The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 5, 1959 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1959
Page 18
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. !<} upper fet Molm* ttnrtfcfar* Mwth §, 'la"JT.. ,^... .>^.,- r ,, Mtiv,^ M" .A-.-S^.U*...., ......... et fles ulotees PdM-Jtoll6Y ALL AfcOUND Carter of Iowa used poor judgffleni irt appointing his 19-year-old son os dn assistant in his office in Washington. The recently-elected Democrat has admitted 1he fact, and says the son will draw only half of the salary allowable, and only for a short time until a rfepldcement eon be obtained. Congressman Wolf has his wife on his personal staff, but after reading of her accomplishments and duties, the appointment seems in no way unusual or out of line. Mrs Wolf is an accomplished person, and the Congressman white campaigning said that if elected he would take his wife to Washington. Thus we half agree with an editorial last week In a neighboring paper which raised Its lily-white hands In pure horror at the "nepotism" which prevails in the above two cases. The paper was printed' on Tuesday, how- eVef. last Wednesday morning it came to light that U.S* Senator Tom Martin of Iowa, a Repub~ Hcan has HAD HIS SON ON HIS PAYROLL FOR THREE YEARS, eveh while the son was going to law school at Georgetown University in Washington. ' Senator Mdrtin, however, could see nothing wrong and in fact sounded quite angry with fHEY HAVE SOMETHING THERE Oor congratulations to members of Nicotine Anonymous. Their willingness to speak their minds on the general subject of cigarette* U most refresh' ing, and pleasantly lacking the usual "reformer" tinge. They are simply coiling attention to some* thing that most of us have vaguely heard about during the past year or two but to which we have paid little Or no attention. This,is the fact that nicotine as It is now being supplied to us, chiefly in cigarettes, Is a deadly killer. Research over recent years seems to have established without a doubt that heavy use of cigarettes Is a contributing factor to lung and throat cancer. The March Issue of Reader's Digest once again affirms the fact; the magazne was responsible some time back for,the first exposee ever made on jusf what is happening to you in the seemingly .innotent pursuit of smoking* -- < With us, to quit smoking makes good^common, horse sense. If it is'' a definite fact that smoking cigarettes increases your percentage possibility of developing lung or t throat cancer, then we've had it. t f ' , > We'll still watch, their TV shows, but the cigarette killers have had'our last contribution. Z^sefttI«f»fhS^tt6|M^ *bauansr*i¥ , ^ ehindThe Movie Sets by•'•'sirttgfffitf -Biters- and/ y artists: "known'to Fam'e 1 ; * •• < .»[ # .- , ,- , -; ' 1 WITH * BUDBYi MASON his had free sfthdwicheS' f *Mi b'eM -salad feet Out §ri'W^'anistes', table" every night', F6f ;tfte better J heeled, """"V" " ' "'"" paying patrons, been wine and ;r>HOLLYWbOB7' CALIF»8 — < meals w«& 'served* The- Well fin- Nowadays, - it is "possible to:en- anced visitor 'and; struggling Bo- Joy-a particularly gdod motion hemian.,enjoyed|,the sahie v -stage, picture and" relive 1 its'imUsical show?^-'>;?ii%'i%,'J H ,'*4v ; , n ; ,' £1 »di~ii Mi.1.^. *.^±.t*^ tt4»«& H .w«r.!t*.t * # *' * _ ^ * i washing to •v:v\'j >>> j'l- 1 ' ..^.•.«j._ the Inquiring reporters. He refused to tell how WQ wibh N }cotine Anonymous a long and heal- much of estimated $90,000 yearly office ex- fn ex j stence , i • ' • « penses the son received. Senator Martin said he •• approves of putting a son on the, payroll of the senate, thus siding entirely with Congressman Carterfs original 1 action,' but one which Carter has since revised. We, are inclined to think thdt it is a poor SOME INSIDE GOP DOPE f '. Eagle Grove Eagle ^— Like thousands ot other Republicans in Iowa we-were not only'amazed. policy,all, around to have relatives (as staff assistants in elective office, but there are times and but down right 1 flabbergasted by state crairman JiVrgomcyer's press release. > His statement that the Republican, party is places where it still makes.:sense. And in judg- the minority parly in Iowa ,is*. a very- 'debatable ing 'the various acts of nepotism good sense subject. Tjierc is just as much\evidencetb" refute should prevail with all of us, MERGER PROPOSALS NUMEROUS ^'.'Grundy Register— Merging promotions are given more ^consideration and speculation than in any previous session • of the" Iowa legislature. Two proposals that are being considered more seriously than 1 before, are: orie/to, merge one or more of ,ouH. Iowa counties, and ,t\vb": consolidate } the pre- 'sent county-"offices.' The suggested consolidation ray and what,is called the school cyowd. Many of county offices would'combine the office of coun- otherwise astute politicians felt that",the schoo ^ ty clerk, with the'office 'of-recorder, or combining people strong politically that it would be the'off ice b of audHor with recorder j and assessor to impossible to elect anyone without their f actiy£. * place the three, 'of f ices., unde^; one, "h'qft'di ^Another \ support. And conversely they felt they could elec proposal is fo : abolish the^cbUhty'^pafd^or^super- ' anyone with" that "school crowd" support., ^ vis.ofs and "turn'., that Job', .over, tq.a county execu- * There were ( a few howeVer who did^t believe . illSy !i__11 •':'<••' '* , ' that charge as there is to substantiate, it, J Mr Jurgemcyer is as much aware -of 'the reason for losing the top of the ticket 'as any else except he won't admit thp 6rror as.yet. We have never- written', our "I told you so" piece but that outburst last week has given us the final urge to do it. Almost a year ago at a meeting of Republican editors it became evident -that s 'the state centra committee was going to commit itself to Mr Mur- A Weekly Report from ONE-SIDED JUSTICE —. Alifliide 'by! like'this? this, messy .business about Con-1 .-_ * _ . !. i. • „ , «i. .. * tJ „•« _ i i , 'ra- lights tott's'Capital by Ray ji J c , *»**»*i* «#& *«t»0 t t. fj^Cig* jwjf a pcu.'nui4.tai..ijr ^ww\* **. * ,, ' '• *'/ >'?^'£$>r- $#''« picture and" relive" its'!mi J Member* of ihetfWsuInTSbuniy highlights again and again! Medic&r "AssMMdftJihel; iat the* ! ^ At the moment, ;V7e.-ha\- _. ?--:•-?£-'- + -£-:£&*** tt^z 'Hdnie-of'W.Ij^G. Ofttfs'idoifrsat -'hand the original'film, score of, mo^esto ifrpmieMuarters^ There's Hurt"'Mofldav evenine , <' ~ i S"ol C. Siegal's controversial M-G—now 4 a -dining f oorrt, a. bat. The ai^rt jvionaay evening. ^ , ..'Ar'.tiwwHinflhn. "Srm« Catvife, Run-,.Other,.,R6Dm'.!-i-.which - displays gressmen putting their relativesj| an the. off ice payroll tells only: naif the story. The newspapers' found out about the Represen ( ta EVEN PENNIES ARE IVE — Inflation' is cutting ..profits in the money-making bUS- —~..~ — ~~— — —r .,.- lf iiness, too., . Pennies j- are ,made tive whose 19-year-old'son was,(from a material consisting of 95 down for $11,000 a year only-be-uperd caus*e the 'House, -records r -are*ainc. open for f inspection. Not so in.* the Senate,, Nobody can,, their records'. It's a'pity because it cost'29 cents fdrVa^ pound :of! genTlD? C~' C'-Shierk, •Roy rs 'Chri- it would curl yo'ur'hair if you -ithe samfe material.' OnHhd--bright? ^ehsen and' f John*'Kohlhaas. One knew, how some «6f them spend side of the picture:' ,it still' costs> of< the largest- crowds in the his- the taxpayers mbneyt All that^just 11 cento to' mint 1 West Bend team was ibr Des Moines to def erid befbre; eiorei ission. „ . , , . care. off'that,',.The- e&mage-trgde now butnunibers'the .hungry *iritellec- all the.; been dapt . 'music "-for "Some,. tuaiS ,with' v/hom, they., rub el- Mua e Runriing" masterfully. "Un*: bb'tos: BotH watch" the game' show t to derlines this ,brawling yet tender but f now, the entertainers are j • «<, n ,.ir Tjro^a, are the melodies that- "riaittfe" '.*pei,:f nt ' 1T " ir ' i \a\\t\- oiant who* slant follow-the<clab to 1 Des",Mo'ines. ,story. K -_„.__. ,,-•—— fv?.-in i^jt.L- j., ., ^ ^-4" ,**','•>*;$ f«<f -$„ . "range frcihi driving ,iaz:z themes, their•• nnajterial^towardj- this one 4 Four new'direciorVw = ere named ^L* """ " accompany,the/ action at particular'audie 1 nee, The Kingston /s, the 'cafe*'.where• many. Trio hay£ rightly named their al- * - - * - r Between these* .extremes X are Union 1 Aleihecms hioh is known' is how.much 'they are pennies. High-spee,d minting given to run Jhe-btfice: From" chines which cut production.' ' ' " that point on the Senators tan -are'th fepend the,mon^y;anyway. 1 th.ey ^ . ,^ f ' ' " the reason.' fc wonderful ' t 'reported il meal and prbgram. and MacLaine; sweeping musicrlho's'tessJ*. ,Vi'ce VPresidaHt; 1 Graca, * f t y» l"*:,, \ '-g echoing the'discovery of'.love be'-' McKim was in charge of the ct-rti.«, fpkn* riy.n-iirvtr.iid Comooser.Elmer. Bernstein has v-'i™ ^-^A i\/rn,-ij-,nn'o>'nvr,air4inrf -urac. nnrf ptept-had operated the store, for, a total dllU CJCUI , - ,«e. ,,-__i, ->.-;r,T. fn fV,Q onlo ; r DONE— Any ( "K Rations", in, 'the line 'is,'M' 45; years prior'to the sale. ever \ a ^ 'in'ThVworksT",An^X-ray .camera ,^e,.t, nn ^ -iL*;J%. ! ' '* ^ "^'' war will -.^.111 -i *—: iv »..^— *j«u -'J-School elections- to his credit sUch film's as 1'eh Commandments," -"Kings Forth," and "The .ManyWith " Golden Arrri."- Kim-and Madonna.'.Erpelding, was , appointed to plan an exhibit for a ' Algona ' 4 r H Day. Mrs McKim* toid\of, basket-making^and Penny>. i» Re6reation, Came Running"- will. mark 'up all over the area. Af Bancroft, chicken ar^d steak that's" squirted ' out ^ arm from a tube like toothpaste^ And,, for the high-flying jet pilot there. aside. lait" simply will stick tm-Vrtq-.H r/Bauei^Mrs' l^A Eis- iftree noiame , albums' arrived and shove the^bony %&&S^'$^3S& $£ o^l^^^M'^^1 j R. K. Richardson^candidates U"™, , =<• Wesley,\^hile'fa«*li^atiRi?there -oanas 2" of "Sound 'of -'the Great HAY l uk , . Mrs George- Krou^gh of Dolliver lor uie nigu-iiyiiig jet piiut LIICIC* o — . -4. •m OQ i PV> w«rhiio'r>nn(flirinfp<?<hprp Joauua IB , a. u'luutu UL ni-ri oyv j,j,___j C>, ,'• 11- j. n will be a combination corned','. PPPP P '• T ° HP at;T , TWr SpS^L^Lrfferf tMr?-iF^ Glen Gray., and ,his Casa l^oma '?^ e ^d a,brpkeit : ankle Decently »'«ars!t!!r!r 1 ^^^ tife^ council. ft and^ spoke out on the subject. At thai 1 ,meeting ^Consolidation of county, offices may come in , the .writer ,told Mr Jurgemeyer, and'others that time. -The,proposal- will need much'more" consid- "it would be very difficult to^.elecf a college pro- eration than it,has received, and it may be several', /fessor and'/'add to-that a| v colle"ge professor ( . who years before'a majority of the people will be ready .was" advocating higher taxes for,schools" ahd^d'S- foat was certain. Abraham Lincoln could not have overcome ^such a handicap. ' v . ' , ; ( Everyone knows what-' l happ'ened. Mr Love-,each county'in the proposed, merger ,would have"' lesS'wori by'the' largest majority accorded" a Gub- tb ^consent to give up its prospects ,pf retaining''" ernhtorial candidaje^-irt m'any year^.^He nixist- Have' 4Vio:r. /.nunf-ir nnma nnrl nf mnintnininor fhoir. nmmtv been JaUL'hinff UU1 hi's Sleeve followinC'tlie ReWUb- 1 ipr such a change.. Consolidation of counties, if it ever comes -will be-far in the futre. To bring about consolidation,' their county name and of maintaining their, county government. There is little likelihood that a majority of 'the people in any county will do that. ,'' •:,- Counties would lose much mure by consoli- been laughing up his sleeve folio wing' the. Republican primary. In spite- of this blunder by the Republican party leadership we managed to win all, but, one datlqn.-than 'they W9uld gain. The only saving other state office, Lt. Governor, and that was a fro|n "a cbunty p consojjdation'"'a possible 'close one. We won half of the'congressional races,, " reduction of employees.. While there wo'yld be fewer chiefs, there would be an increased number ' of -assistants. With but one county seat where there i now' J are two, those "who have business at t the court" house woiild be required to travel double the distance to get there and back. f( How many' of our 99 counties would be willing 'to lock up their court house and drive to an aA- joining^ county to do their official business? . Behind every successful man stands a woman . »'telling him 'what's wrong! th'e KP. The Ariny -is. of using papeFTplates be tossed away -after chow.,,; No Z more dirty dishes to wash, f •• HIGH. Tinnairf q n hin son of the Harrv Dance With-Me,-"'with Billy JWtay which had .fallen from a • third Ronald baom,, son, ot me warry ., v , . ', f „„..„ hj n u««» n ™ r*™*;^^^ ^ «„ the tax prob" , ,__ t _, ._ ____ million- 'sjo'n agent. ' ' , ,, , , iv, • *i + • • ' , family were laid low and unable pound-thrust engine —the shot •• v • —o— > ., „.„•! anv th'ine done " gun - shell of the missile age — - FOR BETTER.' COUNTRY' $ a * raBnonaibte. lotf! $12' million this , LIVING —'There is now a bill off for school a 'long day }'•' A/ ,' • HIGH '— Getting space is a costly " starting • work on tag Will Have exceeded $200 mil- Theodore Roosevelt* jaad such lion. \And every time these commission at 'work 50 years ago Uppe'r PCS; Jflibmcs *• i . ,- r j > U,l E. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535^-Algona, lowai -,' ', Ent«pd)^is second- class, mattes at,the postoiftce , • ' aV> Algon^ii 4' Iowa ' v ' under' Act of' Congress pf-. ._-ThiirsdayVin J959'By DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO.< i'jc „,., ,« ' ;!; ** ''T"R^.B, t-WALLER, Editor S^ERLANpER, Advertising -Director '""* JMETCALF, Advertising' Manager SMITH, News Editor :,1*!%.- '.-•„ '41 ,A •-.'", jwv« oMiin. i\ewp Barcor ,, , 'If/' s .* F^RMA^jCHBlSTOFFERS, Plkht Foreman '$.$ T -V>•^".•hv"'iVN-vv".. •>,'.', 'H-t- .- '' i in 1 -r « have both Senators, a majority in both the house of representatives and the state senate and control of 66 of the 99 counties. Is that the minority party? „ ^ ,_, •'A If we" can elect state candidate^: Clyde Spry,' Norman Erbe, »Chet Akers, Mer^e '; Abrahamson and Mel Synhorst- in' spite of theJ terrific defeat at- the head-of the state ticket then this writer does not believe that we tore the minority party in Iowa. We may be in' Clinton, Mr Jurgemeyer's home town, but that is not all of Iowa. Mr Jurgemeyer made one statement that we can go along with. He said "The primary docs I not always choose the best candidates." It surely ; doesn't when the central committee gets mixed up in the primary, ,- * ' * * WAS THIS' TRIP NECESSARY? , -, Indiano^a Tribune — We recall that during the election' campaign of last year it was brought o'ut that, several members of the state auditor's staff were drawing travel pay and living ex" pense allowances for working away from their home lowns, when in fact they never ventured more than a few blocks from their home for years at a time. So far as .we know, this situation still exists, even though it is a strong form of perjury on the part of several person^ involved, A news item of late noted that the Attorney General and State Auditor of the State of Iowa recently made a trip to Washington, D.C., to confer with the Internal Revenue Bureau regarding a ruling the tax collectors had made. It seems the tax . £$en took, a look at the returns these non-traveling auditors had filed, and decided they should,; pay t&xes on the traveling allowances they got for not traveling. And we agree, they should pay taxes on the travel pay and |iv|ng allowances they received while stayingjat hpme. The iact that it was illegal does not makV$ ( But why,'we p8k, did the State Attorney General and Auditor 0)ake a trip to Washington t to boosters are fired it will cost It paved more than j $20 million. By the rural time the booster •completed Lili 'ifV- ^ I™ ,^ w * Hv ' f ' v« •a .VJuslice^'AVDanson'of Algofta :p, wasn't Crushed'.during the'week. , _ _________ ,_ ved the' way for progress in' In fact,° the exception of the l health,- rural schtfbls, li- wedding " ! of '.'a,'' Minnesota couple. and roads. Above^a!!, it in his off ice^'tlie. , J.P.' 'had 'nothing./, " """ ------ ' '" -'••'• ----- * - *~- -= -- ALGONAv.INSURANCE hiore than ; booster program, .is braries and roads. Above-.-all, it. in his oitice^'tne., J ,r. 'naa notning,/, i „- ^; -^AGENCY* * 'i we will have spent stimulated progress," in eVefy as- f ! in the Way of court business for - j.vJOfJim) r ROLP "* . a $2 billion. pect of country life. ., '/ i] seven dajte, Justice Delia' Welter > Sure'ty.-Bonds^All'Linea • _ 0 _ - —o— \ / /ana Mayor--G,. P <i: SpechU were , , .-, ^ of insurance #- -- :«.r Tj-c.c.r>T»T^ TTT« T»rTTtr- IJ&MPRP. TT at.T. ftOP.R — PAW also blanked in their courts dm 1 - , onfi v.smt stnto-st NEPHEW KEEPING UP WITH" WHERE IT ALL GOES — Few UNCLE,— Some good may come of us ever*give a thought to how staying home out of trouble. 206 East State,-St. Phone^CY 4-3176 •«j^- i , * * *. ,i,v. 'i ,, /, v - v-j.,4 w,7«r^ ST. : ™$ r Harold Kuecker of • AlgonVlwas > ^P SS °^g|?? ANCE y500 ^s4 e mighty^ucky fglow^ The^auto';,,,^ ^,^11?, fcLrance- &bt, .* -\ir««i, TJ^^J ^^,j -^irui+t-Q •-< Automobile'ffFurniture'Loan sometimes is the fact that hiterest, on • the national debt ^^ w y v " Bend and Whitte- V^Sp 16 '"?^^^ 0 ^ Jam has been operating'in $10,50; agriculture, $7.80; vet- . ro iied- over several times -< N., Dodge . Phone, CY 4-2735 I for 23 out of the last, 28 erans' benefits and services, $6.60; and nd on its wheels with "'* ^---^ „,.. • , A _.._ji__ _«.. « n _ n ..J *«« vN^iK'lirt -\iTolf QTO <K^ i niicin*«Qnnfi n i_«. '_> MI j__ _, T_T i j ^ KCiH A. rlNfiN TpJRTiM ft rJrrT!? to do 'something about it. Oyefcr pay- 4n taxes^ d&fense, $59 looked som< Uncle Sam 1-IiG Iv-d lUi ••»* i^ww «*-. --.-— — -^— -„ — — - -- - *St?,4/\ 1_ * ~3 QHV* VVV/V.IJ,AVA V*^ ^^** *V»J "VT «-*V>%.*M ¥» * V4J. years, A pretty sorry record for public welfare, $5.40; busm*ss and the mo tor 'still running. Harold such a respectable fellow. This housing, 'including ' transporta- was knocked unconscious and kind of business is even getting tion subsidies, $2.90; internation- ' was found several hours later by popular in the States. Seven al affairs and finance, including-- a trucker. He was rushed to the years ago, 19 States'were spend- foreign /aid, $2.3,0; conservation Whittemore hospital suffering 1 ing more than they took in. Now, and. development of natural re- from carbon monoxide poisoning • about 30 of them are operating in sources, $2.20; general govern- and exposure, but -was well en•the red. Don't you wish you ment', $2.20, and contingencies, ^Q ough to be up and around town could let your personal bills cents. ' ' . „» a few days Mer, The mishap oc- ' curred Saturday night, Members of the Kossuth Flower Club'jnet Monday evening at the "library here and planned a tulip show to be' "held in May. Mrs ijortense „• • Ferguson and Ella Thompson Awere named^to select a date f9r' the show and iW. A, Algona Upper Des Moines - —- — - — - — DuU ° n ^ S * 10Cat ' 6 & Pr ° P6r Dear Sirs: lays Effort is To Throw The Wolves BOHANNON INSURANCE • i ' SERVICE S N. Dodge St. „ Ph. CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile'.- Farm i Poh'o Insufarice ' CHARLES D. PA-XSON , Dwelling, Auto, Liability,' '• Life,' General' ' - Phone CY 4-4512 . KOSSUTH MUTUAL' INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over, $74,000,000 worth of hv > surance in' forcer A 1 home,' company. Safe, secure. • Phone CY 4-3756 Lola Scuff ham. > Sec'y , ing they might be .able to buy gite - Tl . MPPTIGT .TW«? arpivrrv the neighbor's farm ior a spng at Bue ' •,?,.» .*>«• »B»BBT.EHB. AGENCY ,„ d fussin6 r qr ,o ? o, gsSSSJK'sVSS'SS 't35&£3&'£5'3$ ^* E«i Jl As demand for foodstuffs (farm bad it would jump 'all the fences, an d Joan Davis; "King of the Un- ' ^ i', .?#£S-«?'.»..«*••»'.* products), economists use , the $ ven ge t to'raging among the derworld", wjth ffftmphrey• 'Bo-• / ;.,,%-, term'"inelasticity of the human Business properties in town, etcf gart and .KaysFraRQis; .and "Yes, - 'f ,.. '• stomach." They mean that any mnHnv it sppmn tn HP tho eoal Mv navlirirr nniiffHtor".' fpaturine" '• • "Te^'S," , Today it seems to be the goal My.Davlirig Daughter",' featuring ' ' Six Webber brothers and livfi intervene, involypdj, The matter is not , one of state bUi|ne4? 4 it }$ of private concern between each taxpayer aW the internal revenue bureau, Jf the individual auditors involved felt ' they needed help straightening out their tax affairs, they should have retained their ow]n attorney Too first. Why the'Attorney is" 1 always so busy that tHey cannot ade the legal problems Qf the state, 'private problems to straighten,. out, stomach," They mean that any small excess of supply over O f ^e Farm Bure&u leaders, tha Priscijia' L^ne, Jeffrey Lynn,' R'o- •demand causes a slump in price, qhicago-Board of Trade, Benson,' land Young and'?Fay. 'Bainter, For instance if you buy a big j^e administration, to throw in/' were movie/s set Jo sh,QW " meal in a cafe for $3 you eat it. foQ discard all'supports and con* ing the week. , -' When you are through your _ap- ^Vols, .to completely terminate the ' - T -T ^— 1 — petite is satisfied. If the waiter jd|a that' it is an obligation of • RECORD then says "If you will eat an- g0 ve rnment 'to see that a just other meal just like that pne share Q{4hjt national income shall v . right now I can sell it to you for ^ 0 ^ agriculture. All this indeed l - vs> 50 cents." Will you buy it? Or makesv^e,^farmer's outlook course not, because you v cannot gioomy-.'^Farmers realize that in eat it. the end, supports-pf less than the E SAT' AY . •'General Agent Iowa Farm .Mutual Ins. Co, HAROLD C. SUNDET ,,•* *v,'v _tfij|e pj^senHwg: >» f'Co, ;r l »-« i At this time there is a surplus marke| ar§ ;n reality no support of nearly all farm products, §taUv'-'",T especially feed grains,' One ' : :/P^g signs indicate that the MNTIgTS cents peii pound. Does that re- protect in some manner agricul» mind you of the thirties? 1 tural income. Because of the great costs of The situation has been things the farmer buys snd the much Seg, Benson an$ fact th^t he |B "tied"to"-the use th^t Firm. ;3nr,ea& leaders* by of expensive ga§.machines,, thou« cendemnJfl|>wppQrts a«4'appeal, sand at our best and most effici- ing $tp.-fn,Qn*tejFm ) qy\cHy folks, t$ ent-famiers woujd go brake in a h^Ip? 1 whittje down- farm price§ "free market." Some of thVmore a^d income, jfortunsje and especially Jhqse in < tenured 4* $£ fact that rj| excellent financial condition may np-w' in great industrial cities- welcome surh a disaster, think- there are about as many 116 Noi'th Moore Streei • ,T«t2ilJ?_ /*)V_-«,._ t anna l&X^W^w.^**!:.::. t>^?'f'^'^IS^f''- Qlfjce Above Iowa State Bank ,: ;'.' •. I'dQiid Sat. P.M, DOCTORS MELVIN, GJ, BOURNE/ M. D. Physician Si 'Surgeon 118 N. Moore Str Office phoneJCY 4-2345 Resident--phone CY 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK, M. D. Physician & Surgeon" *' 218 W. S,tate Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident, phone CY 4-2614 JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician & Surgeon - • 114 -N. Moore -„ -. Office phone CY 4-2224 •' Resident phone CY 4-2232 JOHN M. SCHUTTER, M.bT •-' Physician &, Surgeon 220 No. Dodge, Aigoha Office phone CY 4-4490 Resident phone CY 4-2335 ractor Dr. D. D. Arnold, ''-' Chiropractor ~ -" Over Penney's ' Office Phone — CY 4-3373 Hours: 9;00 — 5:00' Open Friday, Night • Dr. R. J. Thissen' Chii'opractor E/State-St., Algona Phone CY 4-3621 ' Prs. SAWYER and ERICKSON ," Eyes Examined ... i j " Cq'nt'act Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses' / •, 9 East S, ta* r e Street Aigpna, Iowa PhoneJCYpress 4^2196 Hours: SiQO.a.m. to 5?QO p.m, Closed '^turday Afternoons - PR, C, 1^, O'CONNOR V t * Optometrist r"; Visual/Analysis & Visual ' -408 South Harlan • - .'* <Home Federal Bldg,) ^ • .. FHQNE CY 4-374f ,,'• farm Fajin 'Ph. Serving Hancock, Alto & Kossuth Counties

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