The Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama on November 15, 1925 · Page 8
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The Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama · Page 8

Anniston, Alabama
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Sunday, November 15, 1925
Page 8
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! -i SUNDAY. NOV. 15. 1S23 1 TUK AftNISTUN dTAlt BBaBBMaiBBHS0m S ihurrtPefeats zlcLGoal.Gives :iiih kick in third Lcrcsst Crowd In History Of .Southern Football Sees 'Hi: Georgia Lose , -jlaata, No. 14. (United :"re?s) A colorful throng of 15,-CC9. iho largtst that over attended -fouttra football contest, to-iy m Georgia Tech defeat Georgia, I to 0. In one of the hardest' fought game In the history Ct th two ancient rivals. Th only er esm In the thlr''qartor when Ike Wlliams kicked goal from Gsorgla's 15-yurd Hn. after thre unsuccessful- trlsw Th team were so evenly matched that neither side could,. fain anything by line plunge ,and aerial plays were re-peaUdljr . broken up. . "'! t"t!aal statsa of the ftm the Georgia Bulldog resorted to 11 !, ,of deceptive forward paaseo la an effort to overcome Tch'a three-point lead. Three passes la eucceeaion netted SI yards but the fourth -play waa Intercepted and the tall went over ob down. N more nor better forward-rssslns; (am was erer eeen on Grant field and the vast crowd waa kept on its toes throughout th "gam ths first since till when : football relation between tho two Georgia ochools were brokta off because of bitter feeling. V The) lineup: Georgit Tech Position Georgia Moral'" Tharp Godwin. Poole) Torrorter Fair Marshall "Williams TTycoff JCC) " tiarroi ' V Murray .. Bubsthut: L . 1. t. L g. . r. g. r. t. r. e. p.. b. Nash Lueksy .. Smith. Fortes Rogers Huff Thompson(C) Hollls 1. h. b. rn:"b: t. b. Ertei "liforton Kaln Tech Irwin for Marshall. Hsarn for Fair. -Georgia, Moore for HollU, Sher lock, Boland for Kaln, Kaln for BoUnd, Leffer t or- O; Smith, Morton for Eat M. Morris for Huff. VaOelsen for Thompson, Bo-land; for. Kaln, Curran for Nash, Butler for Forbes, Eubanks for Kogers, Th score: . Tech s est 03 Georgia 0 t 'a o o of Tech. - . Officials, Gardner (Western Conference) referee; Strelt (Auburn) ' umplref Springer (Pena.), Head linesman; Powell (Wisconsin) field, Judie. ISIepKenson Is Found " .. . .Guilty; Others Freed . vjOraUae(I from page 1) ' SSSBtbBsltessSBHaaSBSSSMSBMMSllSaBBBSSSS iir the courtroom when the verdict -waa returned. - - - Whoa Judgo Sparks asked if the .dfevJa4..anTthlng:to.ay. after tha foreman of the Jury reported ;;wu:CfirJsmn:. replied:. . " :. atetyoar honor, just let the recor otaad the way tt is now. It .is the custom of judges to re-. f usoibonCla second-degree mur, der eases, pending appeal. - -Stencil and Gentry were jubilant when the Jury's decision was made public SUpheason was visibly crestfallen, tut he managed to laugh and ho 'WM taken back to Jail smok- ins; Ms usual elgar. . - Ills) only move there was to send for the representative of a morning newspaper. SOCIETY PERSONALS (Oontleed from page 5) Mf. Clyde Powers Is the guest cf his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Powers. -ri K: . - - Mrs. ; F. .Ricks ( Elizabeth Tiptotsj has returned to hci home in Bessemer after a visit ., i.iston, i ;', ' . ,. ". r Miss Pauline Gordon spent Saturday In Birmingham, going over for th football gsme. Mr, and Mrs. Louis Cannon ami j baby, formerly of Anniston are i row, at horns at Fort Lauderdale, ! ' Mrs, ,IJ. : Foote has returned troni a vuit W Memphis and Tu- io. Miss, where she was the test" of relatives, . . Jr. uuy Bweets has returned tn Chattanooga where sh was, 'l.i M. Ill IvmUa. h 1. I. , . I- -w .uw vi Htm urvixi- - sir, jonn sweets who has been i itically ill for s-.two months. i iend will bo glad to know that -..,, -M ,M . , Th many friends of Mr, L. J. rrotl wlU be . pleased to learn t he continue to Improve at ; hom on Chrlstln avenu. , : . w -,. ' Tr. and Mr. Fred W. Cass of ver, Colo., ar apendtng - few s with their sister, Mrs. R, F. . ' rhouse, en rout , to Tampa, i.. wher they will mak their .) In th fotur. - .www-, i . 0-cr Ramsfy and Misses ' 1 Alma Ttamsey hav re-wi a viit'to Moptevallo -rr, t ;. Commodores By Narrow Big Upset; BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Nov. Is. (United Press) Auburn up-aet the dope here this afternoon by winning from Vanderbllt, 10 to I, A placement kick by Williams following a touchdown gave the Alabama Plainsmen the margin tf victory in a see-saw contest. It was also Williams toe lat in the fourth quarter that jfave Auburn a field goal and the game. Yander-bilt scored first. After being held on their 7-yard line, the Commodoree started another drive from the middle of the field. Hendricks itolnr over. G. Waller failure to kick goal, later proved fatal. Auburn retaliated In the second period, but In different fashion. L'nable to make headway through the line, a paas from Newsom to Green netted 35 yards and a touchdown. Williams was substituted for Newsom and kicked goal, the strategy winning the game. Neither team was within scoring distance in the third period. Early In the final period. Spears drop-kicked from the 21-y-ard line, and Williams shortly before the whis tle blew sent over-a field goal from the 12-yard line. He was put within scoring distance by a long Bulldogs Will Meet Gadsden A DSD EN High school, age old VJ athletic foe of the Bulldogs of the Anniston High school, will send a grid aggregation a gna aggregation xo me Model City Friday afternoon in an effort to down the locals after the Annlstohlans trounced them last season In the Queen City. "Anniston High has proved to be the mightiest on the gridiron for the last two years, defeating the Denners on the locsl field in 1173 and going to Gadsden and administering a drubbing in 1514. 2ntlnouil"llio ButlddWTiS'vTsan-' quished the mighty enemy twice in succession, it is hard to say which team has the edge, as the locals have deteriorated while the Queen City pig-skinners have im proved. ' ' A pair of Gadsden bo; s viMted the Model City Friday to sec the Bulldogs work against the Boys High of Atlanta. One of the scouts stated that it was probable that a special train would be run from Gadsden to bring throngs of s u p port e rs. ,u Th e 8cp ut said that it wouldn'ta people to justify the railroad In running a special train to Annis ton, but that the Interest in Gadsden over the coming clash ' was great and that it was very prob- SENIORS AND FRESHMEN TO ! END TOURNEY i Rnal Jo Decide Winxitrjneld Goal Givesimson Ut urvitan Uub tup Tuesday Niif " Ths Senior class team and the Freshman sextet of Anniston High school will meet In the final game of the tnter-elass tournament Tuesday night to decide the winner of the Civltan club loving cup. The tournament was started at the beginning of last week, the other class teams being gradually put out of the running by the Seniors and the 1'rosh. The seniors have won the cup every year that a tournament has been staged and It Is believed that they will etand a good chance for the cup this year. The Frosh clan iruuS ana i give wie upper grown nne for considerable yard-classmen a run for their money a.-e but always lacked the nunch in the contest. The sphere handlers will meet : with the keenest of rivalry exist- i Ing, and since each team covets i the Civltan club cup. it la slated , io De a noiiy comeeiea iracas ann the first basketball game that will I give the fans a thrilling ! i ment. Pruet and Stoy will probably work at the guard positions on th Senior outfit, while Davlrson and Harris will hold down the forwards and Sayers and Winkle i will probably be the middle play- I trs. ; i ine i;ais w.n probably run I u.oya and Boozer as forwards, I Witt and Williams In the center ;ilnd I'ot y and McKee a guards. J.acti of tticfe dribblers is good at the white lined floor game. The Anniston cage tans arc promlbcd a good game and a 8msll j 'admliwinn m ho the Cardinals on the l925-:8 sea-! : eon. Immodltttely after the game the Civltan club will be presented to I vi, "llilllli IVmiTl. I a i,u bOILUiil W' rill attend the same In a body. CENTRE BOWS TO QUICK FOOTWORK OF GEORGETOWN Washington, Nov. 14. (United Press) Th fast backfield of Georgetown university brought them Another victory today when it tor through Centre's line again snd again to defeat that team, 41 to e. '.:.( IlagKertjr's 77-yard run io Ccn. tr't's Klx-yurd line was the most thrilling of the game, '-. : -vrsar. y j ev y.j;Tr -1 -a. jti fjeorgia Go Down Margin In Score 10-9 pass, Tuxworth to Green. Yanderbilt far out-rushed the Auburn boys, making 19 first downs to four for Auburn, but the alertness .of the Alabamiana. coupled with some long paseee and Williams' booting put the Commodores' work to naught. The line-up: Auburn - - ToaUlpn Vanderbllt Olllnt-er 1 roles Andres It Klvea Hoffman U Keene McNeil r Sharpe Market ' rs. Bryan Marking (.(.' i rt McKtbbon Spinks ro Booth Bog-ue n' ' Waller Newman I Keese tC) Greene rh Cars He Turner tu Hcndrlx Score by quarto-Auburn ' : o 3io Vanderbllt 0 0 3 9 Substitutions Auburn: McFad-den. Self. Long, Williams, Market. Greene, Crane, Prultt. Long. Salter,. Tuxworth. Hodges Vanderbllt: N. Waller. Creson, Spears. Reese, Booth. Officials: Referee, K!niy, l Virginia). Umpire, s'trupper, (Georgia Tech.). Head linesman. Williams (Sewanee). Field Judge. Emerson (Montgomery Bell.) Here Friday able that the quota would be ex ceeded. The game with Gadsden will have a great bearing on the chances of Coach L. V. McLane's warriors for the state championship In the grid game. Gadsden Is said to be stronger this .season., than it. ever, .has .been anu in. uspcoju mcio e contemplating a victiry over the , defenders or the Kea ana lilacK. So far in the season, the Bull dogs have defeated everything that came in their path and have been scored on by only two teams. Rome High school and Woodlawn j eing the only clans able to cros ! b the Anniston goal line. Rip Regan, mentor of the Den-nor!. will put his men through a hrirtl tr.'tlVf fhii wk'in- prfpa-ratlon to the tilt with the local"?. Coach McLatic will also gi. e tho Bulldogs a hard week and sharpen their fangs to bite deeply Into tlie Gadsden boys for the third consecutive victory. Tho students at the Anniston High school have created much 'mjffiuilMro!''. game and will turn out in great numbers to the game Friday. The townspeople are expected to give the A." II. S. as good support as was given In the Woodlawn clash. 'HARVARD CLAN BARELY WINS OVER BROWN row Margin i Punch Lacking' When Most' Needed " t Mississippi Generals E. C. Brown Stadium, Providence, It. j Walthall. Will T. Martin. Earl Van I., Nov. 14. (United Press) Har-; Dorn. William Barksdalc. Robert vard's football team won a hollow I Lowrj- victory from Brown here this at- s Carol na-GcnerVls' rir u: tcrnoon. by the narrow margin ol j Hm K. f.-Hoke, Stephen IVam-f f t K,aJ after th Srim'n at';seur, W. D. Pender. Brysn Grimes tar-It nail hsnn vain a f 1 a A t I ri a a A i r.. . ":,.wV. C 7 J again within the shadows of Brown's gosl posts. The score was 3 to 0. Harvard's three points were ' scored in the early part of the second period- when Chauncey dfop kicked the coal from th 18-vnrrt line. ! U'siiig Crosby and Stafford, the , Crimson ripped through the whenever the ball was within striking d'sftnee of the goal. WILL OPEN AIR MAIL ROUTE BIDS ; c,Tr g.rou1 of.,the mem, VntrnAinrn 1 ;olial c"nfrlln the f'sTures of UA IUV HiMlSLK liLee. Jackson, Jefferson Davis, Washington. Nov. 14. (United Press) Another step toward linkir.g every Important vcity In the United Sta'.es by air will te taken by the p'-toffice department on November 21 when bid? for three new air mail routes will be opened. Several contractors have already submitted offers to operate the Detroit to Cbkatro: Detroit to Cleveland and Chicago to New Or- leans lines v was learned tonleht. j Henry Ford officials sld. may bid wii uue oi wic ucirou systems. i I ni'iorin nn tt-nr ACTION TAKEN ON LAND IN MEXICO Washington. Nov. 14. (United Press) The American governmentwas officially advised todsy by. Ambassador James K. EhefJ field at Mexico City of the passage In the Mexican chamber of deputies ot the bill regulating article XXVII of th Mexlcsn con-stltctlon relating to the foreign ownership of Mexican Isnds. Iq It general form, the Mexican measure extends the prohibition against acquirement by Individuals of holdings In certain forgldden sones,' to corporations, but enables present foreign prop-Srty owner to hold lands until their death, provided they accept th statu or Mexican cimensnip, so tar as property la oeernd.. attiK.ra-pyswiM rnir-,jfsv---riiv-"iffre--srirrr-r ttssmi mm nir Tiffnii ilMfc nrTTriiiffr i1 -k smmKail t Jt' Jtei"" - Lechz-uvrctoryrLigero TIME GREEN ROMPS TO WIN OVER SEWANEE Greenbacks Hold Perfect Percentage Intact By Bumping Off Tiger New Orleans. Nov 14 (United Pre) Ths Tulane Greenbacks added another scalp to their long list of victories here t?dy when they romped over the Sewanee Tigers, winning by the score of 14 to 0. after check-mating every offensive and threat of the visiting eleven. Fifteen thousand fans under cloudless skies withnesed the event which ended the Oreen-ics' home games this season. Captain Lester Lautenschlaeger and "Peggy" Klournoy shared about equally in the honors of the day, both stars accounting for a touchdown. Fourncy also kicked the two goals after touchdown. The-scoring -was done la the third quarter. When and where will the game between Southern California and Iowa be played? S. D. E. Nov. 21 at Los Angeles. What did Heinle Mcnufh of the Detroit Tigers hat In hl first major league year? F. G. H. .334. Were the Klnsey brothers national doubles tennis champions in 19147 D. G. H. Tea. 'nTl TTfTI rm 4 mTV t 1 1 -r M I MnlilaJ NAME HEROES FOR MEMORIAL Generals Selected To Appear On Stone Mountain; Alabama's Not Chosen r Atlanta. Ga . Nov. H. 'L'nlted 0. ! Press) Sclectiou of the gcneia'.s to appear in the panorama on the sijs of Stone Mountain has been completed Iv e.ght Southern j tate, according to snannounce- I ment made hoi e tonight by the j Stone Mountain Con federate j generals selected were: j Arkansas Generals Patrick R. ! Cleaburne, Thomas C. Hlndeman, j Thomas J. Churchill. O. C. Conn, j James C- Fagan. j Florida Generals William j Wing ... Lorla.. ... Edmand . J&jt Ay-! .' Smith. James Patten Anderson, Edward Aylesworth Perry. and Robert Bullock. Georg:a Generals John B. Gordon, Ambrose Ransom Wright. P. M. B. Toung, H. T. Bennlng and Nar-iTis p TV Beau regard. Leonids Polk, Franols T.. KNlcholtK-AiTrcd Moutoo arid ltatty T.Haysk..w. ...... . Tennessee Generals B. F. Cheatham, Nathan Bedford For est. John Adams. Felix Zolllcoffer, William B- Bate, and the famous uonreaerate scout, sam Davis, t Virginia Generals J. E- B. Stuart. Joseiih I.. Johoston, A. F. HIU. Commodore Matthey Fon- taine Maury ,and one other to be selected. Alabama. Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina and Texas have not vet selected their ronerals Brow n'; and have been urged to do so at i once so that Augustus Lukeman, ; the sculptor, can begin his s!:ctch-e, for the panorama. and four other generals yet to be selected. SUNDAY MOVING PICTURE SHOWS ARE HELD LEGAL St. Petersburg. Fla.. Nov. 14. (United Press) Sunday moving picture showg re legnl In Florida Magistrate L. O. Ttsmsey of Plne-nllas county ruled In a decision here late today. Magistrate Bamsey dlsmlxsed th ase against J. J. Gilloly. local theater proprietor who had been operating a Sunday motion pic ture show. The court held that the opera tion of a motion picture theater c n Sunday was not a violation of Sunday labor laws. STATE POLICE MAY ENTER BREWERIES IN PENNSYLVANIA Harrlsburtr. P Nov. 14. United Press) Pennsylvania state police ss well as federal officers nr allowed to enter brew erle In Pennsylvania operating under federal permits, Secretary of th Treasury Mellon advised Governor Plnchot In a letter made public here todsy. Federal permits also aim to prevent ' "wash changes" In the nsme of th brew ery, H officers snd ownership. tb governor waa advised, --r: ' Football Results Creighton SO; North Dakota . Grinnell S: Kansas 0. Alabama 34: Florida 0. Georgia Tech S: Georgia . Tulane 14; Sewanee 0. Furman :, University of S. C, 0. Minnesota II; Iowa 0. Kansas Aggies 0; Nebraska 0. Marquette 6. Fouth Dakota Aggies e. Mai) land 3. Washington and Lee 7. Rensia!er 6. Rochester Bowdoin 14: Tufts 7. Vermont T; Mlddlebury I. West Virginia 14; Tenn State 0. Amherst 13; Williams 7. Muhlenberg 7; Catholic U. 0. Dickinson 31; P. M. C. 0. Georgetown 41; Centre I. Groce City 17; Allegheny 0. Hamilton 0; Union 0. Lebanon Valley IS: Schuylkill . Navy 13; Buckuell 7. Wisconsin :i, Michigan Aggies 10. Dartmouth 33. Chicago T. New York U. :7; Trinity I. St. Thomas 7; Manhattan 7, Niagara 7; e. Bonaventure 0. rsi- Corncll 33; Canlslus 0. Ijkfayette 47; Susquehanna 0. Virginia 10; Virginia Poly 0.' West Virginia Wesleyan 7; Bos- ton rollet-n Harvard 3; Brown 0. Johns Hopkins 7; St. Johns 7. Colgate 13: Syracuse . Princeton 73; Yale 12. VillanovaJ 6; Lehigh 0. Maine 0; New Hampshire P. Phillips Lscter , Andover 0. Vaslungtuu.. and .. Jefferson . .7;. LVtroit Holy Cross : Kutgere 0. Pittsburgh 14. 1'ennitylv ania P. Boston U. 14: I'rovblrnce C. I.xpauw 13; Hanover 0. Indiana 37; Koi Poly 7. ur,lU(, J- Nor t liwestern" 1 3 Notre Dame r: Carnegie P. Tulanp 14: Sewanee 0. Tennessee It; Mississippi A. and M. 9. A la barn a 1'oly FerthHi"i 7 6: 1". Vanderbllt 3. atl8' of N Y. Vtuantico Marine 11. University of Tenn. Doctors . Boston L". 14; Providence llobart 13; BuXfalo 0. St. Stephens 31: Norwich ColiimbU : I ; Army 7. T. C. U'. 3; Arkansas 0. Texas' ' t?r, 20; Arizona i). North Carolina 13; Davidson 0. Illinois 21; Wabash 0. U'isconsln II; Michigan State 10. '- . ---j Missouri 16; Oklahoma 14. Notre Dame JS; Carnegie Tech Creighton 20: North Dakota 7. Cornell College :0; Bucna Vista Carroll I": Ripon 0. Colorado Aggies 12; Colorado L". L'tah 20; Colorado College 8. Belolt 13: Lawrence . Carleton ?; Cos 0. Lebanon YaUey.-2-t-huy!krH ft, ' - Baldwin Wallace 7; Western Case 1 4 Hiram 1 . Ohio University 13; Cincinnati BxthaTiy-W: John' C.ifroTl 7. - lubkiuguiu .1 1:. UUio Northern C. Wooster 20; Akron U. 0. Capital University 20; Ashland They Call Him "Shrimp v ABOVE.. VIC HANSON BELOW, HARLAN' CARR : ' James "Shrimp" Foley, captain of the, 12I Byracus University football team, la the ' smallest Orang grid leader of many years, although he has demoaatrated. that also , has no rolatloa to achievement He stand barely flv feet, eight Inches, and weigh ISO pounda IBs eluslvenesa is hi greatest asset on th gridiron. , V Toly hail from Hartford, Conn., coming to Byracus after graduation from 8uf field Preparatory School, wher h was a running mat on the school football team, of Tr on. captain of tho J92S Colsato team, . V. ' :--r:..-. ::;,.:''' -"' "'"'H ' ' '-''U PRINCETONIS NEW CHAMPION 0FB1CTHHEE Jungle Beast Outplays Eli Team Before 80,000 Fans; Score 25-12 Bi n J.MIT fj. FARRKJ.L I'nliral Prews Staff CVtrrNnlrnt ! New Haven, Conn., Nov. 14. A ferocloua el-ahrn.n.rt iir.r filled with the Hood lust of lsst week', victorv over Harvard, hut- 1 tied his way to the champ:onshtp of football's "Big Three' today, aettlng back Tsle. IS to 12. be- J a beat that would not be stopped, lie outplayed the Bulldog In every more a Princeton team, unsung In department of the game and unco the early part of the season, shew ed brilliance in Its suprems fight Th e game was played in a wind 1 CULT rU'T passe. ther and on any sort of field. Princeton, w ith the pwy it eshreit-ed tod.iy. would have won from Ya!e. Jake Slagle and Joe Prender-gast came out of the. fray with enough glory to pass It around unselfishly to the rest of tfielr playmates. It was Sluglc who ran 80 yards through the entire EU team for the Titer's first touchdown. , It was Prendergast who, almost ! unaided, mahed and smashed ' his way 40 yards for the final i touchdown. And In between times, thesi? two sterling backs, the latter having gone In for Tom performed nobly both on defense and offenaa. Rarely was -tne etm, was well displayed by S'.agle stopped w Ithout gains. j th, rlrB a(alnst the teachers, Princeton's superiority became The sextet suffered the lo of rmeTU rtffhi IK start." GUT r:im-"Tstrlphii sri l TtagTn. two of tTi Med the k:ck off and Princeton best femlnlno forwards In this recovered. Rue he worked the ! section of the state, and Willis, ball to the 17-yard stripe and the running center, by graduation. Slagle tried a field goal but the i The !:-? team will probably Y a I forw ard, displaying a dash wkWt aeon- tefl 4hm. a4rfe4 Mr DIRECTORS OF FARM BUREAU ! PLAN TO MEET P'ir.:ha.c of fertilizers for the J n:; plantings, and the ciectlon I of a nom; nation committee to ae- b-.-t a ticket of officers for the l'cemhr election, will be the chief Items on the regular meeting of the directors of the Cal- j houn county farni bureau Thurs- j day morning at 10 o'clock In th 'county courthose, according to an- noneement msde Saturday. -Qf fiei Is expressed the' " Tiope : yesterday that sll of the two scord members of the board of dlrec- .U?rsj... will, ,alteBdv the meeting.,.,..,-; Two other meetings scheduled , for Anniston Thursday dove tail Into the plans of busy Calhoun farmers for the day. The Kiwanls club' will entertain 3 5 prominent farmers of the county at luncheon at 12:39 Thursdsy. rand severnl ttt - rheh- guests are directors of the " farmers . liwreau". Thrre 1w also a"n.eettnff -of proror nejjt farm, women, at .1? o'clock Thursday morntnr In tho courthouse Tor the purpose of organtea-Ins a club council to assist In the farm womens' club work. Kentucky 7: V. M. X. . Western Kentucky I; Transylvania 0. Crimson Tide Gators; Goldstein Starti For Losing Aggregation MONTOOMEllT, Ala.. Nov. 14. (United Press) The Alsba-ma Crimson Tide. last year's southern conference champlone, held Its thousand per rent average here today when It defeated the Florida 'Gators. 14 to 0. The game was a walk away for Alabama who began her scoring in the first quarter and kept It up, making two touchdowns the fourth quarter. Brown made two of the j countere on long runs arter taking passes from Hubert. Barnes mads tw0- nd Hubert one tereepted paas. ifter sn In- The 'Gators' star wns Goldstein who made a bid for all-southern honors. outlook good T?f.P nwATfltfTtf I CO-ED SEXTET Varsity Defeats Faculty 38 To 4 In Practice Came : Twen- I ty Candidates Out Twenty girls ars out for practice each afternoon at the Ohatchl High school In an effort to land berths on the team, which is under the tutelage of Mrs. Reuben Self. The first game, of the neason. which Is not on the regu lar schedule, was -played between the varsity and the faculty Friday, the latter handling the small j end of a 38 to 4 score. I From the leoks of the same, the ! girls had their instructors out-! classed In practically every phase of the game. The pass work, the fnnt work and the knowledge of be remodeled from the winning teTrTTTr--wMrh -th--hthU irl had last ear. and additions will bo made from some of the most efficient of the candidates. Ackrtdge. MeCullars and Bryant are looking good for the forward positions snd Nance Is slated for jiiniplhg center, while two runntn? center will be chosen, from Liner- I son. Acker or Nance and Phillips and Moore are almost sura to land a berth as guards. Selections from these girls will probably complete a sextet equal or surpassing to that of last year. Jht.. team wilt not suffer for reserves and a second team is being contemplated by tho Ohatchl school. Last, .year the Ohatchl varalty made a' splendid record. Th sixth district, of th Alabama Athletic Association, championship was won by th girl .of . Ohatchl At the tournament at Jacksonville, and representing the sixth district at the stat tourney, the Ohatchl dribblers defeated Selma High school co-eds and gained ' th championship of the fourth congressional district This is the fowrth year that th bask e tiers of Ohatchl hav been under th- dlrctto-arfMxs.-JSelf and record that will surpsss that ot- itryT'!''':'s)eta by th supforto o' sm' NAVXCOMES. FROM BEHIND TO WIN 13-7 Touchdown In Last Quarter Spells Defeat For Bisons; Penalties Costly Annapolte. Md.. Nov. 14. (Unit-d Press) Navy cam from behind to beat Bucknell IS to 7, her thla afternoon by scoring a touchdown In th fourth quarter. For th first tlm this season th turf of Farragut field was In good condition. Bucknell showed otn power toward th end of th first period but suffered from penalties for holding and tripping and had a hard tlm preventing Its goal lin from turthor lava-ion. The Bisons now bad th wind at her back and profited la th exchange of kick. Neither .team was able to make much progress by Una play or and run. Bucknell unleashed ht forward passes but computed only on. BIG GREEN TEAM FROM DARTMOUTH SMACKS MAROONS Chlcagov nu Vor, 14. (United Press) A steam roller from Hanover, N. H., that to known to th football world a "Dartmouth's bur green team." crushed Sugg's University of Chicago Maroons hero this afternoon 31 to 7, In th day's biggest Intersections! game SYRACUSE FALLS BEFORE COLGATE ON SLICK FIELD , Syracuse, ... Y Nov. "14. (United Press) Amid frequent fumble caused by a mud-caked field. Colgat defeated Byracus today by th scor of II to t. It was the first tlm th locals' goal . Vol aad bte crossed thla jrear., iyX jaypritat Overcomes Score: I Alabama T T 14 1 Florida . Touchdowns: Brown t, Barneev S. Hubert 1. Goals after touch! down: Buckler 4. 1 Hubs: Florida Livingston for Drown, Scott for, Jones, retrontal for Norton, Bryti for Larson, Ihj rig for Livingston. Burnett fos) litnhop Blshor fur Burnett, tVotfc for Bishop Hurry for Stewart Stanley for BIhoi. lhiig Jones. Livingston for Berk.. Alabama Jolinion for Pen Kunis for Jonos. Bowdoin fufj Buckler, KoJUM'feld for lirmmj Johnson for tillli-i, i'.-i.Mia foe Camp. Alexandria is VTfTORTOIJS IN PIEDMONT TILT rourth Consecutive Uasn NVort Over Strong gre lion. 31 To 0 I Alevuiidi la, Nov. 11. Alexaudiii high school noil i I fourth foot bj It battle uhea It defeated the Piedmont RKgregnrmni Jeie ! rid ty afreinoou .y a count of 31 to ti Tho viiiiio waa h.nd fougli by I'lih a is it'gM t i us, but the IuCuIh had the edo uver the t laitors.. The Ptedmonters put ut a stiff defence but were unable caln over the Alexandria tlcrs. Ford, fullba' k. and Clark, h.ilf. l ack, made the touclidoM ns f"r tho locals, the former making thrve and the latter two. The u-tra point waa made following the last touchdown when Alexandria wa trying to kick goal, one of h PicdmauL-Uoys. was off. aldta-. Tlue . drop kicker of the team nint iN'liool recently and no member of the team hs devrf.p-d an s- curate toe yet. Jk mn un wBn,(r - - tHTrrnrrn1 - - l"slng - - twor - Thw trtrttwr were iJtl were played In the first ot tne IMa0n agslnst Attalla anl ; day County High schools. wf T-TTT?XT TITTT'XT J V EjLH 111N OF COLUMBIA DEFEAT ARMY Dope Is AH Upset When "ITnU Three To One Favorites ,,. Lose Out Polo Grounds, Nsw Tork, Nov, 14..(CnKed -PrssV -Elevt young men from Columbia upset all th dope when they defeated t h Army foptbslt her this afternoon by a score ' of 'll ' " to 7. The West Pointers started th game a I to 1 favorite over th New Tork team, despite their defeat by Tal last wek. ut jki was soon apparent to tho 4l,fttT fins who filled every seat In tl, sUdlurri ' that "these Odds f( V mistake. '; ' ': "SchhiltirschV tn Mbrnrnrders' ro vlng ceiUe . brc t-ough. th .. Cadets' tin with as on nearly ry play. MocksoT a a Arar punt-7" that resulted In a Columbia touchdown and befor that rntercepted a'forwti' PM wheti th .Eolnttra . wer threstenlng .to ,. ., cor. 3Pas sad Klrchmeyer be- w11derd th Army team with a dasxllng array ol end runs r nd forward passe and tore through the line time and tlm agsln for good go Ins. , CONGO CAPTURES GROSVENOR CU? Liverpool, Nov. 14. (United!, Press) T. F. Ryan's Congo, by( Bachelor' Double out ot Roscob today won th Qrosvenor Cu. handicap, run over a frost-covert ed track with th fog so thlcK that only In th last furlong and a half could the horse b seen. Congo waa a half length ahead of Lord Londonderry'a three yeaf old Sweet Rocket. Prompt waa third. The betting was 100 to 14. 19 to 1, and t to 1. KNUTE ROCKNE'S TEAM HAS EASY TIME WITH tECH Soitth Bend. Ind Nov, (United Press) Thirty thousand fans saw Knut Rockne's Notr Dam team win , an sasy victory over Camegl Tech her thlssf-ternoon by a 20 to 0 scor. Playing a conservative gm throughout th Irish scored a touchdown In th seeondj on nrbre in th third and two la tho fourth period. PENN RECEIVES ANOTHER JOLT IN : LOSS TO PANTHER Philadelphia, Pa Not. 14.- Unlted reas) Pennsylvania, re-' garded until two weeks ago when. trod upon, by Illinois, as) probabtr 4 tho leading eastern team, TcriT anothr dos of fobtball' dlsap-i , i',: op-i i r to th J 14 to V polntment today, , towing University of PltUburgh, Th Panther completely .out-played Pennt which had 'ruled a

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