The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 12, 1959 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1959
Page 20
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SERVICE MEN 3FORt fttLEY, KAK.«. National Guard SgL Gerald A. Streit, 22, son of Mr 'and Mrs George B. Streit, WhSttemore, Iowa, is Attending the Fort Riley (Kan.) Non - Commissioned Officer Academy while on a temporary tour of active duty. The six week course is scheduled to be concluded March 27. Sergeant Streit is receiving refresher training in teaching methods, combat tactics and leadership. He is regularly assigned as n section chief in Battery B of the 194th Field Artillery Battalion, National Guard unit in Algona. The sergeant is a 1954 graduate of Presentation Academy. o-Algotia (Id.) OpfNtr DM Motaw Thursday* Mdrch 14, 1939 ducted In Italy Feb. IMS. Th6 units involved In the exercise make up a part of the NATO forces in Italy. Black entered the Army in 1853, arrived in Europe last November and is a mechanic n Troop A of the command's 16th Sky Cavalry in Vicema. The son of Cecil D. Black, 1203 8. Linden st., 'Algona, Iowa, he is a 1953 graduate of Algona High School. BABENMAUSEN, GERMANY — Army Pfc, Orville L, Dixon, whose wife, Velma, lives in Burt, recently participated with the 38th Artillery's Firing Battery in a mock firing of the Corporal Missile in Babenhausen, Germany. DJxon entered the Army in March 1957 and received basic combat training at Fort Chaffee Ark. He arrived in Europe In November 1957. The 24*year-old soldier is 1952 graduate of Swea City Consolidated High School, He is the son of Mr and Mrs O. T. Dixon Bancroft. CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. — Marines Pvt. Richard L. Olson sort of Mr and Mrs Lee Olson o Route; 1, and Pyfc Garry R, Spear son of Mr and Mrs Dick Spear, al of Lakota, completed four week of individual combat training Feb. 27 at the Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendletbn, Calif.' Portland Twp. Mr and Mrs Guy Dimond and T. W. Swansbn of Britt and Mrs Minnie Larsen of Monticello, ^inn,.were Sunday guests at the Howard Sparks home. '"'• Mr and Mrs Victor Fitch v .Korene and Judy were Saturday evening visitors at the home of ,Mr and Mrs Ike Clabaugh, Titonka. ' Mr and Mrs' Charles Phelps, -Mr and Mrs Bernard Phslps and Mrs Minnie. Sperring were -Sunday guests at the Levant Moore home, . A birthday, party was' held at the home of Mr and Mrs Herbert Nelson 1 in .honor of flandy Nel son's 8th 'birthday Saturday evening. Those attending the party were Mr and Mrs Arky Nelson, Mr and Mrs Tracy Stone, and Ricky. . Mr and Mrs Herbert Nelson and- family called on the Bud Stenzels in Burt Sunday afternoon, ; '"'Mrs Neal Michaelsen entertained" the boys in Darwin Midhael- sen's' grade Monday evening after school fav.liQnor of Darwin's birthday.-/ Barry, .Randy, Kevin and at the Methodist Church at Tl- Mr dnd M« Howard S6ftrk* entertained Mr*nd Mrs Joe Ooetz and Nofma, Mr and Mrs Bill Qoetz and Garry, Mrs Ruth Sparks and Dean and Mr and Mrs uarry Grandgenett, all of Wesley, Sunday. . . Mf and Mrs Howard Sparks visited at the Guy Dimond home Friday evening. Darrell Sparks was home several days between quarters. "It could be worse. Musicians aren't yet playing 'The Star Spangled Banner' with a ,Cha-cha beat." LEDYARD By Mrs D, B. Mayer withholding tax Soc. Sec. Pundt • , - , •oc. MC. tax .. M .......l.... tuther Fairbanks Jr., service ... North Central Pub. Scr., gas .. City of Algona, in*. 124.00 178,71 Richard Woldcra et all, refund . 35.00 Next meeting date was set for March 2, 1959, at 7:30 o'clock p.m. ' * f J • /S/ C. R. McQulston President Pro COUNCIL MlHUtES The City Council of Algowa met _ „ ruary 25. 1050, with Mayor Shferk In the chair, and the following na: counclirtien: Muckcy, Whlttemore> bert, Pargotis St Richardson., Absent', Dreesmnn. The following persons were .appointed. 1. tclghton Mlsbach — Airport Com mission. . .., 2. Everett Bnldus, Wm. Finn* Fhyms CAMP PENDLETON, Caltt. ~ Marine Pvt. Glen L. 'Thompson, above, son of Mr and Mrs Lauren Thompson of Lakota,,' completed four weeks of individual combat training Feb. 1 27 at the Marine" Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, Calif. ' ""' The course included the latest infantry .tactics, • first- aid, •• demolitions, field fortifications and advan'ced schooling on-weapons ''" .,_.«i ITALY J -r Army Specialist Five Lyle J. Black, 26 •whose- wife,-. Geraldine, liye's 'ir Mus k e g 'o n, „ Mich., participatec with the-1st Missile Command in a joint 'Italian-American / field Buft it Miles Slonlker & Zoning Comrn, Mr and Mrs John Kramers- meier and Mr and Mrs Sam Weaver of Buffalo Center returned Friday from a trip to Arkansas where they had visited relatives. Rose Mary Keefe, the oldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Bernard Keefe underwent an emergency appendectomy at Blue Earth on Thursday. Her appendix had ruptured 24 hours before, Alfred Menke underwent major surgery at the Holy Family Hospital in Estherville on Wednesday of last week. Mr and Mrs Kent Moustgard of Gowrie were weekend visitors at the home of Mrs Mary Bashara and Rosalyn and Tom. The E. and R. Guild will meet this Thursday with Mrs William Wiemer, Mrs William Bauman, Mrs John Brandt and Mrs Orville Brandt as hostesses. Rev. and Mrs Victor Vriesen visited on Thursday and Friday at, the home of Rev. Vriesen's parents at Hamburg, Minn. Mr and Mrs Earl >Trenary and family of Armstrong and Mr, and Mrs William Trenary and son of Burt were callers Friday evening at the Ted Green home. There were several moves in the* community this past week. Mr and Mrs Ray Johnson and sorts moved to a farm south of TBancroft. iJVtr and Mrs Wilbur Bocckhplt- and family moved over near Buffalo ^Center and Mr and Mrs^Marlin Brandt of Elrnore will mdve'ori to th& farm they are "caving. Planning at i&onifiK violin;!, . 3. Joe Bradley — Board of Adjust? alley through bik Iowa, to the Con— approved. . Utilities was Sale of vacated 51, O. P., Algonn, , gregational Church was aproved. Annual report of rend and approved. Annual report of the the Planning & Be' Coj tstvlee .*..- «iJl*HHBi*f, i 26.4$ s, \. Laahbrook, salary '....—.... Pofriandft, salary ..-«*>.,.» Barti«, salary —.—».:—-* Metten, Jr., salary .v.^.... new Mlshak, fabor'Iim!!'! A.'Rbchleau, labdr .^ rtotf oronbaeh, i labor * , ile Baxtef. labor .—. -— 'faneiS M6t«eh, laBor. .u ..* UnalO Skilling, tabor ........ tobert Lemkee, labor ...—.* JTranclS' Metzen, labor V-—..-«. fowa State Bank;, " wtlHholdlng tax , i •>*_,? Jg^lfwl M 111 I Wm }-d • nV^^VMH M» 9 • < BW • II ^S^^^ •^^••V V • WM^^ V^F A PV^^ 1 "^ ^™T™ W tf '• '^™~ "" ^^ * clumsy-here's the fine cer to change fll] your Ideas i i 1- . m t !rf .",*""* "* .' , ~ . . ^** ' *»'**H8» w « i 1- , t'F-^t f ^ ~ pj * ' Zoning Comm. wns read and approvedt Mayor was authorized to enter into contract with Arwcll, Inc. for rat control. The cost to be $29.00 per month. , ' Bob McCulloiigh offer to buy a portion of lahd owned by the City Was tabled. „ , : Chief of Police was authorized at* t^nd a school' at loAVa City, Iowa March 9, 19, & 11, 1959. . ' RECEIPTS rOH FEBHtTAHY General 611,10 Street —-1 « *-— 4,680.66 Public Safety .... '.—....-,. 2,004.47 Sanitation —i—,-J 1,847,12 Debt Service „•-.—...—.: '2,060.00 Trust & Agency . -•—' .27,81 Parking Meters . GENERAL FUND •' -, , Dr. C, C. Shlerk, salary .._..».. , 160.00 D. Smith, salary ..i. ------ .».. 1B4.67 C. Schultz, salary ..... ------ - 24S.61 o ?e,6d tJuifeii 'Hardware""eu6plles'IIII t 3.3S CltlesrServIce Oii Ce., gas —A , 194.4? Lro Elmo» i e, truck 'hire .*...-.*... 80JI Sinclair Refining Co., .dlescl .- 74.05 3. Vfi Naylor, truek hirte .B0.25 .Herman M. Browri Service' • Co,, repairs ..jut-i... *».« ^'western Bell Telephone [" Co.,, service _,*, .„..,.;:.., ,i 13,1( •Algona Lindsay Co., salt ..^._ 26.00 Bowman Builders; '" • • . labdr & materials —-.—.— 170.01 i -v,,,,-,,.» <5,»,,,f,,n co., hero, 'i.. 17,11 City Clerk, freight t ...*—*-. 2.45 > PUBLIC %APETY rtmft t ,. A. Bockelrnan, salary ._».....; •166.09 E, Hutchison,'salary —...*_._,, 153.57, P, Jorgenson, salary .—* * * 162,13 K. McBrlde, salary'. ...—.„..- 136.68 W. ScMvarzenbach, salary,-,...:., 136.65 \y". Volgt. 'salary ^.'ri^I'Ii"! 1 'l2 ' Irn Kohl, salary ..^...i.u*—* .R. Elbert, salary *.~<,...&,*M.««> •Trust & Agency Fund; pension :Towa State Bank, 4 withholding tax ~. ..—.. •Kent Motor Co., repairs —.i.^-i withholding tax .. • 38.70&?.'Gronbach, salary"...." •„ .110,21 rnllim Hardware. D-con 141.00"> A. Baas, salary . ...j-... 167.33 , Holly -Nelson 'also attended ,the P>Hy,;./ ..' ' Mr and Mrs ,Verle, Nelson and Mr-and\Mrs-Stanley Ruse,.each maneuver, '"Blue' ' Moon'', 'con* had their .\aby> baptized Sjyiftday ROTO-ROOTER Raior-Kletns WMcfof feplacemenJ , Clogged Up Drains in Kitchen, Bath, or Basements ff ° 9n- W ROTQ-ROOrEt for? Xl/V V PRAIN AGE |=AI LU RE ROWAN'S ROTO , SERVING 'kOSSUTH iSOiJlfTY- r ^ : PHONED CY '4-3523^ "- >''-'-^ ALGONA „ . /. NaUorial Sowptorvico Available,Loally Plum Creek 4-H Plum Creek Boys 4-H met 'last Wednesday. Donald Madsen, John ScUffham, Donald Etherington and John Mescher brought the project, that they were going use fqr, f 4;H, ,pay. ; John and Rodney Scuffham ^ave a' talk, and David Walker!.and Russell Spear gave a demonstration.',; ;,'.;;,;"::,,, :,eo Mr and Mrs George B. Brunson 1 • Sibley recently renewed/ their subscription to, the : Sibley Gaz ette,-!.Tr.j.bune, marking .the 60th consecutive year that Mr Brun- spni'-hasl - subscribed to a Sibley newspaper. His first subscription was .taken out in 1898. . . Bopkelman, rat control ...... own State Bank, 39.00 '.68 _j.OO 10.00 -' 11.25 • - r - C7.60 277 4l S"touffVfFi"re"E'd.ulpt7 ^~ ' '' < Co,, hose :±..^ .-—.»-*.. 900.00 City Clerk, advance cash *,. • 5.45 iN'western Bell Telephony , . • CO.., service . :— 24.55 The Gophfef Shooter's supply, . shooting supplies -.,....*,—— 13,15 ;Street Fund,. , •, ,;' workmen's comp. .^_w.. , 65.00 'Gene's Radio & TV, repairs 12.55 ', SANITATION, FUND. 'R, Lemkee, salary —...—.— 124,45 Nothing in the meditun^ce filld f _„, \like Ambassador* Top 1 V-iB performance plus economy. Individual sectional sofa front seats; Drive Ambassador ,-' —finest car ever priced so close to the lowest. Test Our Best—AMBASSADOR Vs8 ',"!' -. ,'•<'''-, , 'by Rambler • ' " I >•* , J ^ . , . ' I , v I -«' , * -i > ' • '- 'Wltich medium price cor«»» » , >''Vis easiest to park? f &]r, , : ' '• has top power-to-weig^t ratio? , ,• costs least to buy and operate? / ,'• ' <••has highest resale value? A. 270 hp Ambassador V-8 , DAU'S GARAGE i2 5 s.pod 8 e UK'-i As'I have rehte^ my land, T will sell the following described per sonal property on located'4 miles east of Burl on blafcklop and first; place, north; or ,'2>/i miles south and 4 l /z 'miles west of Titonka. on , j ,- - ' ' ; ; ; Wed. March 18 i SALE TO START AT 1 O'CLOCK SHARP . } MACHINERY 'j **'t<- «**r-"t»4' *i»*'»' r »)if *4> ** i * * ""% ( »*•..,«.- .... , : 1949 Jojin'Deere B Tractor, Roll-O-Matic Powrtrol. , 2-row John Deere Cultivator. 1948 Ford Tractor, over and under, bumper. vFord Cultivator, plow, dirt scoop and jack. I.H.C. Regular Tractor, runs good,' 1956 John Peers 14T Baler, with power takeoff, like new. 1956 New Holland RolUO-Bar Side Delivery, 1957 I.H.C Model 32 Trailer type 7-ft, Power Mower, with hydraulic control, 194.9 MM Model 69 Combine with Wisconsin Motor, all in good ''.shape,' .'-.''• • 290 John Deere Corn Planter on rubber, Woods Bros, Single Row Corn Picker, with rear elevator. Farm Hand Manure Loader and Hay BUck. ^Bottom#M5|ii?'l.'ac. Plow,, 4-section Drag. - ;,„'» t New Wea Hojrep Drawn Manure Spreader. \JMSf, Windrpwer for power mower, '• 999 John Deere Plqnter w jth 3-point hltfh for Ford Tractor, Two 4. w he«l Farm Trailer*. ' * NOTICE 'OF SCHOOL ELECTION . J»UBLTg NOTiqi; is hereby given to tl\e qualified voters of. the Consolidated uidetiendent School District of Lakota, in .the County, of Kossuth. State of Iowa, that;a special election has been called and .ordered to be held in and for <sald ! School District on the -3rd day of April; .1959, whereat, there will be" submitted' to' the voters of said Consolidated Independent School District' of-' Lakota, to be by them voted upon,..'the ifollowing proposition, towit: :,...•• i "Shall' ; the • Board of Directors of' the :. : Consolidated Independent School District o£' Lakota, in the •'County of Kossuth, State of Iowa. issue 1 bonds in the amount of •.$50,000 :(in "addition, to, the bonds in the amount of $250,000 heretofore .approved by the voters of said School District .for a similar pur- pose'at the 'special school election held, in said :School District on September 8, 1958} for the purpose of constructing and equipping a new high school building and procuring a site- therefor in and for sold School District?" The.polls for said election will be open from twelve o'clock noon until seven o'clock P.M. of said day and for said election the whole of said Consolidated Independent School District of-TwnVo*a has bppn consolidated into and will constitute one voting precinct and the polling place therefor will be at the Lakbta City Hall lo- ^Rted in the Town of Lakota, Ledyard Township, Kossuth County. Iowa, at which time and place all of the qualified voters of said School District are hereby notified to appear. This notice is Riven by order of the Board of Directors of the Consolidated Independent School District of Lakota pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 296. Code of Iowa, 1958, and to a sufficient petition with the requisite signatures in accordance therewith and as ordered by a resolution adopted by the Board of Directors on the 2nd day of March, 1959. Dated at Lakota, Iowa, this 2nd day of March, 1959. /S/ Margie Richardson Secretary, Board of Directors 9-10-11-12 , 400 balef Red Clpver and Alfalfa, ''Machine ~\/ . meny «rtl«l»f toe r^umeroyi to mention. ,»Sei5V;ar?fK»gerovn4s with your banfcer before the " * " " settled for, Burt Savinc/i pant, Clerk UTILITIES PROCEEDINGS A meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Algona Municipal Utilities was. held in the City Hall. City of Algona, Iowa, February 18, 1859, at 7:30 o'clock p.m. ' Present were: C. R. McQwiston, O. B. Harmes, T. James Palmer, Supt, and Ira Kohl, Secretary. .. ; Absent was: Allen Buchanan. C, R. McQuiston was named President Pro Tern. The minutes of the meeting of February 2,. 1959, were read and approved. Motion by Harmes, seconded by Mc- Qulston. that the vouchers payable be approved and authorized paid as audited. Mo"nn carried. All voting, "Aye". VOUCHERS PAYABLE . LIGHT FUNP W. Vf. Sullivan, postage r . 57.00 ?/,K rpW V,J? ayro H ,-"----—---' 8.007,90 MUton Bilyeu, labor „... 301.60 Meryjn Hentges, labor ..,„. 150,69 WJlbur Bruner, labor —,,.,. 116.71 James Drone, labor ...... 37.49 Harvey Peglow, labor ........ 84.55 Iowa State Bank, , withholding tax —. 306.10 Soc. Sec. Fund, soc. sec, tax „„.,._,. '.. 188.76 City of Algona, . . . >ns. premium „ „„ a.688.92 T. James'Palmer, expenses,,., < 37,47 Irs KoW. expenses .......— 29 „. „ WATER FUIlp * Payroll, payroll —.......—... 365.80 Wwter Peterson, labor ..••• J75.16 Jsimes Drone, labov . . 83.60 Reakus Helmers, labor ........ 100.52 Reiner Helmers, labor ... 100.52 George W*lg. labor __._,._.,.„ 89.82 Lutljer Fsirbsnkjs Jr, labor ^ 47.7 1 ! How GAS . fit! VGS i 'H On •"^ ' "•* ' ' • - ..' ALL THE HEAT YOU WANT OR NEED instantly. Whether you're teaching your daughter* how to cook or doing, it yourself you'll -find sheer joy in using one of today's new fully 'automatic '. S as ran S es - You ' U be a better cook, too, because gas supplies even, balanced heat [constantly, and with today's set-and-forget controls on your -gas range you just can't make a mistake— bake,' boil;' broil or fry ^Cleaner, too, you broil without smoke f Why not see your local^G AS appliance deale'r or v North Central Public Service Company to see a' ' . < ....... < * i * .t "i • new gas range or the many other gas appliances' ; that give homemaking a lift automaticallyj t ^ ^ ' What's Cookin' by Anne Marie ** North Central Did you know today's modern, gas range burners ate non-clog?, The gas ports are so arranged that they'll operate even if food spills or bous over oo, them tiuilding t new home? R«jt modeling? Whichever you're doing, go modern... choos* gas for heating,'air conditioning, cooking, water heating, incinerating,'clothes drying and refrigeration. All of these gas appliances are fully automatic and, can be obtained from your local gas appliance dealer or Nortfc Central Public Servic*. When to water bouse plants? Actually there's no fixed schedule. Plants differ in their water needs. Here's the best test: Poke your finger an inch or so into the soiL ,Feel damp? Don't water iwtit. tomorrow. .- • v Wake up to coffee, tutomatV cally. Before you go to bed; fill -your automatic percolator with coffee and water. Plug it into the self-timing applianca outlet on your automatic gas range and set the timer. You'll wake up to hot coffee, auto* -..-.• • - Ever get tired, of .hunting wr' small sewing items? 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