Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 18, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 18, 1894
Page 3
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A YOUNG FORTUNE, AN INTERESTING SKETCH. Nothing appcnls so strongly to a mother's affection us lier daughter just buJJinu into womanhood, following is u» iuaiuncu:' "Our •UmiKhter, Blanche, now 15 years of nee hud been terribly mulcted with nervousncsn. nnd had lost the eiitiro use of her rl^ht arm. .she- was In such a condition thnt we had to keep her trom school ami abandon her mualc les- joos.^ln fuct. wo feared St. Vltus dunce, nnd are podltlvo l>ut for tm Invniunblo remedy she would have hod thnt terrible affliction. \\'a had employed physicians, but »ho received no •benefit from them. Tho first of lost Auuust fhu weighed but 7a pounds, and although »he 1ms •tekou only thrco bottles of Nerrinu she now •welxns 108 pounds ; her nervousness and svir.p- tons of St. Vitus tlaaco aro entirely gone, slio attends school recularly, and studies with comfort and ease. Shu has recovered complete use •ot her arm. her appetite is splendid, imd no money could procure for our daughter tbo heulth Dr. Mile*' Nervine has brought her. When my brother recommended tho remedy .'I hod no faith in patent medicines, and would .not lujteil to him, hut as alastroKort he sent us .» bottle, we hi-sun giving it to Blanche, and t.'ie «nect w«3 almost immediate."—Mrs it K Bollock, Brighton. N. Y. ... Dr. Miles' Kestoratlrc Nervine is sold by nil •drtijwLitson n positive guarantee, orient direct by Uio Dr. Miles Medical Co., Klihart, lud., on receipt of price. SI per bottle, six bottles tor 85 express prepaid. U is positively fieo from, opiuto or dangerous drugs. To The Eating Public. We are servinsr clean, well .cooked meals that are appetizing in themselves. Our plaoe has been renovated, we have attentive and tidy service, ond will endeavor to please all our patrons. We set a good lunch for 15 cents, a full meal for 25 cents, 21 meals for |3.50. We •can Qccomodate 50 day boarders. We have a well-stocked lunch counter, bake our own pastry and always have a good cup of coffee, •call and dee UH at THE IEIIIIE THE LATE JOHN DONAUOE. John Donahoo, notice of whose death Is given In another column, was one of the oldest employee ot the Pennsylvania company west of Pitts- burs'. He was born In the town of Marboran, Queens county, Ireland, in August, 1810, and was consequently close on to 84 years of age. Ho em. migrated to America in 1851, settling in Syracuse, Now York. The follow- lag >' oar he removed his family to Lo. transport at the solicitation of Robert Mink, then roadraaster of tho Chicago it Groat Eastern, nuv? the Pan Handle. He was given charge of a section on the road which position he hold for many years. Later on he was given a position as car inspector in the yards and about thirteen years ago wont to work In the car shops. Advancing ago and failing health compelling him to saek inside employment. In this position he retrained until removed by death. Mr, Donahoo had been ailing for s«me years but his allings were at- tribured to advancing age. Last Monday hewaa at work yet and complained of fooling badly. During his three days of illness he was not bed" fast but was titling- up moit of tke time. His death came suddenly. About ten o'clock Wednesday evening he complained of violent pains In the stomach and boweli and not being able to walk he was carried to bod where he expired an hour later. Mr. Donihoo was a widower, hla wife baring died about six years ago. He was the father of eight children, six of whom are dead. The remaining children are Mrs. J. U. Cook of Richmond sand Dennis Donahoe of Chicago. They wera^both notified by wire of the death of their father. Mrs. Couk arrived here yesterday afternoon and the aon was expected to arrive in the evening. Mr. Donahoo was a sober, hardworking and industrious citizen and managed to accumulate a competence. Up to last ovenlng no arrangements had been made for the funeral but It will probably be held tomorrow morning at St. Vincent church under the auspices of the Ancient Order of the Hibernians of which society he was an honored member, A definite notice of the funeral will be. given in tomorrow's Journal. Hard to Gam Strength During Hot, Debilitating Weather-Most Favorable Results from Paine's Celery Compound in May. BOO DOZEN Of these Beantifiil Waists Now or never get breath and strength. The most obstinate indoor dwellers get a sniff of outdoor air in May. No one altogether escapes the spring feeling in tbo blood. The most delicate and confirmed invalids now venture on short rides and walks. May is the blessed month for con- VB.ii6ce.tua. "When May coraes I'll get well," is the cry all through the winter. There are fewer obstacles to goHlug well in May, no cold winds to bring relapses and exhausting sickness, nor debilitating heat to rob one of strength. A sweeping glance over tho land would show millions of weak, nervous, ailing men and women every day growing stronger and getting rid of lingering diseases by using Paine's celery compound this month, when this remarkable blood and nerve remedy works best hand in hand with nature's purpose logive every animate, thing now life, strength and happiness in spring, Palne\s celery compound hastens convalescence from all nervous and wasting diseases. * It feeds badly nourished nerves and takes away their irritability and pain. It purifies the blood and supplies rich material for new healthy tissues all over tho body. Pro!. Edward E. Phelps, M, D., I,b. D., of Dartmouth college discovered Pains'^ celery compound in the now famous laboratory of tho college. The world is full of burjy, thankful men and women who owo tboir energy, iiealth and very existence to Pane's celery compound. An immense burden of rheumatism, kidney trouble, constipation, salt rheum, eczema, die, ordered iiver and blood distiaecs has been lilted from tho world since Maine's celery compouLd camo nto it. Your own physician will tell you how confidently physicians rely on Paine's celery compound as an Invig. orator and Btrengthener for body, nerves and brain. It makes people well. Spring is busy with marvelous rapid changos in the tissues of the body. Now is the time to permanently cure nervous weaknesses neuralgia, headache and dyspepsia by using Paine's celery compound to build up healthy tissues in place of the deo<}.ised parts. Pure, rich blood sent through tho deep parts of the heart, liver and kidneys leaving in Its pnesage tnato- rial for rapid repair, iind taking away in Ha stream the used-up, harmful elements, soon drives out weakness from these organs, and restores their healthy functions. Paine'a celery compound makes new, abundant blood, regulates and feeds woru out nerves, and builds up the strength of the body. coul£ be accomplished by proscoutin him the offense being too email th railroad officials ordered his release Foreman Matthews of the Pan Handle machine shop has a stubborn piece of work on his hands. Severa days ago the big hammer in th blacksmith shop broke down and was turned over to Mr. Matthews for re pairs. It was found necessary to re move the rod, a heavy and cumbersome shaft of steel and to this end it was put in the hydraulic press. A pros sure of 120 pounds was brought to bear on it and the strongest men in the machine and boiler shops exercised their muacles on it with the heaviest sledge hammers that could be procured. When the whistle blew for quitting time no visible headway had been made and the rod remained in the hammer apparently as tight as ever. .•ISO BBOADWAY. STORAGE. For storage in large or imall quantities, apply to W. D. PRATT. Pollard & Wilson warehouse. •"Nurse, what's the reason that so few disease* are treated Intelligently?" "Because few doctors investigate and discover true remedies themselves! Most [of them merely experiment with theories And discoveries which they don't understand. This Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vltalizer that I am giving yon is a discovery not down in the books. It in the true /em- edy for your Nervous Prostration or any and all nervous troubles,, such as Sleeplessness, Debility, and so on. It is remedy applied intelligently by the discoverers themselves." MICE, »t.00 A BOTTLE Inquire of druggists for free simple. f not found, write us enclosing five cents The doctor gives to (fir pDiwlctMi ehnnin wbo cu welcome. The J.W. Brant Co. mntdj conttln* Morphia*, opium IQOlDf, or «ny HI fallal Grlnf. "Sold by Ben Fisher, Ell Fourth St. ALEJON, MICH. .. MtwYwk DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 18. Wanted—A ?ood girl for general ouie work 923 Spear street. For Sale—A frame store building, be moved from lot. Apply at 801 Inden avenue. House for Sale Very Cheap—No. >8 Sycamore street. Inquire of A. No. 402 Market street If you are affloted In any wise «nd u't fet cured, call on Dr. Walter, > specialist Offloe rooms 3 and 8 ItaiVUw HoUU opposite Fan H»n WILL SAIL FOB EUROPE. Gen foreman Thos. Austin of tbo Fan Handle shops and wife will sail for England ID a few days on a visit to relatives. England is Mr. Austin's native country although he han been a resident of tbe United States for thirty-eight years. Mr, and Mrs. Austin will visit England, Scotland and Ireland and expect to return by July IS. Mr. Austin has had charge of the shops for many years since which t me he has had scarcely any vacation and feels as If ha needs a rest. He also wishes to once more see bin relatives and old home and undoubtedly will very much enjoy the trip. John Glosser of the round house will leave here Tuesday on a three months trip to Switzerland which country he left forty-three years ago. Fan Handle shop clerk, T. E. Arm* strong took a trip to EfToer yesterday. \Vm. Brjxlns of the Fan Handle blacksmith shop, and bride have re. turned from their wedding tour and gone to housekeeping. C. W. Fcakott who some time ago was let out as engineer of the Fan Handle has been restored to service and was given a position as fireman. The postal authorities have issued an order prohibiting tbe route clerks to let no one ride in* the cars. A clerk on tbe W abash has lately been discharged for violating the order. The residence of' Capt. J B. Grover was entered by burglars Wednesday night and $11 was taken. Tho job was probably done by some of the bums that follow Sells Bros', circus. Indianapolis Journal: It U stated that the Pennsylvania Company has under consideration reducing the work in shops on lines west of Pittsburg, to three days of eight hours each per week, as has been done on lines east of Flttsburg. All depends on the results of the coal conference now In progress. Henry Flndllng assistant foreman of tbe roust about gang at the Fan Handle shopi, certainly has a hoodoo dodging bin. Ha has more calamities than any other twelve men who work at the shops. Oa Wednesday evening another accident befell him. A board fell on him injuring his foot severely. The Wabath management has been making an effort to capture the hoboi who tried to galo poiieiilon of train 40 at Peru a few days : af •.. One of the fang wa» arrested at W*ba»h on Heal Eitate Tranifen, Lint ot transfers ol real estate in Cass comity reported by Frank H. Wlpperman sbitracter of titles, cooTeyancer and notary pnbllc, Insurance and loan agent, titles to real estate examined and defective titles perfected. Money to loan at lowest rates. Office 206 Fourth street directly opposite Court House entrance, Lonansporc, lad. United States to F. H. Sullivan o ^ ne Vi sec 10 Jackson tp Patent Albert Armstrong to M. It. Martin 60 s lnnw(4sec84 Wash rp 287500 D. D, Dyteraan to Maggie R. Curl lot 34 Dyke 4tli «dd 600 SO Nearly Jump to Annie E, Smith w Vfe e V> no % >ec 18 Jackson t> 1 00 D. R I'hobUB to Jon. J. llussrlmau uDd g-'Jsw 4 8Wi4 sec 5 Adnrost|> 1(»0 00 Jas. G, Peter to Rodney Jegnr e 78 a w ty nw ]4 sec 2<J Jackson tp 3300 00 Henry iT Whistler to Epbrdm U. Whlst- le» 142 a in Black Loon Reserve, Tipton tp 1 00 Samuel Patmbaker to Margaret Conners lot 9 Culbertson's add \>X 00 John K. Huber et al to Otto Stelzer lot I 32 Blddle Island add 300 00 Eight mortgages Bled aggregating.,,,,,.,, 8727 ot> (100 Bumrd, »100. I Tbe reader of this paper will be pleased to ; learn tbat there u at least one dreaded diseases > and tbat Is Catarrb. Hall's Catarrh Core Is the only positive core known to the medical fraternity. Catarrb being a constltntlonnl dlaeasn, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Core Is taken Internally, acting directly on the blood and mucui surface* of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of tbe disease, and giving tho pa- tlent strength by bnlldlng up the constitution and assisting nature In doing Its work. Tbe proprietors bare so nmeh faith In Us curative powers, tbat they offer One Hundred Dollars lor any ease that It falls to cure, Send for Hit of testimonials. Address, K. J. CHENEY4 CO., Toledo, 0, ^^•dold by druggists. The Pauls Solved. Perhaps no local disease has puzzled and baffled tbe medical profession more than na&al^atarrii. While not Immediately fatal it Is among the most nauseous and disgusting Ills flesh is heir to, and the records show very few or no oases of radical cure ol chronic catarth by any of tbe many modes of treatment until the Intro duotlou of Ely's Cream Balm a few years ago. The success of this preparation has been most gratifying and surprising. No druggist is without it. Traveler*' Protective A»oclatlon Meeting at Lafarottfi, lad. On icoount of above meeting the Wabash. Railroad Co. will run a tpe. oial train to leave Logansport at 7:50 a. m., May 19th. Tickets for this train only will be sold at rate of $1.10 for the round trip. Tickets good returning to May 20th, inclusive. C. G. NEWELL, Agt. You'll fled her smiling night and day, Although at times she la not gay. And should you wonder why you meet This oonitant smile, regard her teeth*. She only laughs those gems to show, Which 80ZUDONT makes white as snow. _ Tbe makers of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vltalizer offer all nervous sufferers advice and consultation of the doctor, free of charge. Write to the J. W. Brant & Co., Alton, Michigan—Bei Fiiher. • ... .- I. THE DEBTOR'S PRISON. Ou« Phono of Xoiv York Lire One Hundred Yef*rn Ago. When the war was ended the provost reverted to more leffitimato uses again, but under regulations which sent ivll the common criminals to the liridowell, and made the new jail merely a place of frenteel detention for prisoners for debt; those thriftless (or, possibly, over- thrifty) persons who were for dancing through the world at the charges of anybody whom they could induce to pay their piper, ftnd whose simple concept of economical finance was never to pay a piper, or anybody else, for themselves. That this class was represented owr-libera^ly in tbe New York of a hundred years ago might be inferred from the fact that between January 2 and December 3 of the year 17SS no less than one thousand one hundred and sixty-two debtors were sent to prison; in other words—the population then being 1 about twenty-five thousand—one citizen in every twenty, or thereabouts, went to jail for debt. Fortunately for ihe reputation of the New Yorkers of the last century, however, these figures —which I find in a petition addressed by the association for iho relief of distressed debtors to ;he general assembly—are mis- eadinjr when taken without their qualifying context. Tho purport of the jetition was to exhibit the injury done o the community by "the confinement if debtors for small sums," and its major premise was the fact that of the me thousand one hundred and sixty- wo commitments specified no less than even hundred and sixty-three were 'for sums recoverable before a justice if the peace, and many of these under i wenty shillings." Very reasonably, hcrefore, the memorialists urge that he confinement of debtors for such slight cause inures greatly to the in jury of the community, "as thereby tho certain profit which would arise to society from the labor of the debtor is sacrificed, for an indefinite time, to the precarious prospect of recovering a debt which the creditor, in most instances, has improvidently suffered to be contracted, and which very often does not amount to one-fourth of the value the public would derive from the labor of the debtor during the time of his confinement"—all of which, save the delightful and also astute saddling of the responsibility for the debt upon the "Improvident" creditor, is very much what Solon had to say upon the same subject rather more than two thousand years earlier In the history of; the world.'—N. Y, Weekly. Hadn't Ou«§»ed the Ktftlit Name. Kathleen had been put out to service, and Mrs. Merry liked the face of the young Irish girl, One day Kathleen was sent on an errand to town. She was longer than usual, and Mrs. Berry stood on the porch as she came through tho field. Kathleen was happy, and Mrs. Berry observed: "Why, Kathleen, •what a rosy, happy, fnee to-day. You look as if the dew had kissed you." Kathleen dropped her eyes and murmured: "Indade, mum, but that wasn't his name."—Boston Budget To ItidluuupolU. Special excursion tickets to Indi. iwapolls will be sold from ticket stations on the Pennsylvania lines in Indiana at reduced round trip rates, as follows: May 21 and 22 account Grand Lodge K. & A. M., of Indiana; pood to return until May 24, inclusive. May 22 and 23, account People's Party Convention; good to return until May 25, Inclusive. For particulars and time of trains, apply to nearest Pennsylvania line ticket agent. Home Seokem* Excnralon NorthweM. Went, t!K>athw««t, and South via Pennsylvania Line*. May 29th, special excursion tickets to points in Northwest, West, Southwest and South, will be sold at principal ticket stations on tbe Pennsylvania lines. Tickets will be good returning thirty days. For details please apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent or address F. Van Dusen, Chief Assistant General Passenger Agent. Plttsburg, Pa. Houae-Cleanlne. The time Is now at hand, It's commendable and necessary—but how about the house within you. It has need of cleansing, to Insure health and tbe best remedy to use is Rl.no- hart's Pills. They are better than saraaparillas, etc. More potent and permanent in results. For sale by B. F. Koesllng and Keystone drugstore. Acute and chronic catarrh; diseases of the throat and ear treated by Dr. J. H. Shultz, 412 Fourth street. Telephone 157. In Blue, Pink, Lavender, Navy and Black ground. Sizes 22 to 42. Only 5 0 Cents AT THE BUSY BEE HIVE, •;09-411 Broadway. Notice. Tbe first payment on subscription* of stock to the Citizens' Natural GM Company of Logansport, Ind., Is now dun and should 'be paid at the company's office, corner of Market and Fourth streets. Shares of stook are twenty-five dollars ($25.00) each (two shares to a fire) to be paid as follow*: IprllM, 18M $ 1 00 Mar 2o, 1994 - „ 1 0» June 20, ISM _ __ _ I 00 JuljSO, 1894 — 200 August20 1894 ...... SOD September 20.1894 „ „ S 00 OctotxsrH), 1894 8« . No»emb«r20,1894 SOB Dumber 20.1894 _ _ * W January 20,1835. - _ - „, 4 00 (900 JOHN GKA.T, President. C. W. GKAVES. Secretary. Tbo Value of a Friend. CORDELIA, Lm.—For over six yean I was greatly troubled with constipation amd biliousness and was often unable to >ork. At the suggestion of a friend I tried Simmons' Liver Regulator and am now free of IbtM troubles.—larrlson Tarleton. Your druggist sells It In powder or liquid. The powder to be taken dry or made into a tea. Rinehart's Worm Lozenges are'the only kind that remove the worm neet with the worms. For sale by B. F. Keeallug and Keystone drug store. THE MARIE BURROUGHS ART PORTFOLIO OF STAGE CELEBRITIES Is now complete In FOURTEEN PARTS, the entire series making- th« most ELEGANT 'WORK of this character EVER PUBLISHED. A great many Journal readers have availed themselves of the opportunity to secure these parts as they came in from week to week but there are a number of subscribers who hare expressed a desire to secure the complete set without the coupons. To give all an opportunity to secure this The Journal has decided to distribute the complete set of 14 parts on the following terms: CUT THIS OUT. A MIRACLE. What PJielps* "Four C" Remedy Did for Miss Jennie Basset. Lait Friday,, Deo. 19th, my attending physician itatea unless 1 was Better by morning he could do nothing lor my relief. Tbat night I commenced taking Phelp 1 * "Four C" remedy; stopped all other medicines, Tbe first dote stopped IDT cough; slept and rested well; a few more doses removed all soreness from my lungs! the second day I was up; the third day I wan out on the porch and today was ap town purchasing holiday goods MISS JENNIE BASSET. Washington Ive, and Summit St. Croup Cored. OnedoM of "Philips' Coofh, Cold and Croup Con" K*TV my child Instant relief when attacked with the croup. W. S. MOOBK, of Koore Bros.' Grocery, Arkansas City, K>a I luaiu(M tMW'totCr' tor LA SBIPP1, j Upon presentation ol tbls Coupon at the DAILY JOURNAL ART PORTFOLIO DEPARTMENT together with 81.7ft the entire series [ Complete iu fourteen parts] ot the MARIE BURROUGHS flRT PORTFOLIO Of STAGE CELEBRITIES Will be delivered to you. by mail. No extra charge for sets sent CUT THIS OUT. This offer does not Interfere in the least with the existing offer of each part for 8 coupons and 10 cents, as the coupons will be published for » raf- flcient time yet to all who have started on the teries to complete their Mto, bat is intended for those who for various reasons have neglected to MT* their coupons. Don't fall to secure the set at once as this offer will only hold good until

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