The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 16, 1940
Page 8
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PAfiR RIGHT Flood Tlireal Along the Allegheny (ARK) COURIER Regul _ lar Patrols Cover 300 Mile Area From The Coast AN ATLANTIC I'OIIT <U1'> — The Royal Canadian Air Fo/ce, "I'yt.s". of the Dominion, tunla oat rector H-cOiinalssr.ncc patrols K far iii 30 miles at sea, a:ul fil'liling planes go 0111 with con- »<iys to scout the water for miles The air force is ready In l)ni',v planes of all di-scrlplloiis Inin ar- llon from mimy polnis dotting the cr.astlinc. Fnst combat planes -are fcepl on the line wllli engines warmed up, ready for an iminc- dinte takeoff. Bombers also held in readiness if oncmy craft nre reported. Cooperating will) the n.ivv JUKI army, the air force's direct' communications system .links slrauglc poinls along (he seaboard. On larr.e maps and cliarls are plotted die • •• position of nierchani. vessels, naval llml11 f-ttna craft and convoys. Any enemy ship nppronohing ivoi.'ld 'be soo<~- ted quickly. Air H.IWS iU-ie Wllh construction work sill) in progress at various bases, fliers are having a taste of conditions as they exist in battle zones. At one base there arc no hangars for air force ptone.?. As- quickly as they come down, their engine's are covered. Aircraft kept ready for emergency duty are rolled up lo nose hangars—with litlle mm- c ih-.i.n the engine protected from the weather by n loau-to—ami' stoves lighted. At another base, huge bombers are rolled oft" the rumvnys as soon as they come in. Jackets ore thrown over the engines and healers comparable best to Ihosc used by orchardIsts in off-season frosts are placed under each, pipes carrying the warm air directly into the delicate motors. Machine shop work is carried out in tents, around which ilic snow is piled up, and officers carry out their duties in shacks which have been built-hurriedly since the war-began. Huge Center Developed One of the most modern avia- iion centers in the empire hus been developed in Cniiadu diiriii- the last four years. Barrack (jiiiir- ters for HID men me. more comfortable than those provided oill- cers in some sections of 'Britain, according to n squadron leader who lias just returned. Nei Ittmgnrs are rising to ac- coininodsle planes of nil sizes, and n small town of uniformed men Is mushrooming Into existence over several square miles of land thnt once was swamp, forest, streams nnd lakes. A typical scene any dny might be pictured: .Overhead, n • squadron of bombers moves out to open sen—In an hour they ,\vlll be more than r. hundred miles from land-to relieve other plnnes which have been cruising since idtnvn, studying the area which lias been .token by ships/ Aiiothcr squadron clrcle'-i about, Immediately above a Hue of ships of all sizes, ojie of wlilcii carries .French reservists back to their native land. : Several hours; ' later; • anotliC'- bombing patrol takes off,' roars out to sea and soon will be well ahead oi the advance units of the steamers, Wireless Is Silenced Along (he eastern coast, in fact, wherever there me official troopship or plane movements, wiieltvis for miles over banl::: of the jilonly moviiiK Alli'ijhfny river tumbled huge llot-s ontu Pa., and fc,,rol many fain! i-.s In the rc B lon to He? their homos because, of t'r rccecieo ^.ij.itly when dain.icd \vnlcr;; cut n channel througl) Ihe ice. - . oiicy Shaped To R educe l-'crcclosurcj WA.MifNCJTOH. (UI'J—Uact- (,f llii- Fau.'i Credit Administration's i.f.v "JibrralJwd" policy toward li'im bcrro'.vcrs is « tola! of mole lhan S:94,OGO,GM> in owrdiie. princi- |.ai and payments. A '.-iiii.'iidwaUe pun ol the $1 - l.fci,.(!!)(),COO in Federal Land Hani; i.i'.d l.-uul Dfiiik commission loan;: iri'c delismtii'iit. The FCA U-iulliij! :.-C''irl:>s liaw fou't-lcsecl on invw ;'•:!! i-slnli' valued : ,t Siao.GOO.Wa. 'Ihc- n;w policy announced in BiniiiiH'liam, Ala., recently by Dr. A <i. Black, governor oi the Farm CiL-iIlt Administration, Is designed t'.i reduce the number of foreclosing and i-jxihle Unrruwrrs In uny ml. Wallace Kims Prevail .'X'rretary of Ayrii-nllurc Henry which payments wiry from ienr to year accordln;; to Income and reduction of InslaMnwils for a (iefitilU. 1 period Tlie land bank commission .suffered rclallvely more than the Kick-nil ra n ,i ij ni | k (rom ((|?lin _ Amides, commission bono'vsis ; in arrriii-K in mui- esl paywmi.s owl $ir).58S,0<;o 'ill principal payment.';, according lo l'«>l l-'CA Courts. Federal Land Haiil: borrow.? ore delinquent 535,81)8,000 in In- Icrcst Instalments and S8,(i(iO,000 =n principal, The hind bank.s have 'rails Uitalinj; Jl.fl 10,000.000 and (he commissioner $CTf,47f<,000. Tlie :tmmliis!aiier. in addition, holds S70U,0€O.OCO in land uatik bonds. die of Die j;iosi dlUIciilt proij- U-ins which ihe FCA fncp.s Is ihe disposal 'of thousands of farms obtained by foreclosure. Federal land Liuilu, which arc n\n older, lia\e .? 168,740.000 In rf-ul i-stale and the FRIDAY, FEBmiARY /If,, 10lf i 1111 'Can Oponcr' Traps Reds \ftf open lop wit!) crowbar I o-id hit ctevl and K |.\ Mill, formei 1 naylt Rankia Heads Pemiscot County Farm Bureau CARUTIIERSVII.LE. Mo.. Feh. l« —At Hie annual election meftinj; In tills city of the Pemiseot County - Urn-Pirn, Dr. j. o. Rniikln Route 'NO. 1, «-o:i r-k-ctjct piesldent for Ihe enstilii? year. SIK- Ronnie p. Gi-fomvell of Figures in Dies-Policy Charges forged tetters were used to link Policy, .silver shirt lender, pen- Jackson, left, legislative repre- Counter charge.; In the llnu.-c (hnt iVTnrtin Dies ivith Willlum Dudley leral around actlvllles of ciardner _ , ,,.,„„ sentntlre of Labor's rVon-PartlE E n League. und'liaYold 'welsuer^ fon'.'u'r Civil Liberties Committee InvesliBalor. Wclsbcrg told reporters' he mid paid SICS for the pmporlcd letters tmd had oblr,l,:i'd the money vi'otn Jackson. censes Issued to Britain in ,„.,„ amounted to S2(i,GOO.cno. or better . tlinn five and one-half millions flbovc the 1639 -Ilenrc. In September and October the aims cuitai-go was on. and no anus licenses were Issued to Britain. In November. Drllnln got M4.OCO.COO worth of them, But In December, the lota) tell to iEG.840—about l/47lh of lhi> total issued to Finland, which' took and n much smaller , -••" • -L I11L I11.T, tVJIt"|C.'>3 i ft 1C equipment is silent. But operator!, , remain at their posts to nick m ',i fl ' nctlon of Ule French Dccembei «ny bits that might prove of uo i l0 "" <* « 15 - l)l »,000. <Por the full to "Intelligence." And they stnndi y f r ; " Ce B ° l S'- 2 ' 008 ' 00 " worth by, loo. for n flash message whicii I ot1 ' 1lp , ( :" scsl will throw all brandies of ,h' ! , Bl , ltlsh P lll ' c ' in scs of American services Into action. " st , 11 l )les t^ 0 cotton, tobacco, ap- To keep trim for the day the Howors." Since dahlias do well In soil enriched bv other crops you're apt to i) n( l ), m nl) ovct : the farm; she doesn't try to keep them In separate If abundant "cueniy is n qimll- I-CA governor, disafiiwd upon Hie l.iulinj; policy. Hill believed Wal- Ideas •'unsound and«er- \Vnltace thought them the Ollier officers elected were: u. c. Spcer, Hraifgadoelo, vice preslJcnl; Mrs, lierniecc VanAusdall. Carntl . - crsvillc. secretary; and M. J. X.tre- lfle.itlon for the first lady's lob. Mr::. Taft can pat's all of the tests , , , ,, In ID* seu.lorli.1 onmpalgn ^ ™!^ Jj '^ ° n " '"!!;, " c >OT - ™''- Camher^ille.' treasurer, year she stumped Ohio for him. i ' . , Lh °" 1!i11 '^'e""'- The Eoard of Directors consist- visiting all bin three counties to | V"Utr Black. Wallace's ideas are I ing of one' innn and one n-oman Republican women. | tclnu put into operntlon. They from each lownshlp, was named'as She has been aclivc in lcad<-r- j I/1XA "'<•' l01 ' "0 major changes in ship of the Girl Scouts, the Ma-1 " H> '""kill? of loans, or in the tioniil League of Women Voters. | I ' <! " dlitl 8 °f Hie bulk of loans al- Ilie Cincinnati children's Hospi-' IV( "'> t """le upon which interest tnl. nnd -,i civic group which csl-'""'' principal payments have not. lc;icd supplies for the unemployed. |1 :10V «' a burden lo borrowers. Khe expects lo go right-on bt-I Ui't those who, bccasuc of drouth, 1"B busy. j Insect pests or similar causes, have Says: "I see no reason for u \«i- been unable to meel their pay- man lo clumse because her husband Is President. U she Is a homebody she will continue lo be cm-; II- she has been active, slw will B" on that way." Incidentally, cull the Taft ho.™ is out und lie-re when Mrs minis will receive a helping hiind. Hlack promised they will be sistcd as rapidly imwuies ck'sigiifd , en their farms mid protect them ap.ainsl foreclosure." A|)()licallons for help are being _ ..—.. ....... .,,.! i., v,ui, iimj i.j,|..>k.i.t,uio lui J)LJ(J .ire ui lily the inaiil will tell you: "No, I don't I received ut Ihe rale of 3,500 a i:no\v when t:hc'U be; In. When Mrs. Tart, goes out you never know «'!icn she's comini; back." VOUTU CKOKI' fllJIlTS SKLF IN CO.N'GltESS The Amr-rican Yoinh Congress managed in convince practically nil the lnw-mul:crs here thnt it renlly is <i "front" ciitlit. Ncl result: a terrific blow to lln: Congress's Kixalcsl interest, a prosjram for ihe ii'llef of unemployed youth. This piograin Ls etnoociled In the Murray bill, nitci could week. The; FCA already lias • -- -- •: ••••*-• fr, M ijj IJHJIJVU "• follows: Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Grisli ftin, Canithcrsvillc; Mrs. w. N. Rankiii and Starr McDanlel. Hayti' Mr. and Mrs. T. p. McCloslley. Hraggaaacio; Mr. and Mrs W W Craves. Sleele; Mr. and MIS VV c" Watson, Canithersvlllc, Route- l- John Tant, Wardell; J. w !--}\rn- <Ier, Hayti, and Mrs. R, M. "nice. Biagg City; Mrs. T. J. Orernwell .... __ .... and U P. Croom, Hayti Route. Some as possible by vacancies arc yet to be filled on to keep them tlir; board. Principal speakers were R w Brown, president of the Missouri 1-arm Bureau Federation, nnd Miss Amy Kelley, state, home' demon nniorti/ed loans of 75.000 borrowers and has ..approved reamortlza- lion for 65,000 others. In most eases annual payments on the principal hnvc been reduced by spventlinj the loan ever 20 to 30 years. Tllrrc-l'chlt 1'lati Si:l l!(l This, alone, is not adequate to meet conditions. Black said. He announced a three-point plan culling for suspension of .second-mortgage .,-{iimilssiancr loan payments until rif-hiKiuoncic. 1 ,- on first - niortgage the Murray bill, nitci could .have df-linqiioiiclt's on _ first - mortgage >iccn presented on p. persi!f|yjve, I 'cdenil land tnnk' loans are paid iion-iaillral basis — its essentials up: a \ariable payment plan under having - K i;n urged lust fall by commission of cill/.ens 'including D. Instead, (lie Youth Congress contrived to make just about everyone on "ihe hill" feel that all of i the rlmrgcs of Communist lioini- unncp are fully justlllcd. Consequently It will get nowhere nel, when U goes, lo br.t In: the iVlitrrny Wll. Ucad C.iirier Hews v,;itit nds. , , - stration agent, and C. C. Hearne, EUtc extension agent. During the business session, it was voted lo secure Miss Merdell Bnnictt as the Pemiscot County demonstration agent, replacing Mrs Mary France.',- L-eft«-|ch Ijysai-t, who resisneil prior to her recent Nosr In New Location J. .1. HARGETT SERVICE STATION Main & Division Phone 500 Weri: Optometrist j"HK MAKES 'EM SEE") Over Joe Isaacs' Store 'linno fi>10 . of the camera at intervals No bombs are dropped, but. by use oi the "camera obscurn," technicians can tell if the pilot wo;ilc! hav struck a salecteil target when (lie arranged -bomb release" stennl is flashed. Aviation along the. Canadian At- lant.c coast today is almost entirely for defense purposes Civil , , - pics, and so on. have fallen heav- j ily; common explanation Is that they may drop bombs on submarines or surface enemies, pilots .,-> .,.„„., . . ~ ": '" •""-• ---•.••' through.their paces for the bcncvU f, 1 f • ,' AllM>1 :'™' nnd '""st put«* ti-_ _- . . MHII-IIH IT, nil Illln Hilln >J ion,- Cn »',..- l,,—*. is kept to a al- - -*-- »^ i. ••iiitiiuuill ill- though regular airlines are allo-.v- I ew to continue operation with t«\v j restrictions. However, sightseeing' 13 prohibited. In fact, since Ihe day Canada went to war every tich of the Maritime Province's has been a "restricted area'- as far as flying is concerned. I Hiitain has only so nv.ich cash ID , , it nil into munitions. So far. however. it hasn't shown up In the export license lablra. Mito. TAFT rilACTK'KS KOR NEW .10 It Ohio's presidential candidate Senator Robert. .-\. Tafi, is a bit of a farmer on the side; has GO acres near Cincinnati, and grows (among other thing.-;) prize ra.vj- berries. Mrs. Tart is in on U; she raises prize dahlias, remarks. "I3ob takes core of the farm part— my job is • BRUCE CATTON IN WASHINGTON BY BRUCE CATTOX Courier News Washington i Correspondent ' WASHINGTON, Feb. 15. -After all that has been sold about England's dire need of American munitions, export license figures show she Is culling down on her purchases. , During 1S39, Britain took out licenses for American munitions (including eirplanes) worth Just, less than S21,CDO,000. Actual exports during ihe year ran to $31,000.000— much of this presumably, going on licenses taken in 1938. Just incidentally, U- SPEND VOUR GASOUXE I10U.AU WISELY SAUE 3c In -In I>n- Oallon ON GASOUNK Valuable Coupons With Each rurclusr GASOL1NK—MOTOU OH, KEKOSENK Wholesale >fc Retail TRADE WITtt JOYNER OIL CO. Inilrptndcnt Dealer TANK CAI! TO YOUR CAR Hiphway at, North, niythcvlllc We Deliver p ht)n( , 153 Glrninorc Silver Label (90 poof) is now Old ciioiigli io i) C a ...yclslill iioiilc lower proof for mildness. Straight , Boitr'hon • Wtislici/ I •i-...,,,,:,,,,;,, i "'niiiimfe.ilrwsf:: V-^'""'' : PINTS $1.00 QUARTS $1.95 P01{& <:-I-r. I'lw,,,,,,.,, , lxral..lllf_0.en.l» ) r,,/l > ,'' sessment 1 The Time for Assessing Rural and Personal Property Is From Now Until if liou fail lo assess your proper- lij Ilia law requires me to assess it for yon. You know the value of your rty better than anyone else. Please help me to fix the proper value on your property. c i-ao ? f«&a4«'^w $ y««3tSOll County Assessor in using "can oper »'iUi ero'vbir- n ^l ^^ tlU ' kS ' AfU ' r forclllg Ulncl to '> °»" CiOAb.n.. Finns drop l,,,nd erenades Insld? und ffiimter back Urn the woods. marriage. Miss Barnett, a nntlve o Texas but who has been employed as assistant home demonstration ageat for Duiiklln County is to (ali,. in, |,,. r , ul|| j ,j county Feb. •>•>. ^ Read Cairlcr tvews want, ads. ! 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