The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 12, 1959 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1959
Page 16
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&" '? ' .) Upj*t OM Matffti Thursdoy, March 12, HIDING BEHIND IKE Clark Mollenhoff of the Washington Maf? of the ,Des Molnes Register-Tribune spoke re- eently to students at the University of Cincinnati. Because what he said is so true, and also because at one time he lived in Algona and went to school here, we reprint what he had to Say, and said well: "Democracy is not necessarily a success in the brobd sweep of history unless it continues for many more years to demonstrate thai people Can and will learn enough to be able to govern themselves," he said. "To succeed, Our system of government needs thoughtful participation by citizens as office holders, as taxpayers, as witnesses before governmental bodies, and as plain voters. '"Public office hiust not be a convenient way for paying high salaries to our sons, wives, cousins, or political hacks. It must not be a Vehicle for favored treatment on tax cases, RFC (oans, or television channel allocation. It must not be a way to finance vacations abroad, or to sneak into the parties of whichever hostess currently is the mostest." "the disease of an attitude of complacency" led to scandals in the Truman and Eisenhower administrations. "There were those who felt that the great Victory of a popular war hero in 1952 meant they could get by with anything," he explained. "The victory by President Eisenhower in 1936 convinced many In the administration that if was possible to use a hero's glory to dazzle the public. "Even the FCC scandals arid the Adams- Goldfine affair have not jarred some .of. these individuals from their belief that they* can put fords' in the mouth of President Eisenhower to justify imp'roper and illegal activitiy." * * * i AGLE GROVE VIEWPOINT Editor iMaury Crabbe of the. Eagle Grove Eagle has just been named to the State Board of Regents, a high honor on which we congrat- Olqte him. We know that he will serve with distinction. Mr Crabbe is what we would normally term a "liberal," Republican, if we may be allowed to use* that Controversial word. , ' ~'< t * . J ,v,, Last Week-he startled us with the following .'message in one of his editorials — ••< , "The Democrats an'd the Dig,city banks Wprj, a'significant political victory last weejc When they jppk ddvaptage, of already .trbyblecT' State ^Treasurer Merle Abrahamsbn and forced him to shift state, fu k nds from the county banks to the big city, banks presumably, to re-invest- in time 'deposits an'd government bonds." |^ . flow /vtr Crabbe is a Republican, State Treasurer Abrahams'bri Is a Republican, dnd rnosf of thl bankers' in,Iowa are, Republicans, $o how does^this all add, up to something the 'Democrats cooked Op'? -the state legislature, whicKJias been'casting 1 a critical eye at handling pfsfate f|/rfds^ which are producing' no interest, ^is 1 also 1 , Re'pyblicdri, dominated, and the Des Dairies' R^gisifer which has been exposing some 'of tne. b'e'culiar financial /arrangements is' also J?epubfie'a*n/, r As wfe ,see Jt, ,the poor Democrats lust didn't, naive a thing to do with this anywhere |GI C3I _WUI 14 I^J 3IIWII-IWIIM .JWVWI p I !*«•», MN/w.a, I 1 I *«—» T »• lift with'^rav^" fyr>cfs\ fr&m ccKinty b'anks; he can [•with'dravy'. iT v frf. 0006? .two', chunks from Des (Moires'.banks ^an^ h'ayel all,fhe" ; money He wants fb invest.' Tfiaf s" wh'e'fe" th'e big deposits are any- &ay~ti^ttofri$. , , , |; Weflf J6stib > e > darpe^d \i we ( can figure out .now anyon'e^ can\ wdrk.;tfi|s Whole problem into IsomethinS ; ,tKeVdiSrfged . Democrats thought up ik, ,«(, 4 A- *•/ \<&f^ ft *i.*# *fV *'*' •* ^ I i* Itt v/ere r'espjpqsipje jpfr., ft looks to us like a ( .. T( jub'licaff sifuTcttion' all thV way a'round. <i , • An'yvvcfy; M'a'u'ry 5 , g'o'od fuck sir on the Board ^'RVgehfe . •',,- jqr ;arf:^cortd' df^siiriiaiter at th'e' pdstoffice na\- Iowa, irriaer Act of Congress of TAXPAYERS REVOLT! A "taxpayers' revolt" is reported to have flared up in all seriousness in Washington State, it started when citizens of Ritzville, Washington, signed a petition pledging to seek no new State services, and in return demanded that there be no new State taxes. The Idea caucjht on. Prom all parts of the State, form letters bearing the same demand have been deluging the Governor's office in Olympic. \ Yes, there is the answer to taxes. They need be no higher on any level — town, City, county or state, if the people just don't ask for or expect any added services; and if they In return demand no tax increases. 1 We don't have to go to Washington State to see how the costs of government increase, and our taxes accordingly. Someone wants a few hundred thousand to restore a state lake, or carve out a new state park, or add another hundred men to the highway-patrol. As these items are approved, they must be financed in one way Or another. Inevitably there are more taxes. When more services are added in cities and counties it is the same thing.' But people seldom stop to consider that it is their own willingness to sign petitions and get on somebody's band wagon that brings about the ever-increasing cost of operating the various government units. Taxes can be kept from increasing, and perhaps could be decreased. All that is necessary is for a substantial majority .to refuse to ask for additional services ffom various agencies of government, and to cut out the unnecessary, boondoggling* units that already exist. ', * * * THREE CHEERS FOR BLONDES Lock Haven, (Pa.) Express — Are blondes — real or artificial — beautiful but dumb? Some official of the Pan American Airways must think so. At any rate he had the temerity to fire a 20-year-old ticket agent on the ground that she was "too pretty." For. the sake of-chivalry and blondes, we are happy to note that her union interceded, and she got her job back. But the basic "issue is still at question — are blondes too disturbing in a business office? The-young lady in this question was undeniably .attractive. She' resembles movie star Kim Novak,, platinum -hair and;all. .When the dispute arose,- she did compromise to the extent that shj 1 , wiped off all make-up except, lipstick and',agre£< to subdue her contours -in' the airline's attractive- uniform. But she drew the line at changing the color of her hair. , The .airlines spend a lot of money making sure that their hostesses aboard the planes are trim and attractive. Why not givfc the^tired businessman's eyes a 'treat before he boards the plane? That's a "fringe benefit" a union really should fight for! , * * - ' *'. AN EXPENSIVE OFFICEHOLDER! Indianola Tribune — Recent disclosures about the loose handling of,state money by the State Treasurer's office got quick results, and well it should have. We have an idea that certain elected state officials are finally catching On to the idea that the primary objective of their 'jobs is to servej the best interests- of the people/.of the State of Iowa, not the interests of a Special party, or group. • Propei" investment of idle state funds will now Des yield the state some three-quarters of a million —'• dollars annually that we should' have been receiving for the past ten,to twenty years'. Quite a loss! It is a long time yet to the next primary and general elections in Iowa,,but we cannot help but speculate a bit as to what will be the fate of the officeholder who has let such vast sums of money escape proper use as has our present State Treasurer. It is also, his office, remember, that has failed to collect motor vehicle fuel.taxes, estimated at ' anywhere from one to four million dollars annually. all up, and you will find he has been a pretty expensive officeholder a luxury we can ill afford. It will be interesting to watch results in the 1960 elections. • * * * "IOWA. A DEMOCRATIC STATE." ' Grundy Register — /"Iowa is now a democratic state and not a republican state," That statement was made the past week 'by' J. J. Jurgemeyer, Thomas Mitchell, and "The Little f*rttte*ftl" Richard Greene and Anita Louisec at ( the tepefied to int JPom , ifpime Storm Of Farm Support •• *•'*• " ' "That was a wonderful idtea^-puttmg tranquiluer In the bow' coffee 1" washinhtoh Editofr • ". Algona Upper Des Moines ij ort */&(& ' , ':„«*'«* ,or tne i^ansn. ,JLIHH uiyB«»« w*u InShf'.^eftt tfiat no Centals teke ^^Sf. WM^ «. .-<»n le^ldeythe-site owner still Joseph's BOuttA* ;JBaife?pfl; the has jnttefttM S £ia#dfhg lumberyard^ v^effSveishe' rfeed« ; a^ few agfieultur&l income. For* years the debate was always On" HOW —- ; ----—---„. , ... this could best be done. • , P*rt ^ the old moyieset._In this not (*<«*« fcntVcnw v>ae V.OOM .manner, a town But since Benson has been t ., tiu ^..i.»u*«* Secretary of Agriculture the farm outlook hag so worsened j""*":r Jw,«J7,ir7*«J i that nqW the debate is WHfiTH- f a mous Payers in its>,l UR Oil NOT our government should intercede at all in protect- At tide Decent Farm Institute spoke oh "The Role of Government in Agriculture"/' He v.igor- •ously 'supported the'Benspnian. ¥ 4 A WvMy Report front the Nation's Capital by Ray Per/ton only his freedom to 'operate without interference. He contended ithat supports shoulH not be to „ . /, ,, , . . ,/,, . . ... secure for the farm family justice Creeks,\ that, twistjand wind like in income but only to "cushion"— ^eir *|£S sa P& ,K*?L & J^' as He terms it — the slide down mote region of Washington. Was,,*. „,_.-. , n .r* A >,,^ ,• , _» ,' ,. , , .,'•.'•' .1 ti^ tfi finnnni'ai dicactor " ner Bros.-created a busuing'min- UP PERISCOPE —-Look'for best medical facilities available to TT , , an f, iai ais fster. > - J • • s> - Hickertlooper thus subscribes to . , ^ ii.-j i< L- - n. i statement at Logan, A town destined to, Become the 1951 .that "every young ^l 3 ^! M^ff,JlSfS Congress tp prod-the Admihistra- are being used at Walter Reed tiO'n for not giving our Navy 'Army hospital to treat Secretary enough of a Sunday punch with of-State John Foster Dulles who has suffered a recurrence of can^ man retires the spur of insecuf ,,, , drama-packed weeks of all, ballistics missiles to make -any has suffered a recurrence of can-' man lequura me spur 01 insecur- -- - »---_-- ---—-°7 ------/ potential enemy thihk twicd; .be-fcer. A surprising note is that the Ay J!$ *P"e Mm to do his best. ' tra dition "It ; ooWfeTt • a'^hSfel '.CafeWee.'Summers df play will fore attacking this country. This • X-ray machine — focal point in "us ".^S 3 ^, ^f 1 ^ 6 "! general st,dre,'restaurant, f soon give. way. to the need 'for applies especially to making Navy -the treatment sertes - is not -as ™ when feudal lords used | R and ^ faM{&\&"*S&a*. .•*$&& edu'catlon or a start in shins better eauinoed to take on many would believe, something Si aves 10 ao ineir WOTK — mo . f , , ir v, nB o c,,,ir,Ai«£ A^-x c.Ir.^^^Jii. .,j;:- iJL/2ii i _„ enemy "submarines has what is probably niost powerful urtd mada — in the neighborhood 500 subs — and they are capable, become so important ,in the treat of wielding tremendous destruc-, ' " ' tion. . EMPLOYMENT HEADACHES; — Many Congressmen are work-j ing overtime 'to explain to thin folks b.ack home why they hayej relatives'. on the payroll. .Some- even find it necessary to explain J why they won't hire^ their relar; The greatest sin in, Wa'sh-^, ington -today —-as far as thej lawmakers are concerned ( — is; to be caught with one of his kin-* iuw piuues as me JiaiUMUp TLT — .77, TV, (mmV mnrT tr insecurity instead of - the them across its threshold.',_-.,._ ~; Jj" 1 ?...., ,-and tt _ al whip. * * ** 6nsv/er .by saving regularly But today the approach is al- On the, final da?, of. sh'ooting/ ,hef>}Fgood earnings—on ways that if our government doe's Director Delmer Daves" had the your insured savings account. anything',for us to secure justice .town burned"to the- ground'.;'In .£.-__ J.T_ -. X_.*^_ J! —___ 11—_ i — AT_ —' — J.1. __ *^V^a ^i1*^»'e« n\4 w^ rt *^ 4-.l^ J « . '•f-nvv't-M >\-»i J mm HWAi for the farm family in the matter, the film's climax, this.'town end^L,/VM/V| of income we will lose all 6f,our ed its .six-week span Of life in' a ! /"I •< f"^ r^* v « * I ! 1*1«. AuJ-J nn _^. J £«.«.« J A _ « > 4 . _1 _—. f IQV^r A V»^*4l4*^ /S. • f\f T^r^>»V» « irti*il *^-*» Inferno 'of Technicolor ' grandeur, still v burning i its candle! rp- brightly at both erids. >, ' *>' '< ' , liberties and freedoms — just so fiery much poppy cock. ' >For 20 years we had a farm prp- grani designed, to give justice in .i What a brillian't passing! Never income, to farmers. What 'free- to be {subdivided! ,,by , lumber- doms did we lose? None! . hungry humans. nor, mi'stakeri for In this nation we ourselves a. "ghost-town"' by "* 'talkative, are the government. We elect by travelers. A final-reel .exit, 1 made 'secret ballot all our ^lawmakers, in the grandiose manner. A NOVtf PAYING i, • . * . _, Per Annum Compounded " ' .' '! Serni-Annually FEDERAL folks working at the next desk. I, 4.*""*"* ^"««v'"6 « f -"•-; -r .West Bend's girls did it again the, United States,,, ny order ,:to -'i-et. 'eni .DUfni vilere'S' one ,mpyi'e' tliat has been going on .since _ for ' the Sec0 nd straight year, form a more perfct 1 Union, esta- 'towrt that Jiterally" went out inf a George Washington's t day. , : . t , the high school girls basketball blish justice _-1 _ ." , - '* blaze of glory! . , -team annexed the state champ- , What Hickenlooper .and asso-, ~r This i jonship at Dest Moines. Two elates are really trying to do is .'. ~^ *_A BREAK FOR IKE .Smce'1917, ALGONA, IOWA is probably the first public dis-> West Bend forwards, Jerry Gear- strike out from our constitution re tt President Eisen- " " IF IT'S NEWS WE WANT IT closure that President Eisen- hart Betty Lou Walker, the words "establish justice" , hower no longer suffers from, W0 und'up first and second in the in its place insert "restore and bursitis — that painful and, tournament scoring race. Miss spur of insecurity." irritating shoujder condition, Qearhart was a senior All-State I am sure that the farm lam- which in the past sometimes se i ec tion and Miss Walker was a ilies getting less' than half tho made it difficult for him to do, sophomore. More ..than 100 car per-capita income of non^farmers his work. Doctors close to the ' loads of West Bend fans met tno wou id pre fer our constitution as f President say Mr Eisenhower s team at p ort Dodge Sunday and it is — and retire at the next henrt attack is credited with' ^^^A & ^ ac ^ to the'old home election all those lawmakers steeped in Benson's' aims of * * "Spurring" mpre> work out of the note from Burl farmer and his'wife'by means of Evelyn Bierstedt, insecurity. '' " George W.' Patterson , Burt, Iowa heart attack is credited eliminating the bursitis condition, ' t own> They explain that when ,the • * President learned to relax afte^r A, society the heart attack this relief from stated that „.. _ __., tension cast aside one of the daughter of Mr and Mrs E. C. primary causes of his bursitis. * -Bierstedt, and Leonard Warner, —°— son of Mr and Mrs Asa Warner TROUBLE BREWING —When 'of Ledyard, were married Friday the new Cuban strong man, -at the Lutheran parsonage by Fidel Castro, decided to come Rev. L. Richman. Leonard, a to Washington before the Na- former basketball star at Led- tion's editors he threw the State yard, is now custodian of the new Dept. into a complete tizzy. They ..courthouse here, usually make the decision on , • * * * whether it is wise for a foreign A Scxlon man, Philip Aman, dignitary to visit this country. It 68, became the county's first auto is unlikely they would have victim of 1939 'when- his auto agreed in Castro's case because .^ideswiped a truck two miles of the politically explosive issues 'east of Algona at 5:30 p.m. Tues- . --________ involved. For one thing it means ''da.y. Mr Aman, a widower who * ..,, ,' „, "... >\ , ,. \ , ,security measures will have to 'h p d no children, was on his way Hollywood,-Calif. .^"We ppss- be doubled. An attack on Castro 'home from Algona at the time of ed 'through a number; of ghost in the U.S. would be disastrous crash. There was mist in the air town* on' our way' 1 out to. the' „ i_ J. t * _ A1-^._ „ j i1__ j_"___ _1 Jj. il_ .1.1. f**r\n e*£ m^WX' «4J <i-l*.'A. U u. •_*«.'j»™^» X.. JJi_J INSURANCE Behind The Movie Sets BUDDY MASON ALGONA INSURANCE , AGENCY , J. H. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Lines of Insurance 206 East SJtate.St. PlwJne GY 4-3176 ; • _ BLOSSOM INSURANCE ' AGENCY ' . All Lines of 'Insurance . Automobile -' Furniture Loan 7 N. Dod^e Phope CY 4-2735 SERVICE N. Dodge S^;. • • ' Ph.- CY 4-4443 Home - -Automobile^- Farm • ^!' Polio' Insurance , at this time. at. f the time the deceased V»"' - 'TcKiiPrl r rhm*in*Jv' 1^ Iflw Rv Vvao iiiauc me ^ci^w wt.v.** ^jr w> M» fc v *** O v..#.*^ -.| "' I^THE'TtJPlpH DES MOINES PUB'LISHING CO. Iow a Republican State Chairman. Such an ad• •# .„*'" ;"''B» JB< WALLER, ]Editqr ''•';-. 5'- : '.e.'. ! S,^SiRl^ND5Rj Adverftsing Director "'.•,- lV .j^RB? MBTCAXif,; Advertising Manager f,' i'r/' »»i5», I' t-DQN,SMITH, NeWs Editor ,"', * T i' FEUMA^ OHRlSTQFFjgRg, Plant Foreman -i) ^ J ^j *• ^ r f , *-' „ ^JBgS£55p?J?^??^M?UiI^^^'' » » "J» ' "f-jm-i^' f; •:$ •':^vf>-BHiWttVC Q ^", . , J * '-. /- 1 ' ( 1 Si- VArrA>i**tAiC r 1 . fl U ipresentatives, Im?. APVEHTISWG RATES mission did* not come easy from the state's republican party leader. He' probably believes that truth is better than pretense for members of his party. "Our party," he said, "has been in deep trouble politically in this state for a number of years." The chairman blemed "weak party organization and factionalism" for the decline which he' said started in 1952. ,"If the Republican Party is to rebuild in Iowa, the sin's of a party built upon one party domination must disappear," "he said, He said, "There is no road to victory except good gqvernment. Gimmick campaigns are losing campaigns." A change in political party control in any state from time to time is '^"a, for-' froth parties and for the people they ar£ el$fetta\ to Jerve. TQO long control of any party' fe&fp i$ office. mu?h dead wood and does not 6'g}i for th'6 best a'mong new canoUdHtes,- When, dfoM6ant (i pfjr|y control assures the election of any candidate wfyo can get by with the nomination/- wif ; ni'a'y expfct weaker '' candidates to win over st^'ji'getmen ^t w election. GOP candidate!? ; px .Joy a ! hpve, .been so , s,jn-e that ti^elr party wcMd^win tls(e f ,ele~etion fpr ^em thai they n'eeded to! It M||.|?ol^er* 1 tlieir qualifications. The/'lajsi el&etion •proved ttiat the majority ^ol, voters. lavor a two party government in their state' and that in the future the party that wins must offer the best program and the better candid'ates. That is the ' ' lite' chairman ® trying to get acvo&s, and it was thought Coast, TwO'. of,them were quite! had been attempting fancy* , Their • tfu'ildhigsv seeined NO HANDOUTS, PLEASE — to rub his windshield clean with well f preserved'"but' 'On'',- 1 -'" The death knell may well have his left hand and was steering inspection'"-the House's^;of. / hppn sounded for anv Federal t4io auto' «rU,V\ Viio Ti^Vit Vian/1 towng'-'had^nrtlv •PTTRjfc'l!! ST1 close his left hand and was steering inspection -- the House's:,';of. / been sounded for any Federal ^n'e , auto with his right hand town§;-'had^only,T v H'R,E^ SIDE'^i school construction legislation w hen t.hie vehicle swerved across Not one <?f the 'buildings 'gave this are a tute ers and ranchers great independent thinkers don't like the idea regulation from an centralized . government.- nice, old lady's*"ghost town's" included a pMr^pf ! motion picture -sets. Dial phones were voted 6n a\ Set construction, 'for films, ends of Federal ottosen Wednesday and lost by at a. poin.t. immediately outside; all-powerful the closest of margins, 23-22. camera,' Itn'e's. A fartcy facade And Close only counts in horse may get Off fo an-imposing start then ( end , abruptly where i a camera'len's no longer picks up sjchool construction without Fed- • • Thieves in Algona had been part of,,the'.$tru£rtu're,- especially where their youngsters Tshoes, are concerned. Significantly, CHARLES D. PAXSON ; Dwelling, Auto, Liability, . ••,\ , '. Ijite, General , ,,; Phorie CY 4-4512 ,:,,KOSSUTH MUTUAt ~ INSUKANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000, worth, of insurance in force; A home' company. Safe, 'secure. , Phone CY ,4-3756 Lola 1 Scuffhanv Sec'y " flERBST JN,S, AGENCY Fof Auto,,House, Household Phone C Ted S. 4-3733 ed, year, another rooms will become available. ftfelure sets' dot' era! help, is moving along at a niaking a regular practice qf satisfactory clip. Last year, .stealing groceries and supplies Ol 71,COO^school rooms were complet- >frpm cars parked in 'the down- lands,cajpe£ of Western states. ;] town area. At least 'eight such "old 1 *•'"''" • iSW '" >w ' •«'««'«» 1 J. *««^ "^ incidents occurred'Saturday nigh't done> •sro— ' Kere^ according tft- reports receiv village eanrffe'erepte'd toflfy and FOR A VOTE THAT COUNTS ed by loqal gejjds'rm^. f . Wnd, before' ( |jtgRi^i-|n ."Sll'lfg" gan'g — With the, 1960 Presidential shield wipersj»Mr'other ap.cesf can J *'"' "" -^^.p-., election drawing near 'a new gOries were also ••disappearing*! in "wea ! move is underway to change the large quantities^ere. Some""" DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE. M. D. Phybician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore, St. , ' Office phone CY 4-2345 ^Resident phone C.Y 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK. M. D'. •Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Offiqe phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician & Surgeon , ,114 N. Moore Office phone CY 4-2224 Resident phone CY 4-2232 JOHN WSCHUTTE^ M.D." Physician, & Surgeon , 220 %o. Dodge, - Algona • Office phone CY 4-4490 Resident phone >CY ,4,2335 rdctbr • Dr', *%!««• ~iy^«. ^.sv****^^ ** -• ^ f Offjce Phone -ACY 4-3373'? ! ' Hours: 9:0'Q"'V-'<5;00 f " f Open Friday :Nighr , , : General Agent \ WSF ^"w^M:gt ffimW-ft&'fo* tfsap-' ftOiV . ». **~ . |dfe:-i,|Jan>^.factor. .^ f . ; 7ph^| ; cy\|.38li\ T 4 ; system of electing thq |jie theft?, were reported by ow'* 1 - PreswJwt arid Vice President, e'rs"of au'tos payke'din the vicinity- .Meal . the electoral polleg§ - 1 •^ i - i - -*-t-' - ^--^ ^-^ -•--'—-'-> s _*.. the this and onS-people vo^'?iri^;a> state $aj one candidate, ipo^id^e" and Qije vQWS'jatfcl h'js an ,eyen, minion;. yote§. State Street, a,fact that U'ke,d *e poUcfe 4io end, : • u -«',^* » .'/,/ v ^While enrou|e to his hom> pt This ,is , _,. system'which does not and. never has truly reflected the'feelings Of "'"•"Ju^l ^vdter. • tn theory , „ ,. , .,..,. h^pen: tf.tyfq million W)?jiW?niore.froin,'Alg(?na' Satur,* p'rie^ypte, fee. 4 electoral One proposal j August Meyer had, ", by A hit'Snc}^, f . nr ------ c- - —f -n ~- j- IT ~-- \MTT-T f ! '"T 7?T""ff T-«- $^^«* j^'Til -' rT 'T;Tr 15"'"'^ ^-~ T would - abolish the electoral c?p> JJ6ens,e,,.pJiat?5.; local It's lege and the electoral vote for authorities. The deadline for tip President Jjn4 Vice. President t}|e pvtr/?ha?e and would be automatically divided 4n proportion to tiie popular vote m' each state. ON THE JOB — The p}ate§ to autos' mj t h ? h JS h W§y ' had passed a hi wag set of r§y9*n or ifti open sea'son' on vioTatorf to' stiit Tf who insisted on driving with old a tidy sum in basip set construe .. ., tt . ^limlf?' Sackg'rJjynds- i§ ' ' T Dr, S, J, Thissen Chiropractor B. State St.;,Algona' Phone gY 4-3621^ ' OPTOMETRISTS Drs. SAWYER and ER'ICKSON Eyes Examined' •• Cpntact Lenses-- ' Hearing Aid GlflgseJ .9 East ^tate Street ' • •bv ' a v Phone CYpress 4*8196 Hours; 9,OQ a.m,.to',5;Qa'. Closed Saturday C,-M Phon« CY 12334 Kofiwth Counties

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