The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 17, 1940
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VOLUMK XXXVI—NO. 281). JJlythevlllo Dally News Ml Jilytheville Courier Hiyilitvlile Herald JJUJU ^Tm^DOMINANT NEWSPAPEK OP NORTIiKA&T ARKANSAS ANO SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ' Valley I-cader ,.,.„.„ " "~~'T" " iK, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, KKlilUIAKV 17, )!MI) SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' Norway, Fearing For It's Neutrality, Asks Return Of Prisoners OSLO, Norwny, Keb. 17. (UI>)-(,Vnnan 'dead uhoard No Disclosure Y xtr>;imr»- Allmoi'lr .il.,,, ,.,,,,,.1, ir. ;, ... i , . , Mu •-'laciUMIIl, I i Ita Shot. Ihe .steamer Altmark nmy reach 15, it ;i.s Norway protested (n 'Oeal Hritiiin ')!' Hritish seamen from (tip Gcriujin Nonveginii writers. Announcement of the protest* was follou-ed by nn official com- munique which snid .1 Uritish destroyer hud entered Oesimd ami ha<l taken a number of Urilish reunion from (he Allmark in "vio- lallon of Norwegian waters." Eleven wounded Germans wc-re! in a hospllcl. most of them in give condition. Tat Allmark, wrecked on the beach at OesmulJ was damaged scverelv bv British; shells. •" I The Norwegian commiiniriue said Norwegian icrpedo boats, which were escorting ihe Allinark, had lo yield to force. The communique said that the British warships—one cruiser and live destroyers—withdrew yesterday afternoon after energetic pro tests but thai at 11 p.m W;IK lenrned today .KMiiisl the rescue Klt'iiimhi)) \vitliin Of ul dent s neai r u rpo s<: While On Cruise Farm Bureau Woiik! Liberalise Terms Of AAA Proimi.'n i- -~ ---- , jj(..| ;, u[ ;am entered Ocsiim] and i <>(i!i!i«!ile slroyer a^ _ _. took the Britons from the ship. Norway, fearing for its neutrality, demanded return of the prisoners and payment of full compensation for their seizure. It ivns understood here that the took off British prisoners and then steamed away. Two destroyers stopped Ihe Altmarl: and its escort it was said, and then three more destroyers and a cruiser arrived. According lo Norwegian reports the destroyer Intrepid halted the Altmark and put a prize crew aboard. Norwegian warships hearing • KLjnflre- raced-to- the stcii'j,.ijorced the prize crew (o leave and escorted the'Altmark into port. Norway reported that hem's Legislation designed to remove restrictions on payments lo landowners under Ihe Agricultural Adjustment Act who are conducting their operations with shnrc-crop- oiic ne-|p eis or ( C11!lnts Una;,,. a [ ajl . niu ] ABOARD Till.; DHSTROYKU LANG, I'eb. n. i ui->—President Roosevelt sailed into warm Caribbean weallier aboard (he Tiiscnluosn lod.iy. still giving no indication us lo his destination or plans. The mercury climbed all day yesterday as Ihe cruiser and two (accompanying destroyers moved Into j the sub-tropics and'u tempjralme 1 of 85 W.1S forecast today. Crews of Ihe warships had changed from winter fchic.s lo summer white uniforms. Mr. Roosevelt Issued mi order from the sun-baked cruiser deck for federal aid to be extended Ihe blizzard-stricken areas of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. He instructed Federal Worts Administrator John M. Cinnody lo designate immediate works projects lo assist those New England areas. Last night again, the ships' searchlights played continually on 'heir American flags, identifying themselves for the benefit of "any belligerent, irarcraft that uirjhl lie in the vicinity. But there was nothing to shed light on the mystery surrounding the cruise. Mr. rioose- velt had refused to comment on a suggestion that he might meet high officials of France, Britain nal on land owned or operated inl nnt !. I( ? ly flt sca for "conference one state. "Such limitation should!™ ".'f.fT'rr T' He ha<l more not apply to the landowner v,-ho|' J ..,f", S ° f thB 1 WS{1 °» "lid operates under a fair and equil-i"^'^ 1 ,/ 1 ™ 5 ^ 1 * 1 ™ 11 " "<*' '» S° in Wash- Roosevelt i'ccnsored arrangement by the Farm being Bureau in gross. R. E. Shdrt oi Brlukley. president of the Arkansas Farm bureau Federation, annonnced lo- dnv. "Hie present law, Mr. Short explained, provides a limit of S10.000 on all conservation payments under Ihe AAA program lo any individ- nblc tenant or .sharccroppiug sys- T . . . tern And such established' practices .„ jf< >>?««?«««» ington, also thiil. Mr. to" are" 'approvi-d Hy the county | {"^"^ *' AA4, committee," l>c snld. fen-e • : We believe that the Jones bill.',.„,"„, " ien! = !u(ls "> Ihe Pai nrewas-heard-oFthc-eo^:'Fn^ if ^™- ™*, mcrtlhe ^-^ ^ "»' P ™ rl ° l? '™' was visible from shore it was said llroval cf ,, tan »« : ;- l ™ hill would Though details were unavaUabe i^'T'" • " , ' ™ TT' " It was indicated that the Altimrk | ° la " clfl « llc '« «'«> "P"»^ <><•'" ' f n rms K'llh sharceroppers or leu- ants Bccordint lo the prevailing practices in the Iccality approved by local commitlees, however, it provides in its present form thiu other landowners would be subject lo a limitation of S5.GOO on their engaged in a running light with the Intrepid, racing for the safety of neutral waters. neports indicated that there had been a dramatic race off the Norway coast with Ihe Intrepid, its i Buns spilling, chashi" the AUmnrk j J° Inlo lerriloiial waters forcing II to half and pvitttng a prr/e crew aboard it. But for the timely arrival of Norwegian warships", r-.c- cordliiK to reports, (he Altmark would be cmoute to a British port the most important prize ship of the war. payments and a per ecru on the $1,000. | ccullve committee of Uici Farm Ilureau Fcdera- iticn rediietlon of abovf '"Hie exec Anu'rican tlou is seeking to amend the Jones bill lo plaes ihe limitation on In-1 cHvtduul payments at Stockliolm Newspaper Says Agi'ccmcnl May Be Sit'ii- ~ T i lOCli 17. (t)l') — Expert To Demonstrate Uses Al High Monday :hoo! Damage Suits Filed Against Rural Co-op CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Feb. 1'.—Two damage suits totaling $15,000 havu been tiled in circuit court here against the Pemiscot-Dunklln Electrl; Cooperative, growing out of alleged permanent injuries sustained by tsvo children from charged wires. The pslillon alleges Dial Charles Ward, Jr.. 12. and I.orene Dranc. 8. both 'living ivsar Hornersville. Mo., in Dunklln County, were climbing a Iree when yoting Ward touched a live wire, nnd the little girl was shocked by (he current that carried along a limb. Both children fell from the Iree. the petition states, lo the ground, a distance of 18 feet, and both sustained permanent injuries. Charles Ward. Sr., father of Ihe boy, asks $10,000 damages and Charlie Diane, father of the girl., seeks SS.oco damages. Tlie plain- tilTs are represented by Mnness & MEncss, law firm of Uontphan. The Eleclric. Cooperaltve serves rural electricity customers in I'emi- scol, Dunklin and New Madrid counties, wilh headquarters at Hayti. Mo., in Pemiscot County | to eliminate the 25 per cent I ductton on nil Individual payiriL'iils excess of SI.COO." The Jonrs bill was introduced John s. Sloa-i will present liquid $10000 and "V demonstrations in the high ,,uuui rc . school aiiilHorium Monday at 2:30 I "Brlllsh o'clock, it was announce:) tochv Phenox Chico, liny Chihuahua owned by llen.iella 1'roclor Don- iiell, of Urchmont. N. Y.. isn't any bi s ,;er than u minute, but she looks proud as a lion, emerging from her kennel nt the Westminster Kennel club dmv show in New York, lieason: .she won award as best of her breed. Infuriated ^Germans Jenounce" Britons For 'Act_0f Piracy BERLIN, Pch. 17. (L'P)—Na7.w, (Icimunci.ig , 1S ,»n act ol pn-ncy a linlisli dcsti-oycr's atlcmpt to cstpUiie the German stcani.shii) Allmark oil' I ho Norwegian const demanded Uial neutral imlioiw decide what they iiHemiwI to do reg-arding British isnval uctivities The- The program \s vision cf Ihe under Southern School only cue uf ihe morning paims in coiiimenl nt lengfli. said: "This Is an exlreuie Incident the :onfe(|fcuc5s of which can not yet 'je measureil In detail." Headlines in newspapers were Act of Piracy Off Nor- ii'eginn Const." "Brnxcn British i lit; ijunt vs ijiu v> aii m\i wn ««-'-** . in the last regular session of the,'- S! £ n ™y Poulm of Dalbs. Tex. and was passed by the .. ull } lu ' « Lv i~^ Air demanurn- • -<..i H.JJJ-. i u-ugui.'i ctmsi, -urnxcn British the sii|»r-1 Breach of Nciilrallty," nnd "Shorf:- Ccnjress — . .„ House. It is now before ihe Sen ale Agricultural Committee and is expected to come up for hearing immediately, according to agricul- Uual leaders In Washington. tlcn se?f. Is a uurvelDus "show" in It- l)i!s program Is Manhol2 Discs Stolen, Blame Laid 1 man who is not only H shoKtim-i but a scientist as well, it is sbled | John S. Slojti liold^ a innslt-r's i degree from Dul:« University niv.l I brings tr.c nulhority ol the uni- i vi-rslty nucl experience ris a leach• er of science alo.'j unimtnl oil t?ie t)iu(forni BUFFALO, N. Y. (UP)—Even Buflaio slrrets have become clan- ter spots as a resuli of the European war. according lo superintendent cf Sewers Thomas J. Downing. 7n H letter to Police Commissioner Glenn H. McCMbn, Downing reported the Ihefl of uumer- cus manhob covers. The increased price of scrap Iron due to th3 \vur \vas blamed for Ihe thefts. "These thefts are expensive to (he city." Downinj said, "and dangerous to motorist.'; because they leave large holes in Die streets." hi}! Violation of Norwegian rilorlnl Waters," OIHcinl CGinnienl war, nnt Iinuie- difttcly avnlbble, but the propaganda ministry said that il believed (lie Altmark w;'.s taking Swedish iron ore to Germany. (Reports hiul been published tl'nt (he Allmnrk wns in .service us a nr.val auxiliary, snd British EOIIICM reported il had aboard British prisoners horn .ships sunk by the German pocket buttlcshlp Admiral /-.,. . c ri ..... . 1 dericn-tnlion U! c-f °' "» S lcl " tllr< -j Or '' f Sw^^scwmlv'icult'leu'oli dei.iciutialion ftloa-i raD.s his lm - j Rrcntnvl-Jco. However, there r.lsn and swerclgnty of Ihe northern stales.". The Voelkischer Beobachler, olll- •lal Wa-rf ncwsimpcr, In un editorial unconnected with the AHuiarl: Incident, snid: "Once more let us sluts It clearly: we want nothing but strict neutrality from neutrals. And the German people will never In any case forget those who do not accede to this sllijht demand. "Certain neutral j;o ve r n inenta permit cinemas lo shun- French an:! British news reels, bill no. or nl- mosl no German ones, while I" Kerne foreign women have been openly curse-;! In the. street bccntsu they spoke high class German." It alleged that Belgians had hern lermltled unhindered lo dcinnrtt liclglnn [jiiriiclpatlon In Ids war. that In some capitals French prnp- ner.ndlsls mafic weekly sper-dics. Stock 1'rices A. T. & T Am. Tobacco Anaconda Copper .. BUh. sicel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Oen'l. Elect Cni'l. Motors Int. Harvester Mont. Ward N. Y. Central North Am. Aviation Packard Phillips Radio :... Republic Steel Scccny Vacuum ... Studcbaker . Sid. of N. J Texas Corp U. S. Steel rig lUcc.s Motor Cars WILTON. N. H. (UP)—Perhaps 1 looking forward to the day when a I fleet foot might save him from the 'slaughter house, a fcaby pig is Iry; ing his li ck at ouldistancing au- I tomobilps. The pig races a cnr going I in one direction, but reverses his 111 ark when ho meets one traveling ' the other way. REHOBOTH BEACH. Del. 171 5 . SO 29 1-4J 18 1-3 85 3-*l 4 j_ g !_Frcdciick O. Voscl, Jr., picked 120 7-8 i "I" a horseshoe on Ihe beach here. 33 7-81 En ro "'° '"> m e he found a penny 53 3-s! i>lui l! "' n a t11n ' c - At )lom e mi.; ?. 58 3-J" cllcc!; f - r " lo "S over-due fell). uses i U is said that in his deniontlr.i- tlons. lie freews alcohol, fries an e?g on ice. burns a kerosene candle, drives a nail wilh a banana, phys a toy clarinet with Liquid Air. runs a stem cnjlnc with 1-irjiiid Air. and performs many brilliant and thrilling tlennnstni- lious in combustion made powiWr bv tlie fac' •• Liquid Air the other gases contained hi il ami evaporates first, leiviiu- Blmc«t pure ovyeen. These particular e» pc-timctifs arc so sp^lacular lhe> will never be forgotten bv t!io.-:'r •A ho see them. n 24 3-4 3 1-2 39 7-8' 5 3-1 i 21 (Mar. 11 5-8, May 12 1-4! July H 5-8) Oct. 44 1-4 Bee. 58 M 1 Jan. New York Cotton open High low close Close the Intrepid by clever tntuuvver- iin;. There was no mention of filing between ships off Ihe iv'nnvi-ian '.onst, as rnhhl have been expf•::«! had the Allmark carried Runs. The German view apparently «'.ts- outlined in the Lokalnnzpli-t'r frii- iorlal. whlcli asked whether ihis •incident was to be interprets! as an Individual occurrence "or s.i !h_- vrsiill of on order issued r,y liw. „ n ,, ,.. ti,ni ,, "~"~- '""• : i "''''"lirally at London lo dlsvpy.rci O£[l UratJiev Djes "iat nilrown I: 1 Nonvceluu nculnility co'iinl-".r ly m=re volatile than •hei;cefoil]i." At any rate, tile IK-.C/- naper snid. the Incident revr.ilr'd "the (rue nature of British M,!>d- tixl-.- for the rights of iicntrM-." It :'-'nlinued: "A! any rale Ihn com»iami?ul 3< Ihis British destroyer hcW ihB r.piiiton. supported by ihe cx'.n'sne- y j'nvoiablc attitude of Scr.r, lii :iv- i'lK I'.cH'sji.-ipcrs toward Kniaiul 't:.i by Ihe readiness wi!ii «-li!.-:!i :r-li;n Sralidlnayl.ii) circle* ,'"l'i i.'i ilr:!:fl: agitation against tieni.'iiiy. ihi'l he was able lo act a< ho Oi-\ f 'fc;l within Norwegian te'iLo:-- jDogfflssh Train Nightly j <ut " ! To Bring Home Paper-' 1102 1073 1038 973 964 058 1101 1030 10W B7o 804 1102 1016 1038 973 963 1103 1073 1D38 974 SG4 f»82 1103 CHESTER. Mass. (UP)-Shortly after dus.v every night, the E,i5t- rrn States Limited rears through . Cl^flcr-ancl every night it Is met- 1 *' waters. by a rios; which brliijts a 'Bcslon paper liome (o its master. U. S. Boyer. flagman of liic Bos- icii .t Albany railroad tics a nushlight around ih e tle ck of' his "**- *«(-V:IV 2-ycar-old springer, K o!a „..„.. the IrninniMi will know where Chief. "I; is self-evident lhat the Lr.ul cf the British Acimhal'.y l:( r,f iwiilrollly 01- Intcrnntioiw! law. The liorihcm .stntts con sco ci-isrly frc:» t):ls extreme Incident, the .cnsEqucnccs of which nol I . . Miuiv %iu 1C , '|uL-ULi..-> Ui WJ11CI1 C.1I1 '.Ul. 11:5 to threw ihe paper. Ths doj picks vet be measured In delall, lhat raT ,,p tne paper as soon as it strikes-they now have the duty to felde, the field along the tracks and whether England con assume Hjhts trots Rivay to his master's distant i which, slcp by step, are pursuing farmhouse. ; , h( , nlm o! (i CS | roy i ng thc r rCK lom 1037 972 9C.1 publications. Voelklscher tieobachler roptirlc:t JliHt Ficlri Marshal Hermann Goer- Ing, economic dlolator. Intended jocn to deliver an important speech, in which lie would discuss "r.ll ImporUuit questions ui the At OsccoJa Friday CSCEOLA, Ark.. J-'cb. 1C. — Funeral sci vices fur lien Bradby. Osccola jjnr.smlth ar.d locksmith, who died at his home line early tcday will be hel;l at Swill Fu- "cra! Homo al !0::;(l o'clock Saturday mornlnt; «-i!ii Iti thc Ermcn Cemetery. .Servia-s "ill tj conduclcrt !.•>• ihe Her. Harold n. Tillmaii, pastor ol llw church. Mr. Bradley has been In ill health for several months but lie- c.ime suddenly v.orn- lasl we:-k onil lililc hnp« was entertained for his recovery. Born Sepl. 15. 1863. nt Rlplcy, Term., ho move.) In O>cooln In 1900 where he has ojierclccl n general repair shop for several years. He is survived liy hk wife, Mrs. Ella Hearn Brjdley; n son. Aloiizo Bradley by his second marriage; and. three daughters by his first marriage, A sister lives In Blylhs- vlllc. MOSCOW. I'eh. '('lie Itnssfin . nh\uf Iniliiy clalnu'd l» Iwvi- irnrliril tin- Alaiinrrlivtin Iliir on lln- KaiTllan Klhmiis fniut. In Helsinki un official nlm - munli|W> lulmlUril (luxt Hnnlsli troops hail Mlllntiu\vii frcuu ' liONllltihs between Ihe "f I'inUiiil mul Vunlisl heavy Iti-il army iircs- SUtlH' (•uir iiinlei SUM 1 . British Vessels Force Prison Ship Aground On Coast Of Norway LONDON, 1-Vb. iTT^-IiwiiM, destroyers dellhor- imny cntonnt,' mini nil \viilm, drove the German imviil mix--' Imi'V ship Allmiirk nslioro on tli« Norttx-glnit coiisl hilliii ml' II h if'-'^y "" ll »V )lll " lf>l1 ( '«! 1111(1 remind bctWOCMl liOO uul -HO Hulls i moivhmil scimicn whom thc-v found Inl l£!'I!!.'!'l tt l n _l!!!: lc| - " s « l( * k «. <>'" wlmlntHy ttnnoiiiiccrt loS. + Nc(vs or ( j lc nui | B( ,| 0 , ]J( 11(1V(l | ( j,,_ COPENI1AC1BN, licnmiirk, Feb. 11. tUI')—An unconfirmed rcpori, rmr-hcd Stockholm luday (lint u mllhary aid ajjrce.meni' betwi-en Finland nnd the Allies was Imminent. The report mis published by (he Hlucliliolin luHv.spiipcr Kolkcls Dng- blad in u ilispaleh from Helsinki. According lo the nowsjKiper, then' were reports at Helsinki which could not be confirmed that an AHU'd-plnnlsh nijrconionl would be signed possibly toilny. Previously it had been reported llmt Premier RI S I O liylt un<| i^,-. dsu Minister V. A. Tnimw of Fin- laud considered flytt-g to London to appeal personally lo rrlmi: Minister Neville Chamberlain for aid, after the rejection by Sweden of three appeals. Tanner himself denied (o the " Unrest ricloc U-Boai Allaoks Is Na/,i Orde HlSliUN, Feb. 17. (Ut')-An uu- IhorlKftl umiinn .souVa- declared toclny (lint herceforlli Clernmn submarines would conduct unrfslrlcled wnrf.ire uaalust lirlllsli ami French ships. The statement, mmle amid siieat aenniiii nusjcr over lirltlsh sel/.tire. of 'lliu Cieriiuut slcnmer AUmnrk meilnt thnl In ||,(. futm,. Cicrmiiu U-boixls would torpedo tiny Drlthli or Frcncli slil|». pussenxei- or IrelKhler, on sight mul without wnrnlnu. for believed that this denial Rytl also. All reports Indhaltil Finland's need for nltl wns Imiucdiiite and ID M15 irlcv Sets Dale Day After G.O.P. Convention Dale COrtAL, Flu., n (UI>) , ., Prets- dispatches, which wcrt- de- — Jumcs A.-Fnrloy. pnalmaetnr ' ' tho de- reported thnl people In Finnish AaJand rsKuids hud elded lu appeal lo Sweden for In defending tho Islands In cvenl of a Russian uttaclc on them. Sweden Is vilally Inlcre.U l:i ther.c Islands, which lie al Ihe mouth of the Otilf of Bothnia between Sweden nnd Finland. jrrnl iind clwlriiunr of (he 061110 cniilc iintlonnl conimlttce- todnj- iinnounced Unit the Detnocrittlc Kusslnn Gains Cl-,iliuc<l MOSCOW, Fob. 17. (Ul>)—RIIS- slan troops are wllhln \'i'- t miles of Vllpiul, Fhilivnd's second city, nflc-r a sain of five miles uloua I the LcnIii,{rad-VII|)iirl railroad, an j finny eonmiimlritif; suld today. 1 hoped lo holt) (heir convention af Russian troop;! occupied the Im-' tcr Mn> Ccmocrals and portint railroad sliilluns of K:i- mnra and u-lpiisuo nation;-.! Ouhvcntlon In Chicago will open July, 15. The Ocmocrtilii already had EC- h'clcd Chicago as their convention city ami Farley's announcement of the date followed hy n day the Republic/in party's decision to hold Its prc.slrtralliil iiomliiiillng mect- Int! In Phlhidclphlii June 2'). Wllh (he Issue, of o third term campaign by I'reiildcnt UoostivcK still unsellled Farluy thu;i hnd . (.utjoeteyed Republlcnna who had nd take ad- vnnliMfc of any unpopular reaction on iho uialii' lo the Demoeinlli; cnndldnles or - Vllpurl railroad, ihe plalform. epininunimte said, and took 'ti\ It was undcrslootl Ihnl F.,rley I-inntih defensive fortlilciitltms In-1 would have called the convcnllon and eoncrclu ar-; on July u c-xccpl for ihe lad Unit delegates would have lo bo travel- Ing on ,)uly -i. Farley did not recall when the DcmccrnlA last held Ihclr nouiiiint- lni{ conveiillim after Ihe Republicans. He reltcrnlcd his he'.i.'f that the Dcnificratlc nomltiees would be sue chiding two Iroi llllc-ry Torts The coiuinunliiui! put the IZus- slans, at Kunira, only 12!.. miles from Vllpurl, their objective" in the drive lo smash ihe Mannerhetm line. Lclpasuo Is five miles south of it, on iho Leningrad side. ft brought to 17fi the defensive positions the Russians claim lo have captured since the offensive bewail. H wns asserted that Firnlsh troops had lost luvivlly In all si-c- lors of Ihe front In vain cininlc attacks. Dining the last seven days, ar- conllng (o the communique, liie Finns had tail -120 machine guns nv.d 110 guns, presumably field guns, in the Maunerhelm line bai- lie. The communique sniil that ihe Russians not only bombed Finnish Irooj-.s and mlhlary targets butshcs do;v(i five Finnish alrplaniw in alr combats. Issued by Ihe official Tass news agency, the coinniunlquc said: "Fcbruiiry 1G: "Russian troops continued their successful actions in the Karclinn isthmus." •'" Bcslon Grocer Post Hoii was disclosed In an admiralty I'oiimumlfpie which wild Ihe Brll-, irh warshljis acled upon admiralty orders to enter Norwegian tvalc'ri; mid rescue the prisoners, who' re- poitcdly had been transferred'lo the Allmark .from ihe German ItucKii Ijitttleslilji ornf Spec bb- fore it was scull led off Montevideo, Uruguay. ..• v As pan of Ihs cngnocmenl tlie Urltlsh destroyer Ivanhoe ordered the Oenniin tanker Haldur lo halt outside Norwegian walcrs and Ihe Uiddiir'ti crew scuttled her "lu Gef- iniin fush'.on," (ha admiralty s«lj)i 'Ihe comimmlniic said one ,pl the Urltlsh destroyers, Ihe Cossack, elmstd Hie' Allmark, reportedly armed with three Ms-inch u"%, HirciiKh (he three miles of Nor- iveglun territorial waters until Hi. ran aground. .'!' Mfn of the Cossnck went fishorb" nnd In a haurt-io-hand flght killed four of Ihu Allmark's men niul wounded live. One Briton was wounded. • . ,:i,'. Part of the Allnmrk's crew no;l Inlaiiri, Tho remainder, the ad-: 1 ' mlrnlty said, "submitted." The prisoners were lakcn oir and the Ccssack proceeded at lull strain loward the Urltlsh Isles. Explaining Us nmazlng order lo Us warshljis to pursue the Aitmark Into Nonvcjliiii wntcrs, tlie adtiilr- nlly charged that a Norwegian gunboat commander had Informed the British ships that .the Altmark was unarmed and tliat It knew nothhjj.. of. ariy British sJaincn abciird. This- captaln,""tlie"i'diiilr- ulty snid, Insisted Iha6 the Altmark hud been searched (lie day before and had received permls- sluu to lisa Nonvcglnti terrllorlal ivalers oiiroiilc to Germany. Upon these assurances, It was mild, (ho Uritlsli destroyer force withdrew from Norwegian .tcrrl- toilal ivnlcrs but after dark upon receipt of admiralty orders . the Cossack, under Gapt, p. U Vlan, re-entered Norwegian waters to "complete Its mission," The Altmark maneuvered nnd Irled to ram the Cossack as shu prc-pnml to go alongside, tho com- munique said, but Ihe AUmnrk grounded slcru llrsl. Prior lo tho actual boarding the admiralty said Ihe Urltlsh warships proposed that Joint Anglo-Norwegian guard be put aboard It to escort It to Ber- (,'cn, Norwny. nnd search for prisoners while an Investigation was made of the Altmnrk's slaluii. Tlie i Norwcglnns declined. Capl. Vlan, the admiralty said", Imrl teen highly commended. 'JVrrllilB stories had been told Jicri! by British mcrchnnt seonicn of the Allmark, of severe discipline aboard It. ot Inadcnuate food for the prisoners, of lice-infested beds, lack of fresh air and sunshine, of solitary confinement l"er Infraction of rules and for forced performance of shameful work in the presence rtf East Indian sea! men—a blow to British prestige Old Debtors' BiSb nmong colonial peoples. "; j British authorities, explaining the order to rsscue the prisoners from Norwegian waters,- cited German dlsregnrd of inteinntlcnal law In Norwegian waters us juslltica- licn. A spokesman recalled three cases In December In which German OUT " sulmnrims torpedoed two British and one Greek steamship in Nor' ccssful In ihe Novcmbrr elections. "( believe the people want I ho Dcmecrut.s to continue In control," he fnJd. BOSTON (UP)—l.ouis r.ubtu- .slcin, an East lio.slou grocer, cic- nted a nciyhliDrhood commotion wlscn he Introduced a new and drastic method of collecting btl's, tfc salrl he foiuul that nearly Si,000 haj been owed him .span of yea is. so he posted the names of several of the debtors » : ', y v c»|nh waters "'"" '*" Medical-Group Elects Dr. Thomas F. Hudson i cildl d plac.ird and placed it in the slore window. rUibonslchi raid two seeing the neighbors youpcd arcund the window, rushed in an:l paid old bills within a halMioili 1 , nflnr the placard nppcareci. I!e .•aid lie plans lo post a new list ; P. Hudson, of nix- ! CenfessDrl Mail Tlvpf led vice president of v - ti " t - !>: ' t -a l«a» l»«tl Loses Bit cf Glory l)r. Thonm ora. was elecieci vice pn. the MidSouth Medical Assembly in a meeting al Memphis this week, As vice, he will rcpic- i>ent Arkansas lu the group ot which Dr. Clyde M. Speck of New Albany. Miss., ivns chosen president- elect; Ur. A. K. Cooper of Memphis., secrctary-lrensiirer; Dr. Roy M. I.c.rilcr of Brownsville, Tom Mcc president, for Tennessee; Dr. John C. Culley ot Oxford Miss lice president, for Mississippi British authorities emphasized lhat if the British destroyers had persons,' llot intercepted the Altmark Norwegian 'waters would have been made a -channel for neutral service of conveying British war prisoners to Germany. The spokesman said it was coh- ccivablp thai German ships carrying Iron ore to Germany through Norwegian waters might be similarly intercepted. New Orleans Cotton Mar. iVmy July Oct. Dec. Jan. 1114 nil 10SS 1&D1 1047 1051 975 979 964, 004 961 1114 1038 1047 975 CG'2 1117 1083 1047 077 ,-963 Firemen "Chipped" From Sulls CLIFTON HEIGHTS, Pa. (UP) C'LEVELAND. O. (UP)— Twenty- — T «» Clifton HelgHls rncmen year-old Robert U. Wickmnn, who weie battling a blaze during an In- didn't w?.nt his B»'l lu think him, tense cold wave and Inadvertently a sissy, found himself behind bars' walked inia the range of n high ticnd'.vtng Ihe tactlessness of the pressure hose. The result: Both ] aw . ( ir.en were frozen in their suits. Wlekman wanted lo give him-; T1 'ey were taken lo a nearby home self up to postal Inspectors for robberies Invoicing Hires pcstnl sub-station safes, but lie wanted Ids sjtrl to think he was putting up 11 "BUI. 110 l >hollMl thc Inspectors, raid out. "chipped" "WEATHER" AvJcsnsjs— Cloudy, rain or snow, , askd col ; er w i t y, freezing temperature. us them to stage a fake raid and tonight, Sunday • cloudy to partly njo C6pt - urc hlm " tlflcr a st'^SSle" at cloudy, colder In cast portion. '.'. Si?l'"' ls iovecl cne ' 3 hollse - ' Memphis 'and vicinity— Rain to- sn '.. h's ^ C |i t , n learned the worst. nf? ht and Sunday, ' lowiat (ompcra- »w police Jioti told his girl about his tur« tonight about 42, somewhat BS'uttjuost lor the raid. colder Sunday.

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