The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 5, 1959 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1959
Page 20
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T if 1959 i • *•--tidbits by Bve/yn I WJrtii 1 wrote the itwft an the •oity-feighth wadding anniversary mm nM UTS Oliver H. Roupe, .tried lo learn who the Metho- b pastor was who marritd them, had forgotten. I've Inquired „„,.. a few persons but no one hfis come u]3 with an answer of Ufrhich they are certain. I am m- riBned tb believe it was Rev. fl&nk Day urider whom the pfe- Sent church was built in 1898. If it wasn't Rev. Day then it was Rev* Gv'T, Chipperfield. He was pastor here in 1904. * * * Gerald Jergens is here on a two week leave and with his wife and daughter Kim is visiting his mother, Mrs Alice Jergens. Gerald is in the navy and recently returned from a year's sea duty on the U.S.S. Columbia in the south Pacific. I see Mrs Jergens quite often for she is employed here at the Good Samaritan home. * .* * Ann Clark has been going around with a bandaged right wrist after doing sort of a high dive over her mail box in which she came out in second place. The mail box is uninjured. Ann is ambidexterous except with shears, and that's 1 bad for she needs that action when she cuts out garments, a sideline she does (sewing) in addition to housework and looking after two active boys. Fortunately the injury was a sprain, not a break. Thank you, Alice Ditsworth, for the folder of colorful California. Makes me want to go there again and many of the pictures were familiar. » * * • Is everbody as electrified as I am this winter? What's happened-to the atmosphere? My garments crackle .when removed or donned, Mary'',Zaugg and I al- ihost shoot sparks when she is ijear me and bits of paper cling NOW / Sunbeam HAS IOWA to mv, fingers when I want them to fall in my waste basket. What is m Sputniks and all the other new air or space gadgets? •* * * Vtf 6ld neighborhood i> due lot another change. Mr and Mrs Wayne Hanson are moving to a farm near Blue Earth and Mr and Mrs Vernon Higgins ar6 moving into the Hanson house. » • * <3.S, new* *~ MM Jennif Luken spent the weekend at Wesley with her daughter Mrs Viola Studer. Joe Recker was visited Saturday by his wife and Mrs Nemmers, Bancroft * * * Mr and Mrs Charles Kuchynka celebrated their birthdays last week and had telephone calls from their sons - in • law and daughters, Mr and Mrs James Smith, Stuttgart, Germany,' and Mr and Mrs Leroy Mathison and family. Pacific Palisades, Calif. The Smiths have a little son Charles, a year oid March I 1 . They have been In Germany a year and a half and expect to be home in October. • • * Mrs A. D. Lehman is walking with a can these days but it is With a cane these days but it ,is Several days ago she was going tb join Inez Wolfe for supper and walked up the driveway dyring that icy spell. She didn't break anything. » * * Another -woman I know well and who is a very good friend had a fall. I promised I would keep her identity secret. Suffice to say she Was the only woman with a group of friends who had gal- osnes on, and the thought had gone through her mind, "rve been so careful with my feet gear, I'll probably be the one to fall." At that moment,, her,hostess opened the door and our luckless lady fell at her feet, so to speak. Well, when she makes an entrance, she makes a real onfe. She suffered no injuries - except to her pride. * * * -, When^I .called Mrs C. R. Me- Quiston for news the other dayr the dog didn't bark, the -first \time in all the years I've called Mrs McQuiston. I asked what, "was' wrong. Mrs McQuiston replied that the dog is getting aged and quite deaf. She added,-'The dog has always alerted me to-the phone, and now my husband is in a quandary — whether to buy the dog a hearing aid, or buy one for,his wife." LONE ROCK NEWS Mi- and Mrs George long and Mr and Mrs Clarence Ackers** went to Waterloo Sunday to visit the Matt Nemmers. , Mr and Mrs Ray Hoppus and Diarme spent Saturday evening at the home of Mr and Mrs Harvey Larson, Mr and Mrs Elmer Petersen of Swea City were Sunday dinner guests at the Carl Petersen home, Mr and Mrs Frit* New* brou,gh and the Bon Schmidts were callers. Mrs Roger Jensen and Mrs Frank Flafe attended a shower for Janet Ackerman of Burt Saturday night. Sunday dinner guests at the Henry Kueck home were Mr and Mrs Bernard Jensen of Clarion, Mr and Mrs Maynard Kueck and family of Algona, Mr and Mrs Marvin Kueck & Karen orLoft* Rock, Mr and Mrs Donald Miller and family of LuVernc, Mr and Mrs, Melvin Ktleck and Cynthia of Des Moines, Mrs Everett Mittag and Kevin of Des Moines, Carl Kueck and Mrs Bates Stott of Sac City. Charles Thompson called in the afternoon. , Mr and Mrs Frank Richards jot CJafner Merle M«* vc , «** « nftett , iljfl Irntt Added to the Shortening Don. Smith Jr. frews Editor Rumell Waller Editor & Publisher family Mrs Anna Alk<§ of Titonkfc and Mr and Mrs Louis Seege* barth were Sunday dinner at the Gerald Radig home, Letts Creek Leader* The Lotls dfeek)' tSadfefs—. Feb. 16 at the, home of Kfe'nMth, and Mark fiterStfeat. ' *" '' fw&mbefs and *ti present,- Charles rell WichtendAhl, over, Virgean Site! lotte Wichtendahl . plan a window display gtfna's 4-H Day March ?..,«„ members of the club 'are Romla Lauf enburg, Marvin P o m p e, David Peter, Larry Peter, DftVid Wegencr, Dale ' Wegehet , afid Lean Wiehtendahl, Lunch .Was served after the meeting'. ' BUftMED One year old Tommy-BucklS bf Tabor 5s convalescing . front' bu'rhs on Ms h&nds, face'ana lips' suffered wheh he got into some iven clpnnor that his 1 mother'had bein Using on the stbve. \ -,', i, The question confronting 'anyone who is in the ptoc-, ess of selecting a church to attend is whether he's going to "join." a church because it's the "thing to doV or whether the church of his selection stands for some- SA VE WHERE YOUR SAVINGS ARE SAFE . All Accounts at Home Federal are insured to $10,000.00,by jhe Fed. eraj Savings'" & .Loan Insurance Co?p,, .en agency of 'the, Federal Government.' ON jUR MONiY IS ' * f®\ '* - l awc*«: m^'/i^t''&;*v IM^O^;,^ v\|'; ft y<>;i ;/ 'Viv-JWghest' ^etunj bfl»g paid *&**# *, ^\ %?«; o» 'insured «fPf*K-"'V--"'-* " -MS 'i'-C^. • -*'•• ' s: 'it', '' 'v.^V^'' 1 t - ,- Rev. George Vance and family will be well remembered, particularly by members of the Congregational church of which; he was pastor not many years" ago The family moved to Austin tfinn,, and later to Tucson, Ariz A recent clipping from a newspaper says, "Rev. George C Vance, who has been pastor o: First Congregational church since November. 1950, has accepted the call to become the lirst regular pastor of. the newly-formed Casas Adobes Community Congregational church and will assume leadership, of -the >.new church Feb. 16. . "The new, church was. recently completed 'at Tucson? , * , * » I wonder what Winston Churchill would think if he knew "his cigar smoking identifies him -to some quicker than his name? A woman was talking with me iho other day and couldn't .think § ot his name. She said,,"OH that big cigar'stocking man — you know." The following excerpts .were taken from letters written by Rev. and Mrs Knute Or'ton to the former's mother, Mrs' Clark Orton. They are stationed at Jppy, French Equatorial Africa. "Monday we leave for conference at Ft. Crampel. This is our annual'field conference and lasts 10 days. Crampel is righf in the middle of the elephant country— 'hope \ we see gome. All we've, seen so far are mongoose and civit cats." "I think we told you of our water boy whose wife died with mengius and-the heathenish funeral .they l>ad for about 40 hours. fterWard. The village is less lan a-mile'from our house and ?e -heard '..them all night long. ;his morm'hg the granddaughter if our .-Ivmse. boy died with meumoniaV'... '''Last, ,w,eek, the Administrator asked lis to; gQ out <to a village to !0r\duct/an. -autopsy on a woman whov had been murdered. ' Dr ~" '[errand J took the truck and « t wj£. over*' roads such as I have never see-before, for 60 miles, to lo ''an jutbpsy on a woman who ia4 be'in , *iead 5 months. O| course W couldn't tell a thing," % •* ' ' .f'ltf 4' * * Too few of "us know what . our churches do stand for. . We "belong" to. a „ church because our. parents/do, or because the t "Jones's" Ho, or because it's the largest church in , the. community. We very seldom attempt to'dis- cover what is really believes. . ' , •• We in the Episcopal Church call ourselves a ^'believing church." We believe in the/Christian religion as it is contained in the Holy'Bible and £ '' authoritatively stated in the Apostles' and Nicene ' Creeds. We make that belief real by usirig one" o'r the other of these two ancient, affirmations of faith ;—both almost as old as Christianity—in our every • •* service. W v e believe that the^teachings of Christiani'^, ty are summarized in thfc 'Christian Creeds., ', , We believe that as Christians, our "bounden duty, fis to follow Christ,' to^ worship God every Sunday in His Church; and and pray and%ive for the spread of His kingdom." That statement is taken directly from the Book of Common Prayer.' We invit.e you to join/us, today, in worshiping God in . His church, , THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH WELCOMES YOU ST. THOMAS' CHURCH ALGONA Sunday — 11 a.m. Thursday — 7:30 p.m. ,-.v ^itf. ^,y*w^. *>-«. W *«A. V ...V ^ ... ^«..-v^...\...^^ ^ ..v ^ v*> ^ f^t*f •> -? l V Winner of 26 Staie andjNitionaf.JIeWspaper Awards in Iowa State Press .Association and NationaljEdiiorial'rAssociaiion Nationwide Competition.; (Winner of 2nd, Class At GeherarExceUerice.MNational'Editorial'Association Contest, 1957 — r ,2000 Com-' peting Newspapers.) 4" '^'-^ ;,'V * » •"; ,-\> -, j Qver 5+000 Area Fdmillm •» -t t " . ' '': ^ * f , *, f r' , f*« ^ Issue! , ^», »».„»-.--day there was quite 'a""celebration. All the „«*:,,oec.f^/vrv,''j Tian y miles around .^^.^^ ^ w ,,ppy •Jo take part in Jh^ parade, etc, We were invited to "the administrator's he-use for iutich/'Wohg with two Catholic prfests, several canton chiefs and other French, families. A canton chief B Qt>e who is the big chief pveran" entire area. A huge procession **9JJJfe toward the house led by ..some dancing with doctors. Tiiey x:ame up to the ver- aflda, c Vp4 ^ s w e . gives one the l^elin'g' Qf-v'being in the presence bj fyjil* 1 .powers. One x>f the '4pcers : I am sure was in B trlnc'e, brjartdish^ng a iong knife iw$ .1 jmf PWp. h,e didn't know w |i^'Hg%|fclowg." be classed as dif , 40^ paging. by, some o IS YOUR HOME MODERNIZED ? If you own ten or more electric .appliances, you are, probably as up-to-date a? you can .be — that is, if you also have adequate wiring to handle the load. Without enough power, your appliances cannot work to their full capacity. Electrical appliances were invented to make your life easier and more, pleasant, but they are not doing the job if they don't have the power to work fully. Do some preplanning with your electrician ... to prpvide wiring not only for your needs today — but to handle your power load in the future as well. Live better electrically! Algona Municipal Utilities Phonp CY 4-2333 Presenting those working in closely knit organization to bring the news -to you ,' r , , i each (week from %lhe 'off ic^' v of- the Upper Des Moines Publishing - Company, ,.plu&\ vjl v 22- correEpon^enis ,in the' surrounairig^area. ;" " .„-" '•' '""";;.""*" "..'I :^j^_^^^*^*S^.-"^* *.w« While a newspaper is usual- * • ly a private enterprise, its role in community affairs make its operation a cooperative effort. To make it Of interest to subscribers, the, pages must be filled with news of the readers. Advertisers musi consider the paper's value from, a subscriber's viewpoint. Therefore, the paper must please both parties. It takes the united support of steady advertisers' and paid up subscribers to keep a hometown newspaper alive.' An advertiser gets more for his money than just the space of his ad. A reader receives more in value than the. price of a subscription. Esther "Grace" .-Darlene Sigsbee ' v Skogstrom Columnist , „ ^Advertising Jo Waldera Bookkeeper Ferman Christoffers Plant Foreman The first newspaper ever 'published in this section, of Iowa was "The Algona Bee," in 1857, and entirely handwritten. . /"„ ' * ' * i >J > •> v, i The first'printed^newspaper was published in 1861, called "The Pioneer Press", and the press that printed it was ' hauled in by ox team from Fort ( Dodge, / In 1863 the press- changed ownership, and the newspaper appeared under the name of "The Upper Des Moines," taking its name from the fact that in 1863 this area was known as "the Upper Des Moines country." Jack Purcell Operator Chester Armstrong Printer . Commercial Printing iither offset or letter press T* «nd we de phing. We also have plastic binding and photo sopy« ing machine;* Oopd printing, genuine printing, and > good, service cost* no rnore. Why ri«?t check ysyr printing needs npw? Every job is guaranteed^ ,,,,* ^ Office Equipment & Supplies ' machines, typewriter;, and bysiness machines, 'The home of Invincible,'Art Mftaj, Wesco and A ^*.,i »,foje Mttsl office fwrnitwre, Also office chajrs, type* ,M.- A '' writer stands, and filing supplies, Complete line ef i'J,, • off|«f supplies available. u •?• ?••)./*•' '

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