The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 26, 1959 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1959
Page 12
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iffr • r<v ^> v . ^ *n A '*>•'' ^ ' ,\ u $. V *s ^ srMi , *• **W ${«* •• ' |p -",/, rVV-t* '„> "1 • t l ^, J -i, t- t' t. - t v "i •>. I* .» Al 8 ona, Iowa j ,, J , . ,* i )V \ r 5,^i J L:_ *' tf ^-rS • «*"• % Two operators cart work simultaneously ih ru*h hours, or in stack time one can handle ti atoiie. The n#* board will pro- Vide for rnor*? private lines. Another improvement is the howler. If a subscriber by chance leaves the receiver oil the hook or doesn't replace it properly, the operator gets ft busy signal and cannot ring the telephone. With the howler, she cqn let the subscriber know he must replace the received Another Improvement on the way is to convert farm lines to Fenton Phone Co. Uses New Switchboard | Fenten — A two « position i switchboard was put into opera* *tioft this past weelt 8t th6 reft* way *» «* tuurcn. u»m «».«>»« .';• tph jCg-gpetHJhjji Tdephdne Co. frequency ringing. Only the ^ Jj*|T"!|*!!||]i*!*0'?|ji!*|^^ USED MACHINERY $660.00 $650.00 $100.00 Deere Ho. S. i fi. p°wer «J 1 "flfi f|f| :, overhauled and painted * — <|M lUiVU $400.00 $240.00 $296.00 S 86.00 •'ttt^M'^ftMfortfe.^/V" ^>rf'i'.'','- liaj IIAyAUt^ *W* 4.UW 4MUM, V4C*WM*y* O-MW^ AUVJI^VjgnjV*^ ^kted/tfhl&Vid V^Ii^iiit I Slid 'thete Wofltfrbe* The iWflttfcfr^tfiM^ I hd ttje/^ct^thktVlbme.ex^ec^d'Sff^AaJttW m^U out last week will o that number called will ring the te| 1-1948 John Dasrs "B" iraclor w/power trol and repainted ,.*.* 1—1948 A11U Chalmers WC tractor w/WD pistons* overhauled and painted 1—Caawell manure loada* for 1HC "M" and A real buy Hi only ^-.^_ — !•—John Deere' Ho. S. mower, 1—1952 John Deere 490 corn planter w/fertiliae* attachment, A-l shape.-— were Mitchell. Horn 1—IHC 440 — 4 row corn planter on rubber, w/fert. attachment — .» . ; 1—New Idea 12 tractor spreader _^.-*-- ,.... I—New Idea No. 11 spreader .. ~--+~+»~* * 1 ' j. 1—New Idea 10A spreader ^^-...-^---—- 1-Super 77 New Holland Hay-Baler, In A-l condition and priced right. WEISBRCD IMPLEMENT John Deere Sales and" Service FENTON, IOWA ••*«i«r Perfect paint ff@r bath! 'By Wilfred Stoeber , * • your hometown Paint Expert phone. All other telehones the line will remain silent. Seribne? hdpeis 1o convert thrte farm lines to frequency ringi»| this sumrrtet, find eventually all will be like that. The Fenton Telephone Co. fers free service for members .to thr0e other town*, Lone Cylinder and Ringated. ----- 3<ifibner is chief bpefater, Mrs Roger Potratz works; full tirtt* and Judy Eigler and Ruth Millef are relief operators. Verna Circle Meets The Verna Circle met That's* day afternoon with Mrs Haftfi Saago. Twelve members answered roll call by giving a cttr- rent event in religion, • Mrs Friday John Munch was a circle guest Mrs Merle Voigt was in charge of devotions and Mrs Aflo Ranney presented the. lesson on the church In Mexico. Mrs Frank McFall in presenting the Prayer Service read 'Prayer is a Dangerous Thing 1 by Peter Mar shall. Oliver Sloebers Visit Mr and Mrs Oliver Stoeber attd Susan were Saturday night sup' per guests in the Frank McFall home. Mrs Stoeber went to Armstrong later to visit with relatives while Oliver remained in Fenton on business. Red Cross-Results • Mrs Ralph Weisbrod, chah> man of the Red Cross fund drive in Fenton township, announces^ total of $133.68 turned in. Oan? Vassers included- her husband, Robert Schmidt, Roy Chrischilles, and the .Mesdames Walter Jeritz, Hans Baago, Clair Bellinger, Raymond Kading, Henry WUberg, John Munch'. and • Ed Reimers. Chairman ',of, 'the drive . hi the "town of "Fen ton was Mr£'Merle Voigt. '-'Proceeds - were $117.20. Ed- Bruhn contacted the people in the business district. Other, workers were Mesdames DaU Weisbrod, William Hantelman, .Ernest Ruske, Fred Mortenson. Ella Circle Meets T 'The Ella Circle of the WSCS met Wednesday in the home of Mrs R. C. Goetsch with Agries Goetsch assisting hostess. Among the 12 members present was Mrfe Gay lord, Johnson who has been hospitalized and* confined to her home for several months becaus^ 6f illness.' '„ , t 'Mrs Clarence Yager presented the lesson on the church ,m Mexico. " 'Mrs Charles Newel chairman, conducted the business Members are asked to notify Mrs Eugene,; ^Huskamp if they wish transportation l ,',to' the district WSCS me'eting-io-be held at Belmond., Cars will leave at 8 a.m. on April 2nd -from Fenton for this meeting, /-.*:<' Dr^ El'"W;" Ruske attended ,0 dental^ meeting ;}n , Fort Dodge I SaturdayVafternoon. . ' v '* Me and Mrs Wilfred Stoeber attended' '*" 'Store management convention 'm-;Des Moines last Suhday ^'ahd^Mbnday.' It was sponsored* bjf/fthe Iowa Retail Hardware Assdciatipn.- , 1 ^Wednesday, evening guests ih the,'Roelf'-Miller'home were Mi and Mrs Melvir^ Ricklefs, 'Linda * i t w j ' A m* A ^__ V BUt, , the , (J DiJIl* \ J|W*O »*•«• V* ••••»/ •>».»•«*• v »y • •». i™ ~"k T ~ ~* "" f* minutes so that those wishing to attend 8 hftrrts We want IBning to attend O p.m.. cnurcn services van. ay BU. - ' -. ' ,t .» .J t - T'; Ins lam Friday night w)*te'Mfs ; lvetytt Hafe, Mrs Oscaf ^reflson' afid^t&te sat that we a^e tf OT making a mistake this 'week* iTJigrewlli. b'e .'3d names' Affflfc IHEE HAMS,in tfentoft/, '. r.... l' ;. L ': J...I. J'. .... A ..'l.L'l : ,L::5i (la.) Opptf thurtday; Marffifo were Mf artd 'Mrs 'Melvin Lauck and Allen, -Mi* "Srid-Mw Rlcharil Matheson and > OUane - of Arnt* strong, Mr /and 1 ' Mrs- Nprtrtaft ' , Wegener arid' Boys sin * 19 Session •* * 1 " Fenton — Mixers " Ijhtdei>endence ' Woti^n . met, in the ''home qt'Mrs Lyndon Kerber, ' Match" 19, ^,i of. a. noon meal using^' fedpes'irom the lei- son Emerge'ric'y'* Shelf, which Was given by Mrs 'Eugene 5 Huskamp and^Mr-s Earl-Lufkin* ; ' 't^ •* Mrs Claiferic^|tJriderwood . pre- sidecl. Mfs|i3lhieV;'"Handa wa^ ( a guest. M^e (\tJriderwopd c "gave/ , a report on-.thejsla'dt'pounQ' meeting. * f *\ r &< v%*"/^ v -, •, ., ?/r Ar fr'e'e",,wjll 'Mfjerihg' was 'take for the Mental.,^He$lth V'Clini which A report . J Was i 'glvf ft- county Know Your,' flarm chairman,' , 'Mrs ." ' Rueben," v 'SerK land. , 't ' '' l '' r ',, ^"^* . , ,, Library,' ohairmati, , Mrs ' ^Tei " ' ' '* Porch Light Is '\ . " ) r , *^_« Getting Help An elderly, Fenton couplet spent a harrowing- night recently, but as a re'sult have a telephone today in their home. ' Mrs QeOfgeVTrisbie, 71; was stricken With' what, appeared to be a stroke', and \struggled half the night,'She said, to get dowm 1 stairs where her.76*year-qld hiis- barid* was sleeping/* ' : She fhlally 1 attracted his attention from the doorway of his bed*-* room. He managed to help her into the bed,<'the'n he-,tiled .to get help. •• , •'.'>, t>/ ;'Vi'4 \ ""'Frisbie'has'-a kn^e-.'that.slips out of j&int.and.his-'back has been, stooped since v a farm 1 accident in 1912. They had\no'telephone.- ' He turned''; on • all ,s the Rights downstairs arid hung] a^lantern ort the front i&reh, hpphtg t6,'attract help"./,,He'/tyaited;foi5 T c&rg to go by,''but* "didiilt'nianage' to stop any. .*, -,<., -^ , l ^ " ;' -Finally, .Shortly tfefore 7- a.m. Albert Schwarzenbach, the rtown iNeison.f'gave' a'repdrt., fint'e'r 1 I marshal, drove' by, and spotted tainmeht 'under"'the dic'ecti'on of the pQrchulight.'" He and.Marion Mrs. {Eugene "Huskampt conststdH «tnft-i nn ihiw wav to'the.cream« of srngingJ-'and a spell^down.^Th'6 next les^onvwill''tre,April UIUUBU a. uuviw. k . . , . • the Eftrl *LuflclrL home with' a'les- ,The Frisbies 1 , -bachelor son Clarence, Vho farms five miles northwest ',ol,here, did not haye &• telephone .either. Now the nds installed one *"ih his home anc "one* in'the home, of his parents Senior Play At Sentral,Apr. 16-17 ,. .Fenton -TT 'Th'e^ Sqntr^l, gehior Class play ^Seventeen Is Awful-* ly! "^ouhg* 1 ,will' ( 'be V presente April'16 attd'i*?; th* • lihdet" ^he •' difeetiefti-' at Nprris./ A mote detailed oi the play wilf-fcei,•carried'jih> later edition^ this'papef./' V ^ •> *',« i-,- M """i«>nr' ,• . y, t *-y$f f - Jlob'eri rtiedrich, 'studeiiijffti the Lutherart'Seminary,',StMLottis> Mo., is spending the^Eastef'^adi&s tion with hiS parents, Rev.'and '•Mrs W. H. Friedfich. - »,'*•• ^ next les^Onv will''be, April the Ear.ljLuf.l^Jiome wi^h; a/^§son on crafts.' "> •,. "in •II 1 , -., , ' Wed'., April, .1\^ St. John's LiK fhPratt' AiH Rnnidfir V" "'} theraff Aid Society. Thurs., April 1 2 Ladies Aid, ' Tairville ;,Mofr. v Apjil a'— . W.S.C.S. To most Of us 4 money & no^ob* (S^NERAL ELECTRIC;, APPLIANCES AT PRICES THAT AND iPLI^ASE YOU . . y!j¥HE BEST / yXffVti Witt. SURPRISE AND ^LfiASE ; YOU . , .A,THE BEST/ VwylBf /'"" 'j' j «;*:•"•.' f V''*v' i V s ^' '• '*•'• -*-?'-'"" A• . ' r*j i , v y f ^S&Sr/ IN; APPLIANCES COST NO MORE! ^ / / S'^^S^,* \'" ; ; . ^J^ \. ':^> \ ..*'!'•-:.'^ir' ^»•'•-• ,: r :- ." '"/ > Wit^'lHe lAuiomaHc Heiit Selector And '* l ;These, Freeiers./CbmJ In'Sizes* To''Suit I Dry \Zorie^SHI«rr1jriate^)Tim^rControl '; Your Needs. EachiCarrles A JF,ood^Freezer, "The Best".- 4 * s WE INVITE YOU TO SEE THEM ^ ON/ DISPLAY FENTON . IOVVA ' .Wiring." I!»'..<. ' ' - ' ' —T-—T T- and Mrs Melvih^ Ricklefs/Linda V' : ,---\About, this, time of year we hear - a • lot .of customers say, "I'm a hd L'arry of Titonka. '• -,, $ thinking of painting our bathroqm," or "I'm getting; tired of the NMr.'and,'Mr8* y Ervin Olson, Bill 'V^ color in our kitchen" • ;' >! -••• - - and Julie-of Spencer were Sun*.; • , • color in our Kucnen. - ^ , - . . . fv r h . nf n ar .* day guests at the nome of Dr. and Mrs Ruske. i,,-, , /-•... Mr and Mrs .Herman Radig ot to recommend a paint just made fpi? .this type •Breckenr.idger Minn, ^nd Mr an^ V ' -' ; ' of job — our Supermix Satin Finish. ' •/ ''"" Mrs Coryrni Kres'sin of Wahpeton, f,-'A>. ' " T '" / - IN. D.,have been ,visiting with Mrg Alex Radig and 'other relatives /OUTBOARD MOTORS /-, m - ce t 0 De is visiting in the home of her son-in-law and daughter,, Mr and ' a moisture so often found in bath and kitchen, * * * Mrs Curtis 'Lura. , Mr and Mrs Ted Meier and majority of gloss wall finishes are traditionally hard to work, a lot of "pull" under the brush} or they dry with laps and ,,3^m. f v»h marks; 1 or, settle hard in the can. But not Supermix'Satin s "i;!^'finish. It goes on like silk with brush or roller, levels out-smoothly jljLlfc and "hides" the old 'surface completely.' ' - • rfl^"'" , why? Supermix Satin^.f j^h -h^s ' -treated g^ff.^^ oil,''and the color includes the fewest"typ?,,of lithopone ; l^hi^ gives unusual hiding power and poyeraje, ; , ^^'^" % -U,- >Kx h >' !-4- "i" Cleo of Whittempre.and Mr and Mrs Martin Hantelman spent Friday and .Saturday in Minneapolis'. - They attended Cinerama and the Home Show, Mr, and Mrs Don Steinbergs? entertained at ,a 500 party Thursday evening, Mrs Edwards of Emmetsburg won high score prize, Mr and "Mrs -Merle Voigt, second high/- -Mi>- and Mrs Lawrence Edwards Won high for 'the men and Ifrank Mueller, second high for men. , Lawrence Edwards also won tj\e; travel prize. Mr and M*» Dale Mitchell and Mark, were'weekend guests in the. parental" Morris Mitchell home, Other" Sunday, guests were Mr and Mrs Chester Skaar of Prim? ghar,' Alice Skaar of Minneapolis, Mr and Mrs Richard Underwoqd and ''f amity*: % <and Mrs Albert • ' ' 1—New O.H.P Mercury' ' r V * 1—New 40 H.P. Mercury t 1-UsedOnly 20 Hours j <* t * Wi-i ' * 45 H.P. Mercury f it* , , , f 1—Used Only 30 Hours 10,H.P. Mercury «,w« «-*n* ,1 jt t f. f ^ • V% '' '•-'' 'I V ••! ; we ?* .with hr»* ^if,/^-;. :/.'', . : ,?.•'"'• &&?£•>•&•£:.. v> • - - . . Sunday dinner gueajs in t^e Bpy Mt|fllr home iti'i\onor pf Jdleen's confirmation were Mrs Miller, Mrs Ida^Oeb O Mr and Mrs lleinha , June Adel of Algona,t M and 'Mrs Edwin Lieb " of potts' Creek, Mr a ' wd .;Mri? r/.ao fam •§nd »**v^«ft* v"»>•»»" t?' e r6 ttey i-Robert Johnfon, Mark ! Mr and Mrs J?sle Mit* " F^ of MjnrieapoJ|| wPicJs; dinner guests in t ' ~ ' a«* c<5ftfTrmatJor NADEN & CRESTLJNER BOATS . ,- • '»>t ,'" ,<« . V ".' s ?: " TEE-NEE !• BGStatiofi ?|i^;C>Dft|!; 4 • •' ; (.A Gil('" Edge has^dis^ered a new' and l^l'fxciusivt iclentiflc^.'formuja of specially l^bje^ded i' ingred!ertt»vtKqt'\ dejtro'yi di»-. • ~ makes newly paint•, ;td rooms sm«ll Afresh «nd • cleeml V' 157 YOUR SPRING RUSH. . . - GtK4N SO X . UNTIL tH V ' NO MIXING! NO STIRRING! i i v ' «Once .your' choice 'of color has been made, you never have to mix ;«- Ti" ^; I *!>•'(- iw». JTrjyyiiy ^-W J ing . .'. neverl <««^ x * «/ ,-•«.- v Fpr /nferfor walls, Gilt Ccfge Saf/n F/n [r,» ''I colors NO FIOM ,IA » n S'.J i>~ '^\jj£?$itf*ffi^$f^;« H.; A ^' •J^H ft-" ^^ >-—-^ ^^1 ^i^m —• •!. • 'W 1 1 *i ' 'fa , rust -* ^m^^i^rm - - ? "' '^ti'^Vfl^ 'x^m*^ e:%K,il!¥ly/• it IOWA

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