The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 19, 1959 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1959
Page 19
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a ittle shopping • hete and Storms follow aft odd pat- tetn, Mr and Mrs M.'C. Metcalf te m bkdbahs ju M«t» ft That* the big snow and expected to find their cottage butied in the white . banket picked up ihtt telephafle. His ehS oMhe feofivef* gahori Wew as follows: "tfo. NCX No. No. No, YES, NO,'No. pverh&ard him" and ' grtimbied, *'What d'va hiean btf saying yte to It th6 fellbw?'!,,/'! jiad ,te 4 * ek plained the other. "He asked toe if Lcouia he&r him." ' Viosi modern gas have glass wihdows In their doote W& been down oh -Kef kfiees waxiftg . , homemaker : a cleat ! look at what's baking without having .. to open the oven. Or Mrs •J- Housew.ife can •'noj^$Kav6ta - i ; window Sft the top 'of the oVefiv" if she chooses — thus elmiri- ating the need for: siboping ' down . to look through- the more conventional window- i in-lhe«oven-dbon ' . " - -- * " , ; . ,-K. •••*•' -k -.;^. . „ An elephant looked down at a movise and , exclaimed,' "Xou're about the puniest, most insignificant object I ever laid 'eyes on." "I'm not always this' little," the mouse Squeaked angjrily,- "I've been'sick." , ,, ,.;*,.-. -K ., -Kr •*'.>• X. A first-grader .drew a pic- i lure of a stagecoach; iwhich was well done except thai it ; lacked wheels. "Oh; it's-won' der^ul," said the. teacher.: . "Bui I/see no wheels. ;What ' Holds it up?" Replied 'the little Artist! "Bad men." , the .bafttfoom fleof/ "Which" added, "Is hfif d oh one when they have acquired some weight in recent years." ' Well, do as Jayrfe Mansfield: 'didi?,««oVer, th4 flodr with/pJnk ftitl^ Oh y^ there was a newspaper item and pieture of the cufvacedus Jayne ih^her ia» 'de-d& heart-shaped bath tub and the > article' werit oh to relate that pink fur .would be used for fbp covering, ' • , * ( * ,*,,,* March Id marki thd seventh ah riiyersaf y of , thei Jack Limbaughs moving -jto Algona. 'Prior to-, that they had beett it^ Storm Lake cpuple^pf-years. Jack is a graduate engineer of Iowa State, Col legs', aYid.' had fully expected to rtiake .that' his. career; • H^-> had been selected fdr a job.with.JMay- 3J.' ,,-'*• at hand,, , fcpSy filling 3s ands<ittlr* miseHevethesquirr&s ftiyny Walfiut njeats yet. , Alsfdnans will femembtf Edith Bind Maude Platt, popular jnSfing w&mett tjxHtg a number of y&tti ago. Maxlde Ch«rtey f aylot and they had a datifchte* Mildred, Edith married Hbwafd Dorothy, Both live in oht, Minn., and a" recent from their sister, ^Margaret,- (Mfs & A. Pannkuk) says neither is veiry well. . , <• •» » * « • . t almost forgot to mention that the Limbaughs come frdm Greenfield^and were neighbors of Joyce Rice, National baton twirller, * * * Seventy-two Farm Bureau 'women chartered two buses re* cently'aiid went to Des,Moines(| fo'r a day. From Algona were Mrs-It. G. Porter, Mrs Art rtrause and'Mrs 'Dick Meyer. 'The women Visited the capitol, the legislature' and Salisbury house, own- .ed some time during the early twenties by the Weeks family. The^Weeks fortune was made i«v cosmetics!, >'-• * • • • , < A young gentleman called on me Friday. He was accompanied by his mother, Mrs Bob Tolsdorf,' ahd 'grandmother, Mrs Ed Hagg. Mike,< is a "'Christmas gift, born fhli !i ih» month gists believe that no person should keep too much to himself. And so does the Internal Revenue Service." * * * When t called MM Arthur Glftser for news I said, "Probably all you hnvc on your mind Is "smofRnabovd" which was the truth. Over 1000 persona were served Sunday by the Cnlholio women nnd when orie thinks of the pounds and pounds of. food prepared and the dishes of "fond to be prepared and then washed, it staggers the Imagination. And such Variety, . Harold Smith loves to fish so when his wife told me he .had been given n pair of goldfish for his birthday, which was Sunday, I said, "Now he can go t« K." Goldfish make me nervous, Swimming 'round nnd 'round and Ihuriday, Marefe 19,1959 Algana (t*J Vpp*t never getting anywhete. u « * § , A card from rttf C6u«tn Lola Hcndcfson Swinney, Metitone, Calif., who is vacationing with her husband Chfluneey. came from Tempo, AH?,,, ami pictured iho town Scottsdale where they had stayed Mnr. 12. She says "weather is perfect nnd we're having A fine time. How would you like some of our California and Ariz., sunshine." Well, I would welcome a large dose of It, thank you, mm vices were held aft Mary'a Caihc-fic ffi strong with ftfo A^t Requiem High Maid and hcte ift St. Joseph'* William ttagima . by his wife, Mary/ A sort |amK 6d him m death- jfhey were formerly fretort thW comstuttft^i Mrs Haglind -was the fotthe^ Maty Zeller, slstef of John 2eflet, • vsi St. Joe Burial For Ex-Resident Sf. Joe — William Hnglind, 80, pnssccl awny at Esthorvillo on Richard Disney of Stuart Was killed recently while he was hauling wood on his farm. Mr Disney had unhooked the wagon load of wood from the tractor, apparently trying to ttirn the wagon tongue. In doing so, the load of wood toppled over on him. »*What'« the got that I haven't got . as much as?" twic* company tout was stricken^-Decembe^ 25, and is an adorable. iThe busy' executive, asked his / secretary where his pencil was., "It|s behind your ear?' she answer; "Come, come!'.' he snapped.' "I'm a busy 'man. Which ear?" ,;'','• X • . Modern gas range burners • are. non-clog: the ports (tiny holes' through which gas . flows), are, so arranged that ; they s cannoi become clogged i if food'spills or -boils -,'o^et." ,, , \ New ^completely: ••- automatic ignition which' dispenses with ,»< constantly, burning .pilots • •* means cooler 'kitchens;/and. qreatlfr'' operating ^ecoHomy4 , Also 5 J available l are- ^manyi g choices in>, lop burner" 4 ar- 1 ; rangemenls, some of which | 'provide clear workuig surface"s. , ' ' A manufacturer of electric light bulbs was talking to the owner of a theatei "I'd like to supply you with bulbs for your marquee," the manufacturer said, "and it'won't cost you a cent.' It will' enable me to realize a lifelong ambition." "If I accept the free bulbs," the 'curious theater man asked, "will youi tell me'about this ~ ambition of yours?" "Sure," the man said, "It's just that I've always dreamed of seeing -my. lighjts upMn !>»>',/ ' .. f with polio and was unable to accept ,the position. Mis attack came 'when tlie second child "was just two..dayjS old,, a poor "Way of celebrating the birth of a second daughter., Several weeks of lios- pitali2ation' f follow6d. ' Lam sure there'' were 'ho ill effects, from tlie attack "for Jack surely is an active, robust v specimen,; of manhood, now. The • Limbaughs 'pur-t chased the Dr. F. L.'Tribon honie some time ago and are.very happy that they, ohose'ito make Algona their 1 h6me: ; ;, To ,the kittle, girls m^ritioned^Jacqueline and Janjce, have." been? a4ded Jennifer, Jauri- itar Julie and .a f sbn, Jack Jr. , . * ». * , News from Good Samaritan — Joha-Prew Was .taken;, to the blond, -hair verging on red and big blue eyes. -I had another, young 'man visit Paul; Orton. He. awhile ago— * was ' born , versity t - hospital at Iowa City Wednesday. morning. ' Mrs Elizabeth' -Baas has been visiteb*. by Mr and,, Mrs, 'Ed Bruhn, Fen ton, and her grandsons Lindon, David and Dale W.egener, , Whittempre. Dale and David are twins. A group 'of , young , men who gave a -concert , at Trinity' 1 Lutheran church recently favored -us with a feW selections at .vesper^" time. Rev. Or.^'Gerike' 'gave v ; the devp- tionsHrvin^ Applegate-was visit ed , Saturday^; by hi's^son and daughter-jnftlaw.'Mr and, Mrs Vic- Hor Applegate," -' Ame's7i l : and v his ^iriaaaughterr'Mr's .'Darrell f iv^aWz, Waterloo/ I'New' residents at G. S. are Mrs Eunice Nelson, Wesley, Gottlieb Hanselman, Luerne and Ben Isebrand, Titonka. * * .. The football coach, .dejected because 'his team was losing. looked down his bench of substitutes •and^yeUedy-'All right, Jones Jiflo ,in there ?and get ferocious!'*! Clones jumped up with a start and 'cried, "Sure, coach. What's his.num- ' Over the years, broiler" burners have " improved tremendously, Modern automatic gas f range broiler burners- have either ceramic or nichrome wire (Constituents; The old problem 'of- smoke- from high-heat cooking has long been eliminated in modern ranges with the - incineration of food fumes right in the clean hot gas flame itself, > ' , said the teacher, "give me 'a .definition of space." Junior stood up, flust- ere'd and red. "Space," he began, "is where there is nothing. I can't explain it exactly. but I have it in my head all Marie Gryer, having read tem on robins and squirrels, se,nt ne a card' saying her sister, Mrs M.- Wallace has seen a robin rwice and just recently a whole flock of Cedar -Waxwings. Sure- . November atid is' quite a contrast as hXfha^ very dark -hair, and eyes.' I would like to introduce, them, to each other."-?. . , ' • ,' * t * _ . ^ J ) My first -Easier greeting comen from Mrs Emily Meyer, Titonka, who called on a, €ew of us ,the other day. She has been on' a writing "jag" , again, it seems,-"for she writes, "In JanUary I sent, out 197- letters including to Ecuador. Denmark and New Zealand; 'seven 3usiness letters, and 30 cards. In 1 February I sent out 180 including one to *New Zealand, nine business and 16 cards. "I'd Kate to 'pay ,her'_ £os*tage bills!" She, gets -back .almost as many as, she receives and I" suppose it is fun hearing .from so many persons. Well, I like to hear but I would- not be so fascinated writing — hence I'd' not be receiving.' She is' feeling the urge of spring for she mentions the vegetable and flower-gardens she plans. ' *' •* * Mr and Mrs Oliver Roupe here at G. .S. were visited' Saturday by their son-in-law and 'Daughter Mr and Mrs William Peterson, Mason City, and daughter, Mrs Esther Crook and son J^pkj-.Bfldf man. ^Irene Wortman- has resigned — effective quite soon and Gladys Reefer is replacing her. I will 1 announce Irene's plans later. , ' * * * Lizzie Post isn't sure whether she will have geranium-tomatoes or tomato-geraniums. Both are growing in one flower pot in her dining room bay window, LE(st fall when, she potted the geran- ium, two 'tomato seeds must have been lurking in the dirt; They; plucked up couragfe to show up. awhile ago and-jhaye how" reached' the' height o'f i slx ' and i four- fee^ respectively,, and believe 'it* or not, have blossoms. Now what will be the result — a posy or ,,a vegetable? Lizzie says the roof id threatened for"if the plants grow.' much • higher, d hole'will have to be cut to let the through, -Know- ing'Lizzie as* I do,'I can geg her planning-,on?;iriaking" catsup. -I asked her -how she kept the plants upright. .With curtain rods ahd extensions with which Dick helped, her* I • suggested^ tljfat she plant cantelope- seeds' fr&nl tho fruit we * got in Houston three years ago. She actually did grow 'at least a dpzpn of the melons Beecher Says See Us Now For fronh the original seeds. Delicious too. I shall miss sitting on my back porch, come < spring, and chatting with her as she works in her garden. ;; '. * -.' • *. •' .".* Remember when that building at Hobarton which :burned Saturday night was a night club? Frank Vera had an idea years ago and for a time it flourished well, I don't 'recall what happened. Guess Frank got tired of it. My father had a hay barn at Hobarton years' ago, near the tracks where baled hay could be loaded and', taken to Chicagp to feed the big draft, horses. I wonder if a horse, could be found In tho city, except the fancy riding horses of course. . ROARING BIG MARCH TRADE-INS! NEVER AGAIN A RUINED ROAST! ® /Husbnndlato? /Don't worry 'about (hat roust In the oven. You eon servo It hours later, still hut, ram, juicy! { HOME MODERNIZATION ATtlC TO BASEMENT INSIDE AND OUT MODERN EFFICIENT KITCHENS ADDITIONS © GARAGES PORCHES ® REC RQOMS ROOFING ©SIDING Paul 1. Osfwisikie - Builder Phone CY 4-2200 Algona <!•' EOW NEW WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC RANGE KEEPS • MEAT HOT, JUICY, DONE TO YOUR TASTE! even if dinner's delayed for hours 1 Qmjwryou and .you'll want it for all its worth li; > '*. The plain fact is Chevrolet builds BO many different kinds of pars there's one to please just about i , everyone. , t , •• •, ' *. • Say you want a stylish, spacious \ ear that combines low initial cost with rock-bottom operating expense. You'll find what you want in the' Biscayne 2-D ( oor Sedan- one of the lowest priced of "all Chevy models. And you can have Chevrolet's new Hi-Thrift 6 under the hood to stretch ,and stretch the distance between gas stops. If, on the other hand, you're looking for a par of utmost elegance, you r could hardly make a happier choice-than the Chevrolet Impala 4-Door Sport Sedan. And, to go with it, Chevy's velvety V8 power teamed with triple-turbine Turbo- glide*—one of the finest, smoothest automatic drives pffered on any car. These are just two examples of the dozens of different kinds of Ghevrolets you can choose from 1 . It's almost certain—with models ' ranging from five beautiful, dutiful station wagons to the unique Corvette—that Chevrolet builds your kind of car. Your dealer's waiting to help you pick it out. •Optional at extra OM( Tlie smart switch is to the '59 Chevyl A fellow we know, employed by a top (TV executive, reveals the absolute fairness of his boss. At a meeting the other day, the boss put 'several ideas before his ststft "sAny *rf you who find yourselves in disagreement with the suggestions I have made," he MOwSj !* «¥ please signify by resigni> *" * * * ' Enamel, while known to the 'ancient Egyptians was , not used on appUance» uwttl 30 or so years ago, QyialnaHy only oven door panefc and small surtecw were en- ed, But about JM8 the aJl-wMI*. enamel fM ranges appeared on the mar* 9 - The *o J es and special with NEW COOKING MIRACLE! EXCLUSIVE SERV-TEMP ROAST QUARt),, Never again n ruined roast because dinner was delayed. Amazing Serv-Temp Roast Guard cooks meat exactly as you want it, then keeps it that way-until you're ready to serve it. EASIEST CLEANING EVER! All surface units and oven heaters are exclusive Westinghouse Plug-Out design ... can be completely removed For easiest, fastest cleaning ever. No range is modern without Plug-Out Units. , . and only Westmghouse. has them. -.'.• ' WESTINGHOUSE GIVES YOU EVEN MOKE: ' * BUilt-in Rotisserie •jfc Two Miracle Sealed Ovena i»r Automatic Grill •A- 1001 Surface Heats it Automatic Timer •jlr Super Corox Unit . if Automatic Surface Unit •jlr Full-width Storage Drawer f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 i 1 1 i i I i I i i I i I i ^m^mmf^^^^^«m!^^XXm^ , i Did You Know . . . ' .. . „ that even hamburger 1 slays store-fresh 7 days in the special Meat Keeper of a new Westinghouae refrigerator with exclusive Cold Injector System? Your new Westinghouse keeps all foods fresh longer, gives you low temperatures all over . . . you can even store milk in the door shelves. In addition to these wonderful new functional features you get Shape of Tomorrow styling, with choose- N-change color panels and a flush back (no coils) which has no extra space to collect dust. Come in and seje this amazing new refrigerator soon. There's a size and price to fit every budget. Big trade-in allowance on your old refrigerator and ea&y monthly terms. i 1 1 i i i i 1 1 i 1 i i i 1 I i 1 1 i i i 1 i i i i l NeWTHINKINO I 2-CYCLE LAUNDROMAT , the fmpala Sport Qoupe, (he tymad Station tte Impala Convertible-all shown fhe wider selection of models at your local authorized Chevrolet dealer's! KK3SSUTH MOTOR CO, IMS. Hail 4*3554 • Pre-aet automatic program for wash 'n wear, silks and other fine fabrics. • Separate pre-aei proprom[for.regulary and heavily soiled.fabrica,, PLUS • Suda 'N Water Saver, ' • Three wash tcmperaiurea, • Automatic Lint Ejector, • Weigh-to-Save Door, • Choose-N'Chanae flolor Door Panels. BIG MARCH TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES! Matching flectrlo Dryer Only • F our Drying Temperatures t Installs anywhere III I » Direct air flow— 20% faster, 20% cooler LAUNDflV Utindiomit li I WtiliwhWM Kjntirta VMtmstK. !WCAHflSjUfiE,,.lpl WATCH )'W£STtNQHOU$E LUCILLE BALL-DESI ARNAf SHOWS" i W*8HINO ACTION Ing Agitotvr cliang«3 ' ?onst«ntly t« UNT »*eips ISt? "The yvilditt

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