The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 12, 1959 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1959
Page 17
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1 " 1 i 1 Tidbits by N«*t ttm <So64 §aftit*iiifki tf»««t MM £tin}eVtfelft>& ttf wWey is a new addition, ^-'.^fv^d have had 1 birthdays, Joftft jRjtfk» Feb. 8, and Roy Hagg the 23fa. — Mis Elifa* beth Bajis had as callers Wld-> nesday Mrs flick Matheson and ton of Artfis-tront and Mrs R. df, Wegener of Whittemorfef.-~ M«f Lizzie Frost Was'visited Tuesday evening by her, Son "and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Herman Frost olLiiVerne. — Mr and Mrs Oliver Rout>e had as callers their son and daughter-Sn-law, Mr and Mrs Melvin Roupe, -^ Mrs Jen* Ale Lukeh returned from Wesley •Where she had spent a'few days with her daughter, Mrs Viola Studer. — Pearl Hanson, our chief chef, went on vacation for a few days visiting her son in Des Moines. The kitchen was in the able care of Alma Lauck andl Alice Jergens. — Ruth Salisbury did her last nursing here Saturday. From now qn she will be Mrs Willard Salisbury instead of "nurse Ruthie." Her husband will be back in the States in a fortnight and she isn't sure where his assignment will send him, probably Great Lakes. , * * * Clyde Buriis was guest of 'his son-in-law and"daughter,'Mr and Mrs John McGuire at supper recently. The McGuires' recently returned from a trip to the west coast. — Joe Freilinger spent a few days at his home near St. Joe and had a little growth removed from his eye lid by his home physicians. He is a short man, and is called affectionately around here "Little Joe." ' * * » When I talked with Nell Norton recently and she told me about the trip she and Mil ton had taken to Midland, Tex., to visit Milton's son and daughter* in-law, Dr. and Mrs Richard Norton, I asked her if they saw Walter Beardsley. She said, "Oh yes indeed. We were dinner guests. lh*fe aM had a hiefe visit* .' When they reached ; Ari?.., they couldn't recall' Gladys THbon's rnatried tiarae,. ft 1s Mrs Oils Paddoe* aftd they would have «njoy«>d at least a phone chat wjth hef.'Mrs F. S. Norton and Gladys* mother,- Mrs F» L. Trlbon, were old friends. The Notions also were in Tucson, saw the Carlsbad Cav- erfig, the Grand ; Canydh .and many other interesting points hi the' 'southwest. 1 had hoped the Harold sons would move back to-Algoha but -the latest news of them is they have purchased a house in Aurora, suburb of DeriVer, Colo. My information came from the father, J. I. Merryman, and was verified by Maxine'Merryman in a further conversation, both of whom -mentioned Mrs Merryman and .her recent shedding of a cast on her beck. She suffered a broken back in a fall thirteen weeks ago. This make's three leg breaks and one back break in a period of just a few years. And he still keeps her chin high. A friend gave me the follow; ing data which will interest many. Harry Paine died in Hollywood, Calif, last November. Of the family consisting of broth-* ers, Clarence, Ernest, George and Frank, and sisters, Mrs Tyndall. Mrs,Halleck of Eagle Grove'and Mrs Cora Stowe of Burt. Mrs Stowe is the only survivor of the family of the Dennison Paines, well known pioneers in KosSuth county. Harry was a graduate ii\ Veterinary Medicine but chose to become a meat inspector Armour & Co. He contracted some animal disease and was an amputee - both legs. This happened several years ago. Other survivors are a second wife and son, Harry Jr. by the first wife. ......•-.-•..••.••-.* :* • •-•,... .. .-..•...-.. • Mrs Melvin Olson is getting "back on .her own? and Is she b«ske one wrist, fight one and sprained the t'ffftttl She fell on the ice several weeks ago. She is deeply grateful to her neighbor Violii Douglas who helped her 1m- ffrfeasureably, as Welt as her grandchildren Maroie, Bryce and Brent Sampson. * * * A feadM of my column hai hv quired about a Mr and Mrs Jerry Turner. She would like to know where they are. Mrs Turner was Louise Malone, daughter of Mr and Mrs G. B. Malone, well known here many years ago. I am uhder the Impression tho Turners are in California. The Malones are deceased. * * * Bernadine Allen suffered a painful accident the other evening when she fell on the ,walk in front of the Allen Wagner home. She sprained the ligaments in her right shoulder and • has been considerably handicapped since, -besides suffering much g ain. She and her sister, Esther enson were on their way to join Lizfcie Post and to a party at Esther Helberg's given in honor Of their sister, "Pat" Cook. Well, Bernadine didn't go. She went to a doctor instead and her husband, Jim took her home. A bad ending to an evening which promised fun. * * * Little Gloria Wydeck of Webster City, .granddaughter of Mr and Mrs Leonard Maasdam, started school, last fall and soon .thereafter was asked by her parents what she had learned. "Oh", She replied,* "All about the sun arid moon and Mars bars." She might hay addd "Milky Way, for it is evident the child has p knowledge of candy. * » * The rooms here at Good* Samaritan will take on a gala air for the "Fun and Do" club of Whittemore has sent a generous contributions of colorful pillow slips, dresser scarves and table covers, All will add that "feminine touch" which, ds indispensable to BIG ALLOWANCES FOR YOUR OLD SET Ij • I i Li 25 T^TT 1 -. TINT JL *^- **> • J it. — JL-l-M ON THESE BRAND NEW 1959 MODELS S*'*" GOLDEN TRADE-IN SPECIAL KIMBERLY, Model 21K270 T*r Big 21-inch (*) screen -Ar stepped-up brightness ~k' push button on/off * set & for- ONLY get volume control * $10.00 trouble-free chassis. Down SILVER TRADE-IN V A L U E REGENCY, Model 21K226 * Big 21-inch ( * ) screen * 1-finger Automatic Fine Tuning * multi- speaker sound * tone ONLY control* remote control ;cin"nn (opt. extra). ™J EASY WEEKLY TERMS EASY WEEKLY TEUMS BRONC-BDSOT VALUE TALBOT, Model 21T263 * Automatic picture sharpener * Tube Saver * push button on/off -^set & forget v61ume control •£ big 21-inch (*) screen! $10, 1.00 ONLY '(*) overall diagonal measurement. EASY WEEKLY TERMS YOU CAN DE SURE..,IF IT'S louse ROUND UP YOUR OLD T Y AND DRIYE IT TO MARKET AT • . Jt ME Hi^^^ ^^^^f^^ •^•^1^01 IH^^. APP LIANG IS "Tfif WlWfit TKHter In Town" Delores Stroebel Of Burt To Wed Titoiiko Man Mr and Mrs Henry Stroebel, Burt, Iowa, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughtcrt Delores RobertJDuane Kinseth, son of Mi and Mrs Delm'ar Kinseth, Titonka. The wedding has been jlanned for June 7. (Glenn Studio Foto - UDM Engraving) gracious living. The gifts are greatly appreciated. * * * Women of the Congregational Fellowship have a-'fine idea of preparedness. Every Monday afternoon • they meet at the church and sew for' the bazaar which will be held next November. It seems a long time ahead, but a project like that needs plenty of preparation of fancy work and novelties; Mrs James Boyd had charge of the January meetings when aprons were made. Mrs O. B. Kinden was head of the February meetings with linens as the projects. Mra Raymond Reed'is chairman for March and toys are being made. The rest of the agenda is not completed but it will go along, in an orderly manner. * * * I have mentioned vacations and trips but Margaret Herbst's would aart Is by no means lost-the cardinals are there to nt the leavings and love it. • * - * * •* I am not a collector, but to those who arc, here is information they will find interesting. Mrs James Walker has over 700 salt and .pepper sets. And her husband has a collection of 128 horses and a 20-mule team set. * * * Mrs Chris Wallukait suffered a painful injury recently when n clock she was cleaning slipped through her hands and one of the decorative prongs punctured the area between her little and ring fingers on her left hand. * .,* * There have been many storm stories and here are two more. Mr and Mrs Fred Will and Mr and Mrs Louis Hackbarth drove to Cylinder for some family festivities. Enroute home the snow was so heavy on the windshield it \ broke the wiper and they crawled to town just trusting to the feel of the road. The teenage John McNolll sons had heard stories from their companions about being caught in storms and they wished they could have some experiences. They did. To get home they followed tht* road by the weeds by the roadside, barely visible, for guidance on the highway. When they reached their driveway, it was impossible to get in. They had to gel out the tractor to clear the way and got the car to the house, By the time they had struggled in tho snow and wind, they'd probably had all the experience they wanted. * * * Ada Malueg has returned from Chicago where she spent three weeks with ,her son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Kemper Huber and family. They were gone a part of the time and she stayed with the children while the parents were in Atlantic City. * * * Mr and Mrs Jess Lashbrook enjoyed their winter vacation very much but Mrs Lashbrook sayn she likes Iowa better. Good for Mrs Lashbrook. They visited their sons and daughter-in-law. Mi- and Mrs Harlan Lashbrook at Pomona and Lt. and Mrs Durwood Lashbrook at Alameda. * * * I was glad to hear from Blanche Long (Mrs Abner). She is mak ing excellent recovery from a sickness of a few weeks ago. LAKOTA NEWS Mr and Mrs Leroy Aschc and Mark of Brooklngs, South Dakota were guests at the Fred Asche home recently. Friends of the Elso Jansens will be sorry to learn thnt Mrs Jnn- son had to be taken to St. Ann hospitnl in Algona on Friday. Mr mid Mrs Verncm Richftrdson of Eminons, Minn, hnve inovcd onto the form decently vacated by Mr nnd Mrs Albert Gootfc, who moved to the form recently occupied by the Ronald Hoctlnnd fnmily. Word wns received here Frklny of the denth of Mrs Arlowe Er- duhl's father, Mr Everett Lelcher of Buffalo Center. Mr Lotchor was 0.5, nnd passed .away following n long illness. Funeral services were held Mondny in Buffalo Center. Mr nntl Mrs Ted Dorenbush oC Buffalo Center were Sunday ut- Lernoon callers at the home of Mr nnd Mrs John A. Dorenbush Mr and Mrs Floyd Claybuugh attended n farewell dinner for Erwin Priebe of Armstrong at the "Oaks Inn" at Fairmont, given by Mr and Mrs Robert Obbink o! Armstrong, Mr Priobe will soon be leaving for Greenland. • Saturday night supper guests at the Albert Rippentrop home were Mr and Mrs Dick Spear and son. Mr and 'Mrs Ted Thil^cs and daughter,' Mr and Mrs Elmer Junkermeier, Mr and Mrs William llippen and Mr and Mrs Donald Koppen. . Mr and Mrs Robert Ogren and Patricia attended the wedding of Mrs Ogren's brother, Lyle Hum of Buffalo Center to Carol Hubber of Buffalo Center Saturday Thursday, March 12, 195? Algona (lo.) Upper DM MolflW-S morning in Buffalo CenfeiY ' Sunday, Mr and Mrs A, C, Bierstedt and Steven visited With her mother, Mrs Bertha Nietnitz and his mother, Mrs .Anna Sier* stt-dt in Btirt. Mr and Mrs John Qriesc were hosts at a birthday dinner on Sunday for Mr and Mrs Charles Peterson and Jim of Fairmont, Minn. They celebrated Mr. Peterson's birthday. a? of Sunday aftefnoofi gttedta «t 1; birthday parly held &l home of Mr and Mts C, A. celebrating the 49th Wrt Mr Wilcox were Mf art<l Mrs, Albert Bdsma, ST., Mr 1 and Mrs Kenneth Beck and family, Heyo Bos* ma, Mr and Mrs Raytbond Pichta and family of Aftmtrong, Mis* Geneva Wilcox ol East Chain and Mr and Mrs Herman Bosma. probably rate first on the list. Her mother, Mrs Kenneth Lacey, Highland Park, 111., has taken her daughter, Mrs Herbst and Mrs Schmidt to Hawaii. Margaret met them at Omaha, having been taken .there by her husband, and flew to Los Angeles. This is strictly a "hen party", so the following day the travelers were met at • lunch by Mrs Nicholas Furjanick, nee Priscilla^ Southgate, and Mrs Paul Southgate, aunts of Ted. Later that day the three women took an ocean liner for Hawaii. Margaret plans to be gone two weeks but the others will stay longer. She will make the return trip via plane to Minneapolis, Minn., and will be met there by Ted and the little daughters Lori and Terri. They will visit Ted's brother and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs Joel Herbst and I believe Olive (mother of Ted and Joel) said they would see Mr and Mrs Charles Stevenson, son and daughter-in- law of Olive. * * + I look outside at the Ions and. tons of snow, then look at the pictures of spots in Florida sent from Pompano Beach by Clyta Kent and decide I'd much rathei) be where she is. Then I look at the card sent by Hazel Miller from Mexico, and a trip there wouldn't be so bad, either. Thank you, girls, for remembering me back here in the cold, cold north. * * * Mabel and Roy Hutzell are going to take a trip and I'd like to be with them. They are going to Washington D. C. to visit their son and daughter-in-law, Mr 'and Mrs Fred Hutzell*and daughters. They will be gone till just before Palm Sunday. Mabel's uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs Ennie Ackerman of Rochester, Minn., are going with them and will visit relatives. * * * A message from Dena Kohl- h£ias, who is on vacation too, came Friday from Los Angeles. Dena's note will ,be of interest to her friends so I'll quote a part of it. "March 2 — Had my first experience in smog today — my eyes smarted. Gets in the 70s thru' the day. John and Maude (Kohlhaas) left.. Corpus Christi, Tex. a week ago after spending two months with the Dr. John Kohlhaas family. They're staying at a friend's home in Glendale Sunday was like an Iowa picnic at this home. They asked my :riend and I to spend the day with them, and other family dropped in who at 'one time lived in Iowa, Will be here for the rest of this month. -— California's population increases by leaps and bounds — 3000 a week come in here, tourists and workers. Freeways being built in every direction." * * * And having touched on the sub* ject Spring, I'll'report another robin seen by Mrs Gail Towno and -Mrs Al Borehardt. . In fact the little- fellow make/ himself at home at meal time at the Bor- ehardt ' feeder, along with some cardinals; Mrs Towne had an amusing story about squirrels. Gail puts out ears of corn but has founded the little smarties carry off the ear, and if tied with string, •cliew that & away with the corn, So he out-smarts them and wires the ears. They sit there and nibble the ears kernel by kernel, tak ing out the part they like, the centers J imagine. But the other C, D. of A. SMORGASBORD St. Cecelias Academy Hall SUNDAY, MARCH 15 SERVING 12 lo 12:30 Adults, $1.50 Turkey Ham Vegetables Dressing Desserts Relishes 4 to 6:30 Children, 75c Salads Potatoes Gravy Coffee Milk y//////////////wr///s///s/?/'/7/y///M One thing that has contributed to her recovery I am sure is twin great-grandchildren, a boy and girl, 6 3 /4 pounds and 4 pounds respectively. They now weigh and 6 pounds respectively. She didn't say what they were named I am curious about that. * » * Ask any parents — "It now costs more to amuse a child than it once did to educate his father. * * * ,, After writing this and giymg what was correct information''& far as plans were concerned, learned there was a' change a the last moment. Anna Behnka braved the storm and went home to Whittemore with Mrs Walter Meyer of the court house, Pearl Hanson stayed with her sister-in- law, Mrs Ray Haugen. Alma Lauck was guest of G-wen McDonald. The following morning Ann and Mrs Meyer came back with Mr Meyer in his oil truck. An ordinary car would never have made it. * * * Mrs Bertha Koesller observed here at G. S. last week Wednesday. . Among the many visitors was her son Leonard of Florida. * * « I wonder how long before Iho snow will be melted enough for .the squirrels to find the nut meats I had Velma Hagg dump, near the north steps. I wanted the nuts where I could see the little fellows get them—and then came the snow. RETIRING The last of Waverly's old blacksmiths is retiring. Kurt Meyer, is retiring after 44 years of work Mr Meyer has worked 30 of those 44 years 'in Waverly as a blacksmith, When he first came to Waverly there were seven other blacksmith shops. _, ; BURNED Wendy Lynn Seedorf, 19 month old girl of Hudson was painfully burned recently when she backec up and sat down in a pan of hot water. She has third degree burns from her shoulders to her knees. The, back of her arms were also burned. 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