Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 25, 1923 · Page 26
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 26

Oakland, California
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Thursday, October 25, 1923
Page 26
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'A Oak Ian ti Xtlbunt ' OCTOBER 23, 1923 TO :1WEET!'-U.'S. C. .AT: rPALO 0 0 0 0 0 ft 0 COACH "SLJP" MADIGAN AND ST. MARY'S COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM ON WAY TO ARIZONA THURSDAY EVENING DAY i BEST GAME OF YEAR Can This Giant Put: the Trojans to Flight? Whether or not Stanford wcceecU in defeating the University of Southern California Trojani at the farm Saturday dependi largely upon the work of Coach Andy Kerr'i giant fullback itar, ERNIE NEVERS. Rated as one of the best plunging backs on thV-eoftst this year, Y iweet punter and a general all-round backfield star, Nevers is pronounced by critics" as the backbone ' of the " Stanford offense. Local fans will pass Inspection on. Neve ;s in action Saturday. " - CARDINALS-TROJANS : LOOKED TO PROVIDE V: Outcome of Next Saturday's Contest at Palo Alto iwr-ll .r -f 1 C ..1' f t ' T". .Will Vjo Tar l owara oeiumg or i-cauiiig icaiiw r " In Pacific Coast Conference Race. - ; .;. v: - - V ; By DOUG. MONTELL. ; Greater interest probably centers around the Stanford-South-Vera California contest, which takes place down "on the farm I next Saturday, than on any other scheduled collegiate contest of tha year,, with the possible exception of the California-Stanford Big Game. , r "From a sUndpoint of what the game actually means the ' Stanford-California contest will probably not be in it with this Saturday's offering, for by that time the Conference race will undoubtedly be settled, unless it should be that Stanford and . California remain the only two undeteateu eieverw, in wnicn case rthe race might bo settled in a setting, surrounded Dy a spectacle never before seen in the west, at the dedication of the new t California Memorial stadium. Trojans,' Injured Southern California's defeated, hopes of u championship practically ruined In their firat lm- " portant contest, at Seattle last week, will bo out to paxUally regain their i lost vrostlge against tha Cards, '( Stanford.' off on tha start of what promises to ba the most sue eessful season since tha return to U American game In 191, win face the acid test which Is apt to ither make or break Andy Kerr's eleven,' ( Victory' Will Make ! Cards Formidable. A' Stanford' victory Saturday will mark the Cards as one of On three - leaders. In the Pacific Coast Conference, race with only one hard ' game,-against Idaho the wee, be-, fore ' meeting California, remaining on their list before the Big Game. A - defeat will Indicate that although the Cardinal has a strong team, far j stronger in many respects than any seea on the farm "la the" last tour: years, that team has not yet reached championship . caliber. Furthermore the outcome should, at least from a standpoint of dope, settle the question of whether the Stanford-California or - California-i V. S. C, games Is to be the crucial test for "the Bears. - Never for ,s ? mlnnte forgetting that- the . Unt- - verstty : of ; Washington is coming down from the nortn" on movem-. bf 17 to lock horns In a death truggi for supremacy with the r nolden .Bears on. tne uauiornia football pasture. . Indications Point" . To Stanford Winning, i i- Several logical r"-sons point to " Stanford aa the favorite in Satur-' day's game.-U 8. C possessed of what was reckoned to be a formioa-'ble- team, despite the pessimistic I attitude taken "Gio my uus- n-nAnrann. fully exnected to hand ; Washington a wallop last aaiuraay. No two ways about that -f ' Tet there was no confidence to ir.back the Southern California ex-r ptr a? ions. As Leo Calland, who & skippered the Trojans outfit last year, said while watehlng the t California-Oregon Aggie game last week, "I hope that U- S. C. gets by Washington todty, I can't say that ? I feel certain they ill but should - they win up north, then waUh A J6 knew before he left on f his way home that, night U. S. C. f met with what practically amount-ed to disaster. No longer arertfce ;' boys from the land of oranges ana :; tourists the team to beat.' l0nce But Not Twice" ; Is Trojans Motto. Having once been, defeated will " not entirely demoralize U. 8. C. Gus ,' Henderson will see to that. In ' fact one may well expect to see tne Bobby Jones Has Unique Record as Consistent Player NEW YORK, Oct. 28. Bobby Jones, youthful Atlanta golf wiz ard, who shook the Jinx that has beset him in title play long enough to bag the national open cham pionship this season at Inwood, Is credited with a new record for consistent brilliancy In the nation al event.' Records of" the past four open championships show that Jones has compiled a grand average of 74 and 6-17 strokes per round. leading all rivals, professional and amateur alike, over the span of competition. His nearest rivals are Jim Barnes and Walter Hagen, who over the same stretch has averaged 75 and 1-16 strokes, while Jock Hutchison Is next with a mark of 75, Jones made -his debut in open nlav In 1920, and finished eighth ritti 999 strokes. He was tied for fifth in 1921 with 803. and tied for Coach KJfnhnlz Talcps Smiad hehind Gene SaraKen. This year th Georgian tied Bobby Cruick shank , with. 296. defeating the Shackamaxon "pro," 76 to 78, in the. 18-hole playoff for the title. Excluding Ills play-off round this year, Jones has aken a total of 1187 strokes in the championr shin Droner. as compared with 1201 for Hagen and Barnes and 1208 for Hutchison. ; :-" Local Sportsmen Leavirig.on Trip J '..'.; it . i . a, f -r t ' -mix. .-. - .. ?4-'A- y - : ?! Mission Team Meets Nevada Next Saturday to Reno for Last Early Season Game. Ten prominent local sportsmen, members or tne uaiirornia epons men Association, are leaving Sat urdav for various parts of the state on hunting parties and with the idea of making extensive reports disadvantage SANTA CLARA. Oct 25. Coach Kienholz and a crew of 25 grldders leave this afternoon for Reno, Ne vada, to tangle with the University of Nevada in the last intercollegiate game on the Mlsslonlte schedule before the little big game between iuennoiz crew ana Biip jviaai- gan's Saints on November 10. The Mlssionites are picked to De on the short end o fthe score in Saturday's game with Coach Court-wright's Sagehens by reason Of their inexperience, and also because of the fact that the high altitude in Nevada invariably affects coast players, causing them to show at a of hunting conditions in the vari oua sections to the association. Headed by Thos. BeeDe, tne list of hunters who will leave Saturday are: p. O. Holly, waiter Apnn, R. Ii. Dirden; H. S. Dennis, M. L,. Sllen, C. H Holllday, Dave Kuss, Harry Lawrence and 13 S Mel Chonian. Complete reports win De maae at the meeting or tne Association November 1. Goat Island Plans Bouts on Navy Day . Eight .bouts head the program of athletic events arranged for the - oelebration of Navy Day at Goat Island next Saturday, Oct. I Trojans take tne Held next parar-.27f gajor Haskell being slated to flay wiui a no or me pru f meet Geo ;,..Th.e thing that win nun, now-event o ee. tne iaci mat j-yimau. Adams and Le Feb: ye are repoj-t-d to be In non too good condition. Injuries to first string men ef tha caliber of these players is hound to leave the team In a I SURPRISE PARTY - You Are Invited Time Saturday, Oct. 2 7, 12 o'clock noon. ': , " Place 2 835 Broadway., Maxwell Agency. Purpose A Revelation. Please note: Our store will be closed from Friday evening - until Saturday noon. Oct. 27. to make ' preparations . t o r , t h 1 s event, CAMPE-ROSE CO. . 2835 Broadway Gilmore in the main the program of boxing which starts at 2 o'clock. At 1:30 the nine of the Jefferson club of San Francisco will cross bats with the team from the U. S. Receiving Ship San Francisco while a general program of entertain ment will be .provided for those not athletically inclined. - weakened conduior while Stanford came through the Oxy game without a scratch" Stanford, furthernu re, had1 the opportunity to rest up a couple of cripples by leaving; them at home and will be far better fortified with reserve material than will the Trojans. . Under these eonc"tions Andy Kerr, assuming that he has been able to break his backfield men of the deadly J.abit of- fumbling during the workouts this week, will be very well 6et to . .art an offensive from the jump calculated to give the Trojans a secor: licl.lng. And should the U. S. C. contingent gohome on the fhort end of the tcone the .en in charge will be congratulating .tlirse.lve8 that the advariceTsale for the Oalifornia- U, ts. u. game rvovemberMO went so well, Tor California should be able to do what Washington has already done and vha Stanford is more than likely to do. Kienholz has been experimenting with the team by making a few charRes. Storm, a former back-field man, Is now playing end, paired with Malley. Malley will start in the Nevada game, Instead of? Sumner. Casanova, the lad who carried the ball 80 yards for a score against Stanford, has been -practising at quarter ,and will alternate wlh Mc-Kee, who will start the game. Ron- sadt has also been trying out as an end, but Kienholz will in all prob abilities keep him as one of the centers, he alternating with Springer. While the collegiants are lining up against the Sagehens, the Santa Clara Preps will be hooking up with their ancient rivals. the Saint Mary's preps a the Santa Clara gridiron. The came was origin ally scheduled to be held in San Francisco at Ewlng Field, but eleventh hour changes brought the game to Santa Clara: The following men were taken to Nevada today: Ends Malley, Strom. Toso and Sumner. 1 Tackles Miller, Gallagher, Gen-ter. Leonard and Fogdyke. Guards Nolan, Nock, Duff. Swelgart and Shapiro. Centers Springer, Ronetadt. Halfbacks Rianda, Bundy, Bab-cock and Abrahamsen. Quarterbacks McKee and Casanova. Fullbacks Fawke (captain) and Schultz. Aratex ft. IEr Collars , . " . . Do not wrinkle, shrink, .change color or wilt there's not a weak spot in them. - 1 35 cents each 3 for $1.00 JaJt h th Mltrt ARROW COLLARS Crockett To Play Napa oil Gridiron NAPA, Oct. 25. Manager Bob Brown and Captain Louie Ferrero of the Legion football team state that the local aggregation is in shape to give Crockett a tough battle Sunday. The game will be played at Crockett and will be the opening contest of the season for the Napa representatives. Among the leading candidates for the team who will be taken along Sunday are: Linemen, Sam and Ray Fim-by. Del Re, Algeo, Rose, McRey-nolds, Schutz, "Cook" Parodi, La-naro, Gought and L. Brown; backs, Cutis, A Brown, Ferrenx Holder-man, Doughty. Wright anjd Tpwns-end. -i Tennis Enthusiasts -Will Organize Club A meeting will be held Sunday at 11 a. m. at the Live Oak courts, orth Berkeley, at which a prospective tennis club - will be dis cussed, plans for dressing rooms and 'shower bath will be taken up. and a constitution probably adopt ed. -Membership is open to any one interested in tennis, and the members will e able to1 enjoy tournament competition among the various local clubs. , All interested In jiuch an organ I-J katlon are urged to attend the meeting. . . 1 Spalding League To Be Formed by Class C Players Wit fifty-six teams already in winter league play. and the IJCnlghts Stf Columbus.. League BcneuuiqTio open Jin season a week from next Sunday It was be- iievfii iui irm limit naa ueen reached in the' number of teams playing winter ball, but tonight will see the forming of another league when about a dozen little managers will get together at A. G. Spaldings, 416 Fourteenth street, and form" a class C league. The meeting has been called for 7:30 o'clock, and all managers who have not entered teams in leagues as et are welcome to attend. The Spalding Class A ' and . B games for next Sunday has been announced and is as follows: class A ITAOVT, Amarioan DiTiiion. if-FrtiltTal( Eel' t. Baylor's Chocnlates tt Alnmeila, 11:S0 a. m. ItuMr No. 160 v. Star Motors at Ninety- eighth avenue. Elmhurst. 2:13- D. m. . P. vs. Wbelan's Market at . Melrose. 2:15 p. m. Bertllllon natter, vs. Zenith Mils it Lockwood school. 2:15 p. m. National Division. Calatnne Water Co. vs. Velle Motors at i Coast U-eneue park. 10:30 a. tn. - Mnxuell Hardware Co. vs. AsltbT Athletle Club at fcn I'eblo olarKronndt. l:SO p. m. Swift Lumber Co. vs. N. P. -Nelson .Drugs at Washington park. Alameda. 12:30 p. m. Durxnt Steves Motor Co, vs. iisKnarox at Coast League park, 2:15 p. m. CIASS B HAGUE. , : v Westers Diviiisn. California Aerie. F. O. E. vs. K. P. St Kfimv psrk41:.tO . m.' Klnilnir"t Merebants vs. Rlvwlo Mea. Market at Nlnetv-elKhtb avenue, Elmhurst. Mfcao a. m. IT. C. - Welders vs. St. Joseph's Athletic Onb st aSn Psblo playgrounds. 3:30 p.. in. Chevrolet Motors vs. Richmond Oolta It Chevrolet park. 2:13 P. m. Eastitn DiTiaiasu A. T. K. vs. Kuchner's Buchheet at Cle ment anil WalHitt AlamMa. 2:80 D. T11.- Cbrts Nelson Taint Co. vs. Forestira of America at. Tjisesr nlsvarrainds. 1:30 D. m. West Berkeley Athtlc Club vs. Paclfle Motor RnnDlv Co. at Kennr nark. 1:30 B. m, Oakland Camp No. 94." W. O. W. ts. OcalhoTD Dtuks at Albrer field. 2:15 P. B. . Coast DlTisioo. ' Fairfax Merchants vs. Forest Camp No. 102. W. O. W. at Mlroee.-10:30 a. nfc ADemlale Merchants vs. T. M. X. No. t AUenrfata nlavamnmla. 215 D. m. United Dfv Cleaners vs. Soaaa Bras, at friilrvale. 25 p. tn. Coll it Arenno Merchants vs. Ba Tree W. O. W. No. 40 it Baa Plblo plr-(rounds. ll:0O a. m. Paoif io DirisloB. ' Hsyashl-Floral Co. va. Oakland Japaneso Clnh at Clement sad Walnut. -Alameda. 12:30 p. n. Del Monte No. 8 r. Coffln-Bedlactoa CO. at Raa Iaom. 1 0 SO a. m. Normal Draas va. Westers Electric It Hawthorn nlavrrMinds 1 'SO n. sa.". O. T. rarmem vs. Eldoradoo It Albertrr field. 10:30 l. sa. Leading Teams Of Big Ten to Face New Test Minnesota Prepares for Wis consin Came; Chicago, 111., Michigan Undefeated.""- TO BE MAINSTAY. - Frederick Tootel of Bowdoin College. Is reputed to have heaved the hammer 181 feet tt Inches In competition. He will no doubt be America's mainstay in that event at the Olympic games next year. Seattle Ball Club May Train at Pomona . POMON'A. ' CaL. Oct. 15. Pomona is looked on favorably fof tha ipringr training: ramp of -tha Seattle ball club, according to a letter recelveed by the Porrrona, chamber ot- commerce from Wade Killefer, manager of tha Indiana. CHICAGO, Oct. 25. Football dope?ters anxious for evidence on which to base predictions on the Big-Ten football championship, are Watching with, interest the practice sessions being held at Michigan, Illinois, Chicago, Minnesota; and Wisconsin, the only unbeaten elev.en In the western conference. Minnesota and Wisconsin" are the only teams of the five to meet Saturday, but the remainder are scheduled with opponents calculated to test their mettle and hard practice has been the order this week , . Michigan's preparation for .the game this week with the Michigan Agglea has consisted of light scrim mage, vy-, ' - - PREPARES FOR WISCOXSIN. Minnesota, preparing for Wlscon sin next Saturday is not givlnir sat isfacion to the coaching staff in the daily workouts. At Wisconsin the regulars have several times been trounced by the frosh using uopner Plays. Efforts to serengthen the Illinois line, -weakened by vacancies, occu pies tne attention of Coach Zuppke Every regular, unless crippled, is being required to take part in scrim mage at Purdue, .which is prepar ing tQ put up the fight of its ca reer against cnicago. Indiana, scheduled to meet Chi cago next week, is devoting its time to hard scrimmages with the re serves and freshmen. The Hooeiers win nave a layorr tnis weeit-end. Rain held up practice at the Ohio State camp last night, while - its scheduled opponent, Iowa, went through hard drill at Iowa City. INCREASING POPULARITY. Football not alone is increasing its popularity as a popular sport. but at the same time Is proving a Doon to otner oouege sports. This is borne out by western conference universities where receipts rrom rootbau contests are finding their way Intft new stadium, ath letic fields and gymnasiums. The University of Wisconsin, on Saturday opens the newly complet ed tier or-its stadium built entire ly from football fcate receipts. This structure, costing approximately ii&v.uuv, win seat 38,000 at tha nome-coming game. , Tha University of Michigan . ! building sv- $300,001 gymnasium, soon to be completed, from earnings of Its' football contests, while other schools are applying their surplus io atnietio iieidsnd stadiums. . TXEXCt GIAJTT WIJT. Th ' Plerro Colored Giants handed ' the standard Oil AU Start I 19 tn 1 beating ta the wwii came of the Richmond series. The Gisnta fathered 17 kits U to eootost. The seor: f BTD. onVA..' I FRRCI OUKT?b: ; R. M. EI . R. Hit f.SBians.ss.-O A rwalker.aa.,... J I t Ree.lo.... 0 i Isvl.Sh.. IS Srholte.lf.... l.f f't.lli J 1.1 Rtsnsae.e...., 0 0 lIKiiM-hen.Zb...,' S t H.N'elsoa.ef.. 1 lMorrla.i t MeSoltrxf-o. t O'RIebsrd.e 2 S 0 plnlo.2h.... 10 Oiaiavla.lf... 1 S Alln.b S isiasrs.r.:.. 1 treale.p-rt..., 0,0 ftiHeaddora.er.. t Totals. "a! Totsla. . . . .15 IT "j Two-has hits A.. Davis. KHwbea. rVValte. AHesj t. St)e fcaso A. Parts. 6rrws; mt Br Mrrls S br MrNnlt,- Bs O" kallo Off Morr's 2. ft MrNnlfv T. IIim et fm 1 ktM M 01 las. moires; hat, GhUiMa; ea hasra, Jaetso. Card 1 Players Again Don Uniforms Kerr Expected to Have Ilia Regulars in Game With Boys From South. By TOM IRWIN. STANFORD UNIVERSITY, Oct. 25. There will be llttlo difference In the Stanford lino that starts against U. 8. C. Saturday after noon and . the lino that started against that team just a year ago. wager win do in for DeQroot at center and Thomas will likely have Dole's former position at end. Otherwise, tho Cardinal for ward wall will bo the same. In fact it will be' altogether tha same M-'-thftrtllne used against tho Unl-vdrsity of Washington two weeks later when Dud DeGrott was out with & bad kneo and Thomas was Just beginning to make a good snowing at end. "Tiny" Thorn hill has had a year to work his will on this gang since then, and Judging by tho play so far this season, has not altogether made a mess of It. Of tho backfield that stanted against tho southerners a year ago. not ono man remains in the regular line-up. ' Campbell. Cleave- Jand, 'Murray, and Dennis got in xno game last year, but none or them started or played long. Bud Woodward ' played Quarter laat year, but wilrilkely play tho bench for the most part Saturday. If ho plays. It will be as a substitute halfback) Cuddeback ntarted at fullbackin last year's game, but ho will play the bench Saturday along with Woodward until ho is called upon to relieve Murray or' Cleaveland. If Stanford gets within place kick distance of the Tro jan goal posts, the -chances are that Cuddeback will be sent in to try his luck, for three points. And since Murray . is not in the best of shape anyway, Cuddeback may at any time be called on to replace him. KELLY TO RETURN. Jim Kelley who has been out of the game for almost two weeks as the result of a ruptured blood vessel Just above the knee, is back in his suit again this week. Al though his leg is still a little stiff as the result of swelling accom panying the rupture, he seems to be in fair shape. If he is able to get his usual speed by Saturday, Kerr is certain to use him in the latter part of the game when Nevers tires. Kelley is neither so experienced nor so fast as Nevers, but is the best man on the squad as a straight line-plunger. He has lost a little weight and weighs only 194 pounds now. Dick Lawson, Charlie Johnston, Guy Dennis. Bud Woodward, and all the . rest of . the injured and psuedo-crippled were out in suits last night, but were not allowed to take any' strenuous exercise. Of the four, Johnston is the most needed. Kerr believes that he will be able to start him, but in case tho big tackle cannot stand the pace, Fred Ludeke with his 207 pounds will take his place. Ludeke made an unusually good showing against Occidental last week and may be started anyhow as a pro tection to Johnsfon for future games. GOOD IN bUKlMMAUIi. The Cards scrimmaged with Swede" Righter's College of the Pacific eleven from San Jose last night and showed up even better than was expected. The Cards were for the greater part n the defensive at the request of Kerr who is less worried about rumbling today than he wao earlier in the week. For the short time the Redshirts did carry tne Dan there was tho ' usual snap " and precision of machine-like play that has characterized the Cards offensive since the first of the season. Kerr of course used only one or two of the plays he plans to work against the Trojans for tho very obvious reason mar. several. Los Angeles correspondents sat In tho stands and viewed the scrimmage with more tnan oroi nary , Interest. Today and tomorrow-tho doors are closed again to all except coacnes mm rniiRESPONDENIS ON JOB. Correspondents from several southern papers who have como to' the campus a week eariy io rt.ir n local information are con Btrierahlv surprised at tho general foellng. of optimism prevailing on tho Farm. They had expected to see the team in the doldrums and tho entire student Dooy immtiKu in a sea of gloom at tho prospect of tho sound boating they were to rof TCven Max Stiles. V. S. C. mivoicitv manager, came up Mon day and has been trying to get his h.orino-9 ever since. He was at Stanford last year for a time and naturally expected to find general conditions tho same. Information h sends south will probably K f rondiderable interest to U. 8. C supporters. Record Crowd Will See Bears Perform PORTTaND. Oro.. Oct. 16. i,ns aala of oeats thus far in- " . - M .W dicato that a- recora cruwa iur iu Multnomah'club stadium will gather here next Saturday to witness tha football earns between ho University of California and Washington State College. , Four center sections of trie etanor naa own sold out completely; by yesterday evening. At present weather pros-pects are good. , . - " . - ! r cuEAvna war nr jrariH. -With bio a' basa I. Cunningham steooed into on of Goaobaes.'a I . drtvlBf It for two base. Rrn wba vrii has scored to run was un rellT She Store, ball teasers, Tha arwra: FOX CLEANERS. IFtUX Buvm nur.. . . B. B. El H.B. Atlnn.rt.... O 1 itOallabafl.e..- I J l I w:rceod.ir..... a t T?rahach.... J O!leo.ss..... I 8 1 Z Ot-Wva.Jtb til 0 OlValeattoe.lb.. 00 t S-Maaard 2t.... 1 0 t O ftrrrs.cf. 1 0 1 Oilordaa........ 0 S O Long Beach Is " , sAfter a Coast League Franchise LOS ANGELES, Oct 5. Long Beach is laying pjans to break into tho Pacific Coast Baseb: ' league n tho near future. Organl-itlon of a class AA team has . Iready started. Plans are under way to demon strate that baseball will pay sines Long Beach has gone over- the 100,000 mark. Tho Influx of on workers, noted for being a sporting class, will boost attendance. It is said. " Plant are under t.-nv to have several exhibition games next spring by big league teams In training in California. ItJi safe to assume that Long Beach will make a bid for the first Coast League franchise that la for sale, according to baseball men. Plans aro under way to build a largo ball park from the receipts of the city's oir wells. The Boston Red Sox will be asked to train there next spring. Even Long Beach's ruling against Sunday baseball will be waived if the Red Sox will come. according to the city manager. Saints Leave On Road Trip To Southwest Oakland High Grid Team Is Showing Stuff Coach Daugherty Looks for His Hopes to Give Card Babes Trouble. Beaea.e..... t Caocnssa.sa. l Roaei s.lh. 1 Cnttrell.sk. 1 P.CnachsstJt. 1 Rnttrser.B... t Perr4ra.2b. .. 1 Uarhado.rf... 1 Totals t t tl Totals. I It 4 fttrwt ert Rt Rotcbr . br Oraba-h I. Walked Br Rottraer X, b Grt-Ii . ifcs4 Tts h's f. Cocnlrahsns. Roarers. Coach Daugherty's Oakland high gridnvsn went through their final practice yesterday at Bay View playground. The Oakland boys will be able to enjoy a two-day lay-off before meeting the Stanford Fresh men Saturday at ftanford. Coach Daugherty has been putting his team through stiff work outs, and the lads are in good condition. showing a. vast- improvement over their former work. According to old man dope, the down town warriors have an even break with the Cardinal babes.' Berkeley high held the Stanford- les to a scoreless tie, and Oakland played Berkeley a J! all tie, therefore an interesting and close contest is looked for. Barring all accidents, which may occur, the locals should win or at least tie Coach Hunt's Frosh. ' - The Blue and White grldders have shown in their past performances that they have the talent and spirit, and are oneot--tft"e strongest contenders for the O. A. U title. Last year Tech was ihe stumb-. ling block for the Oaklandltes, wno lost the final game to the Broadway aggregation. Tech has an equally good team this year, and the city championship will possibly fall to Oakland or 'Technical. Coach Daugherty is slowly molding his I eleven into shape for the Oakland-Tech struggle on November 20, and by present conditions he will have a squad well able to represent the Twelfth street institution. , . - Attendance at Grid Games Encouraging If the early attendance at the football games can be taken as an indication of what is to cime. new records are likely to be estab lished. Of the five leading games last Saturday, the total attendance was over 200,000. The Harvard- Holy Cross game drew 50,000; the Michigan-Ohio State contest drew 45,000: th6 Penn-Colun bla game 38,000; tho Notre Dame-Princeton game 30,000; and the Syracuse- Pittsburgh game 25,00. Nearly 200 other games were played that same afternoon to capacity crowds. . 4 McTigue and Tunney Post Forfeit Money NEW YORK, Oct. 25. Mike McTigue and Gene Tunney yesterday posted weight and appearance forfeits for their 15-round match at Madison Square Garden December 10 for the world's light heavyweight title. Under the agreement both are to make the class limit. 175 pounds, at 2 p. m. the day of the bout. Both McTigue, whose title will be at stake, and Tunney, who holds the American light heavyweight crown. , are --preparing". to begin training. . Coach MacHgan on Way With Squad of 19 to Play Ari- v zona U Saturday. After putting his snuad through a gruelling final workout on their homo field yesterday afternoon Coach "Slip" Madlgan entrained nlmeteen St. Mary's footballers at 8 o'clock-Mast night for Loo Angeles where the Saints will workout today. Leaving early, In order to permit his men to hav-a workout-ln tho southern metropolis today and another upon arrival In Tucson to morrow, Madlgan showed great foresight. n. . V.. ar I . 1 , i mo tst. wary rieia jireHcnis most difficult problems, being rough and hard to navigate on. Tho Arizona field at Tucson Is reported to likewise bo a hard field, even harder In one sense of the word, in that it is a hard packed field. WORKOUT IX L. A. Tho light limbering up workout today in Los Angeles will serve to break tho monotony of a long, hurried train rldo and will freshen the men up In a gradual tapering off process, for after a hard game last Sunday with tho Olympic club, the Saints have been driven at breakneck pace tho first three days this week to get them In shape and to enable .Madlgan to make ' final decision in several positions anions' the substitutes. Tho first string personnel remains virtually tho same as that started against the Olympic club last Sunday. O'Rourke and Collins will hold down the regular end berths with Lawless as a sub- ' stitute. Captain Corrlgan , and Hunger- ford, tho big rangy lino star, will care for the tackle Jobs with Jackson and Tobin as utility men. Watson, a regular at guard, to gether with Knowles. who was shifted from center to guard last Sunday, will be started .with Mc-Vey and Packer as substitutes. Lorigan is the only center along. although in a pinch both Knowles andjMcVey, having had previous experience, could care for the position. CONXAX AT QUARTER. Conlan will be at auarter with Grant and Rooney as the halfbacks to start and Strader at fullback.' Farrell has won a Jol. as sub stitute halfback by steady Improvement all season, having developed Into a good defensive back. The last minute change was made In one substitute position when O'Grady was added to the list. Underbill, out of account of injuries, . was taken along but may not get Into action and King, who has not developed as rapidly as had been honed for, remained at home when O'Grady, shoved into halfback yes terday, ran wild throughout scrimmage and showed great possibilities. ,- The squad is due back In Oakland next Monday and chances are" more than even that if they maintain the same pace i displayed against the Olympic club last Sunday that they will return with Wildcat scalp on their belt. Teams Bidding For Napa High Title NAPA, Oct. 25. Coaches of the Napa high school football eleven look for one of the hardest bat tles of, the season when the purple and orange squad hook up with Petaluma high at that place Saturday. This game will be the last that the local aggregation will play away from home. Because of tho fact -that Napa high won the championship last, season and is apparently well on tho road to another championship this season, Petaluma, Santa Rosa and other schools . are concentrating their guns on the Napans and they will, . put forth every effort, to stop the local color bearers. - - Berkeley Poloists Lose to Infantry BANKERS' BASKET LEAGUE. S.BATTLB, Wash., Oct. 25. A bankers' basketball league, composed of teams from twelve local banks, will be established in their city for tho 1923-24"basketball sea-ketballseaspn. according to an announcement here. The season will start early in December. The polo four of the 30th in fantry trounced the quartet of the . Berkeley club yesterday by a score of 9 to 1 at the Park stadium In San Francisco. Lieutenant Edgar was the bright individual ' start of the contest, scoring five of the goals for the winners andl repeatedly featuring . throughout the' game with sensational riding and stellar plays. Williams scored the only goal registered by tho losers. Sam Shaw, ex-captain of the Washington crew, la to coach the Harvard freshmen this year. --v ChqiceJ Great companion a Van Dyck, and a mighty whclesome agar r . " CIGAR. , - - X if FIVE SELECT SIZES 7

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