The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 5, 1959 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1959
Page 14
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^f^T-^ &*• ' l;f - H ; ! T' $:* ;'i. .; ,'( ,<-! ; v i. 6-Aloena (16.) UpjWf 0« Moln** Thursday, March 5, 1959 Statehouse News Digest (Weekly new» release of fh« Iowa Press Association. The material contained herein does not necessarily dan* form id the editorial policy of this newspaper,) ^RELATIVES ON PAYROLL — _ State comptroller Glenn D. Sarsfield has eliminated four relatives of Iowa Supreme Court justice^ ffom the payroll pending reconsideration by the high bench on the question as to whether the four should be employed. All four have been acting as secretaries to the justices to whom they are related. The four are related to Justice William Bliss, Mason City, Norman Hays, Knoxville, both Republicans and T. Eugene Thornton, Waterloo and Harry Garrelt, Corydon, both Democrats. , State Comptroller Sarsfield iaid he was not trying to tell the high tribunal what the law is on nepotism, leaving that decision to the supreme court. Prior tip Sarsfield's action, the justices had stated they do not regard the employment of members of their families as a violation of the nepotism statute. • • * * JUDICIAL BILL — For the second time the Senate has passed a measure to revamp Iowa's court system. The upper chamber, by a vote of 31 to 19, adopted a proposed constitutional amendment to change the method for selecting district and supreme court judges. Proponents of the measure said under the proposed system a judge would run on his record rather than against another candidate. The Senate had approved the plan earlier, but voted to reconsider the resolution, 1 .**..» SALARY RAISES Subcommittees of the house and senate have approved a bill •which would set the salary of the governor of the state at $20,000 a year. The governor presently receives $13,500 annually plus a $4,000 expense account. The^bill Would eliminate .the expense account. \ In all, the bills calls for 64 stat- fitory changes in the present law. ..Among the increases recommend- ttd were State auditor, treasurer, Secretary of state .and agriculture secretary from $8,500 to $10,000, attorney general from $9,500 to $11,000, safety commissioner from $$500 to $9,000, highway com- .missioners from $4,500 to. $5,000, * insurance commissioner from $7,500 to $10,000 and comptroller from $9,000 to $12,000. [ All pay increases would become effective the lirst of .next year. TRUCK SPEED BILL _. The Iowa house has defeated bill to • increase to 60 miles an hour;; the speed limit for trucks and < Abuses ., on' 'primary- roads. •Speed limit-orv trucks at the'pre- *sent time is 50 mph at all times and buses may not exceed 50 at night, and 55 during the daytime. ! > The House met as a "committee on the whole" to hear, the safety department's position on the bill. Safety Commissioner Russell I. Brown said he was opposed to increasing truck and bus speeds for safety reasons. The house went along with Brown arid voted down "the bill. ' - v-' , r * * • * STATE SUPERINTENDENT Rep. J. Henry Lucken ,(R), Akron and 19 other representatives have, introduced a bill which would make the dffice of state superintendent of public instruction an elective instead of an appointive position. , Under the proposed measure candidates would be selected on a non-party basis. The two candidates who received the largest votes in the primary would square off against one another in 1 the general election. At the present time, the superintendent is appointed by the state board* of public instruction, subject to confirmation by the senate. > » * • MONEYS AND CREDITS , An attempt to repeal the state's moneys arid credits tax has died , a "legal death." The attorney general's office has ruled that .the six mill tax can not be repealed until the Korean war bonds are paid which^won't be for another 20 years. A portion of the moneys and credits .tax is pledged to pay off the bonus bonds. > Sen. Jack Schroeder (R), Dav- enportjiad requested the opinion. Schroeder, senate majority leader, had planned to seek the repeal of the money and credits tax.. * * * LIQUOR BILL A- bill has been tossed in the House hopper calling for sale oi '.liquor by the drink without local • option. Chief sponsor of the bill is Rep. John Duffy (D), Dubuque. ,» f 'T}ie Wstory of local option is < a history of prohibition. This bill . would dp, away with subterfuge, discrimjnafion and failure in Uq- \ t > ; ,vpr la,w,enforcement Existing jll- ;,2VegaJ trafffain, liquor .would b$ &* $r •>&inato,.vSftieKrau)atta and :%S'';£9$rQls a|£ r <prpv$f$, Puffy ,|."|iet»eo. <-"%; ' :, ' V'.'V '.•'< r' '> Tftemajg II co-sponsors of the ntQgjK'T of, two} 'Democrats ^WKera'^'tfito propose estimate jp&mwtHfoiyoultt 'prodMes Between r\a;p<u& • " , !*•***"«*» rf»«*» r*» for the dormant funds was that the treasurer was personally n$s- ponsible for any loss. The bill also requires the com- troller to make a statement in writing once a month to the treasurer on the amount of idle funds Lhat could be invested in interest- searing securities for n period of time the money foreseeably would not be needed. Treasurer M. L. Abrahamson has withdrawn 27 million dollars of dormant slate deposits in some 550 banks and has invested nearly 17 million in federal securities. * * . * MAJORITY Oft MINORITY? Attorney General Norman Erbe \as ruled the Republican party is the majority party In Iowa. Lt. Gov. Edward (Nick) McManus requested a ruling ,from 4 the attorney general on the subject. In his eqttest McManus noted that a majority of lowans voting for governor in the last general election voted Democratic. He also took note that the Republican State hairman L, L. Jurgemeyer had stated that the Republican party s now the minority party. Erbe, a Republican and a possi- >le candidate for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in I960, said Jurgemeyer's statement is a voluntary view by a private citizen, lepublicans hold a majority of seats in both the 'House and Senate and control the standing committees in the legislature.^ McManus had raised the ques- ion regarding appointments to he legislative interim committee. The opinion means that the Lieu* enant Governor will .name two Republicans and one Democrat to 'nterim Committee vacancies. * * • BAN SUNDAY AUTO SALE — The House voted, 78 to 26, to aan sale of new or used cars on Sunday. The bill was endorsed-by the Iowa Automobile Dealers Association. In the course of discussion on the House floor it was brought out that 95* per cent of the dealers belonging to the association favored the Sunday closing as a means of keeping unsafe autos off the highways. It-was explained that cars sold on Sunday may not be properly checked for safety because most service facilities are closed. The measure now goes to the Senate. * * » SCHOOL DISTRICTS Speaking at Atlantife City, N. J., State Superintendent of . Publiq Instruction J. C. Wright declared there are small school districts in the U.S. that continue operating a high school for no" better reason than to be able to-field a basketball team. Wright said that if this is a major reason for continuing to operate a small high school we are in danger of "letting the tail wag the dog.." " He told the American Association of School Administrators that there are many school districts in Iowa and throughout the nation that are too small" to provide adequate educational grams. pro- Salesman Dies • On. Algona Visit A Minneapolis salesman," S. 1 K. Storms, 52, died Friday morning at St. Ann hospital following a icart'attack, ' McCullough's •• Funeral Chapel handled local arrangements and' the body was hipped to Minneapolis for; burial. Mr Storms became, ill while staying at a local motel and Was ushed to the hospital where 'he died a couple of days later. Survivors include his wife. IF IT'S NEWS WE WANT IT Several Moves Are Completed In Burt Area Butt — Mr and Mrs Doyle Md- Farland have purchased the home of Mr and Mrs Wilfred Woltz and will have possession this spring. The Woltz' plan an apartment Jn their down town building and will move into it. Mr and Mrs Roy Anderson moved into the house which they recently purchased from the Mrs Gerta Thompson estate. The apartment that they moved from has been rented by Mr and Mrs Lee Dixon. Mr and Mrs Orie Peterson and family moved from Dr. Bahnson's /arm west of town to the farm belonging to Dr. Lichter. The Lawrence Shipmans have moved to a house on the James Doddd farm. Honored Wilh Shower Some 75 relatives and friends attended a miscellaneous bridal shower honoring Janet Ackerman, daughter of Mr and Mrs 1 Earl Ackerman, Saturday evening in the Methodist church. Betty Champion, Velma Dixon and Sharon Miller assisted witW Jie guest book and gifts. Shirley Peter.and Shirley ed open gifR The program: read-* ing by Shirley Reimers, poem by Doris Madsen and two vocal num* bers by Bobby and Carolyn Madsen. Miss Baars accompanied the vocalists. Lunch was served and -Mrs Ackerman presided at the coffee server. Miss Ackeitnan will be married March 22 to Mr James Sansom of Forest Grove, Oregon; Hostesses at the shower were Dorothy Ackerman, Gertrude Ackerman, Muriel A c k e r m an, Esther Flaig, Lillian Heerdt, Maxine Jensen, Mary Ann Jergensen, Thelma Lappe, Doris Medsen, Janet Madsen, Tilly Madsen, Esther Miller, Lynda Miller, Shirley Reimers, Leona Salisbury, Helen Schwietert, Shirley Schuller, Ella Stenzel, Marion Walt- man'Bertha Willrett, Iva Woltz and Laura Woltz. Election Mar. 9 The Burt Community School election will be held' in the old City Hall Mar. 9. Nominations for directors for Districts, 3 and^4 (to be filed by Feb. 27. ' Present directors for the&e districts' are Delmdr Angus'and Gerald Huber. A treasurer is also to be elected. Present one is H. E. Rachut. The St. John's, Lutheran Aid meeting will be held March 5 Hostesses are Mrs Emil Eimen and Mrs Harley Hansen. The W.S.C.'S. met Wednesday at'the-Methodist church. Devotions by Edith Chipman and program by Hazel Teeter. Hostesses were Genevieve Graham, Marion Westling, Edna Smith* and Pearl Noland. . ^ t ' The Presbyterian church circles met "VVednesdaysas follows; "A'?—. hostesses: Mrs George Patterson and Mrs Don Patterson. 'Devotions, Mrs AlVin Andfeason; Bible Study, Mrs Gross. "B" — Hostess: Mrs.Russell Patterson; Devotions and Bible ' Study, - Mrs Walter Sorensori and Esther or Ruth Hodgson. "C" —,Mrs Nels J. Nelson and Mrs Roland Chafee hostesses; Devotions and Bible Study t Mrs George Becker and Mrs Delmar Angus. . Circle B is tlie one having evening meetings in the the mrni wtf the odist church held a bake sals Saturday. Beula Batt, Lottie and Jfesate Sftsft ^ _, guests of Ella Sigsbes al h*j»,!i home, " " Mrs Raymond Vo&el is ing following sui"gery at a R ester hospital last Wedh&N Mr Vogel, who took her thete Saturday is staying with frieft_ Vtadorta Vogel spent Sunday wttlr her mother. , .& Mr and Mrs George Ma and Kenneth spent Sunday witlf the Wallace Hawcotts in RodR* ester. They visited Sheila H cott and found her improving, Mr and Mrs David Miller wit Leslea Dawn and Mrs Jessie Has',, visited Mrs Minnie Gorman fit, ;he Ben Stephas home in RuthVeft-" Sunday afternoon. . £ Mrs kenneth Cook is chairman' of the Heart Drive in Burt, Oth^f. workers are Ethel Dremmelr Gladys Doege, Marilyn JohnsdftV Esther Schrader and Phyllflj Weine^r, - *jft The Herman Neitz'els received word last week that their cteugH<- Ler, Mrs Lyle Johnston of Lai^*' Crystal, Minn, was in the Maft'-i Itato hospital for treatment and observation, ?f Mrs Bertha Wallace accompany ied. Mr and Mrs Will 'Stow .tit> Dolliver td Thor Tuesday where 1 they attended a birthday dinner, given at the home of Mrs L. AV Bauman for her father, Miv Samuel Guddall. The occasioll was in honor of Mr Guddall's 90th" birthday,, anniversary, .vHe ds'lsf brother of Mrs Wallace ahd "Mts" Stow is his daughter.; < -, Mr and Mrs Keith"' Culbertsbn are parents of a son, John Lee', born at St. Ann hospital, Algona, Feb. 27. They have two daugh.4 tors, Denise and Gail, also. < Mr and Mrs Robert Devine are parents of a son born at St. Ann hospital,- Algona, Feb. 25. The baby weighed 10 .pounds, 15 ounces and he has brothers, Roi bert John and David and a sister Margaret, Mr and Mrs Harm' Groen are the maternal grandparents, while Mr and'Mrs James Devine, Algona, are paternal grandparents. The Clifford Holdings returned last week 'from a month spent with the Kaye Holdings and Bruce Holdings in California, Mr and Mrs J. L. Miller returned the last of the week from trip through southern states and a ' visit with af*{ son in New Jersey. • -,'v Mr Fred Lavrenz had surgery .at University hospital, Iowa City last week. Mr R.' L. Moore was there for a check-up and he also -visited brothers in Iowa City an'c Cedar Rapids. The human heart rests abou eight-tenths of a second between each contraction. Henry Van Hove :/?«ff»p^g-K->|i i iy,j?ij'a"lKVH '^f"| V "I 1 **,* I*,. 1 * Jf* J ~ i * •*s. •* ^ Surprise Party , Tilohka — Mr, and Mfs *». Van Move celebrated their-'_,.. wedding anniversary 1 wMn fteigh* feorhood Birthday, club families iurprised them on, Saturday, eve* liing. The 11 families brought 'the lunch along ..with a anniver* sary cake and house plant as a jift, Sunday nooft the Van ffoves entertained their ehlldrent tfr and? Mrs Carroll Vart Hove and Cynthia, Keith of CleafcLakiS, ECaren and. Bobby, >at the'Mm* son Hotlse in Algona*'- , : r; .' They Were also surprised to re« :eive a telephone call if>bm Dr. Calvin Schnucker of Dubuque congratulating them. Dri Sch- nucker married Henry Van Hove and Dorothy Intermill, 25 years ago, Feb. 22. On Sunday evening the Van HdVes, were again SUr- jrised when the following .cafrie ;o help them celebrate theft dayi Present were the bridesmaidy Mrs George" Sachau and .family, arid John Van Hove, 'the,best man and family,' Mr and Mrs Ted Van Hove, Mr" and Mrs J. L. tntermill, Jaiiice and Donald, Mr and Mrs Herman Harms and family, Mr and Mfs Donald, Tap\ Der and Mr and,Mrs Clarence Seitland and family, Miss^Mar"- lene Wichtendahl' of Algona wa's also a guest, * The 'guests df' honor were presented with'a set of china-and a hioney' tree as well as other gifts and'a host'of cards. Mr and Mrs Frank Meyer of -orwith were Sunday evening visitors at the home of Mrs Anna Swyter. Mr and Mrs Darrell Bess attended capping services held at the Great Methodist church' in Des Moines for their daughter Trudy Bess on Friday. The Red Cross drive will start this week with Mrs George Sachau, chairman'of the town'of Titonka. Workers will be Mrs Leo Richter, Mrs; Carl Ludwig, Mrs Earl Young, Mrs Conrad Schmidt, Mrs Edward Harms, Miss Katheryn''Kurtzleben, " Mrs Elmer Gerdis, Mrs Clarence Isebrand, Mrs Mary - Oestef reicher, Miss Janice Intel-mill, Mrs Don- f ald Kcrker, .Mrs Maggie Boekelman, Mrs Alvin -Honken,"' Mrs Minnie Oesterreicher, Miss . Ver- •lene Mayland arid M o u r i c e Givens. • ' • Mr and Mrs Carl' F. • Callies ,have returned' from," a'trip "to .California after a two months vacation. ' . 'Mrs -Wm. Boyken returned Sunday evening after a month's visit in Texas .where' she visited her daughter arid family. She J ^ .i ---*-, ' ' ' to Des Moines by plane. " 216-208 Best Pin Lines, Algona Lane *..»»!•» "J*U i 5-.*f> i-WSk <«•, . •-**,;-» a? Jackie Laing * .1 •=rt f. * i -. j. „. c.» . ,~ ftfitetfuhr, ttit ifrge-Mt ertx Jttttflfttftop&'tiw- agona Lan^sr Miss L&ii^ie#ih!?s$fttft mHj&m' tolalj wWlelfejrfg-Wli thfe fee&t <j|» the: men JWitH' a;21& *4'?h?fcX£ •' ChatMfe .MWM^M 1 Dee Cook-MOM' ij '^ > mons 187, tfEttS,' ..„_„.,.. sis/ fll &bfflsj!m. I 4&0& A&*',*$i- Jl JUttta ,*l«n€s.1 VW TrCT wSK**' Ufa.* r !»***••» w ta™""^" ~""^- w D~ Iftg Wai &f«;»ftft Mt'fctiftf 8^1 we 'Boot';••wB^liltfeffe ,*• Jte-#ta TTjT^i '.-,. & .. » i. •. ?(.__. fci i Tfr .>»» "** a-Jot •*&&&. •••^VMHMBH^HB«>*^BV«« *i';f\ "*"V -^"""t ' '•?•''' BV, !>.*mi!. M mf i tmm^i,:,,^ •• ••( :tf!;'1>'?'^ai f M.ViWih8 • i-i^jS * . f" 1 ' f « '«•" a- j •*, * u' —.f J- .* „ r , ""t.i STATE COMMlTfEfi V OF IOWA NOTicioF ELECTION RESULT? OF COMMISSIONER OF KOSSUTH COUNTY SOIL.CONSER* VAT1ON 'DISTRICT,' To all persons interested, Notice 1 is>her;eby giveru. " <• .That the tabulations set out below, give, a full, correct, and .true report' of «the result of an elfectiort' 6f a" 1 commissioneis fof the Kossuth County-Soil Conger* vatiori District, held- on the 24th flay of February, 1959, ' (a) Total votes t cast in 'election*43 M Votes cast fof comtriissiorier . 43 ',/; ';•:/ '' '-' Jil" f '* • ' 'No. Of Names of Candidates ~ Votes 'tohn Nyhi'an, v Gfeen i OVood '•Township" : „ i: 26 George Wolf, Cfes'co" . 1 Township „.!.___' 16 Spoiled 'ballot ^i. ~__ 1 John Nyman, Greenwbpd Township, being the candidate'who received 'the' largest nuriiber'^of votes, was declared t the elected commissioner for said district, ' . ' STATE SOIL ' . • CONSERVATION COMMITTEE ., - By George S. Eason < ' " i ' » ' Chairman Dated this 25th day of February, 1959.'- ' 'MEET THE GANG AT JEAN'S SEE OUR spring showing OF Sportswear Mix W Blouses Skirts Pedal Pusher* Bermuda? • 9 WHAT JIMMY ABBOTT WELCOME 4-H'ers! A special welcome to ail 4-H Clubs to Algona Saturday, Our own "Jimmy" is active in 4-H clyb activities. T^jfSr t s|P^^WI^W ^^t T^S flff ^^^ ^^^HWI^^ ''.i' .KM a-" i.. '.. ..:. .. , n . I.LJ..IL. i WITH THE BEST VLUES IN TOWN ! Phil Says ..'... "Here's A Terrific Value Wash-N-Wecsr JACKETS Choice Of, Colors REGULARLY $5.95 Joan Says .... "Here's A Swell Buy! BOYS' & GIRLS'' WASHABLE JACKETS Special Rack Of 'Values To $5.95. SEE THEM! Ethel Says "Hurry, cause those Val ues Won't Last Long!" MEN'S Wash-N-Wear, SLACKS VALUES TO $3,98 Sizes 29-42 ' Doi-othy Says . , . "Why Not Shod Those Youngsters EcoupntfcaUy At Diamonds?" Boys' Dre^s Oxfords A Special Lin? FPJT Spring That Fits Yowl ^^^^^ ^W ^P^^^ Mw ww HPI '^HP^ PHI BB ^I^WBi Head. Hdnds Health And A Special Salute To The LADS^' C tAKQiTA Albert Becker ahd Ipedh Christ, President and Vice Pres- dent, respectively of tliat club, will be in our off ice-this Saturday. Drop in and Get Acquainted. ^^ ! lUciftE H. HITCHINS NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASSOCIATION ', (Mondays or Wednesdays Preferably) " 1IO S. Dodge CY 4-2627 WQMiN'5 APPARiL, i LET'S GET ACQUAlNTED D It has been our serve you in our first five years in Algona. We/re 1 looking forward to many^rnore, so come on .in and let's,get to know each.'other!,.- ,' • ' ''" /'Duich'" Horisbruch Dick 7 Barry Joan Scoit Phyllis' Meizen Emogene Wichlendahl BASKET BARGAIN Bwth*! BatMl, Waitt Batktt, Cracker Boiktf, Horn-of-PUnty Batktt« Roll Baiktl, S«rv»r Tray and Tel* Baa ( Value up h> $1.98 Haxdgrove WELCOME FENTON FORWARDS! 7 fENTON FORWARDS WIU.BE' :. HIRE IN OUR STORE THIS SATURDAY! HONSBRUCH DRUG

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