The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 19, 1959 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1959
Page 22
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v } (r «, r» f • f r '* . ' » . ,) ' » i , s T Vr«>7 / i, - , t <J^ Vf * ' ' * 1 .<>'"», " » ff^i •L. vJTf »£'J ! %f- , f .-.Sr!t , , -' • - * Own House Is 8eaw « Held At Seneca For Pattersons • JL M ^m Director Bfttere stiles' of $1 Iowa Conservation said Wednesday a bei . conservation officer will be , to the LuVerwe at£a ( ttf'j nuisance operations 01 ' , t0Atf|!M$&* ft%]B-M'< |&1ffiiie-i«, v , «had cost fitfpiyWsY , tuppet Des MoJttSS •lona, '•,*,, , 8 *,' »* ABOUT EIGHT TIMES A YEAR, fifty Algona homemakers hit thfe road. They watk several mSes, but rarely go out of a-radius rf a few blocks front home. Many times they lebve the^ dishes in the sink, postpone the ironing; a little longer, and some of them dras alone-a reluctant Junior or Little Sister to go ringing doorbells. It's done 1ft the nam* of Sweet Charity — the Red Cross. Cancer Socief^ Iowa Children* s Home, Retarded Children, Mother's March ott Polio or the Heart Fund — all good causes and they need the money to keep going. * » , THESE GALS, AND IT SEElfJ TO BE just about the same ones t>verv time clutch envelopes of supplies in their hands. They ?S to^ome excuses and P hard4uck series collect othei-people's money, issue receipts and try to keep the collections separate from the grocery money It isn't so much the first trip around that gets to bi a chore, it's the call-backs for a drive worker must goback until she contacts every householder in her area. Sometimes she suspects that her neighbors hide when they see her coming up the walk for fear she is collecting for something when often all she means to do is drop over for a friendly cup of coffee. 1 • * • ' '' PREVIOUS TO'EACH DRIVE, maneuvering has taken place that would do credit to an army planning its battle strategy. First "-•••. o* i county chairman had secured and several peope >wn or a county cnairmun HUB iu u= "^""lif. " "•*, ~~'?-\~' *• vi SutoSetalked iritb being ward chairmen. The gimmick used to sfeil thf^f latter job far that you* won't'have to go out on the drive yourself,'.you merely line Up the workers. This is true in theory but in practice it's a rare, ward chairman who never has left over. Rather than browbeat another of her friends it'she, goes out on the drive herself, »»i,(.»» taking , v- * WARD CHAIRMEN HAVE BEEN KNOWN to he quite concerned about the health of the women of Algona. It's not only the dread diseases such as Cancer, T ; B,, Polio etc., the drives are i designed to fight, it's the general ailments in the prospective workers, brought to Wht when4hey are asked to go out on a drive. "I'd be^lad^o. help, but I -haven't been feeling well lately", is the tonililr anWef. I anil not saying the alibis are not genuine | to most cases, but .there have been instances of some* • remarkable recoveries. -Gals too ill to go ,on a drive on Monday have been seen at parties on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday! '• ' i ' , * ? s * ' ' ' - ;-,") A GOOD HORSE -TRADER would do very well aS a ward chair- man for a charity drive, it seems to-me. If you did Cancer for Mary - when'she was chairman, swap that past favor and get her as a worker, now 'that yoti are Red .Cross chairman If you need a, baby 'er'^'go out 'on Heart Fund, trade the, ob, with 'Jane, against d§ ?whkrshe pushes-doo? belte for Polio. If Louise is Chairman newcomers she knows about ls you heard about in Settee* — Approximately 175 relatives and friends of the Oscar Pattersons attended the open house held for them In honof of their 45 wedding anniversary Sunday afternoon at the Presbyterian church parlors at Ringsted. Hosts and hostesses included'their children, the Wm. Gilchrists of-St. Joseph, Mo. and Mr and Mrs Don Crank. The Wesley Pattersons were unable to be present due to a recent illness of Mrs Patterson. Refreshments were served atJ* beautifully appointed lace cover> ed table centered with a heart shaped, three tiered Wedding cake, baked and decorated by Mrs Leo Crowley. It was flahk- ed on either side with lighted pink tapers and spring flowers. A bride doll completed the centerpiece. Presiding at the silver service were Mrs Martin Henricksen of Ringsted and Mrs Henry Rasmussen of Kansas City. The wedding cake was cut and • served by their daughter, Mrs Helen Gilchrist and the'punch was served 'by their daughter, Mrs Mary Cronk, Mrs Cecil Bailey and'Mrs Alfred^Petersen. The 'gifts were opened and displayed by two grand nieces, Georgia Lee Roberts and Marty Rasmussen, both of Kansas City. Dorothy Petersen registered the guests. ? The refreshments were served by - a Presbyterian Women's Church circle. -The bride chose to wear ior the occasion a,blue print silk' dress. Hep corsage' was of pink carnations. Mr Patterson wore a white carnation bouttonnaire. .Mr and Mrs Patterson were 3. trade her,the .names of those newcc Ward^li-forsthyfej names' of those gal the-sending out of Easter seals KT l* r j. 'Mine organizations, uic.uuvco " w "Y. *' vr —-It. ^iT ii. J~ +i,« >Jw»* I'"- 1 -//the general welfare, or we wouldn't .bother with them-in the first fc : "' % -'-"placf But if-, we had some sort'of-United Fund plan, we-could %;-<l< .'pay once; work'once t "anld get it over/ "»..""•.',•''"'. , s "' i . ^- '-.'AS YOU ALL KNOW, THE BALL has been started .rolling " " toward a United Fund in Algona. The plan is not assured by any 1 ''means, and it is not a sudden 'thing that has just. come up. : Several people have been making serious investigation-into the plan for , " the past three or four years. Questionaires have been sent -out to " > many towns the size of Algona. Answers have revealed^some of the advantages and th'e' drawbacks to establishing United Fund., •. - £ A' *' > .- ' ** ' * „ i J * f * h *• l ' > i ' " CHIEF OBJECTIONS TO THE UNITED .PLAN haye cnno from ", %some of the major chanty and health funds --the-Cawce" Society, ' Crippled Children and Adults, the Heart Fund etc. Then* "t also •' "evidence that the organizations are mellowing a bit toward the -Man. ', 'In the'past, ntnost of these societies have preferred to conduct drives ~ of .their' pwh., Thfe towns 'polled • were'.unanimous In their - veridct "' that to'be successful, s United Fund must -be 100%;. If such a .fund '/r-is established, Workers "must refuse to work on drives other than '' .United and contributors must refuse to give. ' '" ' ONE OBJECTION TO THE UNITED Fund lurking in the back -"my mind until I attended the recent meeting, was that, sad .but true, .'at our house it is easier to give, say $2.00 ten times a year than ' "it is $20 once a year in one big lump. Evidently there, are other -people like that for in other towns the situation is handled by ., " taking pledges on the one drive and then breaking the contribution down to several "easy" payments. ^ < ESTABLISHING A UNITED FUND here will take a lot of work. !'About'a-year's'time is also the expected'requirement. To be truly ", -''democratic, it can't be. left up to a handful of people on a board. ' f , There will be meetings called in the near future. It would behoove < j&ny^of us who have sighed over, "another darned drive" to be -,,'* . -'USOME 'MYTHICAL FIGURES WERE BANDIED around at the .. ^•.'meeting, the"',oth"er night. It had it that a drive worker could save ^ / -eight* hours' a year by going under the United Fund plan. The esti- f ' • mate ds,'far,too'conservative to my way of thinking. It takes much /"'. more" than'eight'hours for just one drive. What'll we gals do ." '!with, all that extra leisure if we g<?t a United Fund plan? Well, rM , ''Ve 'could clean up 1 our dirty houses, we could bake three month's ^»V;'^*WPW of-pies for our families, we could read all sorts of uplifting SW^/Mliterature o'r we could get caught up on our mending. Personally, >fjfC-?>. -if"I,get an" extra eight hours, I think I'll spread them out over H^L^veight weeks and go coffeeing and gossiping'with my neighbors! ' ,^THIS WEEK!S RECIPE is for No Bake Cheese Cake. It's for ; a party and it serves from 10 to 12 people." , " 2 envelopes unflavored gelatine I cup sugar l % teasp. salt , n 2, egg yolks 1 cup milk 1 teasp. grated lemon rind • '" 3 CUDS creamed cottage cheese (24 oz.) sieved \ J tablsp,' Jemon juice .'I teasp. vanilla . '. ,;2 tablespoons melted butter '" '\ I tablespoon sugar t cup, graham crapker crumbs teasp, cinnamon - •"• , ^ teasp; nutmeg ' - ,2 egg whites ^ • l , pup Heavy cream, .wMnped. ^4';a double,,boiler,'peal,together the eeg,yolks andTmiik, ? add'to ,the gefatin<S mixture,'.'£pok ,over bpUing%ftter, stirring cpnstanfly imtil»gdf#Pfl j* .theroughly dissolved 'an^'mixture' thicken?, about .- , ,._ „,_„__,_ . — ^— A . _ JA t ^_ "i^nqn r»nd §Hl4 QooL^tir in ChiU« married March 11, 1914 at Cedar Falls. ' . 4-H Meeting The Seneca Progressive Farm-,. ers 4-H club met at the home of Vernon Wilberg March 9. ' .v Sixteen memberd responded to roll call, The program consisted of a talk on the use of punches by Ronald Brekke and a demonstration on' the use of wrenches by Vernon Wilberg. ' 4 , - ' • 'Robert Johnson, Algona, showed a film-" on tractor safety. . Mr and Mrs Harvey Graham and family of 'Algona were Sunday 'guests at the Wm. Dorsey horned ' ' •' Mr and Mrs Fred Johannesen. Rickey and Debbie were .Friday guests at the Everett Witham home. •' ' • Seneca young people attending the Girl's State Basketball Tournament at Des Moines included Marilyn'/ and Carol Johannesen, Lois Wilberg, , Mary England, also j Jerry • England, Dwane Johannesen and Ronald Johannesen. Mr and Mrs Pete Helmers of Marion were weekend guests at ihe home of Mrs Helmers' parents', the Everett Withams. • .Dick Looft of Des Moines spent .the weekend with his parents, the Henry Loofts. >; Sunday evening guests at the Everett .Witham home included Mr and Mrs Wallace Simpson and Mr and Mrs Henry Schultz of Whittemore; also Mr and Mrs Earl Sheppard and Mr and Mrs Otto 1 Harlan of«Algona. Weekend guests , at the Oscar R.' Patterson home included Mr and Mrs Henry Rasmussen, Mr and Alvin Machlies and family and Mr and Mrs Jim Rasmussen and family, all of Kansas City, 'Mo., Mr and Mrs Wm. Gilchrist and son Billy of St. Joseph, Mo. The Blakjer Woman's Missionary Federation will have Mrs Odvin'Hagen of Forest City as guest speaker at their Mission Program this Thursday. Hostesses will be Mrs John" Johannesen and Mrs Martin )*; Social Security Information Is Front Tax Forms «Wp <*£•* f « w A e R. < * ro SP e(i topping trom People who work for th,em- selves in a business, trade or profession are reminded by Clifford W. Swedlund, 'district .manager. of the Fort Dodge social security office, to report their earnings for social security purposes with * their income tax returns. For most business people this return is due or> or before -April 15. The social security tax rate for 1958 is 3 3/8 pei-cent of the first $4200 of net earnings. . Since Federal income tax re* turns are used not only for reporting the amount of income for income tax purposes but also for reporting selfTemployment incomci for sociaj security credits. It is necessary that a complete and accurate Schedule C be filed with income tax Form 104Q. If net income from a covered trade or business >was $400 or more pociaY 'security taxes must paid on these net earnings, This k compulsory even though no business Important that 1 Tn,~' V^C- "*1$ '."• >, " „ , C^J'v*'' ' .',* business be included m in* '' '. Vjtf toJ 'a waiting for, must, mcjwde the account, number Pay 2 P.M. MATINEES BOTH 1 i/ m% li:- 1 f ,*r, NOW Thru SATURDAY! ft#*l SAL v'j 1 " #j "*'i V i "/'.• A- 3" DURING , The Truo'Story Behind the West's Strangest Legemll LMiNEO &3"\* WITH tutdmttibook ' ,t»«riiiiiw l nix intuftimoH di. ht 5^3 T*T WINDSOR, Model 21T218> Big 21-inch <*) screen * 1-flnger Automatic fine tuning ifc" * TWide-Fi" ' 'tv, mote control (opt. SUNDAY- -fUESIJAY THE CAST OF THE YEAR IN THE ROAR OFTHE AGES! The Nation's „ #1 Fun , Best-Seller" For 52- Weeksls The All-Time Scream On The • Screen! LENNOX, Model 21K224 * Big 21-inch (*) screen it 1-finger Automatic fine tuning * tone control -k ' trouble-free chassis -k Extra Big remote control (opt. ex Allowance tea > , On Your . H,, 1 j *' "Jl^ , , * Easy yVielilti Term* f « -t~ ^ * ^ i. J v! f ' *i i («) overall diagonal measurement - On, ' ,;• Old,,Sei "Easy ^eekly Term* YOU CAM CE SURE...IF IT!? " APPLIANCES "The; Wildest Trader ,lh Town" ">•••• .^.» KB %«*• liiinif •f • W x^ '?- -"^- ; ' : ^Q|yy||.E-^ ••'•'' WOODWARD COLOR by OE iffl MQOAREY «-*» CUVDE BINYON .' « - • . /f'TTT "Speaking of tax relief, we lowans get sizeable Kelp {wtf the tauw nw paid by ouy brewing, industry, Over .$25,30^000,00 *y*u * now paid inibxiw W ^eer>ld«in lo^va, T^p mep^ntyjviifwil. iions that Wdon't Iiay0 ta pay/..>; holding £own youy bill ana wa* ^L.«^^:«^^ That*p real,taX relief I , ( ; f- r '\' ;• *'/,'-' \> , ( , t j i . s • „ »fy«t,-iii $? only part of tte Vnirik'tttioh th'e breyring " and parit ofour w* ^ 062,000,000,00 f ^ a, * And >t's one of fa is adds Up to one import** fort ,* fit p*. • s t \'

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