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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 15

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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tntm MONDAY EVENING DaklanD CrlDune OCTOBER IS, 1923 15 IIF IF tv A nvn mm MJlMA 1 5 1 1 MY ll ss ss iui IB. UNKNOWN ENEMY CONTRA COSTA CO. SAN JOSE IVES Bees Quit Work to Joyride in TRIBULATION OF SON REUNITES HIS PARENS WOODLAND Oct. II. When Robert Williams, a Dart barber, charged with erabesallng 1191 of Chicdan's Auto Leads yWatsonville School Music -MISS RUTH PLUMMER.

San Jo girl, who hat sjumed ber pott iiutructor ora muiic in the Watsonville schools. Misi Plummex is a recent graduate of the San Jose State Tcachen' colleas Photo by Doussuta, San Joee. AID ICAltEill FIRES FIVE SflW JOSE AUTOS WRECKED ITJ TWO CRASHES FUSILLADE FEUD cost; PI Swarm of Honey-Makers Pe acrt Sluggish Truck for Touring Car. hi employer a funds, was acquitted by a Jury In Superior Judge W. A.

Anderson's court her. It paved th RANCH HOUSE 1 AT EYE. SCALP TO JOIN PARAD t-- Ll -L way for I reoopetllattoo between the mother and father of th young man, who had been estranged and CmCO, Oct. 15. A new trafHe problem presented Itself to local nolle when they were called to separated for fifteen years.

Fourth and Rroadway to autlst In "I sulfered a wool lot in being charged with this crime." eald Williams to Sheriff J. W. Monro yes rlddrna- a parked automobile of a No One Inured in Two Freak Accidents, Involving One Street Car, Members All Posts Drees Ai Cowboy for Convention Show. warm of bees that had taken pos Six Revolver Bullet Shot Into H. R.

Jones Home Near San Jose. i SAN" JOSE. Oct. 15. Th rsnch One' Seriourly Hnrt Yhen Husbands Take Up the Quarrel of Vive.

RAN JOSE. Oct. IB. Joseph Danna. 75J North Twelfth street.

session of a ear owned by a. a Foley of Saoramento. County Trafflo Officer W. H. White an terday In leaving for Eureka, Humboldt county, whir his father la in business, "hut It paved th way for mother and father to live together again.

They separated fifteen ears ago on account of me and now I am responsible through ad- swered the call, but one look at home of H. U. Juiicm, Renter luad. SAN JOSR, Oct. O.

Robinson, editor of the Redwood DANVILLE, Oct. IS. -Contra Costa county will be represented three miles from this ctti ws may los th eight of his left ey made the target fur six revplvwr bullets, all of which tru'k the dwelling, shortly before o'clock in the. Arnerlcan Legion parade In Run. Francisco tomorrow by a band and was nearly Afulped, and J.

he problem convinced blm that the case was out of "his JuKTsdle-tlon. Sulphur bombs were finally used to dislodge the trespassers before Foley could use his machine. The bees came from a truck load of bee hives that were City Tribune and former Ban Jose newspaperman, and Mrs, Robinson narrowly escaped death or serious Inlurv in a automohllA arel- vemlty and misfortune in bringing I them together again. I am going up north to Work Utr father and lie again with th home folks." Joseph Catania, 74 North Twelfths of cowboys. All the post in thfe street, was arrested as a result of county have Joined to participate yesterday riiirnlnil.

hile no oie was uruck iy of the bullets, two of them crashed through a window In which June unt Ident In which three cars tlrured i an alleged attack on Danna by Catania with a nior in tba street the corned of Orchard and Col- being hauled through fown. While fnx streets at i o'clock yesterday I tba owher stopped for a few mln- In the procession as a unit. The distinguishing features of their costumes will be red bandana Graded Religious Study Is Planned afternoon. Utes on business the bees toon near their respectlv. home early last evtnlnit As near as police I Ila i it I advantage of the rest period to seek new quarters.

wife were slplnx. The person who fired the shots escaped1 In a waiting autoniolille. No trace of him has an ytt been found. It is belmv.vl thst a man with whom Mrs. Gcnenl, who Is stopplnx handkerchiefs around their necks '-Robinson was driving west on Colfnx street when his cap was struck by.

th machine driven by Joseph "Knolnos. Robinson's car officers could ascertain. Catania attacked Ranna, with whom has had trouble before, after aa al SAZJDA. Oct. IS.

Eprslng the I b. llrf thi religious education will solve th Individual and social I nrnhlems. If carried out with thor complaint charging A. J. Stanley of Stirling City, forest ranger, with assault, which "was brouaht by a Stirling City youth at the Jotiew noma, nail a quarrci I nuRhnes.

the Sunday school of the recently, rled the khots. Six bul was thrown forty feet by th force I of the impdet. It was careening on two wheels and was Just about to turn over when It crashed Into First Congregational church of this lets were dug out of th walls or the homo bv Deputy Shorlffs Earl earl In- September, probably will the machine driven bv Paul Cam- be dropped according to Hamilton and Pen Frederlckson of DIs- and ten-gallon hats on their heads. Headquarters will be at the Argo- nant hotel on Fifth street Just south of Market, where the pa-radera will assemble at 8 o'clock Tuesda ymornlng. Mt.

Diablo poet last night chose William Wright as Its official delegate to the convention. He will remain 'the entire session, while other Legioners will attend for one or two days. 1 The Contra Coata Forty and Eight society, the Legion side degree, held an initiation at Crockett arata, apnroaohinK from the north nounccment yesterday from on Orchard All three cars triot Attofney. W. E.

Kothe. Stan- plnce began a eomplet graded course of study today. 8tudis are in charge of a group of trained teacher as. follows: Mrs. John Mrs.

Oeorg nrlckett, primary; Mrs. A. Veil-thoen, first year Junior girls; Mrs. J. Ly Curtis, first year Junloa boy; Mrs.

T. B. Snow, second year Junior Sheriff George W. offlc. who arew orklng on the case.

Tracy Women's Club were badly wrecked. Robinson was ley la'accused of having cuffed the only person rnjured In the Charles McDonald for making ln- cianh, receiving a alight bruise on suiting remarks about passing girls leged quarrel between the wrvei of the two men. Danna's scalp was nearly cut from his head and he suffered nuVnerous cuts about th -face which may cost aim the sight of his left eye. Officers Louis 8ep-ulveda ami Tony Russo took botB -men to th city emergency ho pitaL Catania received cuts about the hands as Danna attempted to wrest th razor from his assailant's hand. After treatment at tho hos- pltal, Catania was locked op pnd-lng charges and Danna was removed to the county hospital.

Dr. raul Sanford. who attended Danna at the emergency hospital, d-clared the patient's condition Is serious. the back of the head. I at 8Urllng City.

TTnflnnn wn arrpstAil hv Pilt'O Host to State Heads TRACY. Oct. 15. Mrs. Elon I Warner.

Alameda dl trlct president I Dr. R. S. Eastman, paator of i s- of the woman's federation of clnbs. Saturday night and will be well represented at the midnight banquet of this organization in Chinatown Thursday night.

Woodland Woman to clal Officer John Dixon on a charge th Presbyterian church, apuak-of reckless driving when witnesses lng before the student body of the informed the officers that he was teachers' college yesterday after-approaching the Intersection at a noon, pointed to three menaces speed estimated at fory miles an to constitution of the United hoir. Encinos was booked at the States, naming the I. W. the police station and locked up. being K.

K. K. and the foreign ele-unahle to furnish J150 cash bail, rment's efforts to defeat th elght-WUIIam Bean, backing his car eenth amendment as the factors girls; Rev. Frederick Conllff. second year Junior; boys: Mary caniiff.

BibJ St Anne's Church i Will Get New Roof SONORA, Oct. IS. Historic St. Anne's Catholic church at Colum-b'a wl receive a new winter sets In, the first step in Its restoration. Th material has been oroered.

Funds or the restoration of the pioneer brick edifice are rapidly being accumulated. In fcingle -day $560 was raised here. Recently th old boil out of a parking stall on Market street, struck the automobile Mrs. Jones, and losing control of his car, kept on backing, col No Trace Is Found Of Eloping Pair MANTECA. Oct.

15. Unabla to find a trace of th youthful elopers. Leo Triglia and MUa Georgia whom he! discovered wer married la Martinex last Tuesday, a few hours after they left this city. Con and Mrs. W.

A. past Btate president' of-Stockton, were guests of honor Friday afternoon at the tea and reception given by Ttacy Women's club. In addition the local schrfol Wachers and other Invited guests were present. Mrs. Warner eik on "Federation" and stressed the value to the club and the Individual of a WelJ-organlzed body of thinking women, all working for a Worthy object.

She was presented with a bouquet of roses. Mrs. Frtegerald declared It was for the older people to learn the younger generation is Interested in, what Its wishes are, and then to help direct the young folka in the right channels. She said there is too much time spent In commenting on fashions and customs. Luncheon ended the day.

liding with an interurban electrio car before coming to a stop. The which today are endangering the Woodland Girl to Marry Sacramentan WOODLAND, Oct. 15. Miss Ilda Ludden, Woodland high school I graduate, announced her engage-' ment Saturday to James Emlgh, young businessman tf Sacra-! montn Yminsr Emierh Is' a (Uni car and both 'automobiles wore badly damaged but no, one was hurt. The Ire triple crash occur was replaced in the tower, arter having been in storag for many years.

It was taken down when services in th building were dtsr continued, owing to fears' that th structure was unsafe. versity of California man and; a. Modesto Entertains Head Vancouver WOODLAND, IB. Mrs, Julius Kraft of this city received word yesterday that her mother, Mrs. J.

A. Banton, former pastor of the Baptist church in-ihls been made superintendent of the Vancouver Girls' Corner club of the British Columbia center. Mrs. Baaton has been in missionary' work In Canada and the United States for some years. The-Krafts and Ban tons are- pioneers of Volo i -Sonc elones Way Put in Fine Shape SONORA, Oct.

15. The Sonora-Vtelones road is now In better condition before In Its history and will afford autolsts an Inducement' to visit the mountains durljigVirite.r-. Supervisor J. F. Don-'fro has' given the road deep coating of gravel, which is solidly packed and will not wash out when heavy" raimr -come.

Many draine-bave been laid. Dondero will now turh: His 'attention to the Parroti Ferry toad and gravel it in thej pamrf rnnttner. I .1 stable J. W. Graves has returned.

had a arrant for tho arrest of Tiiglla whom th girl's mother charged with contributing- to the delinquency of a minor, claiming that her daughter" Is only' 17- The young brld is a hlghschoo senior and last Tuesday, left' homo pre- sumably for school. i Three Counties at Last Moose Frolic SONORA. Orit 15. Sunday afternoon the final Moose frollo for th year was held at Groveland. under tho auspices of Hesperian Lodg, of this city.

Many candidates wer initiated. Delegations from Con Joaquin, Stanislaus and red at 10:30 yesterday morning. Wo Suey, Chinese, riding with Jew Sing, received cuts about-the face and hands when the machine was struck-by another driven by Fred Bagprott at Fourth and Jackson streets late Saturday night, Suey was attended at the city receiving hospital by Dr. vPaul San ford. MARTIXE2 IilCENSES.

MARTINEZ, Oct. 15. Marriage licenses have been issued the following: Manuel Flores, 30. and Francesco Savedra, 45, both of San Pablo. Jose Arguello, 28, and MIcale Salazar.

16, both of Crockett. Vets on Convention MERCED, Oct. 18. The American Legion special train for, the accommodation of American; Legion delegates from Ban Joaquin valley points to the convention at member of th Kappa PI fraternity. Present at Saturdays party first learning of the engagement were: Mrs.

Henry Traynham, Mrs. Roliin Rowe of Davis; Mrs. Don Huff, Mrs. Glen Atterbury. Mrs.

Esmond Wraith, Mrs. Kincheloe and Mrs. Eugene Desl-mone of Woodland; Mrs. Charles Oraf, of Winters; Mrs. Frank pieland and Mrs.

Albert Emlgh, of Sacramento; and the Misses Martha Jjan Francisco, stopped her hall Shriners Will Play At Woodland Dance WOODLAND. 15 The Ben AH Phrlners' bund of Sacramento will furnish the music for a dance 'o he given In Armory hall here October 25 by the combined Masonic and Eastern Star lodges of Yrlo county. It Is a complimentary affair to Masons and their friends, rt will be the first appearancoot the big musical organization in an hour for lunch at noon yesterday. An entertainment was provided the delegates by Members of Merced Tost No. S3 during the lunch.

The train plrked up the knd Lela Hecke, Elizabeth Porter, Solano Wage Suit Continued for Month FAIRFRIELD, Oct. 16 Judge $i500ditional evidence the claim ber 6th for the hearing of ad-for $4500 of F. Bader against United Construction company. First National Bank of Vail Jo, arid S. J.

Davis. Merced and Modesto delegate 'vn-fCalaversis counties' wer in attend-, Hyman Millers Los Angeles, and Grace Eaton, 23, Ban Vera Drever, Margaret Harllng, Emma Schultz, Beth Pleasants, Helen Summers, Betty Blakesless nnd Elolse Hare. route to the city, where it arrived and program ance. A banquet ennehnlerl dV O'Donnel has continued to Novem- K'SO vestrdav afternoon. Wnnrtlnnrt.

1 i.i I 1- I a KSimqp WJIWUI 'iiJM'W-" nri 'ntil 'rtn' 'r jl PAKTY A HUMDfNjOrEB! ANDY'S PEANUT Hoffman's Famous Peanut Candy Made Candy Day a Great Joy Day in Oakland f- 't WWW i stir i itt t' Yr. f-" rtV" tK -r'-r 7 r.TT frfi t'vl mi '2 AV. a Hit iiV Lib-. yV -ffr- 'V: -J't --JjI'Vyl J' it 'I il" mi i rt vNmMmMmMitmmjmmt mfcsignif Jl li fa 'iMm lissiwum iiaum Isasaa Mi sjunsWa Juslssi isiHTM ifc ESTETS PHOTO OF' A PART OF WE FESTIVITIES AT THE FREE CASDY PARTY STAGED BY THE UART1X M. HOFFMAN COMPANY ON LAWN' OF SOUTHERN PACIFIC PARK AT FOURTEENTH AND FRANKLIN STREETS.

OAKLAND. CANDY DAY. OCT. 13. 1923 Thousands oi Packages of the Famous Peanut Candy Given -Away heart of the business district.

"Peanut Andy," the joy man who trade marks Oakland's famous Candy Day was joy In Oakland Saturday. -The Martin M. Hoffman Company, wholesale MOUS PEANUT CANDY the joy candy supreme. The free party was the-Martin M. Hoffman Company way of showing its appredation for the generous patronage accorded this firm by the great East Bay, community for the past 20 years.

waiian musicians dispensed music and made the occasion a gladsome 'and unique event In commercial enterprise. The crowds marveled at the lavlshness of the free part)'. It. made 'HOFFMAN'S FA were treated to a mountain of man Famous Peanut Many thousand packagesof Iiclous confection were giYen away Beautiful dancing h'ddies performed for the audienced helped to pass out the joy candy. Ha Peanut Candy, was' there miking candy irianufachirers, were hosts at, the kiddies At this free party, the children of Oakland and "'thet p)wn-ups a beauUful nee lawn party on the afternoon of October 13 at Fourteenth and Franklin streets In the -Li ZJ.

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