The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 19, 1959 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1959
Page 18
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UNItiDFUNDf>RQJiCT SfDfPED SHIRTS OFF * The dedilort f solicitation locatly for a United Fund frotft Indtvfdoal STganiiatloM requiring cfiS iwfcyld receive their allotted funds fotttt . tinder the MM of Community Cfaf MM* years bade, thb same idea was prepdsad, <Mf. opted, developed, put into practice, eiftd «v*ft. i- ' The chief obstacles encountered by th* Community Chest were (1) the average cofifrl* outer tended to give less them he Would if he Mere approached By eicjht of ten ,tffteftft{f JHr» ganizatiohs, and (4) the various 6rgartiZdfiOri4 -lied in with-the combined fund uiudlly did not %et ds much money 'as they obtdtned thrdCfgh litiefr own Individual drives. cannot be' achieved and made successful. It does indicate, however, that there are certain problems »6 be overcome if it is to succeed. ;> ; Jealousy, believe it or not, between the Various soliciting groups, is no small problem.' ' ** * ' * * WILL KHRUSCHEV FIGHT? '] Another critical moment in world peace is approaching.- ' \ :, Russia's Khruschev has gone out on a limb in his demand that western troops be withdrawn ffom Berlin '•-• br 'else. ,He ha* gone so far that Unless sdmemedhB ean be found to save his fqce/ arid'give, him fhe semblance of success in the eyes of the folks at home in Russia, he has 'c*r1ly one',alternative' and- that is to endeavor Jc^carry out his threat. '"""' l) her d&es.;dtfernpt to do so, it probably fominent ,„,__, r . r — fn Iowa have stood up ancf ate willing to be edtwMtiff they have honettly expressed their views Or* ffteir own party and some of its elected bf?i*te& m a result w* wlih ta i«5ry that w* thirtieths $SP as a fbrt§ Way f «ffi cfefid* Wheft a* prottiinent rftfcn In the paffy ai the" state chairman and the former 6th diitrtct chaiffriefl/Will publicly speak out and demand improvements from within/ they are doing their party (and the general public) a real service. W6 get pretty 'tired of hearing the oat/a! mealy-mouthed utterances from both sides, What Jufgemdyer and Piersdn have had to lay Is a "briatri of fresh air on the political scene; , ','* v. Den Plfcfsort minced no words with United States Senator torn Martin, and tbok rio guff frOrn fhe senator, either. Martin, jt so happen^, is the next Iowa senator 1 'op for reelection or made It very, clear to Mdr Marffn who hove been helping to loWer the prestige and standing of his party in the public eye. - ^ • , ! */'*'' Wheh party leaders will speak,out like that tb ci; fop elective member of the same party, It may ..upset things for a time but we'll wager it will clear the 6ir within the party and bring- about a sounder and better party in the lohg pull. " \ ' - : ; We congratuldte DOrS P!e>sorr, with whcfm we have often disagreed, for speaking his mind honestly and forcefully.' He'Is doing his party a , real service. ' • i , „ < i' *' *,,.,'* NONE OF PUBLIC'S,BUSINESS?., ,. ,, Gtuhdy Register — 'Since;,.Congressman; Steve' vindicated'ffieyjare not-going .to withdraw ' Jtroops from. West Berlin. ,, «• -, t t.ff >'. Khruschev "is crpsychological case. He" must 4 ,; ' 'fee^ relatively',insecure In' his.position in Russia. ^ ;^henVd^man 'ruling by fo?ce feels insecure his * frtatyral'instinct is to .create what seems "to be *, 'fwjll\ unite. This fn'turn unites the people more ' , ^hjnd ah otherwise inse'ci/re leader. • . 0 ^,*^With x today's ^p'oWerful and devastating • ^eapons;; one small .mistake by either side can ' *fl*ec!pitatev the -world»Jnto the, t im|>st horrible Carter, from Ledn| lowat'.flo^vea 1 wldf publicity* for employing h'is'json as'<§ss1ltaAt,in 1 ' 1 his'office at Washington aTa salary of $11,600'a year, further at a hYgh "salary -' asily/ make, that 'eas has ;6tbe>s-lholding public dffM hlv'e'i&lMnWrsb! Vthelf, f qmily -on \thlir "is paid by'the taxpayers. ,,, , Congressrrian Garter had aclchbwle l d^ed that he' -.made-a 1 'misfake ill paying*fi&'.'son s s"iicli a higH i wage and he .has ffeduced 1 that salai?y ? by one-half j which is still enough;. > A >check-up ol,our < discovered that o|r U.'^, r •has had, his s6n'oi| the,,gove'rnmen't p'a'yrpll in his office St"WasHirigtOri'' i thi l .pa^;'Cnrel',years during Which time the sbn attended iaw*,,schqpl officials has Iflartin he seems to ; tionaL mttfe>,m 'done by*adding. Sentor Hickeniooper Criticized By UDM Reader 1 , J • ,-.,!* ' . * . , , . ' looper Ipoke in Des ^Moinefjon f armers^igu^ed a <»rn crop wouM „ "TheTlole of Governftient Iftf-Ag- be , -Worth ^ more 1 than ,any"othet icultur-ft 1 ." It IS the purpo'^o| t'ropf, Milce tHe^' tiig 'acre^ge'ltl his letter to comment on two 1932. Joints he raisld. First.- He.iigejd . There;-may b v e those wjio think he woffls . "economic nonsense!', , that if all cornhdoditiei we g'i;6wifi ! 6 describe 'the contehMon-thai ih -tfiis^ region' W6 Ifaw priced 5 the- When ttv&.pfjces.of farm commd* farmer could gro^tea^ oi-'tfoffeej: dlties gd,downV, farmers will^m or banarfas, or oysters. ..It 'is the order to maiht'airt''a nefededyiiif 'Senatori who is talki come, try.-tb make \ii$ in'V"6luinte l sensfe." f .His adversaries Behind ,tea*m a'nhexed -the title 1 at Barry's .with a sefl'sd'hi'teiefd- ti£- 57'Wms and, only ^18' 1v eight'. gam'es 6ffnihe pae '49-,26 ^ark fortffie' .year. I'he, Courthouse -R * • 'the '-y^arlbe'fbre; ifi What they lose* in price's^ ^ -'- L ' 1 -' i the last half 1956, and said ed< the-? production in. succeeding creased costs rather than low P? 6 ?.™*^ months — Mich,- was true -s-|Mt. prices." \ THere is 1 , considerable' >™ ot A^JI Mickerjloooer, wfiS'-tnen^ talking truth in that 'statement,, but Tib" tPJL^IS,* Hiekeruppper i- The v 'that hoi . iThere -wefe' ttlCKeruooper was-uien^ lauung iruun m wiai ^swuemeui,, uui uu- ^..-A^-JJI « n &.^% t> .>.«,,- rftfrpfcrl about afferent situation.entire- bddy has offered any method *%^ tnn ^ t ^££*^ announces Chart- Th^Sehatdr suggests that; wto^^^T'"™" ^^ as ah* escape'., cbsts 5 should finqvef^sdownward, total tb* well bV , ..... J6n ^ef-rriWis*% "Hdw^ould ttiey?', freight - ratef Jgfc ™ W6U ° V 'keep lip income, ;such as" sfcalin|. ,go. 'Up, at .regular intervals, and . . , , • f ^. 'iis.J-WAr'y corn at a',reasonably '^atisfa'ctorl a 'division of igovernment author- ^/w? 1 ^ &*<?• " 1S sta « "» .Weaving./ __ Picture,,Arts;andiSciertces',idenl,, James (jeelanf.Whitteniole, D?il'6th, intbre'jthari." "'- - —-^- -=- ,.*^^.^ «.. U/t "v,Aw,'A,-» 'V.Mra M ThVj^arch^ .term-^'Cff"^olstrlct /f .. OVER •• !^ l\' Is Ft . *& ... „ _._..,_.., Stalin on, -were 'all sword bttleifs, ;,they still had some 'aspects of common '^sense' about.them.We cannot.say the same thing • ifor'^KhfUschev.-,,''.' > i'^ - For, the United States and all other western "powers, this is" indeed a time When strong, wise ->|ic((td',<yet'?res'frained leadership is something we '.ail ;hope,we Will, have. - * ' , ,;^v-," -- .,-•*' <- * '- * V ^TKE BARE V FACTS . > - '•WJ J T w ^,J t *L ' ' "\,'|'. ( DaUon "(Ga.) News — Here's probably the •tJqlce 'bf *the year" which has made-the banquet ^'^ounds:'^' ^ 4 ', v ,\,- '] 11V f&, hillbilly'e'dged up to the ticket window of »;^a/ jerk-water railroad station. " ' •;%- f^Mistef,". he said, "I am to go to. New York •- -to fiddle with.a hillbilly band. Can yola fix me up > "'$jStt~-tHerer'V ' ;' ' '',"'. ,,% ^"Certainly," replied the agent. "Tte special ~ goes through, here in about fifteen minuses and-I^can' flag?her for(ybu ~ but wherels your trunk?" ", ^ * "T^runk.?-- . said* the' puzzled mountaineer. [ /'^ThaWa trunk for?" . -, ', ^ "Tpjp^t your clothes' in," explained the agent. > '' , ^ "W^at?V ^exclaimed the, spandalized hillbilly. , "?An'me go nekkid?" \li'f*» , -r^"--; ' «' , * , *' • . *' './^ No man is coinpleiely .worthless; he can al- ;tve ;< as'*a bad example: i^ •'.* •„' > ," CS mucs ' r \f . 4-3535^-Algona, Iowa _ _ ». 1 C°K,;i v f TEnt6i ; ea;4a;»ecowl class .matter at the postoffice " , AJgona/ ,Iowa, under Act of Congress of . ' Thursday *m*1959 By DBS KOINES PUBLISHING CO. '•-' ; Vf?i'' • 4if''- '*<- -ifcsued 1 > ^ ' ^l 1 ',;'' ^^M^Jp jJM^P£»fl D*M9 I \*,> • :,fi .^VWO. - 'V:i fc ^.TKPW WALLER, .Editor i 11,' , i t * ~£ ,- j •v-rxTfw ^~wirir~**tw~* *~'El£\t ^*tt V S*+tlpiiJB *—•«» v*>f tw»' -• '1? ,>^/^EHBY,METqALF, Advertising Manager , .'< &,'$&•> ;*\> RON SMITH, News,-Editor f .<., ,-, '*^ """"** "'CHRISTOFFERS, Plant ™-* 1/ - '-ft. w^;"jB3ra^W-< |rf||f;^^ fe'i, s J(?ll4r'./•?/• *'i>f' ,$W^j"r,,I.);,, 7,J « v I ,» T ^i"< ^.'?> v ; When'a news fepocteE^askedHheSettator about h}s son's connection with his official stjjiff he told ! the reporter that v|ras .none fi$ hi^ro^i 'tKe public's 1 business. When he" was asked how much was being paid, he repli&ctf and I won'tjtell you." He said he approved putting a son on'i the senate payroll. The son later admitted that he was on the senate payroll while driving 4or his fathersdufmS, his last campaign for election in Iow 4 aVaga'in"stforfoer Seftatpr Guy Gillette. "'.„..*' '.'.'' ; * The-United States Senate Seems-io have ad; opted a. rule among thfinjselVeJf not«to discl6se the amount paid to any of tHeir office, assistarits. This is- a rule that is in a class by itself. All'&ther foriris of public payrolls and public expenditures 4 are made available to IKe* public wno are' oblige^ to pay them. • ^ Gpnjiressman. Carter, whoi is just starting on his .first Jerm, and, who got off to,a ; bad start by being too generous with 1 public moriey p£id to his, son", has rendered the state and country a good service, as it has brought to light a nefarious practice that lias been carried ori 'too long and that will be'restricted or absridone'd in-the future. * • ' * * WANT.S G.O.P. REALISTIC Indianola Record Herald — We^ay as well /be realistic. Unless something can be' done to demonstrate definitely >that President Eisenhower's views on agriculture are not, those 'of the Republican party, then National Chairman Alc'ota's million dollars for a TV program may as well*be diverted and used to buy some banjo lesson's. The Republican party took its first monkey wrench lick -over the head when President Coolidge Vetoed the MgNary-Haugen bill, Mr Eisenhower's declarations on the, farm problem may well be the blow to finish its complete knock-out. That the farm program with which we have been tustling for the past 25 years had to come to an end was perfectly clear (o Anyone' who wanted to take the trouble to think. But that does not jnean that farmers have tp be, thrown to the wolves. ' • * r * * TREASURER'S OFFICE MESS *•• Grundy Register — There would b$ new management in the d'4partinent of our state treasury if Iqwa people had Ipiown* gs much about the ignored the^ fac.t that when», all clu'ge plumblnijieatffiti^d JdMen f .SAVH JHOuiANSsTp^ I Y>.ai«?5 >T 'V"j 1 T$r,.:? 1 £ ^"4 tj^rpfnar cci(.fyr'ya<it£ct$!tmrf*ii CApfJiqME^ra^'i^hSfi't Vr/t Id *'. <(„• 113, Iowa < t 7 to make up in volume what 'he itself Kelps the corporation hold- feminine performers. A list' that loses in price. • He. has.,to. iTher^ ing the patent to force their includes: Arina Maria'Alberghetti. is no other' means of- solvency, pdces higher. The patent reduces v j U ne\ Allysoiv Carroll > Baker; ' What the Senator calls ."econp- or eliminates competition. " ; Marge Champion,'* Cyd Gharisse, mic nonsense" is in reality plain This suggestion of the -Senator Barrie Chase, Joan'Collins, Rhpn- "economic la"w.'-< ' f •' V ..'.--for approving lower farm prices da Fleming, Martha Hyer, Shir- In 1932,corn was so. cheap we because someone says the farm- Jey. Jones, Janet Leigh", Julie burned-it, for, fuel. In, th^t year ers cost'are' toq high i^»a cruel London,., Sophia ,Loren, Shirley the farmers of the U.S. planned one indeed because these" < costs. MacLaine, Jayne Mansfield and 113,024,000 acres'of corn. In 195^ ' are not coming .down. .They -are 'Terry -Moore. t_ i Jl ;• they planted 74,65"4,000 acre's and? going up instead. , 'T •*•;>< Your Vepresenlative Sweety ' De«ige> H, it was Wo'rtfi '9 titoe's as much pet bushel ? while there were- 38,370,- Geo. W. Patterson Burt, Iowa Washington A^J 7 * > 7 7 ' L •-*• ' highlights fflssas;, O 1 v ' , O N ' • Others you'll see and hear on this telecast; as Kim Novak 1 , 'Millie ^Perkins, Barbara Rush, Eva ' Marie Saint,' Jean Simm'onsv Keely Smith, ,Jah Sterling, Shelley 'Winters, Natalie Wood and Dana - Wynteiv ' * ;.• t Male stairs set c for* the^showi' • which_will be-hearji and seen by , an 'estimated quarter-billion peo- SSlSUANCE Capitally Ray Vernon ii '' ' •••••••«•••••••«' Maurice Chevalier, Gary ,Cooperi • '.,<"'((•". i , v . , -- Wendel Cory, Tony Curtis, ?Vic GOING OUT THE HARD WAY makers is that "they have done. Dammone,- } Sammy -Davis, ' Jr v — President Eisenhower's job is^'little to improve car brakes'in Paul- Douglas, Robert : " Evans, considerably tougher noV ^hat he' 'comparison with, the increased Glenn Ford and .Anthony Franis getting ready to leave the size,; weight, hqrsep'ower and ciosa. • . ",.-/' •" ALGONA^ INSJTRANCE ? AGENdY- " ^ "-J..R. (Jim) KOL5L : , Surety Bonds,— AH Lines ' ",* .of Ins'uran'cer'i:- ;,, '» - 206 ( Easf State, >Si- fr s . - Phone ,CY 4-317(8 ' - J BLOSSOM INSURANCE 1 • 'AGENCY All" Lines, of Insurance -Automobile - Furniture Loan ' N. Dodge .'/Phone C.Y 4-2735 _- ••" ft"-* . - _ - y White House than wheti he earner-speed of automobOes. ' on in? 1953. The President has ' " Other male stars appearing, are; SERVICE Clark Gable, James Garner, Stes , N Dod B e st ' Ph ' wart Granfffir. P.nrv Grant Tlnh, I V,'_r° Q ? e ??._..,_ i*;?* uji in > jLOcio, iiic -TJ.COIUCIIL jiao. ' ' • u— y^j-cmv vjauic, oatiicf> >jaiiict, cjtc- « JT TjoaBe St Ph 'GY"444 leaned heavily 'on t wo- people;«HK. V WHITE HOUSE'HAZARDS — wart Granger, Gary Grant^ Bob,* - ^ mQ | Automobile -• Farni last six-years, and', 'neither, 1 wft Now that they're' putting ,the Hope, Rock -Hudson,' Lbuisj Jpr-% •• -7 .-'polio -Insurwee " t^Un^n +n Unl n nn... CV>e».w>n^.- i j_ i_ i-lii •_ _i i _i ii. _ Han ' HhXxrnrH K PBI. ' CiBno Keilir ' f, .. v ~y ""!,»**"• v> , there to help now. Shermah v tennis courts back in shape at the dan, 'Howard KeeVGene Kelly, Adams,, who lefKunder fire, 'is White 'Hotise; and some concern'- Er .^i%yac^Jerry Lewis, gone for good. It's ' fn — ^-"- r* .CHARLES, D.'ipAXSbN pV.eUing,' Auto. .Liability, 'management ol'tba't, department before the last election 'is tfyey do*noW. Jf Treasurer'Ab- rahams9'n' l> ihad £ire$ ( ^is Chie| deputy George Marcbi- ( 'befpre' the election, JoWa p^ple would ' .. -,__, -_ IT^HHi 4.JLUV4SJC , tlHW .3U111C VL/'l^'-li* - < •» r *. If • mSI... a toss up, has been raised for the safety of -5?'^"gStrT°2£ re6ruit top people ,for topf"been raised -for -the' safety of . , level government posts. »There is', with a golf clubs, Mr Eisenhower ^Producer 'fJerry 'Wald -expecls 1 .. u I*-*'* I i k -T ».* AA V \ .' Nation's policies. -rO—» , . A TOUGH WORLD TO* ENTER T— Every taby born in the United 4iav«uuoi wcuv. iiua IB uaacu wi|-jf*^M"nn*j *p*f? ithe Jan. 1 population estimatV 6'r W^iite House, inc cntfTnrtft 1 * *« a «&v r*^.~t.i.^K^£^iit v«>", noggin of one of his tennis- No producing "organization" iri-/ ".HFRBST'IN^, AGENCY ; pitying aides. President Theodore the world could afford - to hire _For Auto, House, Household « j.eo^oo! 'have learned through 'Ju'm hoW tl|e staie is losing 'millions every yepr becau^g of the lax methods 'in 'the 'treasurer's" de'p"9rtjfifnt for collecting gas tFJ?° f^t *„ If T f ^mspHTiv&b'.-.'-^o sPTeBfintatives, Jw,.,... MM;|8j %i^. / &?u ADVERTISING tlATE« and- qij That expose' ^pchi wal> persua4ed tG wji'thholCb,ecawe it would K$ye b^n bad lor th rtuwi^n/t^u'r^ftn'cj Jt youl4 have put tTpf. 9ffle«» b, ut it woi|d have b,ein good foy • 1 named to .Office find deputy says be and he they are, the' 'treasurer f>r: * ^ age , ,, everyjhing have you eyer watched,a bpy .^...^ » ihat 4Joner that's speed — Avocs ready . . .' brother V ;^immim \?pwa, Farm-Mulull Michael Garrisoni;' Samuel • GoJ4- had the* foresight to forbid imprisonmehj; jfor debt. Otherwise many ?h^4^n WTO today would 1 go from the delivery room SQMStHiN0 FOR BfRPS —- {-Any farmer to jaik" It, worn an an<$ child in 4ae country today $43-32'] a year t4 Ray the interest alone oh the dfcbt. , STQP,L(^«AWIJL Congress w now'being W5»»wC* -MWiyP* w*i#4t - -, - •-.. •- . --- -.^nMp* *wrt~ -•n.?.»T«™'*wrrn'v T JT"^a'ff?T~'c lyTT'T' be very tough in such mat- Melville' SfeVettfe.* --,- - vl i. $b# PWTden of proof v ••, r. t r *K * i;* f *! -5 : * ".^ fiarmer if he .kills a migratory ••* Ljojiel Newman 'is iniMic dlr* bwd pecking,away ^t his WPB'fi eet6t*4| s ^tea b.y jTle farmer, isn't supposed to use elhTBob SJdney -*-'-~ i — hrger-than a No, 10 Heifer^musjc — sonietning awDul the , ,, sary l.pss of Tlvfes ep the,'Nafion'§ The pressure Trill' be , re's another <( don'" can ea^ Jhese 1 birOs^r gT ' but you can't Mtter 4i g ^jUa an4 feaj lights, « . - -•* - ^ ., }nstrum«BW swl »6fli«agB foet %tlh »ll tha w®*6s ai stake -» Audit's ali yeurs ^_ controls. Major criticism of auto that civil service has become so twis>t of a dial. GOOD V ^TO^pstn $r*mm ^^^^y^^i^^^^^^2^y^£j2£2™S*Mt -*~— ."-.^&jg -w !",::FKM«iisf*s ,«"frl" 9MMniii££ii£iiDiUiiipM Uii >>_^ D. ; .Offipe phone'.CY 4-2&5 1 Resident? pjione CY '4,4277 Jr,Nv KENEFICK; 'WL 'D/ • * Physician -& Surgeofa-* • "/218 W. State- Street? >'• Offic.g phone C}L. 4,2353 ; Resident phdne^CY 4-2«14 JOSEPH .j 114- N. ( : Moore Office jphqne CY/,4-2^4 > ' 1 Physician 5 ,'&' '.Sufgteotx •'. , , .ce' phone CY« 4-4490 Reaident phone' CY 4-2338 Hours: 9:00 Open-Friday 1 ,"Df. R,'J, ,Chiropracto •W ounties

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