The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 26, 1959 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1959
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lowa oityj fit H. ;;>e]*a v r '""* \ sas4 1 . ^S£>f :i »i|^W?'i' '-"""""i •f.d&uth count?, fniiyt.., hafe" not 'fclffcae^ 'done,$o< oniv , 'fiVS- in6re? dSvs to fiav' fit ttttt the first half of estate 1 -and,, feersofia " tart Double a^&Jtknt'. pH-Silty &eSment i wliich it nafrtal infsueh- eases'; .Taxes that tiaVerot been paid a|.-l County Treasurer <.H&sellfl gt's office at jtjie'!i courthouse" automatically Incase ift cost at,'the fate of"tfttefe»fourths of otis percent per rhdnth until'paid? •for instance, if a person owes a total of- $120 real aW-lJefsdrM due, the firstjhalf -payment be $80, Failure to pay by, ithe end of March Will 1 autortatlc* ally add'48 cents, if .jJFaid.'in'iApril and' an additibnal phrSe-folirths fjtme 1 percent each "month -until idV"^- " ' ' ' *l~ ~>'\ ^' second half -ofUhe'-.texes due .Wednesday, sept ran, f'everyone" who paTd'/dniy the first .half prior ' to that Second deadline. Naturally!,,anyone tyh £ays the entire -taxl'bill ,Befor iti >*}-,^> fH * Jl j.^ JI'A'^-'&LE'.f^Iji ICiA' 6f 'Aigbna, . -which -'lias, " ,. Us pHrchfisebM Snag-On Tools from Bo^s^f,, Inc. about, three' yeafs agof.will double its, floor space and-tbtal.empjoyi rtient- withih the' hd«t'-12 itionthsi 1 Announcement of the large r e^> pansiori 'prSgranr,' du'e'-'to" "Met \inderwa3f "Is", sdohfM 'xWeaitteV. permits, i was niade,\ bv , Ken manager of the local plant, 'at a meeting J of Algona Industrial •board ieidenhoff have 'ho'-second ,.. - arffl no'pfenal-ties, either/ -%t B .« - failure to pay afterJthe't Sept., 30;\deadline will resultViH\pjtb} licatio'n of namesMn'r quint -tax -list the "u N^Vember and it jSr the' .county to rai& funds through a taH<k _ T „ Monday in k December* '"to payft takes due. , './^v^i f'.^i- . \A11 in all, it's 'a p^e^tyrL'^t idea to pay at least • 1 'thei>firsi>>ni By'Mar. 31 — it 1 ledfettst JHeMt* quite a bit as'the yfear gears'. . . Herman 'general new feet .^^... \ feet to" v b6*Uunr Adjoining the south side of the present quarters of Wcldcnhoff The 43,006 square feet o? hojwed , are.a will mpjre* ithant.double the" sifee of the local manufacturing firm. * new additidn " will AlOONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, MARCH 56, 1959 3 SECTIONS - 20 PAGES V6l, 96 ~ NO. 12 \, I * ..:, ; . ___^____~~, .—. —^MJI allow Weidenhoff to g^reaOy ^expand its present departments, which nun> ber l !4, *and''a»largef v *and more complex,, series, of equipment 'can " theh'b6 *>tillt tJn s tne*premises. While it,is expected neatly 100 new employees will 'be *tlred* f alr>Weidehnoffj- U'^was *> pointed, Out, by> Peirc* that ^ . iA V H "*! vifli» '-M i * j J.,_l _ . jf< . pay. i on is tohtpteled and ready foe use. .3.*^.. • "••'tJn./Wlll.b^-.u'fied in for the'tmattufacture _..„. .... ^ , and for' storage of *hlig& < amQuhts' v Of sheefc metal and flftished.t prMticts;' ready to be 'Hnippedi',to';5customers'. - Most of " '< Machinery <?that will be _.._.,jjn the new jarea is slat- WcV|for';tise inysheet- metal work, metal preservation, aheU painting. *, ; fainting'- equipment to be .installed -at, Weidenhbff« will -be^ Ithe latest-oh-the market. Finished' prbduct$ ,o'f, the- firm -go, into the painting area'on belts and are washed, painted^ -,and v baked in practically'no time,'—'and come out all rea"dy foi- the shipping de- and smce ... _, ,_.__,. was.born'on^Aug, 3, 1 1872,-ln '.Funeral servicesslfor; Herman F.''Hintz, '59, t lifelong-.resident,'of the Lotts 'Creek r Lone Rock neighborhood, were held .Tuesday at 2 p.m. in the Lotts Creek Lu• the'ran church with Rev.,'Martin .Peters officiating. * Burial was in ' 'the Lotts Creek cemetery arid Me* Qullough's «Funeral Chapel 'was in 1 charge of arrangements; , ^ $ww -M •» -^Pallbearers • were;.; > Bill Bdetrt^ v * "«cher, Elmer Pijahn,"Eugene-LrUjbf -, -Eryin, .Mittag,* -Elmer., Ruhnke vt+* *3 ^TVtMw AH *O/\i nn n*« V * rT j ^.v^.r.iAo 1 baptized and-_,-.„ ^inV German. ''She came to^Uni'ted^States' in',1892, ., She iwas married-to^ Herman*Simons-, n^ier.l^hom. she, Jiad,, known in 1 Geym*ari l y;%t',Hubbar'd, 'Iowa, Jan. i *'/T"hey,*|arriie'd in Kossuth'Coun-, ty frQih'«.1901. until his~Tdeath,/ori, Feb' '5,. fl949,* Since .that" tithe-/she 1 She is -survived 1 - by ."three 'sons . and Vernon Reisner. ';Mr Hintz died Saturday morn-' irig at St. Ann hospital where he had been a patient for two days. He, suffered a stroke .three days before his death. Herman Fredrick 'Hintz; son of Louie Hintz and Pauline Tiede, was born at Lone - Rock Nov. 9, 1899. He was married fa Esther Mittag at Lotts Creek Feb. '20, 1924 and the Hintz family lived near the church there .where* they farmed until the retirement of,-Mr. Hintz. ( Mr Hintz is survived by his wife, two daughters, Marian (Mrs Victor Struecker) and Gasoline (Mrs Eugene V«udt),'Fenton;,;two sisters, Martha (Mrs { Edward Hackbarth), Lone Rock;' and,'Mrs Kohlwes, Minneapolis;'' 1 .and '"a brother, Arnold Hintz, Wes'tgate. His parents an'd J two i ; brokers preceded him in death. Moose Lodge-Meeting Moose Lodge will meet , this evening (Thursday) at 8:3Q ,.p.m. at the club rooms. Inhere will We registration door prizeV' '' ,, • .. here'. the jpast;. ; 6 inonthjsl helping care t jEor iher ' ' Olga Schwartz 'of- , , Mrs John' ; EhrichV (Lilly.) '^of', El* more,, Minn.,!"Marvin'* andcW.alV, ter,. of -.Swea City ^ and Gus v of Ledya'rd.'.'- 'Also by t> two brothers; Herman «,Wiridmeier,,. of Austin^ Minn., and Fred' of Germany, and one sistei v Marie Kampm'eier also in Germany.'. f ,' , ,. ... Funeral .services were held on Tuesday, v March, 12.4,, with the fqmily,' ( s,erv ( ice'/•«& 1;30 -, at the Qome and 2 p.iri,. at the'E.'arid'R. church with Rev. Victor Vriesen officiating and the Garry Funeral Home', in charge. -Burial was in thev .Ledyard Highland Home Cemetery.,V ' ' t 1 '- / . ' v * Pallbearers • were Aubrey Waterhouse,-'Marvin 1 Lloyd^, Ellwood Green^ WiUjani Bau'man, Howard Dyerf a~:nd Glen ** 7 - v - v -*- partment. The Snap-On Company has an( j ..'will be Easter Vacation , . > ' There'will be no'classes Friday or Monday in any of Algona's schools due; to Easter vacation. Classes will resume as usual on Tuesday. . ' '^ ' ~ -,'' ' been considering.\fdr'"'10 years^ a large expansion' such * as the one slated 'here;- accordirig^to Wf W.' D^ntel,"president • of -,Weidenhoff and ' vice- president '"arid' board, member of Sn.ap-Qri.'"Purchase of the plant h.ere- three years-ago speeded up the program, . , , ' Expansion;/'of\, the local plant wilK not/,end -'with' 1 the 43,000. 'square.'Tfoot^.cement "rbl—'-'• — J metal',-additidrt'''which., constructed*'this r yean; The" par- "ent 'firinj-SriapjOn; has plans, fon, ifjth'er^ construction her,e;.> within tWi'hfe'xt .fiye^jyears. According tb*Mr^DaniM,' "such 1 cgnstruction 1 j^ilJCjdepend ^upon future 'space, V.WeMenhoff"was .purchased by Snap-Ori,'- and& .began operations here v . May,, ;% -n956.' -Mr, • Peirce, Who' had'/.'prgyfousljr' been with |he parerit-BOwser-'firm; 'reWiahi- 1 ed in- charge of the local plant for" "Snap-On." '""He" has "been "an Algona resident for,11 years,-and is active in community^ affairs." ', His"sh'o'ft' talk* after ^announcement of the expansion ,'program had' been T -read; by Bill'Steele, Chamber J of Commerce" secretary, at Saturday's meeting w'as full •of -reminiscences • about, p a v s t 'operations • of Ihe' - Weidenhoff firm here and offered hope for 'the .future.,' ' - * *- ' • One of the firm's main .objectives^ will be 'to ,offer 'good- employment 1 k to young cipzens ' of Iowa, and .especially this ( are,a, in years' to come. • , i 1 ' Peirce pointed t oiltathat for the most part,~remployees"who will be hired when the' new addition' is completed will, hold a variety of machine shop jobs, and as in the local persons. .It will be necessary to br,ing in addition- c al employees for- the engineering 'department; ', '• / Trio Arr Brewing Co Oil St. Joe Lawn . c - ( > / '^i ^ 4 Three transient railroad* 1ab6i>- ^rs, "out of the, present time, werb arrested at Si Jee after, they got off a bus there Tuesday night and charged with intoxication in Justtte; d,>rH. Ostwinkle's court Wednesday morning, '• -1 * <>.J|_ The three, 'Donald, F> -Kln^i pire, Jackson, Mittn. t Charles Blankehship, ' Morris, •" Hi?,' i George Townsend, Tomahawk 1 , Wise.,' were .apprehended, "by Patrolmen Duane Hom'an , and Dale McBride and Depjity Sheriff Don Wood while brewing a pot of coffee on a lawn at the south edge of St. Joe. 'The coffee was used to put out the fire heating-it jmd the men .brought'to Algona. ^ . • Ostwinkle assessed the mini- mUm' fine against each of tho men, $5 and costs, then suspended -the total when it was found the men were broke. They .were told to leave this area and seht 'on their way. '• \ , Wayne Wiese, Jewell, .former Algona resident, was bound ,oyer to the next term-of district court following a preliminary' hearing on a charge of falsely.,drawing and uttering a bank check. Tlie check, for $25, was cashed at a local store. • Bond was set at $1000 and was not furnished, so Wiese is awaiting trial in. the county jail. .,A Bancroft man, Melvin,Fangman, . was fined $100 and costs,? with $50 of the fine suspended, for reckless driving; Arthur M. Schultz, Whittemore, and George, E. Becker, Burt, each paid $10 and. costs for passing a school bus; Robert J. Friets, Bancroft, paid $10 -and costs for .failing to have his vehicle under control; 'Harold R. Higdon, Britt, was fined $5 and costs for driving with an expired • operator's ^license; Holy Week, Special Easter Local Churches and Herman L. Ubbeh, Titonka, paid $o and costs^for a stop- sign violation 'in other cases heard by J . e v?1!- •*-%? OstWihkle. .^,, f^^' ,'^^^^^^^neW ~--" q ~ • ' ' l '' 1Tnc.faf> Funeral Home At Titonka Sold Titonka' The Swan Funeral §ign Contract F,or Plant,fxpaflsfan Home and the building housing it, has been sold to Allen Blake, LuVerhe. Immediate .possession will.... be given. The furniture business was not included in the transaction and will be sold at auction in the-.near future. Kenneth Swan,_ who operated the Funeral Home here since 1937 has no immediate plans; for the future. He has a daughter who is a college student at Iowa •State Teachers College,- Cedar Falls and a son in high school. Mrs Swan is the former Catherine Schram,; • '' •• Blake also has funeral. homes at Wesley, 'Cor'with arid Lu- Verne. Dr. Clapsaddle Of Missouri Dies Clapsaddle, 68, brother of Horace Clapsaddle, Algona, and ( Dr. John G. Clapsaddle, Burt,' died recently at a St. Louis hospital following -surgery several days prior to his death, Dr. Clapsaddle had practiced medicine at Ste, Genevieve, Mo, for many years, Previously, and >directly after 'his medical train-, ing, he practiced for several in Titonka. He was the 'second son of De- Loss D. and Mary (Smith) Clapsaddle and lived in Algona where he graduated from high school. The brother, Horace attended the funeral services at Ste Genevieve as did Dr. J,,G. Clapsaddle who _ was vacationing in Arizona. Survivors include his wife, Hazel, .two sons and a daughter. Several Groups Plan Easter Sunrise Service Algono churches are holding special Holy Week services tliis week climaxed by the observance of Easter on Sunday morning; The "Algona Ministerial Union will ugain present, "The Seven Last Words From The Cross" on Good Friday from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. at the First Congregational ch'urch. Business places in some instances will close for this period. Clergymen participating will be Rev. James Boyd. Congregational church; Rev, Clifford Nordine Lone Rock Presbyterian; 'Rev Evan Routh, Good Hope Mclhod- 1st; Rev.' Newton Coughenour Algona Methodist; Rev. F«lvin DeVore, Church of the Nazarenc Rev. Myron Brower, Presbyter- ianland Rev. Edsel Isaacson, Firs Lufieran. Music will be by the Congregational church c h o i i und«r the direction of Ted Herbsl with Kim Jin Ho:Deal, soloist. Youth of the Ministerial Union member churches will have a sunrise service Easter Sunday at 7 a.m. at the First Lutheran church.' Ben Herbst will be the speaker with other young people participating. Breakfast w"ill be served by the host church, A t sumniary of-church program plan's follows: First Congregational , Thursday, 8 p.m. Holy Communion; Teriebra'e','' "Extinguishing of, the Lights" ceremony by eight layir»iEn, Baptism, reception Jaer.Sr^i/-..' ..4. • ••»•••< v'.-V • , • Easter Sunday,' 10'd.rtl':"Sunday School, Morning Worship, 11 a.m. The Castor, Rev. James Boyd will have as his sermon subject, "Why Easter Is Such Good News To Us." The Choir,.directed by Ted Herbst will present special music. Mrs Fred Geigel, organist. ' '•••' First Baptist Thursday, 8 p.m. Communion Service. Easter Sunday, 6 a.m. Sunrise breakfast at the farm home of Mr and Mrs Wesley Mains -with both the youth 'and adult membership participating. Sunday School, 9:45. Worship service from 10:45 to 11:45. Rev. H. Glenn Discoe will broadcast his Easter message over radio station KLGA. Trinity Lutheran Maundy Thursday, 7:30 p.m, Communion Service. Good Friday, 12:00 - 3:00 p.m. Spiritual Crusdde and offering with addresses on the sayings of Christ on the hour every hour. 7:30 p.m. Holy Communion. EaSter Sunday,.6 a.m. Sunrise service; 7:00 to 8:30, Easter Breakfast sponsored by the Young married couples' Club. Sunday School and Bible Class, 9:00 a.m. Festival Services at' 10":00 a.m. Rev. G, J. C. Gerike, pastor. St. Cecelia's Catholic Friday night, The Way of The Cross will be observed privately. Confession hours: Thursday, 2 to 5"p-m.; Friday, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.. 3 to 5 p.m.; Saturday, 8:30 to 11:30 15 A.H.S. Students Named To National Honor Society Newly-initiated members of the Algona high school unit of the National Honor Society are shown in the above photo. The 15 students, including eight seniors, four juniors and three sophomores, ara. the first to be members of the Society from the lo cul school. The chapter was formed here IjuSt Thursday, March 19, ' . « . *" «•'• In the front row, left lo right, are Mike McN rill, Mary Brocsclcr, Bill Bouine and Mariana Steele.;. Second row, left to right, Pum Waller,' Janice Bo do and Karen Alt. Third row, left to right, Jeanettev -i! 74 Algona Teachers To Get Boost Of $325 Fo r 1959-196d lt»es, which Will , more than dgub^e its shown above. "' •" '»* -';., • /*,, j«c»un'Mt«)ftfmivf i plans . squar^lopt addition th}8'y p far;',The '' 'officers' and -local < •'' pnirat teU f plant Farmers Forum Slated Monday ' "Farmers Forum" is scheduled Mntlv bv • y a.m., 2 to 5 p.m. No confessions will be heard Saturday night. ^Easter Sunday 'Masses; 6 a.m., Low Mass; 7:30 a.m. High Mass with the ,newly organized choir under the direction of John Sterba, singing. ' 9:00 a.m. Low Mass; 10:30 High Mass with the high school choir singing, Msgr. P. P. Gearen, pastor; Rev. Edward Mason,. assistant, First Presbyterian Thursday, 7:30, Candlelight Communion Service, Music by the Chancel Choir, Mrs Casey Loss, director, Sharon DeGroote, organist. Easter Sunday, 7:00 a.m. Sunrise service at Irvington Presbyterian church, Rev M. H. 9:00 Worship ^"A^I-Service, reception of new mem- H,. oi /ugo | berg p aslor » s sermon theme "Christ's Triumph in the Gar- Regular Baptist Easter Sunday, 7:00 a.m., Sunrise service. Special music and a message 'by the pastor, Rev, Eldon :W.- Weaver. Breakfast will follow. 10:00 Sunday School. 11:00 a.7-n. Morning Worship with special music. First Lutheran Thursday, 7:15 p.m. celebration of the Lord's Supper. Easter Sunday, 7 a.m.; Union Youth Sunrise Service at First Lutheran. 10:00 a.m. Sunday School. 11:00 a.m. Festive-Easter Service, The Choir, under the direction of Mrs Floyd Holt v/ill ing, ''"•He Is Risen", solo obligate jy Mrs Joe Presthus, Mrs Vernoji Jensen, organist. Pastor Rev. Edsel Isaacson's sermon subject, The Risen Christ Is Our Contemporary Lord." First Methodist Thursday, 7:30 p.m., .Communion Service. ; Easter Sunday, Worship .Service, 8:30, The pastor, Rev. Newton Goughenour will speak on the theme, "The Resurrection of Jesus Christ." The new Junior Choir, Darlene Skpgstrom, director, and the Senior Choir, Mrs 1 Wesley Bartlett, director, will sing. Mrs Rex Taylor and Mrs Newton Coughenour will present organ-piano numbers. 9:30, Sunday School. 10:30 Worship Ser-, vice. St, .Thomas Episcopal Maundy Thursday Communion service, 7:30, Good Friday, 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. preaching service. Easter Sunday, 11:00, Choral Eucharist service. Rev. Donald Baustian is pastori ol OU be a free lunch at L°a* i->a- Members of the Algona Community School District board of education, March 16, approved and adopted a salary increase of 'about $325 per leacher for instructors In local public schools during Ihe 1959-1960 school year at a recent meeting. The increase is about 6'/2 percent over salaries for the present year. It will mean a ioial salary increase on the payroll of about $24,050 for the 74 leachers affected. The board approved the increase after studying salary schedules from more than 50 other Iowa schools and ad- justed local salaries to compare with Iowa schools of enrollment equal to Algona. Members of the Algona Education Association, professional organization of local leachers, voted to recommend io the board thai Ihe school year be set at 182 teaching days, two more than the minimum requirement as set by the Siaie Department of Public Instruction. Contracts for the 1959-60 school year are to be offered io local insiruciors later this week. They will have until April 15 io accept the new contracts. Honesty OX. But It Can Become A Bit Complicated vnntvi XOUin Richard March 31, 2 p.m., reprfpgntpy^s are - ''- Ken Peirce, vice 'iJSrHGtli V* OJ V^>- «*---"•-"-"at"* nfwryTF-^TMf * F -y ;We>denhoffs expansion announeejnen ' Isaacson Pboto-UDM Engraving). "R.* *5?1 I*H**8 -"-FT , ;,-•• I.,--,-,,-,.. .- ---r. _ .... ..ixrff wto an^qunoe v 4 the e£pan,s,,wn.i . gh^prk. F,mii i§. preside.n.t «?| the devejpppgn,^ gorpv A a meeting held at tfie.p^nt Satw|ay rnorning. tain, Many qf the pictures are of Russian farms and farming. Other program numbepB«i-,""-,.' Presbyterian Clu^e AUime^apse film which ^T^tSe'o ±fh e Manse 6ho W § -plants* actually growing. e » 'IS*™ 8 '**,:" ^ anse> ah4 a question and answer period . Church Of The Nasarene by Pr. L. ^.. Schrader, Standard Thursday, 7:30 p.m., Midweek QJ1 agronomist. The entire pfo- ^ervice, J fref, J . - ; ; I Easter Sunday, .Sunday School, ,,-.,„§ for adinission may be 9:45, Launching of the three obtained from any gt ttos W$$\ mpntix §und^y School campaign Qro^desler? J}ste4 in their 94 o« i Worship service, H:00 a-wi. Rev. the back fi|ge o| section tt>re«, at glvln fievore's sermon topic will the Mor^r^ office here, #• at th« be, v Where Christ Is, There Is Y.F,W, door nest Mon&ay, I life." Evfening service at 7:30. Newel Has Heart Attack • Fenion -r- Charles Jfpwel, Kossuth county supervisor from the 4th district, suffered a heart attack early Saturday morning, while visiting si the home, of his daughter, Mrs Richard Me- Carty^ at Hwttey, Mrs N«wel was with hjrn. The Fenton coupie h»4 gone to Ha*Uey to spend the weekend, It was reported We4nwd§y that My Ntwel, was much improved at this time, but wtU be confined to b^4 fpr about JQ days, He could not be moved Iqr» boapitel because o| hi? tion. Honesty is undoubtedly the best policy, but sometimes it can get complicated. Several weeks ago Paul Watkins, 9, son of Mr and Mrs William Walking, picked up a $10 bill near the Security State Bankl He was with two companions, Jeff Pickett and Paul Christiansen. The three boys went to the police station and turned in the money. They were told that if it: was unclaimed, the money would be given back. i Nobody claimed the money. ?he boys returned to the police tation and each received a third, aul Watkins received $3,34. Mrs Watkins later went back tj> he police station with her son and the $3.34. Inquiry was made as to why the police divided the money, three ways, and wKen they left the $3.34 was placed on the police counter toy, Mrs Watkins. Mayor C. C, Shierk was contacted by the Watkins and asked to 'review the matter Saturday morning. The Mayor ^as .called to attend the Weidenhoff expansion program announcement, and Mayor Shierk, in the meantime,"^ had mailed a check to the Watkins for $3.34 stating it had been' ,* left at the city hall and rightful- -T ly belonged to Paul Watkins. ( itf Wednesday, Watkins sent the-1 Mayor a letter and called the ? whole thing off. He said the $3,34*1 was being donated to the Con-y, gregational Church. \^ turned the matter over to Chief of Police Boekelman, who decided the three-way'split was fair enough. ' • - • then wrote, a letter to the Mayor asking for more details on the matter and other questions pertaining to "the case." T" Mayor' turned the letter oves, Cjty ^ttprney Russell Buchanan who wix>te Watkins twa»P a |es. explaining what the law V a "° with regard to money fpund; r ,. s . where the Owner,* js 'ujqtkn.oiwjv and, that techn turned oyer to tor,_with affids . ,,- and what no$i, Spring Bounces In With A 62 It might have ,been .a-fal start into spring, -but' the--wee er which prevailed-in thif "q during the past week ' —*~ been an improvement acpes & pains brought o eral rounds df heavy,snow : ng earlier, in the numtii.\ everyone .has fingers, lopes the escape, ' * *- s According 'fo Wieathewi^,, ne Johnson at thCAl^Qna:)! 10 n\6i§ture*wastregistf ing the period^ High, yeai */

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