The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 19, 1959 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1959
Page 14
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1 TJS^V* i ' m: P Iv-. Upptr tlM M6h.fl Thortdoy, Mterth 19, Family Night Is Planned By Ledyard Church t«ay«M •** the W.S.C.S. met &t the ohuftth Thursday afterftoon with members ol the Esther Circle as hostesses. Mrs Ida Pingel •Was in charge. Headings were given by Mrs Glen Burrow, Mrs Harold Herzog and Mrs E. A. Carpenter, Plans were made for the supper which will be given for the M.Y.F. on Tuesday evening of Holy Week. Plans were also made for a Family Night to be held on Sunday, April 19. A pot luck supper will be at 6:15 and will be followed by a program during which Rev. Ellea Ulland of Lake Mills will talk on his recent trip to the Scandinavian countries and will show pictures. All families of the church are asked to save this day and plan to attend. Mrs Glen Burrow went to Minneapolis by bus on Sunday to drive home their son Ernest who has been ill and came home to convalesce. The Girl's 'basketball team, Mr and Mrs Harold Grunhovd and Mr and Mrs William Fennema went to Des -Moines Friday by bus driven by Edward Knoner to attend the Girl's State Basketball tournament. The March P.T.A. meeting haa been changed from March 23rd to April 1st. Mrs Martha Schroeder ' and 'Barbara and Mr and Mrs Ronald Schroeder and Russell were dinner guests Thursday evening at Motion by 3*nt SortnMft and Me- ondtd by Johft Rode that 9*ml-Annual StStlement of county Treasurer be approved for the last h*lt Of 19M. Aftf. all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Jolm Rode and seconded by Charles Plathe that th* fourth quarterly 1658 report of Justice of Fence, C. H. Ostwlnkle, be approved. Ayes: nil. Nays; none. Motion curried. Motion by John Rode and seconded by Jens Sofensen that bond* of fol- lowinf Field AsStsaofa be approved: Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Anton Becker. Lorella Blnren, Elmer L. Franks. Mel B. GrtWln. Robert Lang. Melvin Logemann. A. D. Newbrough. Ernest Peterson. D. H. Struthers. Dolores Vaske. Bernard Verbrugge, Thomas J* Becker, James A. Coady, Wayne H. Oftde. Adolph J. H«tten, Robert H. Lensing. Paul F. LUdwlg. Arthur Olsen. Robert D. Skilllng. Lloyd W. Thorson. Leander Vaske. Kenneth R. Wagner, Bufyl O. Berg. Milton H. Espe. John Gelsheckcr. A. A. Krucger, Menno Llmberg, Dennis Lynch. Sorcn Pcdersen. John P. Simon, Clarence Vaske. Linus Vaske. Harry E. Ward. John Welhousen, .Douglas Wildln. Motion by Charles Plathe and> see- the Wayne Whittemore. On Sunday Gade home near morning during the morning services at the E. and R, Church the following Con- firmands were examined, Jane Egesdal, Caroline Busch and Marlin Lloyd. They will be confirmed next Sunday. Mrs Lena Warner received word Thursday evening of tha death of her brother Matt Nemmers at his home in .Waterloo. Mr and Mrs Harold Warner and Mrs Lena Warner attended the funeral on Saturday. Mr and Mrs Eldon Dontje and family and Mrs Henrietta Johnson went to Titonka dn Friday evening where they were dinner guests at the Douglas Mechler home, hi honor of the two little Mechler boys' birthdays. . Kenny Menke, Craig Thilgeg and Kirk Johnson went to Des Moines to attend the Boy's State Basketball tournament. Mr, andi Mrs Chris Anderson - Prirnghar'visited from last week Sunday until Tuesday evening al , the home of their daughter anc " family, the William Klinkers. ; On last Monday Mr Peterson 'took'' his Sociology class to St. Peter, Minn., where they went through the Mental Hospital. They were accompanied by Mrs Ted Green and Mrs Fred Richter. .Mr and Mrs - Adolph. Kuecker of St. James, Minn., visited Mrs ' Kuecker's mother, Mrs Zilphy Hardt last Sunday and took Mrs Hardt home with them to visit. • Mrs Edwin Dontje underwent surgery on her foot a week ago last Wednesday at the Mankato hospital. She has returned home. Mr Dontje's mother, Mrs Jennia Dontje of Webster City has been 1 here during this time helping care of the children. i The American Legion Auxiliary met recently with Mrs Burton Johnson as hostess. Plans were made for the Oyster supper serv- ," ed for the Community club on .Thursday, Mar. 12. Plans were also made for the birthday party on the 16th. Pub. Service --------- •. — — ..—. Hilton'* Super Service. Parts * Arnold Hafnttnifer, Parts ..... Hank's ««»»« »' Sho ouinn's Radiator flonken EteetrsCj o , ....... . Milter Lamb*? Co., §upp»M ** Advance Pub. Co., Suppltt* .Cook's Welders supply, Supplies .— ...... -»— . ------- •"• Algona Impl. Co., Parts -«-— Co. Treaixirer, Prepaid Bills -K. & H. Coop. Oil Co., Grease Ferele's Super Service, Supplies .'. ......... — - ...... - — Kent Motor Co., Parts .....--. Gibbs-Cook Equipment Co., Parts _____ »»..— . — » -------- Cities Service Oil Co., Gas ... Goplerud Lubricants Co., Diesel Oil ........ - ............. P. R. Irons, Parts ^.... ........ West Bend Impl.i Parts -- ---Sinclair Refining Co., Fuel — L. S. Muckey, Parts .- — ---.West Iowa Tele. Co., Tele. Service ..-..-——"--— ------ • Dahlhauser Bros,, Parts ----Beed Hdwe., Supplies ........ Greehberg Auto Supply, Parts Wllle's Canvas At uph. Shop., Certtrai r iow'a*Tefe.""Co"''Tele", . Payroll Fund. Road Clearing 71.40 03.11 2.24 88.00 ,.2.80 66,20 123.28 713.21 132.09 6.67 0.41 7.0S 2.67 167 26.65 28.7t 277.65 11.80 50.20 2,828-00 ondcd- by Charles Newel that $20 cash be allowed Lawrence Bommell for the month of February. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by John Rode and.seconded by Jens Sorcnscn that, the following resolution be allowed; Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. • KE3OLUTION WHEREAS, The Iowa State Highway Commission has established- Primary road No. 408 from the town of LuVerne west seven miles to Primary Road No. 169, making certain changes and. modifications from tbe farin-tb-market system and federal aid secondary routes 1 necessary, NOW THEREFORE: BE IT .RESOLVED: That the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, lowa« this 2nd day of February, 1959, request the Iowa State Highway Commission to make the following modifications In the farm-to-markct system, and that the commission request the Bureau of Public Roads, to make 'applicable changes in the federal aid secondary system. 1. Delete from the Farm-To-Market System and Federal Aid Secondary Route 1645, a section of road beginning near the S'i corner section "38-94-29 thence west 0.5 mile to U. S. 69 Federal Aid Route 38, at the SW corner section 36-94-39. 2. Delete from the Farm-To-Market System and Federal Aid Secondary Route 82. a section of road beginning at the SW tforner Section 33-94-28, thence cast 4.0'miles to the west corporation line of the? town of-LuVerne. Also delete from Federal Aid Secondary Route 82, a section of road beginning at the west corporation line of the town of LuVerne, thence east to a point near the S'A corner SWV4 Section 31-94-27. I, Marc Moore, Auditor, "in j and for Kossuth County, Iowa, do,hereby-certify the above and foregoing to be a true and exact copy of a resolution passed and approved by the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, at its meeting held on the 2nd Day of February, 1959. RESOLUTION , WHEREAS: The Iowa'State Highway Commission has established Primary Road-No, 408 from the town of LuVerne west seven miles, to Primary Road No 169 making certain Changes and rtuidl fIcatlona frohi 1 arinrtorinarke.t; system .* secondary routes, nee essary, ' -••..- • NOW THEREFORE: BE IT RE SOLVED: That the Board of Super, visors of Kossuth County, Iowa,' this 2nd day of February, 1959, request the 7 towa State Highway Commission to make the following modifications in the farm-to-market system,' 'and that the Commission request the Bureau of Public Roads to make applicable changes in the federal aid secondary system. 1, Delete from' the Farm-To-Market System and Federal Aid: Secondary Route No. 1137 a 'section of road, be- [tnning at the NW corner section 2-94-28 thence east 1.0 mile and south 1.0;mile to Primary Road No. 4.08;2. Add to the Farm-To-Market System and Federal Aid Secondary Route No. 1137 a section of road beginning at the NW corner section 32-94r28 thence south 1.0 mile to Primary •, Road No. 408. • I, Marc Moore, Auditor, in and for Kossuth County, Iowa, do hereby certify the above and foregoing to be a true and exact copy of a resolution passed and approved by the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County,* at Its meeting held on the 2nd-day of February, 1959. ' , It was motioned that payment of Social Security, Social Security Social Security, Social Security 3,341.03 Ibwa Pub. Employee* Retire- ,„.«; ment, IPI#S ---- ,._...-, 186.20 Iowa Pub. Employee* Retire*- • meht, IPERS ... ......... 4,675.00 ASSESSOR FUND L. i. Immerfall, Mileage & Expense* j. -—....--—-Payroll Fund, Assessor Payro Payroll Fund, Assessor Payroll Robert Lang, Reassessing — Hutzell's, Supplies Advance Pub. Co., Notice ... Bancroft Register, Notice _..- • Algona Upper De* Molnos, , Notice 1 ...— Blossom Insurance. Bond .... Wllle'* Canvas & Uph., Repairs Friden Inc., Malnt. Agreemant Jlled Office Mach. Co,, Sup, piles --._-- ,...... Matt Parrott 8, Sons Co./Supplies . General Typewriter Exchange, Rental . .— Manama;Carbon Co., Supplies . Ribbon & Carbon Supply Co., Supplies i ..-.._--. County Auditor, Directory Monroe Calculating Mach. Co., Malnt. Agreement ... enklni-Fcrgemann Co., Supplies -.-„..__-.---- ioch Bros.. Supplies BANG'S DISEASE FUND Wayne Jones. Indemnity Arthur M. Schlltz, Indemnity . Walter P.' Welsbrod, Indemnity 1 SOUDIER'S RELIEF FUND, University Hosp.; Hosp.. Care LuVerne Pharmacy, Medicine _ a, Pub. Serv. Co., Elec. Serv, Welp Rexall Drug, Medkine . T. J. Egan, M. D,, Medical Care ................... John M. Schutter, M. D., Medical Care __----_—... Thuente Pharmacy, Medicine . , 28,37 1,170.60 402.92 383.00 &FB8 A, M. KoittK% Mtte. Moon, MIUs«g» — ... ' Ja , caw « M, Andwislrt, Hoteht- & Hutehilon, Court Ex* pert** ....».»..*. u.--.— W, NIfchals, Court Exper»* Ko*i. Co. Law Library, Ap* tort Surprise Fire Drills , Unannounced fire drills were held in several Algona schools yesterday March 11,- the re-r suit of a check being made by .(State Fire Inspector D. S. Hutchison of Storm Lake and Fire -Chief' Ira Kohl of Algona. Hutchison, a former Algona resident, •was in Algona for the express purpose of conducting the tests. inucnie rnarcnouy, fvivuikiiiB . Ray's Jack Sprat Store, Medi- i cine _..._.__.._..i_.--_Midwest Serv. Co., Fuel Midwest Serv. Co., Fuel —i Corrine Burgcnor, Rent ...—. Rusk Drug Store, Medicine -- > Mrs. Wm. C. Funk, Rent ... COUNTY FUND Payroll Fund, Co. Payroll — W. W. Sullivan, Postage . North Central Pub. Serv. Co., Gas . Algona Mun. Utilities;-Utilities Algona Municipal Utilities, Utilities v Payroll Fund, Co, .Payroll .— < Post" OffIcoj Postage > .- : Payroll Fund, Co. Payroll — ' Lloyd , H. Bartletr, Labor' Lloyd- Hr->; Bartlott, Cler,k ; _. r Glenn' Larsen, iTrustee -_.'i_-' Donald Ringsdorf, Trustee*-ui. . >W. J.. SteWart, \frustoe; J E, .E.' Hanna, Trustee '' .Ralph Blerstedt, Trustee --. F. L. Ryersbn,' Trustee Leonard Dlttmer, Trustee — i. R. Woltz, Clerk '. •lenry Stecker Jr., Trustee — erry Boekclman, Trustee Henry Mayland, Trustee ohn R. Sleper, Clerk .. Clifton Benschoter, Trustee _ loscoc Mawdsley, Trustee _ ewol M.- Larson, Clerk vlerle Wellendorf, Repairs Gordon L. Wjnkel, Commission on, Fines 1. _. . H,: Bradley, Support of Prisoner Ralph W. Ltndhorst, Boarding & Lodging of Prisoners Ralph W. Lindhorst, Mileage . lurrough's, Supplies !_ Ralph W. Lindhorst, Meals, Mileage, Assistance Donald M. Wood, Mileage — Don -Smith" Jr., Photos toyce Hayden, Mileage Culllgan Soft Water Serv., Soft Water .John M. Schutter,'M. D., Coroner's Report 11.37 30.34 15.52 20.16 12,50 2.00 100.00 31.97 66.21 134.50 4.61 27.97 >15.00 26.00 96.04 258.49 25.00 12.50 25.00 266.28 •6,31 19.56 11.02 10.75 15.75 26.60 108.00 32.00 31.80 55.00 , 16.26 24.50 2,332.60 • 161.00 69.3 15.72 155.3 6,695.2 .200.0 2,313.8 '3.3 . C. H. Ostwlnkte, J. P. f«6-~ Ralph W. Ltndhortt, Mean & , Mileage ..-..-.------.»-C. H. 0»rwir)W«, J. P, fflt ^ Albert Boekelmari, Warrant & Mileage ---...-..---- — C. H. Oitwlnkte, i, P. Fee —* C. H. O»f*fhki«, it P. fit ... C. H. OjtwtnW*, J, P. F«« — C. H. 0»tv*jnkf* t J. P, F** .*. * R»lph W. Llndhorjt, MiMage •STATE INSTITUTION Fletcher & McLennan, Com* minion on Collections ..^_ Mental Health Institute, Care & Keep ..... . ------ 1— ' State Sanatorium, Drugs . — Woodward State Hasp., Care & Keep .», ---- . ------- -i— Joseph M. Rooney, Exam. Phy. Dan L. Bray, Phy. -------- Leo Ji Catiel, Attorney -----}, O, Lowe, Attorney, . — ... Ralph W. Lindhorst, Meali, Mileage, & Assistance .... Joseph M. Rooney, Exam. Phy. Leo ), Catsel, Attorney .^-. David L. Shumway, Attorney . Ralph W, Lindhorst, MeaU and Mileage , ____ ........ ------- . POOR FUND Algona Lockers, Rent •_^.-.:. Cullig»n Soft Water Serv., Soft Water .................. Thermogas Co., Sai -------Standard Oil Co., Diesel Fuel . John M. Schutter, M. D., Medical Care ... ----- ---- ----N. W. Bell Tele. Co., Tel. Serv. Paul A. James, Truckingt .... 'Buscher Bros., Supplies .1... Warren Brokaw, Supplies ... Algona Elec. Co.. Labor .... Pratt Elec. Co., Labor, Parts, ' Repairs ... — . -------- .- alph Brown, Prepaid BUI — uds Yer Duds, Service ---A. P, Chrlstensen, Subscription os Moines Register, Subscription ------ . ---- - ---- - — lien's Grocery, Food -----Inn's Bakery, Food _- ------ onsumers, Food ---------- onsl. Coop. Creameries, Dairy Products _.,__, ------------ raham's, Clothing -. -----, C. Penney Co,, Clothing — ities Serv., Gas & Oil . ---- oblnson Produce & Feed, Feed oblmon Produce & Feed, Feed irown's Feed & Seed Co., Feed 'ayroll Fund, POOR payroll Lawrence Bommel, cash allowance -----------Mary E, Stainbrook, care & keep -------------Carlyle C. Moore, M. D., medical care ---- . ---------- nmes L. Coffey, M. D., medical care — . ----------Chas. R. Miller, rent ----- ... G. R, Cook, rent ---------I. C. Johannson, rent — Ted Fisher, rent — 20.00 600.00 3.00 ' 128,00 18,989.64 6.00 45.08 7.30 10.00 7.50 10.00 25.40 7.50 7.50 10.00 )«.02 12.00 20.60 78.00 364.11 49.7S 34.75 7.00 9.90 11.80 5.25 34.35 8.05 • 3.95 2.20 2.20 127.28 63.5? 240.80 148.20 42.46 159.35 57.52 104.50 144.00 116.25 .- 850.00 reftt »*.^i.-«, ttnmertail. mtfe*|6 ^ m - tt'* itnbulance .. ,h Ceatttf Mun, mnitftty amtm **fc».t* * *MU%lli . * l ^ '"'I , UBiCf JEOvQ ftifni lui.-ii ifju^t-in it o *vMilfei JKKJQ »»^fr-ai-»'prA-tfiiMn»i&*a _„ Food Market, fo*d i...*" 1 -k*'« grocery, food ..,...-» surer Market, food * mi .Valley Store,, food -. ,-_...j»g food Market, tatt W.J-. BftreWay Stores Inc., food —— :&--«* L. Store, clothlfif .*«.» l/ttr. Penriey Co., clothing .._.. Te L» Store, clothing ^,-^,.. ttnogas CO., ga« ._.;* LWfcst SerV, C<».< fuel _„ 's Elevatof, coal »-.a...« .,„-. H. Coop Oil CO,, fuel .* .WUhelml Setvlee, gas :^» f *.»£*.» , Farmers coop Society, luel _ Standard Oil Co.. fuel * Standard Oil Co., 18.60 8.05 Bttrl Hdwe., gas „_,.»* Ki,& H, Oil CO., fuel ^^.A- tfneock Co. Auditor, fuel -.«..„ 731.60 Rtttk Drug, medicine ,._. John M. Schutter, M. IX, , medical care .....i—.. St. Ann Hospital, hosp. care „ ..*:*.< 189.83 ES.ia B58.20 . 20.00 . 46.00 ., , 14.50 8.00 . 40.00 . '25.00 17.50 . , 25.00 i"rank-Vera, rent, 25.00 28.00 63.00 25.25 50.40 h 6. Clapsaddle, M. D., „ Jned. care ..^..——..«-*!* 43.80 Joly Family Hosp., hosp, care 282.eS Van Norman Drug Co., rhedlclne .* .»_ St»K. Vaube), M. D., med, care Dr, R. K. Richardson, care ._ A, O. Bourne, M, D., med care tames S. Devtne, M, D., med. care -....—*.-..*. roseph M. Rooney, M. D., rajnes Walker, labor *..>._ 282.06 , med. care * '. - 7.50 uarson Drug, medicine* .. 77.27 Sward-Kemp Drug Co., medicine , < ....... 7,20 Sioux Valley Hosp.) hosp. care 434.35 Spencer Mun. Hosp., hosp. care 158.00 John J. Leslak, M. D,, med care 20.00 R^ J. Coble, M.-D., m.ed." care'.. 20.00 Paulson Drug, medicine • .. 38.91 Harold L. Brereton, M, D., • med. care ./.u...*.—-— .. 32,50 Mrs Cliff Skogstrom, sfoeeeh correction L., — " 17.00 Park Hosp., hosp. care t.^ i I3.5fl University Hosp., hosp. care .* 433.00 Sara E. button, D. O., care ... - 46.50 Martin Van Patten, M. D., med. care Mcfefld*, »S8l4t« ^ ittk Jff u <Mt¥W Blfofi* (batlori office 116.10 ^ tlfVCbiltHCr O* itlflCHM ft. M/< Smith, feng John Fraser, assist* ens Hazel Artlifcer, assist* c uo . Harold B. Blanctiard, labor DotJ JHanuangef, labor —-* , Arnold 'HninziHger. labor * a «« i Beit. Or. Metzger, Iab6fv~^ --'- - •• Hertert C.,NeH»,,14UtSr i E. C, Ohttt; labo? J^iL..^.^ James JW. Sehulti, labor wjj*. John Schuelet, Jr., lafedr .*~ C, E. Zaugg, labor __,a.-*»tij.i Raymond Baade,, labof,- -.—'i Ed JManettftrd, isbof •.— *+-* ^ J, W. Burnett, Wtior ..«*.•.«.).!('' 261,99 Dick Baade, labor ...........^ ,261.85 Frank Delm, labor ...... 247.92 Si M. Downs, labor ...—.—. 260,99 Alvin Ewlng, labor —-—i.« 281.89 toward O/ Eeser, labor ........ 269.14 Maurice Eischen, labor ..^-.... 217,61 -• labor .» ++.L — - 183.40 »*. 25850 i288.«> 271.99 .231.32 331.16 24820 t^jr • WA^O . *jv»* *i »***»»»« v**«*v * *».«»*»*, •.*•»••&— left be giveK insurance on liability 6& edxirthrtttSe,' ctrtlrtty ^ ifitids ««,-„ 8nd - cdunt* fat* and home none, Metieft'/csmed* **•$, - " ' : r v On jnotlort adjoMtnnwni Was takeh ' 4.00 13.15 8.75 Hughes Drug Store, medicine Cook's 'Drug Store, medicine — Delta Hi Falvey, ' care & keep • .—. 184.23 St. Monica's Home, < 'care & keep — ^_... 65.00 Pocohontas Good Samaritan Home, care & keep 05.00 Mrs Pete Bruer, Care & keep Home of the. Good She.perd, care & keep 20.00 65.00 Lutheran Home Findings Spc|ety, care_ & keep 69.99 50.00 Mrs Chester Harmon, >care & keep State of Iowa, aid to c. dependent children —. 1,498.45 State of Iowa, aid to blind ..._ 153.24 State of Iowa, emergency relief 15.24 PAYROLL FUND Dean G. Parrott, court reporter \ 120.0C Ralph Brown, co. home , 102.0J Zelba Brown, co. home . 127.93 Brvin E. Harwood," co. home Ida May Harwood.'co. home — 94.90 105.00 Sdrl , -* — ++ Clifford Holmes, labor Geo. W. Kockler, labor ..... i .. Anton Kardoes, labor ---- — . Koelf Miller, labor. ..- ------Halph Markla. labor ^..*. t ----Urban Neuroth, labdr ^ — M. Bdward Rlcke, labor — .... FIFTH'DAY^ *' FEBRUARY^, .Hi SPECIAL jAfttmtnr SESSION ilss The Board of Supervisors met pur- 268.30 271.99 271.09 281.19 281.19 Lem Stodkweli," labor . *+ .280.61 Charles Thompson,.labdr —.-_' 242.33 Erich Willrett, labor .^— k — 288.39 George Werlnga, labor —.— 278.12 Orvllle Welfand, labor ..j. .. 288.39 John Eller, Jr.,.labor ..^.t » 201.21 Lloyd Schaller, labor *. 175.20 John J. Von Bank, labor -..—.. 223.62 Harlart Wichtendahl, labor .... 258.43 W.>/A. -Hedrlek, labor .1 . 261.99 Garry McDonald, labor . 281.19 Noble L, Crouch, 'labor ».i.«i 261.99 Dale Helmers. labor _„..„._. 248.20 Clarence Hentges, labor _.i-.^.- ?.60.99 A. J. Kollaschi labor ..«.—Si^ 287.28 Ferdinand Meyer; labor _.i__.. 261.89 Henry Zwelfel, labor 271.09 Dan L. Bray.-M.'D,, med. care v 18.75 DRAINAGE FUND " Woody Russel, dr. 9 _»—. 500.00 Andy Elbert, dr. 9 . '200.00 Leroy Elbert, dr, 9 , s —l— '." 100.00 George Wichtendahl, dr. 9 —.. 300.00 Upper Des Moines Publishing Co., dr. 9 . 1 13.76 Ervln. Gerber, dr, 9 ' 3.00 Leland Wildifl, dr. 9 3.00 Herman Wichtendahl, dr. 9 , 5.00 Wm. Runchey, dr. 9 '. 11.90 Francis Kollasch, dr. 9 1 7.90 Leroy Elbert, dr. 9 . 95.00 Wocfdy Russell, dr. 9 —. 1,172,50 Geo. Wichtendahl, dr. 9 . 87.9C John Keller, dr. 9 . 2650 Andrew Albert, dr. 9 106.00 Concrete Products Corp., dr. 9 398.51 Buchanan Abstract Co., dr. 76 14.0C Advance Pub: Co., dr. 76 32.83 G: D. Hart, dr. 90 91.12 W. P. Hemphill, dr. 90 -.:— . 38.36 Buchanan Abstract Co., dr. 90 ••{ 148.00 G. D. Harti dr. 177 — Wm. Henschen, dr. 2-36' 13.00 14.67 Mdore, Co. Atlditof • A. M, Kollasoh, Chairman Moines. by. that contract fof _ warded to Atltico tital Products ,Ir) all Nnys: home and cash &llowan«,b^ . Bowmel £or teentti bf 4 MWchV Ayes, all, Kaysi norie Motion cafrt^d. , , On motion adjotiwirtient was tafcett tintU, March 2, 1959. ' , , , ,, , ATTEST i ' ^ Miftt Mocrte, CoVAuditoJ 1 • ,. '^ -/ u.Ai M. Kollaschi Chalttnanr . ., t • . Board of Supervisor*, ^^ ^m^^^^^r,'... ' ...:. . .' , ,.'.'• \ PRINTING The best.«for less AT THE Upper Des Moines m\ M • '",(•. n Lr L* /^ Publishing Co. .:.'+* " • . Ill E. Call St. ALGONA Phone CY 4-3535 •:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:*:•*•:•<•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•>•:•:. Portland 4-H The, regular meeting of the Portland Boys 4-H was held at Sparks March 12. Tom Lampe .gave a report on 4-H Day held in Algona. We set March 27 for the date for a bowling party, discussed tractor safety and a demon- stration'on various ways to upset a tractor was given by Jim Sparks. Mrs Sparks served lunch, . Failure demonstrates the fact there is also plenty of room at the bottom. Usually it's the silent partner who has the most to say. it Board Proceedings BOARD PROCEEDINGS Session 1989 . »rd of Supervisors me? pur- adjournment. Thos«j . r .,,, M. KoHasch, Chairmen, and d & ' Jgns, ^OJeasBn, Charles and Charts Plathe. Absent: 'tto»__by Charles Plathe and.sec- by Chsrjes Newel that official „. of County, Jflghway gn ' jfiiad. and bridge work for 1 y Charles Newel and sec 68 on * torner claims allowed at this meeting. ..of the persons and' firms listed ' immediately following be ratified, allowed, and confirmed. LIBRARY FUND M. J. Barry Co., Books --____$ 12.36 Follett Publishing Co., Books 15.64 I.S.E.A. Library Serv., Books 17.31 SECONDARY ROAD FUND Payroll Fund, Secondary Road Payroll . ... ...... 10,487.30 North Central Pub. Serv, Co., Gas ._.,._„ 187.70 Algona Mun. Utilities, Utilities 31.38 Payroll Fund, Secondary Road Payroll ,_ .. * 12,240,25 James H. Merryrrian, Labor, Equipment & Management... 1,062.00 Raymond L. Krantz, Hazel Hutchinson & Pearl Asa, RiBht-of-Way 292,00 M. T. McGuire & Co., Final: Grad. Proj. No, 501 & 1130 : . •_„_ 21.050.9i M. T. McGuire & Co., Final: .Grad. Proj, No. 1121 & 1118 - 8,856.5 Dukehart-Hughes Tractor & Equipment Co., Parts .. 70.00 Dietzgen Co., Supplies——— 15,72 Bowcn's Superior Explosives Co,, Supplies — 56.46 2ohn Bros., Inc., Supplies ;.,-, 9.20 Iowa Machinery & Supply Co., Supplies i _——— 69,44 Thompson Yards, Supplies ... 9.57 Stoeber Hardware, Supplies .. 4.95 sleg-Fort Dodge Co., Parts . 565.08 Perclval Motors, Repairs & Parts —..„-. 68.62 Flaig's Garage, Repairs „ - 37,50 Farm Service Co., Diesel Fuel' 73.96 Hawkeye Machinery Co., Parts .84 Memmer's Hardware, Supplies 16.40 K. & H. Coop, Oil Co., Diesel Fuel . , 27.90 Bituminous Mtl's Co,, Supplies 13.58 Central la, Tele. Co., Tele, Service „„— _ 38.20 Carpenter & Son, Parts 112.84 Rock Island Lbr. Co., Supplies 21,89 N. W, Bell Tele, Co., Tele, Service „..,.,„ 47.40 Arthur Bauin, Supplies ...... 17.35 Farmer's Coop. Society, Coal . * 80.44 Mid-Iowa industrial Supply, Supplies .—„.„,—, 87,36 Chanson Hardware, Supplies . 34.24 Standard Oil Co., Fuel _„..., 74.80 Standard Oil Co., Fuel .--i.-_- 59,40 John Geerdes Impl. & Garaffe, Parts ,,,-_.„».„,„„_„_„_._ 48,45 Carpenter & Son, International Truck ,„-,.„„„,.—.. 8,584.64 <och Bros., Supplies Hutzell's, Suppllos Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Supplies Stoyles Press Inc., Chair Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Board Proceedings Advance Publishing Co., Board Proceedings i. Bancroft Register, Board Proceedings i . Upper, Des Moines Pub. Co., Ad t Advance Pub, Co., Notices Bancroft Register, Notices __ Bancroft Register, Supplies i North Central Pub. Serv. Co., . Gas ; _,_„ Standard OH Co., Fuel Oil „__ Spencer Grocery Co., Supplies N. W. Bell Tele. Co., Tel, Serv. Boone Blank Book Co., Supplies „•:_• Koch Bros., Supplies __; Hatfield Duplicating Co., Supplies „„ ' ; Klipto Loose Leaf Co., Supplies , . _ Hutzell's, Supplies .... ... Matt Parrott & Sons, Co., Supplies —....-' •nden Inc., Maint. Agreements BM, Maint. Agreements Kautzkv Sporting Goods Co,, • Repairs &.-. Mileage ... . lossuth Co. Treasurer. Bounty Maurice A. Kollasch, Labor ,. Paper Caimenson & Co., Supplies Town o| Sw T ea"ciTy7ufmTies'II J. E. Ufcena & Co., Parts Gambles, Supplies ,,.,..——-,, Anderson Mach. Shop, Repairs Northern Lumber Co., Supplies "•— of Titonka, ""•—-^' 40.00 193.63 17.80 . 25.02 1B.VI 40,61 20,8' 18.00 .8.83 48.69 1,180.41 23.40 IWVWMI i i >»wi f I 1*(*«UI VI i W' Pratt Elec. Co., Supplies 4.0 4.00 - 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 2,00 4.00 4.00 4,00 4,00 60.00 138.39 2.00 107.80 143.65 1.90 170.64 52.08 10.97 84.77 •6.00 11.82 18.80 102.45 21.00 58.50 311.85 333.60 333.60 16.98 23.69 19.11 73.50 302.72 747.50 91.47 264.98 19,95 35.38 5.61 10.55 1.13 763.79 145.00 198,33 24.20 13.15 .. f Mutual of Omaha offers an expanded Senior Security Policy _ • f \ '.'„ ' FOR IOWA RESIDENTS '' '^"> •""• " '.- ". .HOSPITAL-SURGICAL INSURANCE FOR ALL MEN AND WOMEN 65 AND OVER 'REGARDLESS OF PAST OR PRESENT HEALTH! ?, ( -- ••««.' , gv ' B t< * S* ft t t 5v* r v '?*- ;« *f 1 ^ £ * wS^^'IS.jM,! 1 ^ IM covers yo&O days in the hospital that covers youlin convalescent or nursing homes* * Senior Security Policy • GUARANTEE Mutual of Omaha auaranf««i lhaff'yaur aallcy^' <annot b« «ant«ll«il b«<au«a-*t th* numbar , af tlmtt ar tha amount off banofltl you may •olltctl In thli rolpoct. your,S*nlor Socurtty Policy U rnuih Ilka group Iniuranta In that It •annot ba tancollod nor can tha promlum ba Incrooiad union tuc'h action It takan on aM Sinlar Socurlty >ollcloi In your itatol : Yoi^ get these specific benefits : .with Mutual of Omaha's ' \ ' Senior Security Policy 1 c .Pays hospital — convalescent — or nursing ' home benefits, up to a total of 60 days. in.the following manner: Pays up to $10.00 daily room and board benefit while confined to the hospital; Pays up to $5.00 per day for further care of the same condition 'while confined in a convalescent or nursing home when such confinements immediately follow at least 5 days' in the hospital and are recommended by your doctor. 2 You receive from $4.50 to $225.00 for surgery regardless of where operation is performed— home, hospital or doctor's office. Benefits are Pays.ln addition to other insurance paid on a scheduled basis and vary according or Employer's Liability Laws;* alcoholism or drug addiction. Quick. Meals! MACARONI-AND-CHEESE with Kraft Pinner is a *n«J a *w» f«vwr ««rrtiitl,7,^ only for emergency me«l«. An4 good ONLY MUTUAL OF OMAHA'S NEW SENIOR SECURITY POLICY OFFERS ALL THESE OUTSTANDING ADVANTAGES: Longer coverage . . . This policy do not take a physical provides you hospital, conyales- exam to qualify. cent or nursing home covera&a ^ questions... There are for as long as 60 days-not just nQ health ^ uestions to anawer . oO d&ys. '<• *Better coverage... The'lbenefite 10-day money-back guarantee . provided for convalescent or Prompt local service ... Wherever nursing care following at least 5 you jive—wherever you go— days of. hospitalizatidh are a Mutual of Omaha is at your serv- much-needed feature that no ice with over 325 Service Offices r ¥ _^ other plan offers. ->, ' throughout the U. S., Canada, -you can carry any additional in- £ o t h" e nature of the'operation! Although Pay* up to $1,000.00 for additional Hawaii, Canal Zone and portions "surance you want and still receive dental surgery, service or repair is not covered, , hospital expenses- . . . After you of the West Indies. Senior Security Benefits. The only you can st m receive room and board benefits pay the first $100.00, your policy s exam , ne th i s plan. Study it. restriction is that you can have if hospital confinement is necessary. "~ " justoneSernorSecurity Policy. , 3 Y ou receive additional l/ospita. benefits up 10-day money-back guarantee, 'to $1,000.00. Your policy pays 80% of the cost, .When you receive your policy, i n excess of $100.00 for these expenses: examine it. Examine the infor- Operating room ' Oxygen mation sent with it. If you decide Surgical dressings and casts Anesthetics for any reason that you do not Medicines and hypodermics Xray want to continue with it, return Blood transfusion's . Laboratory services your policy within ten days and 4 You receive immediate protection, for your $8,50 will be quickly and accidents which occur,, or sickness which cheerfully refunded. originates after the issue date of your policy. Are you eligible? Yes—if you are 5 You are also protected for conditions you 65 or over by April 15,1959—you had before your, poh'cy was issued, provided are eligible. A;nd be sure you the' hospital confinement begins—surgical understand-that this plan is not operation is performed—after your policy has intended : for just those 65. It is been in force six months. 65 or any LIMITED ENROLLMENT, YOU MUST ACT NOW! Enrollment period ends April 13,1959. To be Note to residents of other states; eligible, you must be 65 or over by April 15, If you reside in any of the states 1959, the date the policy will be issued. So listed, you are also eligible. Com- don't miss out! Mail yo\ir application today, plete the application and mail 1. Print your name, address, and birthdate today to Mutual of Omaha, in the application below. Omaha, Neb.—Alaska, Ariz., 2,. Sign your own name. Ark.,' Colo., Conn,, Del., D. C,, 3, Enclose check or money order for $8,50, Fla,, 111., Ind,, la., Idaho, Kan., payable to Mutual of Omaha, to cover first Ky., Me,, Mich., Minn,, Miss., month's premium. Mo,, Mont,, Nebr., Nev,, N. H., 4, Mail application before midnight, April 13, N. M., N. D., Ohio, Ore,, Pa., 1959 to your local MutuaTof Omaha agent or R, I., S. C.," S. D., Tenn., Utah, office, or to Senior Security Division, Mutual Vt., Va,, Wash., Wise., W.Va,, of Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska, Your policy Wyo,, and Hawaii, will be issued and effective April 15th, 1959, pays 80% of the actual charges y ou , u ^ d it g ves you the truly for expenses such as operating thorough coverage you've been room, blood transfusions, xrays, jooj^g f or . The cost is small: and others specified in the policy. Omy $g 6 p per mon th. And you're Pays from $4.50 to $225.00 for sur» covered for BOTH accidents and glcal operations ... Benefits are sickness. So act now. Mail your payable on a scheduled basis^ac- application today. For surely this cording to nature of J;he operation, jg y our insurance chance of a No physical examination ,«. You lifetime. LIMITED ENROLLMENT PERIOD-ACT NOW! Policy good in any regular hospital, There Is no limit to the number or qualified convalescent or of times you may collect benefits nursing home—anywhere in the for each hospital confinement due world. A convalescent or- nursing to a different accidentpr sickness, home to be qualified inust be if confined more than,once for licensed to provide nursing care t the same or related cause, within to resident patients and have the a 6-month period, any benefits services of a registered nurse on not used during the first confine- call 24 hours a day. Naturally ment may be used for the second; your policy does not provide bene- however, benefits for hospital fits, for treatment in any, place "extras" are payable only while used primarily as a clinic, rest you are eligible for hospital room home or health resort. In relation benefits. When confinements for to this, services provided or paid the same or related causes are for by the United States Govern- separated by 6 months or more, ment or any state or county full benefits start over again, tuberculosis, or mental 'institutions, are not covered since such Covers both illness and injuries ex- services are normally provided cept those caused by war or cov- without cost. ered by Workmen's Compensation age Edwin C. Wittkopf 705 Fair St. ALGONA OFFICE Call CY OF OMAHA Mvtvol B»n»flt H»elth & Atcldtnt Aiio«l«tl«n, Omnhfl, Nvbraika » V, J. Skyft, Pr«*ld»nt 1909 THf tARCEST QRGANIZAJIQN OF ITS KIND lift THE WPRID 1959 ATTKHTIOHI PiOP».r? Qf Alt A«P|«» Thte pfifer is of major importance to our Senior Qitweus Mske certaiu they know ab^sjt; JJ« 8prs»<i the wovd. An4 if there is anyoiie 88 PP who depen4§ on you, be sura they get the opportunity to receive this protection,' remember that Mutual of Omaha offers health and accident insurance for people of all *ge«?, in every status of life. It's maximum protection »t owwmww foft! ¥M bow you can be protected, sh»ck er money order psyablt

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