The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 26, 1959 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1959
Page 5
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I ,3 t •** " "• „" J, »A* ' ", . v;v U ; 't% '*•,; • /i^-J . <$.*' '^•r>"., J, Tuesday i'Algottan^ate getting out their bros and tuckers in prepare- 1* the antiaal-Ghtrity Ball, *&„ w V WUJLJlg) AVittl" _ school tMldin&. . appointed by BGft nar- tj 'CH airman and Roy Hutzell, " >usy with lal! 6nts. -., atftt bf the decorat- .ing-committee';-ITbh Nelson *-snd Jafck EVans, .have-'selected "Wei- <»1tte J|wej|t Springtime", as the .„ Will be held at instead of preceding the " aJMn> other, years. Dane_ D ...__. s"tart at^9, o'clock anc cominue after the program. "Dr. Si. K^Jfficria/dson and Jerry Metcalf, cb-dhairmen have lined promises to be a most „ program. A choral- g5*o\ip' of twelve girls from the* Algona high*"schobl,'under the" detection of Willard Sftustad will- bfe featured, there will be Vocal diiiets by Willard Sntfstad - ahd" LOg^LS Mrs Offt Jetdbh i^«*Uf%edn«»' d'&y at Sibley With rel^tifes ghd friends. • ./ ,- » M*« DuMaudi* Laihrop was Visited MoMa^ tof Kfef si&ef, Jfuliifs Johnson and •'&!!»& srr^ of Humboldi' Mr and Mrs Lloy'd Shirley have as Easier guests their son and -da«ghter»in*l*w-^lif -*J«S- Mrs Don Shirley, of Siouit City. ' t Paula Ck*ike,#ia "*iudetti at Valparaiso*' IM., 'will 'Spent the Haster holiday .week >lth her -Ruth Metcalf, and 'Klin-Jin Deal 'will ding several- hufrib'M • Phir-DiflTfnond will- be WaMe*r?d'i" ceremonies. -" • - : > v , Highlight of the evening" and. an innovation this year, will be the presentation of thy awards 16 a-man and a woman, identities as yet' unknown, 'who have' made outstanding contributions to com. rrmnity life. -•Nominations"are by ballot. Dean Parrott will rnake the 'presentation. Other selection committee hiembers are Joe Lowe and Helmuth Miller. • Money raised 'by donation goes to Algona Charities, Inc. R§V:*a-ha Mf3 (Jerike, Mi and Mrs Warren Bowman and *their son and daughlef^in" law 5 Mr and Mrs.Ed Bowman spent the weekend. aC .Mr and Mrs BenuP&ietf plan to spend from Friday till Monday at Kandiydhl, Minn.'with their son and idaughterMn-law,- Mr and Mrs Dick Potter. "Mr' and Mrs Ari Burtis plan to g*b v to Bradgate, Easter Sunday and will be witbnhe fbrmfer'sL brother and sister-iri*few,'JKlr Snc Mrs Virgil Burris. * ,', ? Mr and Mrs W., C. McDougal will 1 have as> Eastei weekend guests their son and daughter^in law :Mr and -Mrs-BobtMoDottgal and children of Manesha, Wiss. Mr and Mrs Oswald Lallie will have as dftmeT'-gUeits Easte Sunday Mr and'-'Mrs'Deo Lallie of N Clear Lake, Mr'and Mrs Ear Bowman and Mi's- Eli?a 'Angle, „ , ; Mr and Mrs Max: BasiholSrAen] wilKhave as dinner guestsJSifrtV da'y'the parents Mr and Mrs»Mauric Bartholomew?-and Mf <bn3 Mrs William Peterson, and Mr and Vlrs .Gary Hoover and-. Julie, -ofr Titonka. * Mr and Mrs Harold Miller will be visited bvor[*ihc Easter weekend by their ..'daughter Shirley who is employed -in .Minneapolis ' Omaha < arid their plaft *«d Mfs lioft to h&ve tfieir . ftg SKe.week «l Bdde witfi he* t 1 . I«M Mrs LfoniM tisift fL&eI*fcflaii Colwell, sol) of Mr and* Mrs Charles Colwell of St. Benedl T „,., .. Mar. 16 at rfM, a'fc.the SI. diet Catholic Church. He born Mar.,9?%t"- was ter Schitm^ch^rfttd Mr and»Mra Raymoftd'H«ller respectivSlyl Kt the Siepe* «««* fell on ' --''T/-. 1 !^; ••&*'':&*$£ him. He suffere the left knei tffcettitfe of gfbeen pladfefl W will hfive -to be^ wqfft ot tnore. Ife 1« HI the-Buffalo Center hbspltal, Lakota Fib Caf mcht was called to the rtiral at 5 a.m. Bfothfets. e bscomo ignited MJBU f ««d and fire 'sparks were flying high in.the tt '~" Willie Mela'saw ?ft : «s he from ttte schotl bus and Jtamtght the . f life, \ The firemen « ,-,--• riefrrd time and soon everyththg v?as trnder control with very little Vt* , rs Leo McEhroe of Algona returned •St^Sfeylfem Las Nev. ^nrf* 'SdWtWSfW Califortiia where she spent' three wefckg with a daughter, June who teaches in the public school in Las Vegas, a brothe*r. 1 "and fa)n"ilyr Mr and Mrs Leslie Bontley, of Pomona, Calif., and Mr and Mrs John •- McCaffrey Hills, Calif, Mrs a niece.' Ht' and Mrs Everett of Woodland McCaffrey ,is Paint Store Sold ' A&non has sofa the 'Davis here to Bob Reding pi ed this wee*ft. Boecher Lnne Ap*- plinncos have been ordered to make the delivery nnd installs* tioh, 'Other prtstPB- include a Cliff- it l«Wn mowpivf&r jacket, arfd simila> Items. • In Mayor's Court • ' v -.-; : xv-. \ v .» |i Tl>rco cnscs ,'wcrft hoard itt Mny>>r C. G, Shiefk's court this wooft. • George Lichtcr, Algotiftt was sentenced to 30 days in jail foV inf'rtxtcailo'h; Richard Schnelder, Algona, paid $5 arid casts for speeding; nud llarvoy Goddcrt, Algonav'was fined $10 find costs for drinking on the street. Algo'na.' 'Mr and Mrs Rediing. who operated a' farrri west of Algona prior to buying the store, have four children and plan Ho move to Algona in the near iu- ture. Mr and Mrs Atnon ihave made no 'definite- plaiwlipr the, future. "They operated the stdro here for six years. , , ';,, Bnldus Ujninfured In ho ' attends ' junibf ' ' 2-Cor . , Gerald Ga>mah; 19} n Burt, -anc six other studerits 1 ' from, 1 '-' Up'per Iowa University "at Fdyette' dscap f ed seriousl injury, last -weekerid in a freak car accident north w' Oelwein on Highway 150. Garman lost''control of his car when it hit 'slush' and ice. The auto veered to the left side of the road and overturned. All five in the .car escaped injury.- - A moment later, another car driven by Larry-Klurider, 21, also a student at Upper Iowa, hit the same patch of ic'e, 'crossed to the left side and landed atop the Gar-; with Mutual. o son "Chuck" cbllege 'at 4 Mason .City. ' -. Mrs L. J. CasSe^ls,, a surgical patient v at 'Park'-Ho's^iifai.-Ma'sbtf 'City, for : , corrective treatment of a disc ailment. She "is recovering .nicely. Carol Marks, of Winne- is caring for the ^ household during ' .,___. visited" last week Thursday by" the former's brother and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs Wilbur Baldus • and' daughter Kim of Au'stin, Minn. ' Sunday Mr and Mrs Everett Baldus..drbve . to. Austin to be with the letter's parents,' -Mr "and" Mrs /They also .visited Really Hit Jackpot Mrs Sue Beis'ch, 108 So. College St., who woft second place in a Lever Bros, contest' deal_,recently, will receive a Wostittgr house washer and dryer as part of her major prize's, it was ' Whittemore Collision •;' .;.i. ;.-J S.. ; ' ' , A pickup truck driven by Lee I,. Schcnck, 31, Algona, and a truck driven by Edward R. Maahs, 19, Wbittomoro, collided, at Wllittomoi-e Tuesday nl 3:50 p.m. The truck backed from nh alley and inflicted an .estimated $100 damage to the pickup,- ac- ertrding-- ter Deputy Sheriff Dbn Wood who investigated. There were no injuries reported . ^a \ t SMrn "sftttt. Jftt INTION K E A S £ I We"ve *cour6d iho markei id find the Inteti tlylft* In Wash-N- Wear Gomo )««k*t» — jacket* ihaf look well ana fit ydbt pockeibbok, too. He»o is your opporJunllv to drttkcffhe Way y^)u want io-at i p'rica you-'W*i 't$tl ' "~ •••--••"' ' -~ - - *-..-,.-. - .- .. these slyleil V.f \ ,4 ^'' 8 COLORS TQ CH|p0Se FftOAA Long sleeve, three and four button models in 4 vafrio'ty 'rff colbrs, irflgh qualily Corno )ack'ei« that wear well, look right, at an unbelievably low J,P. Court fines ". * v ''':'• i Two men paid tines following hearings on driving violations in Justice ; C. It. Ostwlnkle's court last week.' They Were Richard R. Simpson, Algona, Who paid $15 and costs for entering a highway and failing to yield the right-of-way, nnd Emil P. Thilges, West Bend, who paid $5 and costs on a stop sign count. IVY LEAGUE SLACKS bdgo, f Minn. children' "an her absence!-. •Mrs. Hugh Carroll will have as Earl'SUbra. . Mr Baldus' mother, Mrs Mildred "Baldus."" A family 'reunion is to be held Easter. SurTday at Rochester, Minn • Dr"*aria Mrs Ray Pott&r look Mrs Nell Potter -to -Rochester, recently,*- where they visited John Frederick Potte^f'son of Mrs Del- bert-P6tter*and her late husband. John -has had- recent major surgery, •- during which his wife was ;with himi» and Hrom Rochester, (Mrs Nell Potter went to LaCrosse, ',Wis., to be with the children. He "has-been dismissed and is again 4TiuyiJ. wo-ikAwiA w *ii AAQVC oo ? V . i iv •«-* i i i i Easter her son-in-law and at- home., Mrs Potter has also man car. • A passenger in the Klundef aut'o suffered a shoulder '-injury.- •daughter, :.' Mr and r'Mrg~'David .Richardspri of Hampton^ her granddaughter, Mrs Ruusell Kam- mingo of lowk Falls and the son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Melvin? Johnson of Burt. Dr. and >Mrs A. J. Eason will be jomed'by' their son-in-law and daughter Mr arid Mrs' Ervin Og- land, of Fulda, Minn., and all will go to Nevada Easter Sunday" to" be with Mr and* Mrs James Pot- ter'arid family. Mrs Potter is another daughter of the >Easons. • Homer' Clark who- is -employed at St. Anthony spent last- week y. The icident when he hammered a 22 bullet Sunday here with his famijy. son John' had a recent acci i The students all were return- I and received injuries to his ing' to Fayett'e .after a trip , to 1 hands. He,has made good recov- Oelwein. , ; * ery. •eturned home. Straw Stack Fire 'XigOna's v fif"eriUn extinguished a smouldering stack of burned baled hay and -straw on the Walter' Barr farm, about four miles southwest' of" Algona at 6 p.m Sunday! According to Ban-, 500 Bales'* of hay""T3lid 4pO'bales"OC straw were!'destroyed: ' The .fire was discovered by Barrs at noon Sunday, but 'due to the fact the hay and straw' had already been destroyed vdidn't call<the*firemen to; the scene until six hours later Doer Falls, Fractures L'akota — Hio Loats was injur ed last week when the big rolle HEIGHT OF- CONDITION OF IOWA STATE BANK of Algeria, Kossuth, Iowa, at Iho close of business March 12, 1959, a SlnJo banking InsllluHon organUed and operating under Iho banking laws of mis Slate and a membar of the Federal Reserve Syslom. Published In accordance with a call made by the- Slate Banking Authorities nnd by the Federal Reserve Bonk of this District. >•',' - x v •'•, 1. Cash, balances with other bnnksiHncludlng reserve balance, tincL '._„„, cash items in process of collection .„...->.-...--,.*--...u-l,fl7n,070.91 2'. United States Government obligations, direct nnd guaranteed ..i. 1,708,218.78 3 r .'Obligations of States and political subdivisions '...:.—ii. 032,005.If}, B. Corporate stocks (Including $7500.00 stock of Federal Hcservo -•_-.„„ ±' ' bank) ^ -* **• -^-.«.--. - **„-!-- ^ .±~~~~-~~'. ^-- ..^^_^.-.'.--_v- 7,500.00 6. Loans and discounts (Including $2702.02 'overdrafts) 2.000.43U.M 7. Bank premises owned $03,739,34, furniture, and fixtures $27,577.1)0 121,317.33 13. Demand deposits of individuals,'partnerships, and cbrpornllnns ,_4,!)21,01B.ll 14. Time-deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations „_ 0.1)05.86 15. Deposits of United States ^Government (including postal savings) 11!),754,BU 1G. Deposits of States and political subdivisions _. — 550,340.55 17. Deposits'of banks _^.—...--j.- ,^~ --• - — 45,000.08 18, Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.) 00,004.20 10, ;-•••. TOTAL DEPOSITS - $5.713,320.011 ? ^ 24. TOTAL LIABILITIES ...- 5.713.320.G8 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ' 25. Capital' ,——'..—( 150,000.00 26. Surplus - - 1 100,000.00 27. Undivided .profits ....,— —- 246,223.04 29.: ^ 30. TOTAL LIABILITIES AND'CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ...6,200,544.32 '- 'This bank's capital consists of: Common stock with total par value of $150,000.00. MEMORANDA 31. Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes ,i...*'. v - - 250,000.00 I, A. F.. Ageria, President, of the above-named bank, hereby certify that the above statement is true 'to the best of my knowledge and belief. •'•-. A. F. Agena, President Correct—Attest: • F. L. McMahon, L. E. Linnari, J. C. Mawdsley, ' Hugh Rahey, H. J. Cowan, Directors. , I State of Iowa County of Kossuth ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 20th day of March, 1950. t Doris R. Garms Notary Public .(Published in the Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Molnes March 20, 1959) TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS „ 400,223.84 ;> \* WASHN-WEAR Here fs ilie slack you want.! Latest slylo flap pocket, polished colion Ivy League Hacks irt yotir favbrlte colors. Blue, Anialope, Blackr Natural, - EAs CARE 1EEVE SPORT SHIRTS Colorama patterns and styles.. New Wash-N'Weaif fabrits-. Select now at Diamonds low; . low prices. ' >1 $1.95 To $5.95 YOUR ENGINEER BOOTS A terrific special for the man who works outdoors. Sizes 6 to 12. «•-.. $7 oo M mmW> , ' WORK SHOES Tough leather retan uppers that resists acids, combined With a thick, long wearing cork sole 'and seamless back to give you a rugged work shoe that will really stand the gaff. Cushioned insole. WE HAVE WORK SHOES KIDS, TOO1 FOR THE MEN'S DRESS SHOES Loafers or ties, in blacks or browns. Why pay more? you, cah give your feel a treat in quality dress shoes for much, much less, when you shop at, Diamonds 1 . Come in tomorrow, then put your best foot' forward in the Easter paradel DRESS OXFORDS FOR CHILDREN 95 UP $3.99 UP THE JACKET "HEADQUARTERS OF NORTHWEST IOV/A ! 9:00 A.M. TO 9:00 P.M. .•"".".*..- ,* ." 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