The Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama on November 19, 1922 · Page 8
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The Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama · Page 8

Anniston, Alabama
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 19, 1922
Page 8
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rn ANNiSTQN 'STAR J 1 '' ' " 5 .ochcd Punt .? dnbiGwesvAuburMm Plainsmen ' ed Pre) A blocked punfln -third period, which rolled b. ad tht goal line, g th Au- rn Plainsmen a to win oyer t entre's Trann Colonl" thi fternoon, and shot tht old dop fall of hole. ." tht Una, outplayed th Colon! and repwUdlyVhtldTtheTf Including Jtb famou Iocktep. which, proved worthies. m , T trice Covington got away for long run.: Ob tht second play in tht first period ht circled end for 31 yard and again In tht atcond period, after Intercepting a forward pate, ht tore off 41 yard.- The declstv play cam In the third period, after Auburn had marched down the field on line rlunget by Shirley and Shirting, t htriey punted tot- bound, on tht Colonels' even yard lint. Red Robert dropped back to pun tto safety and half of Auburn'- line tort through tht Centra lint and waa down en Red. Reagan,. Auburn left 'guard, threw hlmtelf In front of tht punt and tht ball bounced back oyer the goal line, where Moulton. Auburn enl, fell on It. Shirley failed to kick goal Trying deaperately to turn defeat Into victory. Centra uncorked : everything "aha " possessed In tht tout period..,; Covington and Roberta repeatedly .attempted long paste, two of which were completed and. the remainder broken vn.. Rut the. nee rent the Colonel could" get "f d tht "Auburn goalwasj Victory Over Yale By ByHE3rRX, X. JTARREJU" Vnlted rreta Staff Corrsrpondent Whites. Trinvblea Louruea ana G.'lroTt. the nama-of Smith: t efded htrt this anernoon to ice a rlnceton roll of lmmortala. . Kennelh Smith, tl. of Newark. N. ha an ordinary name, but he Is no ordinary football player . - It waa tha-ntatr " right- Smith tot that booted the field goal thjt gave the fighting Princeton eleven a t to I victory over Tale and the chsmlponsbip ot th ,"b!g three."' : -Dame Fortune. Mr. Luck and atl liose etherifriejidsVhale f t ht have - beta -eaUng theJr -lot with Princeton for several aeaaons turned their flckl affections away frnm the Tlgera and worked for ; It wat Just good, sound football and the spirit of fight that Prtneei ton breeds In football players, and n ot lack, -tbat-gav tha-Tlgera-a victory and ended one of the finest s i ons In Nassau! history. 1'nnceton came out mr ine imru period a determined band of Ti- "ficVadnttW''WrlJHfTt" WW?!g' Wt! . J.whftl".t30dnJ-. Yale 'atarte'd the naif by kiekftig ' f.f and Cleaves took th game In hand. He started on hi ya'd line, rife i tht ends., bucked, .the tackles and Charged through center for Trda:and yards.1 He maJe ' one dash down the aide lines for 40 Saturday's Football Results "At PrthcetonTato .-yrtncetowt ' At ' New Tortc Dartmouth 28, Columbia 7. , At Cambri roan I, Har- ,,k;,?,,A:.,PWla4elPhitPnnaj1yrt '7, 'Penn- Stat g,. -- j At SyracuseSyracuse It, Col- "gat It 4,., At Medford Tufts f, Massachu-'setta Aggie t, . At Boston Boston College 13, Caalslus 7. . ; At Ithaca Cornell 4J. Albright 14. ' v- --T. ' - ' At Hoboken Rensselaer 11, Stevens It. I Xt AtlanU Georgia Tech 17, North Carolina. State . At Athena Georgia ; Vander- but it. ;.,,,;-"-.:,.., At Birmingham AuKurn , Cen tre . -' -,. '.. .r ' : At Bethlehem Lehigh 6; Leban rn Valley t. - At. Cleveland Western Reserve 1, Kenyon II. At Washington Virginia Miliary Institute 41. George Wash- : Kton 0. - ' . . At h Baltimore University of iryland 10, John Hopkins 0. At CinclnnaU St. Xavler 29, Miklln 0, At Ann Arbori Wisconsin, . hlgan II. At Morgantown West Virginia Virginia . At MeaCvllla Alfred "7, Alls- ny tl. -, ;" . ,: M Chicago IUlnola 0, Chtoa-' University t. .. ' t Pittsburgh Pittsburgh l '.ington and Jefferson I. t Johnstown Johnstown IS; tint 0.. .;. . i. . t Jr. !!anapol!s Notr Dame ' :er 3. t VsBhlngtoa Bucknell 7: ''own It, ' ft llerophlo University of Ten a Doctor IT, t)W Ills t. t Jriddlebury University rmont 13, Middlebf.ry I. " At An htrst William 2T; Am t . .' ' . ,.i ' t Lawrence ICansaa It, Colo- . : ' , - .v ".. " : -. ' t West Polr.t Army It. Bates t r-s Ifo'nea Drtik 21, Gfin- , , . ' OI-.ho-j Centtral 14, In Third the tht 79 yard lint where another at tempt at pa ranea. " Auburn' Una clearly out-clawed tht Centre forward , defenses. Heavy and fighting desperately. tht Auburn forward - repeatedly broke no Centra play. Covington, tht outstanding star of tht Col onels, wa aomewhat handicapped pyH7wctrg1IPPiT fld, whrehew down " hto-epee d'T---'..- Shlfleyr ShlrllnT an Ford starred for Auburn, th first two. In FarUcu1arrlerftanr-lTr--Wn clung es that mad repeated galna rwoe ta.AOo fens, the greatest , .k.l MM - fjwifltall ! crow a - iui game here, packed RJckwood field. Intermittent drisslee of rain, marred the contest. The llne-lnpi.. CENTRE Tosltlon AUBURN Lemon -Left End Moulton Gordon Lett ..Tacklfw.Pearce Rubarth .-.Left Guard -Regan Kubale ..Center. Lawrence Shadoan Right Guard.., RT Cregor Right Tackle ..Greaham Snowday Right End. Prultt Covington ...Quarterbackx Gibson Thomasson R Halfback.. ShMIng Hudglns Left Halfback.. Shirley Roberts .......Fullback.-.-.. Ford iieferMVan'ulrdainrchy an. . Umplrevrilliama. Virginia. Head linesman Thomaa, Purdue. Score by periodarr t---" Auburn Centre Touchdowns Moulton. Substitutions: . Auburn Scott. Peterson, Allen ; " Ce'ntrt O. Jonea yard sja n d then a d va n t h e be 11 to Yaieseven yard li ne" direct ty 4n- froitf -the goai poaU. "Ken"' Smith was then brought TrTrWlfWrtIeofgdniriW fe drop kick of IS yards for the three bis points that von the game. .. ', , ::-:::rir'. Tale had scored the stage that luck set for field goals In the firs half and Neldllnger, the Tale field jrenerat- played, for - big-ttaka. However, when Princeton took the lead." ' Tale ' went almost "craiyHn th attempt for tie score. Char ley O'Hearn. the " fragile Tat kicking atari' waa rtMshe antw-tha .xder JOiJUClUKnA All.fjntd.e four attempts at field goals front distance of flfty flfty-flva and sixty yards, bat all failed and Ts' went-'itown"to-deYeti'"'" Tale waa a regular bulldog " in midf1ldr--wher'"they Princeton defense to piece.- bqt when the- Tiger feJ. th. goapoia at- their back, they ttopped everything that Taje had In, the way of Tale Po!t!on : Princeton Or -Treat '"Snl"v;y;j Joel . . Hu'.Ran Ne id lin ger Neale Baker Smith Gormin Crum Cordon-Scott Caldwen At .Milwaukee Marquette I. Pe- troit . - JLt . Charlotte North Carolina Uhlver mJiTDi :yldonte'srtet' l-ChiTMbbga ftneaset-if:; Swane-.3T5MsK7,7v Atl4nctlft--lkehraaka. 11, Xaaaa Aggie 0. At Columbus, O. Iowa 12, Ohio Stat . - At Green Caatlt Depanw 24, Hanover 0, At CrawfordsvUls Wabash IS, Chicago T.' 7. At Lawrence Kaasa 41, Colorado 8. At Omaha Cretghton, , Michigan Aggies 0. ' At Amee Ama It, Oklahoma Central 14. At Des Drake 21. Moines Grinnell 9, At Milwaukee Marquette I, De troit 3. . . At"; Columbia Missouri Washington University . 27, At St. Paul St. Thomas 49, MacAlester . 'At Appleton Lawrence I; Hsm-line 0. .. At Worchester Fordham Holy Cross 38. 0, At Clinton MississlDbl" Coll I; 6,,Blrmlngham Southern 0. Ai fsew urieans Florida a a j- , Tulane (. ' , At. Baton Rouge-MlssUeinnf A and M. 7. Louisiana State Univer sity o. , . . At ColumLut Infantr-15. Marlnc-s 0. School At Lexington Kentucky , Ala. bama 0. 'At Chester bickinson i, p.' m At MuehUnbrarri1AviHHu IT, Swarthmore 10. 1 , m vumion kmmih . rim eon 12. . r : y - At Norman. Okia Texas Oklahoma 2. ' 2. , pity 24. Rculh Dakota 0. t kuuexs sutloa Texas A and M. 24, Rice 0.' . ' At Denver Colorad Denver University 20 .. . """g At Fort Colllna-Colorartft i. ' T: A".,, Hi?? ' '' ": Victory . r-g-p h. i. h. f. b. : ' M ...,.--.,, 47, JuanitaUuIstille University 14. ' a rmit.v,.,.L ' 1 At' Georgetown Georgetown i,At Emmitbu,g.Ma.-.villaNolaColIg. 20. Cbattenooaa T. v ; IIltT'S GOIGHS Fl Score of 12 to O Piled Up by Vandy in Great Game With Bulldogs Athena, Ga.ovLrytCaKO Press) Vanderbtlfa Gold and BTacnfonTthrTUr "borr-tha-Red and Black of Georgia, -after on of the greatest football games ever seen her, which was won by dy. 13 to Vaaderbllt depended on forward rsng for her counter and th Hulldoga while not hopeleaa before the onslaught of McGagin's Commodores, were puttied by Vandr ccrial attack. Vaaderbilt scored olh her touch downs as a result of long forward paje.he first cam ,erjfit msnutes of play la th, opening per lod. Xeely to Romar. for yard. Th second cam In tht third auar-ter. Kuhp to Romar. A yard Lynn Bomar It tl hero i xnc Commodores student body tonight. Hi aensati'onal a WOrk, accointtd for Vanderbllfs win. and kept tht slate of th Commodore's clean for this season. VanderbHt'e tie game with Jl ichlgan "U iti "'on Won' UT have failed to win. Thee teams ninvea to a nothing to notmng t. This leaves VanderWlt with oa ot thixtremely few teams In ta country without a defeat this aca- Georgia's work was not a d.s- appointment. her supporters . say. but most ot them looaea ior a mUcSTloser gainer TENNESSEE IS VICTORIOUS IN SEWANEE SCRAP Sixteen tiLAcnu?!. OlrhDOS Schools Witnesses 18 to I . Trimining of Sewanec Chattanooga. Tean., Nov. 11. (United Press) Tennessee unlim hered a . bewildering forward - paes attack her today and awampa Se-waneein th sixteenth1 annual aridiron clash between - the two schools by the score of It to 7 Ca'mpbelt - scored- pTennt ' .Ana:, mrtujKtnjJtiUL'iU. end for 1 yarda A forward pass Campbell to Lane, has placed the ball in scoring- position. (f Tennessee's second touchdown tn the rondv-' tj warter- Another pass, Clayton td,'Holt scored Ten-nwe tfclrd touchdown. AU their tries for goal- falla-.-. Sewaaees touchdown came in the- tMM''Pertod. R.j..Murray 'MoTedWiftrrtfmcfWtKett thnee yard line and Miller fell on I the ha!l. Coughlan went over for I LADIES' GOLF TOURNAMENT TO START MONDAY Match Flays, Each to Be Finished irt Two Dayt, Will Be Play- -d f-rUyers and HancUcAps Beginning Monday a match-play goirwarSMnilpwil ladies ot the Country club, on he Country club link. Twq day will br-gKwd'rrorAcntnkteh.iit' th'-mathe';rtreqBii''tei finished In two day. 1 A aerie of matches will be played In which all of the women golfer of Annlston will tak part and torn very Interesting contest ar expected. At th conclusion of th tournament a tea will be given at the Country club for. the ladles participating In th matches. Th following matches hav been arranged, all ot the player being women golfers: Kllby play Tyler Ory playa Morton, J one play Sproull, Woodruff playa Latsch. Maybank play Miller, Hstchkls play Klein, Hardeman play . Updike, Knox Dlavs Carrlngton. McCaa play tli winner of th Kilby-Tyler match. ; V Hay. play th winner ot the pry-Morton match. '.. Cater plays the winner of the Jones-Sproull match, The handicap follow; Knox' 1 J, Woodruff t. Maybank 10, Miller 17. Hay 17. Hardeman 12. Carlngton 13, Jones 4. Tyler 24. Updike t(. Hotchkiss . 23, Sproull 2S, Kllby 35, KcCaa 24, Ory 2, Latsch It, Cater 25. Mor ton t, deln 40. , ' BVSINESS DISTRICT , l!S ST, LOUIS SUFFERS IN FIRE SATURDAY St. Louis. No. II. (United Pre Ml An entire eltv block) In St Louis downtown buslneaa district wa tnreaieneo a a great fir five I swept a group of four and story buildings on Pine street near Thirteenth, late tonight. Hundred of firemen and more than a scor of fire departments were fighting the blaze. Their tf fort appeared futile in th fac of t.iw IHiClip. Ileal ' . um vo'. .' i l . 1 I !At toulsvnie Centenary 2 . 7 Nothing GetsBy mm, m a, o'. u n.,ie BHi-r- . r -tk - , .'INT X . V . Vaaaar CoUeg has on a of tht most brCUact goal tinders In tht field aockey world. Hern la Harriett Jackson ct Cambrldae, Mas ot Um jUmpioa iophomort. ua aU rigged cut la bar protective; gxnameat HattJe - Stricken "-ft- mi' -y- - J lift. Unlr ii-J''' t i i "' " ""T ' " ' -'-v..'war'-- -fcu,ji.--n-it a. J . ja-Vf-. t.-.1a1w:wsWUHi -i.iivcfffjWi f V VA -: Hattlev among etophant of Central -paK;'T.r aW'em'-aricln :rltb paralysis and derrick r necessary to shift the enormous patient 1 from on aldt to another. But- Battle is atcadUy Improving on thA trtatmcat of on Quart c: whUky, 4 day. .u . : T ; . , . foutbali olticiali naie rtvAted ;ha rulings made on th field after te same was over and tho roeu't Sysiredj-alBtt'h'l''ffi''1''' -swHBimmaiaia al'ar hw4h; must unusual eral was that affecting the giro brt ween CotntttWininC' 'm'ftWX StrtfTutf cs'' W Weil r6n"-"aV-t' " Uniwsily.-When th gaine wav--bow tr th r tbe crowd left the field -feel ing that New' Tork University won the game, to .'- ' The students of New Tork Uni versity started celebrating imme diately after the game and kept it np until Monday. Those students who aagered on th gam and collected their winnings proceeded to Immediately spend themT Defuat- Ing Columbia wa quite a trick fir I New Tork U. and the students ( made thsjnost of it Then come forth the referee 'who said that he had made a nil- tat, aii.rin-h v.w touchdown, that it should; have teen scored a safety and the result of th gam wa really to 2 in favor of Columbia instead of 7 t In favor ot New Tork, In another game a college team Winhing fLl'r H ST- .tx - - n f r .. . .'.', V-m- ..I 1. wmn ! sar4Lr Wmj0iJm&J&S& HtVWJi.-rfe " " M "SjilnM SI SS nip 11 IS 1 gtinn ST S 1 k as! . v-'. 4c V- " Thi remarkabl action photo show Tcvia Iluhn of Plncton winning the 120-yard hurdles In tht rtocat Senior sport meet at Oxford,' Tho success of th Americans featured tht meet Huha and Stavenion, nbojji Princeton men, won thfM fltita for America. '' m . ..i " VBTut""tHe tWintf 77 4 - - With - Faralysis; Jf . 4 ftofiT a toucttdown.-Xater-aaid tu'li'se wa inXoraied by the offi- r-al that he had erred and the sev eu. lai'treditedJwrii..UlefalS-ji ite-iKer3altia,.rtile;i:,p f'jn;la!l oftiriaU are a trifle un- bull officials shQuld expend.'' In fcasclmll when on official errs n a question Of rule U Is a 'very, easy matter to correct th mistake. The ame U thrown out and ptnyed over. Thy, of course, Is imposslbla in footltalL The ache-: U jles aro nhori. nrt playing a game over is ou ox tne question. -Taking a victory away from a i ,clnl tnree or lour nays lutrtn came is oer 1 a seriou thing. ' ' nt ' or niversny ma. S"' touchdown tnai gave xnem in. i one point leaa over coiumDia me I New York team played an entirely-' different game than If a safety giv i ttisg them' onJy two point had been nllov.'c J. . "',.;. It seems as if nil decisions given ion the fooibali field should stand an Oxford Prize for r t jl Red" Barron Is Feature of the Clash and Gives Tech : Two Touchdowns . ''sfiiLn "w-TtgagasajswwsWw',lp' -ww Atlanta.- Oa Not, tt. United PreasV'R iI'rronTawTaleorDy' thwaiadenf-GOTglaTech,a gridiron T tnachlna commony known aa tht Tellowjacketa, lit on North Carolina State Wolf-pack and strung them to defeat to th tune ot IT to Hat Grant Tield her this afternoon. J ; ; "Barron was responsible -for Tech's two touchdowns. Hi tint break Into th aro ring column was arly In th opening quarter.' On a doubl pass, Brewster to Barron, 'Red raced 40 yards, to a touchdown. Brewster kicked goal from placement. rIn the. second Quarter" Tech rammed over her second counter in three plays, Barron making two yards for th touchdown.. Brews ter again kicked goat from place ment. . ' Tech'a other points cam In th ftna r period -'when-'- Henry- Reevea dropped bark to hi 40 yard Un and drop kicked a goal. - - Weakness in th tackling depart, ment spelled, ruin, for the Invader, Stare, howe,ver. exhibited a strong aerial - stt rue.-vbut ,,her passea ga eraliy were for ohort gains. Stat s strong bid for points came in the third and fourth quarters. In the third Lonk drop pd back to his own 41 yard line and booted a drop kick that went over , the goal line. In the final period State's long eat continued forward 1 pas attactt war t otichedrr Sh r TonvpTetd" long-series of five and six' yard paj that put the feam-on Terh eight yard Un. With one'yard tv ror a"nrsr-d"owrfr Tin Tiuck f aUed and the, bati. tatreuTaoH kicked and the game ended wiih the ba'J In mldfield. ' They used a host of substitutes. complete new backfleld. Godwin, McWhorter. Moore and Murphy going In after Barron's 'secoml tuochdown. - -- LLOYD READY TO SURRENDER. SAYS CHICAGO REPORT caicagmT'Xd M.tCnn4 Press) William Bros Lloyd, mil llonaire "red" under sentence to .fnti,.tHP to, fira, yeara in, tht JIJIt nota- penitentiary "for Tlotatlon tf tht espionage act, will aurrender Monday, officials announced today. , Llovd la In hidina.ln Chlcaao. his 1 Intimate friends assured authori- jtlea They said ht did not give up 4tpdTbecau,htTdl PaBiwi-rio county ""Jail before being removed to Jollet, as would have been nec- erf. Mif'umn WIB.MwsWwjlg 'Wi -111 isy w.i 'iuPSJ.'w.n Awy ihatMf. Lloxd-has Jioil ;jinecoun? r reeman wno airecica xne searcn for the communist leader. "Deputlea who have, been look ing for Tirm hav been called In Ha .,..srm..iiglnhJjlOle.lo!t aar.L, TOUNG STRIBLING3 - OUTPOINTS FAST FIGHTERSATURDAY Hill IHI IWWI III' I Mil III II ! ssBMsn1 : Ha vi nT" Novt7 -1 1 ( Un ited Press) Touhg Stribling, th Ma con.'Oa.. ttcRooi ooy. maaing nis 'rst-g7rrn1l;7widdiev Vision- :.-ail3sut3KMntedvXoHns Muralla. claimant of the Louisana middleweight fier lohrght T'h MiPohbntig8fer,woiatisrtna twelve round . by a big margin both Judges and referee being una nlmous In handing him the dec Is ion. -t The atadiumXwas packed as final. In order to eliminate the chancea of a mistake the referee, umpire and field judg should con fer on any doubtful point and the decision reacnea snouia tana Also If a decision Is given on the field and the captain ot th team penalised accept It without pro test no aftergame protest should be given any consideration. Foot bs 11 Is n bit different from other sport In that It ha a very limited-schedule. Therefore the decision mad on th field should bo final.' America Seven to Nothinq Score Chalked Up IrLfExciting t.N the most exciting, and fiercest local field this season, tht Annlston University cadeU won their tcvond victory of th year over th Annls. ton High school, T to . f rtaay ar- ernbon'ba th , college campua. Tht High schooler fought ataub- mornly until tht last moment and nKoT3rthryrrrforcirnoTrtay on 4ha. def tti In their ow n ter. Tltory "during: good portion of th game, approached nearer to work- ins tHa Presbyterian for art than has occurred oh any previous occasion this year. - , Tho Ion touchdown occurred In th closing seconds ot th first half - whn BMko -aeooped -np-- blocked punt booted from behind th High chool goal line and car. rid It oacK tor a counter, a pen- lty had placed th High school lad back Uhin pn .yard, ot their own goal Una on th prevlou play whan Chapman punted . th bail from hla own I yard tin. On tot kick th next Urn. Chapman wa hurried .add hi offering barely cleared hi own acrlmmag Uni when Blake recovered the ball and scored th only touchdown of th Many fans contended that th Presbyterians were played to . a standstill and that the touchdown waa gained by a break. Ilowaver, s It be called a break, tht cadets were there to take advantage of tht fluke when it was offered. The Utter frequently rumbled when within striking distance of h goal and tost chance to iacraaaa their lead, and at other time th High school player when crowded back untll-f reed -olght With their back to the wall, put up stlKer resistance and held tor downa. . . Th result might hav been a scoreless tl but for th penalty and toiled punt, but the loser war de cidedly -outplayed end gained -only on first down. Howver, they dis played never-say-dia ,fislitlng spirit which held at the crucial trmer indttrned !th cadet back wtth- tha stnaliest-, score thay, have mad In a game this year. In, most circle the result was. perhaps the upset of the local season and Is regarded by many High school boosters a almost a moral victory. Many fans had doped th cadet to repeater even increase th lead piled up In the previous battle two week ago. In answer, to th contention that th score waa mad on a break, cadet- adherents-claim- that If -the ad aU back.40 atd their own. goal line when th penalty gnd poor punt occurredg. touchdown would have been Imposatble, and that one teet:-or-' good -'tea m - I th wbllM y to tak ad van tat of thi break when It come and that it waa all football. . A. U, B. bpehed'a'famtTby kicking oft and th ball wa xe- 34 - yard iinavwTltre' at tem ata wet ted only about aa many yard and Hawktna ran back their punt on tliKSOTiRlr;" J4 slfthfc and yard.-Walla added flva-wore and rpaiCM made eight and first down on the ( next play, walls railed to gain and J ' 1 11 'wua)Mii IISSISSIPPIANS ; PROVE TOO MUCH FOR BIRMINGHAM ClintonT Mis.. -Nov," 1 1. (Tni- tedrrvartMlBalitlppt Collegg by aTjO iaxd gun.of Halt back Tark- toti on, muddrrtlcldV acorcd the only touchdown of. a six to nothing football gam her this afternoon oteiriHmfn game wUh the exception of two brief period In the flrat quarter was played Jin Mlsslsaippl Collegt's trrrmfyfbotthoBtlrmittgham could never ..score..., '. :. ST. LOUIS FIRE3IEN-SUFFOCATED DURING SATURDAY'S BLAZE St. Loul "Mo., Nov. It. (United Press) Two firemen wer Injured and several almost suffocated with amoke and gaa In a fire that thsVatened to wipe out an entire .block in the heart of 8t. Louie businer .district tonight. Roofa and wall of two btildings fell to the grotirid within an hour after the blaze started and hundred of firemen were fighting desperately to keep the flames away from an adjoining building which housed paint and oil. . : Tht fire got under way about 9:39 p. m., and was raging . at midnight, although danger of spreading had been checked. No cause for the fire had been determined at midnight. . " Work of fighting the conflagration necessitated the -sounding a general alarm and all the available fire equipment in St. Lout . was working feverishly agalnat time as floor after floor jof th building crashed to earth. V ' , The loss was estimated at 1300,-000. ; TRIPLE TRAGEDY IN WEST RIVALS THOSE OF OTHER SECTIONS Aberdeen, Wash. 'Nov. 11. (United Pres) Th Vnurdef . ot two women,vby' k madly Jeal6u suitor th wounding of a rival and the sulcldt of th slayer was reconstructed In detail today by Sheriff Gibson of Cohalia Bsach. . Mutilated bodies Qf Mis Taney Bolton and Mr. J. T. O'Brien and that of th alleged slsyer. HJalmar Anderson, were mot evidence of tht triple tragedy.1 A half a mile from tht murder trail. John Berg wga found by tht sheriff suffer a penalty put the Cadet back five,. Tanner made three yardt In two at. . ' tampta'and--tn -Imjoraphtt pa--" went behind th goal Un. With th ball in their possession on Ihelr 20 yard Una t& lllgh ' schooler gained slightly fa thre attempia and mad a first down by -Inch on tht fourth pui. At th beginning of th aeeond I quarter thtnrontd-to tht-cadrtg 40-yard llnet Tht cadets then tteadily gln-..-ed." with Walla. Hawktna and Turn -. er carrying the Ball, until a fumble gaviTtht ingh chdof-lh-oair i O fVarda from th goal. Falling to gain th lllgh school again punted on th first down, ralr received pass -which waa good for II yard but the- lali was lost av-moiuant- iat by fallut to max firat down, 2- . Chapman booted tnvball to th .. 31 yard line but. pnalty forced him to try It over behind hi own IT goaL.4int.' and. wttli.hla.llne:. py scrimmsge only jne yard from th last whit line. " Blako recovered when th kick wa blocked and " . cored touchdown. Tanner kick ed got! and th whlstlt blew for th nd of th half. ' . Near th end ot th third quar- ' ter th cadets had carried th ball " to- tho-, High achool , 20 .yard line,, after tht latter had received and been forced to kick, when Captain Rainwater wa put out pt th game ' 6 fi' aVcc oia n'-' XT' aa h""lnjured" khe''rT which . waa In. poor condition on x account of prevloua hurt ' The cadets 4nad some neat gain- ta th cloainf- prtod and . threatened to score until a pass a' tempted on. tht-- fourth wn s --i Intercepted: by Potter oa. his ten . Yard linf. Punta wer exchanged . and then-Acker Intercepted a paw which he ran back to the to yard tin and mad It look as though tht Prehbytarlan might score again. Walls added to this prospect . by aa tight, yard gain but -a lose frenr O tumble -and -a - la' L complete pas gave the High achot'U th ball on their 20 yard line, aff the gam ended. A' Walla wa mostfreonttr:cattr---- ed on t carry th ball a-ad aahlom , failed to advance, but Hawkins and Tanner also made good tains, th latter contributing tht longest run of the game. Chapman pro- duced some splendid punt for th High, school and . Bradley played good gam, tho entire team put up-the best fight that the cadets . have been cabled on to deal with - - l: Th lineup: - - - ----- A.-5 UV . Biakk f lef t-and t-rlp r.t;uatd;.-.Jlalniratr.entti'iA,t'.. berry, right guard; . Talr . right tacklel .r'leld right ' tnd: Acker... quarterback: Tanner, left half: HawkJnav-Tlg'htToat back. ... ,. -.; .;-AH Herren-i'lett - endt L& Coleman left tackle: J. Coleman, left guard : William. centerT- Revs, right guard: Chapman, ' jrUihMMkl.wR.rdIey f lghU,en4 i PoW-qiiartTakr Jtleu half; Toung, right half; GUsa, full back.- - r- . - ....J57M H"JiB llBwti "fnr- alr ?-lwl4rVai'iy. . . ?, "ollin ff.- ..'VrvftwWKWAJSllCel' fnr - ralrt-A.-H.--,olllna- Referee, Stoney; umpire, Can- non: head linesman. Watson. mi; 'hi. iwwwr - FLORIDA GATORS: WALLOP-TULANE'S -BATTLING BUNCH ' Pres)WAtkNwton watoo ""WMh- for Tulane todsy and tht Florida 'Gator handed the Cu-eenies a: 17 !) I to.. lacing. In. tha final game- jbL I ,Tlana't,,,:-..toom.4S.waaon.Newto I Impreaaad. ahouV,alxihflUanMa?. aa one of th greatest half back In the anuth and Is si triple threat man -In every-aensa of the word. Tulane battled th 'Gator to a six nix tie during the first half, but tho Florldans open) a forward pass attack at th start of the third period with Newton on the sitokstng end that could not be stopped. - . ' . With two. powerfu Iklckerg In Dickson and Newton In the game tha Florldan employed everl . fah kick formation! that thrJsTf Tulane off Its guard entirely and worked forward passe and .off tackle with great success. Tulane started a " march don n the. field at the opening of the second quarter that enabled Lau- , tenschlager to buck tht oval over and tie tht cor. ' Another long pas. 4 comblnel with Newton's great ,. broken fleif running supplied Florida' socond touchdown In the third period. In tht final period, Newton, standing on. "his twenty yard line, faked a d.rop "kick anfrpascd the Jall to Cas on the goal lint for . touch.'-drvtv-n, Th final cor; came' a little later when Duncan blocked Lautenschlager's punt and Robin. t son fsll on the ball behind the Tu , Una goal. Newton kicked t.he laxt ' three goals. . but missed the first. Tulane was handicapped by th los through injuria ,-. of Eddie Reed, all-southern candidate for , Center ,fuH back Lamprecht, Alfred Brown, their star half, and Hank Phillips, all of whom were forced to, retire from t,he fray. In, from a knife wound which he said had been inflicted by Anderson In a flghtTprlor to th killing. , According to Sheriff Gibson's-version of th , affair, AnderonV carefully planned tht murder. In- tending to kill Berg also. A fight between Anderson and Berg ,lii th latter' cabin over MI- Bolton drov th terrified womsh out rn-to th open wher ah wa apparently pursued by Anderson and lain.. - i , 1 i-

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