.M. Mass of Christian Burial at Our Lady of Perpetual Help at 10 A.M. Friends may cal Thursday from 4 to 9 P.M. DUNN Carrie Murray, beloved wife of Leroy Murray, mother of Kenny Roberts, Minnie Newberry and Koy t-euetner trom Alabama, sister of Theola Maple of Pittsburgh and Mary Hooks of Cleveland, Ohio, also other relatives and many friends. Jury 22, 1979. Visitation Thursday, 6 to 7:30 P.M. at the Truth Missionary Baptist Church, Vine and St. Clair. Services 7:30 P.M. foeowlng visitation. Kev. Mitcneii, officiating, interment Union Baptist Cemetery, Friday morning, J. C Battle and sons m charge ot arrangements. GLEMSER Katherlne (nee Dills), beloved wife of Irving F. Glemser, also survived by one brother and one sister. Suddenly, Tuesday, July 24, 1979. Resident of North Coiege hh. Friends may cal at me Chas. a. Miner sons Funeral Home, Hamilton Avenue at Knowlton Street, Northside, Thursday 4 to 9 P.M. Funeral services Frxiay, 11 a.m. Dorcas Chapter 277 O.E.S. Services Thursday at 7:30 P.M. In lieu of other remembrances. memorials may be directed to the Children's Heart Association, 231 Bethesda Avenue, Cincinnati, Oreo. HARTWICK Louise of the East Gatyaith Nursing Home Beloved wife of the late Paul Hartwlck. Services Hilside Chapel, Cincinnati Cremation Co., 525 Dixmyth Ave., Thursday, Jury 26, at 9:30 AM. HORWITZ Herschel, of Miami Beach, for merly of Cincinnati, beloved hus band of Lisa Behar Horwitz, dear brother of Mrs. Morris (Ruth) Scrutzinoer, ot Cincinnati, Mrs Nachum (Leah) Marmet, of Beverly Hits, California. Dr. CHga Horwitz Whiteha and Sol Horwitz, both of Chicago. Services Weil Funeral Home, 3901 Reading Road, Wednesday, July 25 at i P.M. HUGHES William R., beloved husband of Jame Fettner Hughes, dear father of Robert J. Hughes and Shirley Dunham, dear brother of Ear line Ward, Pauline Ely, Oena May Bailey, Jean Ktoenthrup and the late Martin Hughes Jr., also survived Dy five oranocrwdrea Tuesday, July 24, 1979. Age 59 years Friends may cal at the Chas. A Miter Sons Funeral Home, Hamilton Ave. at Knowtton St., North- side, Wednesday 4 to 9 P.M Funeral services Thursday 11 A.M. Vatier Lodge No. 386 F. t A.M. Services Wednesday at 7:30 PM. JUSSEN Marguerite E , wife of the late Herbert C Jus sen and mother of Virginia Jus sen, Washington, D.C and Barbara J. Upson, of Oarlen, Connecticut. Tuesday, July 24. 1979. Services private at the con venience of the tamiy. Arrange- ments by xnaeter -Busby. KERR John H., beloved husband of Emma Llstermann Kerr, dear father of Mrs. Paul (Dorothy) Wlwi and Robert E. Kerr, brother of Edward Kerr of Cedar Grove, Indiana and Mrs. Hortensa Roark and Mrs. Ethel Crawford of Brookvie, also survived by nine grandchildren and two greatgrandchildren. Suddenly, Tuesday, July 24, 1979. Age 80 years. Resi dence 10238 New Haven Rd, Harrison. Friends may cal at the Jackman-Kercheval Funeral Home, Harrison, Thursday, from 6 to 9 P.M. Prayers at 8 P.M. Mass of Christian Burial at St John the Baptist Church, Friday, July 27, at 10 A.M. Interment, St. John Cemetery. Memorials, If so desired, may be donated to the charity of your choice. KOHNEN Mary R. (nee Planes), beloved wife ot Clarence Kohnen, devoted mother of Mary Lou Donogahue, Margaret Ann Mullins, Teresa White, Patricia LaBanz, Kafherine Geers, Elizabeth Donogahue, Victoria Ditchen, Nancy Poff, Robert C, Thomas G Dekres, Joseph and Donna Kohnen, grand mother of 21, dear sister of Bridget Banks, Nancy Knabb and John Planes. Suddenly, July 22, 1979, m her 63rd year. Mass of Christian Burial Thursday, 9:30 A.M., Guardian Angels Church, Mt. Washington. Visitation at the Witt. Good & Kelsch Funeral Home, mm Madison Rd. at Oakley Sq., Wednesday, 4 to 9 P.M. Entombment, St. Joseph Mausoleum. Member of the Corona Club. LAPE Carl, beloved husband of the late Hazel Lape, dear nephew of Elizabeth Borchers, also survived by many cousins. Monday, July 23, 1979. Residence 517 Hodge Street, Newport. Age 64. Services Thursday, 10 A.M. from the Radel Funeral Home, Newport. Visitation Wednesday 4 to 9 P.M Burial Evergreen Cemetery. Member of Henry Barnes Lodge 1163 F. and A.M. service 7:30 P.M. Wednes day at the funeral home. MATTHEWS Robert, beloved cousin of John Ficklin, dear friend of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Holston, also survived by other relatives and friends. July 23, 1979. Friends may call Thursday from 6 to I P.M. at Jamison and Jamison Funeral Home, 3437 Montgomery Road, Evanston. Funeral services at 8 P.M. Interment Union Baptist Cemetery. McKINNEY Leona (nee Culver), beloved wife of Harvey McKinney, devoted mother of Mrs. Edith Runk, sister of Mrs. Alta Seifer and Mrs. Mary Chancier, also two grandsons and one great-grandchild. Monday, July 23, 1979. Residence 5160 Montgomery Road, Norwood. Friends may call at the Vorhls Funeral Home, 5501 Mont gomery Road, Norwood, Wednesday 6 to 8 P.M. Services Thurs- day, July 26 at 10:30 A.M. MILLER Harvey. Monday, July 23, 1979. Age 77 years. Residence 22) East 46th Street, Covington, Kentucky. Services Thursday, I! A.M., Stith Funeral Home, 7500 Highway 42, Florence, Kentucky. Visitation Wednesday 5 to 9 P.M. Burial Independence Cemetery, Independence, Kentucky. For more complete information and address of the funeral director, refer to individual obituary below. HE TIME HTE FHWEIUU. WME ARLINGHAUS, Ruth Ellen 10:30 A.M. July 26 Neidhard BALLMAN, Delana L. 11:00 A.M. Jury 26 T. P. White BARBIS, Thomas BARKER, Wendell D. John C. Brater COLBERT, Eva 8:00 P.M. July 27 Jamison I Jamison COLLIGAN, Patrick Michael CORKEN, Harriet Alice 10:00 A.M. July 26 linnemann DRISCOLL John J. 3.00 P.M. July 25 Chai. A. Miller Sons DUGAN, Mark A. 9:30 A.M. July 27 John J. Radel Co. DUNN, Carrie Murray 7:30 P.M. July 26 J. C. Battle I Sons GLEMSER. Katherine 1 1:00 A.M. July 27 Chas. A. Miller Sons HARTWICK, Louise 9:30 A.M. July 26 Weil HORWITZ, Herschel 3:00 P.M. July 25 Weil HUGHES, William R. 11:00 A M. July 26 Chas. A. Miller Sons JUSSEN, Marguerite E. Schaelef 4 Busby KERR, John H. 10 00 A.M. July 27 Jackman-Kercheival KOHNEN, Mary R. 9 30 A M. July 26 Wit), Good I Kehch LAPE, Carl 10:00 A.M. July 26 Radel MATTHEWS, Robert 8:00 P M. July 26 Jamison I Jamison McKINNEY, Leona 10:30 A M. July 26 Vofhis MILLER, Harvey 11:00 A.M. July 26 Stith MILLER, Mamie Wynn 1 1:00 A.M. July 26 Hall-Jordan MURRAY, Catherine 11:30 A.M. July 26 Vitt & Stermer NAISH, Frances C. 11:15 A M. July 26 Thomas Memorial NIELSEN. Marion 9:00 A.M. July 27 E. C. Nurre OWENS, Wendell (Wendy) 9:30 A.M. July 26 Vitt & Stermef PETERS. Virgil REUPERT, Margaret A. 1100 A M. July 26 Dalbert t Woodruff ROOM, Marie G. 9 00 A.M. July 26 Gump-Hott SCHEPER, Frances C. 10:00 A.M. July 26 Middendorl SILVERSTEIN, Jacob 1:00 P.M. July 25 Weil SPELLER, Gustav Carl July 25 Schmidt-Dhonau STIVERS, Mary Eflie 2:00 P.M. Jury 26 THIELEN, Alma 10:00 A.M. Jury 26 Nurre Bros. TRITSCHLER, Evelyn 10:00 A M July 25 Netdhard-Mtnoes TURNER, Virginia M. 12 noon Jury 26 ViM 4 Stermef TURTON, C. Fred 10 30 A.M. July 25 T. P. White VATER, Victor 10:00 A.M. July 25 Cooper WATERS, Claire Helen 2:00 P M. July 25 Ft. Worth. Teias WEISS, Herman July 25, Weil (Graveside) WILSON, Denny E. 10:00 A.M. July 27 Tredway iJournt a's tEnti Bournpy's tcnD Soumpy's n& MILLER Mrs. Mamie Wynn, beloved mother of James E. Wynn, of Lincoln Heights, Joseph E. Wynn, of Cincinnati and Mrs. Mary Barnes, of Forest Park, nine grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren, other relatives and many friends. July 23, 1979. Funeral services Thursday at 11 A M at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Lincoln Heights. Rev. Jack Zetars, Pastor. Interment Union Baptist Cemetery. Friends may cal Wednesday from 6 to 9 P M. at the Hal-Jordan Funeral Home, 4O0 North Wayne Avenue. Lockland. MURRAY Catherine (Kate) (nee Mutryan), beloved wife of the late Elmer J. Murray, dear mother of Mrs. Lee (Marie) Dautton, Sr., and Mrs Cam (Ruth) Fox, grandmother of Lee, Jr., and Charles Dautton, Mrs. Thomas (Janet) Gardner, and Gary W. Fox, great-grand mother of eight great-grandchildren, sister of the late James and Thomas Mulryan. Sunday, July 22, i79 Age, 93 years Residence, Westwood. No visitation. Rela tives and friends are invited to attend the Funeral Mass at St. Teresa Church, Thursday, Jury 26 at 11:30 A M. Member of St. Marys Ladies Society, St Louise Aux. 1187 K. of St. J.. St. Cecilia Rosary-Altar Society and Legion of Mary. Vitt t, Stermer Funeral Home, Cheviot, serving the family. NAISH Frances C (nee Sandman), beloved wife ot Al Naish, devoted mother of Alex S. Naish, Frank G. Naish, and Mrs. John (Mary) Bedhtold, grandmother of 16 and great-grandmother of 20. Tuesday, July 24, 1979. Residence 3131 Belewood Avenue. Friends may cal at the Thomas Memorial, 7500 Montgomery Road, Kenwood, inursday trom 10 A.M. to time ot Mass of Christian Burial at 11:15 A M. at the Church of Nativity, Ridge and Woodford Road, Pleas ant Ridge. Burial Gate of Heaven Cemetery. Memorials may be directed to Dominican Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, 3020 Erie Avenue, 45208. NIELSEN Marion (nee Creney), wife of the late Miles O. Nielsen. Tuesday July 24, i9. Friends may attend Mass of Christian Burial St Mary's Church, Hyde Park, Fridny July 27 at 9 A.M. E C. Nurre Funeral Home, Amelia serving the family. OWENS Wendell (Wendy), beloved hus band of Alvera Ruebusch Owens, dear father of Wayne J., David M., Cindy A., Mark A. and Wen- dellyn A. Owens, and the late Steven a. Owens, loving son of Everett Owens and Ida Pierce Meyers, brother of Mrs. Wonie Correl, Mrs. Ruthie Goodin, Ed ward Meyers and Lowel Owens, grandfather ot five grandchildren. Suddenly, Monday, July 23, 1979. Age 52 years. Friends may cal at the Vitt and Stermer Funeral Home, 4619 Detii at Robben Lane, Delhi Township, Wednesday 6 to 9 P.M Funeral Thursday, July 26 at 9 A.M. Funeral Mass, St. Dominic Church at 9:30 A.M. PETERS Virgil, beloved husband of Lela Peters, devoted brother ot Lucy imcner (ot Gray Hawk, Kentucky) and Walter (of Tyner, Kentucky), Leonard (of Berea, Kentucky) and George Peters (of South Lebanon, Ohio). Saturday, July 14, 1979. Residence Dayton, Ohio. Services were held at the convenience of the family. Ar rangements by Strawser Funeral Home, Cincinnati, Ohio, 791-7203. REUPERT Margaret A. (nee Runk), beloved wife of the late Henry Reupert, devoted mother of Mrs. Mildred A. Bernd and Erwin J. Reupert, mother-in-law of Dorothy C Reupert, dear grandmother of Christine Fay, Mary Jo Menne, Ann Marie Murray, Kenneth, Donald, Richard and Daniel Reupert, also survived by ten great-grandchil dren. Tuesday, July 24, 1979 age 88 yrs. Funeral services Thursday 11 A.M. at the Dalbert & Woodruff Funeral Home, 2880 Boudinot Ave. at Queen City. Visitation Thursday 10 A.M. until time ot service, rf so desired memorials may be made to the Philippus United Church of Christ Memorial Fund, 106 W. McMicken Ave., 45210. ROOM Marie G. (nee Voss), wile of the late George Room and dear sister of August G. Christe. Monday, July 23, 1979. Formerly of 4202 Apptegate Ave., Cheviot. Mass of Christian Burial at St. Martin of Tours Church, Cheviot, Thursday, JUly 26, at 9 A.M. Friends may call at the Gump-Holt Funeral Home, 3440 Glenmore Ave., Wednesday, 7 to 9 P.M. Memorials may be made to the American Heart Association or the charity of your choice. SCHEPER Frances C, (nee Schwope), de voted wife of Al C. Scheper, dear sister of Mrs. Ann Hutsman and Joe Schwope, several nieces and nephews. Monday, July 23, 1979. Residence 2468 Downing Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio. Age 76 years Funeral Thursday, July 26 from the Midderidorf Funeral Home, 917 Mam Street, Covington, Kentucky with prayers at 9:15 A.M. Mass of Christian Burial at 10 A.M. at St. Matthew Church. Nor wood, Ohio. Interment St. Joseph Cemetery, Eighth and Seton, Cin cinnati. SILVERSTEIN Jacob "Jack", beloved husband of Jenrw Severs tern, devoted fattier of PhHip (Shirtey) Mehi and Mrs. Abe (Phyks) Brown of Hamitton, Ohio, loving grandfather of Or Richard Brown of Chicago and Judy Men, bervtces wen Kunerai Home, 3901 Reading Rtt, Wednes day, July z, at I r.M. SPELLER Gustav Karl (Bud), father of Jef trey Speler, dear son of Marie Spewr, brother of Louis Speler, grandfather of Jennifer, Jessica an jodi speler. Resident ot Ruli- son Street, Cincinnati. July 22. 1979. Private funeral services Wednesday. Sympathy may be expressed by a donation to the Shrine Burns Hospital. Schmidt-Dhonau Funeral Home in charge. STIVERS Mary Effie, aunt of Miriam Zach-man, Ripley, Ohio, Jane Dyruff, Santa Barbara, Calf., and Ernest B Stivers. Ripley, Ohio July 23, 1979. Residence 136 Front street, Ripley. Funeral services Thursday, 2 P M. at the residence. Visi tation 4 to I P M. Wednesday at the residence. Burial Maple Wood Cemetery, Ripley. Memorial gifts to Centary United Methodist Church, Ripley. THIELEN Alma (nee Conradi), beloved wife of the late John M. Tlveiea dear aunt of Mrs. Gladys Dlstet and George Fearnaught. Monday, July 23, 1979 Age Be Friends may attend the Mass of Christian Buri al at Nativity Church, Thursday, July 26 at 10 A.M. Burial Gate of Heaven Cemetery. Nurre Bros. Funeral Home in charge. TRITSCHLER Evelyn (nee Lebherz), beloved wife of the late Frank Tritschler, Sr., dear mother of Frank Trits chler, Betty McCroskey, Jack and Albert Tritschler, and the late Evelyn States, also survived by 15 granocnugren and eight great ?randchildren. Monday, July 23, 979. Residence, Delhi. Age, 74 years. Funeral services, Netdnard-Minges Funeral Home, 3155 Harrison Ave., Westwood, on Wednesday, July 25 at 1000 A.M. Visitation, 6 to 9 P M. Tuesday. Interment, Miami Cemetery. TURNER Virginia M (Ginny), (nee Krumer), beloved wife ot Lawrence Turner, dear mom of Mrs. Mary Ann Sexton, Mrs. Julie Turner, Lawrence, Jr. and Thomas Turner, sister of Mrs. Ruth Kohrman, Mrs. Margie Yancey, Mrs. Marlene Latham, Mrs. Patricia Herndon, Mrs. Stell McMullen, Jack and Edward Krumer and the late Bil Krumer, grandmother of tour grandchil dren. Monday, July 23, 1979 Friends may cal at the Vitt and Stermer Funeral Home, 4619 DeW at Robben Lane, DeW Township, Thursday, July 26 trom 10:30 A.M. til 11:30 A.M. Funeral Mass, St. Dominic Church at noon. TURTON C. Fred, beloved husband of Mary M. Turton (nee Greer), devoted father of Mrs. Kay Niedermeyer, Mrs. Pat Sheppard and Fred E. Turton, brother of Arthur Turton, grandfather of Mrs. Robbin Mu-dersbach, Pete Sheppard, Paul, Todd and the late Michael Selbert. July 21, 1979. Residence, Anderson Twsp. Service at T P. White & Sons Funeral Home, 2050 Beechmont Ave., Mt. Washington, Wednesday, July 25 at 10:30 A.M. Friends may cal Tuesday, 5 to 9 P.M. J.B. Covert Lodge 437 F&AM service Tueday at 7:30 P.M. Memorials to Anderson Twsp. Paramedics. VATER Victor, beloved husband of Mary Vater (nee Bezold) dear father of Mrs. Connie Spaw, Miss Kim Vater and Rick Vater, dear broth er ot Gerald Vater, dear grandfather of James Arthur Spaw and Adam Joseph Spaw. Monday, July 23, 1979. Age 57. Residence Rte 1, Box 267 B, Alexandria, Ky. Mass of Christian Burial, 10 A.M. July 25, at the St. Mary's Church, Alexandria, Ky. No visitation. Interment St. Mary's Cemetery, Alexandria, Ky. Cooper Funeral Home, Grants Lick, Ky. in charge of arrangements. idWorkJ War I Vet World War II Vet Korean Veteran Vietnam Veteran Armed Forces Soanlsh-Amer. War Vet WATERS Mrs. Claire Helen, widow of James A. Waters, 3809 Walton, Ft. Worth, Texas, on Monday, July 23. Formerly of Covington, Ky. Survivors include, daughter, Mrs. Jeanne Bauer, Ft. Worth, grandchildren, Mrs. Janice Nute, Mrs. Linda Caver, Robert L Bauer, Jr., five great-grandcnl-dren. Graveside servtces 2 P.M. Wednesday at Cayucos Cemetery, Morro Bay. Calif. Should friends desire, memorials may be given to the Cancer Fund. WEISS Herman, of 5300 Hamilton Avenue, beloved husband ot Roslyn Weiss, dear brother of Barrie Weiss, ot New York Cty. Graveside service Wednesday, July 25 at the convenience of the family. The lemity requests there be no visiting at the residence. eWILSON Denny E., beloved husband of Kathleen Thompson Wilson, father ot Deanna Dowel, Charles E. Dickey, Kathleen Susan, Gary W. and David Wilson, also leaves eight grandchildren. Monday, July 23, 1979 Residence 112 Lee Ann Court, Btanchester, Ohio. Friends may cal at the Tredway Funeral Home, 2131 Cameron Avenue, Norwood. 4 to 9 P M Thursday. Graveside service Oak Dale Cemetery, Irvine, Kentucky, Friday, 10 AM. GRAVE MARKERS & MONUMENTS SEARS, ROEBUCK I CO. Phone 872-7463 ANNOUNCEMENTS SERVICES $1 ALLISOM& FUNERAL HOME U 261-0146 inc. U088INS a MADISON AVI Mrs. Shirley Yelton Ravenscraft 2 P.M. Wednesday UKISM FIKULKiS Qlton Northern HUs 781-0421 BAITER SAHND, INC. 3412 CLIFTON 281-4S43 J" it iwunD (Omul. Wntnad W Ho 3042 Harrison Ave. 661-4059 Butti I Boitmasi Co. 3464CeMrlTerkwav T.1J4J CREMATORY SPRING GROVE CEMETERY A. C. OQBBUNfi i SON FTTHOMAS BELLEVUE m-1730 491- 4500 J. J. GILUfiAN 1 SON 2926 WoxJburn: 961-78S1 ELDEN A. GOOD 2620 ERIE AVE. 871-3433 CREMATION 111-1021 Modapp Funeral Nomit Hmm illau 7401 Vine St. 4'-.'040 121-otoS W. MACK JOHNSON Walnut Hills & Madlsonvllle 961-0474 HuehleDkamp amp-Eneiill 1-8093 261-1 N.port. Ft. Tkomm, Ooyton Heboid Fuaeral Homi I7IJQUHN CITY AVt 1700 GLENMORE AVE. 661-6100 Schaefer-Buily LUttblithed 1831 24 W. Wi St. 241-0132 Tufti Funeral Horns Loveland 683-2430

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