The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 19, 1959 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1959
Page 21
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$$$£$&• 1"' -> , ^ "^W •'•'*• .: *f ' •»•- , M| and .- , , guests 6£'Mfs fell An. ,'6f airs" 'were Mr and Mrs tefflly M rs Orttha Briggs and ' " -> > ;• < 'Visitors d£ Mr Prestoh were Mr and Mortis JOhanneseii and girls. * atfd Mrs Eddie >"Godffed$6ft ^a IT^j. * » ^————»*•• j M%«**»2Vka aftd - Mrs Nels GddfredSbn. 'evehing- they were Mned and "Mrs Cecil Godfreds&n, j ? the, birthday bf,Mfs Eddie Idffedsdh. W:irid/Mrs>Clayt6ln.ttoim and Sd/;6f:ArmsttofarcaMd at the ne<6f,,Mr and Mrs warren. De- fj '0'—day/evening, / ille\Awdreg| -.v-wj.wi.~r.s-T—«— ..Betty .anc. alri^Queist of ' Baticroft were urday h : guests of; Mrs Eunice -Ai,» ' , -i , ' , ers< *. , •• ,„ , ,. •-.and,-Mrs Jim Pfeston and ... , M fen Has returned " . Haulhtiraf Mf an Mine,. was % atten and aftd , ! M«iiftle»i Electric PI _— ., ---- , Htoserr and Larftr, Mrs* * . , • it * * - - 1 With the, April 1 bill* , , through, action taken at a special meeting tf thfc Bancroft ldrett\Sand, Mrs Joe Preston Barrel Bishop were ay guest^ af the:home of her 'swiag'e .'.Sunday evening with 2«yourig people enjoying the ser-and *the* slipper, ^iven by, 'and,Mrs Hammerl .. 'and^.Mrs'v Mervin' Johnson dys 'wereVSiinddy, guests of ij.-'arid.Mrs'Trum'an Johnsoh. '. ',"} Wm. /Gflyef and Mrs y/ Saxtba-/of '.Minneapolis, \8therl of' Mrs 'Guyer spent '"may^and .Wedriesday ; in Mirin- iblis.-'Mfs, Saxton has' just', re- .tly "completed a trip to Florida, ,h, Carolina^ ,and 'other -Easter he **' ' % s'" "' "' ' ' . • i EU^O, i ^ • ' h i V, * j ameS Myron Johnson wad born Shipier. • Loretta, Mino spent ,the weekend,at Jidme with iier parents. , _/ a ,i l . Mrs^bettflier thompiisiir Mrs Max O'Keefgr Mrs Setoef "tfhr and Mrs MatVin Larson attended at TB meeting al Algona Saturday. ' > ' •-. '' • - • Vale'rie tTtjfies, '8 month' bid daughter of Mr and Mrs Gordon. Jdftesvwas taketi te the hotpitftl at Estherville Sunday, morhing whefg she was admitted as,a medical patient. . Jane Genrich of Vermililtin, South Dakota,, and her fi&nce» Robert Goertzefc of Omaha, 'spent the weekend with'Jane's parents, Mr arid Mrs Walter Genrich, Sunday guests at the Geftrich'hbmfe were Mr and Mrs Mafley:.Ma5?ii*' den, Sherry and Scott of Tair- mont, \Minn., Mr'and Mrs Jbhh Genrich/, Ricky and Wendy ' of Ringsted and Jane-ahd*Robert." Mr- and -Mrs Jdhn Roelfse'ma of Lakota,,called at the. John 1 Bat- t6n homfe TueMday. • Dick Pool of Denver, C6lo., a former Algona resident,, called at the Bob Sigsbee • home ,one day last week. The men had mot seen each other for several years. Union Alethean 4-H The Union Aletjifean 4-H club held its regular meeting at the home of Judy and Sharon Willrett Mar, 9., Madonna"- -Erpeldirig gave two 1 reports, 'The LuVerne Live Wire, gir,ls 'invited'the club tb a skating party v at the Algbria Roller Rink Friday, Mar. 13. ' A "demonstration was given by Je'an Bjustrom and Trudy Alt. Sharon Willrett and Linda Dodds gave, talks. - • '• • ' Council, stated. Police Team 2rd In Pistol Shoot the Notthwest Genital IqWj Officer's Assofcifttibfl held at_ Port Bod. Thursday Al ._.„_Jiai had this malt^, consideration itt recent tttinttat, towft officials .Said, bUt Monday's adtioli Was triggered When; & grotifc 6f users appeared at;th4,plant's TJyUsifiess office Moft* day morning and demanded a<it», loit 6n the'elimination of the 10%,' emergency, increase which has (U-in IA.' aTM^iiii 1->... ^ •_'„_- «ftJH t. iilght, Mar. 12, T?ofle4 -ewtt Boekelm top ,, score score; here since 1047. Monday's aciion of ths. eoiitttil lha Bancroft elec- < trie ral6& revcorl back io the ?aies charged for electricity in 193d, when ihe plant first , opened , for operaiion. • -There >have' never been any. fehattges, -in- the electrical rat^s since the plant opened for operations. However, in 1947 an emergency ihcrease-of 15% was adopted by th& -toWn council. This fk- tirewfis- later reduced to a 10% emergency increase and has remained .'fit this point since that time, The elimination of the 10% em : ergency increase is made possible at this time through the hookup with the Corn Belt Power , Co son, 345. McBride and Hutchison are policerrteri attd f ellier" i§ county cortservatidti ftffleeif. First place in the team event 'was won by the area, highway patrol teaft* which ? Wai afifiwed to choose its t<5p four- s^dores xronV seven ehtries ft the .38 event. - < • ' * ' it Sectfon f tf 0fdifi» certain *tree»j« hisrtli new Sectloft ftnce Nfit, hs Thttjuijh ]Str*6?» be and it t* h nweftdStf 6y tdOMt tffttfb ft Sect ton (B), t<* read tui fslfew, (fl) That portion 1 of call street between the west llttfe of Phillip* Street nnd the enit line »f HnJl,, Street of Ihe city ot At(wn». Iow«. Settlor. 9. Thftt Section 3 of Ordinance No. 800, which jVei^ntl? r*nd»: "S*c, a. Thnt all vehicle* entering upon guch Boulevards or Through St«*t» fram uny and All cross or intersecting; rtreett or alley* ahftTI ft* brought to fl full stop immediately before entering upon said Boulevard* or Through Streets, except thflt vehicles mov- iftR In an easterly direction toward the Interaction ef State Street nnd Phillips Street ahull not be required to come to a full «top before entering MpolN «ttd ffrtefseatfow. 1 ' ts hereby rearranged and nmfenaed to read *rs fallow*: < . ; „ On Legislative Tour / ^.. 'i " The KossutH County Bureau.-- Legislative • Committee was in;, Des Molnes March: 12 visiting the Legislature,'^MalthiM the two day trip were Sill. PhelpsJ ch airmail, Mrs Bandall Clark,, Sexton 1 ; Mrs Charles' "Nygaar'd, Wesley: Glenft Gabrielson, Sexton; Alvin . Hanselriiah, -West- Bend> Steve Tjaden,-Lako|a'; Forrest Fett, LuVerne; 'David Sei-, ler, Algona; Hugh' Black, Algona; Harry Naffziger,' LuVc^n'f; and Vernon Brpwer, Algona* ' < • . . ,- TULIPS ".; Grace Salisbury, of Emmets-' burg-, has, a 1 row of tulips two inches "above, ground on the sunny side of he'r.home. This is the can-remember the tfch 16 at 'Bancroft to Mr r and ^Wallace' Johnson. -Mr and 2|Wm-Brocks and-Myron John- earliest, 1 she tulips showing. ,'are. the grandparents^ NEW TYPE UTILITIES PROCEEDINGS A-meet ing of the Board of Trustees of ,the,Algona Municipal utilities wns held in-the City Hall, City of Algona, Iowa, Mar. 2, 195&, at 7:30 o'clock p.m. Present were! Allen Buchanan, C. R. McQuiston, O, B. Harmes, T. James* Palmer, Supt. and Ira Kohl, Sec. Th,e minutes of the meeting of Feb., 2," 1959, were read and approved. • Motion by. McQuiston, seconded by Harmes, that the vouchers payable be approved nnd authorized paid as audited. Motion carried. All voting "Aye", .LIGHT FUND t\ Pay Roll, pay roll -__• $2,067.90 Milton Bllyeu, labor 198.43 B. I. FY Ind. .Inc., supp. ™_— 763.00 A. Y. McDonald Mfg. « Co., "suppj,. ___ . ____ ,_ ------- w— .378.40 Iowa yalve Co., supp, ----- •.'.- 80.02 Neptune Meter Co,, , "' meters & supp, :.- ________ ._. k . '443.39 . _ Algona Welding Works, service Algona Machine Shop, service It. J. Funk, supp. ------------ Thermogas Co., gns ____ , -------George's Body Shop, 'service — Westem Buyers; supp. __ „ __ -., Cullen Hardware, supp. , ------ Strueckers Conoco Serv., gas Algona Implement Co., repairs Buell & Winter, ' 1.00 3.50 1.83 4.00 83.00 4.50 3.8; 19.58 5.25 Mervin Hentges, labor 144.25 Wilbur E. -Bruner, labor 112.48 Harvey "Peglow, labor 90.16 James Drone, labor 112.41. Iowa State Bank, withholding tax 314.10 Soc. Sec. Fund, soc. sec. tax —, ^_- 199.98 North Central Public Ser., gas , L._ 3,795.31 Socony Mobil Oil Co.. oil 768.27 Fulton Iron Works, repairs 157.00 Ind. Towel & Uniform, ser. — 8.35 "Washington Iron Works, repairs 9,830.11 Algona Machine Shop, repairs 20,75 Northland Elec. Supp., siipp. — . 502.74 Terry-Durin- Co., 5supp»»t,—X"-- ^-70.89 R. E. Burneister Elec. Co., meters 212.98 Iowa Elee. Supply Co., supp. 322.84 A. Y. McDonald Mfg. Co., supp 4.11 Powerllne Support Co., supp. _. 31.85 Marsh Instrument Co., supp. 55.77 Greenberg Auto Supply, 'supp. 1.84 Pratt Electric, supp 6.33 R.- J,, Funk, supp, 1.25 Algona Implement Co,, repairs 31.68 Strueckers Conoco Service, gas , , 99.41 Kent Motor Co., repairs 30.82 Don Boeken Supply, supp _.. 20.83 Javis Paint Store, supp. 3.12 West Disinfecting Co., supp. .. 44.00 Blossom Ins. Agency, ins. prem. 408.45 Jpper Des Moines Pub. Co., pub. 8.96 Adance Pub. Co., pub. 325.57 Tracy Office Eqpt., contract & supp. • , 142.50 N. W. Bell Tel. Co., ser. . 62.93 "a. Electric Lgt. & Pwr., power , 8,010.00 Petty Cash, misc. '_ 31.42 ' WATER FUND f ay Roll, r pay roll 365.80 iValter ,Peterson, labor / 158.12 Iowa State Bank, * withholding tax l.j 24.2" Soc. Sec. Fund, soc. sec. tax 24.23 Sec, 8, That nil ^filete* .. ins upon such Boulevard* or through Streets ftem all cross ot intersecting streets « alleys shall be brought fb a fan stop immediately before entering upon imld ttoulevards of Through Streets except! (1) Traffic on McGregor Street Bhall stop when entering the Intor- •••'Minv) «f McGregor Street nnd Phillips Street. (it) xrnrtic on Call Street Bhall slop when entering the intersection of Jones Street and Call Street. (3) Traffic on Call Street ehnll stop when entering upon the intersection of Call Street and Dodge Street. (4) All Through SWeets shall bo subject to the control of school stop signs, as otherwise provided in tho Ordinances of the City of Algona, Iowa, • Section 4. That this Ordinance, being deemed oc immediate importance, shall bo in full .force and effect from and ntlorilts passage and approval and publication as provided by law. PASSED, ADOPTED nnd APPHOVED this 11 day of March, 1050. /S/. Dr. Cameron C. Shicrk Mayor \ttcst: David A. Smith i City ; Clerk AUTHENTICATION The-foregoing Ordinance No. 463, ot Ihe Ordinances of the City of Algona, town, is hereby duly authenticated this U day of March, 1050. ' /S/ Dr. Cameron C. Shlerk Mayor David A, Smith • SEAU trfet of* Ukotrt, I* 1»* ftjp —„ , upon, the followina propoiltfeh, t*- wit, "Shall the Bonrd 0* filreetom o< > the Con*oHd«td L, tndep«ide«t School District Of talwrta, Itt th* County of Koftjwlh, State of tow*. Isstip bonds Tn the Awsurtl af iBO.onfl (in addition to the bonds in the nmoxtnt of $230,000 heretofore approved by the -voter* W sa|a SenoM District tor * ttrtiitnC Wir- pose at the stieetftl school election held in said Schftol District -on September 8, 1958) for the purpose of constructing and equipping A new high school bnlmlng and pro* (-wring n site th*refof in and for said School District?" the polls for said election will be open from twelve o'clock noon until seven o'clock P.M. 6f said day and for laid election thfe whole of said Consolidated Independent School District of LaHota has boon consolidated Into and will constitute one voting pnt- clrtet and tho polling place therefor will be nt the LAkota City Hall located In the Town of takotn, Lodyard Township, Kossuth County, Iowa, at which time and place all of the qualified voter* of said School District are hereby notified to appear. This notice Is given by order of the Board of Directors of the Consolidated Independent School District of Imkota pursuant to the provisions of Chapter son. Code of Iowa, 1088. and to a sufficient petition with the requisite signatures in accordance therewith and its ordeicd by a resolution adopted by the Board of Directors on the 2nd day of March, 1080, • , Datqd at Lnkotn, Iowa, this 2nd sluy of March, IORO. /S/ Margie Hlehnrdson Secrolary, Bonrd of Directors 0-10-11-12 , March t$/|9l* ffj: t " <y i* N EW ^•feKAfiS ll^B^ ^^B •mi W'Wi t HAVE MOVED INTO MY NEW OFFICE LOCATED AT 622 EAST STATE ST. ALGONA. FOR APPOINTMENTS, - CALL CY 4-2334, DR. J.B. HARRIS, JR DENTAL SURGEON 622 E. State y/WMrs/s///s/W'////w>&&/&^^ Algeria, lowd 10-il eng. scrvlcfts ^..l»'_».d.»" 377.12 Address-Multlgraph Corp., serv. & supp. r ._ 25,09 Petty Cash, misc. „„•.* -~ • 1.24 DEPOSIT FUND Leslie Ross et al, refund 25.00 L. S. Bohannon and Joe Mingus appeared before the Board to discuss breakdown insurance at, thei Power* Plant. A clothing purchase agreement £0r the employees of the Algona Municipal Utilities, was presented and approved.' .Next meeting date was set for Mar, 16, 1050, at 7:30 o'clock p.m. Meeting, adjourned. • »•, '' ;' ; •• , '/SAIra KohV Secretary NOTICE OF INCORPORATION Notice is hereby given that there hns been incorporated under the laws of Town a corporation Under the name of WESTBUN LIVESTOCK EXPRESS, and Its principal place of business is in Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa. The general nature of the business td'bc transacted by this corporation .shall be to engage in the trucking and transportation business, and in connection therewith, but without limiting the generality thereof: To engage In the transportation of livestock nnd other commodities, and to purchase, owni lease, deal , in nnd dispose of trucks and motor transports nnd other vehicles and equipment,'and do every act or thing incidental to or growing . out of said business, To engage in the buying, selling, leasing nnd marketing of nnd deal in other merchandise nnd other property of every nature arid description, To ncqulre, own, use, convey arid otherwise dispose of and -deal in ' real prpperty or any interest therein, and to erect, own, operate; 1 mnnnge, use or lease any building- or other structure located on rcnl } property owned or leased by.the corporation, To issue or exchange stocks, . bonds and other obligations in pay>i ment for property purchased or .. /S/ Allen K, Buchanan President of the Board iAVAB/1/rYr H/Gl £GG QUALITY LOW FEED COST These profit-boosting factors dan be yours. When yoii or? der your next batch of baby chix, make SURE they're DeKalbChuc. EUGENfc HOOD, Algona,' Iowa FRANK DROE5SLER, Bancroft, Iowa A1PHONS BERT|/ Boile, Iowa EARL ELBEJtt, Whittemore, Iowa' HOMER MATTHIESEN, Fenfon, Iowa CHIX ORDINANCE NO. 403 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 299 DESIGNATING- CERTAIN STREETS AS "BOULEVARDS" OR "THROUGH STREETS:' TO PROVIDE FOR THE .DESIGNATION OF MCGREGOR STREET, AND A PART OF CALL STREET/AS "BOULEVARDS" OR "THROUGH STREETS"; PROVIDING THAT VEHICLES ENTERING UPON SUCH DESIGNATED BOULEVARDS FROM INTERSECTING STREETS SHALL COME TO A FULL STOP IMMEDIATELY, BEFORE SUCH ENTRANCE; AND, PRESCRIBING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA AS FOLLOWS: Section 1, That Section 1 ot Ordinance No, 299, which, Ordinance designates certain streets as Through Streets, be and it is hereby amended by adding thereto a. new Section (8), to read as follows: (8) That portion of McGregor Street-lying between the east City Limits of the City of Algona and the west City Limits of the City of Algona, Iowa. ROTO-ROOTER Razor-Kleens without replacement Clogged Up Drains in Kitchen, Bath, or Basement. STO- COWAN'S ROTO ROOTER ':, , SERVING KOSSUTH COUNTY PHONE CY 4-3523 ALGONA The Only National Sewer Service Available Locally I Just Heard About The Big Dis-. count We Can Get On A New Freezer \ This Week! And We Can Get A Trem- endous Trade-In On Our Old Refriger- ator! What Time Do You Want To Go? It, or for- 1 any > object in or about Its business, - to borrow money without limit, to < mortgage or pledge its franchises, " real or personal property, Income and .profits accruing to .it, .any stocks, bonds, or other obligations, or any property which may be acquired by it, to execute, accept, endorse and deliver, as evidence of such borrowing, all kinds of securities, nnd To engage in the foregoing business in-Iowa, or any other State or territory in the same manner to the extent nol.lorbiddeii by law, and have all of: the 'powers of n corporation as now or hereafter provided 'by the laws of the State of Iowa, The authorized capital > slook is One Thousand Five Hundred (1,600) shares of common stock with a par value of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per share. The Board of Directors shall determine the time nnd conditions of the Issuance of the capital stock, nnd each share of stodk shall be subject to,all the terms nnd restrictions of an agreement made by and among the incorporators and Western Livestock Express. None of said capital stock shall be issued until the same is cither paid for in cash at not less than the par value or in property as provided by law. •The time of commencement of the corporation shall be March 2, 1950, and its existence shall be perpetually, unless sooner terminated or dissolved by 3/3'vote of the capital stock outstanding, at any annual meeting or special meeting called for that purpose, *"The officers shall be L. W. Smith. President; N, S, Bangs, Jr. and Frank Knutzen, Vice Presidents; Paul C. Dweris, Secretary, and R. T. McAlpine, Treasurer. The directors shall be V. C. Smith, Frank E. Knutzen, Sr., N. S, Bangs, Jr., R. T. McAlpine and L. W, Smith, !t.These, officers and directors shall tjpld office until the next annual meeting which shall be held" on the first Monday in June, 1959, '.The directors shall be elected at the annual meeting. i The officers shall be elected at the directors' meeting on the same date. - The private property of the stockholders; shall be forever exempt from the corporate debts and liabilities. L. W. Smith WESTERN LIVESTOCK EXPRESS . By: L. W. Smith, President (10-11-12-13) Tour telephone company-^ service above and beyiw ' ~ * '" ofdyty* And at a cost to what you might expect* .NOTICE OF SALE OF SCHOOL BUILDINGS The Board of Directors of Sentral Community School District will sell for cash in the gymnasium of the high school building located between Feriton and Lone Hock, Iowa,, at 8:00 o'clock P.M., April 6, 1959, two frame school buildings with dimensions of 2fl' by 30', located respectively on the school premises at 'Seneca and Fenton, Kossuth County, Iowa. Sealed bids accompanied by a check payable to Sentral Community School District in the amount of 25% of said bid will be accepted until 8:00 o'clock P.M., on April 6. 1950, at the office of the secretory of the aforesaid school district, located in the high school building, with bid blanks now available at the office of said secretary. At 8:00 o'clock P.M.. on April 6, 1950. in the gymnasium of the high school building, the two frame school houses will be offered separately on open and after , the completion of AND MACHINERY AUCTION As I am goin glo discontinue dairying and reduce my farming operations, I will sell the following described personal properly io the highest bidder on the farm located 2 miles west of Britt on Hiway 18, then 1 mile south and ¥2 mile west; or 1 mile south and 1 mile'east of Hutchins. Sale To Start "At 12:00 Noon Sharp. There are no "small items to be sold. Lunch On Grounds. 107 Head Of Cattle 107 All cattle TB and Bang's tested. All 1st and 2nd calf heifers, long yearling heifers and 8-10 months old heifers are calfhood Bangs vaccinated. Individual health sheets furnished day of,sale. Auctioneer's Nole; This is undoubtedly one of the best dairy dispersals io be held in this area fo* some time. Cows are big and fancy uddeied. , • -^ . ^ HOLSTEINS — 3 — 1st Calf Heifers, fresh by day of sale. 7 — 1st Calf Heifers, heavy springers, 1 — 1st Calf Heifer, to calf in spring. 2 — 2nd Calf H eifers, just fresh. 5 — 2nd Calf Heifers, to freshen; " ' , by sale date, 8 — 2nd Calf Heifers, heavy springer s. 5 — 2nd Calf Heifers, fresh in Oct.. Nov.. Dec. • t >: 6 r— 3rd Calf Cows, just fresh. 2 — 3rd Calf Cows, t resh by sale date. 2 — 3rd Calf Cows; fresh last fall, ', '1 — 4ih Calf Cow, heavy springer. 1 -~ 4ih Calf Cow, fresh in Oct. 4 — 4th Calf Cows, fresh in Jan, ;> L and Feb. 2 — 4th Calf Cows, fresh in Oct. 2 —• 5th C alf Cows, just fresh. 1 — Brown-Swiss, ; fresh Feb, , -, ' 20, 3rd calf. 1 — Brown Swiss, heavy springer, 3rd calf. 1 — Brown Swiss, heavy springer, 2nd,calf. , "/ 1 — Black Cow, hvy. spring, coming 2nd calf. 1 —• B lack Cow, to calf in spring, 2nd calf. 1 ~ 2-Yeaf ^ .,,; '',\ Old Whiteface Bull. 1 •— Black Angus bull calf close io service. 14 — Long Yearling Open Holstein \,i}& Heifers. 1 —• Shorthorn Yearling Open Heifer. 10 — Holstein Heifers, 9 to 10 mos. old. S — WhUeface;. , , ^ Calves, bulls, heifers, 400 Ibs. 7 — Holstein Bull Cal ves about 400 Ibs. 2 —• Whiteface Bull Calves about ^ ,'„, ^; 550 Ibs. 2 — Black Whiteface Heifer Calves. 6 — Small Holstein Bull Calves. 3 — Small, Holstein,-/v^fe Heifer Calves. , ... _ : t ..i_.^ ^ V X^'','. : ' '>';','"' DAIRY EQUIPMENT — 4-Unit Surge Milker, one year old,,,pipeline for 14 cows, 4 neyr seamless",*' 1 ),-l^'t buckets with lock-on pulsaior. This unit will be offered separately, Masterbit Milk t CoQler^ IZ^Qani-? -, ";.* ^ New in June, 1958. Thirty 10-gal. Milk Cans, Perfect Condition^ Tw,o S-gal, Cream Cans,, TWO Milk!.''',^ Strainers, Large New Type. Double Tub Wash Tank. Hoffman Water Heater, 2Q-gallbn — Gas.* C^y HOG FEEDERS — 150 Bushel Walk-in Feeder. Tw o Galvanized 75-Bu., Z Corrip. Feeders., V s ' " '•*• * * sueh open bidding, the sealed bids on file WMl be opened and each of the two properties sold to the highest bidders for cash. Settlement to be made on acceptance of bid,, with the proviso that each of , the tvyo school houses be removed from ihe respective premises on or before August I, 4959. The right is reserved ip reject any and a}l bids. Fub,li8he4 toy Order of the Board of arid dated the 9th day of /$/ |*farjorle Countryman \ Marjovls Countryman, Secretary /' UO-ll) that a §peci»l election has been arid ordered to be held in anc for s«i4 School District «n tbo 3rc day di APtiJ. im bts iubmftfpd to the voters of said bfhuol Dts. ,S-' MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT — 1956 Mtd. 4-row MM Corn Planter. Two 4-row U' Tractors. Minneapolis-Moline 4-row Rotary HOT, Ford 2-14" Mounted Plow. 6-Ft, £ord Disc. 7-ft. Ford Pwr. Mower. 3-pt. hitch. Grader Blade For Ford.-Scoop For Ford. IHC ~ good condition. Two M-M 10' Field Cultivators on r ubber, Minneapolis-Moline 8-ft w? ' 3-16 Raydex Plow on rubber. John Deer 6-row Be an Planter. New Idea Stalk C .. ,. IHC Rotary Stalk Cutter. 1952 Gohl Field Chopper, with Corn and,Hay Head. Two Racks, with 2-in Bottom, Good Shape. IHC 4-100 Spreader, PTO» Two IHC FarmTfai 1 ' 7;00 X 15, 6 and 8-ply tires with 6 X 12 boxes and hyd, hoists. J.D. 344 Hyd. Lilt Away Lays. IHC Blower, Enough Pipe for 50-ft. Sol o. Two 4-wheel Farm* Tracers, «n v ,._..,, 2 Bean or Beet Cultivators, 4 or 6 rows, fit John D eere Tractor. H-W HarnmerjrniH t V|jtl| |ar^ table, auger, PTO, Tractor Seeder, . =,«*''' '.'".'»*^ 5 TRACTORS — Two 1952 MM'U Tractors, Live power .„ ,. ,„.., .,.....,. t>oth. "H" Farmall. Starter, lights, wide front en 4. John P»«p/^'T|rM|ipy« Wilb li !*JL 9 Ji/5!^J^l glpr V 911 overh 5 uied **** winder, S hwmsr^|ran^n, 1955 FORD C600 COE TRUCK .* 2-lpn with combfnitio.n graift^ii^ Good 8:25, 9 ply Goodyear nylon Jires, ' t , v> , ' , ! *'» '''•'•' TERMS CASH — NQ Property TO Be HerooveiJ T U Seitted Any Occur! Auctioneers — Oumn, Bereft; H, H,

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