Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 18, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 18, 1894
Page 5
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A MAN'S APPEARANCE Is largely made up of little things. This is why a -Gentleman's Furnishings, Ties, Collars, Cuffs. Shirts and the et ceteras generally,^ are ^worthy of some thought and attention. Spring and Summer necessitates an entire renewal in these lines. CZlWe invite an inspection of our large stock. DEWEN' THE HATTER AND FURNISHER. COME AND SEE US NOW, You must have a Spring Suit. Come to us; we make them from $20 to $60. Tucker & Young, THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. ITISTHEPEOPLE- AND NOT THE TESTIMONIALS OF PURCHASABLE CHEMISTS. DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING. MAY 18 See-the Trade this week. Don't miss them. Remember that Filling * White sell the best goods for the money. Work ,on the new Hlj>> School building (« progressing rapidly. See the many bargains In men's underwear ibis week.—Trade Palace. Complaint Is made that «ome bust, oetsmenare taking too much of the ••Idewalk for exhibition of their good*. Of man's attire are his collars, onffa, ties and shirts, as well as the smaller fixtures, all of whloh you will find the best selection at Dewenter'a the Hat- The Royal Ba^Bb Powder Is the purest and strongeW baking powder made, and has received the highest award »t every fair, wherever exhlb. ited In competition with others. A Mexican cactus in brilliant bloom in the window of Bauer Bros. Fourth etreet place, attracted con eld arable attention last evening. For so ugly a plant to bear so brilliant and beautiful A bloom Is one of the peculiar anomalies of nature. A week ago yesterday Dr. W. C. Corbett performed ft surgical operation on one of Jackson & Son's coach horses, the likes of which was never performed by any veterinary iurgeon IB this oounty before. The operation was so suooeuful that yesterday the tern wu betef drive* «• osual.; The H«VM Reclaimed. Some days ago the >p«Uoe impound, ed a horse which was found wanderln* around at night It had been kept at tho pound, being taken oare of and. fed with a promptitude which many a howe would envy. The ten day limit of confinement -at the pound would expire tomorrow and great pereparatlon had been made for tho sale of the animal under the rules of the ordinance. Last evening Arthur Flnnegxn appeared and claimed the horse at hiB property, aid the impounded animal w«s duly turned over to him upon the payment of the legal' ly due «nd collectable $4. The sale was the* stopped. Mr. Flnnegan had hit horse on pasture, and all this time that ooBta were accruing against him fondly imagined that the animal was reveling h» clover. The horse broke from the pasture and wandering back to the city was promptly Impounded. Aae\4»utm or Yesterday morning while George Heronemouc, an aged resident of •Shultztown,.w»s hitching bis hone to hiB buggy, the animal became frightened and gave a lunge throwing the «ld gentleman beneath the wheels wfcloh passed over him-causing Internal Injuries wthioh it Is feared will prove of a serious character. A horse belonging to Isaac Huddle- Palace "for toBleryJ ston, the drayman, was .crowded off the Eighth street bridge at the race yesterday and fell Into -the water morning. The traces were quickly out and tho animal got out <A the race all right. "Jke"aow olalmea "race" horse with the beftt of them. Frank Coll. the feartender at David, son'i saloon, wa« painfully Injured yesterday while repairing the door at that place. A board in which was driven a nail fell froBi the bar, the nail striking him on the head, inflicting a very painful soalp wound. By the breaking of a scaffold on the HarrlBOn building on Broadway above Sixth street, yesterday afternoon seven workmen wore preolnltated about 15 feet to the ground 0610%. Fortunately the accident resulted in no serlons injury all escaping with none or Blight scratches, but one workman who was somewhat painfully but not seriously hurt on the head and shoulders. A. O. B.—Notice. You are hereby notified to meet at your hall this (Friday) evening, May 18th, at 7:30 o'clock sharp, to make arrangements for the funeral of Brother John Donahoe. M. J. GALLAGHER, Pres't. DAVID Loyrcs, Sao'y. T. F. A. OMOM. Foit F delegates and alternates will hold a caucus this evening preparatory to golBf to the it»t« oonventioot IIOTM of • PeramuU Character COB- Friend*. Mrs. John Bauer is visiting 'atOra, lad. Ed JJHetvle is back trotn Mt. Clemens. MlBB Katie [Kraut is borne Irom Wabaah. Rev. W. H. H. Miir&h la at New York city. Miss Edna[Gorre51'6, -of fi, Wayne, Is visiting la the city. Mrs. Fred Grass ,1s visiting hw parents at Union City. Samuel Mller, of Kara, is vlsltfeg the family uf A. J. Robinson. ' Mrs, Kate Martin Is entertaining Mrs. A. Williams, of Lafayette. Mr. and Mrs. S, A. MelcherotiPeru are visiting "Sue Uetzner and wife. Mlsa Lynn Shirk is vl§lUB£»t i J£oko- mo, the gttest-of 'Mlsa M&JgeGoate. Dr. and Mrs. 'Eallard »PC •gntertaio- Ing Miss riorease Keith, ot Oelphi. D. K. 'Zartman Is eitertolnlng fcls couBin, Berv. W. E. Soh«li, df York, Neb. Col, L. W. Busbiy,, 'et: the "Eater: Ocean staff, was In tbwioJty 'last even-: Ing. Howard •Stltt, of the W. 'B.TraHJ Ink Co.. is back f raax aT-orriighX'e business trip. Mr.-J. T. Elliouwttmded acneetlng ot Indlsma wholenlopfl at Indtanapollc j«esteretay. MlB« Eva Holloway, tit Tlf ton, Ini., fa 'Vteltlng her «irter MM. 'Elmer Klrkwoocl. ' -Jackson Cooper, -ef SheWton, IlU,.is •visiting his eeo, CJ. S. Cooper •on Toledo street. •City Attorney Thomm J. Tcley departed yeBterdsr to i£<dlnburg:<on a *vlsit to his ^BUghHor. Dr. C. L. Thonwi attended riceet- •iog of the State Medical Society at General M. D. Masicon, Of Craw- fordsvllle, c«llai upon his old fclend, Major MoTadin, this waek. C. B. »obes, of th« Fftuattrta City Enterprise ant Geo. W. P«cue, of Flora were In the city yesterday. Rev. end Mrs. M. 1C. NethewuU, of Markto, 'Ind., *re vlri<lng in Kheclty, the guests Of Vert at* Mrs. Hterall., Mtee'Fannio Lux entertained a party of friends laet evening for MtflB Maud Freeman, of'Grand'Cupids^ Mc--8.lv- MoF«KM isatJFlndlay, 1 O., attendlnctbe«B««alTaeetlagOftbe Mextean WrrTeter*»a Assoolatlon. TheMlaeea Mactf'is TiraKODS and Lola'Shell fcave returned to Idavllle after a pleaaant vtelt with Mr*. I. H. Ellee. - : The Pert Jouraall^ays tt*t W. H. Jones of !Lcgan«p«rt is lylnrerltloally. ill «t thatij)l&oe witt sciatic thauma- tlSOL. Mr. and Mrs. Walter 'UtJl will oo.j cups' 'tne Bambeteel residence on. Market-street, lately occupied byL. W. ?lllln<t.. ttlsa'Dtfttle Jofcnson in visiting at Green Cattle, the,«cestqf 'Miss SldellcJ •6tarr,'formerly teacher of 'English ln ; tbecltyVighSebed. '•W. C. ,-Grlndle fonnariy of the' ,papar mill and W.'B. Taylor<if Ruth'«: packing-fcouse AM taking * reel at •Bigllsh 'Lake for tax day*. , J!ev. W. 8. Brewu. of U»ion City,; 'fornevly pastor ef the <Chrlstian< church of this city, -was shakiag hand«;| Death* and Pnttefal*. The funeral services over In* 'fe- mains of Mrs, Minnie E. Price wCll be held tbla afternoon from *th<o A. M. E. church at 2:30 conducted by Rev. Ratllff. MiBB Josle Sherman 'dfred at the res- deoce of R. F. Harper, In Clinton townflblp at 11:30 a. m. yesterday of typhoid fever at the age of 15 yotra. Thefi«9ral will take place this after* noon at 2 o'clock from the KbenOiior church, «» which, oametery intewaaent will be made. The funeral of 'the Infant *«i •O'f Mr. and Mrs. Andy Hl-le will be held tomorrow morntag at 9:30 from their residence on Michigan wenee. Interment will 'be made at Mouct Hope. The funwal of John Uona'aoe who 'died at his residence Wednesday night at 11:15 o'clock, will befcald at St. Tincont de Paul ch-arch tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock. servioeB coiduoi- ed by Very Rev. M. E. Campion. Thetuneral of /eslah'Schreyer w-!io died et his home en the North 6We Wednesday evening vjilL be held'from the family residence 599 Michigan Avonueatl:30 this afternoon, eer. vices conducted by'Be-/. Fisher. The dcceaaed was» carriage maker and well known rebideat of this city, having resided here /since !$?£. He 'was the fatter -of Patrolman Wm. "Sohreyer. He was born ID WUten- berg< Gentoany, TSsv. 11, 1SSI, and sailed to <tt£a> country Feb. '••28. 1852. John W^-the NL-year-old«cra of Mr. and Mr«. Willftrd'Prltcbett, v«ltod yesterday norniDg'tt their 'borne near College Hill, • Of inflamatory rheumatism. ITh'e remains will te taken to> IdartUo this morning for twrial. Gu Oo*op«nr. on Bubicrlptloifl were mt*67«Bt8rclay at the new natural gu «empanyit a little livller rate then usual.-' The -subscribers are, oonrisg right no the front and are pay-. In*'up with ocmmendable promptness, Tbo«e payiat yaeterday were J. tf- F«t, GhM. VL. Nenl, I,"*. Craig, Chas. B.Tolbugh.'H. F. Joi,-Ef. M. Patter- eoc, J. A.-8bort*n, A-.g, Allen, I. 6v WtJson, eoMlelb KnyMt, B. E. Lynch, E.'H. Neal, Chas. Gray, Nick Dtjr TRman^mmael, B. B.cOalley, Dr. 15- E. : DelrelVEatUiew Duye, Jacob Krleg. fl«n Patterson, George Van Steinberg, Thoi. J.'Bcnerwortli, IDavld Griffith. -Subsertkers ehocid 'pay up promptly 49 that tbe dlrectore can know just •what too«cnt on. Tfce contract tor <pipe ovgbt to be aunta in a day or two 'but itirtH not be saKcCe until sobecrib- ers pay «?. Fay -your subsorlption today. Sir, wad ]Hr«. « r «ek'« B-ofcert fVarne ope-n >• Mondar "Forgiven" was first introfluoi-d to the American public by Mr. Frederick Brylwn, who has leaseCIt for tne present -seaeon to the manager uf Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Wayne. These glfved artiate will open a week'4 eneapement with this beautiful play at Dolan's opor-s. house next Moniay night. An exchange has lha following: Jio btfttar companywveptppeared atMuelc hall than the one -which opened an engagement here laet nipht. The *fM.r», Mr. andKra. Wayne, may be •-mentioned together a8 artists of #reat ability and their actlngscoreda prominent hit" Scats eale-opena at PaMeraon's urday morfliafj at 9 o'clock. THEY MAfcE 'HER WilTV Sat. Him FROM HOOSIKRIWI. Ye»tef6ay a black -horse hitched to a side-bar buggy, 'the top of which was -broken, was louod about 4 icUes south of ^Eoyal Center and brought to this ctty. The owner can find etxne at Dykemsta's feed yard. vtVOITl*)WAI, IMCA1M. The btadBomeat U.n butto* "in theoitj, AA to \B, >for men, at Pilling A White's. For stuxmer uftdewrear for 'ladles, toys and girle, you can -etve ,wltfe frlo0da In the t*ty thte week. Mr. ani Mrs. George Campbell are entertalnSag D. S. 'Campbell and daughter, Mrs. Mullally, o( Milton, •Q., «t their home, on Market •treet. ^Wfldnssfiay evening at the residence of the bride on east £Ub *tre£t, Rev. W. ft. Wonea offlcl*ting, Miss Bhoda Wi'liifl was-united in jaarrlage 4o Mr. Chas. Keyee. Anong the Loganepcrt .people at- teofilng the May Musis Festival at Indianapolis 4hls week, are Mrs. War. ren H. Anderson, Mrs. <CharleB -Krels, Mlse Lizzie MeConnell aed Miss Alice Nelson. Mrs. C. W. King and Mrs. S. B. Congdon and MM. L. W. Morris, rep. resented Purity Jodge, No. 127 D. «< B. I. O. O. F. of this city at the D. of R. convection held at Indianapolis this week, returned homo yesterday morning. Lafayette Call: Charles Rlngleben of Logansport, son.la-law of Judge LaRue, was elected councilman by the fiepublioaut at the late olty election. The First ward, usually democratic by 200 majority, gave him a mojorltt of 121. Judge Dyer B. MoConnell and Rev. Dr. E. S. Scott returned yesterday from Chattanooga. Tenn., where they were engaged with; the Indiana com- million to that end to establish the land mark* and position of Indiana regiments at the historical engagement at that place.^ 1 vital •taitatlcs. Born, to Peter Dwler and wife, < a son; to Frank Oliver and wife, a money -aft -the • One Of the large -shade trees In tfront of -uudge By keuan's residence •<wai blowa down -'hf the stonn >lait •flight. Asa result of tho -dlfferenoes "between 'Jota and Clara Bushing Clara (has brought suit in >tfae Huntlngton •circuit oocrt for-di^-oree from Jofaa. daughter; to Patrolmw Barney Bureh; Senator flill's freat speech created attention, ~but not *oere than our now «oce dollar shirts, «e they are of a Tory superior quality *ad make,—^e- >jwenter, the'Hatter .«n£jfurn!iiher. The judge of awards on baking jwwder, Br. H. W. Wiley writes that the claim of another conpan'y to bar- log receive* the highest award ic false; thatue auch award was given to it. ; The wind storm laat : n$£ht blew a large tree over the Pan Handle track twoimlles west of Bunker Hill, carry Ing with it the telegraph wires. The obstacle Vas removed sod tho line repaired without causing any delay in traffic. A telegram (received yesterday afternoon from Ft. Wayne stated that the circus rider, vrfao was eo painfully injured by falling from his horse In the ring here Wednesday night, waa lying in the hospital at that place with three broken rlta and would be left there until he recovered. Some one found an old worn out and evidently cast away pocket book containing some valueless papers near a "pool" of blood in Henderson's lum ber yard yesterday morning, and on the strength of this exceedingly sen* national find the evening papers create a claim of foul play. No one is reported missing, nor has anyone complained to the police of any such hold rp. The police are Inclined to believe that the "pool of blood" is the result of a nose bleed on the part of some overheated individual, having no connection with the pocket book which was probably. lost or oarelesily o»ti ' •,. f\- '. . , , . .(-' '-."•* :.••-.• . '. .' -'.' j ' '.'. >' Pick-on* Vrom tfe«X<M>lt* -Cnnnle* or tfco *Kx>€l -Old Hootter Mmtw. Amos Cobura la thettewpoltoe chief of Anderson. Miss Anna Kabul, of Valparaiso, was roasted to death white burning brush. {fades Savage, br*4ceinan, fell under a*Elg Four caboose at Kunoie, and was fatally hurt '•». J, Murr h«a told the 'Faoli News V>•lames M. CosMjpton, who hag as- «UKied editorial control. Andrew Miller, near Decatur, fell Odder nil wagon, while *drlvln|t betoe- irard, and was 'Crushed to death. Clark Warren, of Boone county, •cwns aoow wthioh dropped four calves at one birth. All>of them are 'living Mrs. Louie Aurand, of Bristol, died very suddenly under circumstances calling (or «n inquiry 'by the Coroner. Emtaat Bishop rff JFranklln, 'accused of higkwaj robbeuy, -has 'been sentenced to «4c*teen <nontbe' • IscprUon- ment. Portland feat (jwated rigtt-ol-way into the <ol«y to the Chi'5s*«, Union City * Cln-olnnatlrAtlwey llae, eleven miles «f <w%tch to-graded. Frawk 'Powell -*nd :Frank Henry, youths, fought to a finish with four otiooe igloees at Union City, and IPoweEil >WM knocked out in the fifteenth rouml. •tfofettson county reports several of -tbe streams 'bank full and running over, 'dueto the wlorm night before 'Considerable loss-to farmers is It Wa» Not CnUl 11» *"•' °* the J She Pound Out "O! Hessie, 1'Ki so deliphted to'-WW-.-. ;.you. I am b»rM.ir.ff to tell you ajoke'onf " : some of thcpirls in the club,"l«nd" M . she grabbed her friend near th<y hind- kerchief counter e:ich girl clerk withia . /. speaking distance held her "breath «JJ.; hear the joke on the "girls ic tho club. . "O! KaU'.rine, von delicious thing', ... tell me this instant." and Hessie hunf on her friend's words. _• ••Well, yon know yesterday I was out making calls. I called first on that" •;'; hon-i.rMiss Mackintosh. I never could bear her, but of course one must return •.,,: first c;llls." . , ; "Of course," s-ssented Tessie. .-•. "Well. I hone »Uy believe she kept me. . xvaiting three-quarters of an hour, but . .< -when she appeared she was glorious! She h-id <•>»! a very most swell tea» (,-own.' 0, it was' beautiful. But I wish you ^oiild have seen the look »h« _. pave me, 1 didn't know what was thf ., \ matter, "but finally she said, in her very sweetest way: 'O, Miss King, is it you —thai is—1 mean-won't yon be seaUd .. ;• —rm very glad to see you.' But her looks belied her words. Well, I didn,t ..,-;.stay-Ion?:, you can make sure, and when,; ? ? I -Joft, she said more sweetly still:' ?»OP> •-•;.' is your brother?' I said: Thank yg»,j , «?ack is very well' _\ • "I went to three more places, and!. : •actually every one of the other gbta;'^ - kept me waiting—O, ever so long—fronlj ,-•' '•fifteen to forty minute*, and I must ssjfl, >, :i never saw a handsomer array of tesT^. rgowns trotted out in one afternoon.,-.'; "Well, finally I discovered the secret of it all." and hereMiss Kathrine went <f* ; 1 in n scries of the most contagious giggles, and the clerks all smiled from .. sympathy, and her friend gave hee s> little shake to bring her to. "What was it all about—don't ' me in suspense. I'm consumed curiosity." ' i : ••Well—you know I called last -*tV«, Flossie's, as I always do and get •*» .:;' o'clock tea. She didn't keep me w*l*i| .i;' ing five minutes. She came running down: but when she saw me she gave si ".: little squeal. I said: 'What's the msj*»,.-.-j ter. Floss?' and she said: "You am'* ' •; your brother,' and I said: 'No; I some- "•': times wish I were; but why did yon say • that?'" — '.'"•". "She showed me the card I had •*•*':';;' np, and on it I read: .-^7 . MR. JOHN n. KINO. . : And, O, BCKS,! I had been using JfoeM*. .':, cards all afternoon and didn't kaavr iti'.^; You see we were calling together ths/.. evening before and I b»d some left fai .•', my card cose and didn't know, if r,v;, Wasn't it a fine joke? Anyway,! JiewrV saw a prettier array of house g.ftwns In my life."—Chicago Tribune. STYUSH HINTS. into Tlppeoanoe oounty grand jury J.« roturnfag indictments against business cnen who tolerate the presence of nich*l-ln4he-«lot machines in their estafeitohmentg. «oo*lm<« in Town. Tbeiollowlng Indiana people were rexiaterod at the hotels yesterday: &. B. Lftrkln, -C. F. Deutoher, F. H. MafUa, -at Indianapolis; John Hamp" ton, Dariington:; H. H. Fennel, Frank fort;C. F. Boovllle, Angola; H. F Smith, EUdiart; gimuel -Stern, Fred R- Potter, Kokomo; Isaac Pierson Sirayiee; J. C. Beck, Goshen; Chas.B. Stuart, £-. e. Blooker, W. H. Magee, R. E. Cart, Lafayette; E. J. Lathrope, H. D. Winch of Fort Wayne. Dame million'* LaUwt Decree to Ktr A*4 dent OeTOtee*. .'' Will b« of raluc e the world by IN itrattnff <6e improvements in the mechanical arts and eminent physicians will tell you that the progress in medicinal agents, has been of equal Importance, and se a strengenlng lax- tive that Syrup of Figs is far in ad vance of all others. Knn««r School Union. The annual convention of the Cass oounty Sunday School Union will, be held at the English Lutheran church of the city, beginning on the evening -of May 28. A full attendance of Sunday school officers and teachers and 'ill others interested in Sunday school work IB desired. Dr. Holloway's office In the Progress block, corner 4th and Market streets. White moire rivals satin for weddiaffj gowns. A now departure in drapery is catch it up directly in the jaunty way, as though it were an dent j Those who do not care to muss theirj pretty waists with the regulation Wax-] er jackets can have cloth capes made to* match their skirts. A little variation from the wrinkled) collar is three flat bows of bias velvet) set on a standing band, one directly! in front and two on the sides, which) meet in the back. The modern zouave, or-Eton jacket, {' reaches to the waist and is fastened Inj, front with three buttons. -A silk blonMJ' is worn with this, and of ten appears r below the coat in a frill. Embroidered lisse and embroidered: silk muslin are to take the place of glrf-J< pure lace in the frill-like style of fln- ishiog waists. They are more easily] arranged into the fullness. ' Worth has introduced a new ornament in jewelry which bids fair to be a; favorite. It is a diamond triangle.) • With a flower or monogram in the oen-r •'• ter, and may be worn as a buckle, *| •• brooch or a decoration for the hair. Glace gloves, heavily stitched and 6i| four-button length, are still the correct) tning for street wear. White, wiUv the black stitching, are worn for dressy] . jccasions in the day time, and any del*) cate tint in tmede is the proper glove! : for evening wear. j' .. A pretty evening waist to be woni| with a black satin or moire skirt can bej made of black gauze jetted in rays, an'dj •!••• under this Is creamy white gauze, which; escapes from it to form a finish at thai neck, and to make full sleeves, which)' are spangled with gold. Around thai . waist is a twist of deep rose-colored' • velvet Much attention is still devoted tothei .-;' sleeves, which have as yet lost none of ' their prominence and are gathered or' ' plaited in the inside scam to make the' fullness even to the elbow. The lower, part is sometimes wrinkled in the lin- . ing a la Bernha^dt, which is very effective if the material is soft and thin.—N. ; ''.'• V. Wnrld. OflLL ON KELLER - - FOR - - Fine Tailoring. 311 MrtRKBT 8TRBBT. ^^*is^-*A : i ; ;i**-w*P^«sffl8!W"-''? v 'W*^- ..-•w^Si&ai^isS;

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