The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 12, 1959 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1959
Page 19
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WOMEN! m A toft£fr; wlimf WE fetoflfkrsrr s tad we have TOin| td^wtite about, we can getby.with a list of , things we H £ e ^ItWSfe.fM'l^flUi we, adore oT hate. Y6« estft do this too* often iftdjheryis, a wefUpA ehaftfce that none of our readers give a datttwpt^c61u»hist loves ;aM hates, but it de*3 takt m a great deal,olspfi«*e;&iid if gets U8 by fbr one more -column. One Of the bift-tirat-ttMEtt* Ih.the.paBer Iowa defends upofl used this gimmick for a column last week, , *j-'i : $&' MS* fflffi&S 6H tHfi list of tniflgs' 1 adore is babiesidttat about any kind of baby is enchanting to me — the squally,, little velvet sitinned ones" you get 6ut at St. AM hdsoital, the slightly copper colored ones we sea on the reservation up by Cass bake, the curty*topped, chocolate variety so prevalent in the south, and the .dnes sitting in high chairs gooping Pablum' all over the kitehent.ofm'y fflehdts. I love' babies' fat little., bottoms, those adorable; druses at- the base of thett ( nedks, the dimples' in their hands ana,tM way they look at you with those wide-eyed innocent expressions, but which at the same .time, make them look as if they had all the -Wisdom of the world but just aren't telling it. " 1 i AM INTRIGUED' M olr> lAolES* i like 1 sparkiy-eyed, witty ones, wno_ha'v6 had lots' of experience in living, tne best, but old ladies who are Sweet, demure and very lavendar-and-olcMace lady-like, are mighty, nice too. It's a mistake, I tftiM f&f tfto's&of us wnp are no longer in the first bloom of youth, Jo look back longingly to our .teens as the best years of our Jives. The bfes't days may sfim be ahead — when we .get to be old ladies! * * * OfcD LADIES CAN, GET BY WITH practically anything. If they forget -things, even if they do it on purpose, they are excused because they are getting ,on in years. It tney are on the helpless side, people protect them. If tney are grumpy, we call them crusty but'witn a heart of gold, li an older woman wants to say anything that comes^imo her nead sne can get by with it because she is an old lady and she can be known as a cnaracter and get invited to ail sorts ol parties just so people can hear what she's going to say next. It she wants to stay, nome from a party, she can ao so simply because sne is an old ; 'laay. An old -lady can even'get by with flirting a littie and people .ithi'nK she is very cute. I mean to have all sorts of iun when I'm an ol'd lady and if things keep up the way they have lately, I'll be one pretty soon. I D9N'T'VERY MUCH LIKE GETTING UP in the, morning or going to' bed at night. I detest people who are all*the time talking about their children when I want to talk about mine. I anr uncomfortable with women who talk too much about fashion, hair styles and little numbers' they picic up at' a bargain ($49.50), especially wherrl-am wearing a nand-me-down ($7.95) and haven't 1 been able to pin my hair up lor the past three days. And I am irked by people who talk about going out to,. "The Club", as if /it were the only social Organization in Algona. , • , ' ,, •> * * . * • : I 'ADORE A RED -HAT. A red hat makes me feel younger than I am, prettier than my mirror reflects, and more flirtatious tria'tt I dare I, had a red, hat when I was courting and I wore a red hat wK6n I was married; and my husband gave me one in his "most imaginative Christmas gitt to date. If I had: all of -my red hats,'; I'd -have a tangible reminder of lots of the happy occurahces of my life. I haven't had one ior two or three years, out I -think Tm- going' to have to buy, me, a red hat!, . * • * .,; * I DISLIKE THE LYRICS. TO MOST OF THE POPULAR rock- and-roll songs. They don't make sense and if I am just listening to it, the "music" makes' me nervous. But if the juke box is playing a real crazy number and I can snag somebody into dancing so I can jump around and "make a fool of myself, I'll have to admit yoU can't beajt the rhythm, .of.,,the;, ,p'Qpular,'tfight .now.- One 'encouraging ^.f act IS- : that they are taking , so many of the lovely songs popular in my hey-day • and palming them off as new, on the current generation. We ;had gorgeous music in those days and just hearing some of those tunes of' the '30's makes me nostalgic. For instance, you can't beat a tune like, "Flat Foot Floogy With A Floy Floy".; ' • i ,•"'.','' ,,•!.'*, * . * I AM IMPATIENT WITH PEOPLE WHO give 'as an excuse for joining" lodges, clubs, and even churches, that it is "good for business". It seems to" me that it would be very boring if you had to be nic'e to only the people who could do you some good. Of course, lots of people have, "done us some good", but I like them in the first place. 1 squirm- when people'say tney hate others simply because they are colored, or Jewish or Catholic or Protestant. 'If tney want to nate because a /person did them a dirty deal, or was unkind to iheir grandmother, \ or made a pass at their wife, it's allright . with tne. But not for something over which none of us has control. -,; * * * • I AM A GREAT ADMIRER OF THE graceful compliment. You know,*, the kind that, are .more flattering than we deserve, but schmaltzy, enough to include some of the qualities we wish we had. Flattery is fun when both the giver and the receiver is not too serious. If a complimenter lays it on too thick and too often, he defeats his purpose; if, a gal truly believes everything that is said to her in a casual moment, the guys are going to stop saying them, I ALSO ADMIRE A NICE, HIGH well-browned meringue topping on a pie, the right amount of seasoning in a potato salad and a stew where ; the njeat is lovingly browned arid the vegetables not over-cooked. I can't stand buttermilk, eggs that have been cooked at too high a temperature, weak coffee, green tea or milk that has been in the same refrigerator with a cantaloupe. <k * * I LOVE THE SOUND OF AN ORGAN when the stops are pulled way ou't arid the contrast when the music modulates. I am enthralled by a gpod vocal solo and appalled by a worn out soprano who makes so much effort to sing that , the cords in her neck ' stand out. A really bellowing baritone is not my idea of pleasure, either. I like to hear the whisper of the wind in the trees, certain voices saying, "Mom, I'm home", chimes on a Sunday morning and the purr of a cat. Thursday, March ft, ono (lo.) Upp*r DM Mo)n«*~8 r u<f» -vV : VJ 3t HOSPITALS Feb. 17 *•» Lambert Algonfc, medical; Mrs James Drone, Algona, medical. Feb. 18 ~- Mrt Homafi Knech't, West Bend, bby. 8*IS; Baby Paul Bormannf, LuVcfne, medical; George Knqer. Whittemorc, med- ly forty measley, tittle hours ' " until Monday,' 9 a»m, ! Thursday evening in honor of their son Paul on his birthday, Mrs Struecker Al Whittemore i Whittemore — Mrs Emmn Struecker was honored at a farewell panty, .Monday evening at thei Louis Braatz home. Guests included Mrs' C. C. Baas and daughter Eida, Mrs Mathilda Meyer;;Mrs 'Dora Faulstich, Mrs Erwin, Siems, Mrs Arthur Hei- dehwith, Mrs Harry ,Schmeling ari'd- Mrs Anna Wetifsp'arin '/of Whittemore, Mrs Clyde Mrs Striieckef and Gingrich of West Bend. Five hundred was played in which'Elda Baas,won high and Mrs'C,. C; Baas low,' and Mrs Emma: Struecker,' travel. t ^•Mrs Struecker moved to Fort Dodge where she purchased a home. Her two daughters Janice and.Alice are both employed in FoH Dodge and she also has a son' Clarence ,w.hb jlives, in Fort Dodge.'' Mrs StrUecker was presented with a gift. Hospital News , Joyce Grimes, daughter of Mr and Mrs Edward Grimes entered St. Ann hospital Friday afternoon AT THIS VEHfY MOMENT, ONE OF THE most inviting things in the world is sleeping in the ds-y time. Getting up late or taking an afternoon-nap iji wickedly wasteful of good time and decadently .luxurious. Anything as nice as napping simply has to be "immoral, illegal and' fattening. With that fully in mind, and" right after : I finish-This week's Recipe, I am going to lay me down for a nice long nap. , ,„*.: ,„{... * •;..'•,..- **., ... .--••* , * THE RECIPE; FOR THIS WEEK is FO;R com Souffle, with meatless lenteri meals, it is sometimes kind of nice to-emphasize vegetables, V'i cup butter J /4' cup • flour 2/3 cup milk 1 cup cream-style corn, pressed through sieve 3 well-beaten egg yolks % teasp. salt, \ J /4 cup grated American cheese 1 tablespoon chopped green pepper. 3 stiff beaten egg whites. Melt,butter;,add flour and blend, Add "milk-and corn; cook until fhick. Remove froni heat; add egg.yolks, salt, cheese and green peppers'. Fold in egg whites, Bake in greased baking dish in moderate oven; 325 degrees for '45 minutes or until set. Serves 6. —GRACE, and underwent surgfery ately. Charlotte Elbert, daughter of Mr and Mrs Dean Elbert, entered the Mason City clinic last Saturday. She has been ailing for the. past two weeks. ...,,". •• Mrs William Fogefty, a patient in the Mercy hospital in Fort Dodge had surgery last week Thursday. Leo Nurre, editor of the Whittemore Champion,- moved 'from Bancroft to the former Chris Siems farm, two miles east of Whittemore on old 18. Mr and Mrs John Schuller, Mr and Mrs Thomas Schuller and Adolph Naas attended the fdneral of Juiuis Naas, 82, in Estherville last week Friday. The latter is a' brother 'of Adolph Naas and uncle of the two women. Mr and; Mrs Hugo Meyer enter,- tained their Pinochle C\ub Sunday evening, Mr and Mrs Edwin Greirtert winning high and Mr and Mrs Victor Dau low. Mrs Amanda Ruhnke entertained the South Side card club Monday evening. Mrs Harlan Vaudt won high, Miss Elda Baas low, and Mrs Anna BeHnke travel.' The C.D.A. held a card party Sunday evening in the Academy hall, Henry Mueller and Marcella Fandel won high; Edward Besch and Mrs Henry Mueller, In ; five hundred, George Present were Mr and Mrs Walter; Struecker, Mr and Mrs Melvin Roeber and Mr and Mrs Wilbur Roeber. At the Walter Struecker home in his honor at a dinner Friday evening we"re'Mr and Mrs Erwin Struecker and Mr and Mrs Henry Lauck Sr. Mr and Mrs Herman Behnke ha'd as dinner guestg at th'61r home Sunday in honor of theW daughter Mary Ellen's 12th birth-' day, Mr and Mrs William Meyer Sr., of here, Mr and Mrs "Leonard Meyer .and family of Rodman arid Mr and Mrs Edwin Lieb of L'o'tts Creek. Mr. and Mrs Herman Zumach,, Mr and Mrs Reinhard Zumach and-.,Mrs Adelia Meyer Fenton, Sunday evening to hel£ MfsCarl' Zumach celebrate her birthday. •Dr..and' Mrs E..J. ,Capesius had as dinner guests Sunday eve. Mrs •Flossie Schulte of Fenton and Mr and Mrs Frank jCapesius •of Algon,a in honor of their daughter Collette's birthday. .: A 1 pqtluck dinner ;)was-served at r the home'of Mi-' a'rid' Mrs Maurice Thompson in Algona Sunday in'.honor of -Mr. and Mrs Thompson's tenth wedding anr niversary and also Mrs Thompson's birthday. The.-'guests included Mrs Amanda Ruhnke, Mr and Mrs William Hanover Jr, and family and Mr and Mrs Fred Jtubnke »of Whittemore, Mr anc rVlr 3* wtfV s *.%* * ih i * iJT^ ^ i f j» ! 1*1* ical; Mrs Robert Devine, Hurt, maternity. Feb. 19 — Baby Richard Far* roll, Algona, boarder; Nina Duryea, Afeona, medical (expired); Francis P. Kollasch, Whittemore, surgery; Richard C. Thompson. Cylinder, surgery; Mrs Naomi Marlow, Lone Rock, medical. Fob. 20 — Joan • M. Elbert, Whittemore, T & A; Mrs James I Whittemore, Algona, surgery; Peter Kollasch, Whittemore, medical. ; ! Feb. 21 — Mrs William Becker, Bode, medical; Mrs Ronald Qer- ber, Algona, medical; Baby Becky Lemkee, Algona, medical; George Sharp, Algofta, medical; Mrs James Baker, Algona, girl, 7-8V4. Feb. 22 *— Mrs Kermit Kueckcr, West Bend, girl, 7-1V4; Mrs Kenneth Studer, Bancroft, girl, 7-8; Baby boy Knecht, west Bend, boarder; Mrs Gordon Winkel, Algona, boy, 8; Mrs Arlo Grimm, Algona, boy, 7-1%. Fob. 23 — Mrs Carl Ernst, Algona, surgery; Mrs Ernie Williams. Algona, medical. Feb. 24 — Mrs Ronald Subin, Howard Bullock. Algona, Surgery. Feb. 27 — Alleeh Alextihder, Algonn, T & A: KfltHy Alexander, Algonn, T & A; Normnn flecker, Burt, T & A; Mrs James Oliver, Bancroft, boy, 10-9; Mrs Robert Borrhann, Bode, rnedlcnl; Mrs Robert Carlson, Algona, boy, 7-1; Mfs Edward Adams, Algona, medical; Mrs Dick Hansnft> Sexton, medical. Feb. 28 — Anton Zittritsch, Algona, surgery; Robert Wood, Algona, medical. Mar. 1 ~ Mrs Matie Meier, Livermore, medical. Mar, 2 — Mra Charles Rcffer. Algona, boy, 7-1%; Mrs Gerald Brown, Fenton, girl, 0-14%; Bonnie Ellifritz, LuVerne, accident. Mar. 3 -— Vonnie Wagner, West Bend, medical. Algona, maternity; Mrs Robert Devine, Burt, maternity. Feb. 24 — Mrs Ronald Zittri- tsch, Algona, surgery. Feb. 25 — .Mrs Vincent nardo, Algona, girl, 6-10; Bcr- Mrs Donald Peterson, Algona, boy, 7; Mrs Robert. Eischen, ..Algonu maternity; Mrs Francis Ing, Burl girl, 7-1. Feb. 20 — Sidney Storms, Mtn neapolis, medical (expired); Mrs Keith Culbet'tson, Burt, boy, 6-9 SENECA NEWS Mrs Dnrlowe Rogert was honored at n farewell party Monday afternoon following school hours by the students of hor third ami fourth grades at Senccn nnd tlioii mothers. Additional guests included Mr nnd Mrs William Gowans and Mrs Dale Thompson other faculty members til the Seneca School nnd Mr and Mrs Alfred Peterson nnd daughters Mrs Jlogert, who lias been teaching the third and fourth grade at Seneca moved with her family March 1 to a farm six miles south of Algonn. They formerly farmed near Ringsted. Mrs Nordinc of Lone Rock will fill the vacancy caused by Mrs Rogort's resignation. Mrs Carrie Jensen was taken to the Holy Family Hospital n1 Estherville Monday afternoon. She expects to be confined there for possibly a week or ton days while under observation and receiving possible treatment. ; Gengler and Mrs James Bisenius, high: James Besch and Mrs Leo J. Elbert, low. Henry Dahl- hau'ser won the plate prize. Mr and Mrs Fred Ruhnke enter r tained the East and West card club at .their home Tuesday eve- ling. Ellsworth Heidenwith and Mrs . Harold Opheim won high. VTrs Forrest Gilmore won low and Harold Opheim won low and ravel. Mr and Mrs Henry Lauqk Sr Ruhnke and- famffy of , Fentpn, Mr and Mrs Hugo' Berninghaus and family' of Algona, Mr and Mrs Walter Bierstedt of LuVerne -and -Mr and Mrs Leonard Hansen and family of ];rvingt.on. • '.-'Monday, March 9, dinner guests at- the home of Mr and Mrs William 'Meyer Sr. were their im- mddiate families, and brother and sisters of Mr Meyer, in honor of his ! .'8Qth birthday.' The guests were Mr and Mrs Martin Meyer Of Garner, Mr and Mrs William Meyer Jr. and family and Mi- arid Mrs .Henry .Lau'ck Sr. and family of West Benfi, -Mr and Mrg Albert Meyer, Mr and Mrs Edwin Lieb of Lptts Creek, Mr and Mm Leonard ' Meyet and family of Rodman,' Mr and Mrs Hugo Meyer,.Mr and Mrs Elvin Meyer •and'"Mr and Mrs Ernest Meyer and, .families, Mr and Mrs Herman' Behnke and daughters, Mr and Mrs George Meyer, Mr and Mrs Arthur. Heidenwith, Mr and Mrs Herman Voigt and Mrs Mathilda Meyer. To Tour With Band -Dave Richardson, son of Mr and Mrs Paul Richardson, -Algona, a freshman at Icwa State Teachers .College, will begin a four-day tour with the Teachers band Mar. • 17. Richardson, a 1958 graduate of Algona high sohool, is a member of the 'trombone quintet. The 65-member band- win travel through northern Iowa and southern Minnesota during the tour. Campney To Wed St Paul Girl In Summer " Mr and Mrs Harry W. Moberg, 22(31 N. Lexington, St. Paxjl, Min nesqta,-announce the of their daughter,- Dorothy Ann to Mr Richard SUsworth Gampney, son qf Mr and Mrs- Waltey J3. of Burt, Iowa, -• h.erg i§.,» graduate pf University School of Mis§ ( . Hamline Nursing, St. Paul, fnd is presently a membMQ*f fh'e faculty at the Allen M^ School o ursing m Waterloo. Iowa Stat^ College, Ames, an4 taught Vocational Agriculture for two years at the CorrectionvUlo Public School, Correctionville, Iowa. H.e is presently* engaged in fax'mjng with h'is father. A summer wedding is planned _* — ^ — . — „, t Sorority Honor .Karen Hutphins, daughter of I/h- and Mrs Don Hutchins, Al* gona, and a freshinan majoring in voice in the Drake University college of ,'fjn'e 1 grts, W8§ elected corresponding secretary of th Dplta Igeta social sorority- a Drake recently. - Mis§ . Hutchin is' a 1958 gra'dfrafe of Alg school. lgtfna higl Mr Campnyy is a graduate of pairs of ribs. Snakes have as many as 30' 1 -CHURN , A new $12,000 stainless steel Vane churrv which turns-out 2200 pounds. of. butter at a, time was. recently put into service at the Sioux Center Farmers- Mutual Coop Creamery. It replaces two wooden churns that had been in Meet God Each Sunday in Church! When any of us, regardless of denomination, "go to church" we go to worship God in His house. In the Episcopal Church we worship God by obeying Christ's command to "Do This," that is, to remember His Sacrificial Death and to receive the Holy Commun-* iori. The Episcopal Church is a sacramental church. We stand squarely in the stream of life that flows from our Lord Jesus Christ down the centuries. The Episcopal Church not only teaches that God is always with us, but also gives us the assurance of His Presence in the Sacrament of the Holy Communion. Ours is a believing church. Our Lord said, "This is my Body . ." — "This is my Blood .." «— "do this in remembrance of Me." We believe He means what He said. There's no attempt at lengthy explanations. We accept the fact that God's ways are beyond our power of comprehension. So, when the priest, following Christ's injunction, consecrates the bread and wine, we accept the fact of his REAL presence in die Holy Communion. We glory in the fact that we are in the presence of God and can receive His Very Life into our souls through this Sacrament. We invite you to join us — today — in meeting God in the Episcopal' Church near you. THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH WELCOMES YOU ST. THOMAS' CHURCH ALGONA Sunday — 11 a.m. Thursday — 7:30 p.m. HOME MODERNIZATION ATTIC TO BASEMENT INSIDE AND OUT MODERN EFFICIENT KITCHENS ADDITIONS 9 GARAGES PORCHES • REC ROOMS ROOFING 0 SIDING Paul J, Ostwinkle - Builder Phono CY 4-2200 Algona EOW Connie's Column BUTTERSCOTCH BEAUTIES Mrs, Robert Davis, Cedar Falls, Iowa, sent just the recipe to satisfy Spring appetites: t Cream together smooth: 1 cup • shortening, 1 cup white sugar, and 1 cup brown sugar. Add 1 tsp. vanilla. Add 2 slightly beaten ejgs. Mix thoroughly. Gradually add 1% cups sifted Hour, 1 tsp. baking soda, 1 tsp. salt. Mix well. Stir in 2 cups uncooked oatmeal, 1 small pkg. of butterscotch chips and % cup chopped mack walnuts. Drop by teaspoonful on lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake 10 to 12 minutes at 375 degrees in your gas oven. RAINY DAY IDEA With March thaws and April showers ahead, maybe this will help: Hang a plastic shoe bag at your entrance, as a storage place for the family's rubbers and boots. This way the floor is free of wot footwear. It'll save you "wiping up" taskSt BREAKFAST PROBLEM Does your family go from one extreme to an- bther? One morning when you oversleep, everyone gathers 'round and counts seconds as the coffee brews. Next morning, you feel guilty and preparfc'WM'st early... but no one's ready to eat just yet! With a new gas range, these exiremes won't matter. Fpr instance, you can fry eggs at 7:00. The burner-with-a-brain will cut down the heat automatically, and keep them warm and tender till 8:00! Folks at your local gas company and gas appliance dealer can tell you even more about gas ranges loaded with automatic featuresl PAINT PROTECTOR When Spring^ fever hits, I get the urge to freshen things op with paint. Here's a good tip to remember when you're painting (especially areas above your head): Cut a rubber ball in half. Make a slit in one of the halves and insert it in the paint-brush handle, "cup" side up. This will save you from having "painted" hair, hands, and clothes. Less drips on the floor, too. © Northern Natural Gas Company, Omaha, Nebraska NAIL KEG CATCHALLS Ask your hardware man for empty wooden nail kegs and transform them into any of these "usefuls": Paint and decorate; top with a round cushion. You'll have a cute hamper-stool for the .children's room! Matching wastebasket can be made from a smaller keg. Might be used for a handy umbrella holder, too. STORED SUNSHINE The gas industry continues to discover more "stored sunshine" in deeper wells, under coastal Waters and in unexplored fields. Every day, the flow of natural gas assures you of a continuous supply regardless of storms or bad, weather. From field to burner tip, natural gas is available in any amount you wish to use. Yesterday's pipe dreams have become reality, as more and more gas is piped to homes and industry at a cost everyone can afford! Your pipeline supplier, Northern Natural Gas Company sends this miracle fuel to your local gas company, who sends it to you for comfort, convenience, and carefree livingl entertained a number of relatives service for nearly 25 years. NEW I HAVE MOVED INTO MY NEW OFFICE LOCATED AT 622 EAST STATE ST. ALGONA. FOR APPOINTMENTS, CALL CY 4-2d34. DR.J. DENTAL SURGEON 622 E. State Algeria, Iowa 10-11 News about the New Rockets! Engine w equipped with new 2- .$$ «0|P5MOBIU PYNAMIC 88 2-DOOR SIDAN-Here b Olds- bile's breatli-taking f'tinear I^ook" beauty »t ita ef thrice. The Dynap^c 88 2*Door Sedan, pufe bigrcsr tfo^t anxi iiew**GUde" Jlide witfan easy reach of co«t« buyers. Bestrews of all: its spirited Rocket

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