The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 12, 1959 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, March 12, 1959
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- •. ?£M •;'; X'-- Iowa City; la* had the inte«stlng.j>xper*ience of being 8ho^b6iSiatin,a;^tftih6use in s6utHe¥h^lo&aK MtHteek, while enrbtttevMeR* to Algona 'frbm ; a southerti Vacation. There were 12 people stranded at the farm, until a day ot ao-, t lat6r*Whe>mthey managed 1 to' follow^sftoW '"plow, out of their predidafflent. Had a good time, though, and met a lot of new 'people, \ I , * ,*.? , M '. • * * . * '• ' • Kay Isaacson of Isaacson's Studio here is ,on the program • for the Missouri Photographers Ass'n annual convention. She will hold a two-day clinic in St. Louis starting March 16 on light oil color painting in' connection with photographs, a specialty that' has received national renown. * * * - " ' Nicotine. Anonymous is rolling along, nicely "with .a '- growing membership list. In answer to' one inquiry as to hoW' to stop smoking, local members replied that (1) you must have a desire to quit smokingi (2) throw, away "your cigarettes, and (3) 'don't smoke anymore '.-., */ Incidentally, one local young lady asked, to join bift" requested that her name not be published — seems her mother, doesn't know, she has been smoking.'. . publish names"... we will not .. there is no membership fee, x , no officers/ no dues — all you have (to'do is. to quit smoking , and write "Nicotine Anonymous", Algbna, for a membership .card. 1663 it M&ftt ette ffiiittt at mm, Nov. i, i«a. o«d*f Act el ' AtOONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 1959 3 SECTIONS - $0 PAGES Plus i24»ag« Tabloid United Fund Plan VdL 9* *• NO •"•-• —-'•• .-.jj_ jtiii jcoLiL- I* n;-w* 'I'.jji'.'', Is Fatal For Woman . * /* *. " ., One.'member of the new group suggests there now be ' a new organization, formed, "Eating, Anonymous", so that ', his diverted enthusiasm from nicotine' to food be kept under control.' ^ ' ' • * * . * Seems there,,was once an edi tor who passed.,away <and his meager sayings barely .''-covered hospital .and:doctor bills. Nothing was left for '.funeral- expense's;,; ? ,, 4 , ,/A... friend began^ a-collection" arid- flTlflllv ^ o>»t^ri!*3' : '^\.v«1*» * ibV ''W* 1 ** !•»r***4«* «*~ enough. .,. _., , , ••.Wearily/ he" approached a stranger and asked, VCould you give me a dollar to bury a newspaper editor?" ' The stranger pulled out a five dollar bill. "Here", he said, "bury five of "em." ' ; * i' , * • * • ' 'Allowing our thoughts to become extremely iconoclastic for a moment,."-we wonder just how this extreme effort to shoot satellites into space and men to Mars is koing to help cure the No. 1 problem of, (a) cancer, and. (b) world peace. We 'can see 'for certain that it will pretty well bankrupt the people of all nations. /,, * * * ' It all began when the Gordon Culbertson family of Ringsted escaped an early' morning fire which gutted their home in Ringsted, last week. They moved in.' temporarily .with the Merle Culbertsons, Gordon's parents. Early' Saturday morning their other son, Francis of. Titonka, came in with his two children to stay while his wife was in the hospital with a new baby. That upped the family group to 10. Then their daughter Sylvia for an.airline out of Chicago, arrived home for a weekend visit and was snowbound for 31 hours. The total family group of 11 had a fine reunion, > even if space was at a premium, * * * . One'of our scouts tells us he lost 12 pounds in a week on a new Swedish milk diet. He left us an outline of this diet; 'in case anyone wants > further information. We warn you, however, that the basic' part of the, diet is that Monday, Wednesday and Friday are Swedish Diet Days, and you go pretty light on the calories. Now just so that our grocers don't tnink 1 we ' are suggesting anyone quit eating, we would like to i say that in looking over our exchange 'newspapers we were quite impressed with the fact that grocery prices in Algona are astonishingly lower than most of the cities of comparable size around the state ... if you think the cost of eating is high here, you should be buy ing-groceries in Storm L.ake,' for example, Total millage levies for Algona in 1958 were 79,653, For 1959 the total*millage levy is 75.82?, We have someone to thank, some^ place. The actual'city levy, in- cilentally, droppe4 from 32.094 to 28.358 from 1958 to 1959, and we acquired quite a few eivic improvements despite the fast , , , the local school levy edged .up from 38.852 to 39.418, while the county levy dropped from 8,707 to 8.046. Why not invite Khrusshev to visit the United States ,'., at the moment he's jealous of MiHoyan; what have we to lose; flatter, the pld so-and-so, he's'only after all, p^ nearly^ Jit ,.„-, It wwt«4 you give it to . Funeral services for a well krtowii' Lakota woman, Mrs Elso Jensen,-44, were- held Tuesday afternoon at the Presbyterian church at Lakota. ,Mrs Jansen died Friday at St. Ann hbspital where-she had been a patient for five .weeks,' Previously she 4ia'd undergone surgery for a -brain tumor at Iowa City* ' i , Mrs Jahseri was born Johannah,, DeNeui, Nov. 1, 1914 at' Wellfcburg, the daughter of Mr and Mrs Bertus DeNeui. She grew, to womanhood and received her education, at Steamboat-Rock and in 1938 she was married; to Elso'Jansen. The couple farmed, two miles southwest of "Lakota and in 1950, they purchased. the present farm home, four miles -southwest of Lakota. , ..jMrst,Jansen was a member of the .Tresbyterian church and active in the '.women's organization; 'She; also Was a'member, of the Homemaker's club. During the past' few^years she'.had' been empldyed'by the ,Ukeha and the Murray, stores in 'Lakota.' jSiirvivors. include her husband; "a' nephew,. Jenifer Bosma, whom the Jansens reared; one brother,; Allie .DeNeui, Elmdre, and - three sisters, Mrs Arend (Louise) Miller, Ackley, Mrs Henry'(Julie) Gelder, Woden and 400 Register At Robinson Produce Aft estimated , 400 persons at* tended Open house and Ham Appreciation Day Saturday at Robinson Produce in Algona. Owner • DuWayne' Klein announced the following prize-winners: Mrs Matt Streit, Algona, wrist Watch: Henry Zeimet, 100 chicks; Dick Balk, 1 ttan poultry formula; Mike Reding, hanging feeder; Nancy Eischen, 1 gallon wormer; Earl Sheppard, animal formulas Andrew Reding, pig feeder; and Lyle, England, pig waterer. Representatives of various manufacturers present during the day were Dr. O, J. Mayfield, Val Moore, Chuck Carter and Mr Barber. Mrs Raymond hbff,' Jess up. (Marcella) 'Pott- March,1959, It became more' apparent^; than" ever r to nearly all - in Kossiith county (as well as the rest of the midwest) during the past weekend that ^winter, "might not be quite ready to give'up the ghost and make way for spring, despite the fact .that most citizens hoped and prayed for flowers to put in an appearance. ' , ' 'At anyTate, the nine inches^of snow,, that blew in on "high winds Thursday'arid Friday,have pretty much disappeared. It as possible that more snow n^ayhit the ground here within,.the next few days,. but .a'four-inch snowfall predicted for'Monday night'fail- ed'to materialize except in a few portions' of the county.. , At' ,-Burt, the new snow Mori- day 'night proved to be too much of an obstacle' for a diesel powered freight train which wound up stuck 'tighter than a drum. Shovelers were summoned and the train was finally freed. The,usual big problems followed the, Thursday-Friday blowout.' •Schools' all over the area, with the exception of Swea, City, were closed for a day and'a half, huge drifts made'high ways and seconcU ary roads impassible for a while and shovels got another lengthy workout, but no serious damage resulted to any public utilities. An" Eagle Grove man, Don Yeager, 52, died of a--heart attack here Monday as /an indirect re- sult'of the storm. He had been shoveling snow near the North-Western depot for about an hour when he suffered a fatal attack. A county snow plow dropped through a -bridge southeast of Whittemore- Friday afternoon, but the .driver, Jim Schultz, Whittemore, and the machine came through unscathed. Several other minor vehicle'mishaps followed the blizzard, but no personal,-injuries were reported, H L , S , Mar, 4 26 7 . Mar. 5 -,..24 20 3" Mar. 6 —...,28 18 6" Mar, 7 .,34 5 ' Mar, 8 „ «38 25 Mar; 9 ,33 26 • Mar, J0_ 35 15 Mar; U-. — 23 .. Tempefature readings during 1jhe period indicate that it won't be Jong before everyone will be ou.t.w9rking in the garden Usual Lack Of Interest In School Election Evrything .went about as expected' in school board elections around this area Monday. Prac; tically all incumbent board members who were seeking reelection made it without trouble as light •voting was rported in most towns. In Algona, Gene Hutchins, 105 votes, and Bob Deal, 107, were reelected to "the Algona Community, School District board. Dr. Daniel Bray received one vote. Gene Schemel, treasurer, received 105 votes and'-Russell Buchanan one vote -as,no write-in campaigns developed locally. .- Wea Bartlett, Algona, and Clifford Krantz, Titonka, -were reelected to the county board , easily^ Both; were unopposed. ~, 4&y£loped, '„ but'-"'trie inVumbehtS •v^ere re-named. They "are Aub- ^ey.T'Waterhouse, 133 votes, and Harold Herzog, 110. Paul Nita polled 67 and B."E. Gilbertson 28 votes. • William Wiener 1 was reelected treasurer. Dan E. Froehlich was elected to. the board and Verlaine Johnson ' reelected treasurer at Lu- Verne; H. W. Kitzinger was named. to. the. board at Titonka; Luther Nygaard was reelected and L. T. Root was. elected to" succeed .Maurice DeBoer -in the Corwith - Wesley district; and Russ Medin and Jerry Zatloukal were'named to the Whittemore board. .Wilbur -Fox and ,H. V. Clark each received. 16 of 17 votes cast at Bancroft; Harvey C. Larson was reelected "to the board and A., J. Bilsborough was reelected treasurer at Swea City; Delmar Angus; and Gerald Huber ran unopposed for the board posts and Herman Rachut was reelected treasurer at Burt. 16 Ton Grader-Plow Collapses Bridge Jim Schultz of Whittemorl, an employee of the county xoad department, escaped uninjured and a 16-ton grader with snow plow attached was undamaged when the machine dropped through a bridge on a county road two miles south and one-half mile east of.Whittemore Friday afternoon. The mishap occurred as 15 plows and 20 trucks.with plows attached attempted to clear county roads after one of the worst blizzards in recent years. The snow, plow driven by Schultz, shown in the above photo, was headed west and apparently hit the north side of the bridge framework. The north half of the bridge gently dropped on the frozen water in a dredge ditch below. The plow remained on its wheels, despite the fact it sat at a crazy angle. • The Jim Merryman bridge crew from Algona went to the scene Saturday morning to get the plow out of its predicament as all equipment was needed in cleanup work. The south half of the bridge was knocked out first, so the plow would be more or less at an aven keel, then a crawler-type tractor was attached to the front of the plow find it was pulled from its resting place. According to County Engineer Slim Smith, a used bridge of the same type as the one destroyed will be put into place at the site just as soon as weather and working conditions allow. A new bridge would cost about $17,000. The county's 35 snow-removal rigs had Kossuth's 1700 miles of secondary roads pretty >w-fall well cleared for truffle Saturday following the nine-inch snow-fall and heavy winds during the blizzard which lasted through Thursday and Friday. (UDM Newsfoto-Engraving). $25 Disorderly Conduct Fine A Whittemore man, Jerry Kliegl, was fined $50 and costs in.Mayor C. C. Shierk's court this week ; for disorderly conduct. He paid .half the fine and ithe other half was suspended, Clarence Helgason, Algona, was fined $25 and costs for intoxica- ition and Walter Wetzel, Algona, paid $5 and costs for having his car oiit' of control. The charge was' filed against Wetzel following an auto accident. Drain 90 Hearing Is Continued A "hearing for repairs and improvement* to open ditch of drainage district number 90 at Lakota, which was held Friday, was continued to Friday, Mar., 20, at 9:30 a.m. in the county courthouse. The announcement was made by County Drainage Clerk Carl Pearson yesterday, Reason for the continuation is the fact only one person was able to attend the regular hearing due to snow-blocked roads last Friday. It is hoped more persons interested in the hearing, which con.qerns may citizen? in the Lakota area, will attend and hear the-project clarified by the board of esupervisors. Sharp's Jewelry of Algona has been selected'for 'one/of the na- tiori's.highest,retail stpre.awards, it was announced this week by Brand Names . Foundation; inc., New York City. , A Des Moines retail' firm . was the, only other top Iowa winner; _O_f 18 jewelry stores selected as finalists in the eleventh annual Brand' Names competition, Sharp's Jewelry was named ;for a Second Place award and. will receive a special' Certificate • of Distinc-' tion. First place award was made to a jewelry firm ,in .Houston, Texas,, while third, fourth and fifth place awards went to jewelry stores in North Carolina, Arkansas;- and Virginia. Through a special screening Drocess, "during which a Brand Tames Foundation committee considered all phases of a'retail- er's operation, Sharp's was invited to enter the competition. A 18-page presentation was then submitted" by the local jewelry store, and on the basis of this and' its over-all promotion and sale,of'famous brand merchandise he second p]ace national .award was made to Sharp's Jewelry. Mrs Maxine Sharp will receive ;he firm's award at a banquet Afew Docfor Coming July 1 A Heron Lj&e, Minn, surgeon, Dr. C. L, Ploit, plww to move to Alpon« and begin practice about July 1, acpord* in? to reliable sources here. ' ' ' „ Dr « JPl 9 ^ s, astfy? 9l Virgin^, plans to move with hl» wife and four daughters to Algona after school it put and fflM a jnMjjfe fc*w in thf guaytw* Iwmwly ,,'», F, PJ»tnw% TtwiPteJJg tarn roiUfd tht y Gen* FauDmch south of St. Ann tofplttk Tfef »«w »o$t9r will H Primarily a surgeon and do*s plan 19 bo « general pracWioner. honoring the merchants, to nation's leading be held at the Waldorf - Astoria hotel in New York City on April 15. Senator John McCleUan will be featured speaker at this dinner. The winners will also be hon>red during a three-day celebration in New York City on April-13, 14 and 15 by civic of- Eicials, brand manufacturers, publications and trade associations. These activities will include a Luncheon sponsored by the Bureau of Advertising, buffet sup per at the St, Regis hotel as guests of The Saturday Evening Post, luncheon at the Stork Club and Toots Shor's, and a special •event .at Delmonico Hotel sponsored by Life magazine. Besides Mrs Sharp, others on the staff of Sharp's Jewelry here are Oliver G. (Ollie) Johnson, watchmaker, and Ruby Murtha. David Passmore is employed at •the store after school and Saturdays, Girl, 15, Who Lost Hand Is Recovering Gamely A 15 year-old Fenton girl wh'o lost her right hand in a wood- sawing accident, Saturday afternoon, is reported as recovering from the unfortunate mishap this week. She is Bonnie Potratz, daughter of Mr and Mrs Alvin Potratz, who farm near Fenton, She is a sophomore at Sentral high, arid has been active in band, basketball and enjoyed playing the piano. The girl was helping her parents to saw wood in their grove, five miles southeast of Fenton. They were cutting logs into firewood, using a buzz-saw powered by a tractor. Suddently the girl cried, "Oh, mom! 'My hand!" It is not clear just what happended, but the hand was severed below the wrist. Rushed to Fenton, a tourniquet to stop the bleeding was applied by Dr. W. W. Jolley and Bonnie was then rushed to Esth- ejrville where a physician rer- moved two small bones below the wrist joint, Bonnie was in surgery for two hours. Bonnie has three brothers and sisters in or near Fenton, Mrs Larry Gade, Mrs David Berkland and Roger, at home. Bonnie had a transfusion Monday, having lost much blood after the accident, but she was reported as recovering somewhat from the initial shock of the mishap, Bonnie Poiralz On Tour Of Choir GRINNELL — Thomas Hutchison, son of Mr and Mrs T. C. Hutchison of 15 E. North St., Algona, is a member of the Grinnell College Choir To Pick Honor Society Unit Formation of an Algona chapter of the National Honor Society, an organization based on high school scholarship, was announced this week by Principal Jaeto Evans of Algona high school. A maximum of 15 Algona high school, seniors, juniors and sophomores will be initiated !nto the society next Thursday, Mar. 19, at 3:10 p.m. in the high school auditorium. To be named, a student must have B or above grades. Scholarship is considered first. Other school activities, music, sports, debate, etc., are then evaluated by a committee of five high school instructors and Mr Evang and final selection is based on the student's rating by the committee. Other members of the committee this year are Mrs N. J. Kelley, chairman, Alvena Miller, (Richard Palmer, Kathryn Sorensen and Lyle Alberts. At least some of the members of the committee, named by the principal, will be new each school year, The selection and final naming of the students who will be made members of the Honor Society here will remain a secret until the initiation ceremonies Mar. 19. The local membership will then elect its own set of officers. Maxine Sharp Merrill Resigns Bancroft Post Joe Merrill, assistant clerk and ex-manager of the liquor store at Bancroft, resigned his position there Monday after one week on the job, stating he was suffering from nervous strain. He planned to leave Bancroft Tuesday, headed for Ellensburg, Wash., where he will visit his sister. Mr Merrill was switched from the manager's job several weeks ago when it was claimed he '"wasn't getting along with people in the community" of Ban* croft. He was later re-hired when a petition, signed by an estimated 200 Bancroft residents, came to light. Bitten By Rabid Cat Itftfesti •>«• Mr and Mrs Jakie Peterson and sons Paul and Robert were Sunday afternoon and supper guests at the Gunnard Larson home in Armstrong. Mr Larson a«4 the»r'4aughter, Lean dra, were bitten last week by tha family pet cat which was found to have rabies. Both ,Mr Lar son and his daughter are now re ceiving anti-rabies shots. OFFICIAL NOMINATION BLANK 1959 Community Service Award I Wish To Place In Nomination The Names Of And/or for the man and woman to receive recognition for his or her contributions to the general community welfare and bentfit Mail this ballot to: CHARITY BALL COMMITTEE BOX 141 ALGONA, IOWA Notes 4; Nominees should be residents of Algona or surrounding community " . • .» ^ •K Nominees will be screened and judged by a committee; and the outstanding man and woman, based on community service, will each receive an award at the Charity Ball, Mwch 31,1959, at the Algona High School -K Your reasons for nomination may accompany each ballot * Nominees will be judged on the b&sw of cmwch, yeUgUw or chayiiy project snd/or civic, community or a?e» projects •fc There will be two awards', one to-a man ana one tp wom.ani.anfil yovi aye invited to ws,e this Wank for nominations THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THE PEOPWS QP THIS GOMMUWTYJTQ RECOGNIZE AND HONOR THOSE WHOM YOU FEEL HAVE MORE THAN PAID THEIR CIVIC RENT II -,,.,. , Sellots must b? postmwfefd no* !»»« lhan Mwd» W* 5 Named To Plan Details For Program Representatives of 35 local organizations went on record, in* formally, Tuesday evening, as favoring establishment of a United Fund drive for funds'ihat , would supersede the individual, fund drives of various organizations as has been customary in the past. Tho meeting 'was held in tha high school auditorium. Each organization was requested to have two official representatives present, and individual citizens wove also in attendance. The meeting was called by tho Algona Chamber of Commerce but both president Wes Bartlett and secretary, Bill Stecle made it clear that if a united fund plan were adopted it would definitely not be a Chamber project. Results of Survey Russ Buchanan reported on a survey conducted over the past years by the Rotary club and the local Chamber of Commerce in which towns similar in size to Algona which have a United Fund plan were polled. Answers on the questionaires emphatically stated that to be successful, all charity and health organization drives must be incorporated into the plan so that contributors may give once and take care of everything. Most towns contact- • ed used a system where ona drive was conducted, pledges collected and three or four payments arranged. i Points in favor of the united fund campaign sited were the elimination' of duplication of 'drives with the, same .workers ringing ' the same - doonbells ten different times during 4he year and the cost of administrating .the „ funds in separate drives. These ! could be lumped into one'Opera- tion. 3 Groups Object Objections to the united plan come chiefly from a few of the major charity and health organ- zations such as Heart Fund, Cancer and Polio societies. These groups have in some instances refused to go under the plan and conduct fund drives of their own, sometimes even going so far as to send the check back to the united fund after they had collected for them. ' Among the fund drives conducted regularly in Algona during the past few years are Red Cross, Cancer Society, Mothers March on Polio, Iowa Children's Home, American Heart Society, Salvation Army, Boy Scouts, Crippled Children and Adults, Tuberculosis and Health associa- , tion. These, the group felt, together with an allotment for tha Girl Scouts and the funds collected by the Algona Charities' could be put under a united plan. John Claude raised the ques-' tion of whether or not some organization not collecting -here at present could petition to come under the fund and, "get in on the gravy." Barbara Haggard said she was a little disturbed at the thought of some board deciding where she gives her money. Dr. Daniel Bray asked what .would be in-* eluded in United Fund by-laws. The opinion was expressed that, after the first year, each contributor should be a voting .mem-' ber, so that entire control would not be left up to a board. Jim Kolp said that he -would be for the plan if some arrangements could be made whereby if he wants to give a whole of' a part of his contribution to one organization he could be able to do so. " • How To Handle It. , ; It was emphasized that ' B'. united plan would - have to p'a 100% or it would not work.', Workers would have to refus^' to 'go out on drives other thaii, United and contributors.' refuser to give on. other drives, x Algona's Cpmmunity,. a few years ago included Scouts, Girl Scouts, fund and hot lunch fo? children, wording to proved unsuccessful didn't include enough «H>4> were too many-other .Results of an were thst those present' adopting 9, united. Three persons iajd.t it with''reservations" sent «PQK«* ' ' " 1^

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