Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 9, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1896
Page 6
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BACKACHE WHY? Because your Liver and Kidneys arc I- out of order ' ' " . Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S LIVER AND KIDNEY BALM i I ir —4 4 is the " PEERLESS REMEDY » for curing; | \ \ j. ailments of the Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, Diabetes, Rheu- 11 THE DR. J. H. MCLEAN ASKS FOR FUNDS. Appeal Issued by National, People's Party Committee. "DIRT DEFIES THE KING." YOUNG AMERICAN !•• '&'• it," •• W--' &• b.: .. ' DREAM. 1 Ibve* * Trnln from Mcslctin BandiW .After a Do»pcrato IflRht. Inquiry has becti, received at St. Jo- •epb. Mo,, from the otliee of the United States consul at Juarez.Mexico.concern-. 'W James F. Ilc^vard, a young man jwell known in St. Joseph, who is j-eport- jed to be lying unconscious in a hos- '„' pital at Juarez, with two bullets in hia •tody. •. private telegrams received state that tbe other evening Howard started from • 'Juarez to the City of Mexico. A short /distance out of Juarez he bccame-m- : Wvcd in a difficutty with several Mcx- ' ns who attempted to assault lihn. a desperate fight'that followed li« mufii three of them dend and escaped, (though himself badly wounded. Later [the same night, although almost faint Sh>m loss of blood., young Howard 1 Saved the Mexican Central train south- iHoimd from a wreck, apparently [planned by the gang of Mexicans with iwhich ho had fought He hnd leaned rfliat some one had removed the rails I* half mile ahead, and as the train Earned a curve some distance away, Howard set fire to his coat, and, as best Bfe- could in his weakened condition, jwavcd the flaming garment across ithe track. . , ' The signal proved effective. Howard ,-wae taken aboard, and just before he Host consciousness was enabled to tell (the trainmen of the condition of the (track. The train proceeded slowly, final- fly coining to a place where the rails had [Been removed for two length's' and iplaced across the track. Robbery was ••videntJy intended. Howard has been [unconscious since then. He had been allot in two places and dangerously rwounded. The Mexican Central officials •re doing all possible for him. ROMANCE OF AN ACTRESS. Annie Yeaman* to Retire from the St»«o and MttTTT » Count. . | I^ss than an hour after Jennie Yeamans, the comedienne,.received her decree of divorce from Charles B. DUllng- 3mm, a few days ago, a messenger ;»olled nt her house in New York with a : wnall package. It contained a mag- jdficent ring of the marquise style, •with diamonds set in the form of an Interrogation point. There was no note with it, but the peculiar sliapc of the ••'riftg- told her the name of the'sender. Each-gem in the ring secincd to flash an inquiry, nnd in the note of thanks which' the actress sent to the giver there was a modest affirmative reply, which will make one roan thousands of miles away supremely happy when he receives it. : The romantic ring was one • chapter'in a story which will be-cnded •a year from now, when Miss Yeamans '•'.•will leave the stage and settle down in '» foreign city as 'Countess —-, Sho. declines at present to give the name of her futcire husband, but he is dc- acnbed as young, br.ndsome and •wealthy. They met out west a few months ago, while the count was mak- flig-atour of this country. . .. , 1 Wanted 111" Tomb. . ' The late Eidhard Burton waa exploring an unknown comer o.f Afg-hon- fttan once'and had adopted the disguise oi ! a Mohammedan fakir. He played ais-.pnrt so well in one village that.thc Inhabitants formed a very high idea of ' : iils- sanctity. Naturally, he was plum- ing'himself on his success, when the flKers canfe-p'rivntely to him one night and-begged him to go away at once, "•Do"not the people like; me?" asked Burton,.iir£!Teatsiivprise. -"Indeedthey . do," was.-tu« reply: "they were cpnsid- , aring- whether .it would notte a good '"thing to possess your; tomb, they are BO enchanted'with your holiness. Sir EJchard made- tbe best-of his speed Valnnblo Pin Th»t Wan lost Kocovered In 11 Remarkable Way. At a social gathering held upon a lawn in Jefferson, la., the other night one of the guests lost a "stick pin," a valuable jewel. The loss was not noticed until she was about to depart lato in the evening, and neither she nor anyone else hod the slightest Idea- where the pin 'was. During the night the hostess dreamed she saw the pin in the grass by a chair, and so vividly was the vision impressed upon her mind that in tho morning she went to tlie lawn and found the jewel in the grass exactly as she had seen it in the dream. Tlio Jicwnrk Arrived at Key Went. .Washington, Sept. 8.—The cruiser Newark has arrived at Key West to relieve the Montgomery on guard duty at port. She is under special orders to prevent filibustering. . • . : Manufactory Burned. : Carlisle, Pa., Sept. S.-Wilcox's fifth wheel works', at Mechanicsburg, with contents, wns destroyed by fire Tuesday niglit. Loss, $30,000. The origin was accidental. . THE MARKETS. Grain, Provisions Etc.- Chlcago, Sept ». FLOUR—Quiet and unchang-ed. ' Quotations arc as follows: .Winter; Patents,.53.-10 SM GO- straights. 52.CO©3.20; clears, $2.0''® 260- .seconds, *1.M®2.00:. low .-grades, Sl.io m CO- Spring—Patents, $3.3503.75; straights, VCO@3.20; bakers'; J2.W02.25; low 'Braflos. »1.CC@1.75; Red Dog, $1.2C@J.M:. «**• S^ 0 ® 2.20. WHEAT—Dull, weak and lower. September, KM@55J4c: December, ,57>40J714c. CORN-Weaher. No. 2. l<0i@]9%o; Xo. 2 Yellow, 20',4<5>20%c; September, 19«i@U%c; October, !9%©20c; December, 20%&20>dc, May, 23%©Wc.' - ' - - „ ' OATS—Dull and lower. iNo. 2 casn, llvftc, September, 14>/4@14%c: 'May,_ l8tt@lS?t>o. Samples stdady.. Mo. Grade, S®13o; No. 3. •L2018C; No. 3 White, lC©I9c; No. 2, 17@17ViO No. 2 .White, 19&@20',4c. • • RYE—Offerings light; market nrm. No. J cash. 31c; rejected, 29i/t©:9%c: September delivery, 31c, and December,, 33c. . . : EAKLEY—Old Barley steady and tair sale;:now as yet Is easy. Old Barley .quotable at 2C@23c for thin, to 25©32o for malting Hirht'weljTht to choice. New Barley ensy at 17©23c for poor damaged to.ralrepofis, MBS3 PORK—Market fairly active and nrioes easier. Quotations ranged at J5.CO 05.C5 for cash; $5.G5@&fi> for Boptemter: $3.52'.i@3,G5 for October, and $6.52Vj@l'.«2i4 for January. LARD—Trading moderate and prices Bteadv. . Quotntlong ranped at 53.22^@3.2a for cnsh; $3.17%©3,20 for September; $3.20(3) 3.25 for October, and $3,C3(jr3.CO for January. BUTTER — Market nrm at lligMc for creameries and la&ilo for dairies, POULTRY—Quiet. . Turkeys, S® :; Ducks. 8©S'X:C per W. J. Bryan Returns to Lincoln and Is Enthusiastically Received by His Fellow-Townsmen. Washington, Sept. 8.—An ; address and appeal for funds has been issued by Marion Butler, clittirmau of the national people's party commii- tee It is addressed "To Every American Patriot," and declares thnt "the people's party, as its name implies, is tho champion of the mosses who labor and produce wealth," and that it was to "tbe efforts of their party that the revolt of the musses of the democratic party, and the nomination of.\V. J Bryan ou ; a platform demanding financial independence for the United Btates, was due." "The mission of tho people's party Is to restore thd government .to tho people. To this end It'has nomlnatecTMr; Bryan for president and Mr.' Watson for-vice president which Is not only.the true cooperative ticket for the sliver voters of all parties to unite upon, but which Is also the belt silver ticket In 1 tho Held." Speaking of "a considerable minority In the democratic, party, who, though supporting tho action of the Chicago convention do so from policy, and behind their present position Is lurking many n doubt and mental reservation," It asserts, that the 'people's party is the only agency through which the people can discount the possible joining of this element to the "bolting plutocrats of the. Indianapolis convention." , , •"To have a government of the people, the people must have a party that is true to them through which to govern. This thev cannot have If the national commit tec of such party draws Its campaign funds from bankers and. corporations Therefore the people must contribute the nucus- sary funds for some political party <li-.:-in K the campaign In order to have that party to guard thdr Interests after elfcl.on. If the people's party Is placed in ncwi-r. It will serve the people; and to De left free 10 do this your national committee cannot and wurnot'niicept contributions from- the monopolists who seek special ,aw? to •enable them to prey upon the people. Appeal for Contribution '. ""•hcrcforo, !n behalf of the people of the' Trltcd States, who prodixo wealth nnd pav taxos, tho people's pan:- national committee upl^ls to all whn are able and • wlllins to do so to contribute the Burn of one dollar to our national cam- paltrn fund, A prompt response is urgently requested to enable us to prosecute a vigorous campaign in defense of .»'ir homes tnd liberties that are menaced by a combined plutocraey-thc Kolhsc'him-Morjain- Hanna-McKinlc-y combination ibrlHlng us In front nnd the Kothschlld-Cleveland- Palmer combination lighting us In. the rear Four 'years m'or'e .of gold standard nnd-monopoly rule, with falling prices and shrinking values, and thousands of mort- paced homos will be lost, and thousands more of our laborers will bo without employment. Plutocracy Is desperate, and 13 determined to have a president and congress -of Its own that will Increase and use the aruij- to suppress) bread riots, while gold, jn-ows' iluar and human life grows Cl The' appeal closes as follows; "ThlB Is your light. If Is our fight. Hold up your lioncK and we will do our duty in the terrible struggle. Don't wait for somebody else to move. What Is everybody's business Is nobody's business. Make this your business. At once see several of your neighbors; try to get each one to contribute at least one dollar. If some.can- not do this then get each one to give as much as he can. In short, take up. a subscription In your community at once ami forward the amount with the mimes of tun contributors to Hon. M, C. Rankln, Terre Haute Ind,, our national treasurer. AlRO at the same time notify your national chairman at Washington, D. C., of the amount thus' forwarded. "There is no time to lose. It is now only eight weeks until the battle will be won or lost Be the first In your community to forward a subscription. We must win thla fight. Let each do his duty, and a victory awaits us," __^_^_ I lie' Chickens, ..„.,.,., — he re- | pound; Geese, per dozen, $3.00@G.M. WHISKY—Steady on the basis of $1,1S for .hlghwlnes. i New York, Sept. 8. FLOUR—Steady and quiet. ' WHEAT—No; 2 Red, firm, fairly active; September, G2y 4 @B2%c; October, MttfflCS^c! December, WW@C413-lCc; May, 67%® 6711-lCo. • CORN—No. 2 dull, weaker. September, £%@2CMic; October, 2C%c; December, 27^c. OATS—No. 2 qulat, weaker.. State, 1?® ZiT4c; Western, 1615)27140; October, Iflc; December, 20c. • : , .-. BEEF—Quiet. Extra mesa, $E.CO@C.OO;- amlly. J7.«)®8.00. . PORK—Quiet and steady. New Me33, 7.50@S.25.' LARD-Qulet and ateady. Steam rendered, $3.G5. •'• BUTTER — Moderate demand; fancy iteady. Western dairy, S@12o; do. creamery WOlS'/ic; do. factory, 7%@ll^ic; El* glna.i 16'^c; inltatlon creamery, lC@12V6o. CHEESE—Firm. Part aklms, 2@Gc. EGGS—Firm. ' Western, 14V4@15Wc. Live Stock. ' : Chicago, Sept. 8. CATTLE—Market steady and slow. Fair to beet beeves, $3.20®4.85: stockers and feed- ut, J2,40@3,75; mixed Cows'and Bulls, $1.20 @3,70j Texas, J2.50®3.15. '. HOGS—Market 'about steady. ' Light, IS 10453.45;; rough packing, J2.50fii2.C5; mixed L- ^^v5gs?ws«as?* BEACHES HOME. Bryan Keturus to Lincoln and It NotlUod of Hl» Nomination by Silver Tarty. Omaha, Neb,, Sept. 8.—It was not certain on which of two trains Mr. Bryan would come and he arrived half an hour later thun the time ol the latter, but •1,500 people'vrerc-n.fr'the depot at 8:30, leaving thoir-buslness'to wait for him. His reception was enthusiastic. He Bpoke briefly in 'a conversational tone from the car steps, saying that he felt as much at home in other portion's ol the country as he did in Omaha. People here thinl: they can shout lor silver, .but if he had the money he would like to bring back a few silver men from New York to teach people here how to^ hurrah. There was no more enthusiasm here than in New York or Pennsylvania. For every one democrat lost to the silver cause there are 1G republicans won. On the trip from Omaha to Lincoln- tho irain.stopped at Gretna long- enough to enable a couple of hundred people to shake hands with the nominee. They cheered him as the train moved on. An Enthusiastic Reception. Lincoln, Neb., Sept. 8.—The second home-coming of William Jennings Bryan since his nomination by the Chicago convention was made the occasion of an enthusiastic outburst on the parf of his fellow-townsmen that diftemj torn Jjia grs'C receptfoS US SI T presidential candidate in that it was stricUy'par-. tisan. It-was 10:45 when Mr. Bryan's train reached the Burlington station. Several thousand people were awaiting him there and as the nominee slepped to the platform he waa given cheera that must have warmed the cockles-of. his heart. It was a real western wel-. come that was ncoxtrded Mr. Bryan ana he showed his appreciation in the beaming looks he gave the crowds in the station anl along the streets. Gov Holcombe, James C, Dahlman, chairman of the Nebraska state demo ? ; cratlc central committee; John E. Crew-, well the Omaha capitalist; C.J.Smyth, candidate for attorney general on the, democratic and- poptilistic'.•fusion, ticket, and a number.of other promin-. ent Bryan men joined Mr..Bryan at Omaha and at places, along the route. At-Ashland a large reception committee from Lincoln boarded the train. Among others in the party on its arrival here were George A. Grost, o! ; Ohio, chairman:of the notification'conv mittee of the national silver party, and A E Talbot, Mr. Bryan's law partner, who,is a candidate for th«.Nebraska, senate on the republic:!n ticket. They came through, with tlie democratic, nominee from Chicago. Esocrted by two brass bands, the Bryan Flnmbe.-iii club, Its members in white duck uniforms with red helmets; a free silver club wearing silvered caps, nnd the local reception committee, Mr. Bryan was conveyed to his borne on D street near Seventeenth through the principal streets. Lincoln had made a holiday of. the occasion inid the sidewalk!? were crowded with people who shouted as the nominee went by; A long line of carriages brought up the rear of the parade. In Mr. Bryan's carriage were Gov. Holcomb and Chairman Grost, of. the silver notification committee. A large crowd was assembled about Mr: Bryan's residence on D street, but the nominee made his way through it quickly and; went inside io greet, his wife and children. A few minutes later he reappeared on the porch and said a •few words in response to the applause from his audience. Tlie NotlDcatloii. The programme-of the national silver party's notification to Mr. Bryan o. his nomination aud the other exercises here Tuesday vas decided on just before noon. A parade escorted Mr. Bryan to the state house at two o'clock and the presidential nominee delivered nn address. At eight o'clock in the evening Chairman Groot, of thn nation- nl silver party, officially notified Mr. Bryan of his nomination and the latter responded in another speech. These exercises wore also at the statt; house. THE SONS O'F VETERANS. Oatliorlnu at Louisville for Tl.elr Fifteenth Annual Encampment. Louisville, Ky., Sept., 8.—Tuesday was arrival d;iy of the fifteenth encampment of the Sons of Veterans and the hotel lobbies are crowded with blue-coated .young men. The decorations while not so profuse as during the G, A. ^encampment make :i handsome showing, mid the visitors are being "ntertnined in tho usual Kentucky style. The encampment propei- does not, begin until Wednesday afternoon. There will ue a pnrnile during the morning and -'.000 men ;tre expected to be in lire. Tuesday night Mrs. Catherine K. Hirst, president of the Ladies of the Grar.d Army of the Republic association, banqueted the visitors. Col. James Lewis Ttnke, of Pennsylvania, is" tipped to succeed W. H. Eussell as commander in chief. The Ladies' Aid society, hold its first session Tuesday morning. The commander in clrof and tho p-overningbody of the order met in the afternoon, when •the mi-mini report of the commander in chief was read. : SLAIN BY A COACHMAN. Shocking DoubleTrafjeily Ht tlie Wandelli Country Home. Ulendale.'X. J.. Sept. S.—A shocking double tragedy'aroused the residents o£ this town near the Suddle river Mon- clny. Isaac Caryl, o£ .Xcw York city while -a'guest n: tho country residence of the'\Yam1olb, th,- •"avnily of the late 'Civil Justice V.'amleM. was shot down in cold l:lood ty WilH.im Doling, who hail liei'ii a uoiii-hiran'in the-service of the family for HP years. 'After murder- in"- Caryl the coachman attempted, to kill 1'vaiik \V:indi-ll..;iiul, fail ing in thi*. turned the. weapon u"on himself..and -out u bullet throufrli'Iilsown heart. Not the'slightest motive cm'j be ascribed'"for the terrible crime, The coachman IITU! Mr." Caryl, had Tsocn the best of friends, 20 far.is !s known. AuMiorlzp Innulni; of llonill. Columbus, 0., Sept, S.—The stockholders of the Columbus Hocking Valley & Toledo Knilway company Tuesday authorized the issuing of $30,01)0,000 in bonds to replace existing bonded indebtedness, and cover outstanding indebtedness of all kinds—the bonds to be secured -by >.'gcnefrfl mortgage-covering nil the property of the c-Jinpany. Concerning the reported consolidation of the road with the Pere. Mnrquctte, President Kyan, of. the board of directors, declined to talk. _ icacapi'cl "rFo~nT~J.aii. Hartford City, Ind., Sept.. S.-rJobn Lucises, Bert Kelley and Charles E. Davis, three men confined in the county-jail awaiting trial on o"charge.'of burglary, escaped Sunday'night by digging through the stone floor in the cell- room to the baseroent and walking out .through an open door. DOWRY. Polish Bride Gives a Dance and a Kiss for a Dollar. Slant uo Into Receiver*' Uand*. . Washington,. Sept. 8.—Comptroller of the Currency Eckels said Tues.lay that It will be necessary to place the failed First national bank of Helena, Mont 1 .,' in the hands of a receiver, and •he-will appoint one within a day or two.' -.: Oar'Salted Meata ln ; A»la. The Asiatics last.year found th«m- Belves obliged to .take 1,366,080 pound* of American salted beef, valued at.$,5,.780, ; and 148,500 pounds of American salted pork. Valued at' $10,483. ITTLE IVER PILLS CBTloQi Cuitomi at a Weddlns In Jeney-HarthaJ Finally Oblleed to Interfere with tl>e Boliter- oui FCK-.Ivlties. A wedding festival in. South River, a few miles from New Brunswick, N. J., Sunday and Monday presented some amusing innovations, that led to the temporary suspension of the festivities by Marshall Applegate, because the ccl- ebrntors were making more noise than the official thought seemly for na Amc-r- ican Sunday night. ' 'Two Poles living at South Eiver were married Sunday by a Polish priest at South Amboy. Their friends in South, lliver and Sayreville and some from New Brunswick, were invited to the feast and celebration. First of all there was a substantial dinner. The dishes sot forth at fashionable American weddings did not appear,, but sbUd dishes took their places. There was plenty of beer, too. When the table had been cleared, the bride appeared in the room with a tLn. washbasin covered with a tightly-stretched cloth, in. the middle of 0 which there was a slit. Then bcg^n a process- of obtaining a dowry, which was an innovation in these parts. Every man in. the place who wished to do so could deposit one dollar in :ne basin. Tho deposit of a.dollar entitled him to a dance with the bride, and at Lhe conclusion of tihe dance to give her a kiss. While the first man was getting his dollar ready the orchestra appeared. It consisted of n. man, with ft violin, another with a, mouth organ 1 and another with nn accordion. Then the fun began, and aJl the afternoon r-he. dancing was kept up. ' The bowl began, to fill with dollars and tne bride to tire.'out still the dance wen ton. She appeared to be in great demand, for one man'is said to have dropped three dollars into the basin, and th,en to have felt, aggrieved because he could not deposit a fourth. It was stated by a Pole tha.t about 100 dances were taken part in by tho bride, and each of these represented one dollar. .' . • Tired at last with dancing, the wedding guests began to 'sing. They seated themselves in. a circle about the room, and, with, the tired musicians playing, sa.r-.ff in their native tongue, this part of the affair was in full swi:)|T when the marshal entered and told them it wcs.late at riipht, nnd the affair must cense. t • Tho Poles did not like this, but the ,brido proved equal to the- occasion, and announced that'the celebration would beg-in again after working' hours Monday night- It "did, 'and there was more dancing nnd more singing until late in the morning.-, _. TOADS STOP A LOCOMOTIVE. Strange Feature of *. Balnntorm on the Santn'Fo Bo»«l of KBHIU. There was a.perfect deluge.of small toads during the rain the other night nlong the Santa Fc track west of Topeka, Kan. • The toads"cbntinued to fall "for several minutes and .littered the •ground for miles. Engineer Charles .Bates, in charge of engine 107, was on hJa way to Topeka with freight tram •No :36and,wa3:tomeet:passenger train No. 7 .at. Pauline. -,At ; the foot, of •\Yakarusa. hiil he, found the track covered with toads.to such an extent that th'e engine wheels were unable to stick to the'-slippery'rails:' 'He put;on a-full- stream- of ^and; but'this had no effect and he finally had to back into the siding at Wakanisa:station and meet Jso. r there. The passenger train .cleared, the'rails coming down the hill and he was then able to continue on. the way to Topeka. ' . • . INCIDENT OF THE DESERT. Fate of » Krenbh SUrqaU on the Gre»t The bodice of Marquis do Mores and his dragoman, Abel el Hack, have reached G abeth the iriost southerly town of Tunis, sewed up'in,' canvas bags and wrapped- in matting, says the New York Times. They were brought back from the. desert by ft party of French Spahl cavalry, sent out a fortnight ago from the French outposts of the Sahara, Tho body of Buc de Vallombroshaa e'os is described as having melted away, either owing to, the .sun, .the dryness of : the desert^'insects or birds'of prey. >Tot a hair wfcs left on his head. He waa recognized:solely by a plaster cast of, his teeth sent by his Paris dentist. The two, bodies were, placed in, leaden, shells, and will. b« seat by .steamer, to Prance. ...... • • MEXICO IS GENEROUS. Conceflion Granted to WHcnocW »<»' r»- olflo-'K»llw»y' Bef onnod. The concession granted to tlie Mich- ocan & Pacific, railway extending from- the 'city fit Jferavatio, : to Cuerpavacja, provisiohs of .the coicessioii, thc'com- paiiy inust compleie'the load as far as Zitiuaro within tenYears under penalty of a forfeiture of-its concession. The government obligates-itself, to pay the company a subsidy of $6.000 for each kilometer of road: constructed. Tho work of conBtruction.of the road must Win, .within.'.18 months/ ^.,. ' . SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these ' , •' Little Pills. ; They abo relieve Distress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion »nd Too Hearty Siting. .A perfect remedy for Dizziness, .Nausea, Drowsiness, Bid Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tongue Pain in .the Side, TORPID LIVER. They Regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable. •mail PHI. Small Doae. Small Price. The skeleton In many a household it the peculiar weakness of the wife and mother,, or of the wife who ought to be a mother and it not. Happiness is destroyed by tbe pres- cn:e of the secret sickness that' niay lurk like a grinning death among:, the most luxurious homes. The most terrible thins about this condition of affairs is that it is entirely needless. There is no reason in the world why every woman in the world should not be strong and health- tul and capable of fulfilling her whole duty as a wife and mother. Many women go on month after month, and year after year, becoming weaker and weaker, because, of a very natural hesitancy they feel m consulting a physician'. TheyTcnow that if they go to a doctor for treatment, the first.thmg he will insist on will be "examination" and " local treatment." This must of course be distasteful to every modest woman. They are generally as unnecessary, as they are abhorrent. Dr. Pierce's Favorite PtcBcnptioB cures positively, perfectly, permanently, all varieties of '•female weakness" and disease It is designed to do this one thing-, and it docs it. It is the only medicine now before the public for woman's peculiar ailments adapted to her delicate organization by a regularly graduated ph^ician^an ex. pcrienced and skilled specialist in these maladies. It cannot do harm in any condition of. the- system. Its sales exceed the combined sales of all other medicines for women. Every woman will be healthier and happier for every wora. fo , lowi thc friendly, practicil counsel contained in Dr. Pierced great universal doctor boot: "The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser." It is the most comprcheusive medical -work m one volume in the English Un- j-u.ige. It contains 1008 pages, fully illustrated. 6So,ooo copici have been sold nt fi-S? each bound in cloth. The profits are now used in printing half-a-miU- ion free copies bound in strong ^^^^^^(L?^g|«f ^r^^^s^^^f^ promptlv before Ell arc foycn aw iy if u> w»nl •f out. "Tbtv are going off rapidly. Be»d All of the Bible Chapter. Dcaa Hole.made.B scene in Bochester catlkearal recently.. At Sunday service the 1 canon whose' business it waa. to 'reed the first lesion omitted certain passages which lie thought improper. The dean wea •& read the second learn j but before beginning be S °^^J read the passages omitted in tie first lesson. . '_ •• • ' Wan jfo«tma>ter Under Lincoln. • - Valparaiso, Ind., Sept. S.-Marion A. Salisbury, ageJ 00,. a.business rmin_of this : city, died Monday morning. He was; postmaster during Lincoln's first term. ONE-HALT SIZE OF8OX PozzoNrs COMPLEXION POWDER; I ha* hccn the standard for forty yo»r» and • ' 1« more porular to-d»7 th»n cvor baiore. ' I POZZOKI'S I li ibe Idrol complexion powder—be»nUryln«,| rcIreiLlug, cleanly, hialtlifnl and bormlcsi. , | A d«'.lcat<j, Invisible protection to tie face. | TOih«v*rT^™«rF<»zzpvra-«»r i I nlflcent Scevlll'» GOLD ftjfr I i ItOX 1m given tre« of diarge. , 1 AT DBDGQISTS *ND FANCY STORES. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hote |3 Xxpnss Id, 35e. 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